Ethan Polson Apr 18

Wake up my tender child,
So sweet, caring and mild,
It's time to walk free,
To the stormy, twisting Sea,
But before you swim away from me,
Enjoy the run, you hear me?
Wake up my precious child,
Slow down your running wild,
You may think swimming in the Sea is fun,
But soon you'll be asking for one more run,
Wake up my dearest child,
Your swimming too rough and riled
Your arms and legs are weary and worn
The Sea is drowning you and you're too torn
Wake up my drowning child
Remember when you smiled?
Fight the this Sea with that grin,
And I promise you you'll win

Gaib Apr 18

The keys. The keys are on the kitchen table.
The car. The car is parked just outside.
My bag. I've packed it with clothes, not much else.
Money. Not a lot of it, but probably just enough.
My phone. In my pocket, turned off.

Is it really just these things i need, to run away from this place?

Leave my life behind fly out wide, deep in space.
Running away, leaving all the challenges I face.

Would it really be that easy just to leave this place?

In a metaphorical prison, surrounded by concrete walls. It's lucky that my mind's ever seen sun light at all. I mean physically the door's right there but mentally I continue to stall.

Why? Why do I stay, looking out the window through the bars? Dreaming of a life I'll never have from afar.

I never understood why the caged bird sings, i mean what does it have to sing about? Locked in a cage, alone with my thoughts, I begin to shout...

I AM NOT A CAGED BIRD! Please let me out?!

I could open the door, but I'm fighting in my mind,
part of me says that it's nice here, the other part knows this is just irrational fear.

So grab the I keys, open the door, I feel as though I'm ready to explore.

I wonder....will I ever miss the cage I lived in before?

Sean Scribbles Mar 27

As the rain falls down
So my feet sound out
And pad the coated asphalt ground
And the truth is there for me to find
That running warm and in that storm
Those were the best few miles of my life

Truth. (:
Delta Swingline Mar 21


They're empty first of all.
And anything or anyone that appears to be there, isn't actually there, you-- are dreaming. Don't believe me?

Let's play a game, it's called, "Where's Waldo?" With you as "Waldo".
Yes, that's right, you-- have to find yourself in this sea of walls, floors and people you do not know.

These people, with stoic faces, walk the same halls, looking for the same thing. They do not care that you are here, and you don't care that they are here.

Just get to the end of the hallway, but don't go into the light, you are not here to die -- you can't. You have to find yourself before you do. But there are some people who die before finding themselves in the "Where's Waldo?" page.

They're dead!

Out of this maze of halls you find yourself in.

But you...

You are determined. You will not leave without finding yourself, do not allow yourself to give up!


At the end of the hall! It's you!

You found yourself! You win the search! Now go!

Run! Get to them, yourself is waiting for you at the end of this hall.

RUN! Run as fast as your legs can carry you! Because you do not have time to think, so RUN!

They need you to save them! They're calling out to you, screaming for help, for You.

Get to them, grab their hand, save them!

...And just as you barely make contact with their hand and lock eyes with a body with the same eyes and face as you...

They begin to fade, to disappear!! WAIT!  NO!

Come Back!!

You were so close to saving them!

You wake up.

It was all just a dream.

You were dreaming right? You know you were dreaming!

You get up. Open the door... exit the room...

And you walk down a hallway...

I wish I could help myself... or save myself.
Rianna Mar 19

So there I was,
running and running
trying to catch up with the sun,
with all my hopes and dreams.
I was right at an arms length,
until then I woke up

KKM Mar 1

you tried to drown your fears in sunshine but the red thread in the corner of your oversized sweater caught on the moon's crescent instead and the rose petals that you were keeping up your sleeves fell out and onto the garden of peonies your best friend was growing on her front lawn, its not nice to constantly be running from forest green comfort but the only other option is staying where the gold is and thats something you never learned to do, yet
maps have followed you recklessly
on the roads that you've ripped through and eventually you'll find yourself climbing taller fences to be back where the purple of the last February evening wrapped your impulsive body tight, though you'll never be found how you were last left

Beatriz M Feb 22

Aimless people
Running through this city
Looking for a shelter
In someone's arms.
Desperate runners
Trying to escape from this maze
From those hideous, scared forms
They see in the mirrors at the stores.
Running from themselves
Escaping from reality
In an illusion of happiness
They always try to reach.
Navigating through the darkness
While they try to find
Any sigh of light
Even in somebody's eyes.

Oskar Erikson Feb 13

Are we running
because you're afraid of me

or the starting pistol aimed at us both.

Lady Bird Feb 11

echoed steps faster pace
shadows on every corner
running with no destination
tripping over her confusion
she's now on the ground
eyes covered with fright

Oskar Erikson Feb 6

i can only imagine a day
where you'd prefer to stay
                                                                        than sprint away.
So Run.
Run faster and faster and faster!
begging may outpace you.

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