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Sadie Grace Feb 22
One day in 2021
I put on a dress for the last time
A part of me died
The part I've been trying to **** for years
I said goodbye to the "me" I was supposed to be but never was

One day is 2023
I said goodnight for what I thought would be the last time
A part of me died
The part that's been trying to **** me for years
I said goodbye to wishing I was someone I never was

Eventually, I said goodbye to the people who hated me for being me
Now I say hello to being free
Adam Schmitt Dec 2022
I almost died the other day
And I came back to this place just to say
That you never know when it all can get taken Away
All your life's lessons suddenly play
like a highschool production through your mind's electric grey clay,
a mind managing to keep itself oxygenated enough to operate even as consciousness fades
A body lying there, blue as a mid summer's day, gasping
For breath, and for a chance to stay

I woke up, having almost died the other day,
To a room full of strange faces, whose eyes all aimed my way.
A room full of strangers,
My vision regaining clarity,
I see equipment of many types, lying around a well decorated living room, it seemed out of place,
devices dreamed up by engineers a few hundred miles away,
At an elite institution, of mechanical engineering and science, engineering devices that now lay about my horrified friend's living room,
Then the puzzle regained its shape, and I was graced with the understanding that it was all going to be okay,
this time, anyway.

the first responders,
My saviours.
Real heroes,
Who wear no capes,
Nor spandex,
But who know their job well,
And do it without delay,
And these people who saved my life today
Are out of my life now forever, and onto saving another fragile life, on some other street,
On some other day.

I saw people in blues, reds, and greys, yellows and oranges, and then the light of the day.
The light of the day on which I did not die,
But I could have, had it been another time,
Another place.

My stretcher was bright yellow, by the way...

I almost died the other day, and its implacable oncoming rush scared me.
The fear of not having lived a worthy life, an unobserved life,
Of dying too soon, with things left to do
Of leaving people behind,
Of wrongs left to right
Of lying here blue
On my dear friend's plush carpet,
And her child witnessing it as he comes home from school. Innocent as day, then scarred for life.

Luckily I have a few friends and modern miracles on my side.

I almost died the other day, and I came back here, having missed all the poetry, that makes life worth living, day after day.
Beyond the biorhythms we must feed
In order to stay


                     A good enough mantra,
                     Wouldn't you say?

I almost died the other day,
But I didn't. I breathe
in with gratitude,
And I exhale with relief,
that I still got the knack
for it.
Sometimes the poems are real. I had a severe anaphylactic reaction to an allergen, but I lived thanks to the support systems available to me. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. EVERYONE.
Mark Wanless Jun 2022
the elephant dreamed
he was god he fell into
a mud hole and died
Alina Sep 2021
a missed call notification lingers on my phone, taunting me in the small moments, reminding me of opportunities lost. A single minute voicemail replayed a hundred times. Your voice seeping into my marrow growing cold as it lingers. It's all I have left, all of you that remains. A notification, a reminder, a promise that just hours before it all, I was what occupied your mind.

Nolan Willett Jul 2021
Everyday, strive to be more real,
Silencing thoughts, you’ll begin to feel.
All your life, denying your innermost
‘Til you winded up a ghost;
But you’re materializing,
Corporeal, stabilizing,
Life beckons you outside
Patiently, though it knows you died,
And it’s so cruel, and mean, and so unfair-
but shake those platitudes from your hair,
Lace your shoes, forget your blues,
see if you can change your views-
Remember, you’re never someone new:
Rather, you slowly become more you
Nikkie Jan 2021
I’ve had some springs, I’ve had some summers, I’ve jumped ahead to fall and winter.
But there’s something special about that autumn breeze, that sweeps across my wondering face.
I want to blow in the breeze, feel the wind upon my brow, sway with the branches as they lose their leaves.
I want to be one of those souls that live in autumn leaves, to blow in the breeze and carry me home.
I want to cascade across the sky with my newfound angel wings flapping by. I want the wind to blow in my honor and welcome me, into my heavenly home.
Without a single thought; I’ve seen many a day, many a night, weeks, months and years, pass me by. Now, the elements of the earth are calling me home, I have no choice I have to respond.
I like the sound I am hearing in my ear, the voice of my King calling out me, don’t think of me as being forever gone from your presence, think of me as being forever present with the King.
Like the early mourning rain, you are feeling, be easy with yourself, and stay strong for others.
With the autumnal equinox I’ve fallen asleep with the leaves, in my new spring of life, I will wake up to the beautiful site of Jesus Christ.

Dedicated to the memory my mother
I wrote this poem before my mom passed away. I’m very intuitive and Spirit told me a year before she passed away that it would happen. She passed away on November 21, 2020.
Marisela Veludo Nov 2020
A drop of water
Almost empty, just a quarter
A rain drop daily
Light is fading,darkness... maybe
A wave, an unexpected splash
Feeling weak , I just crashed
Rivers flowing, oceans wild
Its all gone, I just died.
Omar Oct 2020
I still hear you at night,
sometimes i wish you didn't die;
even the moon misses your sight,
I wish I knew why
we never said goodbye;

I loved your precious mind.
Ibekwe ifeanyi c Oct 2020
He tried to breathe but couldn't
He gasped
He called for help from peers
They laughed
They called him a joker inert
He cried
If only they knew his plight
They don't
He sinking with struggle
He dropped to the deepest deep
Unseen when it's time to depart
Maybe he've gone to another side
They bluffed
The search is over he's yet unfound
They dived
To the deep in search of him
More crowd commenced the search
For hours they were without a lead
Then a diver saw a figure floating freely beneath the deep
He drowned
They came afloat but still he lay
He died
This is an ode to my little brother who drowned
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