I've got
The weight of the world
On my shoulders
I carry the Earth on my back
They throw stones at me
But I throw boulders
Cold shoulders
Disregard to your hand on your strap
I try to share warmth with this world
But it just makes me colder
I try to show my brothers Love
But I have less and less
As I get older
And they can't come back
I've learned to forgive
And I have no regrets
But I never forget
Not when it comes to this
You can miss me with that
Stay persistent
God, I miss them
Still I stay laid back
Just like the way
The piece always pops
The red sight always dots
And the steady aim always protects
Lessons learned
When you earned your stripes
In the 'jects
I’ve watched so many
Loved ones leave
Like the changing of the colors
In the leaves
That my heart
Has begun to bleed
It feeds the fire in my veins
And the bullets in my teeth
Of which I load into this magazine
That hides the pain
Buried deep beneath
For all the brothers
That I've lost to the streets
Just like Pac
I shed tattooed tears
For multiple peers
And failed to sleep well
For multiple years
So I drank multiple beers
On the night that
I lost all fear
That was the night
I told those cowards
All come near
So they can all come hear
My rifle rear back
As I blast back
And I take the knife
Out of my back
And I stab back
With a pen in my hand
My pen is a bullet
And only the one's
Who didn't have time to think
Before they pulled it
Will ever understand
West Side till I die
I’m down to ride
So call me
When you need
A brother by your side
Where I’m from
We’re not promised twenty one
There are people dying
Because the Devil shoots for fun
If he points his gun to my face
I won’t be the one to run
He’ll have to look me in my eyes
I don’t expect him to shy
We all know the Devil doesn’t cry
Though one day he may
I'm not the one to say
I just see the pain
Inside the soulless
Inside the broken
Hollow vessel
That erupts
From hollow metal
He has no emotions
So he shows no love
He came from a broken home
Where he never received a hug
The only security he ever found
Was beneath the blanket of a drug
Behind the power within a 12 gauge slug
If you don’t know how it feels
When a person murders someone you love
Then you probably don’t know
What it’s truly like to not give a fuck
Whosoever glorifies Death
Does not know the game
Burying a brother brings only pain
At the same time
Who am I to lie
When I first came to those
Old crossroads
And found myself
Fashioning a makeshift
Cross made of bones
I didn’t beg
I didn’t cry
Truly, I
Shed the last of my tears
For those who are already free to fly
He can take my life
But he could never take
What’s inside
That was the day
I asked myself
Am I
To die
Since then
I've learned
To face my demons
That rage within
Deep inside
I’m that chick from the block. Had to do a lot to keep my shit on lock. I keep it 100. I kept it 100. But you, you a bitch. You couldn’t keep it a buck with me. I thought you were something I could mess with for a bit. Here I am waiting for a reply and then wet emojis hit. You’re reading messages and leaving me on seen. Bruhh, we’re not teens anymore we’re grown so wassup? Let me know when you ready to fuck.
I’m that chick from the block that has no shame in her game. I’ll fuck a nigga then leave as soon as I made him came. I ain’t gonna lie on my pussy or tell you to lie on your dick. I keep it 100 and will always admit to the shit I did. If it’s wack I’m gonna say that and if it’s A1 then I might come back around. So wassup nigga? You still playing these games? Wanna keep it on the low and let nobody know? That’s cool with me. Just trying to see what that mouth do and if that dick will make a bitch scream.
We can link up late night on some TLC creep shit. Seen me pictures of that dick so I know what I’m up against. You finally starting to reply because I said we can keep it on the low but it’s cool because everyone is fucking you like you some hoe. That’s why I slid in the DM. I had to see what the fuss was about. Especially once I heard you love to eat pussy with ice in your mouth. Bruhh stop playing and meet at the spot. I’m already here waiting to get all sweaty and hot.
Come into my room. Lock the door behind you. I’m already undressed waiting for you. I don’t like to beat around the bush or waste valuable time. Just drop your boxers and fuck me like you’re all mine. You begin your tricks and I start to moan but when I got on top you begin to explode. I looked down and made a face before I smiled. You was like “damn I ain’t know that’s how you get down”. Boy I told you I’m grown and wanted to fuck on some creep shit.
I’m that chick from the block. The one you can take home to meet your moms but I rather just be on some freak shit. Don’t want a relationship just want you to be 100 with me and fuck me when I need the dick. We grown so ain’t nothing to be ashamed of or to fear. It’s just me and you in this room so bring that ass here.
This is for women who have no shame in telling a man what she wants. It doesn't mean she's a hoe it just means she's not looking for something serious and wants to enjoy life just as men do.
Osal 23h
I think and I think and I think
what if I fall into the sky?
what if all of the sudden
I learn that I am inverted
do I hold on to the grass
as the blue depth below me
curls with clouds ?
I will fall to an eternal drop ?
while the others sit upright gazing at the sky
I will fear the blue they call so dear
while the others wish they could catch a star
would I fall and burn as I am touched by one?
while they wish they could part the earth and leave ?
I would hold tight to the grass.. praying that I don't fall into infinity
and my fears would be my desires
If It could never happen.........
most things we dream about we cannot face once we are in the situation...  because all things in the mind are fantasized without the assurance that it would happen... so think before you leap or your jump may never land...
I’ve been a ghost
For some time now
I didn’t realize it
With the lights out

It was less dangerous
Like he said it would be
It wasn’t painless
The way they said it would be
Falling free

I can’t hear my cell phone ring
Whenever they’re calling me
So more transparent than pale
Just like the ale
That always reminds you of me
Falling free

I fall in deep
No one can see me but you
And you’re all I see
Aishah 1d
Is it
of me
to still pray to God
to ease my pain
when I know
I'm the one
who caused it?

Magpies sang of an avian astray
Silence soared over the African horizon
Last seen heading Serengeti's way
Off your perch daughter of Poseidon

Pegasus tame ascended heavens sky
Looking for smoke risen or a glisten
Over the Serengeti and Masai
Waning nights turned to
                                        waxing fright lead to
                                                                ­              prayers of frisson

Emergency at Victoria Lake
Three hundred and fifty mile detour
A miner in need, a friend forsake
Beryl, an angel with the cure

Her wings not heroic nor romantic
Just a job at an uncomfortable hour
Lacking of sleep and a dose of frantic
Set sail in the moon, Africa's flower

A life saved and a tank fully nourished
Took on the life of a bird and set course
Peered out and lo and behold
A gleam
a glimmer
a glint
a glisten
a welcomed gift
a green palm among a snow so white
There she lies
Woody's delight
"All Metal"
Some people
Family are so self-righteousness it's unbelievable.
Especially  Christians
They need to  look  at their own
Baggage before ripping out  others.
They say the best is yet to be
but shall we say that until
our very last heart beat?
Give hope, it may
but what is surely does is
give us an excuse to settle for mediocrity
because for this moment
that is enough.
I'd love to live like the best is here.
I'd love to know that I am living
my best life now.

oh darling today, I embrace you with a warm sunshine hug.
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