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v Apr 2020
One step after the other following each one attached by barb wire. Keys in hand, heavy weight weighing down my *******. One cold metal touch right in the cusp of my hand. The keys
jingle jangle, jingle jangle, jingle jangle scraping the sheer layer of my skin. Hair viciously being pulled back by the wind... pulling and tugging never stopping when I say no. Truth be told he only stops until I fold.
Hold my hand.
To a frozen touch.
Day 4?
Coleen Mzarriz May 2020
It was a swift, shimmering thought — in my core, I felt
I was a dreamer — yet to be forgotten,
but a memorial to the ones
who knew where my heart lives.

It was a grim swallowing thought — in my head that pokes out
the senses and the words — I perceived,
I was a doubter—
to be neglected,
a remembrance no one
seizes on to.

The quick brilliance of the sun — made way to the Dreamer and the Doubter,
they smashed like an outburst;
Their natures drawn the clumps together — they won't be able to escape.

It was a collision of something — a fragment they couldn't endure;
it was both the 'hope'
the impulse to start again.

It was like a chant,
near to its precise tranquility;
They both understood,
they have to force
what's within
and what's not seen.

They were once
a Doubter,
a Dreamer
a song couldn't be finished — then an abrupt blast
of thoughts swirling,
it was a collision of stars
they saw,
they could overcome.
It was a dream to be able to write a book, yet this little demon inside us—a hindrance playing a big part in our lives, that stops us from dreaming—from fulfilling.
Ash Mar 2020
Sealed letters are hard to tear open
They will never be as perfect as they were before they were broken
The contents will never be revealed without crinkle or mar
Only by rough edges is how we become who we are
The only way to reach gifts unknown is to tear the seal little by little
Is that supposed to be metaphorical?
real love is not known till one suffers real pain
If it does then i don't want it and i'd like to leave the contents unnamed.
Eldon Wangdee Aug 2019
Everybody sees is you
And I’m the one who out of fit,
Crowded howls for your attention
I’m the one waiting for you,
Now I am standing on the edge of your spotlight,
Flashes and your designed smile
Is weakling over my heart ,
There’s a chance I might disappear,
Will you look for me,will you miss me
Like the cherry blossoms misses spring,
Like stars misses dark sky,
Like winter misses snow,
like soul misses a soul ,
or you would live like perfect fiction movie.
Neroxes Zephyrus May 2019
In the time of darkness,
The light remains.
Perhaps a flicker,
Almost in vain.
The hope it still gives,
The path it shows;
Even on the dawn of new eve,
Where the world nearly froze.
Neither can survive,
While the other dies.
The double-edged sword lives,
Thrives in deceit and lies;
But no one can stop
As the worlds collide.
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
Bullet Apr 2019
Blueberry eyes baby
I'm swimming in the Fiji
With money in the iris
Making these blue and greens collide
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
Within the
Matter of time
Don't know
One collides
From the parallel world
No easy way out

It's okay !
But a life of
A pulsatile heart
Never beats
The same
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: OSLA=One Sided Love Affair || The Parallel Lines
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