It was a question.
You had this image
of yourself in
perversion --
when the honesty
is in innocence.
A question in return:
Does sex create
a nervous wreck?

It was a question with an intent within pleasure,
whose tunnels are typically treacherous
enough, without a stringent silence
of the privately pious devoted.

Ask of your buried desires
with a heart full of blood,
that may supply your
rough "down below."
Have I let you down?
   Well, I only do as you taught me.
How was I to know,
   My survival skills
      would be redacted
         after you saw where
            your verses have brought you?
            Cut & cut the pages until
         the personal truth
      fits in the frame
   that you made
Rory 1d
stepford wife, smile bright
cook, clean, fix, listen, shine
a trophy, prize, conquest
overused, underloved, broken, dies
unassembled puzzle, incomplete
pieces an unclear fit, break
silent muzzled, scattered, quit
exhausted, out is in a box
for puzzles, games, like little talk
brought to shelved bars, stay
viewed only, never touched
succumb, suffocate, decay
Memories from a history I call yesterday
are not the reason why I feel so miserable today,
for my misery isn’t because of what I lost yesterday,
but for the history I’m not making today.
Written o January 17, 2016
Composition number: 541
The numerals II Sir I to another
ABC* confession
DEF feared_***
My bowl spilled my
heart soup

Have Merci Beau-coup
The S was left alone my survival
Do you love my eyes primal
He points widely- tribal his
marriage finger my editorial
Be kinder strawberry sugar high
Do you want me to bite down
on my wafers
-I for the Ivy League his polo loafers

He's my (Lifesavers)
The bow and arrow I met my
dark sparrow what a rainbow
So intrigued my mystery arrival

Why on earth do you want me down?

To focus staying upright but kinda
Tight-Net gown

I am not a falling we have eyes
The face to face prize to be eyed
The Carribean
That Native American
Johnny Depp
When I make my first movie wish

The pirate birdseye rash
Al Dente ziti  Eggplant Parmigiana
The headless horse Dante always neighs
kills me on
Valentine day hearts lucky horseshoe

Eyes have frozen bird's eye
They thought I was
the sweet pea
He knocked me off
My Twitter tweets
I am the writer don't flood
My words everything is shaking
This is the Godly earth

So confused we feel-tightly squeezed
The earthquake head over heels down to our knees

She is sipping her tears down
In her chamomile tea thumbs up
The world is evaporating
like the dead sea
Bring everything alive I am
counting to 1*2*3*4*5

Down to my last words
I'm staying alive my life is more than
A Saturday Night Fever
But feeling down to my sunrise
Your heart deeply graved
I will betcha life has
more downs downward

Even when you wake -up upward

No way out of expensive
price tags we need to save
The give or take to remake
We need to finish not at
the end of the line

Where we were left off
Whats yours is mine

Sometimes you think
you are down
But life has you
well planted

To say I do
With his mind enchanted
Let me go up---++

The spirit is a complicated thing
I got wits to carry on anything

I need more guts
Now Bill said I do
Oh! No love me to please
me as I do

My Bill is always waiting
at the upside down table
Like the will-hunting
For God sake who is on first
Going up with the bucket list
Feeling down to adore me
You're going down Oh! Christ
Don't push my buttons
the elevator
I saw your Realtor
going to
The Skyline Hilton

I-O-U trillion hearts that were
down and wasted

Falling eyelashes no surprise
That stock exchange stars fault

Money lip up and honey
eyes down
Do you want this in singing
or shall we both go down

I'm going to wash that
man right out
? And sent him on
the way he's gone
The brainwashing Scientology
misery loves religious company
Like Humpty dump me
His "snoop dog so sad eating
like Pig whistle steak
Peeping Tom sales week
Anthony Perkins down to seek

The sprinkler shower
Hitchcock scene French Tickler
At Tiffany's Audrey
breakfast jewels Ruby
Hanky Panky pancakes

Like the Amazon in Prime
With fruit slashed smile
Love to love you baby at
Perkins eggs are dreamy
The shoot of ringlets hair screaming
Niagara fall and action roll fall down

You're a shade too hurtful
The red-brown chair or orange perk me
up the crown the Gala gown me

Life is so unkind why
do people smile
Going in and out the door
The rush the high like you could
mop her curls up but your hand down

Feeling inside the apple of the core

The teapot all fenced in pretending
The downspout- you're up-sprout
He's the roundabout -handle
A stranger is routing someone
is always cursing
You're going down

The game sports ball out
And your always looking
down at me when you
talk me out

Like a ring fight
falling black eye
Where is our coffee down
to nothing, she got a pink eye

Her words spilled over
upside down
pineapple printed dress

Having a breakdown
Do you want me down
I am the New York City girl
A clap of party hands

A figure of speech when you get
lonely go downtown
To my number
address 13
what a lowdown
In the Wizard of Oz,
the  cowardly lion
crashed the window
My only lip Solo so low

My computer froze my red
rose wilted
I couldn't bring my smile
back to suit you

They were jumping for joy
Do you really want to
love a tomboy
Almond eyes of candy
Grease me down
My pretty pink illegally
Blonde pill
Google on down with Bill

Joining the falling down crowd
But no one had a clue my face was
falling down all-stars feeling blue
When we're down and about or feeling all over the place the roundabout we cannot get over something that we go more down and down but be pulling our weight going up but who will fill our heart when you just about had enough
She sits on the edge of a cliff
looking down,
never up
She lets her legs fall over the edge,
and she's not scared at all
because why would she be scared,
of something that could save her from this life?
I screamed in the room of my mind.
My echoes, echoed in the emptiness of this room.
Shutting up the messy voices in my head.
Who is trying to get a place in my head.

"Who is who?"
I really don't know.
I fall for it's tricks sometimes.
It's cunning, slick, twisted hands grab on me.
And I fall into it.
Only to wake myself up.

"How can I live when I don't know who my voice is"
"How can I live when I don't know what is God's voice?"
How can I be such a failure....there you go again, falling into the traps of these lies.
And yet again......see....I just can't stop believing in those lies.
It tears me apart in the inside.
Careful to not break me on the outside.
So that people won't know the storm inside of me....
So that I would be alone.

"Stop being so stupid, foolish, distracted, and stop being such a are so truly are..." I say as I speak to the mirror...
Guys I am so sorry for the ups and downs of my poems....really sorry....
Please remind me of his love....
Amanda Jul 8
Do you still love me like you once did?
Im starting to feel like you don't.
Where did those feelings fly off to?
I want to change for you but I won't.

Am I able to turn around and avoid a collision?
If not we will be left with more careless aches.
Is there enough courage inside these bones to be better?
Still making the same stupid mistakes.

Are you tired of my selfishness yet?
I can tell you are by the tightness in your jaw.
Didn't I warn you to stay far away?
It seems my ice is too thick to completely thaw.
I was right
Aroody Jul 5
Sometimes we just need to calm down ,
sometimes we just need a hug ,
and a whisper in the ear ;
Saying " it's gonna be alright "

Once in a while we need to run ,
run to where we can't see fault ,
an escape to where perfection exists ,
down to the rivers,  beneath the clouds ,

Maybe we just have to take a walk ,
just a moment alone with a thought ,
away from where conflict starts ,
strolling under the lights alone ,

Sometimes we should pick ourselves up ,
and dust off from the footsteps of those we love ,
and accept that it didn't work out ,
" well it's life " I would say , " not everything is in your hand "
Calm down and find yourself
Some people only feel when they hurt
Investing in a taker is like throwing your hard earned money down a bottomless well
It will never prove a return
Echos and silhouettes
Apparitions and mirrors
Yet not amounting to the real thing
Dogs barking at shadows on the lawn
Chasing their own tail ... Chasing the wind
Death is a more considerable option to the taker
As long as he doesn't have to give
Written by Sean Achilleos 05 July 2018©
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