Nylee 1d

Worried about
what is never going to be ,
I failed to see
what is waiting for me .

I haven't given up on love.
It's not that.
there's something in the way the night hollows out the heart,
it's like being sculpted.
It holds less sway over my thoughts than it did when I was younger.
I wait for love.
Yes, yes that's it.

camilla 4d

it hurts
it hurts waiting for you
because i know you're never coming back
but im still waiting
and im still hurting

I was euphoric, ecstatic
when you held me in your arms,
and kissed me a million times
under the starry sky

Your love affection
and your lips is my favorite addiction
The way it touches mine
I feel so high that I can touch the sky

I can't imagine myself without you
My soul feel so lost and longing for you
I know sometimes we argue,
but I will never leave your side and always be there for you

Your laugh is my favorite melody
You are the one whom I wish to love to the infinity
Boy, I love you dearly
You are my dream of love

have you already found your dream of love?
Hannah 7d

she wonders why
she goes for the type of guy
who is too far from her
too far out of her reach
she: actually loves the thrill

she thinks that
it's just bad luck that all the guys
she likes rarely reply
take way too long
she: loves the suspense

she waits patiently
for the day that some guy, anyone
will want her as much
as she wants them
she: scares them

she's passionate
she dives in deep
and she needs someone
a thrill-seeker just like her

RajaRea Smith May 18

I was reading Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul part 3;
It gave me chills and made me think
How much you mean to me.

I tried to find new words for you
But they all hit the floor;
I've said them til I was blue,
You know I love you more

Back and forth I go, with love and hate and anger.
I keep my heart on hanging strings and now it is in danger.

I wait for you to cut the cord and finally set me free,
Because you say there's nothing here and we will never be.

And then you turn around and miss my stupid face.
And I am certain there's a friendship no one else can replace.

So I sit and dangle for you, waiting for a sign.
I have wanted you for ages, just to be mine.

Ages I have waited and ages I will wait
I think one day you will see this is just our fate.

We started off together, a decade has now passed
But I think another one I could wait and just maybe last.

I know it sounds unreasonable to wait around for love
But I want you like nothing else I can dream of.

And so with hate and anger, passion and hope,
I pray you come around, and I cling tighter to desperation rope.

Maybe out of the two of us
Im the one whos just
overthinking everything
as I usually do
and maybe Im just
one of his old toys he takes off the shelf
from time to time
and he doesn't think much of me
But of course my mind starts to create
sweet scenarios which turn into
subconscious thoughts to then dreams
And i wish those dreams were reality
from time to time
And i get head over heels
And he approaches me and says
I looked beautiful that night between the stars and earth
and i get warm inside
And maybe one day I wont be able to sleep
because reality
may get better than those dreams

it's thoughts like these that make me the insomniac that I am
allie May 11



i just can't.
K Harris May 8

in the car ride to church my mind wandered to you
before i met you, you were seeking a girl who wasnt interested but you were extremely vocal about your interest and pursuit of her
you are not like that with me
you say i have peaked your interest and that you are just a quiet person
but clearly she pulled that out of you
i need vocal
i need someone who actually wants me
im not waiting
this car ride was full of car sighs

Sadia May 6

He comes out only when he's waiting for you. He has many admirers, but you're the one he chose. You are his brightest star, and the reason why he shines so brightly. When you left, however, he split in two and hasn’t been the same since then. The sky remains in perpetual darkness; only your return can make him whole again.

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