I feel like I feel I should feel
                   all but this,
                                this uneasiness

I think like I think I should think
                     very much more,
                               much more clearly

I should even fake it
                or make it go away,

For it is love who's making me uneasy.

Love's always a "who"
june 23, 2017 2:21 a.m.

The tombs and pyramids,
Of ancient Egypt,
The Sphinx,
As well As the river Nile,
The beauty of these things,
Is now in this age,
A fraction of what it once was,
A testament to how beauty can fade away,
And leave nothing but a picked clean skeleton,
Lying in a sandy coffin,
The dunes building up around the base,
Of once grand structures,
The sand mummifying all it comes to touch,
The sun drying out the parched ground below,
One would not even think,
That a paradise could exist,
In this dry desolate place.

Chan S 2d


How can I smile?
When you took it away.
Stealing every bit of me..
For your own selfish Vanity

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I would forget hurt so mile
If you give me sweet smile
I would gain deep sea gold
If you give me lead bold.

I would take away my pain
If you give me love again.

I would walk so ridgeway
If you give me a good day
I would see oh to do fly
If you give me vast sky

I would take away my pain
If you give me love again.

The intensity in your eyes
And how they met with mine
So different than with those other times
with any other girl
It was warm and electric
A jolt of excitement each connection
We'd glance then look the other direction
I really feel something here,
Infatuation and fear
Chopped black hair
Dark and debonair
Phyique and face of grace
But all I wanted was her stare
It's burned in my brain
Engraved and and stained
Something I'll never forget
Especially while holding the regret
Of never getting
Her name.

Lorna Jun 15

When you searched through the mine of
tearing to shreds all
my glistening
you did your best,
you truly wanted
to see.
but the cavernous path is winding,
And harsh and dreary.
And it can,
It might
Chase you away.

crystallaiz Jun 12

i want to run far, far away
from this place
and from myself
let me become one of the lost boys
where i will not know
anything beyond this greyness  

let me become nothingness
turn me to dust in the air
ashes in the sea
take me away from the edge of the cliff
and let me fall
i will grow wings
and join the ranks of the
lost and fallen

if i were to be such an existence, it would have been easier if i never came at all.
Ami Shae Jun 12

Time never stops.
It waits for no one.
It doesn't care
whether it's the moon
or whether it's the sun
time just marches on
and leaves us all feeling robbed
and needing more
but the worst thing about time
is the way it seems to pour
through our fingers
like grains of sand
and no matter how hard we try
seems we can never plan
to have enough
to save it up,
to make it stay
time just keeps slipping, slipping
far far away...

makes me crazy how little time I have to come here, to do so many things I want to do...
Mercury Chap Jun 10

It's not as if I am the sun
Without which the day is just as dark
I am not the needle which pricks your emotions
Without which you're just as empty
I am not your heart
Even though you say I am
I am not that thin brittle air you breathe
Maybe you don't know -yet- but I do clearly,
You wouldn't even notice
When I'm nowhere to be seen
You wouldn't even notice
That I have ever been,
You wouldn't even notice.

Harsha ravi Jun 2

Was it easy to let go?
Was it easy to leave me drowning on my own?
Did you not feel anything?
Did you not feel like you were suffocating?
Because I did
Every step I took  it got harder to breathe
Easier at the same time too
Did you feel that as well?
I am sure you didn't
Maybe that is why you left me behind
Behind to fight for us alone

I took 5 mins to write this. I guess heartbreaks makes you think fast.
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