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I rarely look at the night sky
Because one glance
And I would give you another chance
basically ur the night sky and im the bud of a follower tilting towards u
I am thunder
Silver fire
Felt like a hot tin roof beneath young feet
And scolding
Smoking like the copper wire
Paper on a guillotine
Slicing through an echo chamber
I am the terror of a plastic souls desire

That is
Until only bane of self remains
And all once again are made the same
Even when uncomfortable. It's unexplainable for sure. No words can or will ever do it justice.
The reddish tinge in your eyes
Betrays your mouth
Overflowing with words
Like bitter sweet champagne
I now your name
That I'm awake
Woken from a dream
Where you were perfect
And I was weak
Part two.
When I was a young man
I had but one wish that of to find tme the girl of my dreams no afairs or one night stands but a real relationship
Through child abuse I suffered at the hands of my mother this left alone In the world lack of confidence unable to form any kind of
Then along came my Angel Helen the only girl ever to give me a chance
the only girl ever to love me where others not even a clance
We fell In love married she gifted me a son but Helen was very ill when I first met her for Helen had been cheated on by her first husband
she had loved himbut he did'nt love
She was left with mental health Issues but when she was carrying our son Helen almost became well again but then her health started a downward
Ten years Into our marriage Helen devloped chronic back pain breathing problems unable to walk I became her full time carer 24/7 I was happy to do that for her because I loved
Slowly over the years her Independence was eaten away till she was totaly dependent on my help which I was more than  happy to give for I loved her she had given me a life I had never
Then she came to the point
In her life when there was no cure for the dreadful pain she suffered  Helen had no quality of life finaly after twenty years I lost her to
Ro lose the love of your life tou cannot put Into words to
describe how that feels to lose hhe one you love
Blue skies, blue guitars.
Cloudless memories float by —
dreams, though you're long gone.
Jackson C. Frank (1965):
Ju Temo 1d
After the rain the fills the ***
And leaks out the side
At the last drop down the roof
Even when the wood is wet,
I’ll leave.

The freshness of the day,
Can’t match the lightness in my heart,
It’s biking past the bridges,
Pushing past the grass in the stream,

Soaring down the hills,
That pour out from the purple sunset,
Hanging down cherry blossoms’
Open hands reaching out to every path.

The train has yet to come,
But the heat already settled,
Cooled by the sun far back,
Windows mirrored in its light,
Peppered a village under me,

Going through all its tall corners,
The rails build themselves above me,
As I run past every shop,
My reflection follows along on the ride
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting.
All other poems can be seen at:
amuba 2d
The lies of nature
The nature of the beings
The unruly flow
The flow of the beings
The easily given words
The words of the beings
The meanings behind intentions
The intentions of the beings
The beings with beings
The real value and contradictions
The day of realization
The realizations of the beings
The like and unliked fits
The fittings of the beings
The only important of all
The trust of beings
The only trust that ever needed
The beings’ own trust in his being
the beings, human beings
Red is the colour of blood and passion
Raw enchanting, ruthless, cuts and colours deep

Simple interests
Complex values, evaluation
Desired profits
Loss of interests
Principal principles lost

Many colours in life
Not all chosen by you
Some you dabble with
Give you permanent stains and crimson tears
Behind the crimson tears’ - by Avisek Prasad

The above piece is inspired by this book, the author is known to me :)
There was a light drizzle
And mid noon breeze
The sun rested under a clouded veil
Me riding back home
From a PTA meet

A party to host in the evening
Food on my mind
No food for thought
Preparations to be done
Groceries in place

Soon took a turn
Right, yes, right it was
At an angle, as it should be
Slo - mo
My home 100 metres away
The bike skid and slipped
Me on the road
All in slow motion
The gravel and loose soil
Wet from the drizzle
My yellow and red kurta
Silk Duppata beige with a hint of red
Now a tad brown and soiled
Sometimes I ride fast
But here at the turn I was slow as I was supposed to be
My first ever fall
My head clouded with thoughts
Thankfully a few bruises is all a got
Was helped up by the crowd and onlookers who checked on my well-being
The  accident made me laugh
The fall, Slow,  straight and funny
3rd September 2019
On my way back home from from patents teachers meet(PTA)  :))
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