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I am not afraid of
showing you my body.

I am afraid of
only showing you my body.

my mind is a mess.
a deep, beautiful,
complicated mess
of thoughts that twist
and turn and tangle.

I want you to be more interested
in prying open my mind
than prying open my legs.

I want you to be more interested
in me than my skin.

anyone can hear a heartbeat.
anyone can see a body
if it’s in front of them.

not everyone can hear thoughts.
not everyone can see love
if it’s in front of them.
Jonathan Oct 13
His knuckles were knots.
Round, tight bunches,
Tied roughly, taught
By the lessons of men;
Who seem only to brutalize
The beauty of the body.

His heart was chiseled.
Stone in the stead of flesh,
Fixed to a function. Grounded,
Not in hope, but the kiln’s capture.
Heat, the blistering rage, resolved
In all the hand’s heartless work.

His mind was not his. Home;
A house of helplessness. Now,
The mental mutiny made know.
Year's of yearning for youth, only
To forfeit all faith of the future,
In exchange for hard truth.
Yamini Oct 12
When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to
and stuff that you are taught to
there stands a mess
swirling, twirling, in your head
an  outbreak as stress
that made you bled

When I tried self love
all I got was centeredness
when I tried respect
all I got was harassment
all I got was
all it brought was
the felling that I don't wanna feel
the healing that I never gonna deal

We pretend to show better
we lie to hide bitter
we smile to hide pain
we cry to drain
what that soul needs
what that heart beg for
is not human breed
to untangle

I wanna gift myself
a face with smiles
I want a bookshelf
which gives me my time
but this world
is full of intruder
earth is curled
and so the people are

So the stress is
who jump into intellect
and ****** his
gifts and memoir
and blew it far

When uh aren't feeling
what you ought to  
and stuff uhh ae dealing
isn't the part that you are taught to '
don't let the mess stand
against you
just drop the things planned
by you
and flow with the memoirs
that had been blown far

When uhh aren't feeling
stop dealing with the ought and the taught
else you will be caught....
Nina Oct 10
I am a mess
I find happiness
In self pain
I find comfort
In heart breaks

It hurts to feel the pain
And yet
I am completely okay with it

I am a mess
I feel empty
And incompletely
Without the need
Of getting hurt
Gea Venise Oct 9
I should have come with a warning
Like how I always did.
A warning before you engaged
For being too much of a mess.

But I did not
Because I do not look at you
Like how I look at everybody else.

I somehow wanted you to see me
What I never kept open for anybody.
I became vulnerable.
I thought it would not scare you away
Like how it scared them
So I took the risk.

It must pay off, right?
𝘛𝘩𝘦 𝘜𝘯𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘴𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘷𝘪𝘥𝘦.

I just wanted you to love me more than I hate myself.

Now, I am too clouded.
Hoping that you would never see me
The way I see myself.

But you already do, don’t you?
And it is my fault.

You already know how much of a mess I am
And it does not scare you—
Because you are a mess as well.
Wanna rescue earthworms
All about on the drive?
Throw ‘em back on the grass
To try keep them alive

The rain has come down hard
And flooded their worm home
Beneath where they all live
We can’t leave them alone

Before the hot sun welds
Them all to the cement
And long before their last
Squirm and wriggle are spent

Hurry and grab a twig
We’ll save ‘em, you and I
We won’t get them all
But be sure we will try
Alicia Moore Oct 2
if the sun was to strip away your skin,
would your blood be braided neatly
or a mess of knotted unknown identity?
Piyush Sharma Sep 28
When you're tired of acting all good,
Acting all happy, smiling even when you don't want to,
With time flying through...
You just forget what actually HAPPINESS means?
And then your existence is a mess.
Neither relishing in its satisfaction...
Nor filled with tears of contrition.
I'm not sad...
I just like dropping lines of the crucial side.
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