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mjad Jul 29
My heart was left splattered
The room has been left untouched
Blood has dried on the walls around me
But he walks around scraping it off
My body quivers in fear
His nails drag on the surface
But his eyes stay on me
White paint peaks through
I feel like I'm about to puke
Taking the broom he sweeps
My broken heart right to me
As if his cleaning was helping me
He forgot and forgave, and I was not ready for that mental cleansing yet
Thoughts eating away at my brain,
mouth drying away,
lips sealing my shrieking soul away,
tongue stuttering away,
heart palpating away,
lungs having no air,
muscles fidgeting away,
fear crippling my soul away,
nails chipping away,
stress rushing to my brain,
vision blurring away,
tears streaming down my face,
body trembling away
as anxious nerves take me away.
throughout the years
my heart has been bashed and broken
shattered and torn
dismantled and crushed
but i kept it together with nails and screws

then he came along
and slowly tore them out
one by one
until he was the only thing holding me together

he mended my broken heart
and i no longer need nails and screws to hold me together
he saved my broken heart
You called yourself a failure because you chipped a finger nail.
That’s when I knew I needed so much more than you;
and you needed so much less of me.
Building the ark when the flood has already come.
Using the finger nails of the drowned to hold it together.
Will this keeps us a float,
Or will we sink and join the dead below?
Random Thoughts
Black moss and flower pots.
She cometh not, she cometh not.
Lonely and moated,
Rusted nails broken.

Dew with tears,
An hour before sunlight.
Cold winds wake,
A greyish mourn.
Clustered marish-mosses,
Silver green bark.

In a dreamy home.
Among wainscot,
Door hinges creak.
Like a mouse,
She shrieked-
She cometh not, she cometh not.
Bohemian Mar 13
Ever,if we meet under the canopy of coincident
Your collars shall be on the verge
To be plucked out by me
With the 'good-girl nails' plunged into your flesh
I promise,
I'll get the red in you,out,oozed
Soon will turn you Sapphire blue
Neither your counters
Nor roughness would chase that of mine
Now then you shall be Kisna's pigment
I shall embellish a Peacock's feather on your unkempt hair design
Your hair that you've nurtured in masculine style
Torn apart and your face wet in wild wine splashed back to conscious mind
A smile for witnessing you mad at me
But anyway vengeance was mine.
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