She was full of love.
Filled with happiness,
Filled with commitment
And determination.
She needed his attention
And attraction.

He was empty.
He had no knowledge of love.
He didn't believe in intimacy,
All he knew was to take
What he needs and leave.

She strived to be his savior,
Tried to changed him to a believer.
She loved him more than she loved herself.
She gave away all her energy to remove his pain,
Again and again.
But he would take no notice of it.

He gave up on love,
He was cozy with the chaos.
she was full of love.
She didn't give up.
She searched for hidden feeling,
And found none.

She tried to fix him
But he was unfixable.
She tried to save him
But she broke herself.

Get up girl, you got shit to do. Those tears will dry and you'll be alright. It'll take some time, but you know that, so let yourself feel, but don't dwell, don't let your head go under. One day, this'll be a scar on a girl you once knew.

7/22/17 ~ Maybe I'm not the only one to need this
elise f 6d

Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken

Likely to burst

Encased within a gilded cage
With clipped wings as if I could-

-and have no doubt I surely would
take flight as once I surely did, to soar the skies, to taste the winds, to thrust my wings and let the breeze-
-take charge as I let go my fears and let my instincts lead my route.

Above below and through the clouds, I sore to heights so high that man below appear as ants and city lights serve to remind of man whose whims I must abide where I a canary caught in their grasp.

There was a time when I was free to dream of soaring upon crests of wind

And then that time came crashing down within a moment when man set his eyes

That moment when my guards were down

The very moment I lost the freedom I had had

And clipped, my wings, so I would never know the joy of freedom flying to and fro'

If only that was what they had in store perhaps their would remain a glimmer of hope

Alas it wasn't meant to be
I was a sacrifice to what man considered his

To live at all expenses lest within a mine beneath the ground the noxious fumes would dispatch man, their life no more, they all would die

And so it's i within a gilded cage whose mankinds fatal line of defense

And so I'm lowered in my cage
To serve as warning for all those men

Who treat me kind as kind can be
'For they know when I stop to breath they might be next lest they escape

And so now stripped of taking flight
I serve as signal, my death their sign that noxious fumes are deadly know and all they need as proof is I

'For in my cage I'm meant to die which signifies a lethal strike

I am the canary down the mine
My freedom gone all that I have
Is to pray that my death is quick for all my freedom no longer exists.

Eyal Lavi

Stuck in the lift again.
- "You're meant to go down."
- "I'm going up!"
- "You're going down."

Sun Aug 1

Down by the river
      Walking like a camel does
Slow but steady
  Sassy but Shaggy

Stopped by the abbeys
Owls with dark eyes
In the darkness

  They are two
    With infinite joys
      In their glowing eyes
    Knocked me off my feet

      They are not to prey
Singing their life
     Touching, cuddling

           How happy they are together
    But no home they built
 They build each other
     Named it heavens on the earth

They mocked at my lonely footsteps
Or wished me to fly like them
In silence
            Or they knew me long before
           I am walking towards home
By the distant sea

The Ariel song they sung
Spoke to me
If you conquer the dark
       You will reach home
   before dawn

  That sense hauls
    through my eyes
    Through the blood in my veins,
Neck and hair
  With that longing
Known yet untouched touch

Notes: credit to Paul for helping me with the idea.

Broken down and bust
Fallen idol with rust
No love nor lust
Forgotten covered in dust.

Large serving of self pity
Tired of this grey city
Back to the nitty gritty
Oh such a pity.

The end is nigh
Best quickly get high
Do it down on the sly
Knowing everyone will ask why.

Take a big bite of that crust
In God we pretend to trust
Life doesn't have to be just
Broken down and bust.

Nadia DeLevea Jul 28

Eyes staring, glaring,
Beauty she is wearing,
Weight of the world baring,
Cannot stop her caring,
Everyone comparing,
Swearing, tearing, wearing her,
     Breaking her,
          Fallen down,
               Face down,
                    Flat down,


Small looks despairing,
Silent tears repairing,
Strong and firm declaring.

Spoken Truth™  By Nadia DeLevea
Rebel Heart Jul 28

So what if I die today?
The strange blue and green marble of chaos keeps spinning
The meaningless beings of hate stay floating
The sun and moon rise and set day in and day out
The broken cries of that starving child still cry and shout
The bullets keep flying and the bombs keep dropping
And as much as we'd like to leave our marks on the world
The world always forgets and moves on
Down the same destructive path
Over and over
And over
Until all our marks fade away
Till there's nothing left but

Another cynical poem by RH. It's strange though because the RH I know is both cynical and hypocritical and basically a walking contradiction. She's pessimistic yet believes she can help change the world for the better and leave her mark and I have no doubt she'll do just that just like all of you wonderful people will one day accomplish your goals as well. Happy writing ~BM

How much easier it would be, to be
Or so at least I like to think
When my mind runs away from the building of me
Like a brick I fall
Like a block I sink
Hopefully back into place
But if it's not for me
Would you tear me apart God brick by brick?
And build me as I was meant to be?

Not all that I rooted in truth or humility. RIP.
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