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Lisa 7d
I just wanna drink till I can't feel anything .. but then again once I wake up with a hangover I will feel  everything again... So what would be the point of temporary pain relief? I would rather something that's forever pain relief... I don't wanna be the drunk mom you hate, I I don't wanna be the auntie that comes in late , I don't wanna pass my pain on to anyone I rather just disapear, everything is temporary expect death it's a forever thing
Kinda old but i feel like this sometimes
Jon Thenes Oct 4

with more heat than light
more feast, than a violence
we found a clamour


drunk tank, we tackled
battered at one and the other
we mashed in pleasing


we dedicated
fractured time manufactured
sot saturated


misfunctional us
trussed ; brace pinned neat by the heels
whatever be, come


the floor-riding fits
upturned, revealing sickness
now observed and prone

hold hands

treated far apart
separate medical cots
in damage we bed
دema Sep 28
this mind grew tired
of feelings of helplessness,
this body cannot endure
the pain,
these hands can no longer
afford to tremble in weakness,
these lungs involuntarily
pump life into me
as these years slowly
escape from thy
inward eyes.
LC Sep 21
her hands lost their balance.
an unnoticeable tremor
pumped through her fingers.
as she waited for him to arrive,
she wondered if the time apart
made him a foreign place.

when he finally arrived,
and important tales were shared,
and his smile lit up her heart,
her hands found their balance.
he felt like a home again,
even after all these years.
Bhill Sep 16
The Tree...

How long have you been here

Thousands of years I feel

How did you get here

A little bird left me here

And you have survived all that nature could thrash you with

Yes, and I will be here for more and more, or until...?

Brian Hill - # 232
Respect Trees
Miss Daytona Sep 13
The months I’ve been chasing have passed,
I am left with a year of clarity, September’s
Spring, the tale of another promising summer,
I’ll spend chasing the bits I have lost
Among the bits of August
Left untouched and unseen.

And along comes a new year,
To our great infortunes,
It is never lost, never late
To insistently sweep me off the road
And deliver me to my fate.

Oh great, there comes my lover,
In their ever-changing image.
To break my bruised fall into
Another loveless winter.
Mary Frances Sep 13
That's the thing about having a broken heart.
When the love you felt was true and pure,
it still hurts overtime.
No matter how long time has passed,
the scar is as painful as the wound.
It's a ticking time bomb.
When triggered, you burst to tears.
Crying all the questions and regrets you have over the years.
And sometimes all you can do is breathe in deep
as there are certain pain and tears you try so hard to keep.
The minutes pass like hours
The hours like seconds
This moment is but a memory
And I am the man
Lost in eternity
When did I wake up,
And will I remember everything?
Will I gaze back longingly?
Might I forget that the minutes past like hours
And the years like a falling tear drop?
What was that feeling I had?
I recall an angst, a fear, far off
The way a smell looks so familiar sometimes
I'm lost in time
And here I am, again in reminiscence
It takes patience, or is that just an illusion?
Yet I feel so present in my past
The now is a bygone blur
Rush me again you'll see I'm dead
**** me with your clocks I'm a sleep walker
Let me shut my eyes and rest my weary head
It's been a long day... But tick tock, there's another anyway
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Melancholic miseries, yet this pleasant ecstasy
That fear far off, I don't mind this time
Here I am again, here I am again
Mark Wanless Sep 3
the tower of when

1,000 years ago,is nothing in the
tower of when. standing on
a rock , 2 million years past
the future is present
and the present is last

i saw a child who died last night
and lived a hundred years
the peasant begging on the street is me
i'm rich i give you free
call upon the minutes and die again
the tower of when is why
say what
I remember the first time I walk out with Helen oh so proud I was hand In hand we walked
to the park It was winter snow falling fast and laying
deep we sat and we stayed for while
Trees along the river banks
lined up like ghostly figures waiting to spring
the shadows so bitterly cold but we were young and didn't feel the cold at
But as I looked In Helen's beautiful eyes I knew there and then she'd be mine through
child abuse and
missed a chance to make her mine when I was much younger
Helen had gone
and married some guy In the Airforce but but he treated her bad made
ill then devorced her purely by chance after many years fate bought us
We fell love and soon after I married Helen she gifted me a son I'm so proud of him
mother two years gone now but he Is so much like his mother In every
When I first saw Helen all those years ago when she was a school girl who used
come down to my school and
tease us boys that all those years later she would become my loving
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