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Raven Feels Jul 15
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I hate this color:)

from the couldn't write to the couldn't sleep
almost questioned the revenge from the read
to have the crumbled skin kiss the red
the lost bitten nails got teared and fed
pastel in capital letters on sand
the cruel wave washes in no clock hand
an orange flee for your life
leave a trail to follow and strive

Nikita May 18
Tight in my grip
I feel your nails slip
Digging deep
Digging hard
She says to me
He left me a card
Long and lithe fingers,
comfort moulded into cones,
is where art kisses geometry
and meets one of its own.

Her hands are to touch
manicured and glazed,
you feel home and lost
a Pharaoh now, and next a waif

The nails, you find and wonder
filed for a student and trimmed.
Not a wisp of colour
bare as a bone, naked and skinned.

Snug in a life song,
a pallbearer of untold griefs,
they are a stark sight
of colourless coral reefs.  

On but a blue moon,
they’re a savoury rare,
when hungry eyes feast
on the riotous fair.

Why, one day, I ask thee?
She would smile and wouldn’t tell.
‘Never felt like’,
is her No Comment.
Scorched skin and broken nails
This love makes me so **** frail.
Inked-on stars and shaking fingers
My heart thrives on these lurches and twinges.
Raven Feels Apr 13
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, blood is shameless;]

impurity on the ***** red

I pure I shed

hunger I fed

so loose so tight on the lead

so irritating she bled

revolting when it messes with the head

doors closed sounds spread

again unlike the befores I said

polluted on garments I five the two

onto the further of the farthest of lives

I paint I skin

I smudge the thin in the thrill

till it comes to a ****

and a breathe is willed

for nails to blood

and fingers to clot

guilty shame not guilty shameless pleasures on the lots

I care I not


                                                               ­                      --------ravenfeels
Laokos Feb 27
shirtless screaming through
the heartland and I used
to smoke cigarettes

she never wanted
to stay: the youth
she had
left demanded it.
now, I'll wager
she's somewhere
in an apartment with
some dandy that
wears sweater vests
to Thanksgiving dinner.

maybe she thinks
about me and my little
twisted heart every
now and again:
like when she's away
from the sweater vest
on the toilet
behind a locked door,
"be right out, babe!"
or toting groceries
through a parking lot
to her car,
or signaling a
left turn before
changing her mind
and deciding to
go straight instead.

maybe I need to
stop thinking
about her
especially after
three years

but what can I say?
I've never slept on
a bed of nails
I couldn't
dream on.
Jordan Gee Oct 2020
The pendulum is a bull shark.
The hour of the savior is a pregnant bride's swan dive into the water.
The mighty mile is a figure 8 in the scoot of
non slop socks across the bare linoleum.
Blood and bright are the redness of the blanket.
divine terror at one hart beat per hour.
Finger nails green and black against a back drop
of the brightest, bluest eyes you've ever seen;
deep pools of liquid light that will shine when least expected.
And the obligation isn't one at all,
for when i breath in,
you breath out.
And when I gave consent 1000 years ago times 10-
you performed the exorcism under the shroud of my amnesia
and the spotted light from a crystal disco ball.
Shards of light moved upon the face of all the space between the stars.
My heart was in the highlands but now its in your hands.
post equinox Sep 2020
Mahe Barzh Sep 2020
" different from the first one. "

her fingers are glossy.


glossing. n

classy. i stand gazing.

like uh, a primitive, eye

she tells me their sensitive

and i believe her. because I

am quite the gullible guy

for sweet.. pretty..


.innocent. looking



she magnetically slapssss

and caresses the back of my dome.

tap tap... tap

' hmm a heavy stone, '

tap tap... tap

'it has a lot of content'... tap

tap tap .'oh'. tap tap tap




She begins her


from the top of my head


            tippy toeing        





         her  fragile nails

Like a

rehearsed fantasy..

she's been wanting

                                 to do.

she closes in

and rests her

index finger

across my neck like a

scythe shape sun....

she approaches  breathes.

in...and... whispers..


  “What are you thinking?”

And within that.

          my eyes smile.

[i don’t really know,  some sort of brain activity..... ]

                  “I think”

[your pretty, inside, outside,worldwide, ]

        [and ]

“I think”

[_<(^.^)> <(^.^<) (>^.^<) (>^.^)>]


She still keeps going                                    [ it’s a long walk…………]








closing in


this time in a more arrowed position across the more pronominal areas.

‘Why are you hesitant ?'

on being religiously

silly ?."

"Like if

    you dislike


              the idea of

                         being  bright?’


people are .........   ]

“Wait What???"

That’s not true.

only sometimes...


but still

“that's  so wrong

And misleading. "

but please go on”.
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