You had said you'd never change
Yet you just pushed me away
From your very wide range
Did you, even once, think of me before the act
You knew I would be left shattered
Yet you choose to leave our only pact
When you were gone my heart had bled
I was broke till I learnt the true reason
I could never be your's to cherish and so you had fled
Everyone has to go, came the harsh reality live
I now knew the truth that
You are remembered only when you are no more alive
Don't you ever now try to come close
You would only be killed and wounded
Because I am just a threat that you now pose

Sun 4d

You are worth more than the 'May Be's'
You know they know the feelings
Sighs hollow your mind
You are worth more than the 'Sometimes'

You are not the lovely flower
Neither Orchid nor the Wood Rose
Someone would tend to care
You are the wild river
more than the thoughts
Flows within your veins
You are not outer beauty enough
You are flawed but awesome

Who chase better and better,
ended up with chasing
It's you who look for inner peace
Even if you lost your soul
Trust your journey
Life is a gift to  adore
You are not broken
You just don't know what to behold  

You are not living enough
You are not traveling enough
But dreaming to make things happen once
Who cares, when you are not enough to someone
You are breathing enough to survive through the storms
You can make the unknown voyage when you are the sailor
On your own

You are worth more than the "Can be's"
Let it be when tomorrows crammed on your soul's skin
You are worth more than the "optional thoughts"
You  are enough to conquer your own world
You are more than enough to walk a thousand miles  
You are capable enough to build yourself up

You are not the most loved piece of someone's Art
You are more than the colors of sunset
Not easy to define
You know how to color the canvas called life
Hey you , don't settle for less than you deserve
Life will reward you for your deeds

You are worth the feelings of butterflies in your stomach
You are the willow tree that can withstand anything
You are the dandelions who smile whilst dying

Listening to : Sophie Meiers - Sincerely Yours.
                        Bob Dylan- Emotionally Yours

A gentle push
Towards the harsh terrain below
Is all I need
To let this go
Love was never the question
Being alone is the answer
I was not afraid
If this crippling disaster
We thought it was love
But I'm sure it's loneliness
Just push me out
Of this poorly built nest

I'm gaining new perspective. I see things as they truly are.

you told me
you are too much
your abundant energy is never ending
and to love you is to feel intensity like no other

you told me
that you care too much
a statement that's eerie similarity
held hands with my own

you told me
my lips reminded you of the ocean
a kiss would be to drown
to never try, a regret

you told me
you loved my eyes
golden honey in sunlight
i would always catch you staring

you told me
you'd never hurt me
yet here i am
i never imagined you to lie

you told me
i was the only one
yet found comfort in the arms of another
when i went away

you told me
to be wary of whom i trust
you didn't warn me
about the one in my bed

you told me
and i listened
and now i'm left stranded
wishing i had not.

you told me
purpu Jul 30

In manners and shapes of only beauty
dreaming of the monumental order of things
a massive strength hides subtle duty
stealing you far to other lands
as life and beauty have no borders
but complement in reminiscence
for pure and precious inner sense.

JAC Aug 4

They told me,

until you miss
being home,

go home
until you miss
being gone."

I listened.

Atul Kaushal Jul 30

Time, they say,
Time is very strong.
Memories it makes fade away,
But sometimes it takes too long.

My HP Poem #1643
©Atul Kaushal
Samruddhi Jul 28

I don't wanna stop by
But still wanna say hie...
Cuz I wanna keep moving and never stop
Even when I reach the utmost top
All I would wish for you would be a sweet smile on your face
Even when I would be running in a long long race
You won't be next to me, and I would be away
But never in your memories fade me away....

Rebel Heart Jul 28

So what if I die today?
The strange blue and green marble of chaos keeps spinning
The meaningless beings of hate stay floating
The sun and moon rise and set day in and day out
The broken cries of that starving child still cry and shout
The bullets keep flying and the bombs keep dropping
And as much as we'd like to leave our marks on the world
The world always forgets and moves on
Down the same destructive path
Over and over
And over
Until all our marks fade away
Till there's nothing left but

Another cynical poem by RH. It's strange though because the RH I know is both cynical and hypocritical and basically a walking contradiction. She's pessimistic yet believes she can help change the world for the better and leave her mark and I have no doubt she'll do just that just like all of you wonderful people will one day accomplish your goals as well. Happy writing ~BM
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