Unlike a woman, a flame needs no limbs to dance
She is a wonder -
Her dress and lips, a kiss of vermilion
Her hair, a corona of marigold
Her eyes, a vast sky of freedom
You can't help but to be captivated by her dance
A flurry of flames, each step adds to a maelstrom
There's something so bewitching about her tender light
In place of fear, there is hope
In place of being lost, she leads you further
  Many a man have tried to capture her, in an effort to
dull her light and steal her warmth
make it their own but
not you.
You understand that a flame such as hers needs to
fanned so her
glory will leave all ablaze

For the absence of weakness is the greatest affection
as the zephyrs you send to her fire.
Your sweet love will snuff the small
and embrace the tender and tremendous.

Love will find a way
Steve 1d

Get down on your knees and pray
(you know how it works)
And beg me to make it go away.

Don't ask why I made it so
(no one knows how it works)
That's a mystery you don't  need to know.

I'm the creator of everything
(I know how it works)
From a deadly virus to a spider's sting

Strange to think while you're on your knees
(Do you know how it works?)
I'm the creator of all disease

I made you and I love you true
(you know how it works)
And the rules say you must love me too

Because there's this place I call hell
(and do you know how that works?)
By the way I made hell as well

Well if you don't do just as I say
Then for eternity I send you away
(that's how it works)

Not for a while or until you learn
But forever and forever you burn
(hmm, is that how it works?)

They're the rules, I made them too
(this is how it works)
So I hope you know now what to do.

Josh 1d

I used to disagree
With Frost
I believed that ice would be our end
But you have kindled me
Heap of ashes that i am
And now. I know
Because I feel desire
That my world will end
In fire
Because my world ends
With you.

Shanath 3d


You can have my whole heart and devour it
but not squeeze out a drop of blood.

You will drown in a thirst
as you try to water me.


I am not meant to fall in love
I am meant to divide my soul

Among the satans of the world
And turn fire into cosmos.

I am lost
But I will find my way.

Mountains of the end
Little griefs beyond this world
Dreaming of summer

Approve of a wish
Playful jest through sands of time
Shadows of fire

Army moves smoothly
Happy thoughts ere farewell voiced
Bells jingle swiftly

Some random haikus that I wrote in my notebook. Just words off the top of my head.
Josh 6d

I would look even if it burns my eyes. Unlike the sun, you can grow brighter. You are smouldering coals. But darling, some day you'll be a blazing fire. And I've always wanted a funeral pyre.

From pain comes growth
and brings beauty in the end

From fire comes regrowth
And blossoms are beautiful

You say women choose
Men can only inquire
But if you stand to lose
That which you desire
Beware the ardent ruse
And show her truest fire
She could be your muse
Do not spark her ire!

"He who wants the rose must respect the thorn"
Persian Proverb
alyssa tombs Jul 17

you've got fire on your hands
and embers burn on my skin
from your hot touch

alyssa tombs Jul 17

you are beautiful; not in protruding collarbones and sparkling eyes but in a way that screams of self-expression and acceptance. you are beautiful in the way that leaves scars and burns from your dagger-like teeth and the fire that spills between them. your own heart has been marred so many times that damaged tissue has flowered over and hidden it away. ribs hug tightly to it in an effort to protect but are unaware that your lungs are being squeezed squeezed squeezed in the process, and you're left gasping for air.

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