sarah 10h

heaving hills that dip below
how long until you end?
hear how the pulsing of my heart
has yearned to comprehend

inconstant are your valleys
unsympathetic is your ground
dry grass lacerates my aching feet
too late to turn around

my soul speaks whispers of the past
and burns within my breast
my tired eyes sweep empty lands
my heart beats in my chest

the winds blow west, the winds blow east
the rains flow heavy still
i yearn to forget your face at last
i know i never will

swaying weeds and harmonies
chime slowly as i fall
the moors sing softly in my ear
of what, i can't recall

probably my favorite so far
Emily R 5d

Hills rolling gently.
An ocean of grass
blades waving gently,
beckoning the child

From there they could hardly see the colors.
The browns and blacks of the charred landscape.
The matted patches where everything was disintegrated.
From there they could hardly see the house.
They could hardly remember that fearlessness they felt,
so far,
so fast,
so much.

Staring wistfully,  
That tight feeling
In my chest
That was everything.

The way your lashes fell upon your cheeks,
Unable to hold the pain back.
I remember that day clearer than anything.
That day when you ran from me,
so far,
so fast,
so much.

sarah 7d

they can be so loud

battering my eardrum and clawing out my insides,
their hoarse voices screech harsher than i thought possible

they ride on the back of the wind
carrying lies and malicious warnings
across hills and mountains

they are screams in my head;
the tortured cries of the lonely, the lost, the forgotten

although it's the one that haunts me the most,
the only whisper that ever sounds like a whisper
is your name

at night, i hear it
in the grass swaying beneath my feet
and the rain pattering my clothes, soaking me to the bone

"you couldn't save me", i told the whispers.

don't know why i expected them to answer

From the top of the steep sloping green hills
they sat relaxed on horseback to marvel
in awe at the natural beauty of unspoilt land
uncorrupted by the destruction of progress
taking away the virginity of the landscape
where creatures safely interacted unharmed
by callous hands in pursuit of immoral gain
the countryside balance they did not retain!

With no tall grotesque buildings to sully the view
nor chimneys from factories that regularly
spewed more deadly toxins to choke our lungs
then the air above clear from human impregnation
from more suspected elements of depopulation
weather harsh but the seasons were well defined
there before pollution and technology encased
our lives and the nightmare future to face!


It is said once the air and landscape was unpolluted by mans hand!#TheFoureyedPoet.
Kathleen M Sep 28

I've got lead bones and not enough muscle to lift them
The blanket of bipolar depression
Is heavy
I'm crushed in the grinding teeth of paranoia and anxiety
They like to hold hands and jump around together
Stomping me down
Until I am a depression in the earth
Until I fill with rainwater
I am a cup continually filled and emptied
Running between the drought and the flood
The inbetween doesn't exist here
Just valleys and hills
High cliffs and sharp drop offs

The rolling hills
Crest and
Dive and
Move like
Covered in armies of trees.

Like thousands upon
Thousands of warriors
Made of leaves and
Dirt and
The souls of prehistoric
Insects that may have
Planted them.

The trees carpeting
The thunderous hills
Have a sort of marching
Energy to them.
Like they
Were frozen
In place.

I am reminded of the
Army of terra cotta
Unstuck in time,
Stunned in space,
They silently guard their own hill,
Crumbling slowly,
Like cheese.

And the terra cotta arms
And the terra cotta legs
Of the terra cotta trees
Are attempting to drag
Their iron roots
Through the hills,
Sinking like lead
Through the earth,
As if it was meant to be the
Ocean it resembled so much.

Armies of troops once trudged
And fought through swamps
As vast
And troubled
As seas.
And a terra cotta war,
Unconqured by
Shattering warriors,
Is left like
Smoldering porcelin,
Still being fought
On the hills
Of Utah.

You can still
See the remains
Of their clash;
You can analyze
Their placement
And movements
Like battlefeild strategy.

You can wonder what
Terra cotta general
Put them there.
Did the trees respect him
As a father?

His tactics
Funneled down to
Swarming like ants
Or dripping like oil.
There is the occasional
Angled towards the
Power lines,
The coursing blue veins,
And the sky,
Filled with the
Bright and
Rippling trails
Of their valiant enemy.

The terra cotta trees
Give way
To the stone,
And steel,
Of an upright man,
Overwhelming white
Overwhelming green
Overwhelming yellow
Overwhelming blue
Overwhelming black.
The people live unaware,
(With meerkat eyes
And posture)
Of the armies surrounding them,
Signaling the dusk of their time.

The trees will outlive us all
By millennia.
Their war will continue.
Our bodies will become
A wave in the hills
That they march through,
A crater in the commander moon,
A foot soldier in their
A leaf,
A branch,
A bird,
Food for a plant
That is food for a squirrel,
Soaked in through
The churning,
Breathing roots
Of the terra cotta trees,
In the living,
Tumbling hills.
This was written in a car in motion, which should be tried by everyone. It is an experience unlike any other.

This is the hill
I want to die on

The one that chimes
Like a temple bell
Struck by drunken monks
My empathy
Is an abandoned lake house
A burned-out shell
With human remains
Hidden deep in B1
There's citrus on my cheek
And a promise on my lips
That I can't bear to sound
I openly unkeep

A lady wore my skin
And ate my tongue
I sleep
Without dreams
And sweat through
The bed I built
I was the one
Hard up
Caught between floors
And grotesquely graceful
In the face of beauty
Bleach and beginners

I won't be
Clawing at her door
I let her keep me
I am not the midnight boy
Quiet as a wind-chime
On the ground
Three hands on my heart
High as fuck
And hoping to be missed

I am seated in a bed-like rock
Under the foothills this is a single block

The Sun rises behind my back
Though I face hills in the west, its rise I could track

The dawn delightfully unfurl
Mother nature decorates herself, like a girl

The valley is full of greenery
This is a soul soothing summer scenery

Flies are flying in group
With joy and strength, to recoup

Honey bees are busy flying from one to other flower
A fresh flower spreads the fragrance in the air

A group of sparrows fly at a low height
Jubilantly enjoying the new light

A tiniest sparrow dances by jumping from one leaf to the other of a plant
On seeing this, I too wish to jump out of joy, like an infant

Peacocks register their scream from a nearby place
I could hear well, as this area is ruled by peace

From a distant rock, a pair of peacock looks
Displaying the richest colors of their outlooks

Birds potentially program their offspring by singing to their eggs, at a short distance  
One may think that they raise the voice with a grievance

Before me, a rabbit runs ruthlessly
Forgetting self, I sit here like lifelessly

Fight of monkeys upon trees on the top of the hill, comes like a melody
Free for all, as the whole range is under His custody

Clouds try to attract my attention with an array of colors
Peace as the Prince on the stage, countless others are actors

Breeze blows as if to say she is the most adorable among all
Of course, choosing the one among all is hard to tell

This is a mind moving morning
In my life, this day is a fine inning

My heart desires to lie under this foothill
But my soul is not full

as my mind yearns for my love
Of course, this place is like a paradise, as above

If I am to cherish my love even in a paradise,
the power of  love, you may be pleased to praise

Though I stay away at a far off place
The feelings of romance runs like a race

To live here, to the God, I shall be abundantly faithful
But to conquer my soul, other than such love, nothing is more powerful !

Copyrights reserved

A visit to my native place on 03-05-2017 gave me a unique opportunity to witness the Nature. What I have actually seen, enjoyed had transformed into me as a poem. Read this. Enjoy this.
Rohan Nath May 18

There were ripples of the sparkling stream.
The crystalline water was mirroring the blue sky.
That befriended with the sun’s wonderful beam.
Beams of the dazzling looking golden eye.

The background was overflowing with mountains.
Mountains with snowcapped peaks,
Their attainment of such exquisiteness is a real arcane.
What is it above the sky that they seek?

The eagles were gloating about their wings.
O! How marvelous they were to glance upon!
Thrushes flew above the river as they sing.
Grazing on the grassland was a cluster of fawn.

There I saw the elderly yet strong fisherman.
Flinging his lure in an elegant technique.
Attracting catfish and trout as much as he can,
While sitting on the boulder beside the flowing creek.

The loveliness of the lotus was luring me,
Positioned silently on the cerulean water.
The white arrowhead was charming as she could be,
Her petals were diminutive as they always were.

Far away, I saw a grandiose tall tower.
Its peak was reaching for the high heavens.
He stood there taking delight over his power,
Amazed all travelers every now and then.

The heavens above exposed a band of colors.
Little time, after the floating dark skies cried.
I then assumed that our life is filled with squalors.
But don’t worry because later they are all bright.

After the drizzle, dews sat calmly on the grasses.
Scarcely and leisurely moving towards the ground,
The sunlight coalesces with the dew with tender caress.
How luxurious they looked wearing the golden crown!

The children played alongside the river in pleasure.
Girls were collecting flowers to make tiaras and garlands,
While boys were skipping stones on the tranquil water
Their little footprints placed themselves on the loose sands.

And I was assembled comfortably on the greens.
Beside flowed the river without paying any notice.
It cleansed all of my hopelessness and spleen.
Therefore I slept on the nature’s lap with internal peace…

Paul Jones Apr 29

I climb. Although a harsh wind and sleet sweeps
  these hills, my temperament remains steady.
Although the path is treacherously steep
  I have been thoughtful, I have come ready.
The footfall here is few and far between
  and some who came to conquer, could not cope.
As I push on past the point where they've been,
  I look into a mist that holds my hope.
Joy lies beyond a helm wind of despair
  and must be battled with to be surpassed.
I will prevail here knowing that it's there.
  I’ll conquer fell and fall so I’ll be passed
to where tranquillity abounds below,
  throughout the valleys of the rain shadow.

Sonnet - 9 -
11:00 - 29/04/17

This is a revision of a previous sonnet. It's metaphorical and explore's why some people choose to do difficult things in life, despite having easier options.
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