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Tasks seem impossible at times
Yet when I think of you
Those reassuring eyes
That confident smile
Makes me pull through
The thick or thin
With you by my side
True love will win.
Johnny walker Aug 22
I now walk a thin white line between the present since my sweetheart been gone and the past but find
myself leaning more
and more
towards the
So much more I'm living
In the past compared to
the present day that consist of nothingness boring
empty days without
Helen to
One night I'll return
to the past and to my sweetheart In my dreams
but I won't be coming
back I won't be waking
from the
Dominique Aug 3
I cup a paper likeness in my hand
A flower, you say, but it's dusted
In prussian blue that stings my eyes
The colour of the end of movies, twilight
Mirrored in the smoky Thames

How can it be a flower? It doesn't breathe
I call it an onion

It spreads its biting petals out in agreement
A reminder of what it is to cry
Halfway through a song even though
I've only just finished laughing
Alcohol will do that

You name it "flower"
After your mother's smile, perhaps,
Or the gentle drift of lightning
In a summer storm, but to me
It is only a vegetable, round, familiar,
Painful with nostalgia, not saccharine
With some aesthetic pinterest sentiment

I grab a stranger's cigarette ****
Litter the paper creation with ashes, watch
The silky tissue wither
Like blind marble turning grey with age

This is what I think of your flower

How can you be happy, hang it on your wall
It's so thin, so bitter and dead
Where is the romance? Confusion rises with the fire
How can you be happy when this is fake

The warmth ****** my fingertips
I stamp it out just in time on the street
Look, the paper
It's crumpled
This is what I think of your flower
This is what I think of your happiness.
my subconcious wrote this I have no idea what it's supposed to mean
Laokos Jul 28
i never seem
to get enough
these days
always waking

to start coffee,
fix my hair,
sit in bed drinking
the coffee
plumbing the depths
ways to get through
another day,

try to remember ways
that worked

maybe a quote
or a character
a poem
a song
a memory
an illusion
could even be
another person

but time draws
ever nearer
ever closer
at last
that silent cheetah
is sprinting

before i know it
i'm sitting
in my car
turning the key
with whatever
semblance and steel
i finally gathered

-a real live
cubist representation
of my
driving to work
at 3:49 a.m.

three black cats
the street
that watch me
the glowing night
in their eyes

satellites of some
indifferent future

hidden with
the devils
on the horizon
Sunshine Jul 4
so waste me, tear me, tell me I'm nothing

cuz when you're crying, broken, and holding onto nothing

then you'll wish I hadn't run, gone, and left you with nothing
nothings into nothings
that's what you did
with my love

Axel Jun 21
Bought somethings that you want
Hated the things that you need
It's all pretty and fun
Puckering up your small *** lips
But once the sun hit
You can't refund it.

You felt uncomfortable in your own skin
And your body is too ******* thin
But just so you know
That women and men
Aren't supposed to be treated like this.

God made us perfect in every inch
Of our face, of our legs, of our hands
But beauty is all that people dreams
Perfect is all that people think.

If you aspire to renovate every inch of your body,
Then where's the girl that she used to be?
Where's the guy that I used to see?
Where's the heart that used to be free?
"you spent the whole night trying to be someone else, so who's gonna be you?!!"

-handome devil (movie)
if it hurts
you’re doing it right.

graceful arms, girls.

pointed feet.

plié, plié…
first position, long legs, extend your necks- yes, that’s right.

i just wanna look like a ballerina again.
i used to take ballet.
I wanna hear my stomach collapse
Rumbling like screams echoing in an empty tavern
I want stalactite ribs
And stick-man fingers,
Thighs the size of a child’s wrist and
I don’t care what I have to do
To get it

I am obsessed.
Addicted to falling,
Falling numbers,
Falling deeper into disorder, disrepair,
Falling for a girl named Ana
Who tells me I can have everything that I want
For easy daily payments of pain and despair.

But, it feels oh so good to be hungry.
Aches and pains make me high,
And sure, it’s scary knowing I could die but
At this point…
Maybe I’d be okay with that if I get to live one day
At 100 pounds.

What is wrong with me?
i should probably talk to someone about this
Lost Jun 9
All hip bones and ribcage
Flat stomach wasn’t enough
It had to be concave

Mirrors and lights
Lined up just right
******* in
As hard as I can
Why can’t I
Just be thin?
Another poem from my sketchbook I didn’t initially post.
Maria Etre May 31
Checking in
to weigh in
the weight
of years
to burn
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