A waiting game with people
Some patient sit in silence
Others here gripe and groan
The more unstable aggression show

All we want is a job well done
I don't really mind if wait is long
Just make sure I'm taken care
And don't give me a distaning air

It's men that come along in twos
That always complain about their dues
They need back up of a friend nearby
So pathetic they can't on themselves rely

Late we're now I hear him cry
Oh do shut up it 2 minutes past
Sometimes really I am aghast
At the total lack of reality and sigh

I'm waiting here and happy too
They've both been called 3 minutes late
Can this really be true
For goodness sake

I got drunk last night
But all we did was be quiet
You didn’t respond
We didn’t bicker
I just wish you where near
You’re everything I need
And everything I wish
But maybe you didn’t need this

When you left for a reason
I said, “I understand.”
But actually, I don't.
My fault, I regretted.
Still thinking why,

I love you
More than myself
Sacrificed all I have
I thought, “I’ll be fine.”
Missing your arms now
Feeling cold and blue.

Your smiling face
I'm missing it so much
Looking at your photos
Can't remember how many times
Where are you now?
Are you coming back?

I'm patiently waiting here
Even there’s a little or no assurance
for you to come back.
I'm still under your spell
still blinded by your words.

Someone’s telling me I'm dumb
For believing your promises
I love this illusion you gave me
Don’t wake me up until I figure out
The truth that you already left me.

God once gave sinners a chance
So, who am I to be stingy?
How much chances I need to give?
I'm already insane
Insanely in love with a fool.

I have
my tired
onto the
My bony back
in to the
it is also
I sit
awaiting the
arrival of
I grow

Kee Oct 14

I was supposed to write this out like a journal entry but it ended up being more like a poem

I feel stupid for loving someone who doesn’t give a damn about me
And I’ve spent four, almost five years loving him even when I couldn’t love myself
And for that, I feel dumb
I feel dumb for waiting on something that will never come
And I feel especially dumb for those times I believed all those sweet nothings you murmured in my ear
Dumb for my heart soaring at the text messages you would send m
Dumb for thinking the impossible
The inevitable
Dumb for believing you were the one
Sad because I still love you
And that will never change
But one day I will move on
And somehow I’ll forget your name
And it might hurt too much to even go back through time in my brain
And think about how close we once used to be
And all the things we said
Because those things no longer matter
When you can’t say to me anymore
It’s as if those words fade
And they no longer mean anything to you or me
But I’m stuck here loving you
Stuck here in alternating universe where you love me too

David Hutton Oct 14

These streets I walk are all the same,
Like a stray cat without an aim.
Living here for so long,
Nothing ever goes wrong.
This city is a waiting game.

valentine Oct 12

Every text that isn’t you pulls me deeper down
I’m in a cool blue
Waiting for you to jump in
But you have a life too
I don’t know what’s taking so long
And then I remember you have a life too
So I’ll just wait and see what’s coming next
But please wait for me like I’m waiting for you
I’m almost begging
The waters freezing

I feel vague
This space between
cracks and breaks
The future rules my present
state, living for the day
Overshadows – the great wait
My heart in being, truly living
It all feels a billion light years away


Western Ethereal Rock

Will you meet me in Santa Fe
I'll be there later
I'm gonna' leave right away
If I get there early
you know just what I'll do
I'll be waiting there for you
I'll be waiting.... there for you

Yes I'll meet you in Santa Fe
I'll be there later
I'm gonna' leave right away
If you get there early
I know just what you'll do
We can't wait can you?
We can't wait...... can you?

Been wondering lately
if anybody knows
what's going on
Thinking probably
that not really many
know even at all

They may catch on later
I won't wait around to see
I'll be gone long gone
Gone. I'll be gone long gone

Will you meet me in Santa Fe
I'll be there later
I'm gonna' leave right away

Yes I'll meet you in Santa Fe
I'll be there later
gonna' leave right away
If I get there early
you know just what I'll do
I'll be waiting there for you
I will...be waiting there
.......for you.




As a child, ignorance was bliss;
but now its not something I miss.
I never had the courage to muster those three words,
so I find ways to show it, be it in a picture or a verse.
By now I'm sure you would've guessed,
but you choose to ignore it and it makes me depressed.
I question my worth each time you indirectly reject my love
could it be that I'm just not good enough?
I came to the realization it was all just a game you see...
a game in which i thought was reality.

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