The sun is shining
Upon a pretty green hill
Horses wear warm coats
I saw horses in field today they look cosy and warm bless x
we laugh for hours
and shiver under the stars
for the fresh kiss of morning
to warm our frozen faces
eventually we collapse
on to piles of mattresses
your shaved head rubbing softly
against my cheek
reminding me
that you are there
and breathing with me
i guess i love you
Shed superfluous notions
with dirt between your toes,
be surprised by the superficiality
of oceans of cherished woes

as you surmount the duality
between your “self” and
the “world” outside you, for here
you breathe deeply with the hills
and the birds and the mud.
ApoetIsonly Feb 4
Yeah hey
I never asked for this either
Infact I’ve been dying time and time again
To break away
Dying to change

That’s why I buy a new pair of shoes
twice a day
Hoping that by slipping my feet into these fresh soles
will in turn give me the new life
I so desperately want
The one I need

But it seems like hell is truly my destiny,
Ryan Poplett Jan 20
Inspiration is a hard thing to grasp
When you mind is empty
Like a field of grass
Yet filled within this field
Is nothing but countless hills
Rolling and moving and slowing
Soothing this lush green meadow
A massage to help the mind to help it mellow
Making it shallower and less
Convoluted. Not so complex, not seething in
Interpreted meanings and stained allusions to
Past confusions, not waves that pummel the grassy shores
Seizing those hills in frothy exhalations, seeming so
Unseemly to those guardian hills
Holding those pleasant fields and pleasant thoughts
Safe while the waves wash among the grass
And become those hills now washed with sea

And then my mind turned blue.
Tsunami Jan 19
The train tracks raced.
Connected you to I,
Wound through some sort of subspace,
Fell asleep to their lullabies.

Under bridges.
Over hills.
Drink your courage.
Swallow your pills.

The train tracks ran,

abandonment is a hard pill to swallow when home never existed
Ollie Jan 15
Snow is too much like
The people who are perfect
And won’t admit it
I went sledding. I wrote a haiku.
Debanjana Saha Dec 2017
How nature blooms
Is a precious experience to pause
And watch
In the oasis of fog, mist and wind blowing all over
Chills & thrills exposure
of the ambience
speeding through the roads.
It feels like heaven
Full of love, with a kiss of the first ray of the sun
I took a deep breath
as much as I could
Sensing the myself alive
In this beautiful dreamy land
a sense of belongingness
Saying to myself that
yes, I do exist.*

-19 Dec, 2017
This on the early morning where I watched sunrise on top of a hill. A journey which is worth thousand times more than anything.
A reality check to feel life all over again and learn how to appreciate smallest things in life.
sarah Dec 2017
heaving hills that dip below
how long until you end?
hear how the pulsing of my heart
has yearned to comprehend

inconstant are your valleys
unsympathetic is your ground
dry grass lacerates my aching feet
too late to turn around

my soul speaks whispers of the past
and burns within my breast
my tired eyes sweep empty lands
my heart beats in my chest

the winds blow west, the winds blow east
the rains flow heavy still
i yearn to forget your face at last
i know i never will

swaying weeds and harmonies
chime slowly as i fall
the moors sing softly in my ear
of what, i can't recall
probably my favorite so far
ENR Dec 2017
Hills rolling gently.
An ocean of grass
blades waving gently,
beckoning the child

From there they could hardly see the colors.
The browns and blacks of the charred landscape.
The matted patches where everything was disintegrated.
From there they could hardly see the house.
They could hardly remember that fearlessness they felt,
so far,
so fast,
so much.

Staring wistfully,  
That tight feeling
In my chest
That was everything.

The way your lashes fell upon your cheeks,
Unable to hold the pain back.
I remember that day clearer than anything.
That day when you ran from me,
so far,
so fast,
so much.
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