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Help me.
I can't decide on my own
I swore it would end soon.
Long story short.
He hurt my feelings.
But he makes me so happy
Now everything is on the fence.
Save me now.
Should I leave him.
Or should I stay.
Please help me decide. I'm scared I'll make the wrong choice
Becca 1d
tears feel good on my raw, cut skin
maybe that's why i cry so much
CJ 1d
Just because you're not crying,
Doesn't mean you're not sad.
Just like how smiling,
Doesn't mean you're happy.

Cause at times, i just forget to smile or cry...
You will never see an expression the same way again...
Sky 2d
I hear the same, bitter word on repeat
And it still shakes me to my very core
  “I loved you once, but nevermore”
His veneer of love had fallen apart
And now I am left with a knife in my heart
    Do you know how much I ache?
I’m shattered and cold, and now I quake
“Beyond the sunrise, ‘tis you that I adore,
     But our love shall go on, nevermore”

I wept for a love that is beyond repair
I wept for my heart, shaking in despair
I wept for a man with a smile so rare
Who destroyed the heart of a maiden fair
So faithful was I, for I would never forswear
A man with a love that left me gasping for air
Wouldst thou ****** me? wouldst thou dare?
You left my love bleeding, raw, *****, and bare
I said that I’d die for you, or go to war!
But once again, you said “Nevermore”
My wounds gush blood, and my soul is sore
But thine eyes and lips said “Nevermore”
Thy words are scattered, running hither and thither
But filled with such compassion, leaving my lips aquiver
Was I just an object of **** that your body outwore?
But still, you shuddered and said “Nevermore”
I will give you money and gold and diamonds galore!
But still, you scoffed and said “Nevermore”
Now, I sit here forlorn, and feeling heartsore
“You make me melancholy, darling”
And then he left, without another word, and I sat there and quoted “Nevermore” ~
Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven”
In a crowd full of people
My armour's made of stone
When I want to shed my tears
I still remain alone
Among them it cannot *****
I will not let them see
The depth this sadness reaches
My helpless misery.
So I find a quiet staircase
Away from all the noise
I let them out, silently
Hopefully with some poise.
Yet how I want to be loud
To relieve this heartache
But there's no one who'll hear me
To hold me as I break.
I wish I could be stronger
I wish I'd never cry
How tragic I've made this life
I don't know how or why.
When you need to cry but cannot tell a soul
yeah, there's no problem. i'm cool. i'm alright. you're fine. no need to plague your thoughts with me.
yeah, there's NO problem. I'M Cool. I'm alRight. You're fIne. No need to plague your thouGhts with me.
yeah, there's problem. ool. 'm alight. ou're fne. o need to plague your thouhts with me.
Read the capital letters in that second part and what do you get?
how did it feel when you saw me hit the ground
when you heard earth break under me
the coldness of your heart that infected with a touch
when you saw me get up and wobble away
out the door in the middle of school
i left i wouldn’t come back
i’d leave
leave everything behind
not having to do it again with the same ****** people and the same **** emotions
never again
you watched me as i walked out and you cursed under your breath “**** i didn’t mean it”
you didn’t ******* mean it then why was this not the first time
what was this a daily thing in your routine
but no i won’t have it cause i’m done tonight
you won’t see me again
i’m okay this isn’t a cry for help don’t be worried :)
Noni 5d
I write because I have nothing else to do
And now your missing feels deeper than before
I need to bring you back somehow

I miss you more each day and more

I still can't believe that you're gone

And I feel more and more alone

Whatever others say you were my little brother

And my heart aches so much..
always blaming my Self
What could I have done more?

What will I do without you to adore?

You were the best thing that ever happened to me

7 I was when we met.

Atleast you're in a better place now baby, I miss you endlessly

I wish I could bring you back

But I promise we'll meet again in heaven,
Because that's where you belong.
To my dog that died recently after 15 years together. I LOVE YOU FOREVER BABY
Kat 6d
she held my heart in her cold hands

tentatively gentle she placed in her box

her box was filled with our memories piled high

something material of mine covered where my heart will be placed

I let her into my life so much, she became my life

the only reason I existed was to be in the presence of the goddess

it was her that ended me, I begged her to do it

begged on my hands and knees, tears flooding my vision

she was gentle with my request but she was vengeful for my fall

my head was picked up by her tugging on my hair

it was a short, sweet ending, swiftly but slow all at once

my love took my life from my will and served it chilled

frozen over like her own, silver platter or gold?

I wished for the pieced existence to be whole again

it was okay, I was dead and embedded in a box, wrapped in silk

she was alive and cleanse her need for bloodshed

her eyes seemed heavy and her will dripped from her eyes

Was she crying? out of shame of a more display of torture or of guilt for slaying a soul so loyal to her

I would never know because that box became my home

wrapped in silk on top of my gown, I lay frozen over

and she frowned
Anthony Dec 2
I did it again.
That gun went to my head again.
My arms are bleeding again.
I'm crying again

Is there a point where tears dry up?
I haven't found it.

I did it again
I wrote my suicide note again
I took medicine again
I wish for death again

Why can't I do anything right?
I can't even die properly

I did it again
I pulled the trigger again
Nothing happened again
I say I'm sorry again

Maybe I'll die this time.
Or maybe I won't again.
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