We lost the game.
No scores to be had.

Living was copying motions
of same old ways,
from bygone days.

Immolated landscapes
Unconsecrated ground
Land now sand
Silence the only sound.

People as mannequins
shackled to consumerism
now free to be human
humanity is dead
turned to dust and ash.

Charred trees, charred bones
Libraries and ossuaries
Rock, paper, scissors
Sinners, readers, builders
All on bended knees
Pillars of salt blown away on the blast wind.

Flame extinguished.

02:21 GMT

Who will remember
The days of those snowy Decembers?
Or the pale orange glow of fading embers
Under the canopy of dark timber.

Who will remember and be glad?
My, The Times we had.

I see fire
I see pain
The fire as caused the pain
The pain caused the fire
In my eyes is fire & pain
Everyone I see is on fire
Everyone I see is in pain
How do you make it stop?
Will it stop?

Seb 1d

I am blinded by your Light,
It blocks out the Sun,
I have never seen anything so bright.

You show me the way,
you warm up my Heart,
I hope this feeling will never decay.

You have always been the same,
you bring light into the room,
You truly are... the perfect flame.

But as every Flame,
it must come to an end
And if that happens, I only have myself to blame.

You lit a fire in my soul
Then you put me out
Nothing and no one
Will be able to rekindle that flame

Jobira 1d

I become immortal
Looking at your eyes
They are full of beauty
To cause my temperature rise

You’re leading me into temptation
A craving I cannot fight
With every thought of you in my head
My imagination takes a bite

The current pushes me ashore
With ardent fire
You’re the only sailor
That calms down my desire

I want to remain immortal
You always by my side
In your paradise pleasure land,
Where even death cannot hide

@jobiranyc (11/20/2017)

I may revisit it later, but for now, that’s all I got. Lol

A sharp chill seeping into my bones
Awakening the energy and power
That have laid dormant for decades
A sign that I am beginning to change
Becoming something different
Something better than this
A higher being of a kind
Of those that rest above the rest
On uncharted territory
Those placid silent doorways
Opening up to hidden dimensions
Parallel universes where all is perfect
My passion spills into rays of hope
Like the sun's warm glow
Reaching out to touch each of it's children
The tormented cries in my head not theirs
But my souls desire to return to it's home
Not the place etched in my ID card
But the motherland and source of all life
A place so sacred we had to leave behind
Hiding away it's immense strength and power
From the destruction mankind bring
Slung over their shoulders like an arrow
Their shields made of hatred and anger
The energy surges through me
Like a blazing forest fire
Melting away globues of fats
Layers of charred skin and flesh
The whole nauseating charade of disguise
I am becoming immortal

A single lit torch standing amongst the stacks of a lonely crowd.

It was the only survivor of the rainfal that swept its peers.

Embers flying around sporadically, ever so lively, it longs to be lit again.

But the fire never came.

How does one douse itself with ease, I wonder.

Alex 2d

I am a campfire cold hearts like to sit around and roast their marshmallows in.

I am used until I am useless.

Do you love me the way I am
Do you love me for me
Or do you only love me when I'm tamed
Like a beast in hibernation

Are we only ever going to live like this
The light in my eyes no longer shinning
Feelings becoming blunt
Diluted by all those medications

Do you not miss the times
When our love was a wildfire
We burned everything in our way
Our flames never faltered

Going to the beach unprepared
We still stripped off our clothes
Throwing ourselves out into the sea
Free as a eagle soaring through the skies

Holding hands and shivering
In wet clothes and soaking undergarments
We burnt stronger than the cold
As we board the train home together

That was the beauty in love
The true beauty of life
That pack of restraint
The freedom of insanity

I'm not trying to disappoint you
Just choosing to be freed
Like a bird can't fly with twigs in it's wings
I will burn as bright as yesterday

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