Azure 2h

grab my hand
and run away
far away from where we are
so we could be close without fear

hold me close
don't let go
keep me sane
keep me safe

take me away
so i can finally breathe
because you are what feels like home

and i've been longing for one
one that is real and true

i don't wanna see your pretty smile
that wasn't meant for me anyway
instead i would like to see you cry
and crawl like me in this pain

You was my sweet love
We were so young
We were both brave
We were too sing
We were great lover,
Sad to say that now-
You are myself killer,
You’ve killed my love
Will you kill me too, how?

I am too tired today
I cannot think of it-
How you said 'go away'
Why guessed 'cheeky git'
Did you call me, 'ignorant'?
You said, 'I don’t like you'
Truly, what do you want to?
I still care about you
I believe you love me too.

Please, leave me alone
I don’t love you anymore
Now I have someone
So go away forever….

Gotta get out
Get away
Run away
"I'm running out..."
Running out of time
Out of patience
Get me out!
Out of here
Hear the blood
Blood rushing in ears
Ears full of volume
Volume in decibels
Decibels drown out thoughts
I'm drowning in thoughts
Thoughts that chain
Changes in motion
Emotional changes
Change of pace
Change of scenery
Change of heart
Gotta get out
Take me out

Inktober prompt: Run
Rules: Whatever comes out of the pen is the poem. No edits allowed.
Hope Oct 8

Crimson leaves falling
Through autumn’s lonely whispers
Softly fading out
With dimming shades of our lives
Tears as petals in the wind

Mims Oct 5

Even though
You were
Right next to me
I was solar systems away from you

Even though
I sat next to you
I felt so far away
Into space

You never let me nearer
Then thousands of planets away
I used to wonder
If that would ever change

I've only ever hurt you.

you don't owe me anything.

Prompt/inspiration from Rupi Kaur, from her book: the sun and her flowers
Mims Oct 3

She said: "I know how to fly"
He said: "I don't believe you"
So away she flew,
And she never looked back.

She had something to prove
And in proving it to all of you,

Far away,
She flew.

Never to return.

Believe my wings darling,
Believe in them like I believe in you.
ST Rossa Sep 30

Roses at your side
when you pass on by
always wilt away.

They cannot compete
you have them beat
so envy kills them.

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