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surrendering to the angel you send in the night
tarnishing night with stars you set, of mementos, gems
sweetened into being by the heat of unknown
fun in the warning
sun in the worsening
need to see the warm winds
in your hair, see it myself
my vigil, diadem is a pen
decrees are on each page
that summer endings and I
lay down to
- it's dreaming
of the soul that holds my soul
IPM 4d
o n t h e
f l o o r
     ...............d  y  i  n  g....................   {{{..................on thegrou..................../}}}
                        ...  nd I was   ...                          
..  down  ..
.  .....  .
. . r i n g..
. .. w  i  t  h...
.. o u t    a..
. sound .
Amaris Aug 29
there were no broken dishes
and i could still sing
but if i could use one of my three wishes,
i'd change everything.
Amaris Sep 10
I feel the world drag me down
Then it sends me flying
I cycle between the highs and lows
And can't fall asleep without crying

Sometimes I am fire
Other times my mind is dark gray
Hope is a match I can't hold onto
I'm begging the light to stay
Seanathon Sep 11
Beautiful silence
Beautiful sound
Stop thinking you can be saved by this
Another noise in the city
Another quiet little town

You can't be saved by your own hand

That's why he reaches out
My mind and how it works. So annoying sometimes. Shuuussshhhhhhh..........
Sehar Bajwa Sep 10
buy gumboots because
rain will wash away every-


if you let it
Phi Kenzie Sep 8
I can feel it on the nape of my neck
a single drip slip sliding down

Is it me or the heat?

My breathing is shallow
calmly alarmed
afraid to exist past the lips

Nervous of the temperature
this place generates
weathered down to the pore
with no semblance of rest

Did I make a mistake
in not finagling for AC
and laying under layers
momo navarro Sep 8
Momo navarro

Nakikita mo ba?
Nakikita mo ba
Sa mga mata ko,
Ang hinanaing ng damdamin ko?

Nararamdaman mo ba?
Nararamdaman mo ba
Sa bawat ngiting pinapakita ko,
May tinatagong sakit ang puso ko?

Masaya ako sa paningin mo,
Ngunit kilala mo na ba ang totoong ako?
Masaya lamang akong lumalaban.
Pagkat alam kong ito'y aking laban.

Ngunit dumarating parin sa punto
Na sa gabing madilim at tahimik
Nais kong sumigaw, umiyak,
At ilabas lahat ng aking saloobin.

Pagkat sa pagsapit muli ng umaga
Muli nanaman akong magpapanggap,
Magpapanggap na masaya't
Ayos lang ang lahat.

Hanggang kailan nga ba?
Hanggang kailan paulit-ulit na ganito?
May hangganan nga ba ito?
Makakalaya ba ako dito?

Nais ko sa pagdating ng panahon
Muli akong makabangon,
At magpapatuloy sa paglalakbay.
Haharapin muli ang hamon ng buhay.
that is my feeling right now, I want to express my feeling through my poems..
Amaris Sep 4
light is beautiful but it tricks you
there's nothing to hold onto
Freddie Ruiz Sep 3
Hi, my name is Eli, and I have no job.
I make less than a hundred dollars a month.
I used to be a popular guy in my hometown.
Every girl was after me before I decided to drop out.
It all goes back to when I started hanging out
with some dudes from the block I thought I knew much about.
At first, I was living the life, all the fun I missed out.
Now, I got a problem with crack and I can't put the pipe down.

I wasn’t always the failure I am today is what you have to understand.
I had a promising future, a good family and more than just one friend,
but I couldn't wake up from this trance.
I guess inside I didn’t want to give myself that chance.

I have broken myself down
and now I can’t pick myself up from the ground.
While my dreams all fall down,
Can you give me something to fly up in the clouds?
I have broken myself down
and I got no one around.
My life has tumbled down.
I wanna go fly in the clouds.

A minute ago, I was flying and floating
and now the ground is giving way beneath me.
And the earth is swallowing me
as ants feed on me.
Excuse me sir, can you hear me?
Is anyone looking for me?
A newspaper page blown by the wind covers me
as the sun gets dark and blinds me.
Written on September 13, 2004
Composition number: 192
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