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Nolan P Aug 1
Moods thrash.
Thoughts tumble.
Memories seep in
And collide.
The only way
To keep going
In between the static
And silence
Is to close
Those doors
That once
Were so promising.
And to start experiencing
Less heartache
And have
More collisions
Other galaxies.
In the time of darkness,
The light remains.
Perhaps a flicker,
Almost in vain.
The hope it still gives,
The path it shows;
Even on the dawn of new eve,
Where the world nearly froze.
Neither can survive,
While the other dies.
The double-edged sword lives,
Thrives in deceit and lies;
But no one can stop
As the worlds collide.
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise
Bullet Apr 10
Blueberry eyes baby
I'm swimming in the Fiji
With money in the iris
Making these blue and greens collide
Within the
Matter of time
Don't know
One collides
From the parallel world
No easy way out

It's okay !
But a life of
A pulsatile heart
Never beats
The same
Genre: Dark Abstract
Theme: OSLA=One Sided Love Affair || The Parallel Lines
In the realm of my mind
Fears and grieves they collide
Within a deafening storm

Never have I faced an eath demon
The faces that come alive
The roads that go burn in fire
The curses that never come to an end

I get collapsed when the shards hit the hearts
When the nights turn their back on the wars
When lonesome minds are burnt to death
I'm ****** off, in memory of a lost cause
In death of my mind...
Obscrea Dec 2018
They crashed and collided
Like the stars of a universe
Destructive, yet beautiful.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Milky Way collides
With Andromeda; the result?
Wait, four billion years!
Brynn S Nov 2018
Breathes of the room
Each silent creek
Warning the chambers
Footsteps of stealth
Inside the mind
Exhale the darkness
Breathe in new light
Fallen to none
The planets collide
Each star a signal
Lasting comfort inside
Beating heads
Racing hearts
It hurts so bad
But I want more
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