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Eva 2d
I've been searching
for what seems to be nothing.

I've been dreaming
for what seems to be unrealistic

I've been waiting
for who seems to be missing.
We all just long for peace at heart
And for life to allow us a restart
With gazing eyes we start dreaming
Reminiscing times when our cheeks were beaming

The weather outside is a distinct drizzle
Making the world appear like a single grizzle
And you just stand there waiting
Because nothing else seems to be more fascinating

Than the rain drops and their continuous sounds
That just makes you feel so inexplicably profound
And you breath deeply through this moment
Thinking about nothing less but gods dethronement
You make me
So sad
And you don't even
Know that
For a fact

It frustrates me
To keep on waiting
For something
That isn't going
To come

It's like waiting
For stars
To come brightly
When it's clearly
Going to rain

I know that this
Will just get me
Disappointed in the end
Still, I ache for your light
To even close my eyes

But I know
That this longing
And aching
Will soon come
To an end

So just let me
Hold on tight
Until I no longer
Feel like I'd die
Without you in my arms
How long is one second?
I move with the flow of time.
Being dragged along like the tail of a sad dog.
The clock continues its steady dance.
One minute is supposed to be sixty seconds but I swear it feels more like one-twenty.
Don’t look at the time...
Such a pathetic victory to see that more time has passed then I’d imagined.
On certain occasions, time will Mock me:
“You can’t make me move any faster.”
It says.
“I will slow down when you don’t want me to and speed up when you do.”
Two old adversaries.
Me and time.
We are well acquainted and I am just as stubborn.
Perhaps I’m not as stubborn as I am stupid because I know who wins in the end.
But I don’t intend to beat time.
I intend to put it in its place.
Before it takes me.
Time will be mine.
It owes me...
It owes me for the days it taunted me as a child, as I stood at the window, wondering if or when my mom would come home.
It owes me for the years I’ve spent. Slaving away at dead-end jobs. Trying to climb out of the impoverished conditions, I’d inherited.
Time owes me... a lot.
You may say time doesn’t owe me ****.
But I intend to collect.
Because I may not matter to time, but I do matter.
My suffering will not be in vain.
You see, I’ve learned one of time’s oldest tricks.
I will write my way in to my dreams.
The same way seconds turn to years.
O... N... E...
L... E... T... T... E... R...
A... T...
I gaze upon my windowpane
as the sun utters its goodbyes.
Mixed hues of blue, red, and orange,
grace the stillness of the summer sky.
I lived within these walls,
48 days and counting.
The light beckons, the heat calls
me out from my endless hiding.
The longing for the wind
and a greeting from my neighbor,
feels like fire in the harshest of winters.
But for now all I have is my window,
my paper and a pen--
giving me faith for a brighter tomorrow,
for this too, shall end.
In commemoration of my month and a half quarantine. The window is my only access to the outside world.
Kymberley May 14
I sit here and wait for my time to shine,
I wait for the day when I'm actually fine.
I'm not just some little girl anymore,
I've learned how to cope when you walked out the door.
I won't just sit and wait,
I'm going to start tempting with fate.
I will be great someday,
And I'll do it my own way.
Lilly F May 13
the edge of summer
bursting adrenaline
the season flowing through our veins
while we wait patiently
in the fields of spring

Nikki May 12
Er zijn van die momenten waarop je wereld instort
De grond davert onder je voeten
De lucht wordt uit je longen gezogen
En het wordt zwart voor je ogen

Op die momenten besef je dat je alleen bent
in een wereld vol mensen,
dat iedereen vooruit gaat
terwijl jij vastzit
En met elke stap die je probeert te zetten,
vertel je jezelf dat je bent waar je moet zijn,
dat je daar thuishoort

Maar toch blijf je hopen
dat iemand voor je zal terugkeren,
je bij de hand neemt
en je vooruit trekt.

Maar elke dag zak je iets dieper in de grond
Tot je helemaal wordt opgeslokt
Arcassin B May 11
By Arcassin Burnham

Shout , in my face,
That won't mean , I can hear you,
I'm , not a friend,
More than you,
Could ever know.
Pushing all the odds of being enlightened by your own hands,
Carrying you under flaming wings is my pleasure,
Take my burning wings as a good faith and good will my love,
I will always be deep in your heart,
Take me as I am searching and loathing for comfort but,
I can not find ways to start,
Silk , dressed in gold,
they won't hear , as your light shines,
Peace , comes in time,
As they go , deep in gallows..

Leave , but don't go,
Don't take long , I'll be waiting ,
You , could be free,
Shut me out,
I'll forgive you.
these major things that appear in our lives go by,
Mind over , lapping matter,
Remember love rules over all, and all things that,
Materialize , doesn't matter to you.

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