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Kinsey 11h
All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
To be pretty and normal like them.
To be the cheerleader
To not be the freak.

All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
A figure like my mom and sisters
To be long tall and desirable.
To not be like me.

all I ever wanted was that hour glass
But nature wasn’t kind to me.
A cups, a skinny waste and a round fat behind.
Are what I got instead.

All I wanted was an hour glass.
Not just 90 pound of low self esteem
And a round fat ***.
It’s not often we come across,
A larger model placed upon Cosmopolitan cover.
An international magazine that are known for breaking the boundaries,
A magazine for women of all different sizes and colour,
The first magazine to outlet and break the stigma
Stories of unmarried women not only having ***, but also enjoying it

Their articles discusses the reality of women’s sexuality
Behavior, ****** encounters, health, and beauty
Their continuity to highlight body positivity,
With ranging from all types of sizes,
Promoting **** lingerie and swim suites,

A world of beauty and trends,
A platform to embrace all cultural backgrounds
A magazine which isn’t based on one particular kind of style,
Articles based on overcoming anxiety and regular exercise,
Encouraging women to endure their identity
Aimed for all different ages and disability,

Yet their heavily pointed at by society,
Told their promoting obesity,
Down with the plus sizes they say,
Vocalizing their disbelief,
I don’t want my daughter or girlfriend to look this way,

Unless they look like Kim Kardashian then that’s ok
Conflicted by a standard of beauty,
How Plus size models are perceived by the media,
Victimized by the size of their thighs and belly,
Told their appearance is inflicting bad habits,

Yet most billboards are promoting alcohol,
Yet most television adverts are selling fast food,
Most magazines are selling us an illusion of a 'Happy free life'
Articles on how you can get your life together in two minutes
A belief of how diets can lose weight in only 6 days!
Get rid of those dark circles and wrinkles using this cream!
How can we not forget the articles which sell us the fairytale wedding?
A life with no regrets is constantly forced down our necks
Yet we go along with it all,
We don’t pick holes and threaten

Models with ******* addictions,
Athletes who regularly use steroids,
Politicians who lie and betray,
Articles on celebrity’s downfalls and break-ups,
Wide-spread covers of the perfect toned body
Pornographic images of ***** and fannies,
Yet we point our finger at Cosmopolitan,
Rather than seeing a beautiful women on the front cover
cait-cait 16h
i pull down my pants,
and then i pull down my skin,

and it seems as though there has been blood stains
since forever,

so when i look down and greet each thigh,
i have begun to greet the floor
as well...

in thinking that they would laugh, when
i trim myself in the mirror,
make cutting motions and
to slice open my skin and everyone else
who says i am
not worth it

but my curves are warm when they hug me,
and i think
i see a girl hiding
between their folds, in the dark...
but in her own body.

so when people look at me, i've learned now
to cower,
to put away my teeth, my hair,
my words of indignation,
turn into that tiny girl, where
i'm always safe, always small...
always alone.

where i am crucified, but loved,
hungry, but not wanting,  

but only for now.
my mom has always told me the story of two babies named love and wrestling... i am so so so proud of this poem
Our natural ways of thinking
Might be why were sinking
Challenge your mind body and soul
There is an end goal

Reach this place and see its beauty in a mirage
To stumble across its not that hard
The gentle greetings from the others
From another place but still our brothers
Open to comments
i question why
the lonesome cries rely on lies embedded in the "SELF" to survive
moments where I'm barely getting by
gazing at a sky
waiting for a reply to give my life some stimuli
it all seems fine

reflecting on memories when I rewind

nevermind, I'll never mind either times I felt like dying

in my mind so I unbind all connections that don't meet eye to eye

where do I find a place that doesn't remind me of **** that I denied
i was blind

concluded that I was combined

the body/mind

I cannot deny the experiences that were opposite of divine


tell me why I'm FREE

yet so confined

do I awake the second I die?

or must I prepare a permanent goodbye?
I don’t even know what you saying,
Speech like phrase’
Fear is our biggest enemy nothin’ holds any meaning’
I am reminiscing our memories we spent together in a dream.
Where is nature’ when it dies, who buried it.
Who will throw away its ashes.
I wish life could be forever without another life,
Every one says the right thing’
No one is ever wrong.
Why should I care,
When life is unfair’ I couldn’t hate death for am powerless.
You have no enemies, Am telling you’
you have none.
Life is a drama, full of miracles and mysteries.
I can’t hear you’ gimme time
Rowan 1d
Breakneck words, racing around,
trouncing across the wooded tops
of long dead, roughened boughs.
Tongue deadened, heavyweight champion
without leagues to move around: breath famine;
the time of a hare loping down the barren barrow.
Sought out lungs, captivating oxygen in a symphony of
sanctioned Guantanamo iron poles.
Tense, rippling knuckles, wound round,
round the starlight of Betelgeuse
six hundred and forty two point  five light years
“Away with you” patches the scabs and root bitten nails
of some lost keratin; peace—nought found.
Await the rush of overbearing insinuations
claiming now a dead solicitation.
Learning hath been done
and redone, a series of embittered eyes
collecting up images that retain singularity status.
One talk, one Breath,
It’s all bout
to change to—
something better than
the jacked up prices on petrol station boards and the lips will
no longer book it past the mind’s inconsistency, bereft of known speak.
A challenge for not the sake of self: saké drank: but for the
peace under the left breast.
Can't think of anything to compare to being In love
when you know that someone so special Is yours because you've won
her heart body and
The very first time ever you sleep with her, but she not
gone In the morning she still there so you're turn
Into her put your arm around
And to snuggle Into the beautiful warmth of her shapely body your own body fitting like a glove
to the lovely curves of
her charms smooth of
the skin you feel
the firmness of her breast cupped In your hand, ******* that harden at the touch of your fingers
you so happy to lay
and share her dreams so blissful you fall to sleep safe wrapped In the body of you're
Nothing compares to finding love first time you know you really love her
"why are you so insecure?" repeat. repeat. repeat.
why wouldn't I be?
do you know the ache of being me?
I never learned how to love myself, and I've never really seen anything to love
It is only me. it's impossible to feel confident when you hate every inch of your body
to be trapped in my mind, is like being publicly criticized just like
Your worst dream, but every night
my disgusting body, the life I keep trying to find
and then ask again.
why are you so insecure?
This is no disguise
Try and see through these aching eyes
Please love yourself. I know it can be hard.
you pull the strings of my heart until they break

as if cutting the strings to a guitar,
the metal snapping back and cutting your finger

how much longer until you break my neck and body too ?
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