Holy spirit

I heard you are my advocate

I heard that you've been sent to guide me

I heard that you are gentle

I heard that you will tell me what to say

And what to pray about

Oh holy spirit

I am patiently awaiting you

I am patiently waiting to have an encounter with you

Until we meet

I will gracefully wait for you

Because I know that you are worth the wait.
emnabee 4d
Watchers watch.
They don’t do much.
Just wait for you to slip up.
Or I could just be paranoid. Yup.
usagi 6d
She dies repeatedly, in just one life time;
She dies religiously
she hopes each time, death would lead her to nirvana
but instead she wakes up
just to realize she is exhausted and still stuck, alive.
Time moves slow

When you’re waiting for love

Waiting to learn to love yourself

Waiting for someone to love you.
“Love is a waiting game.” Banks
Aa Harvey Jul 4
Should I stay or should I go now?

The same old people are here again,
Selling their soul’s in the name of love.
Under the spotlight they have a beautiful face,
But as the light moves on without them,
They do not like what they have become.

The beautiful people need the light to shine upon them,
For all the world to see.
People like me we only sink into the background,
Happy to never be seen.

I cannot face another beautiful face,
So full of false smiles and a made up beauty.
I must hide behind this face; I hide away from love,
They think it is insecurity;
But I am secure in the knowledge that I am no deep thinking muse.
I am no thing of beauty;
I am nothing like you.

The beautiful people shine in any light,
While I waste my life;
I waste my time.
I fall down into my broken mind and simply turn out the light.

Put me out of your mind,
I am not waiting in line to be loved.
I already know that I will never be good enough.
Leave me be, here in my own misery,
Or I will never be able to see the vision of love I am waiting for…
As she finds me I hear her siren song;
Love is endlessly calling out for me.
She is unique; I am obsolete,
But she is reason I have not yet walked out of that door…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
We’ve been here before
The anticipation
The games
The conversations lasting into early morning
The knowing look in each others’ eyes

The only person who bring me so much joy and so much pain by just telling me the truth

I’ll wait
Or maybe you will
But either way
This is meant to be
Eventually we’ll see

The waiting game will be over
I promise

We’ll get our happily ever after
I lie in wait for space.
A space of my own
where quiet ambiance roams

Jasmine and mint steep in time
growing lax on a warm sunlit spot on the floor
my book groaning at me to read it,
just a little more.

something deeper than self-care
a little something of self-healing

I wait for you.
My mysterious being,
although I doubt you exist
I feel myself losing it all in the rift
of these futile wounds
and these nights of sunlit tunes
Stella Jul 2
-I seem to be doing lots of that-
I’d swear there’s smoke trapped under my lungs
My gut’s caught on fire
Consumes me
Red hot coal,
Two bags of air ousted
By toxic smoke building up,
Fragrant like tobacco
Wild like wood.
I often dream about
Driving a knife into my stomach
Just a pop and an excess of smoke
filling the room
No blood at all.
I’ll open the windows
Turn off the fire alarm.
I’ll leave the wound open.
A gaping, smoking wound is more dignified
Than screaming in the flames.
Anne Jul 1
My love for him is great
My heart melts for him til the dusk of day
The night goes when his away
Love, Promises til day's dawn

His personality is great
Wondering mind til he sees
Singing is all I do
While waiting for the moment, for him to say ''I do''
cheesy poem
don't hate
i know its a bad poem but just wanted to post it
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