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Whilst sat In my local
supermarket cafe
today sat just watching
the world go by coffee
In my hand, suddenly
a sense of calm came
over like I was slipping
away from life
but It felt good I seemed
so distance from
everything and everyone
around me Very strange
the feeling never felt like
that before but If that
whats like to depart from
this life I won't mind
when Is my time
I had a strange feeling today never ever
felt like It before, like I was slipping from
Just answer me.
I only want to help.

I know things are tough,
and I want to help.
I want to make you stronger.

I am worried for you.
You know that, right?

Every night, I worry.
Every night, I hope I can help you
make it to the next day.

I want to help you see that life is worth living,
and that I want to be by your side.

I want to help you overcome
this trouble that has come
and that has tried to ruin
someone beautiful.

That someone is you.
I am concerned.
I only want to help,
yet you cast me away.
I'm tired of the sadness
The anger
The fear
The regret
The guilt.
Tonight I'm going to be happy.
I gotta get out...
Isaac 2d
Each and every passing day
Will all be washed away.
So live exactly how
You have always wanted to right now.
Be the person you dream of being,
And make the decisions you know are freeing.
Written 10 November 2018
Go to sleep,
my love,
and find your happy place.
Go to sleep,
my love,
i'm sure I'll be okay.

Rest your head,
And darling stop panicking,
I can feel your whole body shaking.
Rest your head,
And know,
That my heart is truly breaking.

My darling,
let me handle all thats coming.
My darling,
While my heart is numbing.

Close your eyes,
My dear,
And let the light carry you away.
Close your eyes,
My dear,
No need to be afraid.

Drift away,
I promise you'll feel nothing.
Drift away,
We both knew this was coming.

My angel,
My beginning and my end.
My angel,
Until we meet again.

Sweet dreams,
Just know,
I love you more than life.
Sweet dreams,
Just know,
T'was an honour to have been your wife.
The ones who can make us smile
Usually cause us the worst pains
The ones who can heal us
Are the ones far from reach
. Maybe it only happens to me. Correct me of im wrong  . Its funny how life can play such tricks
xmas 4d
Though you drift like the wind that flew you to New Orleans
I find you, away and away again
I tried by best to drive by your old house
But it too was away and away again
Gone from my world
Away, into imagination
And away again
I'll go by again tomorrow
I ran like I said I would,
Something I never thought could,
Possibly happen to someone like me,
A depressed sailor that is lost at sea,
It's mid-day, but it's so cold,
Out in this dumb tale untold,
My mom has probably called the police,
And tried to put my sisters minds at ease,
By telling them some white lie,
So they don't worry and cry,
Probably tried calling all of my friends,
Which might just cause a reaction which sends,
Their parents out to find me,
This is realistically,
The current outcome of this sad, sad day,
Maybe I am also lost in my ways,
Just like my eldest sister,
Gives two *****, but I still missed her,
When she was at the mental hospital,
Doesn't have a way to cope, like riddles,
Poems, playing music or just listening,
Acts ******, but wants to grow up and sing,
Then there is the step-brother and father,
A couple ***** I try to not bother,
With even though I have to live with them,
Living is ******* bile, mucus, and phlegm,
All mixed into one "delicious" dessert,
Continue eating but it ******* hurts,
As I'm freezing in the cold and writing,
I think I realized the lie I'm fighting,
Maybe I'm trying to see who still cares,
Mainly the girl in all of my nightmares,
I dream of her at least once every night,
Nothing scary either, never a fright,
Dreams of fairly normal activities,
No matter what it is, puts me at ease,
Because her presence is what I care for,
That's how I know it's love deep in my core,
Boiling for someone who doesn't love me,
At least that is how I've come to perceive,
The relationship between me and her,
A lovely ***** that is obsessed with fur,
Sometimes I like to see how long I can,
Go on in a poem without the mention,
Of heartbreak or the heartbreaker, Heather,
As fierce as a lion, yet a feather,
Something delicate, couldn't hurt a soul,
But could tear a heart and let em' just roll,
On with life and never mention a thing,
Like there was nothing there, like it don't sting,
I guess I failed and I mentioned her name,
I am the only person that's to blame,
I might just attempt round two tomorrow,
Meanwhile, leave me to drown in my sorrow.
Wrote this during my first and last day of running away.
Fluffy behemoths, flying monkeys
Make my day
When I'm an empty soul
Sitting in spirited away train
When I enter the destination
At night
I find myself
More in touch
Than the fun-loving fish
That make up the probability sea
Pooling in my resources
For a nice bath
Reminds me I should have been
A clean soul
Long before
The onset of service technology
"If you're going to retire, retire early"-Hayao Miyazaki
B 7d
I moved 300 miles away from you.
You didn't care about me, until the week before I left.
I meant everything. I went from nothing, to everything. What were you thinking?
You can't **** with my emotions like that. You knew exactly how I felt. But you still did it. Who does that?
The feelings between us may not have been real, but to me they were perfect.
I thought we felt the same, but I ended up crying in the arms of my mother.
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