Biz 1h
I can’t hold up my body anymore. It has been melting down my spine since its existence and now I can’t keep up.

My eyes won’t reach the ground. They stay elevated, as if unable to acknowledge what lies melted on the earth. As if doing so would take away their sight. As if doing so, would mean that the pain isn’t real.

I would never ask you to stare at my feet. You’d miss everything. You wouldn’t be able to greet people who walk past like you do, or see how beautiful the world can be. You would be trapped. Your eyes would be scarred. They wouldn’t be the color brown that I love— they would be strained with something I fear.

I didn’t know that what I was doing wasn’t healing. But how should I have known, with a soul so tender she can be broken with one breath out of place. So I hold my breath. Promising her I won’t break and all the while knowing that it’s a promise I can’t keep.

So I watch my body melt. Melt with broken promises and a failure to recognize the support it craves. Because it wants to pretend it’s filled with steel when really, it’s hollow.

You want to hold my body up with your hands. Your weight, you say, is strong enough. You promise to fill my hollow walls.

But you’re not the first, and that’s something you have to know. Many have taken their hands and tried to push my soul back together. Fill my walls. But not one has been structurally sound. Who gave you permission to surpass them? Who gave you the strength not to leave?
Wyatt 16h
Happiness can be like
the flavor in the food.
So much can taste so great
but some things are flavored

It’s not good for us,
but we play tricks
on our bodies and minds
so we won’t lose it.

This food tastes
bitter to me now,
but I can’t spit it out.

Tiffany 23h
I feel like I’m suffocating
It’s like I’m stuck in a broken body
The pains unbearable
But nothing can be done
So I’ll just stay stuck in this body
Loved Up

I need no eyes to see your beauty.
I need no nose to smell your scent.
For I already know your body,
As it is pictured inside my head.

You smelt so good the first time we met
To look at you is to view a Goddess.
I willingly worship your body for it is Heaven sent.
I shall never forget your loving caress.

Your face is branded on my heart
And my soul is in your hands.
My woman I may not be there with you now,
But you are with me, always on my mind.

You quench my thirst for lust, I fill you up
And I shall always remember your touch.
Your kiss is bliss, your breasts are the best
And my thoughts towards you I could never confess.
For blue they would be
And green with envy would be the priest,
If I told him what I thought and what you let me feel.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I lay under the sheets,
Undressed and yearning,
Famished and waiting,
For a taste of ambrosia.

Knock knock knock!
Come now and come in,
Embrace your desire,
And ravish my senses.

Don’t tease me,
I am at my peak,
Mortally enraptured,
By my physical form.

Come lay beside me,
Put your hands on me,
Take me whole,
I surrender in flesh.

Caress my breasts,
Moisten my urges down,
Hold me tight,
And feel me now.

Hold me down now,
Watch me sizzle,
With fierce intensity,
Burn my passion out.

I need your body,
When mine takes over,
Come in and take it all,
Out ; when I simmer down.

Come again when I desire,
Hear my carnal call,
I want you in me,
A taste of ecstasy.

I lay here now,
Bare on the bed,
Ceased by desire,
Free me now.

Restless feet bother,
Kiss them and in between,
Soften the bridges,
So you may pass.

Forward and backward,
All leads to ecstasy,
Touch me whole,
Touch me now .
Experimenting with erotica;)
My sunshine is a picture of what I have seen so often before
In the rising dark and in the headiness of early morning,
Its corporeal fragrance and freshness of air
The heaviness of a limb, reluctant;
And Eyelids,
Sticky with the dreams of forgotten things,
Meet their partner of bone.
Face-ache a reminder of the skeleton,
A beauty beyond the skin;
My defaced leather upholstery.
i long for the body i used to have.
strong and fierce.

obsessing over my weight
and the food i consume
comes far too easily.

can't be mentally stable and healthy,
can't be happy and healthy.

no solution.
that Se function in INFJs though... OBSESSIVE.
I remember how you felt,
pressed tight against me.
Body to body,
I could feel your heat and
we moved
through the night.
We danced
and swayed,
and hoped the night
would stay.
You stroked my too big arms,
and caressed my too gaunt face
and kissed my too thin lips.

Together, we danced for too long.
But now those times are too far gone.
Gemma 5d
He's rubbing me
through my clothes
something wonderful but unfamiliar
does it so very well but I can't let him know
Because it will blow the atmospheric fear of being bad at this sort of play
He'll soon find out however as I'm gonna overload
all over his face.
anna 6d
the freckles on my skin
are constellations
waiting to be explored
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