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The birds will sing again
for my sweetheart when summer comes around
the place where Helen
now dose
Its to where I'll lay my
flowers and sit and talk to her whilst listening to the birds as they sing there
loverly songs
Now winter on It's way so damp cold and miserable
not the place to be but come again the summer I will sit with her
And listen to the songbirds sing there songs for Helen cause In summer It's a pleasant place to be but for me another winter to get through
Helen always struggled In winter but come the summer she would come to life
Haylin Oct 4
2/5/09 - The day I lost my best friend (Grandpa)
7/?/12 - Moved in with dad
12/11/16 - Tried to KMS
9/16/17 - The day my dad and stepmom got married
4/3/18 - Started dating my boyfriend
6/19/18 - The day my dad gave me up and kicked me out

6/23/19 - Day my uncle died. He never gave up on me
10/3/19 - My best friend died(Grandma)
jas Sep 11
death is my neighborhood friend
she has followed me all my life
no matter the outcome of situations
death always prevailed
speaking lightly on such a subject would inflict a mere slit on the tip of the tongue
she is genuine at all times
though some may find it hard to believe I have never caught her in a lie
to be frightened is to be frail
for tears shed, hearts break, last words are spoken
actions are derailed into a different outcome
yet through all the demise, she remains vigorous
death has no boundaries
I have learned that the strenuous way
there is no difference in those related to my own blood and water
death stops at no personal obligations nor obstacles
adolescent days dare to compare to my maturity of today
death broke apart relationships of all kind
sometimes spiritually she drained me of love I could no longer bear witness to the outside world
she drained me of my close ones,
'family,' if you will
left me to anguish and mourn like a deserted soul
isolated from society, the world, love, or any such interactions were just extreme to divulge in
building up a tolerance to agony was just a challenge to her for the near future
other times she lacked me of mental termination
friendships of such were burned and buried beneath the ground
someplace called hell
for they would never return and if they sought out to intervene in my life once again death would appear and rip the soulless creatures right out of their existence with me.
I could barely bear witness on either or, nor did I want to comply but I, myself, had no say in the fate of life.
my mind, body, and soul were alternated
never will I be a carbon copy of my old self
death is my friend
she remains synonymously unpredictable
if I, myself, were to die, I would, in turn, welcome my friend.


                             , eulogy

   "Hello my dear, for I have not missed you for an abundance of time it seems you have missed me. whereas I contemplate over no comprehension other than the certainty of you needing my very presence. all of the atrocious things I have done is diseased along with the misery of atoning to every thought and situation dealt with my life on this earth. let alone the well being that I also obtained in a timely matter has now released me into a never-ending dimension"
still more i need to add, please accept this rough draft.
Mark Wanless Sep 3
the tower of when

1,000 years ago,is nothing in the
tower of when. standing on
a rock , 2 million years past
the future is present
and the present is last

i saw a child who died last night
and lived a hundred years
the peasant begging on the street is me
i'm rich i give you free
call upon the minutes and die again
the tower of when is why
say what
Johnny walker Aug 25
The sun came back today what a glorious feeling of being alive but still so
much emptiness deep
down Inside just
won't go
They say time Is a healer
but not true for me I'm blind to everything apart from Helen so much was she a
part of
I live her still every day I wake to a new morning the feeling of emptiness will not go away the beat part of me left with
Helen that
The tears I cried when I
said goodbye to Helen my sweetheart on her journey away from this
and on
to next the tears never had
a chance to dry before they'd start falling all over again falling
rain for I thought how could I live without her for so much of my life she had been the only thing In my life all I could
was to keep her dream alive
In doing so this would keep
me alive a purpose
my now empty life the day I stop writing will be the day  that I give up on
lila Jun 23
the screams still echo throughout my head
and they terrify me, the same way they did when i was a child
every once in a while i hear them again
and suddenly

i’m back in the house
haunted by ghosts of memories
my small back
pressed up against the cold door
my little hands were covering my ears
trying to drown out your venomous words

i try and forget these broken memories
and only remember the good
but how am i supposed to do that
when the worst are most vivid?

i saw the back of your head
more than the front
but now i see your face
everywhere i look
guilt shoots pain through my chest
and i’ve never hated myself more
i forgave you, i said i forgave you
i told you i forgave you
so why can’t i shake
these flashbacks of a time
when we weren’t so picture perfect

your death has left my thoughts
a tangled mess in my head
and i can’t seem to unravel the knots
no matter how hard i try

i’ve been turned to ash
to frigid water
that instead of relief
only seems to burn
because now nothing
is how it’s supposed to be

i should’ve buried these memories
the day we buried you
because there was no point in being angry
i don’t think you knew
how much you hurt me
don’t remember the pain you caused
because it wasn’t you

you were a shell of your former self
a monster fueled by toxins
running through your veins

forgiving you
has been the hardest thing i’ve had to do
but easier
than carrying the weight of a grudge
on my shoulders
i wish i had realized when you were alive

you never apologized for
everything you put me through
i thought it was because you didn’t notice
no one pays attention to the things they don’t care about
and i was positive
you didn’t care about me

forgiving you
was the hardest thing i had to do
but forgiving myself
will be much harder
Off the rails and
Into the water

The black
Those depths
Known too well
For such young lungs
Sinking to swim

Brought to the surface
By a balloon
You never saw that before

Red and love
Don't rise too high
You aren't a bird
You're a trainwreck
Dying to live
Based very loosely on a conversation I had. I guess I'm just feeling edgy today.
someguy Apr 29
Born in the dances of the night
Grew in the playful noises of light
Died and flew into the phantom blue of sky
Johnny walker Apr 24
If I'd known before of her leaving I would have wished for It to be at the of summer, so we could have the last
through together but to have been as It was In the cold of winter made your passing even
It was  followed by a beautiful summer the likes we hadn't seen In years
for that really hit
hard for Helen came to life In summer just like flowers  that bloom In spring for my
suffered so much In winter
and I regret not having that one last
to love  each other one more before we had to
say goodbye and
although life for
goes on for me I'm so lost and miss Helen so  but to be given one last
I would have sold my very soul for just one last summer together and to love Helen one last
Just to have been given one last summer with Helwn I would have given my very
soul but she died In the cold
of winter we never made
Sadly Helen died winter that last summer together
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