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lull me
hearing dreams
with good memories
Äŧül 8h
Back at a time
I met with a serious accident
No major bones fractured
Just intracranial injuries
The impact
Continues even now

Now in my PhD
I read a lot of scientific stuff
Memorize little
Reproduce lesser
Get myself
Even lesser marks

7th of May in 2010
Was the unfortunate date
On which I met
With the accident
Rode myself
Into The Oblivion
My HP Poem #1726
©Atul Kaushal
Lynnia 19h
Semi-conscious obscurity
Synergy redacted
I felt the breeze whip through me
Blew me away, consumed me
Threw me into a frenzy
Friends and enemies, come end me
Lend me a hand, come talk if you can
And understand, this ain’t my Promised Land
You’re fantasy, not family
And finally, band together,
Forever, we fight these nights
The light’s too bright, read me my rights
If I’m right, nobody accepts me, except me
Respect me, respectfully I bow before the monarchy
Mon ami, are you there?
Say a prayer
If you dare
Tell me where, and watch me fade away...
Reverse the math, also a graph would do
Days to death, well a laugh may suffice
There is no room for two
Never does it come twice

Scheduled journey, depends as you chase
Rather prepare to embrace
Explore or waste
Before you taste
Care, as the Lord calls
And stare while the curtain falls
Naoki B 1d
I’ll keep this short
But you need to know I love you
You’re beautiful in all you do

I hope to tell you this soon
Instead of saying it to a mirror
Thinking, feeling inferior
Bryce 2d
The air is burly
trees harvest soldiers on the line
combines, threads, manure, life--
A whole world lost amidst the flats

Saplings are the next season's
Almonds, Apples, Dates,
Waiting for food shelves and stockrooms
packed in banana boxes and given a place
They will find the plates of capitol city dwellers
They will be enjoyed far away from their origins

The Sierra-- oh the great plutonic mass
They are grey from age, peppered with white whiskers of snow
They are asking to be known as the interior

Pilgrims who traveled over their spines, seeking these fertile swampland
Now airstrips and dirigibles

The edges of clouds on the valley, the deserts and the mountains like folds of a book
they crackle in the sun and the skin of the earth shrinks in its gaze

Migratory birds dance in the fields, the lowly clang of bell
Bleached american flags tell us this is the land

The land of things and endless breadth

This is only California, but the majesty of it
a gem valley encased by the rocks, in silicates
A roaming place for cows, wanderers, farmers, dreams

Where the only edge of things is the mountains, saying
-Climb me, surmount me, lay me under your deeds-
The yeti woke
Only to find a fair well letter
In stead of
His beloved flower
He read it
It said that her
Love was geshi
And that she will be living with him.
After crying heavily
The yeti went to the monastery
Where his flower now lived
Peeking in the window
He could see
Who was his flower
Becoming someone else’s.
He couldn’t bear to see
The two youngsters
Kiss, talk
And make love.
He disappeared
Far away from his “flower”
Who broke his heart.
The next day
He leaves a fair well note
Of his own
Wondering if she will read it.
The yeti hear a distant laugh
He recognized the laugh
The laugh of his flower
He went out to
A Poppy field
where they usually
To find his flower
Making love
Coupling witha young monk
The young man had no sadistic intentions in his face
They were in love
Sadden the yeti waited in his cave
For his flower.
When the young woman
Came back
The yeti gently asked her
What it meant
And she said she was trying
To make a family for her savage lover
She was asked if she had feelings for the young man
She kissed the yeti
And told him
That he was the only on in her heart.
There they embrace
And couple
The yeti
Thinking that he would have a
His flower talking about the young monks name
Geshi Thubten
And his plans for talking his flower
To the city of Kuqa. (Kutcha)
And that she would not go with the youngster.
Faintly smiles the sun
The colour of the full moon
Shy in cloudy sky
Naoki B 2d
My coward hands stutter to the dark
The light pulls back
Ripping my flesh apart
An immaculate taste of fears to start
To courses of nightmares to fill the gut
And all the failures to break the heart
So with fleeting love
The minds greatest stunt
Now fallin to bale of razors
Its thousand cuts
Thus a clandestine terror
A bodies error
Veins leek the truth
Of a sickened youth
The hedonist
In the shadow of prayers
Head bowed to pain
The unrelenting pleasures
How much more
Till I can go no further?
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