Don’t care who it hurts or not
Not coming from a feeling
Feeling nothing actually
Actually apathy
Apathy now I can’t feel
Feel this emptiness
Emptiness but full
Full of the imminent
Imminent end
End this life
Life so hollow
Hollow feelings, gone
Gone like dust in the wind
Wind me away
Away from the living
Living a lie
Lie to them
Them who I want to help
Help me now
Now how about that
That fucking circle
Circle in my head
Head in under water
Water gagging gasping grasping
Grasping at some reason
Reason to love
Love is gone
Gone like my will
Will I do it it
It the biggest sin
Sin to the end
End it all
All of me
Me what’s the point
Point out the reasons not to
To do the deed
Deed to this body
Body vessel borrowed
Borrowed feelings and time
Time to choose
Choose to live or die
Die every day
Day and night day and night
Night in my heart
Heart turned numb
Numb to you
You to me
Me caught in this forever
Forever asleep life
Life pales in comparison
Comparison to living the dream
Dream now and
Unknown 1d
I need my body to be free
I don't mean it to die
I need my hands to be free
I don't mean you to tie
I need my legs to be free
I don't mean to lay wide
I need my head to be free
I don't mean it to lie
I need my mind to be free
I don't mean it to bid bye
What I need is what I mean
So please do mean it
if you need it
Most often what we need is not taken as what we mean
A lonely boy looked up to the sky
With teary eyes about to cry
While standing still at one place
Tears started streaming down his face

He slowly started to fall apart
His body was trembling and it broke my heart
His hands were trapped in a golden chain
I just wanted to erase his pain

I kissed his face and kissed his hair
I kissed his clothes he liked to wear
His cheeks, his chest, his hands and lips
And even his fingers and fingertips

He closed his eyes and started to smile
And stretched out his arms after a while
Even at this dark and hopeless day
I was able to wash his pain away
Emma 2d
This body will never be beautifully at rest

I will always have to suck in my stomach to appear graceful
I will always have to lift my chin to slim my jawline
I will always force my collarbones forward
I will always lift my elbows to keep my arms from splaying against my body
I will always push my hips back to have that coveted thigh gap
I will always wear heels to define my calves
I will always cover my skin in paint and color
I will always force my hair to lay sweetly covering parts of my face
I will always cover the scars I gave myself trying to be beautiful
I will always
I will always
I will always

I will never be at rest.
i can't remember when mirrors became a thing to fear;
something to avoid.

i can't remember when food became the enemy;
something to hate.

i can't remember when makeup became a mask;
something to be required.

i can't remember when my body became a bad thing;
or something to be ashamed of.
Let me apologize, to begin with because of my body type.
I will NEVER be good enough for anyone to date due to current 'hype.'
You know, the battle of 'bones' vs curves?
Just let me inflate myself to the  right number so I can properly serve
As the perfect specimen for your delicate eyes.
Obviously no one is good enough unless they've got decent thighs.

But just wait a god damn minute, because here I am again:
So let me apologize, to begin with, if I offend
You or your friends who think they're too good
To date someone size zero with some extra love under the hood.
How many times have I heard you exclaim in disgust
Of how large she is and how you'd drown in her,
If you even got near her? I saw you shaking in fear.
From your head to your toes, you were trembling dear.

See I'm told to eat less and maybe, just maybe
But if I was skinny, and let's tell the truth,
You'd be so disgusted by my looks .

I could eat a salad and still gain a pound ,
She could eat a salad and the crunch is the only sound
You hear a mile away and yet you would assume
That burgers and French fries is all that she consumed.
Do you ever stop to think, ladies and gents?
The true beauty of someone isn't based on the number on their pants.

So, let me apologize, to begin with,
If I bruise your massive ego,
But the way to tell if she's the perfect woman is not by your ego.
I’ve always been insecure about my size and how I look. I still am ...  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love myself .. but I’m trying to. It takes a lot of self love, confidence and courage to stand up to someone who calls you out.
Haleigh 4d
when you're born a girl.
But don't feel like one.
When you are forced to go swimming and expose your body.
The one that causes all the pain and dysphoria.
Oh how much it sucks having boys staring at your boobs.
When you want to be one of them.
Get to know her naked mind.
Not her naked body.

                        With love,
oh the perverse desire
to tear off my skin
to slice my tender flesh
to carve and chop

oh to feel the cool air against my bones
to be fully exposed
to be grotesque and unlovely

oh to rip my chest open
to be
unrestrained by bodily borders and
finally free

oh sweet freedom!
see me as i am;
vile and dying, in constant pain
a broken slice of hell

i wrote this a long time ago but i was going through old journals and found it. i feel better now, but this desire haunted me for months.
Bryce 6d
I think, therefore I may be.

Maybe I think too much to be free

But the walls close faster than a revolving door
Where no man will etch my name in precious floor

Lost to the inevitable human trace
A dream actuated to another time and place

My eternal atomic informative electrostatic attraction
Bounces my life across the pulsars
in altercation
And ionizes my dreams within
this distant universe,
To return to dream and inert

Inani, Intelli, Invinci,

Omni, Alli, Tectoni,

Read the pages on the stone
Sing the whispers in the growth
The dance of time, the hand of space
the love of design, a perfect trace

Sing sing.
as loud as you can
Do not get lost in the yaup of man.

There is a special soul inside of you.
It's the trees, the bees, the seas and due

Time will come for us to know
The world will task our souls for new growth

And when our time should come to pass
I let myself dance in Dodecahedral sky

And let my atoms shine

For new eyes.
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