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Drums in the distance we ran to the beat,
Outside Maternity a Sikh throng,
Clapping loudly, dancing and song.
We soon join in - unexpected spectacle this and full of joy!

"Its a boy, it's a boy, it's a boy!"
uselace Sep 27
i have spent
thousands of hours
of my life running-
running from anger
the need
to crawl
out of my own skin
it begs the question
will i ever
stop running?
i remember a basketball game we lost badly. i went straight out to the track and sprinted in the dark until i couldn't breathe and my legs were shaking. i ran two miles that night and nobody noticed i had been gone.
Fire sprites
Slowly through
Winds far and wide
Blow through
The flames spread
The raging dance the
Proud glance
You rage forward through
The nights roar blowing out
The light, Hiding
Waiting in the darkest
Blackest night
Osiria Melody Sep 22
Unbeknownst to her family,
Ascends a conflagration of unforeseen limits
A relentless and foul depravity
She cries in disbelief for she might not make it

Kindled in her ashen spirits,
She is taunted by depression's gravity
This vortex of agony is death's one-way ticket
That bewilders her sagacity

In our darkest moments, we are strong enough to escape the vortex.
lua Sep 22
My heart pounded against my chest so hard
It felt as if something was punching me
We ran,
Hand in hand
And never took a second to look back
For there was nothing left to look back on
But the charred silhouettes of memories
Soon to be forgotten.
we left it all behind when the fires started
Erian Sep 13
He walked past skyscrapers and city lights
Passing the school every night.
"I'll still be here," He mumbled into the dusk
While asteroids blazed overhead.
Days followed by
In a solar system, running down.
The more he looked up -
The more he felt like gravity was letting loose
"Someday, somehow, we'll collide."
Forever hoping,
It was who they were.
They were on a collision course.
Ashita Sep 4
In the hope of time,
I kept running around.

Straying away the time i had.

Far away from what was mine,
Stood my diminished self.

in the hope of time,
I lost the little that was mine.
HoPe HuRtS.*.*.*.
PMc Sep 2
Run away with me like we wanted to
when were twelve
toss it all to join my circus
we’ll see the world through rose coloured glasses
we bought from the dollar store
on our way past the thrift shop

Steal away my time, like you have
in my dreams
necking near the water’s edge
making love in hotel rooms vacated by vagrants
with ***** linen
and empty plastic mickey bottles

Spend a day with me, unplanned, uncharted
we’ll *** cigarettes to pretend we smoke
dine in a fancy establishment and spend the last
of our sixty-four dollars and twelve cents
tax and tip included
reminding each other what it’s like to just enjoy
enjoy the day free of what freedom takes away when
freedom isn’t free

Take a moment with me, breathe in fresh new friendships
hug one another like we mean it
look into one-another’s eyes for so long, it reminds us that we have
but this moment.
Spent a summer with a terrific woman who had the *****, sense of humour and drive I had ever hoped for.  Our lives got in the way but - for those brief moments on that warm summer afternoon........aahhhh....
Amulya Aug 27
There are three clocks in my house,
One has been stuck at 3 forever,
One got stuck at 8 this morning,
There's only one that's running,
Is  5 minutes late,
And I've got friends who can't wait
Glory Aug 23
I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, slow.
Low, as in, if I take a step in the wrong direction I'm going to fall but there are no **** lights on.
Low, as in, I went to sleep at 6 AM even though I told you I would at 4. Then I woke up at 10. And again at 11:04. And again at 12.
Low, as in, when you texted me hello, that other girl wanted to say goodbye.
Low, as in, that other girl apologized for the inconvenience she causes with her existence and apologises for apologising.
And every other word is an apology because she only knows the words "I'm sorry".

I'm feeling low today.
Let me guess:
Just eat a little more.
Just sleep a little more.
Just remember that you are loved.

I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, I can't eat because suddenly my body does not need it, I'm running on I'm sorry's and warm tea.
Low, as in, I'm running.
Low, as in, I'm sleeping, and waking up and sleeping and waking up.
And I'm tired of it.

I'm feeling low today.
Low, as in, I know people love me.
Low, as in, love was never the problem, the problem is me, the problem is waking up, the problem is digesting food that makes me want to ***** out all the strength in my body.

I'm feeling low today.

And maybe, after reading that line for the fifth time, it might start to look like a landmine.
Every time you stumble on it,
You die,
A little bit inside.

I'm feeling low today.
I'm sorry.
Them: How are you?
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