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Carlo C Gomez Apr 14
With all too
familiar moorings,

holding fast the chain
of sons and daughters,

this hiding place
isn't watertight,

life trickles in everywhere,
hopeful to the bitter end.

Ceyhun Mahi Feb 3
For once, within this fleeting world, what stays?
I miss along my side that sunny face.
It's not the longing to her love and beauty,
She's just remembered with much better days.
Kassan Jahmal Dec 2021
Give me a couple years...
I'll be living as a king;
but right now, I'm working it all out
so hard as a slave.

Give me a couple years...
to be the boss of my own;
that once worked for bosses.

Give me a couple years...
to drink to all my successes;
filled with a cup of the tears.

Give me a couple years...
for cheers of praise of my name;
made from the whispers of disbelief.

Give me a couple years...
to enjoy the hatching of all my gold;
from the eggs I didn't count before they hatched.

Give me a couple years...
to have put smiles on my family's face,
from the times it looked at me with worry.

Give me a couple years...
to not boast of what I made;
but appreciate all that I earned.

In a couple years...
I'll be every dream I always had,
living them all wide awake.

                   I only need a couple years...
To the new year and those ahead...🍷
Anna Oct 2021
Another day.
Another week.
Another month.
Another year.
I fear the speed of time.
I fear that as the days blur into weeks, and the weeks blur into months and the months into years… that I will lose all knowledge of who I am, and why I am here.
Time doesn’t stop.
Time doesn’t slow.
It just continues on.
Time continues on with no care.
Time doesn’t see who it hurts and who it leaves behind.
Time just simply fades from days,
to weeks,
to months,
and to years.
I fear Time, but not because of its power, no, but because of its speed, and it’s carelessness.
Everything that Time touches withers away.
Every movement it makes is reckless.
Time is not graceful.
Time is not kind.
Time is a vengeful, and angry God.
Time does not care or love.
Time continues on.
I fear that before I know it, Time will take me.
Can you here the ticking of the clock?
Can you feel the breeze as Time rushes past you, pushing you further away from what you once knew?
Days turn into weeks.
Weeks into months,
And months into years.
This is everything I fear.
Andrew Oct 2021
can you imagine

growing old?
to see - to smell
the flowers grow

year after year?

to have your love
in such a smile,
and hold it so close

year after year?

to see the wrinkles
snuggle into a blanket called
our skin, yet - we don’t mind -
as year after year

we grow like the flowers -
and I will have no fear for age nor death nor worry
for I will know - I have lived, and I have lived

with you
Raven Feels Sep 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a happy is a happy?

a second at a second
eyes knew something of a golden weapon
a minute at a minute
a sunrise's glitch before you know it
an hour at an hour
dinner a feast desert sour
a day at a day
one sunny one rainy all different says
a week at a week
Mondays lazy Fridays a smiley cheak
a month at a month
nothing permanent each a season at once
a year at a year
every beginning to the ending you near
a glance at a glance
still dont know the hallways of a billion stance

Sharon Talbot Sep 2021
I woke up on your sixtieth birthday
And realized I’ve been with you
For half your life!
Yet to me it seems sometimes
No more than the blink of an eye,
No more surprising than a sigh.
Yet then, I think of the joy
The kindness and love
You have given me as naturally
As you might breathe.
Then the aching passion that began
Long ago, now burnished with time
Still burns like the fire inside a jewel!
And each day seems like a hundred years
In which I hold you even when you aren’t near.
I would wish for another half of all you are,
But then I realize, that would never
Be enough.
To my husband.
Shea Sep 2021
I wanted you
To love
To care for
To show you
How it felt.
I wanted to feel it with you.
And as I stare at everyone else,
I remember you.
Spent too much time figuring out
What I did wrong,
I forgot to move on.
There's 365 days out of the year and we multiply,
Multiply 365 by your age and you'll know how many days you've lived, you've survived, the time we spent through good and bad all our memories begin to surface our minds.
365 days makes 8,030 days I've walked this earth,
Don't waste your time, for time is precious,
make every day worth it like it's your last,
because tomorrow comes and it may not
be promised.
Age don't matter, but the actions we take does, so make it count and really do, "make it count"....
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