Your lips touched mine lightly
But could turn vigorous at any time
As if you could not get close enough
Like the space between us was too much
But I liked every kiss.
Every kiss lit my heart on fire
In a burst of flames
And when we parted
I could see the fire in your eyes
Just like mine

Tell me that you still look for me in a crowd out in public. Tell me I live in your mind, that I don't just cross it.
I wrote down the times that you were eating me alive. The times I couldn't breath the times I did more than cry. I wrote about the passion, the love, the hate. I wrote about sidewalks, the movies and cake. I miss the moments we would meet eyes, I miss the moments we went on nighttime drives. I think about details like the curls in your hair, the way you stared. Your eyes lit a fire I have yet to put out. A fire that's destroyed me So just tell me you understand, this way that I feel. I need the closer so maybe I can heal.

Please let me heal.

The flames,
Erupting from the maw,
Of a stone tower,
Billowing smoke,
And consuming things that cant be just tossed away,
The incinerator,
Brings all to nothing but ash,
And billowing smoke.

Kelli 7h

In the end,
there may just be too many bridges to burn
and not enough fire to burn them.

My melodious fire
Waves and weaves
Making a murder of wood
Delivering a birth of smoke
Those swirling cinders choking
Everything in sight

Breathing in one of death’s contagions
One by one they fall
Until there’s no call to order
Until there’s none left to perform for

The mob grew angry
My wrists, my ankles
Chained with briars
This an execution by my own desire
For I required an exit light here
Unclear liar lost in his lies here
Fear-shaken, no stakes in truth,
Fear-faking, I have no stake in you
So I pull up stakes
See you

I have no clue what I’m going to do
I get lost in myself
But myself I have yet to choose
These paradoxes and riddles
That plague and peeve my mind
Deceive me as I deceive them
Till we’re all left deceiving in kind
Till the other becomes the self
And the self melts away from being the better
Cluttered with curses from the past
This incompatible software overheats
Crashes fast
And now we’re back—

I was once blind to such simple facts
Broken, silly tracks of thought off-track
Lines left carved up in the sand
The next day wiped away
By nature’s erasure or another’s hand

It is sand after all

But I gave up a pair
Received my true third eye
It's blind to these facts
The grains look all turned up and twisted
Spilling from my clenched fist
Like they’re seconds in my hourglass
So, my fellow pair-holders, I ask
Why take a second to grasp
So that a second in turn is given?
I see no bargain driven
Just a reality
In which
If you livin’ happily, serenely
You must be trippin’

Today's mood
Dori 1d

I probably smoke entirely too many cigarettes and I know I laugh too hard at jokes that aren’t actually that funny.
My mother always told me I had a big heart though.
So maybe that’s why I do everything so intensely.
Maybe that’s why I have so much empathy flowing through my veins.
I love too hard,
I know that.
And maybe that’s why you stopped loving me.
You didn’t know how to put out such a big fire;
so you just left me to burn.

It's like trying to run away from the moonlight
history without tragedy
sun without fire
it's inside me, I can feel it burning
and I never know if it will hurt or heal
but I keep running
trying to get to you
like a wolf at midnight
your love is what keeps me alive.

Preoccupation with making something permanent
A feeling of expectation
incorporation of a certain situation
or habitation into life, for good
It makes me freak out.
for a certain thing to happen
fear of that something actually happening
Or that it's something that might be permanent.
the attempt to find certainty
the desire to control things.
Control you, controlling me
I'm afraid you'll find my black
It will come back again.
It's like an arc weld done incorrectly
Eventually it will start to bleed
And fall apart.
But I dreamt about welding and you welding me
into something permanent
something desirable
something non-penetrable.
You had me molded against the truck and...
I don't know who you are, but you put your fire in me
So deeply it burns.
A fire that firefighters can't dissolve
Doctors can't resolve.
You're in me,
and I love you.

I had a dream, or was it reality.

how do you make fire,
she asks me.

i steal it off your eyes
every time
you think about him

and it burns.

-- Eleanor

This Wildfire Smoke Global Warming Sinus Infection
Beat the shit out of me.
I've never experienced anything so HORRIBLE in my life!
I guess the good side to the story
Is that it TRANSFORMED me.
It made me hateful and grouchy.
I didn't enjoy being crucified
By the greed of this Civilization,
But crucified I was
And I feel a bit different
As I gradually get off the Cross
Of Congestion.

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