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sunrat 3d
With one foot in and one foot out the door
I'm always one to keep another waiting
Now the coffee's cold and I'm left contemplating
If anything at all's worth waiting for

Why let this moment drown in expectation?
Now is not the time and we both know
to ask for any sort of explanation
is to ask for more than you or I would owe.

Half past one my foolish heart still races
every time the entry doorbell chimes
This city home to seven million faces
could disappoint me seven million times.
This is a loose translation of Mascha Kaléko's 1933 poem "Auf einem Café-Tisch gekritzelt" in the German.
Trickling echoes
Down that hallway of mine
Did you whisper my name?
Or was it goodbye?
I stood by your room
Beckoning you to come out
But you were distracted
By some kind of doubt
As I wrote out a note
And slipped it inside
I wonder, will you read
Or cast it aside
Then silence was my answer
For this I did find
Because you were afraid
Of your own little mind
Trudging through murky waters
It reaches up to my ankles
I know it goes deeper
But I'm waiting for the reaper
I feel it creeping up my legs, creating slippery tangles
My wet hair clinging to me in mangles
I slowly get pulled down
Waiting for myself to drown
Devoid of emotion
I'm pulled into an ocean
I feel nothing anymore
My feet are sore
From walking on this slippery floor
Please stop the pain
Before I go insane
Jason May 7
When one's life has hit rock bottom
At the ripe old age of nineteen
When the apple of life has gone rotten
And hopeful plans wither to faded dreams

When one's confidence is shot
And one's hope has slowly waned
When one's faith in love is all but lost
And one's self-esteem's been drained

When one's spent their life to overcome
The pain of losing their one true one
When one's reached out to touch only ice
To be judged and rejected once, twice, thrice

When one's messages are deleted unread
And pictures cannot fill the hole in one's heart
When the only chance to hear your voice is in one's head
One begins the onerous process of falling apart

When healing has begun and the dull throb doesn't beat one jaded
When the sunlight breaks the clouds for the first time in dark ages
When the black hole ***** a little less and the stars aren't so faded
One will still be here waiting to hear an answer sought by fools and sages

Some things you just never get over,
Even after all the stages of grief, and all the healing,
The simplest things can still smack you right out of your body,
A phone ringing, for example, why am I still waiting for that call?

© 05/07/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
You can wait an eternity,
For loving fraternity,
In an era of modernity.
Sa Weol May Apr 24
I pray for a lucid dream tonight,
In a sky colored carpet floor,
Seasoned with bluish tulips
on the ground,
In a pure white long dress,
decorated with pearls,
with happy people beside,
Seeing tall pine trees,
With a calming cloudy weather,
Bits of sunshine
that balances the mood of the setting,
Singing behind the white cottony curtain,
Someone's listening
and waiting for me,
Curtain opens,
Ended the song,
Take down the microphone,
I see someone from a bit distance,
A sudden music played,
That made everyones happy tears fell
and touched,
I walk towards where the man is,
Blurred, but as I go forth to him,
Little by little,
He is getting clearer
From afar, I know
That it is you,
At the end
Of the altar.

My Dear Poet Apr 23
all the ways
we can make a wish
I’m not sure which is true
Stars, candles, bones or dish
for on neither did I wish for you
It must have been the best of fate
Or some say determined destiny
that you’d find me, as I wait
with you waiting
for me
Do we need to make the first move?
He wrote poetry

As one may take the bus

Patiently waiting in the eye of the storm

His storm, the storm of thought

With or without cause or fuss

Or an element of uncertainty

Whether or not the wait will deliver

Deliver us to the fate of salvation
Spriha Kant Apr 12
Withering by the prolonged waiting for someone is strangulation of euphoric flavor.

© Spriha Kant
The moments when words are choked up by your own tears
The times you were chased by your worst fears
The amount of time I waited for it to pass, all those years
The people who were beside you through it all slowly disappears
The end of your suffering slowly, slowly nears
Happiness sometimes interferes
Coming in playing with your emotions
Ticking your feelings for a small giggle
But it shows no devotions
Leaves your life grey
While you wait for it to end
While you keep playing pretend
Waiting for the end
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