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Yanamari Feb 3
Curving fingers
Tear streaks
Toned words,
Tracing around
The curve of my heart

Seeping words
And the thoughts
Tracing the
Unique troughs
And crevices:
Modelling the
Sensation of


These sensations
Aren't foreign
To my mind
Even if the
Feeling is
Or isn't;
Almost tangible

I am
Stuck in place
Erian Rose Oct 2019
The moon danced on our fingertips
Clenched in our fists
If it wasn’t for this
I’d be hypnotized by your kiss
Ameed Mar 2019
Listen to the voices that you hear at night
Listen to the whispers at 3 a.m.
Listen to the words that pop up when you're alone
And most importantly believe these voices
Clench to them deeply and
Them All
The Way
© Ameed
Sam Oct 2018
Today I drove past your house,
For a moment I thought I would scream,
For a moment I thought I knocked on your door,
Just like in my dreams.

The road felt like my own veins, winding throughout my body to keep me moving, to keep me alive.
I pull over,
Turn off the engine,
Hands tense around the steering wheel.
Eyes closed, I am taken back to the midnight conversations and coffee orders and that photo of us.
Oh, that photo of us.

Suddenly, I am home.

Sitting in my driveway, the time has passed me like a summer’s love affair: quick and disappointing. My knuckles clench until they glow white.

Nothing can change how I feel,
No highway hypnosis or holistic home remedy can heal this hurt.

Today I drove past your house and

Suddenly, I’m home.
stopdoopy Feb 2019
It's two a.m. and I'm lying in bed
trying to get to sleep
trying to get to you
or maybe to things that used to be

I lie wide awake
looking into the darkness
my mind is static
blank but buzzing
with thoughts
with feelings
with memories

The window is open
my feet are sticking out
they're as cold as the tight clench of my heart at the thought of you
I cover to warm up
but the iciness remains
I had cold feet
G Rog Rogers Oct 2017

Hold your religion
tightly in your fist

Clench it often.

Kathleen M Aug 2015
Tight frayed nerves
Agitation lives in my veins
The pain in my hands keeps me awake
Begging the dark to put me at ease
Pushing consciousness away
Please make it go away
Relieve my tight skin and stifled breath
Panic clenching my lungs in its fist
Love is in the vortex water now,
While struggling
Still risen on clenched hand of dreams,
Yet Possession-
@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Clenched Dreams
Captain Trips Jul 2014
Golden strands still wafting
slowly down from the rafters
that I held you pressed
against whilst pushing
passion into minutes, maybe
time enough to see her
the goddess,
releasing her mind
embracing the sky
rhythm stretching fabric
making minutes into hours
hours in which I've watched
as she grew , like the tide
I know I've seen
time decide
in the past,
the present,
and now in her eyes
the horrible knowledge
lingers the ever doubtful
promise of lies
she sees now that I
was destined to be
the one I've left behind.
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