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You fly off
Head held high

Soaring through disarray
Cutting a clear path straight down the middle of the chaos

Reaching unbelievable

Past cloud 8
All the way to 9 and 10
Because cloud 9 wasn't good enough for you
Glass Apr 29
I hate you.

I truly, truly do.

But the you I hate, isn't the real you.

It's the you in my mind.

The you I fell in love with, laughed with, grew with, cried with.

Cried over.

I hate that you.

That you ripped out everything, destroyed everything we had built.

In one afternoon.

I don't hate the real you.

I hate the you that you made me see.

The you that you built up and made for me, the wool that got slowly thicker over my eyes.

Until the only thing I could see was what you wanted me to see.

Most of all, I hate the you that took my wonderful wool world away from me.

You've moved on.

Forgotten about little old me.

But it's not that easy for me.

I don't hate the real you.

I just hate the person who fell in love with you.
Jay M Sep 2021
Long, weary day
Drained my energy away
What am I to say,
On a long, gloomy day?

Friends, they bring cheer
Friends are always near
To the heart, and before me
Giving as much support as need be
Even literally

Carry me away
On this cloudy
Cloudy day
Carry me away
Away like the wind

Up into the air
Down unto the grass
Time so short, it almost isn’t fair
Yet the moment comes only to pass

Thrill of the unknown
Rise into steady arms
Spin and see the day gone by
Away like yesterday

The cheer of friends,
The joy that they bring
Into my step a spring
Into their caring arms

Away, away, carry me away
On this cloudy, perfect day
Once looked upon with dismay
Now this is what I say;

“This has truly been fun,
Even without the shining sun
You all brighten up my day
In my mind this day shall forever stay.”

- Jay M
September 24th, 2021
Today my friends decided to carry me around a bit. I was tossed (gently) between friends, spun around, and set down. It was wonderfully fun, and today has truly been a highlight in my week.
Zoe Mae Sep 2021
Off I go on a road trip to nowhere
I won't send postcards to people who won't care
My best friend's gonna be a wise-*** brown bear
Yeah, I'm racing down a melting path to nowhere
Willow shade Aug 2021
To feel you for a while, I did my best,
Overcame depression, waiting for the next
Suddenly opened my eyes feeling perplexed:
Standing on my knees in tears, I pray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

The time is really beyond before and afters
Distances turn to a means as we disperse
Your spirit is here; you sound in my laughters
The cigarette is glowing in the ashtray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

Stretched my soul in such a miraculous bond
No constraint anymore and no discord
Just like a butterfly flying in a void
I found the peace here, please, do stay,
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

I feel you turning pages with shaky fingers
I feel your heart beating in a rhyming bliss
Papers will reflect you in your red dress
As you touch my letters, it will make my day
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2021
I'm watching my life go up in flames
Coughing lungfuls of smoke
Can't see around the glow from the blaze
Try to breathe but choke

I'm careful not to get too close
Keep a safe enough distance away
Helpless as I watch my home
Descend into a state of disarray

I try to escape the inferno
But the doorway is blocked by fire
I have no choice but to burn along with it
A victim to consequences of my selfish desires
Everything just seems to be going to ****
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
The rain went away
So the rainbow could tell you
You will be okay
Ivy Aug 2021
I posses you
Is that such a bad thing to do?
You wanna get your **** together
I understand that
But what the hell
I wanna be with you
In all the countries
We can travel
Or visiting each other
Build connection
Step by step
But I’m already connected
You’re my lover
But what’s about me?
Will you wash that shirt
Which I was wearing
So you can wash
The memories away
Forget me faster
But I don’t want you
To forget me baby
Please don’t forget me
Tell me you’re care
Say it again
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