Yanamari Jul 6
I can't do this anymore.
Stepping closer
Getting pulled closer,
And then getting pushed away
Having to step away.
I can't do that.
And please...
Don't force me to do that.
My whole life is made out of
And if
I have to step away,
I'll break,
Crushed under the ice cold of
My imploding desire and pain
For you.

I can only deal with so much
At once.
I didn't even learn how to
Piece myself together the last time.
I'm frozen all over
And I am depending on your warmth,
So please,
Don't break me
While I stand close by...
I don't want to step away.
The Step Series; poem IV
Time makes us forget
However when you revert to a previous space in your life
You are rudely reminded as to why you progressed away from it in the first place
Written by Sean Achilleos 06 July 2018©
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Jungdok Jul 4
In a closed room with white walls, nothing can be heard but their heavy breathing and the beeping of machines.

Cacophonous sob and whispers grew.
The sound of the machine is slowing down.

It was time.

A man wearing a white coat came.

It really was time.

Nothing can hurt more than seeing someone go.
Isla Jul 4
His eyes shown with a thousand words he could never say
As he turned his back
Each step
Another reason why he wished to stay
i turned around and shut the door but you still had the key.
so i changed the locks and hoped again
you wouldn't find your way back to me.

but you'd pick the locks and burn down the door
until there was nothing left anymore,
so this time i'll leave no door
for you to open and get to me.

― this is no longer your home, stay out
you don't get to come back when you were the one who broke this heart and left
Bardo Jul 1
The sun it shone all too briefly for him
Before the darkness came
And the smile died on his face.

His was a bad school I guess
Let all the monsters out of their box
To grin and leer like gargoyles on a

That'd haunt his dreams at night
Leave him dangling over the edge
Staring down into chasms deep.

With a mind a maze of cul de sacs
And at the end of each
Some horrible apparition to drive him

Yea, they taught you well
To run forever/ on a hot coal floor
Sleep on a burning bed
(A desperate man in a desperate land).

You must have known you were
Looking at others, seeing how they
Must have known something was

No wonder you sought to escape
Through others.... in drugs, in drink
Anything to escape those awful

And your only crime ? ....You wanted
   to live.
About the danger of outside influences, especially ideas that make no sense, that destroy a person's peace of mind and enslave them.
Yanamari Jul 1
These words that flow
Around my mind,
I try to appreciate,
I try to confide
These words with
My dear ones,
But often they are toxic
And burn
At the corner of my eyes.

These words that flow
Into my ears
Slowly fade into
My love and fears
Melding with the foundations that prop me up
These foundations constantly amalgamating
With the words of the surrounding world.

These words that flow
Into my eyes
Slowly pull me... aside
Deeper into
The darkness of my fears
Slowly into
A cold
Cold abyss.

And where your light shines
I'd hope to smile
But my smile is hidden
In the words
Left unspoken
Floating around my mind
Flowing in the cold of my eyes.
I'd tell you but... I'm afraid.
Umiiyak ang langit
Bibitaw na ba sa pagkapit
Ngiti mong nakapinta sayong labi
Napalitan na ng pighati

Heto na naman tayo't wala kang imik
Hihinga ng malalim at biglang mata'y ipipikit
Mukha mo'y pinagmamasdan
Habang nakatingin ka sa kawalan
Nasasaktan pero hindi naman malaman ang dahilan

Ilang ulit na rin hindi nagkasundo
Kailan ba tayo hihinto
Sinlamig ng yelo ang iyong ipinadarama
Pakiramdam ko tuloy ay wala na akong halaga

Simula pa lang ng paglalakbay natin dalawa
Pero bakit pangatlong hakbang pa lang ng mga paa
Ay para bang gusto mo nang bumalik sa umpisa
Umpisa nung una kung saan ay balewala lang ako
Dinadaan daanan lang na parang ako'y multo

Bulong ng puso ko ay huwag ka nang lumisan
Poot at hinanakit sana ay mabawasan
Dinggin ang puso kong walang ibang hiling kundi ikaw ay manatili
Pagmamahal na ninanais sana ay pagbigyang muli

Aamin sa pagkakamali na nagdulot sayo ng matinding sakit
Mga mata'y ipikit, yayakapin kita ng mahigpit
Patawad kung mapaglaro ang aking isip
Idadaan na lang sa pagsulat at sayo'y ipapasilip
Sana'y hindi na maulit
Mga away na nagmarka ng takot sayong puso't isip
Isinulat para kay Beatrice
ryn Jul 2
Been away awhile...

Contemplating stars.
Counting moons and suns.
Painting skies.
Deciphering clouds.
Writing in sands.

And missing you.
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