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infer lower
court a
wall with
DACA while
Mrs. Pelosi
shares liberal
concern i.e.,
morals with
crossovers like
her minority
leader while
McConnell gasps
with Ross
while Mathew
is ninth
circuit in
Hot 'Lanta
is Charlie Carlos dead?
KAE 4d
Fury running through all my veins.
Fire goes through every part and centimeter of my body.

Fury and fire sweep through my whole being, soul and spirit. They destroy everything in their path, as if they were a hurricane.

They consume me. They take over me. They take control over me because I can not control them, they are stronger than a thousand demons.

I feel like I become a beast while fire and fury grow inside me.

A beast thirsting for hatred, revenge, with a huge pleasure to destroy everything around him.

They can not break free and I lose control.
Because of that, fire and fury are trapped in my skin and in my bones
Jade Jan 14
Have you ever felt the lump
The one in the back of your throat
Choking back tears
Have you ever felt the drop
The one in your stomach
Conjuring all your fears
Have you ever felt the sting
The one causing your eyes to overflow
Messing with your head
Have you ever thought
That you aren’t good enough
Have you ever broken down
For absolutely no reason?
CJ Jan 11
We shouldn't think we don't have wings
when we have wings that don't work.

When you're actually born with wings
that serves another purpose.
A trip down memory yesterday so I to go
It's was to time and
place that I only know
a place In my mind Is
to there I did
To place back In my
youth, days where once
as a child I did play
In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Running and laughing through fields of green
that led to the wood
where Mother did take me for Sunday after dinner
Memories that still lay so
fresh In my mind back to
a place and a time that only I know It was there
I played as a child In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Trip down memory lane back to my childhood days of what
to me seemed always sunny
Amoy Sep 2018
There is a storm outside
The windows blew in
The roof is lifting
The foundation is shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes the roof, it was carried away by the wind
The glass from the windows has shattered
The rain is blowing in
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
The foundation cracks, I can feel it shaking
Inside I sit wondering will I make it
Down comes all the walls
It all fall down around me, everything every last drop
Still I sit wondering will I make it
I have shed my last tear and cried my last cry
But still inside I sit wondering will I make it
poemcla Jan 3
It's a heart, the room
Walls so close
Feeling the veins, the spasm
It had me in, lost all
Let it win, to win it all,
When it drops the life begins
So play it to have it all,
Make it beat to have it all
Daniel eason Dec 2018
My heart is broken beyond repair
I sit here in silence
That feeling of despair
It was my desision to self destruct
But it doesnt matter now the volcanos about to erupt
Misery and anger i hold onto wont go away
Holding me down making me stay
I dont belong in this place you  call home
Youre still gone even though i can hear you on the telephone
How im feeling at the moment
Brayan Dec 2018
I cannot help this, yet feel incased;.
Strand-like fabric; pattern, laced .
Bound to weigh over the worn shoulders. . Even though; I’ve yet to understand;. Why it’s tempted. Like feeling what’s in a shotglass.

Copyright@2018 Brayan Salgado
“Will you call me, when you get there... ?
And I miss your precious heart... ”
Leigh Dec 2018
If she knows, she's keeping the secret of generations. When she leaves a room, it resonates for her until she returns.

A generosity of spirit unsurpassed and a one of a kind soul.

I'll miss her something serious.
It was better knowing she was there. A little light to treat the bleak.
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