Amanda 2d
I have been drinking too much to write you a song
Downed too many drinks to say I care
Because when sober the pain becomes
Far too much for me to bear

I've been drowning sorrows in alcohol
Numbing the hurt night after night
I want to tell you I love you
I've been drinking too much to write
Written 6/10/13
Steve 5d
Empty bottles gather at my feet,
the feral creature is my forbidden religion,
oh sensitive child do you see the evil,
do you see your future,
the straight jacket of steel,
the tears glistening in the night,
my life lied to me,
long walks in the streets,
smell the reapers dead flowers,
I can't stop staring,
sipping away at the truth,
I look to the heavens,
I count the burdens,
I see no gods,
there are no masters,
the truth is ever so clear
but I can't see straight
Knocking some back,
You know I'm not chasing.
I swear I tried to cut back,
But embracing
It's just in my nature.

So don't get attached
When we're dancing
So stop advancing,
Because I'm just glancing.

You'll wake to cold.
But I told you,
You'll wake.
So don't claim I'm fake.
Gray Jun 10
Isn’t it weird that you can take a nap and still wake up tired?
What’s the point of napping if it just makes me feel worse than before?

Isn’t it weird that people drink decaf coffee?
What’s the point of drinking coffee if it isn’t going to be caffeinated?

Isn’t it weird that i think these are weird?
What’s the point of me complaining?
3 things
I remember 3 things

I got in the car with him.
He came in me.
He kicked me out at 6 in the morning.

I remember 3 things,
Because I was drunk.

I probably consented,
But I don’t really remember.

It wasn’t rape though.
I took that risk when drinking so much.
I mean, it’s really my fault.

I don’t know if it was consensual
Did I want it?
I don’t remember.
I know sober me did not.
Either way, I was drunk.
So it’s not rape,
It’s regret.
Starting the conversation
Daniel Ruiz May 31
First shot in the air,
I can still smell your hair
I can still see your face
In the mirror
Behind the bar.

Two shots and counting,
I’ll be counting them like stars
Like the digits
in your phone number
I still remember.

4 shots,
The bartender takes pity,
And crosses my gaze
With incredible pain,
And gives me a hug
To compliment the alcohol,

8 shots I get out the bar,
Now I’m wandering the streets
Only the moonlight
Watches over me,
I cry to god
If he exist,

I cry to the stars,
To the moon,
To the cars
To the streets,

I fall knee first to the ground
Tumbling to come up,
Handling everything wrong,

I know
I know I know,
I know I am,

But I can’t stop seeing you
On every window pane,
I can’t stop hearing you sing,
And laugh,
And cry, and giggle.

I try to forget,
I try to see myself,
Without you

But I can’t.

I should have taken more than 8 shots.
Ophelia May 27
He is Drowned

Contours of chest holding hollow air
Silent as empty promise

Buried along side broken glass.

The muck between his ears, distant.
Easily forgotten

Now my neurons fire like tangled thread
Bottles drained
Each sip twisting meanings

I must be worthless

These hands were bread to serve
To save
There is worth in salvation
If it is all that I have left
I will deliver it to him
Sadness is not distinct
to you drinking the ink
of the pen of another poet


La tristeza no es distinta
a ti bebiendo la tinta
de la pluma de otro poeta
Haleigh May 24
I’m sorry that I don’t always
Find the time for exercising
And sometimes my room is cluttered
I’m not a real clean person

I’m sorry that sometimes
I leave my cereal bowl
On the table
I don’t relate, half the time
To things that are important

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I’m good at school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

I know sometimes
I’m not perfect
I do not practice
What I preach
But neither do you
Cause no one can
Don’t mean to burst your bubble.

I can’t read minds,
You’d like me to
I wish I could
Cause then I’d know
Exactly when you’re mad at me
And then I wouldn’t need
To have these pointless
Panic Attacks
My brain thinks are so important
I should see a doctor

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I do well school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

I like to think
I’m unique
I try to stand outside the crowd
But you told me
I sure blend in well
I think that’s mean
Because you’re the most
Basic bitch I’ve ever known
But maybe you’re right,
I’m just like you.

But I don’t smoke and
I don’t drink
I don’t do drugs
I don’t party
I’m good at school,
And I live at home
I’m doing my best, Mom.

You’re right, Mom:
A "B" is not an "A"
I’m a hoarder
I’m not healthy
I’m pretty lazy
Quite complacent

But I’m doing my best, Mom
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