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Vivek Gupta Oct 2018
I am broken!
In pieces!
Words spoken!
I am falling apart!
I am missing my heart!
Find my Brain!
Can't see? find again!
I don't know where they are!
I guess somewhere Far!
Far away from sorrow!
Chasing denaro!
Wish I could restart!
Wish I could follow my heart!

Lizzie May 2018
I get this feeling
This feeling inside
Whenever I see you
I want you to die

I want to break you
Into so many pieces
Just like my heart
When you ate my Reese's

You knew it was mine
I saved it many days
But you just took it
And ate it anyways

I'll hate you forever
To your final breath
I hope you suffer
A terrible death

RIP Reese's PB Cup 2018
A comedic love song with a twist.
All in good humour :)
Praggya Joshi Apr 2018
A slight ache in my chest
Becomes clearer and stronger
Whenever I see that distant look
Slowly spread in your almond shaped hazel eyes
And those scarlet lips
Shiver tremulously
As if struggling to hold
Those last bits of resilience
Threatening to fade into an abyss of oblivion
At that moment
all I really wish
Is to traverse the distance of your gaze
Climb upon that nameless horizon
Dive into the infinite darkness
That has wrenched your source of happiness
Ruthlessly devoured a prominent piece of you
And return back with a speck of hope
Anything that stirs your anticipation
relinquish your source of misery
Revive your languished faith
Makes you gather your shattered pieces
And wrap you in one of those embrace
That turns you sanguine and buoyant again
Cause no matter what I say
Something inside me fails to believe
That you will ever return
To how you used to be
Before this calamity fractured your resolve
Beyond repair
Kathleen M Apr 2015
Bits of me unlock and let go
Floating past what remains of my eyes
I am made of so many colourful peices
I exhale the last of my lungs
A pink cloud shimmers in front of my face
Lighter and lighter as my body departs
Floating upwards where the air is thin
Raindrops falling between the flecks of me
My being stretched just as thin as the air I travel through

— The End —