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Nina McNally Jun 16
Today's the day to make it
Happen. You have the power to be anything.
Everyone has bad days

And you'll get through it
No matter what. So go make
Today the best day
It can be and be you!
Doesn’t it feel good to be you?
Only you can be you! You are my
Everything and my antidote!
Written back in April 2022
Song title from Simple Plan
Inspired by a new love
Nina McNally Jun 16
Today is the day,
Here in this moment living
Each day to the

Fullest because the future's no guarantee.
Under the stars, I lay,
Thinking of life and how happy I am and
Understanding the world a little more ---
Right here is where I am and where I'm suppose to be.
Each day is a new chance to start anew.

Soon it will be the future--
Only you can control your destiny!
Only you can be in control of your happiness!
Now go live your best life and Be Kind!
wrote back in Jan when going through new life changes
inspired by I Fight Dragons of same name.
I S A A C Mar 11
i like to revel in the grey
black and white too straight
i like to read in between the lines
i would like for you to be mine
but only if you want to
I only want you in this room, underneath the full moon
kiss until it’s noon, is forever too soon?
from dusk to dawn, the king or the pawn
as long as you want to play, my hand is yours to take
from weak to strong, we can build each other up
as long as you want to lay, always together through the night and day
The rays of the sun,
Shining straight at me,
As it falls, to the southwest,
A beautiful scene, a gift from nature,
The most powerful, over the rest,
Through leafless trees, two days before winter,
Up high & alone, I can see many squirrels’ nests.
When out of my sight, the burning out star,
Will still shine, bright, as we see the reflection,
Off the moon and stars at night.
As the big ball of fire grows closer, to the horizon,
As for as, my eyes can see, looking out my window,
It reminds me of a ship lowering its mast, out in the sea.

The Original: Tom Maxwell
12/19/2021 AD
4:20 PM
It’s five minutes to six am,
I have been receiving messages,
Then writing, I finished one poem,
At four fifteen, another at five-fifty am,
I’m tired, thinking of bed, with,
Twenty years, of experience, I have to,
Stay with the flow, it’s exciting,
When different thoughts, visit my head.
I have to catch them when they appear,
In my mind, without notes, or writing,
The subject can vanish, what a bind,
Never written, or said, always take time,
Listen to those voices in your mind.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/14/2022 AD
6:02 am
Maddy Oct 2021
Listen to the silence
You can still hear the tears falling
The cries that go unanswered
The selfishness that is killing Mother Nature and her children
Softly but way too quickly
The majesty and the harmony is slowly fading
Precious time is slipping away
Help Mother Nature and her children before they become a memory
What was isn't going to be much longer




Good~things then,

under the sun!
Dreamypretty Aug 2021
Cigarette buds
Empty glasses
Always a wine glass shatters
Leftover biryani
Leg bones
The crease in the beds
Sofa cushions on the floor
Guests have left
Empty house
Just me and the wait for the next weekend.
One Andean Sky Aug 2021
At first, a tremor beneath the souls of my feet
Blink, a story millions of heartbeats away
Dark clouds over a field as acidic purge falls over us
Venomous mist seeps, humanity weeps
Blink, 18 stars bent and watching
Emitting rays pointing their random strikes

Blink, glorious earth temperate in her rotation
Marble folds on her maternal veil drapes us
Close to her breast, we heave in time with each breath
Blink, sustaining life in the chambers of her deepest ocean
Breathing air across the tall granite mountains
Distressed, and yet still here

Blink, ancient footprints track our journey
Not what we envisioned but “the enlightened ones” foresaw.
The need for understanding,
The need to cause conflict and agitate,
Blink, the need to protect,
The need to heal and mend.

Blink, you are here now, in your full extravagance
Delighting in fracking and disruption
Sleight of hand, our blindness is your reward
Blink, remorseless as you divide us
Along the fault line, we fall

Blink, with loved ones snatched
We turn on one another tossing
Handfuls of poison into the wind
Blink, triggered fingers pointed
Volcanic anger flares
A fist on a horses face
Lawlessness a momentary lapse

Blink, where will you strike next?
We suppress you
We support you
Following the artificial sun through the cracks
You rise again
As we turn on one another
The elusive phantom, a master chameleon
Spawning and stretching into an unknown vastness

Blink, yes, you are here to stay
You can’t be killed
You can’t be destroyed
Blink, neither can we
You will be tamed into submission
You will be a mere quiver beneath the souls of my feet
Blink, vitals diminish and you crawl away
Powerless and a mere symptom as you look out from a rock
Eye blinking.
Covid 19. Delta Variant. Sydney, Australia. Freedom Rally Riot 2021
hazem al jaber Aug 2021
Until the last day ...

let me sneak ...
between your lips ...
as every morning ...
your coffee do ...
to run happily ...
while i'm diving ...
within your honey lips ...
traveling with all your veins ...
until i reach the most sweet place ...
where i dream always to be there ...
to stay inside your heart forever ...
and never to leave ...

let me sweetheart ...
house your heart ...
and all of you ...
until i get ...
the last day ...
of my life ...
while i'm keep ...
with every second ...
loving you ...

hazem al ...
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