Rick 2d

he wasn’t very good at
telling the truth
or couldn’t handle
hearing it
from someone else

so for the longest time
I ran in the
opposite direction
to avoid him

but limitations are violent

until I realized
that the truth
was my only weapon
against him

he runs marathons now...

Sitting in this dark room
Running from my own darkness
Drowning out this fear and pain
With cold liquor and burning nicotine

Anxiety is spiraling through my veins
And the alcohol tames it for a minute
But then again I'm drinking alone
And that itself is dangerous

My clean arms are taunting me
Begging me to stain them red
With my own hands
To coat them with my own demons

I've been clean awhile now
And I've been doing well
But some days I'm not so sure
Because the knife is always a few feet away

How do you kill something inside yourself?
How do you escape your own feelings?
I know it's unhealthy
But these substances make it easier to deal

Sometimes I say to myself
I just wanna run
Til my sadness gone
Til the leaves are ready to fall
And I run on a carpet of leaves
I walk several steps to take
A wonderful my tame snake

"What's the worst feeling?"
"When you feel like you're running
a marathon, but everyone else
simply sees
a 50 meter sprint."

Alec Jan 11

I sit here, alone in my room
Contemplating the world,
And is my life gonna end soon?

Cause I know-
I know,
That there's something missing.
Something just out of reach,
Something that I can't keep.

They say,
"Out of sight,
Out of mind"
But I don't think that applies here!

Cause I know-
I know,
That there's something out there.
Just waiting for me,
Waiting to make me happy.

And I know
It's a stretch.
I'm a mess,

I just need some hope.
Or else I might choke,
Underneath this constant pressure.
This tidal wave,
Pushing and pulling me under.

And I know-
I know,
This isn't the end.
And I'm sure that there's somethin'
Just 'round the bend.

But can I make it,
To the other side?
If I can't seem to get
Out of this life

Yeah I know-
I know,
That everyone's out there.
But it's hard to remember
That they still care.

I know that I'm di-fi-cult...
I know I can make people
Feel like they're useless!
I know all these things,
Cause in my head it rings...

Game Start!
Out hard.
Don't try.
You Died.

Do I put in another quarter?
Or do I just sit back in horror?
How many quarters is this gonna take?
I could play this game
For the rest of the damn...

Maybe it's better if I just,
Go away?
Maybe then I can,
Own to my mistakes?
Is that what it's
Gonna take?



My friend was talking about how she draws her feelings, and it inspired me to write this.
Hanna Jones Jan 8

I've been running since what feels like forever.
Checking over my shoulder and counting each second.
A sand timer liquefying to water
as my strides weaken.

My sole is worn
My breath is fast
I'm trying so hard but
I can't ever seem to get past


A motor churns within you,
pushing you beyond what is rational.
Your heart is slow but it is yearning
for something additional:


I'm scared to cut my knees if I fall.

Wish I knew how to do italic on this site.
Liz Humphrey Jan 5

Oh the things I let you do
made a god of you
giving and you take
not awake to the ways
I made me weak
knelt willingly
as you kissed me
a parody of grace
a sinner afraid
ashamed of her crimes
the worst of mine being
first a thirst for freedom
this independence
quench it
second imperfections
unchecked boxes and missed directions
submit for corrections
third pleas for gentle words
shut up that never works
with women like you
thus you loved
me not brave enough
or knowing how to love
myself until the day I could
I stood and ran
you will not see me again

Sequel to "I'm Leaving You." One year later.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017

Astringent to eyes,
A fierce kiss to the soft lips,
Chopping the onion.

Chopping an onion is no joke.Makes you cry as if you are at a funeral
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