Caitlyn 2d

isn't it sad how our society
is filled with anxiety
slowing tearing you down
trying to take your crown
its sad to think
that someones life think ours could be over in a blink
i struggle, struggle to think
that here in this world people get judged for stupid shit
that ends up on teens who actually " commit"
and this place we call home
makes us feel worthless, depressed and A L O N E

your beautiful, say something you love (:
Seeker 2d

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is my brain
This is my iron
This is my back
This is my pancreas
This is my lungs
This is my mind
This is my experience
This is my health
This is me

Not having perfect health
Is nothing to be ashamed of
It is something to be proud of
Look, I have so much going on
And I am still here
Standing tall
Taking life day by day
Getting through school
And work
While dealing with all of this

No one has perfect health
And if they do,
They are lying

Life was not meant to be easy
Life was not meant to be a breeze
Life was not meant to be clear
Or make sense
We may question life
We may question a higher power
We may even question ourselves
Just keep pushing
Because I believe anyone can get through anything
When the
Proper health
Is provided

I am not a doctor
I am a student
Who is young
And has her whole life ahead of her
IF she remains healthy
I am not educated on the human body and its functions
But I know
From experience
That hardships come
And that effects you
And emotionally
I am not a doctor
But I am here
And I am spreading my word
And offering my shoulder
To those who want or need it

This is me
This is my health
This is my experience
This is my mind
This is my lungs
This is my pancreas
This is my back
This is my iron
This is my brain

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This is me
This is us

lily 4d

every tear
that falls
down my cheek
is because of you

What the fuck is going on right now -
you can feel your heart beat quickening,
Very aware that something isn't right because reality feels overwhelming,
Beads of sweat form on your skin as the world around you becomes horrifying,
And your feet start to drag, like they're surrounded in mud and it's thickening.

Ears ringing,
Hands shaking,
Fingers fumbling,
The pain in your soul intensifying.

Struggling to think straight as the thoughts in your head continue tumbling,
Darkness creeps in from the corners of your eyes, your vision is disappearing,
You scream out in hope of someone to hold you and stop you from falling,
Curl into a ball, remember happiness, as the terror swallows your entire being.

You're defeated, there's no point in crying.

Everything... fading.

Luckily it was a dream - I don't know what else to say.
Lily 5d

I cannot see you with her
Because it makes me feel weaker
I cannot cry every night
When all day you are within my sight
But by her side

I don't want to do this anymore
My body is sore
From crying sitting on the floor
With my back against the door

Seeing you hurts
It proves my feelings
To be weaker than hers
I want to end this love story
Because its just mine and not ours

Oh my god I wanna die
I sit here while you watch me cry.
Because you know
you ripped my heart out.
Yes, you know
I'm fucking falling apart.
And I'm lying with the wind.
While you blow away the tables.
Singing with that precious,
luscious voice
that leaves me so unstable.

Watching you walk away.
It will always stay the same.
Drop dead gorgeous in your path.
Kill the boys with your wrath.
I feel the sting.
I feel the pain.
I'm crying these tears in the rain.
I wanted you then, I want you now.
But you're so. . .

You and me will never work out
cuz we'll always scream
and we'll always shout.
Call me all the names in book.
Leave me for someone
with better looks.

I feel sorry for the guys
who fall in love with boys like you.
Doing every breathing thing
you can get your dick into.
And I feel sorry for the girls
who fall for all your fucking tricks.
Why is it that you think love is all


Im the type of boy
who can be do damn down.
You all see this smile,
But I just see a frown.
If you look right at me,
Look into my eyes.
Do you see depression
and all my sacrifice?

Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
Can you make me happy?
Can you make me feel alive?
Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
I always try to hide it.
Tell me can you find it?

I wanna go.
I want to just break down.
Turn off the lights
and watch me cry.
All you see is me
fighting to believe.
I try to make it look like
I'm as happy as can be.

Tears run down my face
and you come to me.
Try to stop the tears.
All you want is to make me feel happy.
And the feeling of you here with me
makes me happy for a moment,
but I'm back once you leave.

Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
Can you make me happy?
Can you make me feel alive?
Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
I always try to hide it.
Tell me can you find it?

I feel like it's ending.
I'm in so much pain.
Every night I lie awake
screaming out your name.
Will you come and find Me?
Make me feel alright.
Come to me and hold me.
Hold me oh so tight.

Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
Can you make me happy?
Can you make me feel alive?
Cuz I am broken and I'm dead inside.
I always try to hide it.
Tell me can you find it?

Lucy Nov 14

I’m high then suddenly low
I wish to die before I grow old
Not wanting to burden the ones around me
Rather be sad and forever lonely
If that’s the case
I’m a waste of space
The constant disappointment in my mothers eyes
The slips of blatant lies  
Depressed feelings is what I’ve kept
I’m destroying myself until there’s nothing left
My stomach stays in knots
I’m a movie without a plot
I’m the tree without the branches
Was never gifted second chances
Made promises I was forced to keep
I’m only alive when I’m asleep
So these are my last words ever to be said
The secrets I place inside my head

Starring at the night sky
I realized how much you mean to me
you held my hand and intertwined it
and whispered "how I wish to stay longer"

I started to cry
"It's about time my love" you said
as you tried to reached for my other hand
"can't promise to stay with you forever"

"you suffered a lot" you stated
I stared at you, wiping your tears you mumbled
"Please let me go and search for another"
I cried even more....

Realizing that anytime now
you will leave me, but you may rest
"you suffered a lot too" I answered
"this is just a cancer" you chuckled

I woke up the next day and call your name out
my tears fall freely on the ground
You're not here anymore
and I won't see you anymore

I've tried so hard to ignore the pain
but here I am again
Longing for the wonderful day
to see you once again.

I'm too emotional tonight and I don't know how to deal with it.
Diana Y Nov 13

I feel powerful.
I feel compelling.
I feel forceful.

Like everyday
Every night
Every tear I've ever shed

Made me stronger.

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