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exhaustion overwhelms me
when i realize
i’ve spent
the last
four years
not to love
the person
that i love
And I can barely breathe.
Words twisted in broken angles,
emotions caught in webs I can’t undo.
I try to free myself,
but I fail miserably.
And as a year passes,
I’m still all wrong,
and never right.
So please forget that I was even here.
grace 7d
when I lay awake at night,
I think of what my heart looks like
if someone were to
cut me open.
I wonder
if he would try to break it.
I wonder
if he would sit down and intently
watch me bleed.
not. He'd walk away before I took
my last breath.
Half asleep

A brush of lips

A sweet half remembered kiss

The warmth of your skin

Flesh upon flesh

The memory of a silver moon

Sweet night caress

Awake. Alone

You are gone

Long gone, years gone by

Just a memory of a brush of lips
I wrote this one just in memory of mine. That and because the guy that kissed me just called me after 4 years...
IncholPoem Jan 10
A   suitcase
  was  drinking
cold drinks
by   using  a  bio  degradable
straw  not
taking  times
200 years  to

The  human  baby  was
actually  drinking  it
inside  a  smart

That  baby   is
gene  edited    baby
who   can  drink
cold  drinks
in  one  months  also.

That  suitcase  was
following    her  mother
by   artificial  intelligence  
and  small  camera.

That  mother  was
a half  robot  and
half  human   being.
Amanda Jan 8
By now I've come to realize
You will always keep your secrets too far
Even after all these years
I still don't know who you are
Even after all this time I still don't know who you are
He was an ordinary guy who went looking for a dream after many years
of waiting one day Is dream was
He found his sweetheart
and they married and had a son for twenty years or more he lived his
Till one day his dream was taken away and he had to relive his life all over again but this guy I write about In truth Is really
And ordinary guy who went looking for a dream he found It twenty years he lived the till the dream was taken away
Ian Robinson Jan 6
Remember when you were young
And life had just begun
The world so small and fun
All that summer sun?

back when nothin got you blue
And we always had somethin to do
When we never wore our shoes?

Back when we could fight dragons
Or just pull our red wagon?

Remember when there was nothing to lose?
Real tear-jerker for me to write this, especially being so young
kyle ekay Jan 4
it has been over two years and i am proud of my growth. my main focus this year is to finish my grieving so that i may continue my life in an efficient manner.
the process of grieving is commonly known as, but not limited to:


my denial proces:
many times the easiest way to get over trauma is to repress it. i was 15 when i was ra ped. legal age of consent is 16. he was 18. i was naive, and could not imagine the man i loved doing that to me. i believed that it was an accident and neither of us knew what was right or wrong. I had assumed that because i had previously given him my body, he was able to ignore my pleads to stop this time. i blamed myself more than i blamed him, and he blamed me. i had been so infatuated with him that i had pushed away the people who cared most about me. when i told them about being ***** our bond was already so far gone that they could not feel anything more than pitty. i was terrified of losing him, so i convinced us both it was an accident. ra pe is no accident.

through denial became anger:
i became genuinely angry for the first time in my life. i was angry at him for being somebody that i had trusted and loved. angry that i had let this happen to myself. angry that i had no strength nor respect to stand up for myself. if i had told him to stop one more time he would have. i understand now that i should not have had to say no more than once. i was angry because i let myself down, but I’m more angry that i could not blame him. being angry was the easiest part of grieving. it is okay to he angry.

bargaining is a toxic healing method:
i became really good at bargaining with myself. after he was gone i had begun to understand my emotions, but i could not control them. my fear of more being taken from me fed my overcompensation. i began to give my body away, so that it could not be taken. it was an unhealthy coping mechanism. my body is not meant to be given nor taken.

depression hit hard:
i began to reflect on all of the points in my life that had lead me to this one. i became close to restarting the grieving process. i spent a long portion of the depression stage in denial. then i was angry that i had backtracked to the beginning. i had more meaningless se x that i now regret more than anything. i saw how good his life had been going and how poorly mine was. it was obvious that i needed help.

this entire passage was my process to acceptance. i reached out to my therapist. i made new friends. i stopped wallowing in self pity and i began to recover. i stopped begging to forget my flaws and began to forgive them.
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