fire ant performs
acrobatics, on a leaf,
pauses for applause!

Bright lights
on night skies,
the neon lights
are glowing,
their cameras are flickering,
the whole crowd
is on him.

Tons of wires on the floor,
gears are ready to explode,
checking the sound and vibration,
waiting for the cue to count
on four.

He's rugged,
anything is live wire,
they sang,what he sang
in the middle of applause,
do you still remember me?

On your ordinary days,
where all of equipment
are shut off,
i know,you're simple----
not on you're rugged look.
We've been talking without
the whole crowd and applause.

You're so down to earth
that's why all if the people want you
as much as i am,
and i know the limits,
when you're out of the crowd,
i am always here.
In the middle of applause,
i am still.
In deafening applause,
in firing lights
i hope it won't let them
my words,
my name,
and my face
in your mind.

Water-downed Sun Aug 2016

The roaring sound of applause is becoming too boisterous to bear.

A flock of cameras and video recorders begin to huddle at the corners of the platform set behind the curtains of the stage. Actors, dancers, stage crew, and all of those who smiled, slowly line up for the grand finale.

But not this girl.

This girl sits on top of the railing of the things that hold up the set. Waiting, seeking, and wistfully watching. An actress, without a doubt. One of the best, they say. Although this girl had no plans to take that step and accept gravity as her master and plummet to her death, she won’t deny that she hasn’t thought of that before. This time, she had other things on her mind. Something radical? Well, maybe. Spontaneous? She was too lazy to move. Dark and twisted? Not in that sense. Nonetheless, she was thinking of something with importance.

For instance, she was thinking about the homemade cookies her mother used to give her, if she behaved perfectly, quiet, and still. Since she loved the feeling of success and food in her stomach, she fought back the longing of playing games and having fun.“Too perfect a child” some might say, but that never got into her. All she wanted was the sky, moon, stars, and nothing all at once.  

Years go by, mistakes are done, and nothing is made whole again. The girl is woven in a snare of lies and is drowning in a bathtub full of the blood of swine. She swims and floats and tries to escape the demons that haunt her very soul. Breathe in, breathe out. She continues to sit perfectly, quietly and still. Never talking, only listening, to the sounds of rules and* rules and rules and rules and rules and rules that mess up her insides.*

The girl performs an act that no one has ever seen. Taunting and terrifying, but beautiful and graceful all together.  The mask shows her perfection, the mask shows you nothing. Jump, then fall, tumble to the ground. Tick, tock, tick, tock, the sound as time goes by.


The roaring sound of applause from the demons in her head is becoming too boisterous to bear.

A flock of cameras and video recorders begin to huddle at the corners of the platform set at the unseen bottom of the pit. Actors, dancers, stage crew, and all of those who tell her, slowly line up for the grand finale.

She takes that step.

Geez this story is really weird, hope you guys enjoy it.
I am also very welcome to criticism.
Randy Johnson Mar 2016

When I'm at The Kingdom Hall, I do something to honor God.
I am a Christian who is proud to applaud.
I applaud God and you should too.
God loves me and he loves you.
When it comes time for us to give God our applause,
We should not hesitate to clap, we should not pause.
Jehovah God deserves applause because his only son died for our sins.
And Jesus's death will make it possible for us to see our loved ones again.

Julie Langlais Feb 2016

A small applause has
enough potential to
shoot a star upon the
moon of creative inspiration.

© Julie Graham 2016

Lou Vaughn Sep 2015

fearless tires kissing wet pavement
jokes exchanged between laughing dogs
street lights whispering secrets to severed sidewalks
applauding leaves appreciating the evening's entertainment

Rockie Sep 2015

Is that the applause of the leaves
I hear outside my window
Or just the rain
Tapping out a tune to the wind?

Kathleen M Aug 2015

He sprints across the field
Navigating obstacle after obstacle
Addiction, illness, depression
Bits of him flying off into the distance
His hope, dreams, will
He's falling apart, getting smaller
Propelling himself forward regardless of his destruction
The finish line is a bullet
There is no applause

Mark Ball Jan 2015

Die for your applause;
Collect your cause.
Just keep your flaws,
Away from my claws.

Daniel Mashburn Sep 2014

"When we die, do we die alone?"
And the word caught in my throat when I said no
Cause I knew that I was lying just to ease the pain of passing
But she's the one who left me all alone

Yeah, she's the one who left me all alone

And she sang, "Whoa! It's time for me to go.
I've been hanging 'round too long
And you gotta let me go."

"Just let me go"

And I know she saw disappointment in my eyes,
But she closed her own and said her last goodbyes

I guess she got me all along

And I sang, "Whoa! I've got to I've been choking on these words from long ago."

Burning fire set me free.
You know I'm burning out for this.

And we both sang, "Whoa! I've got to go.
I've been waiting for too long. I let you go."

"Yeah, we waited for too long we let each other go.
Yeah, we waited for too long we let each other go."

Yeah, I waited for too long and now you're gone.

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