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So, these are my piety years,
A Christian gal lives here,
Jesus is a sweet name, my dears,
He is still in his blessing  years,
Time to stop stressing with fears,
No need for crocodile tears,
In our co-dependency years,
Faith sets us all free, you see,
True liberation for you and me........
Feedback welcome.
old willow May 13
A thousand year of times,
Southern river has since dried,
Dynasty long gone,
Worldly goods no longer remains,
Only fragmented memories of the ancient.
What was a blink of an eye,
Is a thousand-year below...
Saudia R May 12
I don't know when I started to realize the hurt

The real reason why this feels like fingers pressed against glass


So fragile this barrier dividing us
with the answers so clear

And still

as if connection never existed
we live as strangers within ourselves

and with each other

Until there comes a day

where you finally realize
the glass is a mirror

And that
the anger
the resentment
the hurt

you thought you were seeing through

you were actually seeing reflected back

That's the day you wake up
Bhill May 8
I see it from my very soul
I see a love that has been there for years
your love for me has proven to be my greatest possession
a gift surpassing all things imagined

Brian Hill - 2020 # 128
For Leslie, my greatest inspiration and love đź’•
What is your greatest possession?
Amanda May 6
It is hard to believe I am 24
Where have years all gone?
I've tried and tried to stop time
Hours continue ticking on
This short life is precious
Existence goes to waste
All the good this world offers
I have had only but a taste
I love watching every sunset
Hate what they all mean
Wish I was still young
Thinking what could've been
Always stuck in the could-haves
I cannot process a heartbreak that I have yet to begin.
Not a lover, but a friend that left my heart in two.
15 years of memories, laughs, secrets, and sleepovers.
From grade 3, yet you still found it in your heart to leave.

Do you know how it feels? Acerbic.
I just tried to show you the red flags yet he convinced you that I was one instead.
You chose a man that cares for nothing more than getting in your pants, over a friend that only wants you to be safe

Was it easy for you to give us up?
You made the decision so suddenly that the knife of numbness is still stuck in my heart.
I'm scared of what I'll feel once I try to remove it.
For now it's fear of what will happen when you're left with just him.

I look at myself and wonder if I'm a bad person for letting you stay.
Then I look at pictures of you and remember you decided to drop me.
Yet I still pose the the question "Am I the *******?"
Based off of 15 years of friendship down the drain faster than water from a sink. Also inspired by the title of the subreddit "Am I The *******"
Dez Apr 30
If this was the last day of my life
I would say I’ve wasted life
A youth am I
And yet I know death is close by
Day by day life and time walk by
They never say hi
They just let you sleep
And later reap
What you have sown
They know I am flesh and bone
And that my life is a vapor
And I am as fragile as paper
But throughout these few years
I have increased my fears
For each day I forget
That my years are set
And I might not add nor subtract
So from now on I must always act
Never fall slack
For if I do I’ll fall back
Never gain
Anything but pain
So I must forget the past
Make the present last
And with the future in mind
Work hard so I might find
A full life without wast
And win this difficult race
That I have been set to face
And win this race I have been set to face
Rose Apr 27
why plan the days?
when days aren't considered days
without you

when days are too much,
count the weeks.
a slower paced and a
happier checkpoint.
weekends are my favorite
Light years away
You can find what you’re looking for
You feel like you’re trapped
In the same routine, it’s monotonous
I know
But life has its responsibilities
And if it didn’t
How long can you hold for
Because it takes time to change things
It takes effort to do things
And it takes passion to be patient
For you’ll never know
What the future holds

Some look for happiness
Some look for love
And others wonder
What’s up there up above
The clouds hold the truth
As the sun spills its secrets
The Earth spins round and round
To keep you safe and sound
We are all walking paradoxes
Waiting for our turn to be relevant
Light years away
I hope you’ll find what you were looking for
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