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Don't understand why universe took you away
Bits of you seen in all surroundings in some sort of way
Anyone observing wouldn't notice something wrong
Crumbling under a surface that is strong
I attempt to hold head up high
Shrugging off wounding emotion
Repeating routine robotically
Earth's rotation slow-motion
I send deepest regrets with the wind to be lifted into the sky
Whispering words never said before
Worst of all:
Accepting absence as permanent obstruction
Leaves me teetering on edge of destruction
There are moments I wish ground would open up and swallow me whole
Touching not one drop of water yet I'm drowning in the depths of my soul
You always did best to protect me throughout the years
In return I have let you down
Victim of my greatest fears
It might not have been my responsibility to keep you safe and sound
I could have poured out some of those shots you would pound
It was my duty keeping your secrets locked up out of sight
Over and over again I told you no so you responded with a fight
Rather than be at odds I would give in to your spiteful remarks
You ultimately would win and I would fetch your bottle of Monarch
Now I'm haunted by those countless simple mistakes
Forced to bear weight of the fact I didn't have courage it takes
I want to rewind life so I could get another chance to show
That you mean much more to me than I dared to let you know
I'd rather be who's held in the reaper's embrace
Than stuck here tears running down my face
It's my birthday and I'm so not feeling it... How can I celebrate without the one person who made it so special every year?
Ken Pepiton Mar 25
Beans bloat the wit f'art's aches,
to ease acceptance of the winds we

make up, as crude ensamples,
of bubbles bursting to loose the essence

essential pressure to hold a bubble, apart,
as its content passes gurgling past pyloric valves,
posting notes to axions reflecting gut felt reasons

to try something, some new thing, not locked away
whole truth evident -ly holy tomes beneath the vates

old place of divination and meditation, temple ground.

Das Grund. Watch your step, settle in Jello-hello, y'ello,

who may I say is calling?

Those bubbles of being, measured with all the latest ware,
continue to pervade our manners of speaking, current terms
of endearing adjectives splattering the walls of our bubbles,

as our windows bump, and I catch you looking,
back looking to seem to wish to know, who looked first.

What does it take, to make up one's own mind,
after the riddling writers and wind fiddling poets, pass
as spirit forms from god's own duodenum, in effect.

Allman Brothers, I do believe, we smelt that smell.
But it may have been me stepping in your mud.

Pedantic note to knowing more or less,
In pagan Rome the vates resided
on the Vatican Hill, the Hill
of the Vates.

From <>

We are currently doing as Vates did, don't you agree?
A little leaven, in the right forest, at the right season.
Fine day in my valley, Saturday. First weekend of Spring Break,
seen from a future I imagined, even then.
Om Guragai Dec 2022
The atrocities of ethnic cleansing and war
My sense of belonging and community is fading away
The fear of being prosecuted and being constantly threatened on the run
My childhood is fading away
The long and dreadful journey on the boat
My fears of dying are fading away
Being incarcerated and locked up in detention
My dreams and aspirations are fading away
I’d rather die and live like this in a broken system (internal dialogue)
My courage, determination and resilience are fading away
10 year have gone by and still no recognition (visa)
My life is fading away, my life is fading away
Dedicated to people seeking asylum and still no answer in Australia
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
I will spend as much time necessary
Whole life if that is how long it takes
Missing out on things while you miss me
You are worth longing

My formless fear grows in size each day
It lives inside
Keeping cursed
Moment is coming for you to be taken away
If it was me I have faith you'd stay through the worst
Written 3-22-20
Ken Pepiton Oct 2022
Confabulation, rise and tell
more than mortal I may ken of wisdom.

The old con, with some trepidation
of fear or agitation
about something that
may happen)

steps away from the vehicle, fabualting
holy truth provocation, possibly
probably, perhaps, even odds,
I was in violation, due to meditation,

white line fever. No, see.
All my roads have double yellow lines.

I guess I don't know why we don't
do somethings in the road…

I know I learned to say I know
when I am not guessing.
Traffic nonexistant. I sit because I never have sat right here, in the middle of your road.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2022
You fly off
Head held high

Soaring through disarray
Cutting a clear path straight down the middle of the chaos

Reaching unbelievable

Past cloud 8
All the way to 9 and 10
Because cloud 9 wasn't good enough for you
Glass Apr 2022
I hate you.

I truly, truly do.

But the you I hate, isn't the real you.

It's the you in my mind.

The you I fell in love with, laughed with, grew with, cried with.

Cried over.

I hate that you.

That you ripped out everything, destroyed everything we had built.

In one afternoon.

I don't hate the real you.

I hate the you that you made me see.

The you that you built up and made for me, the wool that got slowly thicker over my eyes.

Until the only thing I could see was what you wanted me to see.

Most of all, I hate the you that took my wonderful wool world away from me.

You've moved on.

Forgotten about little old me.

But it's not that easy for me.

I don't hate the real you.

I just hate the person who fell in love with you.
Sabika Oct 2021
I want to go
Somewhere far away
Where neither the rays of the sun
Nor the shadows of darkness can reach me.

Rip this skin of mine,
The confines of these structures,
Failed and toppled,
Never renewed.

The mirrors show a pleasant sight,
One I cannot portray.
So I wonder what you see
In the glass shards inside your pupils?

Running away,
From what?
Where can I go?
At the end of the day, where can I go?
It would be no different,
Whether in green or in blue,
I’ll stand alone and petrified
Of all I have to lose.
Jay M Sep 2021
Long, weary day
Drained my energy away
What am I to say,
On a long, gloomy day?

Friends, they bring cheer
Friends are always near
To the heart, and before me
Giving as much support as need be
Even literally

Carry me away
On this cloudy
Cloudy day
Carry me away
Away like the wind

Up into the air
Down unto the grass
Time so short, it almost isn’t fair
Yet the moment comes only to pass

Thrill of the unknown
Rise into steady arms
Spin and see the day gone by
Away like yesterday

The cheer of friends,
The joy that they bring
Into my step a spring
Into their caring arms

Away, away, carry me away
On this cloudy, perfect day
Once looked upon with dismay
Now this is what I say;

“This has truly been fun,
Even without the shining sun
You all brighten up my day
In my mind this day shall forever stay.”

- Jay M
September 24th, 2021
Today my friends decided to carry me around a bit. I was tossed (gently) between friends, spun around, and set down. It was wonderfully fun, and today has truly been a highlight in my week.
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