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I just want to run away
From problems
I want to run and never stop
Run and never look back.
No time for regrets...
Not now.
Not ever.
Wind that blows so hard today carry me away on the strength of your wind sweep off my
Fly me far away from here where so many painful memories lay swiftly sweep of my
Take me with you to were ever you do blow to another place another time to another day far far away
Just some thoughts while passing my day
Chris 4d
Death likes its coffee the way it likes me: cold.bitter.
As if there weren't enough bitterness in life.
Every minute counts and every step cuts deeper,
In the end the nightfall is as sharp as a knife.

And the days are falling sleepy,slow,
And the leaves are bleeding gray,
Everything that's now, will be long ago,
Everything that blooms will be blown away.

The tables will be occupied by worms.
And the candle fades with the morning light,
And form once white dress a stench so vile returns,
It's the smell of blood for maggot's delight.

Greasy curtains roast in sunlight,
As the day is swallowed by late summer's heat,
It's the only thing remaining to roam in the twilight,
To wallow in the victory of its own defeat.

But my room's as cold as ever.
Eternally shrouded in the coat of dark,
Which eye will soothe forever and ever,
but the foot dare not set, dare not leave a mark.

And so the bones are gathered by the wall ,
Around table surrounded by the pale,
As I await my last and final call,
When the reaper's taxi will be taking me away.

I won't wait much longer, and I'll calmly go,
Let me write a poem and smoke the cigar,
Maybe nail a note to the dusty door,
And sit by the window in the Reaper's car.

I will leave my sadness and sarcasm behind,
and the days I spent in fear and maybe in the end,
The cup of cold coffee that I had to grind,
And grab a glass of whiskey with lady Death instead.
Wolf Dec 2018
I put him before everything
But he valued other things
I gave him everything
But he couldn't take it all at once
He was my everything
But it just pushed him away
sarah 5d
i liked the spark in your eyes when you said it’s over
and i like the weight of your world upon my shoulders
i couldn’t help but smile when you cut me deeper
with your words, they might as well be swords

face me as the tears roll down my face
pretend this heart was fully yours to break
tell me that it all will be okay, as you walk away
as you walk away

my happiness depends on yours, don’t break me down
don’t worry i’ll wipe the oceans; fix my own crown
i’ll paint a picture of the most beautiful sky
and i won’t mind that i only see black and white

i’ll fake a smile, i’ll be alright
get myself through the night
i’ll fake a smile, i’ll be alright
be my own light
should have no delay.
should happen right away.
Why wait to love? Don't wait to love, just love!
He was an ordinary guy who went looking for a dream after many years
of waiting one day Is dream was
He found his sweetheart
and they married and had a son for twenty years or more he lived his
Till one day his dream was taken away and he had to relive his life all over again but this guy I write about In truth Is really
And ordinary guy who went looking for a dream he found It twenty years he lived the till the dream was taken away
It feels
Like it’s been years
Since you’ve stepped up
Off your heels
To kiss me
Since you’ve reached up
Into the sky
To hug me

But now
You’re light years away
A fear long ago
But reality today
It feels like you’re
Light years away
It’s hard to be away from someone you love. Yet the farther I am the more I love.
Isn’t it sad?
That a rose is born to be killed,
then given

On this earth
to experience the beauty of life
Only for a short time.
For the sake of a smile.
Like the rose’s life.

“Isn’t that how everything is?”



          Does it have to be?
What do I do about her?
About the one I cannot reach
About the one I cannot be with
She is right ******* there
She is so close
I can see her soul in her eyes
I can see her smile, frown, cry, laugh,
I can see her
But she is so far away
It's a canyon between us
It’s deep and it's dark and it’s filled with all my despair
And if I fall I know I cannot come back
I cannot see her again…
And so I stay here.
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