Your body shows the path that leads to insanity
Your smile tells why my heart belongs to you
Every single kiss
Every single touch
On your body
Awakens a volcano in me
Your boobs on my chest
My hands holding your butt cheek and thigh
“Go a little bit faster”
You whisper
I surrender to your voice
You control me with that voice
I follow your command
I’m a slave to your body
It speaks a language I can understand

the dead silence of the room
harbors the least alive person ever known.
no light slips in,
and no natural breaths are heard.
it seems that the brain is overactive
but the heart doesn't beat.
this is an unusual case
that's seen far too often.
the body is still
yet the eyes linger on a few objects.
what a tragic case.

originally written 6/8/16
Ski 1d

I give up the crown I've been wearing
Shifting my chin up high though it's a bit light
Spreading my hands wide just to cover sight

I rather be a tree rather than a Queen tonight
Swaying my wings through the wind quietly
Dancing with the darkness in the pale moonlight

I picture myself swimming across the sea
Got full of my own tears as a company
Serving those eyes a show as you can see

Should've sent this one as well yesterday but still got no mood so here it is. Have a blissful one ahead, blessed souls.

I've got to hand it to you,
the curvature of your palms
are so impeccable,
that they easily slip into
the palm of another,
with skin smooth or roughed
by work, and yet even those fingertips,
slender, stubby, even some missing or bent,
can delicately intertwine
as if all gestures could be made together
and your skin and fingerprints could merge
with each touch like a puzzle piece
offered in twos,
designed to craft and to hold on

Original prompt said to write about a body part so I chose hands. Let this poem lighten up the place since I'm spamming my feed rn.
xxSarahxx 1d

Let them be, walk around, be noisy
I lie here on the couch
People talk about school & life
My eyes are heavy, my body is aching
I try to relax in the stressful mind

You lie next to me
An arm around my weak body
My safe place, covered up safely
Everyone is going on, so is time
We stand still & I feel loved for a momentum
In your arms

You motivate me, let me see things from a different perspective, when I am too down to see anything but darkness.

Fibro and You
Dr zik 2d

Some body find You in a dew
Some body wander about into the woods
Men are wandering
Here and there in search of You
I am too in search of You
But the track and style is varied.
They go far, beyond themselves.
I feel and dive inward myself.
So I found You in my heart
They remain wandered about.
And I feel pleasure in my solitude

I am much more than this body.
I'm a temple, I'm a soul, I'm a mind.
Sometimes I'm a movie stuck on rewind.
Reminiscing and replaying,
All the times I was decaying.
I am much more than this body,
That will fade with time,
Nothing lasts forever,
Not even this rhyme.

Written on 1/26/16

Ghost or shell
Be sure it's all me
Raising hell

Go see the movie: Ghost in the shell
Mara W Kayh Apr 16

And today
Let us remember
That of all the illusions
Death is the deepest

This is almost a repost of an earlier shorter version which simply read "Of All the illusions, death is the deepest" . Today, to celebrate Easter, this is what I have to say :)

It has arrived at last
where my heart is never wandering
of the time another heart beats
It is not functioning yet pumping

The neurons in my brain
they never electrify anymore
It was too felt: the pain
The stigma now invisible

Air is now only drawn for
a pair of lungs that are mine
breathing for less not more
The O2 was unassigned

Goodbye Ken. It is finally time for me to let you go.
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