Do not smile at the tragedy - I am holding it inside,
if you do not want to be my pretty one and by my side ...
We were living in the constant, dying, so many lies,
cannot believe it, how fast this relative time flies ...
Let me lay down by your side, for this one last time,
outside is raining and you can hear a wind - chime ...
Let me fall, now, into your silky, beautiful arms,
before you go away with him and do to me just harms ...
You are in love, and I will be after many years alright,
before it is all over, we do not need, now, to ''fight'' ...
Let us make love, this one last time, my soul is dying,
in all these years, I was hiding, see my tears, I am crying …
Before our spring comes around
when flowers start blooming
can we
meet again?

Before our spring comes around
before my life is over
I'll watch
over you.

Honestly, I
don't want this to end,
I don't want to pretend
I'm fine

Honestly, I
don't want this anymore
reaper is at my door
the note is in the drawer.

Today the spring will come around
before you see me again.
rose petals fall on my body.

Don't cry,
it's alright.
Just keep me in your prayers,
just remember me.
inspired by jonghyun's before our spring x
No man is as vulnerable as one who founded love, love is just a rare spark, it removes any bittersugar coatings, it exposes the true nature of a man.

The scarcity of this eminent toxicity keeps many with happy smiles, to some when it escapes it leaves them with broken bones and broken hearts

Those who find her once barely understands her, those who are graced enough to meet her again, keeps her burning in flames even to the cost of her neighbour death
Sino ba ang mali? ako o sila?
Palagi na lang ako ang nakikita.
Mga bagay na ayaw kong marinig
Mula sa mga labi nilang hayok kung magparinig.

Nakakainins na talaga.
Palagi na lang ako ang nakikita.
Ako at ang mga mali kung ginagawa,
Sa mata nila'y lagi na lang pabida.

Nakakabingi na talaga.
Mga salita nilang nakakasakit na tagala!
Gusto kong lumaban para maibsan ang kasakitan
Pero pag-iyak ang laging nagpapagaan.
This poem is dedicated to my friend Cedril <3
So many say they are broken hearted
So many caused by forced departures
Many drowned from longed desires
Many more from weeping criers

The faint beats of withered chambers
The hopeless dreams of foolish strangers
Bearing no truth, childish dangers
It's time that we......errr go gain some majors?
Did you like the ending >_<
Ella 5d
It's hard to find the sunrise when you're a storm
Hard to find anything in the dark
Even harder to transform

It's hard to stop swimming when you know there's a shark
Waiting for more blood
But you were my spark

I was drowning in a flash flood
Not really trying
You pulled me up, dragged me out of the mud

I felt like dying
Straight to the point
But now, I feel like flying

I'm terrified to disappoint
I want to be the best for you

You are my only one
My checkpoint.
In a land of no answers

In a land of no answers, I’m crying alone;
In a world with no feelings, I’m feeling so lost.
I crave for love, or something to make me feel less hollow;
But I have become a ghost of what I once was.

I went up to Heaven to face my God;
But he wasn’t answering so I fell down to Earth.
I listened closely and searched in the fog;
But I was lost in love, so I couldn’t get what I deserved.

Still I search for the answers, to a question I cannot ask;
For I don’t know what it is, that I want to find in the dark.
I used to think, I had all I needed at last;
But it all turned to nothing and now I am lost.

I can’t tell you how I felt, because I just don’t remember,
But I must have felt something, to have felt the loss.
As another year passes by, I’m feeling low in December;
I would give anything to remember, no matter what the cost.

(C)2015 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Franz 6d
Stretch the corners of my lips and
press a staple through both edges
while melancholy crawls through my veins
and wraps itself up in my heart space.
Maybe one day it will build a home within me
and become a luminescent blue-winged butterfly
fluttering away into the night as quickly as it lands.  
If, for a second, I follow its flight into the ether and
catch a glimpse of the stars,
may they wisp me away from this body
caught up in its selfish existence
and remind me of the arbitrary nothingness I share
with a common housefly.
Hannah 7d
fear takes hold
same thoughts that
caused infinite nights
of crying, tears

i was having hope
of a future where
i was happy
i was comfortable

too used to that thought
never considered that
it could disappear
please don't go

a year without you
my love, is a year
without life

and i'll be damned
if i lose 5 years of life
fuck im damn scared now and on the verge of tears and my playlist happens to play all the sad songs dammit i dont wanna sink back into a place where i dont wanna live, it's easy for me to tell myself to think happy, it's another thing to actually be happy and want to live, that takes a lot. i haven't wanted to live in so long, i finally do, and im scared its going to slip again. not many things/people make me feel this way, you're one.
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