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Bob Sep 2018
Hate comes from ignorance
Anger comes from pain
Heartbreak is the result of lies
Love begins with lust then held on to by hope
Loneliness is much more then being alone
While death starts at birth
Ones birth cause another ones death

Breakup can only happen after hooking up
Perfection means never having to say sorry
But we are so far from perfect
We hookup after breaking up but never make up
It's insane cause we expect it to be different without change
I'm here so you can push blame
Your here just till you find another way

I love the same whether rich or broke
Make love on the change before we roll it up
Turn ***** money clean again with a warning to the teller
Might want to wash your hands
I walk out just in time to see you skipping off with a new man
Catch up as he opens the door for you
Hand you half and you just laugh
He let's me know you'll be ok
Before that door on that rolls can close
I tossed it on  your lap
You may not need it now but you will when you want to come back
I take my forty two fifty and drunk it up
Getting woken up up the sound of a slamming door
A voice ask what are you in for
I guess you could say for falling in love , yourself ?
I stole a rolls royce

Officer can I make my phone call
Thanks for reading. Any feedback is appeciated
Dinithi Perera Sep 2018
She thought for awhile
Blushing , she ran to the balcony
He was there with his bad smirk
She whispered
I fell in love with the way you touched me
Without using your hands
He was her everything
Ava May May 2018
Reliving the same night over and over and over and over again.
Oh, how insane it can drive me.
Every time, every **** time, I close my eyes after a long stressful day I drift off into a place of  mind where there is supposed to be dreams that take you to a place of imagination. A place where anything can happen. Wanna know where I drift off to? Hell.
I see your face and that smirk. That smirk where your lips are parted but not enough to show your shiny, white, perfect teeth. I see the tree above me covering my exposed scarred up body from the cold night sky that I once used to prance under. I feel the heat of your breath that normally lingers of nicotine and whiskey on my neck. I drift off to a place where the one I loved placed his hand where ever he pleased as I laid there thinking of a different place. I have these nightmares of this night where I lost parts of me. Parts that completed me.
I relive the same night over and over and over and over again.
Oh, how I am going insane.
Skylar Keith H Nov 2017
A dark field that stretches in front of me
Seeming to have no end
I sigh, turning my head to look back

The black mist seeps through the crack of the wall
I built it
Safety or precaution
I don't know which
I can't remember

Both things are dark
Seem to be a danger
I must face
As I can't go anywhere else

Left - Right
I don't want to go there

I sigh, looking back
It's grinning at me
It's laughing at me
They come closer

I smirk
Not at the path
Not at the mist

They close around me
Trapping me
All I can do is smirk
They sky went from gray to black in a matter of seconds
Adrian Nov 2017
I wrote a song once
About a girl
With chamomile eyes
It wasn't about the color
It was about the feel
The way her eyes seemed to embrace you
To wrap you up
And hold you
And protect you
You are not that girl
Your eyes
Are nothing like that
Your eyes
Are a dark
Deep brown
All edges
Daring me
Pushing me
Teasing me
Your eyes have a hint of laughter
And contradiction
A cool brown
That can cut through me
When you are mad
Relentless and so, so impassive
But make my stomach drop
When you give me that look
You know the one I'm talking about
It's all eyes
All tilt of the head
Twist of the lips
As they curve up
In a teasing smile
And the ember
In the brown ashes
Of your daring eyes
Makes me weak
Janae Jul 2017
sometimes i'm too nice
sometimes i don't think twice
sometimes i feel like nothing can stop me
other times i feel like the world is trying to
stomp me
sometimes i glare unaware
sometimes i feel like no one is ever there
other times i feel like i got the best around and i'm
safe and sound
blurcasewriter Mar 2017
"You're a goofball" she muttered
"And you're a typo queen" I smirked at her
"But you're my goofball" she smirked back
"Forever and always like you are my queen"
Yet now I'm reminiscing and a total wreck..
Base on a true story :(
ashley Mar 2016
I almost forgot the way his lips felt against mine, or how his lands left trails of fire on my skin, or how our bodies tangled together perfectly, underneath a pile of blankets in the morning light. Just like the way he laughed, I almost forgot how he would smirk when I caught him looking at me. He is so much more than anyone can see. He is the lyrics that are constantly in his head and the summer nights that make him smile. Everything from his favorite kind of beer, to how he got that scar on his cheek. He might not be important to everyone else, likewise, neither is every little thing about him, but to me, he was my everything. He is my everything. He is everything. and I miss everything.
triccckkk Aug 2015
I was broken in pieces,
Life filled with emptiness;
All I saw was sorrow,
Grasped a smile to borrow.

You came with a smile,
I felt complete for a while;
Now they seem to be a joke,
They're not smiles, but mere smirks.

The sonata streams, soars through the starlight                      
I play you my songs, but still you can’t hear
My music used to woo you toward the right
Yet now my notes don’t carry far, I fear
The love between us is a one-way street
I pray that you’ll see me in a new light
The lack luster of my eyes breaths defeat                              
What I wish for should not be such a fight
And then, for an instant, I see you smirk.                                  
And then, the crows feet of your eyes wrinkle.
And then, I feel confidence start to work.
And then, I try to make your eyes twinkle.
               My feelings pour into sweet honey’d tongue.                
               Your giggles in my ear, forever rung.
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