Brianna 2d

I'm fixing drinks in the kitchen - it's 4 am and I am petrified about our future.
I watch you sleep while I sip the bitter taste of whiskey running down my throat.
The memories of you and I in our wild years creeps back to me while I sit on the couch contemplating life.

You wore pants too tight for comfort and I wore the best dress I owned as we drove across the country.
We laughed and listened to music from the 90's and drank cheap beer at the motels we stayed at.
We took photos at every monument we saw and always kissed each other goodnight.

My dad always said you were never going to last.
I always thought... we were going to make this work.
You always told me you loved me even after we fought.

Here we are a few years down the road, you're sleeping soundly and I think... maybe my dad was right.
Because you're the kind of guy who dreams of stability.
I'm the kind of girl still dreaming of her wild years.

chickn Aug 11

Am I the only one
who noticed that
the clock stopped?

Am I the only one
who witnessed it
start up again,
two years later?

The months are going by

The clock stopped during math class.

An excerpt from my Wattpad poetry book, Wanderlust. Read it here:
A Aug 5

Seven days ago you kissed me on my head and told me to never leave you, that I was a the sun and you were the earth

Six days ago you asked me how my day was and I shrugged and smiled and just kissed you so I didn't have to pretend everything was okay

Five days ago you brought up the argument we had last week about that girl from your work and asked if I was still mad about it

Four days ago we made love and I swear it was the most amazing thing I knew this day I could love you forever

Three days ago you texted me and told me you couldn't see me because you had plans with your boys and you haven't seen them in a while

Two days ago I saw you in the background of a mutual friends picture, you were with that girl from your work. Two days ago my heart broke

Yesterday, we fought for hours and you said "I love you" to me more than you have in the past 6 years and I couldn't believe you because how could you love someone but hurt them so bad

Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll wish I had never met you.

Brenda Mukisa Jul 28

I walked through these doors.
I just wanted to get away.
I just wanted to pass a unit at uni.
I just wanted to start afresh.

Its been three years.
I still walk through these doors.
I met good people here.
I had a lot of fun here.
I still have fun here.
I tell people about here.

3 years of growth.
3 years of loving you guys.
3 years of happiness and going places.
3 years of managing sport.
I'm glad I came
I,m glad I met you.
Now I know, home can be anywhere.

Cat Lynn Jul 26

Define for me the length of waiting

How long are you willing to wait for a person who is deeply fading?

What to you is too short? What to you is too long?

Do you fear your individual is too far gone?

Waiting is like a jail cell, where your mind is imprisoned

Time has the key, deciding how long you will stay with the life-line you were given

For 10 years I've been slamming my cold weak fist against the prison cell, praying that you would hear it

But still your back remains towards us, it would be cruel for me to throw a fit.

How can you hear us? When the lies of your authorities have deafen you?

I've been in here for 10 years, I know I may be for a little while longer

I may not ever come out at all. Still wait? Why bother?

Am I such a fool to still remain faithful to the bond that was created?

Or a wise young person to believe that the relationship never faded?

I could starve and yet survive this prison without a word from you

Because I still have the audacity to remain in hope,  the hope that someday you will come through...

You know who you are, I hope someday you read this, and know that WE will always be waiting, without any anger and bitterness. We are waiting for you
Marsha A Jul 26

Seven years later, I came back to find you, waiting.

The Writer Jul 26

This is the tale of the little girl
that never wanted to grow
She only ever wanted to play
and to frolic in the meadow

As time passed by for the little girl
and as the flowers wither and die
all the little girl's friends grew up
and began to say goodbye

Without a friend to frolic with
the girl grew to be alone
Until she noticed with a shock
that like her friends, she had also grown

No longer wanting to prolong reality
the girl- now a woman left to find
new adventures in a world she once rejected
leaving the meadow of her childhood behind

Karina Putri Jul 13

Blink in blink out
Your mind is in the crowd
Let the lights guide you out
When the traffic trapped you down

The road keep rolling
People still following
But the eyes start blinding
And your soul starving

One wish two wish
Your palm about to squish
Grass, tree, sea, and something about the breezes
Remind you something you missed

Ada Harris Jul 10

The stars demanded my attention,
Filling the sky with their flare.
I quickly gathered our family together,
to run over the hill to marvel.
My dad was more reluctant to see what
All the excitement was about.
Having stayed behind,  maybe he knew
Something I didn’t at the time.
Perhaps the worlds end, but I didn’t want
to let this moment pass by, and miss the awe.
We kept running and running towards the light.

This is in reference to a dream that I had when I was younger..
f Oct 2015

I know his body is tired  and his hair is grey with the weight of time and knowledge
but I want to ask him to stay
I want to run my hands through his hair a little longer
because he looks as innocent as his name

I want to ask him not to leave me yet
But I know he's not mine, I knew from the moment I met him that he's only here for a certain amount of time

I want to hold back the tears as I look at him in the eyes
He's too good, too kind and I know it's almost time for him to go

I hope he knows that I loved him until the very last second
until his eyes couldn't focus on a thing anymore
until the moment where his heart gave up on him
until the last beep of that damn machine

I hope he's some kind of proud
I hope he once loved me too

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