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Zay 3d
I love it when it rains,
cause I don't feel like I'm the only one crying.
and I like to think that the sky actually cares,
because god know's you don't.
Dear heart!,
please calm down!
it's just a text from her,
doesn't mean anything.
please take it easy,
steady and quesy.

Had this discussion before,
Last time drowning in sorrow,
broken apart in pieces,
trapped in Band-Aids and stiches,
that sharp pain, felt like a heart attack.
Can't see you in that shape again,
don't act like a clown!
and please calm down!

Sure she's nothing to say,
same old crap and foul play,
just some what's ups and fake concerns display,
you are gulible and innocent,
her words are your stimulant,
you will cry again and crack.
so let me handle this attack,
you sit back uptown!
and please calm the **** down!
My Ex texted after many months,
thought I was over her, but...
"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
Gideon Oct 7
i feel empty

i feel as if i’m floating through life

watching it through the eyes of someone else

i feel heavy

as if i'm being dragged down and no longer have the strength to push my way up

is it possible to feel these two things at once?

the feeling of nothingness

the feeling of excruciating pain

how can emptiness feel so heavy?
Skyla Oct 6
The apple of my eye, I think I grabbed you from the sky
‘Cause your angel wings were soft and glistening
And your smile was bright and your eyes were glittering.

You took a hungry, broken girl and made me your goddess
You wrote me love poems and gave me your promise
You said you didn’t love any of your girls as much as me
Except for one, but she was simply just a haunting
You called me your beauty, said I set you free  

I was your little enchantress, your dancing muse
A ticking bomb, whilst you lit the fuse
You made me love, but mostly you made me cry
I was only a diamond, made to sparkle up your eye

I thought that you were heaven, where the angels dwell
But the heartbreak that you gave me, only gave me hell

My dreams were filled with images of you
I dreamt of the past and the future with you
Our love was timeless, our beauty was grace
When I gaze at the sun I picture your face

Our love was as delicate as fine China,
We were walking on shards of glass
I was slowly tiptoeing around the broken pieces
But you were running so fast

My sun, my moon, mon amour, la lune,
I danced on sharp fragments for you, cutting up my feet
The blood was dripping on the floor, but I kept thinking of how sweet, it is that you love me and I love you
And you’re always so cool, everything you do

You locked me up and threw away the key
My wrists were sore and I counted to three
But you grabbed your new love, your new bonnie
And you turned around and looked at me
And shook your head and said “sorry, baby”

You said I was too late, all I could feel was this hate
For myself and everything I didn’t have that she did
You found a new bambi, a new thumbelina
And I was nothing but your bloodied ballerina
Who let things destroy her so you could love her more
You said “too little too late” and left me sobbing and sore

I was always a diamond, your Aphrodite pearl
Your other girl was a map, but wasn’t I your whole world?

And maybe we’ll go down in history
You for notoriety, and shameless infamy
And they’ll all explore the mystery
And why you chose your mistress and threw me out to sea.
I’ll never forget this.
Chiara Sep 25
As the rain is pouring down
It washes away my tears
For I cried alone at night again
While thinking of my fears.

Do you hear the rain’s sad song?
It’s softly spoken words?
When all the other sounds have stopped
You hear it calling out.

It cries for all the people
Who can no longer cry alone,
Because throughout their life
They have been all on their own.
Chiara Sep 25
My demons haunt me in my dreams,
I can’t escape them, I cannot flee.
They lay before me all I fear
And remind me of it until the tears
I held back so long drop to the ground.
They’re falling so freely, hid only by rain
‘Cause the rain’s the only one
Who’s crying with me.
lance Sep 25
his mind is a broken generation,
every standard is useless,
beating him down
face to the fire,
turning love into hate,
and fun into fate.

with every passing second
it ran through scarred thoughts,
begging for change,
or for the night, turn to day.

It fights the high tide
of tortured tears,
rushing to the shore
like the ocean
on his rosy cheeks,

he held his ground strong.

no man, no test, no job, no day
will cease the light
at the end of the tunnel
he built from scratch,
with only the pride he was given.

Days will feel like night terrors,
the ones he overcame,
as a descendent
before those sorrow years arrived.

But the mind,
can be a beautiful place,
somewhere only you can go.
A place littered with love,
and feelings no one else can feel.

He will fight the battle,
overcome every block in the path,
of unknown stories to be told.

As the night turns to day,
he switches on the sun,
destined for every single moment
sweet smiles, or sour tears,
that will eventually come his way.
Nobody Sep 23
I find it harder and harder to wake up  in the morning not because im lazy or I dont want to go to school. Its solely because im tired; tired of opening my eyes and realizing that Im still here  that i havent been granted my single wish from that one person we call "god". That i have to live through another day in the dark abyuss you call home. I never wanted this life, to be this *******- montser my own mother hides away in her closet, I long for the day i can be happy.  Where i can feel love for the first time. I dont belong here. You see the other day while you all slept, I stayed awake. Its nothing unusal on my part. I live in the dark, sad and alone. Its where ive always been, all ive ever known. That night, this darkness was deeper than before as i sat on my bed and cried my nightly tears I stared into the darkness, looking for my hands Until i rasied them and the tiny sliver of light from my window reflected off my old trusted friend. The cold rusted piece of metal felt right in my hands. It gave me this happiness ill never understand. I shine the glare on my upper leg the lines of dispointment and shame show- themselfs as i read through them; Oh the story they tell.  I know what they all mean I remember every scar and why they lay upon my skin, its a sad story they hold. This one right here the crooked small one Thats the one that started it all. Or this one The wide long dark one twords the end The day i found out i was nothing more than a usless bag of roting flesh to her, that i'll be alone forever.  Thats the one ill never forget Because even to this day I rememeber her sweet soft voice yell at me in the middle of the lunch line to leave her alone. As much as i dont want to remember, no amount of alcohol can fill in the gap she left open Each and every line i read gets me into this rage i cant control Wanting to blame everyone for my problems but i know i caused them myself. I squeze that thin sheet of happiness in my fist and i feel this pain race up my arm  When i let go, my palm is full of this beautiful liquid that remind me im still human. To you it might not seem like much  But to those who understand that unwriten languge you read in the blood "If only this was enough to end your pain, im sorry im insifishant" Its morning now These thoughts have held me back from being happy for once. What is there to do now? Nothing. I have to wait my turn again Oh well, im already used to the feeling of disapointment. I clean myself off in the bathroom right before i look into the mirror. Theres no way to decribe that feeling you get when you look in your eyes and see all the wrong youve ever done.  "Its late, they'll wake up soon" i tell myself  under my breath. I rush to my phone and open to the screen shot of the day i got a taste of what love is. I reread the single reply over and over in my mind before i hear the russle of blankets from the thing my mother decribes as her only son that lays a sleep less than a foot from my bed. "I...i love you"  I try to remember the sound her mouth made as she studered that phrase. " Its time "  I get up from my soon to be death bed and put on my mask before anyone sees The same mask i made myself several years ago. Theres cracks and chips, yes But thats what makes it so uniqe. People try peaking into see my hell. So I do what any scared human would do, push them away. So far they give up and walk away. Im at school, its lunch. I open the door leading into the stair well and i see her. My last hope  Right before she sees me, i count  1...2...3 I remove my mask and hide it  Im shaking shes the first to see whats under. All the years of lonelines will hopefully end today when i show her my heart. Sadly They didnt. They seemed to get lonelier now  "Ding, ding" I dont want to go home I see her car outside waiting for me I feel the vibration in my pocket , I know its her.  I walk slowly down those steps leading to the front.  As i open the door to the outside theres this hope that flutters in my heart the hope i get to see her one last time before i go.  My puples dilate and the sudden blindness fades away  Only to show nobody there. Im "home" now. Theres nothing i can do anymore I just wait here for my time to come.  Its bed time already and i open back to the picture "I...i love you" Thats all i need. The sounds began to fade into the dark  I see her.  No more than a arm away theres nothing around but us. I watch her lips move "I...i love you"  I hear her more vivid than ever tonight. My eyes slowly open Instintly tears rush down the side of my face landing onto the pillow. And so it begans again..
I wish you felt the same again, that we were together in the end.
Zay Sep 21
Sometimes holding on,
is harder than letting go,
Sometimes breathing,
is harder than crying.

Some days I'm numb,
others I can't seem to hold back the tears,
Some days I just wanna be alone,
others I can't seem to hold back the darkness.
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