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Just inches below the ground
but must be behind the sight
sow the seed for a tree in return.

Deepening down the bottom of the sea
nor lying on the ground dropping off the sky
merely dipping into some foots long body  
the soul springs a life.

Take it on the run then should the sky
or earth bends giving a flatten lid.
Even then can it prevent
the soul when rebounds with a life indeed?

An inside scoop, a math, never surfaces
neither in sky nor on Earth, a measured deep,  
always behind the eyes but life maker indeed.
Zywa Jul 26
Don't ask 'How are you?'

if you really want to know --

Behaviour tells you.
"Hoog en laag springen - Faxen aan Ger #4" ("Like it or not - Faxing Ger #4", 2021, Nicolien Mizee)

Collection "Out of place"
Tran Thuy Anh Apr 2021
Today, hunger is staring at me gauntly.
Always at my elbow as I cradle my daughter closer.
Standing by my bedside when I wake up hollow.
Tapping on my shoulder while I pray on crooked knees

Today, hunger is staring at me gauntly.
Hunger that shakes each breath from my body.
Hunger that conceives what was once inconceivable.
Hunger that stops the movement of life.

Today, hunger is staring at me gauntly.
Teeth aching from root and bark, I swallow my saliva,
stretch out my arms, and vow someday
to end this hunger of mine.
Tran Thuy Anh Jul 19
a palette of blue and white
swirls around the drain
while the reflection of us blurs in the mirror
you sit with your back turned
out of shame or modesty?
for my comfort?
or yours?
i wash your delicate white hair
trying not to lose any strands to the stream
and stare at how your spine
protrudes through skin
how the muscles in your back
expand and contract so slowly
as your lungs search for oxygen
you close your eyes and enjoy the warmth
while tears form in mine
for how time eludes us
for how the past becomes the future
for how fragile you feel beneath my fingers
you might break, any minute now
or maybe it is i
who will break first.
Elena Jul 18
Drained tears on your face
Will remain unseen
Their story unheard
Throat closed
And then
Everyone will go on with their work
Even you and your shattered body
Listen to that mind of ours
Darkest part of your soul
My toes are numb
And I can't breathe through my nose
And I can't wait to get home
And crawl under my grandma's quilt
And feel your skin against mine
Warming me up from the inside

You walk your fingers along the peaks and valleys of my frame
And inside my brain
I am pouring like water from a glass that you tip to your lips
If you're going to drink me in then I only hope
That you will love my body in all the ways I've never been able to

Worship where I've condemned
Hold what I have rejected
Kiss where I have cut
Heal where I have bruised
Be a friend to the thing I named my enemy
This thing I live in, yet keep separate from me
a journal entry
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