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Galdev Apr 16
Sweet and fizz mixed together
On the way to refresh your throat
Day by day can be seen everywhere
All time favorite drink
One of your fav drink.
Another shot
Another cut
Another person
Another drug
Another day of numb
Another girlfriend
Another attempt

Just one more
I messed up again and im feeling very lost right now.
The plastic bag rolls against the wind
Once again, to let the sun glisten
Those brunette curls as the wind takes them
As they swim through the air,
Right into my arms,
With those watering eyes
And trembling lips
I simply cannot resist.
For once again,
Another has broken you,
And once again, I’ll prove
That men aren’t all bad.
Without you I drink the thought of you away,
And with you, I drink the red flags away
That cloud my vision
With warning signs.

It almost seems too easy
My sympathy already being taken advantage of
Yet knowing this, I wring out enough trust
From my cloth of chances
That you’ve let be used up.
You’re nothing but a snake
And my emotions are contained
Like a paperback novel
In the rain;
My heart is breaking
Feeling the pounding of yours
Knowing yours has been working fine,
While my shaking
Is not from the weather
Nor the tearing inside,
For I know that this plastic bag
Will drift away once again
When the wind breathes just right
And another bystander of yours walks by,

But you’ll leave a memory
On my table
For the last time,
And the plastic bag you left,
Will be the last sound
I hear,
After liquid courage rivets
My sensible nature into a cage,
And I hear it rustle
As the leaves did
When first you entranced me
With my inhales forced inaudible
Just as forced audible
They were laying in the grass
And I’ll play that image
In my head
Of the first moment I felt alive,
Until I fade out, lay still,
Never to breathe out again.
56 lines, 291 days left.
Michael H Mar 15
with regards to me,
who would've thought I'd've thunk it.

***, wine or beer,
if you gave me a drink I'd've drunk it.

a biscuit with tea,
and I'll contemplate life while I dunk it.
Thomas W Case Mar 10
Once I began to get heathy,
I cut out all the junk food,
and saturated fats.
No more bacon and eggs for me.
I added fruits and vegetables
to my diet.
I exercise, and I pound
****** Mary's  from 6 am to noon.
The tomato juice is very healthy.
Payton Feb 26
Again, I **** the cigarette.
Again, I nurse the liquid fire.
Again, again, again.
I do these things again and
again, for no other reason than this:
It reminds me of him.
This poem was written in 2019.
Owen Feb 6
So Ill take my eighty proof medicine
shot after shot
until the pain inside stops,
until the memories all fade,
until my ears cease ringing
with the silence
of this empty room.
Until this heart halts.
Empire Jan 27
sensitive content

I'm gonna get myself into trouble one of these days
I thought I wanted drinks
Maybe I want pills
I've always been drawn to anything that'll make my head foggy
Pull thick clouds into my mind
Slow my racing heart
Numb my body

I don't always get that
I have my various ways
I could easily ruin my life with drugs
It's enticing
Something better than having to live
Not without its own pains
But at least sometimes they'd go away

And it's then that I find myself
Wrapped in a foggy bliss
Nearly unable to move
Can't think
Barely breathing
And that's how I like it
I almost thought I'd die
The thought didn't seem to bother me
Not with my system flooded
With whatever it is I've decided to take
No... there's a kind of peace in deciding
You have nothing left to lose
It's really amazing what's legal to put in your body
lowkeymorns Jan 23
I could not anticipate the effects you had on me.
Illusions of self confidence, a
Falsehood of self esteem

You Had me going slowly down the road of no return.
Like sugar mixed with heat,
It still turns black when it is burnt.

We used to spend are nights chasing story's we could tell,
But stories turn to memory's of
Those we left unwell.

Even now I'm with you I think back on how we used to be.
The Infatuation's gone,
After years I need reprieve.

Left me as a shell,
Empty bottle of a man.
Can never hold another,
Can't stop thease shaking hands.

The tap is finally dry.
The doors locked, and closed.
Happy hours paced,
The bartenders gone home.

We are all that's left,
It's only you and me.
Just Another lonely man,
Whos first love, was 2 shots of misery.
Sorry for any grammer errors or spelling
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