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Need to start
From where I left
Need to remember
How it felt
The meaning it held
To read
To write and to be read
Zack Ripley Apr 15
Don't worry about where
you'll go in life
or how much you do.
You don't need that much pressure.
You're barely 22!
But if you are, it's okay.
Because I know you'll go far.
The key is to go with the flow
for as long as you can.
But some day you'll fall.
In more ways than one.
But you'll always get up
Because there's more work to be done.
But just because there's more work
Doesn't mean there has to be any less fun.
Sometimes, though, it may be hard to find.
Some days, all you'll want to do is run.
You won't care where.
You'll just want to go away.
But away is a scary place.
A place with no rules.
Of course, that's why some people stay.
Whatever you decide,
it's your decision to make.
And don't be embarrassed
when you make a mistake.
Because you don't know what you don't know.
And at first, you won't know a lot.
But you'll get there.
At least, I think you have a good shot. 😉
Inspired by Dr. Seuss' oh! The places you'll go
Kellin Apr 14
I think....

I think

I am   wasting my life    away

Because all these  hands   have   ever
built is destruction

And  they are  


weighted down    by  many forgotten  dreams

Many     unlived lives

And I   am so tired...
In my memory box I kept this special jewel.
It’s the memory of you dear friend.
Memories  forever locked up.
Safely hidden  for what once was.
Passed away but not forgotten.
Forever safe forever shining
Dear friend
You will always be this song
This precious jewel in my heart.

Shell ✨🐚
When a dear friend has passed away, you have a the precious memories locked up inside of you. Things you two only shared !
You deserve much better
That is plain to see
I can't possibly imagine
What you see in me
You should be with someone capable
Of giving love and devotion
I am so ****** up inside
Numb to almost all emotion
You and I are different
Your heart is made of gold
While my own is solid as a rock
Impenetrable and cold
Why was I created this way?
Who have I become?
I barely recognize myself
Or remember where I'm from
Please don't get too attached
Because I am not made of glue
So just because you are stuck on me
Doesn't mean I will be too
Left all vulnerability behind
To deteriorate in the past
It's easier to remain indifferent
I've learned good things don't last
You can't sweep me off my feet
I've already been knocked to the ground
And I'll only drag you further down with me
The longer you stay around
Please don't give me presents
I am not worthy of the price
Somebody as ******* up as me
Shouldn't be with someone so nice
Please leave me for your own good
Before I rip your feelings apart
All my edges are sharp pieces of glass
If you get any closer I'll break your heart
Stay as far away from me as you can
when we sit in the shade
from the burning sun on the
autumn afternoon, listening
to the children hunt for eggs,
all i can think is that you all
belong here.

i am the imposter, i can feel that they know. your jokes are all funny and i can't find the energy to laugh.

i don't want to be here, i hate 'family lunch'es, i hate pretending to be alright when i just want to sit in my room, alone.

family is always priority for me,
but i cannot place them in my life.
so we sit, laughing with all your loved ones,
and i pretend not to feel alone.
i dont think i'll see 2022 if things carry on this way.
You have not changed
I have to walk away
There is no shame in knowing your limitations
i have to walk away
Maria Mitea Mar 30
I want your eyes,
I want them,
If I can't have your eyes,
Will I ever have your ears,

I want your thoughts,
I want them,
if I can't have your thoughts,
Will I ever have your heart,

I want to keep you close
I want you,
if I can't keep you away,
Will I ever keep you close?
Maja Mar 8
It’s the little things
that makes us.

It’s that hug before bed
It’s those ’love you’s that are said

It’s the little things
that makes us.

It’s the smile from far away
The gaze that asks if you’re okay

It’s the little things
that makes us.

And it’s
the little things
that breaks us.
aya Mar 3
im missing
from my own
i always find myself trying to find myself (another existential crisis <3 what a time to be alive am i right?)
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