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Fire, Water and Air the main elements of earth
I told him that he is my world
He is the soil where I planted my love and
I hoped he would Water the garden I made for him
He is the Fire that keeps me warm to the core and
It only got warmer when he touched me
I prayed to the Lord to never take my love for then
The Air that I breathe would be taken away from me
Sam 18h
First California
Next the whole world
The fires grow stronger and stronger
Every single day
Fueling us with as much fear
As we have fueled the fire with oxygen
The world is rottin anyway
Maybe it’s good that we burn
Maybe that’s what we must do
To restore the earth to its former state
We must wipe ourselves out
In order to come back better
Or maybe we shouldn’t come back at all
Maybe we should die
And stay dead
Cause, considering everything happening,
On these horrible days of earth
The human race really does ****
Ugh the whole fire thing started off making me nervous. But now I’m just angry.
Popleocan 20h
4:00 a.m again.
The bluegreen lanterns fly the sky,
Guding me home.

My eyes fall like bricks.
Sinking into the water,
The overflowing madness in my mind.
Salted by the drops within my eyes.

As the water begins to stir,
My mind becomes a blur.
Blackened liquid waves rage in a craze

Winter winds blow.
Send ice and snow.
As i toss a match to set the wave

This clawing red monster,
I let her grow stronger.
She takes my hand,
Tell's me she'll show me the way.

A turn of the wheel,
A press of the foot,
And all i know
Turned to soot.

And then my friend.
That winter wind.
Turns back the wheel once again.
The ash and gloom,
My blazing doom.
Only the beast of my heavyset eyes.

That bluegreen mist, lighting the skies.
And those lanterns float, my guides.

Tighten my grip on the wheel,
While gently caressing the pedal.

It's 4:01 a.m again.
Those late nights coming home from work...
ruqi 2d
let's create a flame
from the fire in your eyes
let's create a flame
from the truth in our lies
let's create a flame
from all happy cries
let's create fire out of ice.
based on an old idea for an original story. who knows if i'll ever write it.
Anya 2d
I'm a little

To open up that

That desire
A never dulling     -

How to keep it-
at bay

The desire to       excel      exceed        

A calm,
Should           I
Open this

Smoke on the wind, moon in the sky.
A little boy watches his best friends die.
He's awake through the night, not once does he cry.
Come the next morning he only asked: "why."
Phoenix in the night
Let your song burn bright
Through the abyssal night
Lighting the way to freedoms
Height of the just and right
Let this poem light your night on this snow day
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