I hadn't visited my cousin,
Seymour Weinstein,
In Tuscaloosa, Alabama for awhile.
So, I decided to go Down South
And spend some time with him.
While he was out Grocery Shopping,
I decided to take a nap,
Someone threw a big rock through the window,
And ran off.
I saw  a Police Station down the street,
And decided to walk down there to File a Report.
When I entered the station,
I was immediately questioned,
"Boy, are you a Jew?"
I responded, "But, yeah...."
"But nothing!" came the response from the Officer.
"We don't take Police Reports from Jews."
I felt a bit dazed,
"But isn't that unconstitutional?" I politely asked the officer,
But the response wasn't so polite.
"Get your kikeass out of her, Jewboy,"
"Or I'm gonna' have to handcuff you and lock you up!"
I didn't see any point in arguing with a Police Officer.
I guess Law Enforcement in this part of the United States
Doesn't serve Jews.
I just said,
"Yes, sir,"
And I walked back to Cousin Seymour's house.
When I started walking back,
I could see that my cousin's house was on fire.
I had my cash and credit card with me.
So, I just boarded the Greyhound Bus,
And started heading back to Denver.
So much for the Deep South!

You make my soul burn
It hurts, but I would not change
For you are my world

The Dybbuk 23h

While I'm being taken,
To a paradise home,
Where all my dreams wander,
And all my friends roam,
She's being held down,
Trapped in a glass room.
She's held there alone,
Because it's her tomb.

And all of her flaws caught fire by the sun burning inside her.

I know it's only a line but I figured I'd still share it with you all.

on an evening
of bleak winter chill
a lone knight rode
to Bartonleigh hill

stationed there
was his maiden cute
plucking the strings
of an out of tune lute

as she plucked
the rats did cry
never had they heard
such a rumpus lullaby

upon her door
a knocker knocked
it was the lone knight
minus his left sock

oh she said
your foot looks blue
come warm it near
the fire's flaming hue

he quickly placed
his toes by the hearth's side
thence gave a promise
to take her as his bride

The world passes by as I look across the courtyard, I stop to see the dry world passing by.
Kids riding their hoverboards, men and women making their way to their destinations,
all this with man-made machines shrieking the brakes to halt;
Funny are these DNA-embedded beings contending over who is richest, strongest and most influential.
This is where I am.

Wrapped up in your arms, fingers running everywhere;
The moist soft touches, blowing kisses in the air,
The warmth of your body that sets fire to even the cold October winds,
This is where I want to be.

The quilt that kept me warm has gone frosty,
The hair that ran like silk has gotten old,
The gentle squeeze on my hip stays forgotten.
Ripples of pleasure turned to pain, as I look back, that’s all I gained.
Looking at the dry world pass by; This is where I am, This is where I want you to be.

My life's shoelaces are always a little loose.
At any moment I could come undone
and trip over my own two feet.
Fall headlong
with my hands tied behind my back
with the ropes of yesterday,
whose knots are tangled and frayed
like my nerves.
I clench my fists
like balls of fire could escape them
to keep me straight,
but I feel my feet become boulders
and it becomes harder to lift them
with my spaghetti legs.
The weight in my mind
sandwiches my heart between
it and the rocks
and I eyeball the river and think
wouldn't it be so easy?

allie 3d

if you put a bucket over my fire.
the bucket will burn.

inspired by CC | don't try to put out my fire because it will burn you. :)

Do you ever feel your soul
Surging through you?

Energy rushing through every limb
Making you leap to your feet
Unsure of your intended destinations.

But a little bit lost too.
We feel a need,
to love,
to cherish,
to express,

A fire in us as we
Pour ourselves into the universe.
Because we might implode otherwise.

We have our own worlds
inside of us
But they are meant to intertwine,

And become even more beautiful
Than any one of us could have imagined.

Sometimes I get this surge of energy, and I'm not always sure what to do with it.

When it comes to fire
Within my arms
I will crash and burn and rebuild myself

Because I am
Because I was
And because I have yet to become someone else

All that I can be
All that I wasn't
All that I do is because I must

Its not owned by this
The want or wont
But because I will regret it if I don't

Below my average... But I'm trying something new.
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