we can love if you will kiss the needle
just a little bit bigger-
your image isn’t your most beckoning quality
just a little bit thinner-
we can sleep if you will follow
just a little less brain-
don’t stand loud love, it isn’t becoming
just a little more tame//
stand straight but think alike
don’t stray or wander from the path ahead
walk in unison and stay uptight
basically, loveables are brain dead.
you don’t belong here.
people always tell us who to be and who not to. to stay thin and keep our pretty mouths shut. we are to be superficial followers and we aren’t born for this world.
mer 4d
jeans that are a little bit too tight
numbers on the scale that you have to fight
she wanted it badly, she stayed up all night
to her, the future seemed bright

online articles about low-calorie diets
no-carb, low-carb, high-protein try-its
she thought it was the perfect way
to lose that extra layer, so they say

she noticed it working on tuesday at noon
it was working, working so soon
she was pleased with the results it gave
soon it became less to eat and more to crave

she thought she had it all under control
who cares if she ate less than one bowl?
she never ate until she was full
soon she faded away and her eyes became dull

Rama  is  thin
But  in  "Ramayan" of

          Hindu is  not  so  fat

               just  like  thin.

Wood  polish  thinner
is  not  thin.

It  is  made  to

     fill  up the  soft  and
tiny  holes.

he  size  of  holes
really  very  thin.

Earth  is  very  thin
but  the  universe  is  not

so  thin.

   The cycle  is    thine.
The  mind  is   thine.
The  mind's  running
cycle is  thine.

The  TV  is  tine.
The  wife  is  thine.
IncholPoem Jan 10
A thin  tall
gorgeous  lady  like
how long!

She  is like
Malaysian  palm  tree.

Do  not   compare
the  beauty
Here  it  is
her  height.

You can  take
also  Indian  coconut tree.

Another one is
a    school    going    or
college   going  fat

Always     she  talk  with
her  girlfriends  by  crossing  the  road
and   entering  into
her  home-path
Sophia Dec 2018
if only i had a skinny waist
i'd be so much prettier
if only weight wasn't so visible
then i'd be happy
would i just find other
horrid reasons
to hate myself?
Miranda Dec 2018
I used to love my curves.
My plump hips,
My thick thighs,
My ***** chest,
My chubby cheeks.
All the curves, stretch marks, and the lumps,
Especially my lumps,
Made me.
And I loved me.

Until I met you.
When we first met, you worshiped my curves.
Kissed on my chest,
Gripped my thighs.
You used to say,
“I love my baby’s fat ***,”
As you would squeeze my thighs
and I would laugh.

But then reality decided;
“Babe you should really workout some”
“*** I really think you should lose some weight”
Or you would talk of other girls,
Thinner girls.
“Country girls are so hot”
“I saw this girl today at work and she was ****.”

So now I’m looking in a mirror.
In my black sports bra
And my mixed match pink underwear.
All I see looking back,
is not
my plump hips,
My thick thighs,
My ***** chest
Or my chubby cheeks,
Not even my lumps,
****, especially my lumps.

I see my belly overflow the hem of my underwear,
I see my ******* resting on my stomach,
I see the extra skin around my neck,
And I notice the way my stomach jiggles when I walk.

The sound of my feet hitting the ground,
The way things vibrate around me when I walk,
My shortness of breath uphill,
And the way my thighs touch each other instead of having that gap.
That cute gap.
That gap that skinny girls have.

But now,
I cover myself more.
The curvy girl who used to wear crop tops confidently,
Now wears a hoodie to hide.
Secretly apologizing to everyone who ever saw her curves.
Her plump hips.
Her thick thighs.
Her ***** chest.
Apologizing to everyone whoever saw,

And I compare myself to every girl around me.
‘If I had her legs’
‘Her stomach’
‘Her face’
Just maybe,
You would be saying,
“Nerdy girls are hot”
Or bragging to your friends
“I have this girl and she’s so ****”
And maybe,
Just maybe,
You would still be here.

And I would laugh,
And blush
And we would be happy.

But instead,
I’m looking at this mirror,
And all I see
Is a fat girl
Looking back at me.
For everyone who has ever felt this way, I’m sorry.
travis Dec 2018
they said
"you'd be jealous"
they lost 42 pounds
in only four months
quickly doing the math
that's 10.5 pounds per month
2.625 pounds per week
i laughed a bit
realizing their monthly rate
was how much i had lost
within only two weeks
then i asked myself
"why would i be jealous
when i can be better
and lose that 42 pounds
in half the time took them?"
Sky Dec 2018
It’s not nice when girls die

It hurts when girls starve themselves.
It hurts when girls stick their fingers down their throat.
One day, they’ll end up in the morgue.
All the pretty girls, all the sad girls, all the broken girls, reunited in a freezer drawer, a white cloth respectively covering their tear-stained faces.

They can’t wait to be cut open.  They’ve always wanted to cut themselves open and peek inside of their stomach, see how much fat there really is.  Remove their excess stuffing.

It’s not nice when girls die.
It’s not nice when girls cry.
It’s not nice when girls lie.

Oh, what a waste of a pretty face
Oh, what a shame, they can point their stiffened fingers as much as they want, but no one else is to blame.

Lighting, thunder, six feet under,
Scared little girl little under the covers (of her coffin)
Hiding from the monsters under her bed,
But their not under her bed, they creep in her head.
Those whispers and ghosts that evil has brought
Weren’t from childhood monsters but from her own thoughts.

The monsters eat her alive, slowly, so she can feel their sharp teeth.

They chew her into pieces and then spit her out mean.

Why is she so cruel? What has the world ever done? Something’s not right

Well, the monsters they ruined her, by taking extra large bites ~
Sky Dec 2018
I’m in love with being sick.
I’m in love with being cold.
I’m in love with feeling lonely.
I’m in love with feeling old.
I’m in love with silver blades
I’m in love with shards of glass
I’m in love with puking my brains out
And I’m in love with running fast.  

I’m in love, alone.  Loving sickness feels like home.
I’m in love, and lost.  I’m stuck and frozen, neck-deep in the frost.
I’m in love, with despair.  There’s nothing but sadness and death living there. ~  

I’m in love with feeling empty.
I’m in love with ripping into my skin.
I’m in love with feeling hollow.
I’m in love with my secret sins.
I’m in in love with constant crying
I’m in love with constant lying
I’m in love with screaming ‘til I faint
I’m in love with almost dying. ~

And then my love will cease.
And I will be at ease.
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