SoVi 1d
Yo senti el miedo
Del mundo callendo
De mi pie quemandose
Mi madre en el suelo
Su pecho destrozado
Queriendo respirar
Corriendo en la casa
Quise alcanzar la puerta
Pero me queme mi mano
La figura de Cristo
Guardado en mi pescueso
Quemando mi piel
Arrastrandome en el pizo
Extendiendo mi brazos
Mirando el lumbre's luz
Contra la sombra del cruz

© Sofia Villagrana 2018
Poem for the Short Story Sombra de mi Cruz
Isaac 1d
We hold hands as we walk towards my room
The world has gone to sleep
Time has stopped
It’s just you and me
As we get to my room
I turn around to look at you
There’s just enough light from the moon
That seeps through the window blinds
For me to see the features on your face
I chuckle
“You’re so beautiful” I whisper
You smile and lean in
Your kiss lights a fire in my chest
The fire is a warmth that I never want to lose
I grab you and move to the bed
Our bodies intertwine
I almost forget to breathe
I stop kissing you to catch my breath
“You okay?” you ask
I laugh
“Just forgot to breath”
We laugh
Nothing else matters
I gently remove your clothes
You removes mine
If this was a movie
The camera would cut away to the night
But this is real
I have you all to myself

Afterwords you snuggle into my arm
My arm will eventually fall asleep
But I don’t move it
I smile before finally falling asleep
I feel more at peace than I ever have before
Part 1 between the Fire and the Cycle
A fire in my heart,
A fire in my soul,
And I fire in my belly,
When I eat coal.
An alliterative poem on my physical feelings. Also, a dedication to my favourite band.
Love is a mending of two hearts
I am a forest fire,
a rickety fan that will never run quite right,
a cup of coffee that warms your soul.

I burn too bright, but fade too fast.
I crave a different tune to which nobody knows.

I want,
No I need,
a steady hum to learn to beat next to,
to walk side by side as equals.

I want to burn in passion, but I need
to breath slowly as we lay in a sheet of knowledge.

I want an outreached arm, but I need
a mountain of freedom to climb.
I want to fit perfectly, but I need
to fit as crookedly as bent spoons.

Give me strength but don’t take away my essence.
Let me be free, but be free with me.
Find my heart but only touch it.
A feeling I feel as every man tries to fix me, claim me, take me. I am meant to be free. So be free with me. Walk beside me.
I miss her too you know?
The girl I used to be
She's been gone,
Hibernating from this ice cold earth
They don't deserve any of what she's worth
As frostbite teased the very tips of her heart,
in pain
Her only fear was that she may never feel again
As the tears traveled down my cheeks, with the inability to speak
I know that I have failed her
All that I had once felt has turned into the nothingness he felt
He'd judged her, for loving love
It is the shallow emptiness of the walls my fingers fill, desolate of emotion
It is not my own, but those of the people whose juices I thought would colour my world
Re inviting the old me in.
Unable I was to discover my old self
But still solace is found
For from fire She will return
As recent tears are dried before escaping the ducts
I am warm
Even at a distance from the winter sun
I am warm
Because a Phoenix Unconquered is the old me
I was recently, verbally harassed for being Bisexual, and it being my first encounter, I shunned myself for being who I really am, while trying to recover, I tend to forget that I need the "me" that I pushed aside to be completely okay with who I am
I load a fat bowl.
I insert stem.
I trust my lips
at the hole.

I see a split world.
I hold it in.
I let the lies
matter not.

Beyond a pale veil
beats the bitter heart
the soul of destruction.

In its own realm
it lacks the fear to lie
so it reigns unashamed.

I burn more trees.
Invite the ash in lung.
I cough out Ebajalg.
Invite the joy return.

Wind through the lazy curtains of my window,
Music enter my limbs through vibrations in my toes,
Lit only in moon and blue cyber light I ignite the signal fire,
For someone, somewhere, also in sweat in demon dance.
Awtumn 2d
There was still a spark,
Still the smallest of flames,
Left over from the hell
That my life used to be.

For a while,
I thought it was gone.
Controlled and out of fuel.
But it never disappeared.
It lived off my smallest fears
And unexplainable doubts.

And when the one person
Who could control this hell fire
Left me when I needed them most,
The spark ignited
And the flame consumed me.

It burns my soul,
The smoke is choking me.
And with all the negative emotions
That I can't help but feel,
The fire only seems to grow.

It provides for my demons,
Makes them even stronger.
I don't want to lose myself again,
But they're the only thing
I hear in my head.

I have to battle them again,
But I'm already so tired.
Perhaps it is time,
I let my demons take over.
Anger it's like a fire
The flame gets bigger every time
It starts to burn inside
And the soul becomes weaker

But if you hear her voice
You could feel how she extinguishes
The inner fire with her beautiful words
And through her tender love
The soul becomes stronger again.
Running after you love
Is like chasing the sun
Always in my sight but
never getting any closer
Yet you light my life
with the shine of your eyes
and all I want is to touch
knowing I would burn

Now I am getting familiar
With the starry night
Intertwining with all
the darkness inside
Catching fireflies in the sky
Hoping they could fill that void

Mazed moths flying into fire
Sudden urge of life to expire
Makes sense to me now
If I be the flying bug
and you my demise somehow
then i will have my grave dug
surging willingly to you
longing for one last hug.
I love the taste of fire and ashes,
even the pungent sting of burnt charcoal.
Decaying in gasoline.
Because they were remnants once,
of who I was.
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