V Exeter 46m
Because of rampant depressive bouts,
lately, all I do is sit here. It's typical.
I've navigated this maze many times.
It gets easier each time.

Picture me, nervous.
As I step for the future,
gradually, my nerves numb.

Lines in the sand
drawn to divide
the best and the worst,
they blur,

leaving me living, just
for the wish that I
may once feel alive.
Ok puberty
Jokes over
You can make me hot now
This is not mine but I just wrote it because I like this quote or whatever it's is words of wisdom I am 14 waiting for puberty to make me sexy go life
Saylor 1d
There's a mirror, hanging on my wall.
It shows me images of what it sees.
There's no bias. No judgement.
All I see is the hideous monster I call me.
This one is rather short
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Pale legs sprawl out;
untangling and stretching,
as I absorb the
Montana air.

Isolated, we sit,
under the big


White clouds float
through a sea of

The same shade of
orange as those sugary
push-up's my father would
shove down my

Gas station sweets
to make me
me forgive

I shake the feeling
of comparisons—
they never did me
any good.

Instead, I lie down
and allow you
to touch my
tense body.

Softly, you
reach over, muffling
words of beauty and

I do not flinch.

I flash a smile
and focus on

The mountains in
West Virginia
rolled; they flowed,
so graciously

There was never a
road that was not

I've never
seen a rugged

Snow-capped and

Not until Montana.

Until this moment,
I, too, have
tried to

Living the same ways,
in which I experienced,
Mother Nature.

Going through the
with no purpose.

No passion.

The fear of becoming
an abrasive,
overbearing woman
urged me to

To slide through
life, barely

Never climbing
for more,
to discover the
true beauty in
a bit
I wanted to write about love but instead I wrote about strength. Hope that's okay.
Umi 2d
Bodies sink into the depths,
Disappearing beneath the waves with no light,
The abyss welcomes them, offers them a new home: Despair.
Driven by frustration and the wish to return home, hatred is born.
Strong enough to break through the hellish, screaming cauldron.
This is my story too, the me standing right before you, is the one who sank into the bottom of her heart, disappearing in a hole of sadness.
I won't allow you to cross these waters, not without defeating me,
Sink, again and again, the cycle never ends, war never changes.
Even if your enemy might be your very self from the past long gone,
Give it everything you got and be ruined by the fate that chains you,
With every cycle returning, frustration, hopeless rage, envy and hatred are gaining strengh, losing more and more of themselves here,
Parts of yourself vanish between the iron bottom sound, where so many have fallen before, just to protect those who they held so dear.
But what is a war worth that has no meaning but greed at all ?
The things I held dear started vanishing long ago, rusted, dissolved,
All I am is a shell of my former being.
I am but just an abyssal.

~ Umi

- M i d w a y - H i m e -
Bryce 2d
C'mon out to the rattled caves
the deep-sea malaise
rested in the grey metamorphs
of an ancient coastal chain

Where Sisyphean slips of tectonic rifts
pull the molding clay
like play-dough
and old rock that turns anew
churned into
great catacomb stele
Babylonian towers far away
from the great

Surrounded by the militant trees
the military sharpness of their pine
quills writing their mark in the dirt
for a hundred turns or so
only to be rearranged
into the great intercontinental soil

And on the aggregate
held open the mists
of the vast expanse of ocean
beyond L.A
and stole the fruits of the tiny parceled condominium rainwater
from distance far away
angry men shouting--
"Give us back our life blood, GOD DAMN YOU!"

Filling the tanks of their fleshomobiles
running around and sweating it out
trading it for cloth and wiping their brow on
brown shirts
perturbed and disobeyed

But that great man with the chin muscatche
brought the rough riders out of their dome
into the frontier, riding trains
Off they go!
Seeking paradise in the sands
and the trees
and the coastal breeze
of a world owned and seen
by the world
by man
and by all these things

It would be grand

But that rock has been seen before
in Luarentian islands long ago
or perhaps a great FUJI-SAN of the west coast
worshiped by critters and dinosaurs
You are late to the game, sweet dreamers, you!
These monuments give to honor due
not you,
no sir did you build these things?
did you mold these things
with the patience of a father
with the consequentiality
of the womb
and a motherly affection
for all things true?
the gift is for you,
remember your father's gifts
sweet princes of the earth
because they will outlive you.

And I walk along the stream
stepping upon these little bits of Yosemite
Pulverized mountain rocks
Renal Stones of the diseased
to which the water flushed out deeply
and cured the grey things from all that left them
hoping for more than just selfies
and sticking it to god's face
laughing at half-dome
climbing it and getting the better of ourselves
Believing we have achieved bliss

When in reality,
there is nothing to this which we can reach.
Neither are they all deep,
All poems aren't happy,
Stop liking what you see,
When I could be fibbing,
It's a shot in the dark,
When I start to get real,
I hate what they call art,
When art is what they fear.
The sound of silence.
Peace after violence.

A mother’s browbeaten servitude.
A child’s coerced gratitude.

The world’s most prosperous nations.
Architects of the most dangerous machinations.

Economies like never before;
A life that still leaves you wanting more.

The embezzlement of public finances.
The settlement of a case’s nuances.

Two colluding entities declaring each other free of sleaze;
With ease, starving YOUR wallet until YOU are down on your knees.

The oath: ‘to protect and serve.’
The reality? ‘To suspect and unnerve.’

A cartel that’s in charge of the guns;
Like leaving a brothel in the hands of Huns.

The lie of representation in government.
The election, expectation of endowment.

Spending your life washing your master’s feet,
Then somehow being surprised by their trickery and deceit.

The mistake of prioritising convenience.
The finalising of our own, eventual obsolescence.

We are a species that will die
Clueless of our role in it, desperately asking ‘why?’
When it’s way too late.
Trying on a new style in terms of venting vexation.
She is a woman who I loved the most and I cared first,
She is also a woman who were never been sick of understanding me,
She is a woman who I am proud the most.
I never did regret having such a mother.
A mother who will always caress and care you.
A mother who will never leave in your side.
A mother who will always understands your situation.
A mother who will always mind of what worries you.
A mother who will always protect you no matter what.
A mother who will always struggle even if her life will be lessen.
A mother who will never give up struggling just to feed you.
A mother that who could always makes you proud.
A mother that is too proud of having someone like you.
Even you're having a disease, illness and you are in sickness;
she is always in your side no matter what.
A mother who is always looking for a money just to feed its children.
A mother who will not let you stand in the storm that is raging.
A mother who will care for you when you are sick.
A mother who will always worry being you caught in a sickness or illness.

Such a blessed that a mother that I am having right now.
God, you really are the best. No matter who you are and what you are, God you will always be the best.
Even though that sometimes I get mad of those things that I don't want to happen, still I am thankful.

However, because I love my mother very much. Ma, thank you and I love you once again !
A mother who is always a superhero to you. ♥
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