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Hannah 3d
I'm finally falling down
From this cloud.
I'm finally setting my heart straight
Getting my mind clear
Of all the things holding me down.

I can finally see
What I couldn’t before.
And it’s finally clear
I'm looking at the door.
I'm waiting to break free
From what’s holding me back.
I don’t know what it is,
But I’m tired of it hurting me.
Where is Voltaire now that we need him?

The Age of Enlightenment, also know as the Age of Reason, was a full-blown burgeoning of reason in Europe in the 17th and 18th centurys.

By 2020, we have just begun what I call The Age Of Unenlightenment, or Worse, an immmoral retrograde not seen since the days of Corligula, a dystopian era ushered into our global society by a sodden  driver named **** Trump who crashes through his pretentious entrance of **** Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Now that myrmydon Cohen has just been released from prison because of the pandemic threat, let him clean up the mess in the morning.

In the meantime, the November elections loom. Costa Rica or New Zeland? With the Russians contriving and the Repuplications suppressing, **** Trump could get illegallally re-elected. If that were to happen, I would not wish to spend another nanosecond in this corrupt, criminal country. New Zealand or Costa Rica?

The Worse, you ask? Take your pick. Catastrophic climate change or nuclear holocaust. At least the results of either will not be rigged.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduateof Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, a novelist. and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
Nandini yadav Apr 15
दिल से जुड़ी थी जो बातें दिल की

अब दिल ही दिल में दबाने लगे हैं

वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे हैं,,

बेझिझक करते थे जो कभी बातें हमसे

अब हर राज़ छुपाने लगे हैं

वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे हैं,,

कहते थे जो कभी न छूटेगा साथ हमारा

अब वही अपना हाथ छुड़ाने लगे हैं

वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे हैं,,

मिलकर देखे थे जो कभी ख्वाब हमने

अब एक-एक कर हर ख्वाब दफ़नाने लगे हैं

वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे हैं,,

हसरत थी जिनके साथ ज़िन्दगी बिताने की

चाहत थी उम्र भर साथ निभाने की

दिलाया था जिसने भरोसा अपने क़रीब होने का

आज वही तन्हाइयों का एहसास कराने लगे हैं

वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे हैं       

 वो धीरे-धीरे हमसे दूर जाने लगे

They are slowly moving away from us...

The words of the heart that were related to the heart
Now the heart is pressing in the heart
They are slowly moving away from us,
Feel free to talk to us once
Now every secret has been hidden
They are slowly moving away from us,
They used to say that they will never leave our company
Now he is freed
They are slowly moving away from us,
Together we saw what ever dream
Now every dream is being buried
They are slowly moving away from us,
Hasrat was with whom to spend his life
Wanted to live together throughout my life
Who had given me the confidence to be close
Today those same loners are starting to realize
They are slowly moving away from us
They are slowly moving away from us
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GreenWitch May 9
How do you even like me? What do you even like about me that makes you keep saying you love me everyday?

How do you keep those thoughts at the forefront of your mind as you watch my daily failures?

How do I also attain this level of love for you?
Just some feelings going on lately
Amanda May 3
Why must I feel the way I feel?
Want to wake up but this nightmare is real
Too many mazes clouding my brain
Swirling in circles driving insane  
Poor judgement leading emotions down hazardous roads
Lugging regrets like oversized loads
I worry
Stress over nothing at all
Convince feet I'm destined to fall
Tripping over thoughts I create
Actual obstacles don't get in the way
Self-sabotaging before having a chance to fail
Sink the boat BEFORE setting sail
It is better to know you're a loser than be unaware
Best get used to being alone because others won't be there
I'm a loser baby so why dont you **** me
Mrs Anybody May 2
is a
terrible thing

it keeps you alive
nourishes you

it strikes
you down
one single blow
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Cecil Miller May 2

Get down in time,
With Clemintine,
You'll have a chicken,
Sausage, feta omlett,

At breakfast time,
Or when the water's fine,
When it's time to go,
You gotta do what you can to...

Get, get, get, get, get, get, get.
If they are against you they will lose that
Bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet, bet.
Each for his own,
Each king his own.
Every rolling stone,
Gets down in the hoosegow.
Just something I've been working up. It's sort of my answer to Jailhouse Rock
Amanda Apr 18
I have drank *****
Down to very last droplet
At bottles bottom
I don't drink much nowadays but back in my prime I was never one to turn down a spider
Zack Ripley Apr 12
The world is healing
As our worlds are crashing down.
But someone has to fall
So another can wear the crown.
But even if we have to resort
To eating beans and rice,
Isn't having a healthy earth
Worth the sacrifice?
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