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Let the flames lick over my skin
Until my eyes roll back in my head
Cause you know I like the pain
Tip my head back as the demons crawl out
And their ink mingles in with the burns
The cartography on this canvas
Is littered with ashes and holes
Caught in wildfires and never spared orunscathed
Unleash the heat and I'll be engulfed in your rage
I like the way you hit me
Each scorching breath you take hitting my face
Choking on the smoke I caress the blaze
Razor sharp yet soothing to sink into
Drown me in this inferno
Cause you know I like the pain
Burning flesh never smelled as sweet as you and me.
Suddenly I feel like a man
singing painfully in love
"When man loves a woman"
Michael Bolton
.I've seen seven wonders
of the world
my sunsets to make you cry.
My moon in all its faces
gives shivers to your spine.
I see beauty in diamonds
synthilating within me
same spell sparkles in thee
afire rubbies of us
reflect radiantly on me.

I am ice cubed frozen
body mind soul cold
a wishful thinking well
pennies for my thoughts?
oak tree stump my ancient
to willow tree now
has turned.
Tears put out this fire dear
but ambers linger so I write
no Knight may fly your kite
I give myself
everything I got
In love I remain with me.
I trust in self for my courage
to carry on as longing dog
out in the rain alone.
Can you hear my
cry and bark.
Karijinbba at
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Ash 2d
a storm of smoke and flame
released by a violent, eldritch heart
ripped away from all I know
I watch the ashen rain
and the charred grey plumes
which tower over us
then nothing remains
by God.
california is a lovely state
The proximal end of my soul is no longer safe
Decay has dilapidated the space
The raveled fragments fester
Leaves wilting with vinegar burns
Where I have tried to **** the infestation
And found I was only killing myself.

I can remember when my mind was softer, but not safer,
Hiding in the hallway to the den
Watching the scene of the desperate father
pulling his dead son from burned rubble
My child mind imagining
Blooms of orange around my bedposts,
tendrils of cinder and smoke,
Placing my hand against the back of the door
To feel the phantom heat.

And now I hold the matches to my own bed
The quiet comforter can only stifle them for a moment
There is not enough weight to press
These dreams out of myself
Maybe I still crave heat because it is the pain that is also comfort
It is the fear and the foment, the ailment and the aid
It is my body asking for enough feeling
To know it is alive and safe
While my mind is screaming fire
in a crowded
Is it really that black and white?
To choose a side,
is it red or blue?
Whats true for me,
or whats "best" for you?

Where have all the flowers gone?
Burned to dust in California.
Drowned to death in Lousiana.
Blown away in the Central states.

We are left with heartbreak,
                    and rage....

We reap what we sow,
isnt that what they say?
Is this why Violets lie in my wake?

So where have all the flowers gone?
Raise your eyes and see,
count our stars.

Love is free.
Violets are a symbol of peace.
Behold the smooth transition of brushstrokes and bristles to the field of marigolds.
The sweet friction brought by divine hands, is the depth you were searching for.

And as the storm rolls in, high on the technicolor clouds, you take a moment to catch your breathe.
Next thing you know the rainbow wildfire blooms from the painted raindrops, setting the flowers ablaze.

It is a world created of mind made matter, and if you cannot see the parallels, then you lack the imagination!

Any fiction can carve its way into reality, that is the truth of all worlds.

That is the key, forge your ambitions and blow the doors wide open.
Holding your soft hands and dancing through sunrays around in circles as we smile and cherish each other's comfort through the loneliness in our hearts.
Golden hour peaks and you sing through my treasure chest filled with open treasures of golden honey, and that honey drips down the surface of my fingertips as we kiss each other in a warm gleam of freedom and surpass realms of stars and dreams.
The honey trickles our kisses and makes a sticky hot mess under the steaming sun as it begins to set through white fluffy clouds.
Feeling high like cloud 9
I want to feel your chest pressed against mine, forever and key it into a lock that cannot ever be undone.
I love you.

The memories we make feel like a never ending escape through Alcatraz.
A portal so clean and pure.
Being in love, feels like you're high.
p.s: I never been high, only high on love.
At the hustings
They raise revolutionary slogans
sing a song
Hip hop hip hop
There's a fire in the air
Their valves begin to leak
Some have heartache
Some diarrhea
Former may die of heart attack
Latter of dehydration
Need immediate hospitalization
Under tight security
Others safe haven they hide
Leaving millions crying
Now they sing a song
Flip flop flip flop
Festive nights
Facades, lanes
Decorated with blinking
Colourful patterned lights  🌉
Mini heavens here and there
On the terrace
Watch the night sky 🌃
Draw comparison
Natural versus artificial lights
Almost of one colour to naked eyes
Twinkling stars appear wonderful
Yawn and go to bed
In slumber dream
You're well equipped
Rockets 🚀 tied to shoulders
Fly and fly
Wonderful galaxies in sight
Glide towards a star
Nothing it's fire
Super human you're
Enter it what you see
Dark only dark
Not black
Of different colour
An expanse of
No depth
No length and breadth
Only colour
Imagine darks
Of different colours!
Golden dark
Mouths of tunnels and holes
All golden!
What's is darkness? Absence of light.  No perception of visual space. No length, breadth and depth expanse. Only common to black colour. Imagine darkness of other colours! Golden dark, red dark, green dark etc.etc.
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