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You're an angel
I'm the one who's fallen
And I'm bound
To take you down
Where you don't belong
With me
Something I refuse to see

Jeremy Betts Apr 14
A Hard Knock alum, not permitted to blossom
No one ever there who'd care to clarify "how come?"
Deep down, in the depths of my heart shaped chasm,
I know what's about to come in is the inevitable outcome
That I forgot to remember I was still and forever running from
More likely
Subconsciously, finally and fully drained, exhausted and done
This was not that much fun

Duzy Feb 1
I'm comfortable down here,
I rest easy down here, for here is the bottom.

Nestled tightly against my bottom is the bottom.
There is no way down so things cannot get worse.

Up there is hope. Hope CAN be poison.
Why would you want to taste poison?

Down here is comfort. Comfort IS home.
Why wouldn't you want to be at home?

Warm, safe, reachable
It's the hope that kills you. I've heard
Ghostverses Jan 13
Today's sunlight will forever be my eternal darkness
Just a little quote I made up. Wanted to get some opinions about it
Pagan Paul Nov 2023
Feeling low is not all wrong.
Feeling down is absolutely fine.
Crying out pain is OK friend
and being sad is not a crime.
Just a piece of advice for anyone with low mood.
Jme Love Sep 2023
   feel i must write
Im blue
Down in the dumps
I need a pick me up
But where do i start
There is no cure for
A heavy heart
If i could take it out and send it away
It would be a much lighter day
I fear tho it would come rite back
Stamped return to sender in ink jet black
It worked. My heart still weighs a ton but writing this poem made me feel alittle better and perhaps a bit stronger. I think ill make it through the day.
Nat Lipstadt Dec 2023
Lay My Body Down

Sunday sipping my Hawaiian java,
the world’s end is hallmarked this weekend,
like hash marks on a old fashioned
wood ruler,
and unrequested and unbequested,
heady voices demand a retelling,
even a tallied
of 2023
the year I almost blew it.

took some pics, even a video,
of my-internals, and pronounced me
nearer my god than thee,
I was precisely, scientifically,
97% almost dead,
said the occultist
said see you tomorrow
for a haircut and a nip and tuck
upon thy heart

I was of good cheer,
not fully comprehending my walk on the edge,
never gave it too much thought,
which for a poet,
is just plain weird.

But this Sunday,
as I lay my body down,
thinking about “deadlines,”
all missed,
and are all still, cursing me,
residuals of 2022 & 2023,
which are carry on baggage
for the next trip through the
door of

and these words come jumbled and
we are out of time to sort
them better than this,
as I lay this body down,
one last time,
on the ruler’s edges edge,
the last hash mark nearly touched,
and almost
equidistant from this year and the
unmeasured blankness of a clean white sheet
of Next!


a good ole saying, a good ole lyric,
“lay my body down”
invokes image of spring water
a brook wash~flowing
over the shell of man
clothed in white linen shroud,

water of clarity crystalline,
taking a tour~trip with an itinerary
of (must-see!) sights,
cracks and crevices,
slats, slots and slits,
apertures and orifices,
groans and worry lines
accumulated this nearby past,
my body’s own poem


but I recall W.H. Auden’s words
about the revitalization quality of water,
and I decide to
baptize myself,
like recommissioning, retrofitting
an-old ship

(though I am a serious jew,
who knows nothing of this rite)

But fortunate seemed that

Day because of my dream, and enlightened,

And dearer,


than ever your voice as if
Glad—though goodness knows why—to run with the human race,
Wishing, I thought, the least of men their
Figures of splendor, their holy places.


in some places, you can follow the dotted lines,
on my physical container;
man-made marks from
exploration of my body,
now understanding these lines and holes
are a schoolboy’s
long division’s remainder,
(always annoying)
bits & pieces of him,
looking for a surety that one can
yet call it home,
one more year?

my interstices,
tween the manmade decorations
of medical foreplay
and the cri de coeur
of my mental anguish,
are life reminders,
I am
alive and still hurting,

could be worse.

Aug 22 11:44pm/Dec.31, 9:50am
Ricardo Jun 2023
I just want to stay down,
Everytime I'm falling,
I don't want to come back up,
Why is it that everytime I fall,
I fall so dam hard...
So dam hard hitting the ground,
Oh It justtt makes me never wanna come back up,
Never want to get back up.

Yet everytime,
I have you here at my side,
Like a fallen angel from the sky,
You've touch me see inside,
Engraved deep in my life,
Oh oh oh oooohh
I am not staying down anymore.
Keep reaching out, don't stop
Because I have no one else now,
Ohhh oh oh oh...
You never turned around,
You never walked out,
Always picking me up off the ground.
Then more and more each time,
Just having you by my side,
I will never again,
Never again fall that far downnn.

Ohhh I was walking in the dark,
How I couldn't see anyone,
Your eyes are what lead me out.
And nowwww,
I will never never again fall back down.
Never fall downnn.
I'm determined to die now
Nothing will make me fall
Fall as hard as I have.
Keen Apr 2022
I crumbled down
when I faced the mirror.
I can't even face me;
nor the reality,
of us.
annh Nov 2021
…dawn breaks like a blow to the heart.
'Turn to the wind, I dare you
For time is but a space that is captured
Live in fear or peace, which will you?
For none shall stand at ease
In fickleness of all human nature
You will fear while in peace
and complain while in fear.'
- F.N.Collier
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