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Alena 1d
She doesn't want to lose anybody,
But in the end of the road,
She will lose herself, unfortunately.

She think about others more
Than about herself,
And that's what hurt me to the core.

Bet, every day she looks at mirror
And asks it "oh, no way, is it real me?
How can I be such bitter?"

And I'm so depressed and sad,
That I can't help you and can't fix that,
And I know that all of these thinks in your head,
Are killing you everyday, I bet.

I'm laying down on my bed,
Crying in my hands, 'cause,
I can't be you are in instead,
You make me proud and applause.

Because I've never seen the one,
Who can be the strong like you,
And, my little lady, you should know, that's enough -
Being yourself to get the love that you deserve.
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Martin Boško Apr 30
Stop crying with me
And rather put your lips to mine
Kiss me
And drain all the water from my lungs
Porcelain eyes,
Shrapnel like tears.
karly codr Apr 28
i can't find the words
to piece a poem together
i'm slowly getting better
but worse at the same time
and i just don't know what to write
I thought a bit today
That I've shed more tears
For those I don't know
These past two years

I cry for those who've battled
For those who lost their fight
For the workers who aided them
As they pass on day and night

I've cried at situations
When I'm safe behind my door
For those who are unable
To see the arrows on the floor

I cry because the future
Isn't coming soon enough
Solutions are just smoke rings
Disappearing with a puff

My eyes are all blurry
Red and always burning
I cry because from what I see
So many just aren't learning

My tear ducts keep releasing
Prayers for those now dead
Hope for those still living
Believing lies that they've been fed

Anger, I don't feel it
I haven't for two years
I only feel frightened
And I can only share my tears
Sarah Flynn Apr 18
I thought that by now
I'd be happy.

I've been battling
these demons for
so, so long.

I don't want to lose.
I don't want to give up.
I just don't feel like
I'm able to keep fighting.

the truth is, I'm not
strong enough

I need help,
but I don't want it.

please, teach me how to
disappear in peace
without taking
a piece of you
with me.

you need to
remain whole.
you need to
fill in the gap
left by my absence.
you need to
keep fighting.

keep fighting.
do what I couldn't.
karly codr Apr 12
stop stressing out
they say
you have nothing to worry about
they say
but do they know that i get
so stressed to the point of tears
that i have panic attacks
in the middle of the night
when no one is awake
and thoughts race through my mind
the answer is no
they don't know
and they never will
anyway i'm super tired and i worked all weekend but it's fine also fearless (taylor's version) is really good
solfang Apr 10
she asked,
"what is the cause
of your endless sadness?";
and I answered,
"nothing unusual,
it's just inner madness"
went to therapy today; doctor said I'll need to have a few more sessions to resolve my problems. Have to increase my dosage as well.

just as I thought I was getting better.
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