An ocean;
an urge
A waterfall all ready to pour out
But not a single drop trickles down.
It’s all in
I am crying words,
for there are no tears.
My phone battery lasts longer without your name popping up
But I can barely make it 3 hours without begging for a moment to recharge
It's a painful reminder that something so beautiful had to end
Leaving a void on the screen that once blinked and shone bright

It takes me twenty times longer to get things done
My mind will drag me off to a corner and replay videos of playful feet touching under a dinner table
And secret looks shared between passionate eyes

My stuffed animals miss you
That's what they tell me since I have no one to hold at night but them
They whisper and caress my hair until I fall asleep
Or was that another dream of what we should have had

You lied to me
Stop trying to redeem yourself, or justify the facade
I gave you more than three chances to tell me the truth
And it broke my heart that you never once did

I know its easier for you to blame me
So I said I didn't love you like I used to. I spared you the pain that you put me through
but you truly dug the knife in my love

I don't know how to be happy in this eerie place called loneliness
The sun was blocked out along with your laugh and the freckles that painted your cheeks
How does one become happy again, happy when you're all alone

I love you
But you'll never hear those words again because you broke my trust
You broke my heart
And you broke me
I hope that I can face you again one day
But these are the Things I'll Never Say
Nakia 1d
I cry so much
But maybe you thought
I wasn't crying enough
Thank you for your help I appreciate the tears
You work wonders with your words and fear
I understand why you you did what you had
Maybe my tears were reward enough
Maybe the ducts had run dry
So thank you
For making them run
The worst kind of crying
Is when you don’t realize it’s happening
Until it’s too late to stop

The tears flowing down your cheeks
Like a river
Down your neck
Down your shirt
Until they reach your broken heart
Another day and i'm waiting at my place
No i'm not complaining or take off sense.
Just for the 20 seconds,
I've been waiting hour and 20 minutes.

So please go and say it's possible,
When you saw a crying boy with glasses
In the undergrounds.

Cause he want something impossible,
Cause his heart is under arrest.
Cause he is waiting for it,
He waiting for his dream come true.

And please go and say it's possible,
When you saw a crying boy with glasses
In the undergrounds.

He crossed boulevard of broken hearts,
With the rope and rose for suicide.
Cause he want see her other side.

Hey please go and say it's possible,
When you saw a crying boy with glasses
In the undergrounds.

Cause she's saying it's impossible,
And want to make him thinkin like this.
She want break his spirit,
But with the mistake she broke his heart.

They say time can heal everything,
But what can we do if time make my scar bigger.
Sometimes he feels like dying,
But she doesn't know about it.
Waiting for her every day at subway,same time,same place.Just for 10 or 20 seconds
sar 2d
     is for people
than you
but the moon,
is for people

    worlds greater.
i feel odd today
v 3d
I really thought things were going well for me. For a solid second, I felt sunshine creep through the thickets. Turns out everything was that shade of green I really liked, not bleak black darkness. It felt kinda warm for a moment, not gonna lie. But when I turned around you burned me. I don't know why I thought that was surprising. My skin was sizzling and peeling and after awhile, all I could see was patterned scabbing lit by that sunshine. I wasn't sure if I was laughing or crying.
maya 4d
i promise you im trying
i know its not visible and i keep crying
and you always tell me what not to do, then i do it, and there you go, back to sighing
he keeps lying
but i keep prying
inside i am dying
but please promise me that you know im trying
i can't understand the tug at my lips when i see gore,
when pain happens,
when i think of a painful memory,
yet my heart still squeezes,
still wheezes,
still sputters,
still hurt,
but because i carry on while the storm that is against me,
and the only weapon i wield is my smile,
because they will never know how broken i am

[ kind of a part two ]

i laugh when my eyes rain,
when raindrops trickle down my cheek,
have you ever realized that sobbing and laughing sound so similar?
when someone laughs they can be crying in the inside,
when someone sobs they can be happy,
i think its a way of laughing off the pain,
just so you won't give in,
because then you lost,
and we don't want that.
two poemsssssssssss in one -u-
What is a tear, but nurture for the rose,
whose bloom makes bright the darkest of the night,
and dulls all things for not, but what it chose,
to save and wait for when the soul needs flight.

What void that fills a space before its time,
does too find deep the nothing of its place,
and rends the heart but for what is benign,
to reach the far-off end of this dark race.

What choice is this to give a passing thought,
to shed a tear and fill the earth with day.
for those who find they wish to sit and rot,
the trap of ease brings toll that they must pay.

This act is one that most will find in fear.
In truth its just the shedding of a tear.
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