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A wise man once said
a man's ambition
must indeed be small
to write his name
upon a ******* wall

But for want of superstition
and tales told tall
I'll play that ancient game
....right after my last call

Preluding my expiration
just before the fall
I'll seek the Devil's fame
and inscribe that ***** stall

By hook, by crook,
or explosive indigestion
Every nook, every sideways look
shall bear my ugly shame
For what better eulogy book
than that old ******* wall
That great temple of the read
Jonathan Moya Oct 15
Long the land watches for death or harvest
amongst the lulling black mounds
a slumber in piles,
huddled so neatly
without blankets
from the shivering wind blowing meanly
under the sway of the killing night’s climb.

Underneath are all bones,
life clutching the long tilled soil,
the farmer’s harlot oft despoiled,
denied wages, seeds scattered, an ever
cursing field,
demanding her coin,
the child
torn, sold from her womb.
God's Oracle Oct 11
The harmonious sounds of Divine Heavenly Hosts chanting thru Universal soul calming and soothing vibrations enchanted with strong energetic auras that resonate with the Human Earthly Vessels channeling thru them encoded messages of hidden symbological knowledge of the Ancients. By forming a conduit to transmit small and great vibrational cues of energetic signals we as pillars of "Light" transverse thru the cosmos in our spiritual bodies we learn that we are all interconnected individuals to a Greater Source known as the Maker. The musical internal invisible signals created and invoked go thru the force 2 opposing forces clashing against each other disfragmention of a space in time and quantum giving that emergence of an event a unique creation by forming a synchronized unified sound. Furthermore, the speed, force and unification of opposing forces forming a centrifugal force which has been intensified thru creation of the sound itself. The culmination of the elements of sound, color, and force are subjecated to change into a light or dark energy forming an array of new interesting phenomena.
Dissonance & Resonance
Cloud Giante Oct 3
Even when I feel I trust
I don’t
Even when I feel I should
I won’t
Even if I wish I could
I can’t
She’s the same as me
I think
This distance between us can
I shrink
Or are we worlds apart inside
I’m ready
None can run and none can hide when
Worlds collide
Just writing my thoughts
Brian Turner Sep 29
capture the light
capture the stars
be the spirit

dance on rainbows
dance on cars
be the spirit

smile when down
smile, don't frown
be the spirit
Inspirid by the line 'capture the stars', an artist from Soundcloud
Maria Mitea Sep 19
Eyes lost
in waiting,
looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
He put it away
on the old
wood table.

his courage
lifting up
ferrous arms
a tinny piece,
rolling himself
in still noise
a cigarette of
a variety of
great purge
good reason,
one pack a day

It helped survive
the cold,
and everyday
toil when
soldiers and ants
of freedom.

looking in vain,
Despite it,
He kept them
widely opened,
Dead Sep 17
The skies have rendered everything a pale grey.
Not used to our own thoughts, the screams still ring in our ears.
We are all wandering under the ash rain, eyes low.
Nothing heard, nothing said.
There’s not much of us left, not much of anything.
After this agony, where will we go?

When these wounds heal, and the skies finally clear.

All we will have is a wasteland.
poemsbyothers Sep 16
The Pandemic in Six-Word Memoirs
“The world has never felt smaller.”

By Larry Smith
Mr. Smith is the creator of Six Word Memoirs.

Since 2006, I’ve been challenging people to describe their lives in six words, a form I call the six-word memoir — a personal twist on the legendary six-word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

I’ve found that some of the most memorable six-word stories arise in the extremes — during our toughest and most joyous moments. So over the past several months, I’ve asked adults and children around the country to use the form to make sense of this moment in history: one person, one story, and six words at a time.

Not a criminal, but running masked.
— Stella Kleinman

Every day’s a bad hair day.
— Leigh Giza

Home ec: rationing butter, bourbon, sanity.
— Christine Triano

Can’t smell the campfire on Zoom.
— Melanie Abrams

Deserted crowded Manhattan, my own island …
— Elisa Shevitz

Eighth hour of YouTube. Send Help!
— Leela Chandra

Messy hair, messy room, messy thoughts.
— Lily Herman

I regret saying, “I hate school.”
— Riana Heffron

Read every book in the house.
— Francesca Gomez-Novy

Never-ending, but boredom doesn’t faze me.
— Lily Gold

Required school supplies: screens, screens, screens.
— Darshana Chandra

Won scrabble; smile breaks through mask.
— Abby Ellin

Tuning out parents, under my headphones.
— Lukas Smith

This is what time looks like.
— Sylvia Sichel

Bad time for an open marriage.
— Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

Sun-kissed lips? Not kissed this year.
— Twanna Hines

Avoiding death, but certainly not living.
— Sydney Reimann

Social distancing myself from the fridge.
— Maria Leopoldo

Dream of: heat, limbs, crowds, concerts.
— Amy Turn Sharp

Teacher finding inspiration through uneasy times.
— April Goodman

Slowly turning into a technological potato.
— Jad Ammar

Cleaned Lysol container with Lysol wipe.
— Alex Wasser

Hallway hike, bathtub swim, Pandora concert.
— Susan Evind

Numbers rise, but sun does too.
— Paloma Lenz

Afraid of: snakes, heights, opening schools.
— Michelle Wolff

The world has never felt smaller.
— Maggie Smith

How do you make sense of this moment in history?

Share your own six-word memoir in the comments. We’ll feature some of our favorites in a future article.
Mark Parker Sep 14
From the writer’s chair
Words explode from thought

Rising from the seat
With both feet planted
As roots in the soil

Head soaking up the sun
Like photosynthesis

The lips, the gateway of the mind,
open to form the singing of birds,
the blooming of daffodils,
and the colors of paintings.
Khoi Sep 13
Misused abused tough
body hits and heart attacks
only bleeding love
Abused by drug addicted kids and abusive husband's it is extremely tough for mother's in the gangster riddled Capeflats to cope love coupled with faith has an unbelievable way of carrying them through
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