Bryan 23h

Men have scoured the earth
In search of lesser women than you.
Wars and famine,
In veneration,
Have been stricken in pursuit
Of the likes of half your substance.

Lain waste, the kingdoms of men,
And religion alike
In the name of madonnas
A mere fraction of your awe.

Tearing hell through this earth,
Here you stand before me:
Never prostrate, but exhilerant!
Sparks flowing from your hairtips:
A woman scorned!

All for the adoration of a poet:
The subject of your wrath
For his perception.

Quiet nights of joy
hard moments of power
flowers dying easy

And the lowing continues
Mims 3d

I'm worried,
If I let my hair down,

You might set it on fire.

True story
Rebel Heart Oct 9

I've become nothing more than a shadow
Living in my own darkness
For I am not who I used to be
I am not as great as I once was.

I peaked some years ago
Suddenly my bright future
Became a desolate path
Leading to more loneliness
And a constant burden
Reminding me of what I could've had.

No this isn't a hurdle
I've reached a dead end.
A roadblock in my life
Which I'll never be able to overcome.
Everything was looking up
But it all came crashing down
The brightest of colors
Now I'm a dull grey
With no life to live
With no words left to say

With nowhere else to go
No one else to be
Because I have become
And nothingness became me

You are not nothing unless you choose to be...

I feel empty
Empty inside
I want to run away
But there’s nowhere to hide
Fuck it
I’ll just get in a boat
And go for a ride
Set the sails
And go with the tide
I’ll go with the wind
Wherever it blows
All I need is a drink
And something to smoke

I’ll escape to an island
To a place in the sun
With no one else
Just me and my gun
That’s all I need
To be out in the sticks
Peace and quiet
And somewhere to think
It’s not the end
Just the start
Only me
And my broken heart

We’ll just sit there
And talk things through
Look back at the times
Of just me and you
When I’m down
I just look around
I see the trees
And some clouds
Grey skies around me now
I close my eyes
And look at the floor
Flick the switch
And feel no more


Even When
My lingerie is
Scattered across the floor
And there are
Rope burns on both my wrists

I am not as tied down
               As I was when there was nothing
                                             Holding me

I can't get away from it

I guess that wasn't the kind of release I was looking for.
Samantha Oct 4

And here we go again,
I fell down, down, down
Down into that mysterious hole.
Where I always find you waiting.
Waiting to take my hand.
And fuck me up all over again.
Would it make you sick to your stomach
To know?
Or some sort of twisted amusement?
Everything is an illusion.
My words, coy.
My actions,
An unintentional game.
With a prize I'll never win.

Ivy Leigh Oct 1

Have mercy on me
for I am nothing
but a humble poet
trying to find my
place in the world
and myself.

My return to this site is official. I will not delete or edit my past poem, but I may write notes. Looking to get published this year.
Mister J Sep 28

You don't even want to start
Asking me why I chose you
Even I don't know my own heart
It just seeks to be with only you

I may have come in a flash of light
I may be a new and perplexing maze
But no, I'm not backing down without a fight
Bloodied and bruised just to catch your gaze

So no, I won't give up no matter what
We may never even know what tomorrow brings
No, I won't put that gentle smile in a tight spot
I just want a chance to be with you, among all things

You don't know how much I'm willing to spend
Just to say no to rejection, to be with you in the end

My niece recently asked my help with her English homework. It was about sonnets, and it kinda inspired me to write one regarding my current thoughts.

Been a few days since my last write. :)

When festivals are in town
I certainly feel down
I too want to flaunt
But memories haunt

Avoiding to socialise
Stay away from noise
Choose to be alone
In my way own

Once life of a party
It is all now history
I wish i could mingle
But still remain single

Unexplained rejections
Shocking deceptions
Friends turned back biter
One lone fighter

Embarrassing moments
Negative judgments
Their unkind acts
Willful neglects

Loss of self esteem
Intentional demean
Turn the spirits off
Made me cut off

Couldn't fill the void
Hence the festivals i avoid
Although I never revenged
But now i am changed!

The mood glooms
When festival booms
Past hurts are reminded
To stay away i am reprimanded

Went to a celebration... wrote this piece while sitting in a lone corner..
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