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Internal battles meant to be discounted
And anxieties rumored as dismounted
While nothing could have amounted
To the tales within those mountains
Regarded and enabled as fountains
Of flowing wisdom which hasn’t counted
The melody of life yet to be sounded
A treasure seemed and well-rounded
Singular rhyming sequence based on my ruminating about worries and fears.
and sometimes it feels like
i have been living the same life
for a while now

but however unremarkable
a single blade of grass
pushing through the sticky april mud

and however unextraordinary
the murky river meandering
through modest midwestern hills

however bleak
the cloudy midwinter sky
shadowing frozen earth

the grass still sprouts
a thousand shades
of enduring green

the river still rushes
purposefully toward
greater estuaries

and every single cloud decorating
the daytime sky will never paint this picture
quite the same way ever again
ArianLlwyn Mar 31
They say the sun shines bright
Beyond the hills of night.

Perhaps one day I might
See this beautiful light.

For now my days are dark
My dreams are nightmares wrought.
from o'er eastern hills
a brightly glowing moon's face
rose in late eve skies
Svetoslav Feb 20
Exotic shaped hills
make you feel like a giant,
watching from above.
Birds flying across cottons,
golden plate glowing through them.
by Svetli
Shrouded, in a mist,
Enriched, in a cyst;

I saw you skid,
Slip, in a slit;

Diving in your cove,
Hiding in your jove;

Rolling down the hills,
I saw you in the midst;

In chaos, I reigned,
And in silence, it rained;

Reminding me of you,
Gliding into the hue..
Shrouds clear.
I Kissed My way through,
Her Hills and Her Valley.
In search of a Treasure,
that lay between Her Alley.
She spread Her Legs,
across the White Sheet.
Welcoming Me inside,
so Our Souls could Meet.
Our bodies got locked,
as We both Embraced.
We were following a Trail,
Our Passions had Traced.
We had no control,
over what We were Doing.
But till the Dawn of Light,
Our Romance kept Brewing.
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
Tintin travellers
Hanky Panky
Revellers on the Ridge
Waiting for snow to fall
On the Mall, Town Hall
Everywhere on Shimla hills
The Ridge wearing
Fluffy white cloak
Under golden rays
Of bright Sun
The Church
Nearer to heaven
Seven to seven
Tintin travellers
Roaming, romancing and dancing
On the Ridge
With bizarre fragrances
Waiting for snow to fall
On the Mall, Town Hall
Everywhere on Shimla hills
Looting the thrill
Footing the bills
Moulding flaky snow
Into Jacks and Jills
Projectiles of snowballs
Hitting noses and chins
Fond memories of Queen of Hills
Tintin travellers waiting
To carry with them
Tourists and snowfall in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India.
Rhea Nov 2020
Slender eucalyptus trees form a fragile trellis
Welcoming you into a land of enchantment
Wandering asphalt stippled with afternoon light
Leads you through vast vineyards striping distanced hills
Their branches drooping with plump purple droplets

Following the single road curve after curve
A bend brings a browned tipped fade edging every vine
Half a tree’s round bowl cut shows a dip dye border beige
Ominous foreshadowing of the landscape’s angry scars
Lurking ahead the winding way amongst the chartreuse charm

Then one twist brings the astounding view
Land licked clean by ravenous tongues
Heat and wind --the insatiable elements
Their appetites consumed whole hillsides at once
Leaving behind blackened branches: bones ****** bare

Ochre tipped foliage studs the rolling ravines
Exposed bedrock stares back at you with ravished eyes
Surrounding elevations graced by green clouds of resilient oaks
Enunciate the stark boundary between
Devastation and lively exuberance

Canyons once dressed in elaborate emerald garments
Now clad in scandalous shreds
Reveal the ripples of ancient fault lines
Testimony to their violent origins
Forged by gaping crevasses, quakes and flames

Solo skeleton shrubs stand adorning
Charred hillsides like chewed and spat gristle
Puddles of white ash and their dusty rivulets
Hint at feverish efforts exhausted in defense
Of the crumbles at the feet of lone chimneys

Naked trees cut from winter landscape
Appear misplaced in the summer heat
They stand forlorn with gnarled arms and curled fingers
Their writhing immortalized in stiff post rigor
An involuntary inhale touches your lips. “magnificent”

The scourged scenery fades with each bout
You are surrounded by sun kissed hills
Their slopes end in brilliant blue water
A promise of peace reflected in still reverie
Mauve mounds guard the serene sanctuary

A splashing otter slinks onto the sand
Nearby mallards preen unperturbed.
Birds chatter in flight, two settle on a shrub
Standing stubborn with smoke shriveled leaves
The enthralling sight envelopes you pressing you warm and close

Your eyes close under the competing warmth
Of golden rhododendrons and blinding sun
Radiance bounces off green fluorescence
A cheerful backdrop to the wind dispersed soot
A slow easy smile tugs against your cheeks. “Magnificent.”
Arcassin B Oct 2020
By Arcassin B

Slash, dangerous,
Break in some glass, I'm your home,
The tranquil place, the happy place,
about to be drowned in blood,
Fixing William Shatner mask,
I carry my demons heavily on my shoulder,
Provoking me, you would also be stupid to get
close to me,
The devil's messenger incarnate leaking through scared and drippy as I ascended the passage of evil,
Be glad I didn't RIP out the pupils,
I'm way worse than messily cabin fever,
The one that snips Roses and tulips,
Like chasing after a relative that doesn't think I exist,
Letting them know that my legend lives,
No dogs live to take a ****,
You could get the blade or the fist,
Halloween is the day of bliss,
A devil on a night like this,
Wake to fulfill demon hour wish,
Wake to fulfill demon hour wish,
A devil on a night like this,
Halloween is the day of bliss,
You could get the blade or the fist.

I could feel as good as I feel , when I,
Let go,
We could make this right in our wills,
Feel free,
I don't know,
I don't know,
The horrors that await you can not illustrate you,
Their aiming to take this world from you,
specifics when theres rent due, they would want to
take you,
No streets , cars or avenues,
The hills definitely have eyes , we call them vultures,
Infiltration in disguise, we are their adventures,
A voyage , a play , a stage to be performed on,
This life is too fake to hold on,
Wool over the eyes of some , might as well put the mold on,
I wouldn't leave you to dry and dye a different color of your love for me, positivity overrules this tree,

Don't you ever think that I, don't love you cause I do, don't **** me,
It would break my heart if you , thought i didn't care, don't eat me,
Don't you ever think that I, don't love you cause I do,
It would break my heart if you , thought i didn't care.

©abpoetry2020 ©arcassinburnham2020.
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