Thank you, oh thank you,
I had forgotten what love is,
You came and I was reminded.

You had me healed very soon,
Healed I was to good health,
Thank you, oh thank you.

Thank you, oh thank you,
I forgot what heartbreak is,
You left & pushed me into one.

You gave me a permanent one,
I had forgotten what pain is,
Thank you, oh thank you.

Thank you, oh thank you,
Deceit was not novel to me,
You cursed me into loneliness.

My HP Poem #1605
©Atul Kaushal

I believe there's piece left to carry,
to someone seeing those sorrows,
i love when people just follow you,
all the way to the end,
to love a dozen ways,

i never had anything just a talent that i build,
a skill that appreciate more then money,
sometimes i stare at the window,
thinking there's another life outside these boundaries,
we all call wall of life,
sometimes i think of greed on another nation,
chasing all those powers just to control people
for whatever cost,

it's self assured to be whore you are,
just all  you need is yourself,
don't worry things that come to you,
it will be naturally a reward that you can carry,

i wrote this song so that you can see how i feel,
a constant fakery happens around the world,
no matter how sincere you are your thoughts speaks to you,
i always think problem dissolve its own way,

i sing this song everyday in hopes to drown my  problems away,
i write poetry everyday so others can see how i been through,
an endless mental issues that i cant avoid,
so i reach others who felt the same as away as me,
to reach my cries that no one really cared,

i'm always thinking that no matter how many words i put,
no one can be this crazy just to write thousands of lines,
to realize how hard you worked each day,
but no one really heard your voice.

its everyday feeling i had.
D A N E 11h

I'm sorry,
careless words turned into a mess.
What meant to be in jest,
was hurtful as you have confessed.

I'm sorry,
until who knows for how long.
Forgiveness you gave to move on,
you said, stay here where you belong.

I'm sorry,
for I didn't mean to hurt you.
Knew I am bound to fuck up,
do I really deserve you?

I love you,
you were unexpected.
Changed my life for the best,
I realized I'm so blessed.

I love you,
inside I'm scared shitless.
if I lose you,
my world would be meaningless.

PGM, my world.

The beautiful hope ...

how beautiful my second's night ...
while i'm seeing your vision ...
and waiting you ...
in every night ...
till the morning ...
to see you stealthily ...
truly in my eyes ...
while no one see me ...
while i'm seeing you ...
in spite of all humans ...
in spite of the distance ...
i live on this hope ...
waiting to meet you ...
among between all humans ...
in front of their eyes ...
while i'm as your lover ...
your sweetheart  ...
your real passion ...
and your hope ...
that you seek forever ...

how amazing this passion ...
when this love and this hope ...
gets real as true ...
as the dream which i dreamed ...
the dream which lived inside me ...
all my night from so many years ...

and how beautiful this hope ...
which lives always into my heart ...
and i will be always on this hope ...
will keep on ...
till i meet you ...
will keep waiting ...
and waiting ...
till i be for you ...
as you will be mine ...
and forever ...

you are the hope ...
and my all love ...

sweet angel mine ...

most of the beautiful moments ,...
it's fate to be  always in the memory ...
try to live all your beautiful moments ...
as much as you can ...
and try to get it true ...
let's live our love ...
as the hope which we always hoped for ...

hazem al ...

Chan S 2d

Knowing love, so overwhelmingly strong
Just as much as this hate
But with a heart so pure
I know that this love is the cure.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

In the middle of his graduation,
Akshant met with a serious,
Coma-inducing accident,
On the national highway number one,
Near Faridabad,
And he was taken to the hospital,
The doctors are not sure.

I am very much in pain while reading his suffering.

Stashing them everywhere
I store such coins to pay away the could've beens
To keep my bones and alabaster skin covered until the rainy day need not appear

At which time I can and will, take you by the hand
And show you either the former Winding Way, or create anew
By pulling coins out of the thin air, like a magic man

For this is how I make my way into the world of words

It is...yet it isn't. An act after all.

A man can only write as much as what he holds behind his eyes
And if you were the last sight to see
I can guarantee that you needn't be surprised
If he runs away from such of sight, occasionally

Because the expression is either all about you or nothing at all
There is no in between such things
No inner lining between the eye and the mind
Of what a man has always seen, in you

There is just the wall in front of him
The key to turn, and the inanimate door to find
Don't take it personally
But a man can only write as much of what he holds behind his eyes

Sometimes the silence I sit myself down a necessary silence. Time to reflect and prepare for the future. Other times its because I'm thinking too much and simply need to stop. Such thoughts are corrupting. They seep into my tongue and spoil the expression. Twisting the verse to fit the topic which is most prominently on my mind.

So you were for some time. As I was silent. #needed

We make history as we go
But we also create destruction,
We build sculptures clouds high,
Then find it so easy to knock down.

We rummage and do everything
Possible to find what we can't have,
Shouldn't have, don't need, just greed.

We fight because it's become normality
to brag about what you acquire,
Rather than to share what you have
So you've become a viper.

We walk past one another
As our palms cross paths,
And only dust falls slowly
Whilst our hands collide.

We don't want you to become
Another person to fall into the trap,
That modern society seems to be
Building and creating so cleverly.

Yet stupidly becoming blind
To it's own downpour,
So I wait for the day
As I pray,
We can all be together again.

The Three had been delivered into the valley of fate,
it was there that they were armed with only their instruments,
seemingly shrunken in comparison to the valley's reaches.

So it was here they marched on,
their Frontman blazing the path,
the bonds between them strengthened,
through their shared success,
reinforced by shared lows,
when the weight was equally heavy upon all their shoulders.

It was there that momentum was gained,
a confident crew that had just hit its stride,
with faces that hadn't entirely lost their boyishness,
their walks and actions, however, told a completely different story,
for these new up-and-comers.

It was time.
They had to create an epic of the histories,
They had to make an album.

Act 3- Ascension
Scene 1- Building steam
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