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breaking morning with the birds,
she glides beneath the rising sun,
a vapor trail of sweat and spent breath
drifting in her wake.

muscles taut, brow poised,
a stream of hair - airborne ribbons,
and stones shudder beneath her feet.

thundering along the hillside,
she beholds the world as it fades from grey
and the truth of things is shown
with the death of night.

another mile and she'll turn around,
set course for home,

Meditate how you see fit. Do what you're doing, as you do it.
Hasani 2d
The path ahead
Gives me a sense of meaning
Like a child,
I am giddy,
Fidgeting thinking
Of the time when my feet
Hit the pavement,
And my body,
Is put to the test

Running is the hobby
That I love best
Cynthia 4d
Remember when you once thought you had lost it all?
Remember when you thought you would never see the sunrise or the rainbow?
Remember when you ran so fast,
Running away from fear,
Running away from love and
Running away from everyone who hurt you?
While running, you forgot that you were strong.

When you feel like running away remember that
You have been here before,
You have relived those thoughts before, and you have survived,
Do not quit when Life gets rough
Keep running,
Keep showing up where you are needed, where you are loved and appreciated.

Running can be tiring, and one day, you will realize that as you arrive at the finish line, you will need to slow down.

The finish line is just ahead, be filled with joy.
Keep your eyes fixed on the Pioneer and Perfecter of your Faith.
Once again, everything has changed.
This time, it was for the worst.
But we'll be okay.
Because we've always thought it was more important
To help an injured runner than finishing first.
We do this because in the end,
It doesn't matter who finishes first or last.
As long as we stick together,
No matter what we face, we can kick its ***.
lua May 17
the dogs howl and bark to the beat of my feet
as i go
stomping away
on the damp soil
my heels dig through wet dirt
as i run
to somewhere i don't know yet
i have no destination
but the only thing that keeps me running
is the fact that my heart is still pumping
and blood still rushes through my veins
and i won't stop
until it does.
run away
little runaway
We are all running away
from something or someone
The memory that trails after us
The ghost that walks the halls
of our vacant hearts

We run to escape
the grip of past aches
Ignoring weary muscles
and acid breath
****** into our burning lungs

We run alone
under moonless skies
our sweat soaked skin
glistening like stars

We run along side shadows
cast by the relentless sun
who watches daily our tired feet
stir up dusty earth

And I've ran and ran
the world and back
But no matter how far I travel
Or the different paths I tread

I always keep running
into you

OrcasTogether May 10
I know you travel the wind blown lands
And dance across the sun kissed sands
But when the day fades with the sun in tow
Then where will you go?

I know you laugh under moonlight’s beams
And swim joyfully in the soothing streams
But when the river’s currents cease to flow
Then where will you go?

I know you run through the muddy plains
And jump into seas to clean the stains
But when the bottoms of oceans begin to show
Then where will you go?

I know you trek up the highest mountains
And gust dandelion seeds by the thousands
But when the swirling and cheerful winds don’t blow
Then where will you go?

I know you run to escape from your past
And move before they catch you at last
But when your consumed by those crying woes
Then where will you go?

— OrcasTogether
Sometimes we should stop running from our fears and destroy them before they destroy us first.
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