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Aduain 7d
Generals and Admirals,
making the decisions
On squaddies lives and welfare
Creating the divisions
These combat explanations
The dictionary assigns
The following descriptions
Only the words benign.

A fight between armed forces,
Or, Take action to reduce;
The need for family losses?
Or more souls abuse?
Down among the soldiers
Is there anything more obtuse?
Stood by an adolescent shoulder,
Death in hands to use.

Brigadiers and Field Marshalls creed,
Battles must be won!
With no time for a private’s need
Or their families at home.
One day, with waiting over
Lovers may return,
Some that is, the others
Died in Hades, so listen, learn!

They died, and in their passing
Our freedom they allowed
Take heed, do not stop asking
Be heard and scream out loud,
To those we must make listen
To historical loud spoor
where fields of blood still glisten,
Please! Let peace endure….       Aduain
Healer 7d
I am envious of the sun as they say,
if you try to touch the sun, you'll get burned.
If only I could have turned myself into  flame,
I could have become his undone,
burning him to ashes could have been so much fun.
Years have passed however I feel his menacing fingers on my skin,
leaving an invisible yet permanent print,
my every eternal nightmare begins,
with him upon me, his pestilential breath on my skin,
makes me want to crumble six feet beneath.
I thought  it was just an effing game,
every one plays ,instead I became his victim.
Being a girl became a lifetime profanity,
every day I am enduring an untold agony,
trying to remember old me, I am losing my sanity.
Fearing every ******* touch, every intimacy.
I am trying to live in the present reality,
but my life has turned into such a fallacy.
If only I had a better sagacity,
I could have known his ******* capacity.
why? I always ask myself it is hard to face reality.
Didn't he had an ounce of apathy, as he pounced at me with his animality.
he ***** me, killed my soul with the extreme brutality
a blooming flower lost her hope and trust in humanity,
years later, nothing could fill that cavity.
Lou Vaughn Nov 13
Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, it wasn't deja vu, it was a memory of a fantasy I played out in my mind hundreds of times as a little girl, as a teenager, as a woman, finally catching up in real time - a fantasy of a man I would meet someday who would be all I could ever desire in a lover, friend, and husband.

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, standing 6' 14", I recognized him immediately as the nameless, faceless man I imagined for years and I finally felt alive! authentic! electric!

Three years ago today, the moment he walked through the door, I fell irrevocably in love and I never want to put myself back together again.
1 represents my existence on planet earth
A good 9 years of innocence childhood fire
9 more to exhibit my love to the girl who lift my heart higher
Here is 8 years to begin a new path
YOLO. Reminisce the good old days. Love unconditionally, unstoppable. Don't be afraid to start over. I was born in 1998
I may be gone,
But you are not alone,
I am there for you
Me and you.
I travel in light years,
I have supersonic ears,
My senses more alert,
I can feel the beat of your heart.
I hear you,
I see you,
I feel you.
Look for me in the clouds,moon and stars,
See me twinkle for you from afar.
When I see you in tears,
I too, rain my dear.
I may be beyond your touch,
But,I am near you as much.
War war No one likes war
The mud the rats the food is raw
The whistle will go then over the top
Through the guns through the wire
Then in to the trenches to disappear
The mud will not let all go through
Some will cry out and down they will go
Oh *** why is war so
Or will one day children play in street
Like heaven and not like today
Or will man fight on till there is no one left
A gun cracks out and down I go
Oh *** may I be the last to die this way.
Maxim Keyfman Oct 29
to be on a swing
with you together
after so much
after some time
to be on a swing
with you together
after so many
for so many years
to be with you
to be on a swing
and when it snows
when it snows
and when the sun
like a flute
to be with you
swim the world
swim the world
sail on ice
on this fire
only together
to be on a swing
only together
by lantern light

Nathalie Oct 28
She pretends she doesn’t see

The **** hiding behind his eyes

Her heart would tear

At the thought that

All these years

There has been desire

Outside their marital bed

She can feel it at times

The disconnect

And the discontent

But she has become

Quite adept

Shielding herself

In a armour she’s created

To get her through the day

She’s thought of stepping out

Drawing outside the lines

Giving in to temptation

As she …herself has been

Pulled in the swift

Current of attraction

And the desire to unleash

Her own restless energy

As years go by

There is a tiresome

Lack of passion


Brief moments of pleasure

Tone some of the melancholy

But is hardly enough

To satisfy her fully

Perhaps she does see

And she withholds the mention

Of his fantasies

In fear of revealing

Her own…

As his eyes holds the mirror

That is reflected back to her…

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