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Jenna 6d
Darker person on the other side
What is there you have left to hide?
My echoing voice is all that replied
It seems your light has died
Leo Janowick Mar 10
I sit
  and I tried
and I
  almost died..

My mind
  was in
     such a mess...

And then
  I realized..

I could never
  write anything...

As beautiful as you.
Desire Mar 8
Help me
to obey
You more
and share
Your word
with others.
May what I say mentor to them and reveal Your many wonders.
Give them faith to trust in You as You reveal Your many truths. Transform our hearts to love all others the way love was shown by You... All
but God
his own
love for
us in this:
while we
were still
Christ died
for us.

[Romans 3:23... Romans 5:8]
JV Beaupre Mar 7
i am that Fly--
the one that Crawled across the sheet--
her last sound and Sight
and i want You to know--
its not my fault, she Would have died-- Anyway

We flies get a bad rap--
we carry Germs- never met one myself--
Across food i tippy-toe-- i only take One bite-
from that little Bite--
she would not -- could not die

But let me set the record Straight--when
she finally went still-- was i Glad--
one less Swatting and shooing-- but
its not my Fault, she would have died-- anyway.
The fly's response to the narrator in Emily Dickinson's poem, "I heard a Fly buzz - when I died"
Johnny walker Feb 23
I was left a long way
short of Heaven when Helen died, for now, I
have to travel this life alone where once we
I was left a long way
short of Heaven
because when with her
felt I was In Heaven
but now she was gone I feel
along off
I was left a long way short
of Heaven the day I laid flowers at Helen's feet as I walk away glancing over my shoulder to where she lay at that moment I felt a very long way
When Helen died I felt so far from Heaven but when she was laid In my arms I was In Heaven
This Is a poem for the
eight thousand  lives that we're lost to a cruel
benefit system that shows no mercy to the
vulnerable of our society

Set up by a government that closes It eyes to the suffering Eight thousand people that couldn't take any more money stolen from them

By degrading assessment  done by the unqualified assessors that nothing of the suffering and of the broken families they destroy eight thousand Innocent lives

Because of a so-called government sat In the Houses of parliament Prime Ministers question time like ****** school children playing up In the classroom while poor people die on the

Old people freezing In their homes because they can't afford the heating food banks staving children and eight thousand people who have died from because they had money wrongfully stolen from

By a government with blood on Its hands just hope I live long enough to see this government Toppled and pay for their crimes

My heart goes out to the eight thousand poor souls who are no longer with us shame on this government
for disgusting behaviour to It fellow human
Disgusting behaviour of this government who have allowed eight thousand of our fellow human beings to die blood on their hands
mere Jan 30
And it was you,
my love since I planted these flowers.
It is still you,
my love until now that these flowers died of thirst.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 29
black flowers and dress;
as i saw my reflection,
the water start to stir up.

as I saw my tears,
I know it's over
I know you're gone
but imagine if I can love you for so long;
imagine a world where we don't stuck in these thorns.
my friend's dad just passed away,and she's so strong, laughing, smiling, i don't know whether it's a real or a fake smile. i just wish i can be strong as her.
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