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Sitting on its haunch,
Bear drinking river water.
Alone. Safe. Secure.
A random Haiku sort of thing about how my day went.
Sian Rogers Oct 6
She found him
Darkness and despair surrounding
The colour gone from his cheeks
Nothing left for him to seek
Whisky on the table
A beer in his hand
She kissed him gently
And he buried his head in the sand
Serum sternly slaps
Unloosening your straps
Not as strong as other rhum
But still can bang on your heart drum
It's somewhat soft and somewhat oily
It doesn't taste rough, but rather sweetly
Beginner's drink, but not of avail
What shame, outside of Czech Republic it ain't for sale
A freestyle for my favorite alcoholic beverage, written in 2 minutes.
Mitch Prax Sep 24
When some days
are not so bad as others
but you’re still drinking
and miserable.
The inching hatred
of who you are
but not what you’ve done-
that’s depression.
Mitch Prax Sep 21
Every time I drink
tea I think of you and that's
a beautiful thing

6:15 PM
Francie Lynch Sep 14
Its commensal, at best,
This house fly of a guest;
Who frequents your home,
Alits on a chair,
Rubbing its hands together.
It shows no regrets,
Feeding, slurping and buzzing,
With a self-made bequest.
I can tolerate a bar fly;
A barn fly, a sty fly;
I've the guzzler bottle fly,
That plunders my fridge,
Swarms over my beer
Like a blood-thirsty midge.
He's a house fly,
And ignorant,
So fly paper won't do.
I need SWAT to shoo
This house fly adieu.
Do you have a house fly?
Michael Hole Sep 12
Six days of drinking,
partial insanity,
I drink ketamine,
and I slip from reality.

My eyes feel like they have sand in them,
my ears, mouth, nose, too.
oh ****...
they do.

Why am I paralysed?
Why can't I move?
I've been rolled up in a banner...
what the **** did I do?

On a beach in Cambodia,
thrown under a stage,
after I fell into a K-hole,
and emerged the next day.

The pain is too much,
I pass out willingly.
Wake up and I'm drowning...
Water is killing me.

I cling to the dive rack,
my strength starts to wane.
I try to scream help me,
Then I blackout again.

Wake up in a rowboat,
cooked by the sun,
Skin crimson and blistered,
what have I done?

My ankle's broken,
no wallet or phone,
I beg for a ride,
please just take me home.

The kind stranger helps me,
brings me to my hotel.
I swallow five ******
and escape from this hell.
Michael Hole Aug 23
Another year passes,
Not sat on our arses,
But living and loving, us all.

Good times and bad,
The happy, the sad,
Victories won, big and small.

So wherever you are,
Estranged or afar,
Party tonight ‘til you fall.

And to all of his friends,
Michael Danger Hole sends,
A Happy New Year to you all!
Michael Hole Aug 23
Blend how I missed you,
Wished to sip you,
Whilst I was away.

In Singapore
you were no more,
and it ruined my ****** day.

But now I'm back
with you again,
In some ****** little dive.

You'll pour again,
Like falling rain,
My golden 285.
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