How do I begin to tell you, you no longer have my heart.
We both know it, we've been torn apart.
It's unfair of me to stay, I can see I'm causing you pain.
It doesn't matter what you say, my minds made up I'm walking away.
The old cliche it's not you it's me.
All I ask is that you believe me one last time, for all the years that you were mine.
It's not going to work out and you are being blind.
All I can say is I'm sorry I've made up my mind.
I hope you find someone New, who will love you like I used to.
Anonymous13 Feb 28
Nobody heard me.
There's this world of drama,
I'm told to stop my drama.

I was said you're nobody,
Lies in my head,
screams of help in my head,
Did anyone understand me?
Did anyone help me?

There were scars in my mind,
I realised that I was blind,
Blind in this world...
Blind in a world of lies...

Cried in bathroom,
Cried tears of mascara,
did anyone notice it?

Sometimes I wished,
take me demons,
Then I realised,
I have to fight.

But, in the end....
last thing in my hand was...
the bloody scar.
Where will I be in two years?
Will I be dumbed down and delinquitized?
Will I be living on the edge with Dionysus and his friends?
Or will I be a scholarly, orderly student?
Will I be me, or will I fall into the clutches of some other identity?
Mary Frances Mar 2
We've been friends for ten years
and he's been loving me for nine.
I don't know what I'd call it
but I know his love is divine.

We've talked about the past and the present
to patch things up for the future
Still I wondered where we'd be
and what it is I would nurture

We've been through a lot of things,
tough times and whatever life brings
I know we're not in a hurry but there are things bothering me
If he'll leave again, where will I be?

He told me to trust him and to have faith
We still have time and he's not yet too late
Well then, I'll take the bait that we'll be just fine
After all, he's been loving me for nine.
Douglas Goins Feb 28
In two seconds.
You caught my eye.
You placed yourself in my world.
& I saw you.
Through my eyes.
& no one else's.
Your smile shined.
The way the sun & rain reflex the rainbow.
You were worth the seconds.
In two minutes.
I knew your name.
One I will never forget.
It reminded me of the stars.
On a night with the one you love.
In complete darkness.
With only the stars to show you the way.
You were worth the minutes.
In two hours.
You took me there.
Showed me the place in your heart.
Where your dreams and nightmares rest.
Trusted me.
Knowing id never hurt you.
Telling me what made you who you were.
What chapter you were in the big book called life.
You were worth the hours.
In two days.
I knew you.
From your first love.
To your first heartbreak.
What made you smile.
To what made you frown.
I felt you.
As my sunshine.
My sweet sunshine.
Warm & graceful.
A new flight.
Like Dancing.
Around & around.
Not afraid.
You were worth the days.
In two weeks.
Our lips met.
Taser pulses went through me.
Like on the fourth.
Angels clapped & played music that day.
Overwhelming the skies.
Making drops fall.
Bringing nature to life.
You were worth the weeks.
In two months.
I felt those two words.
In love.
In deep.
Deeper than were titanic sank.
Where no explorer will ever reach.
Will never discover.
So deep.
We created something rare.
Not even the book of records could contain.
I tasted what we were made of.
You were worth the months.
In two years.
You wore all white.
I wore black.
We made a promise to commit.
To stand for another.
Through thick & thin.
Better or worse.
Till death do us part.
Never moving on.
Longing to be held in traffic.
& watch the cars pass forever.
We are ahead anyways.
Where we belong.
Like the text in a book.
Or keys on a keyboard.
Or cold with snow.
& heat with sun.
Two as one.
We finished.
With two simple words.
To make it official.
You were worth the years.
Emily Miller Feb 27
Fourteen years seems
like a long time
when you haven’t lived very long.
And it is.

But more than that,
It’s a long time,
Not to tell someone that they have you.

But no,
Not own,
Like a car or a house,
Just have,
Because have means that it’s there,
But you don’t necessarily possess it.
But even though it’s just “to have”,
Fourteen years is a bit long to be so very “haved”
Without telling someone that they have you.

I know it’s not a word,
At least not in this context,
But most people can relate,
I think,
To the feeling of being haved.
The feeling of being tied,
As a Bronte once said,
From under one’s left rib,
To a similar place in another’s frame.
The feeling of knowing that if I’m ever to sacrifice myself to the eternal flames of matrimony,
It would only be for him.

And he’ll never know,
Of course,
Unless I tell him,
That he had me on the first day of school,
A new district, a new life,
Confused and concerned,
Scared of the newness,
And all of the sudden there he was,
Wearing lopsided glasses and a lopsided grin,
Perpetually wrinkled clothes from running wild,
And me,
Nose in a book,
Incapable of noticing him had it not been for that impossible, infectious laugh.

He had me,
When he grinned and offered friendship,
Something I was unfamiliar with,
And he’s had me every day since,
Even after the turmoil of childhood,
Deaths and epiphanies,
An engagement ring,
And numerous loveless nights,
He still has me.

I’ve been “haved” from the moment we met.
Haved by the way he says my name,
Haved by the dopamine that floods my veins every time he’s near,
Haved by the silliness that returns me to grade school,
Third grade,
Playground dust on the palms of my hands,
Tossing rocks to him under a mesquite tree,
And here I am,
Already a woman,
Yearning to be a mother,
A matriarch,
Something more,
Something solid,
And yet I’m still haved by him in every way but one-
I don’t have him back.
He’s haved by everyone but me.
Dedicated to anything and everyone that happens to have him at that time,
But no matter what I do,
No matter how hard I try,
I’ll never have him
As much as he has me.
Don't fall in love.

You just ended a two-year
relationship with somebody
you were practically married too.

You moved to the city
and told yourself that you'd focus
on work and fun and anything
but falling in love.

You were down to meet boys.
Hang with boys.
Kiss boys. Go on dates with boys.
Maybe date a boy.

But then, he was there.
& he had been there
for a few weeks,
and you had the inkling,
and you being you,
you had to find out,
and now, look at yourself.

You're looking at him.
You're looking at him
like he's the next five,
ten, fifteen, sixty
years of your life.

Don't do it.
Don't do it.
You are the one that knows how my heart beats from the inside.
The truest love of my life.
I won't always get it right.
I'm sure as the years pass there will be the occasional fight, a war of words.
Know I only want the best for You, no one will love you the way I do.
You are my reason for being, the light guiding me through.
I will always be here for you, as only a mother can do.

He never had this power
That satisfied himself—
'Twas difficult to compensate
In seeking what he left.

With paradise above the years,
He exhausted for an hour;
A prayer occupied his skin
And agonize no more.

Alec Feb 22
I stare out the window of my usual spot
Sitting here at jack, thinking for naught
In about two years i will have graduated.
Excluded from this world with which i have Become infatuated.

It’ll all be over.
And these are the best years of your life
What will i say i did, or learned?
How many important things will come to mind?

I sit Here alone now.
Suddenly feeling so alone
Both at school and home.
What happened to the dramatic final bow?

Will i feel This alone the rest of my life?
Will it ever change
Or will it always stay the same.
I feel Like I’ve been stabbed with a knife.

My future that I’ve looked forward to for so long
Only a trace, a taste, the rest is gone.
Time seems to move too fast.
Or maybe I’m just stuck in a trance.

16 years come and gone.
To do it all over again, my soul yearns and longs.
But i can Only admit I’ve done this to myself
My hiding away on the high up shelf.

I left When i got Attached,
Being able to stay is something I lack.
So yes i am Alone,
Both at school and at home.

But I’ve brought this upon myself
So I’ll deal with this hell in and of itself.
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