The endless trickle down my neck reminds me of you

The memories like warm honey that dry into a sticky mess on my back, pulling me down to earth whenever the next fall is taken

I can't hold in the rasping breaths that plague me, hyperventilation crushing the base of my skull, a fight for my conscience, my concious

I can't see the end of this now as I know it is near, I can hear it. I can taste the bitter synchrony of our thoughts, and I give my final look

One last trickle, my darkest friend.


A clef,
On a music sheet,
holds the dreams,
You shared with me,
Upon that couch,
As we talked the night away,
So why do I remember,
The clef so well?
The song stuck in my head,
Is a reminder of you.

Bake up, tomorrow we can change our lives,
So many disappointments about town tonight,
Pine is down on its needles
Moon's not coming down from its rise,

Bake up,
Sad numbers are selfie pictures
Taken in thick make up,

My mother’s black eye
Always found it best
To get in the last word

Once her head was a hole in the wall
Last word kept on coming

Age is much more than a number
It is the saddest number of all
Edge of a feather is sad too
It is a sad place to stand
Even in fair weather

The good old days that were never here are gone now
And the new days keep on coming
Like her last words

"though my problems are meaningless that don't make them go away"

sang neil young

I will make a mirror
with your love
in my little heart
and I will always see you
on that secret mirror
when you will be apart!

I will make nature beautiful
with your memory
on my tired eyes
then I can see you
and your imagery.
Yeah, I will do this
I make a promise!

If you forget me forever
and don't love me anymore
then it'll make me happy
and takes away all my fears
but no one can see
how much pain is in my broken heart!
Sweet, it'll bring me too tears
they can make a salty sea!

Brianna 7d

It's sad
that the one man to tell me he loved my body
was the one man
who was the worst for me.

It's sad
that the one man I wanted to give my heart too
decided destroying it was easier
then loving it.

It's sad
that the one man who dedicates songs and poems to me
is the one man
who I can't seem to fall in love with.

It's sad
that the girl who needs me to love her
is the one person
I can't seem to find love for.

There is a woman; looking at the sky,
I want to approach her; but I'm shy.
She was filled with sadness; and she was about to cry,
However; I chose to approach her and asked her why?
She just answered me; of her sigh,
I tried to sit beside her; but she stood up saying goodbye.

"What's your problem?" as I asked her,
"Stay away from me." as she told me but suddenly she held my hand and told me "my eyes starting to blur."
I was worried about that time; until she lost her sight,
She's fainting and I'm nervous about the incident; i know this is not alright.
I helped her and carried her; to the hospital,
Nurse asked "Is she your friend?" I answered "Yes, a little."

Olympia Dec 5

slowly wondering
why i keep
putting my heart
out there
when every time
it always comes
back broken
as if i haven't
learned that to
give your heart
away is to
give yourself
and all those
times i've repeated
my sin to
the world of love
and repented again
and again
i never bothered to
think that maybe
i need to
stop for a
moment and really
because all you've
ever done is
take my breath

last of my  s e r i e s  collection
new collection coming soon
thank you for the follows and love
rest easy my dear
katalyn Dec 5

The moon reminds
me of you.
So beautiful, so far away

Nylee Dec 3

he went away as fast as he came
but caused so much disturbance
that nothing remained quite the same. 

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