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She stood so thoughtfully,
At the person in front of her,
Yet all she good think of,
Was the fat within her body,
Because opposite the girl,
Stood her reflection,
Because it wasn’t bullying,
If you told yourself the truth.
JB Oct 25
People poke at my sides jokingly
"She's so skinny? What are you like a size 0?"

No, size 2
I wrap my arms around my abdomen in shame

But it's not where I want to be
0, 00, 000
That's my wish

"You're such a twig! Haha"
"Let me see your arm, wow!"
"I could wrap my whole arm around your little waist, haha"

Am I a freakshow
Or the star of it
It feels the same

I hate
and hate
and hate
and hate
until there is nothing left
The thoughts of a skinny girl
fire bursts forth from my chest
in shards of lightning,
cracking open the thin shell of the sky
the world begins to shake beneath my feet
as I emerge, unchained and unbroken
into the primal waters
chaotic harmony
fertile soil of the universe
julianna Oct 4
And it was
iN that split  
secOnd that i was
Rather weak.
Eating no longer  
seemed an eXit, but instead
as If it was so, so,
Aimless to do.
julianna Sep 3
Skinny skinny
Thin and skinny
Shrink me down and make me skinny
Exercise or just don’t eat
Run until the furthest street
Why do I always feel this way?
Something’s wrong inside my brain,
It only matters what I weigh.
Skinny skinny
Thin and skinny
Shrink me down and make me skinny
Silky smooth thin legs
Such a rare gemstone today
In America
KAE Jul 26
I used to have an issue with my body.
Three years ago. 2015. The year of horrors.
My weight was 60 kilograms and I don’t remember if I had a few grams more, but it doesn’t a matter. The issues is that I was a bit fat. I have never been fat. I was sad about it and I had a lot of problems more in that year.
My principal problem was that when all of my girlfriends developed their body, I had a little girl body. My body begins to develop and that was when I turned fat, I didn’t like myself, personal problems, more issues. I increased 15 kilograms. I was really depressed. I started hating me more.
Between 2016 and 2017, my body started changing. I lost weight, I hadn’t got issues with me anymore. That was really amazing.
End of 2017 and this year (2018), my body changed completely. I don’t have the body that I used to own in 2015. I am thin and happy, but sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror, unconsciously I see myself as I was in 2015, fat.
That kills me.
Kills me more knowing that I couldn’t talk with my mother about it, because she didn’t understand it. But I could talk with my best friend and with my auntie because they understand it. I’m thankful about it.
What more kills me is the fact that I know that my body it’s thin but my mind shows me another thing, which I hate and makes me sad.
But today, July 25, 2018. My weight is 48 kilograms. I see the real me. I see myself thin. Now my unconscious accepts that I’m thin again. I’m really happy now because that is the body that I had all my entire life, that is the body that I want and which I’m in love with. I’m glad that I got back what I always wanted.
Before the birds awake
In the dim, soft dawning,
I will meet you.

In the quiet, thin places
Hidden in plain sight,
I will find you.

As the branches shiver
And mist caresses earth,
I will greet you.

Where the wind stirs the reeds
With the breath of ghosts,
I'll be waiting.

Will you come, love?
Incomplete.  But I'm working on it.
Death is what I crave from time to time, when I see the fat on my body.
I look and think the amount is ungodly.
I want to be thinner so I skip all my dinners ‘til I become lightheaded and weak, but if you ask me I won’t say,  because I thinner body I seek.
Stay as empty as you can be,
Empty as your emotions,
Empty as your stomach,
Empty as all those processed calories
You family eats.
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