The sun rose and peeked through my window forcing my eyes open for the day
The dream interrupted, another of you, replays like a movie scene
I force myself up and feel the carpet under my toes, reminding me it was just a dream
Some days, you are all I think about
Other days, you don't even cross my mind
Almost two years have flown by; years I thought would take an eternity
Who are you now?
What do you do with your days you swore would be nothing without me?
I don't miss you

I'm just curious.
Crimsyy 4d

i've outgrown people
and habits
the same way you've outgrown
your favourite jumper
like, remember that time
you thought i would die for you?
did you really think my
self sacrifice would go that far?
well, you weren't wrong
it would have if i had let it
but i've outgrown you
and my habits
and this you realized the day
i walked out with your heart
in my hands and crushed it
without remorse because
everyone's always got
their jaws open,
thirsty for more
and i can no longer feel guilty
for thinking of myself
because sometimes
i get thirsty too.

- crimsyy

a/n: thankyou for reading! Please comment your thoughts on this one

Crimsyy 4d

the poet
born with ferocity
she shook the earth
and left a mark on your skin
she resonated and through
carefully constructed words,
she wept

she works
behind closed doors
lights dim and her dimmer
but like a phoenix
she will rise again
she's paid the cost
in pain and tears

welcome to the golden years.

- crimsyy

For years they pretended.
Pretending not having feelings for the other.
Years and they pretended that the spark wasn't there.

For years they pretended.
Pretending to be fine with just being friends.
Years and they pretended that they didn't crave for more.

For years they pretended.
Pretending not to care about each other's relationships.
Years and they pretended that jealousy was never there.

For years they pretended.
Pretending, but now they finally became aware.
Years and them pretending has finally came to an end.

Or so they thought,

Now they're back at pretending.
Pretending that they never became aware.

Now they're back at pretending.
Pretending, because his lover became aware.

I really thought I had you this time.
SHE Sep 24

Three years ago, we became close,
with eyes closed we kissed each other with passion.

In those three years, we were confused of our feelings,
We went our separate ways after,
But in those three years I have loved you,

you were never aware of how much I've waited.
How much I wanted to say those words,
After three years I met you again
I finally was able to tell you,
but now I'm too late.

To the guy I loved, I wish nothing but the best.

the hands of time
do tick on by
in the process years
passage quickly by

our clock's cogs
speedy of haste
there's not a spare
minute to waste

a youthful soul  
racing along
then into old age
comes a final gong

the hands of time
do tick on by
in the process years
passage quickly by

life's every moment
strikes a chime
until they reach
a conclusive prime

days on the rapid  
circuit decrease  
as momentum's lap
will so cease

the hands of time
do tick on by
in the process years
passage quickly by

Art Sep 12

Has it been that long?
Since your gray eyes first met mine?
Since I first saw your smile?
Since I first heard your laugh?
Since I felt your hair brush against my face?
Since I heard beautiful words come out of your mouth?
Since I watched them fall onto paper?
Since I last looked into your eyes?
Since I last touched your hand?
Since I last heard your voice?
Since I last saw your face?
Has it really been that long?

More or less a first draft. I've been having revelations lately that I simply have to write down.

Last night I stood atop the North tower,
And as I gazed down from the roof,
I hallucinated a Boeing hurtling,
I saw it collide and felt the impact,
Soon I saw and heard the fear.

The fear vibrated downwards,
It was a nightmare of old memories,
It was a fear of odd memories,
Of memories that I never had,
A nightmare with open eyes.

My HP Poem #1661
©Atul Kaushal

Between the stars
And the million years
Your face appears.

-- Eleanor

Mister J Aug 27

Amidst the night I walk into the streets,
The chilling wind howls from the bayside;
Pedestrians crowded with people going home,
Moonlit waters illuminated what the dark hide

I sat alone on the dockyard pier,
my mind wandering into the vast abyss;
as the waves come crashing to the beach,
so does my questions and their answers kiss

A wicked smile runs across my face,
as if something fun will nearly occur;
Then my thoughts drift onto the ocean,
vanishing with the waves as if they were lured

My life had been full of tears and cries,
Smiles were seldom, Laughs were really rare;
but they always say that Life is a big wheel,
Once you're down, then you're up, and God cares

As the cold wind continued to plague me,
A warm hand touches the back of my head;
I turned around only to see the woman I love,
The one companion He gave me, she I had wed

With a kiss she greeted my wrinkled cheeks,
her hair, grayed with age, danced with the wind;
even as her years passed by, she still looked fair,
the most valuable treasure in the world I could find

Our love never changed as our years went by,
the passion in our eyes glowed brighter than ever;
I was born to grow old with this woman beside me,
to be with her, and hold her in my arms, forever

We walked home together in that cold winter night,
holding each other's hands like our teenage years;
before we opened the doors I looked at her sincerely,
I thanked her for the love, and crushing all my fears

True love will endure all the years to come,
the fiery passion unchanged even for a thousand lifetimes;
because when God gave man the right to love a woman,
it transcends the boundaries of the very fabric of time

2nd old poem for today, probably the last. Thanks
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