my heart kept beating
faster and faster.
then I crashed...
it all went black.
rivers of salty fluid
formed dams in the
hand which cupped my
my heart ached and I
let out a shaky scream,
again and again.
thoughts of you
flooded my mind.
Oh, what painful memories...
Crashing tides
In my head

Dew drops on
Pillows and bed
Raindrops on my face.
The harder it rains,
The more I erase
Why I am crying.

Raindrops hide my tears.
The harder it rains,
The less are my fears
I’m weeping in pain.

Raindrops on my face.
Each droplet obscures
A tear in its place—
Hopelessness or joy?

Raindrops hide my tears.
Each droplet obscures
Having to decide—
Why am I crying?

These precious raindrops
Leave it up to me.
The confusion stops.
They are tears of joy.
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kk 21h
There is something painfully wrong about
a mother’s cry.
In those seizing moments,
while her nose twitches
and her eyes bleed red
and she lets tears smear
jaggedly about her face-
there is something so unsettling,
out of place.
You perceived her once invulnerable,
but now you find
that behind her divinity are familiar fears
that overwhelm her omniscient mind.
When your own Goddess
can’t be free from corruption,
that even the holy
have weak heels and poisoned matrimonies;
that is
agonizing acrimony.
seeing my mother cry is one of the strangest and most upsetting things  I’ve ever seen
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Tharuki 1d
There is a darkness
Holding me back from
Being myself
But when I got
Caught up in it
Little did I know
I lost my true self
It was a normal day
Thats what it seemed like and from the beginning, not knowing, thats what I would say.
Well not exactly normal, my brothers in jail but thats nothing new
He was probably in there most of my growing up, all the way through.
He's made bad decisions but so haven't you? But no, his are worse, they are bad decisions that brew and come back to haunt you. He's made some enemies and that is undoubtedly true.

Stick crack
Back lawn
Night yawn
Stick crack
Lights on
Sound drawn
Back lawn

Mother, child, baby
Friends coming to chat this late? Nope? No way, hm, 10:00? Maybe?

Stick crack
Back door
Window crack
Smash some more

Break in, this, that, taken, childs mother awaken
Bad decision
Painful beating, insane incision

Please don't hurt my mommy
Take anything you want
"I will take anything I want" he taunts

They took advantage of him being in jail and took their money they didnt have in the bank, laying around in a safe
Which is ironic because everything inside it was taken and its existence brought the opposite of what it states, safety.

The next time, yes there was a next time, they watched and scouted like they did before, they took anything and everything that could earn them good cash and more. They took the child of younger than 10's entire savings from chores, about 30$, maybe less, and every valuable and once again they are poor and once again my brothers wife was beaten and on the floor, and who knows but god i hope they dont come back for more
Tharuki 3d
you are the reason why I want to die
but also the reason why I'm not dead yet
Regan 3d
Too worked up over
The tiniest thing.
She laid her hand down
On my back,
To say everything will be okay.
She held me close,
While I bawled,
She didn’t judge me
For expressing emotion.
More people
Should accept
other’s emotions,
Because how would they know
What they’re going through.
The moral of this experience,
Is to accept the doubt.
I cried in front of my mom, and she showed me how much she truly loves me. Thank you Mom, I love you.
i love you so dearly
but you are dying me blue
from the tips of my toes
to the tears you make me cry
i know you’re too clueless to understand the emotions of a hopeless romantic like me
but i hope you can understand one day
that i am doing this because i love you too much.
for so long i never understood why people left the ones they loved
“Why do such a silly thing to yourself?” I would ask the stars accompanying venus
but now i understand that the silly thing would be to stay
because as much as i love you
i need to love me too.
so for now i’ll sail my ship far away
and maybe one day you’ll grow up as i did
and love me as a love you.
and it pains me to say this
this pain is like no other
i would rather take a bullet straight through my head
but we all have to make sacrifices
and so now i will take a bullet straight through my heart
~to G, you know who you are. i love you too much to stay. i hope you can forgive me but for now let me forgive myself.~
Crying isn't an atrocity,
It's beautiful.

It shows that you have a functioning soul;
It expands and contracts
It can feel emotion and display it.

It shows that you understand importance of life;
It displays your hurt and pain
It displays your dissatisfaction

Crying shows the world that you're sensitive and that you have a heart that deserves to be cared for.
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