Happy anniversary.
To what you may ask?

12 years ago.

I was rapped on this day. At 7:59pm.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t remember it today. But when I looked at the time. Everything changed. All the feelings emotions and pain cam rushing back.

A baby. 7 years old.
Scared for life.

Happy anniversary.

                             With love,
‪‪Fake smiles, bloodshot eyes

a heavy heart
from a never ending war‬

‪....with myself. ‬
mental illness is so debilitating
Lora H A Apr 15
It´s cold.
Rain pouring.
Me overthinking.
Barely talking.
Why would we care?
At this point,
Everything is ripping us apart.
We need to feel,
I pour down into tears.
Wishing you can hear.
I gave you my best years.
Now, that we say things clear.
Let´s go somewhere peacefully.
And clarify once for all,
That we need to feel something,
And we don´t.
Sasha Raven Apr 13
In my heart there is a flame for your charms,
begging you, please do not do to me any harms ...
I will be waiting for you even a million years,
that is all in vain, I will bury all these hollow fears ...
After all, those of million years, I will wait much more,
even if I will have to weep, because of you so sore ...
My desire and the eternal flame for you burns,
still hoping, your cruelty - coldness into the love turns ...
I will let you go, now, into his strong, strong arms,
but be prepared for his boredom and his alarms ...
Now, just leave me to be all alone for a while,
hold his hand and please try to hide your happy smile ...
Abigail Hobbs Apr 12
I sometimes get stuck in January
when December was trying to be forgotten
As January rolls into February
and then into March,
time passes before my eyes
But my time with you
is not forgotten.
Forgive the past months, they're a part of you forever.
Beau Grey Apr 12
Time moved through me
forgetting to carry me
with her.

And I waited.

Like the businessman
at Flinders Street Station
- stagnant -
while the world passed him by,
and time moved through him,
in fast motion;
forgetting to whisper past
his cheek
and sweep the petals
from his eyes.

For he carries a garden inside,
but all gardens
need time.
Saudia R Apr 4
Today was a bit easier
I realized that I didn't cry when I thought about you

Instead I was laughing at something stupid that I did
Remembering that moment I spilt my drink everywhere
and all you said was


And even though I rushed to clean it up
you were right there beside me mopping up my mess

Laughing and commenting on my cleaning abilities

I felt bad that I made you wait
but you didn't care
cause that's just the type of guy you were

An easy smile and an open hand
ready at any moment to reach out
and help

I wish we could have helped you
I wish we saw something sooner
I wish I had the power to give you some of my years
cause Lord knows you would have used them wiser

But I know I shouldn't say that
think that
because it wont make the hurt go away

It wont bring you back
but that hope that you'll walk through the door is still there

I don't think it will ever go away
Today we did a tribute piece for Paolo, he was a dancer, and they redid some of the pieces he choreographed. It was...soothing, happy. The pain is still there, but it's not as sharp.
Amanda Mar 25
Now you have to live
With the same pain I have felt
For the last four years
I hope now you realize how bad you hurt the people around you. I didn't want to cause you pain but you got what you deserved. All those lies you told, money you stole, and fucked up things you did behind my back made me feel just as bad as you do right now
Rebecca Rose Mar 24
You were diet coke and slimming tea
You were everything I could never be
You were hallway laughter and bathroom tears
You were a way to waste my teenage years
You were an excess of bitter coffee shots
You were what made up my 4 am thoughts
You were the first stolen cigarette on my lips
You every beat that my heart skipped

And now you are none of this.
It's blurry, surprisingly.
How do I begin to tell you, you no longer have my heart.
We both know it, we've been torn apart.
It's unfair of me to stay, I can see I'm causing you pain.
It doesn't matter what you say, my minds made up I'm walking away.
The old cliche it's not you it's me.
All I ask is that you believe me one last time, for all the years that you were mine.
It's not going to work out and you are being blind.
All I can say is I'm sorry I've made up my mind.
I hope you find someone New, who will love you like I used to.
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