luxe 12h
I am tired of having a broken back
Dragged down by deadweights
Arms sore,
Trembling at the touch of an empty room
Bruised legs,
From a brief brushing of a desire.
All making the house of my very being
Built on top of that same broken back
Constructed with these very sore arms
The floors in this home creak,
No foundation
After the flood that wiped it all away.
Now that winter has settled in, it is all frozen.
I have burned the walls of my soul in the process of hope,
And while building this home,
I have been choked by the hands of trust
Strangled by the notion that we can live in the rooms of people,
Safe from the wind on a January night.
I wish I could say I have never broken my own heart,
That I have not wandered the halls of those who have left,
Searching for some secret key that would magically open some hidden corridor,
Bringing me back.
I will not pretend that I have not taken a spill on frozen glass,
And been engulfed by the warmth of a fireplace,
So mesmerized that I could not see the home around me disintegrating.
I have been held by the arms of those flames,
Caressed by a fall on ice,
That seemed like water at the time.
Making me blind to the fact that you can not have soothing water,
On a freezing day.
Drowning my rooms with empty words,
The same blindness that allowed the fire to swallow all that I was
I always assumed this fire could melt the ice.
But I kept them in separate closets,
Breaking the locks on the doors that my tired fingers placed on hinges.
Separating any possibility of a marriage of the two.
Because in these barren halls,
I am either burning hot, scorching passion of marked desire.
Or I am solid, dry-ice, painful to the touch
Sending out warning signs to leave,
Because why stay when the closest you can get is an arms length away.
I can not be both fire and ice.
But I will try.
katerina 13h
You stand behind me and your breath burns the skin up my spine
and wraps tightly around my neck
I’m a captive in your wildfire, and god-
Being burnt never felt so good.
But sometimes you’re captive in an ocean of my waves,
And I crash around you anyway you pull like you’re the moon
And when we get bored of that, you become my caffeine
Bringing me into a whirlwind of golden laughter
I swear your smile tastes better than any espresso I’ve sipped
Dropping after the caffeine rush, we dip into a sweet smooth dance of silence
Comfortable like childhood memories,
Your arms hold me like my favorite blankets
And I finally breathe deep
Because I am home
Alex 1d
Last night. I peeled the safety warming of everything I could find.
Because I stopped caring about whether those things could hurt me. Anymore
Umi 1d
What might it be, that lets some just not give up when there is
absolutely no reason to continue fighting any longer ?
As I question this to myself, in a room filled with candle light,
I realise that it might be an ember of hope, of determination,
courage and the imagination to win what lets them carry through.
In this weaving melody of thoughts, breath flowing uninterrupted
I want to lose myself in this wandering fragrance just for this,
endless seeming, moment of unimaginable emotions.
As then I remember the countless times I had lift myself up,
Was it that I had abandoned hope until now or was it that my
means had become pointless so I decided to give up and let this
internal, inferno which let myself rise from the fires of the battlefield
go out and turn into an dying ember, flickering in it's last moments.

Yet I have come to understand what it really meant:

The emptiness you’ve carried and lost is but nothing!
Desiring the grand beauty of the heavens far above
From here we may never look up nor ever return!
This world shall not take even half of our spirits!

And so I rise from the fire once more, after having burned, been consumed and fed by it for such a long lasting while.
Because I wish to protect you, all I desire is to protect you.
Thus I return into the battlefield from which I have fallen.
To shine once again, illuminating your days so you may smile.

~ Umi
I'm still at my place,
Waiting for you under the rain.
Remember your face,
It's giving me pain.

Days with you,
When i want to stop the time.
So good to be true,
I think killing my love is crime.

Don't look your back,
I'm okay.
With your lack,
I choose this way.

But one day if i see you again
Don't look into my eyes
Cause i can't carry this pain
Bury me at the paradise.

I lost you is wrong
Cause i've never had you.
So strange you think you lost
Someone you've never had.

Now we're happy
Me,my coffee and cigarette.
Be happy darling,
It's only thing can make me
Feeling good now.
Some words falling from burning heart.Love is curse,sweet poison,funny suicide.It's difficult to explain what's love.
Kit 2d
Fire in her viens
Longing in mine
Eyes of pale topaz
Steele emerald in mine

Ignite my soft soul
Burn away the
I was hoping
That the sparks
Would return soon
I felt numb
Incapable to love.
Then you said,
"We are through"
Sparks did not come.

But a wildfire did.

But you were gone
So I was left
Alone to be consumed.
I have the ability
of falling in love
in a second
a minute
a moment
a day
at the
same time
I just want to be set on fire.
I'm not asking for a funeral pyre,
or to burn like the sun, and light up the day,
or to shine like a fireworks display.

Just let me roast 'til I'm charred a deep black.
Let the smoke rise up in billowing stacks,
and once I'm burnt through, take hold of my ashes,
and toss me across wild vegetable patches.

Let me take root in the summertime haze.
Let me find peace in the cool autumn days.
Let me take shelter from winter's contempt.
Let me sprout new leaves as spring is redeem't.

I ask no forgiveness, no charity, mercy.
I don't wish for anything granted. Conversely,
I ask for two items, and if you're so keen;
A matchbox, and one gallon of gasoline.
we don't need no water let the motherfucker burn
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