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People say, sometimes things can't get back to how it used to be
I agree
They say, you wasting your time
I agree
They shout, he's not worth for you
I agree
They insist, go find someone new
I somewhat agree

But home will stay
And home will remain
The man might be leaving
But he always finds his way home
And that home is me.
I know he'll come back.
If it is not early, fine.
I've made by the patience, faith, and love
For the last couple of years.
As long as you know where to come home,
I'll always stay.
I'll be your home.
always keep this by myself. not telling anyone because no one would understand how it feels.
Emily R 3h
I don't feel like you understand how much I want to be yours,
Have all your love and affection.
The concept of time is fluid.
We've been talking for a minute now.
Let me know where your heads at.
What are you waiting for?
Robert 17h
someone told me I should wait
pretend I'm a busy man
and not to respond too quickly
to the messages that you send

well that's fine and all
but it's not quite my style
whenever I see your texts
I just want to text back
Honestly not too sure about this one, but I challenged myself to write at least one poem everyday, so here goes.
I love you yet I have to let go
Never granted me the chance to get close
I've been running tirelessly in circles
Waiting for you to love me back

You cast a powerful spell on me
Three and a half years long
Yet you've barely uttered a vowel
Your eyes put the root on my weak heart

So I ran inside this hamster wheel
In hopes you would set me free
Time is up and need to break out
No more of this dizzying runaround
It's almost like I'm walking on eggshells,
Waiting for the loudest *****
To make the social anxiety monsters
Come running back.

You know when you prepare yourself for danger,
Expecting it to be right around the corner?
You quietly listen anticipating the worst,
But instead it's just eerily
Amber 3d
i’m still waiting for u
how long will it take?
my patience is running out
time is ticking by
so why won’t u come by
i know u need time
but i’m here waiting aimlessly
why don’t u say anything
leaving me in the mess
that i can’t seem to understand
why won’t u talk to me
don’t u know i’m still waiting?
but don’t keep me waiting too long
because i might just leave
but for u i will wait a little while more.
tick tock tick tock
s v e n 6d
Wind blows
Scent of familiar rises
Hair sways with the breeze
Fingers tap with muse
Eyes blink with thoughts
Feet walk with carelessness and determination
Backpacks filled with knowledge
Hands stuffed with distractions

Still sitting and waiting.
Emily 7d
Longing for a message.
Talking to fill the gaping hole.  
Regretting the existing canyon.

Knowing it’s not spiteful.
Accepting it’s a fact of life.
Railing against reality.

Seeing a brief text from Him.
Soaring upward with happiness.
Dreading another long wait.
I ache.
In this dreaded hospital once more, I ache.
I watch, as my mother lays on the bed for the sick, half alive.
I ache.
Sitting in the Chapel feeling like I have no one left, I fall to my knees and sob.

My damaged soul cries out for mercy and light, for strength and hope that has been leaving me all alone.

I ponder how I will get back on my feet and move forward when everyone is putting things in my head.
They make me feel like an abused rag doll, pulling me left and right.

I don't think I've ever felt so alone, overwhelmed or confused in my life.
But one day, I know that this will teach me a valuable lesson, I know that I will grow.

I must have patience, so I will keep waiting until the time comes when I can finally be at peace, and I finally will know.
Written in the chapel at Beaumont.
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