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Sarah Flynn May 7
every five to seven years,
the human body is able to
develop an entirely new
set of taste buds.

every seven to ten years,
the human body is able to
replace every single skin cell
with a completely new one.

this means that one day,
not too far away from now,

I will have a body that
your fingers never touched

and a mouth that never
tasted the bittersweet lies
resting on your bottom lip.

one day, not too far from today,
the feeling of your fingerprints
will no longer linger on my skin.

the photos of you will no longer
make my skin crawl, and
tears of shame and regret
will no longer form in the
corners of my eyes.

my body will be mine again,
and you will have no control
over any part of me.

my brain will be full
of only my thoughts,
and not the thoughts that
you trained me to think.

my skin will be touched
only by those who I trust,
and you will never be
granted that ability.

I will reclaim my power
and my sense of self

and one day, when I hear it,
your name will mean nothing.

you will mean nothing.
I will be myself again.
totally, unapologetically myself.

isn't that comforting?
Sarah Flynn May 1
my intrusive thoughts tell me
that I'll never be good enough.

but I have so many people
who love me, and who show it,
so clearly that isn't true.

I am more than enough
to be loved by those around me.

now, all I need to do
is love myself too.

I'm working on it.
Stop waiting for fair
Stop trying to forgive
Nature is beautiful
And savage
And in the end,

She will continue
Or without you.
She does not stop
To tally the ways we've broken her
She does not stop
To try to understand our actions
She understands
That the motions around her
Are out of her control
And she simply has too much
To keep in order
To pay attention to us

And though our actions
Make her have to work even harder
She does what she must
And though sometimes it feels
As if we are the ones in control
We are but a chapter in her story
A chapter that changes her
A chapter that hurts her
And takes her beauty
To display on our walls
But she does not stop to worry
Or to remind us
Of our roles.
She simply continues on
In the understanding
That this world is hers.
Simon Mar 28
A cancellation of something, is (generally speaking) progress to enlightenment, because it's meant to "congress" the very supposedly different features that literally...
(But only, when something doesn't officially go its own way).
However, in time, things do get better.
Because they must!
It's just simply...HAST TOO!
After all, it's a very "primal" influential (on a need-to-know basis), before something truthfully "triggers" the very (notion of surprise) in the "generalized" form...that is a natural part of life that stems from the very pit in one's own gut.
Then at which time SCREAMS back in response, (from the very first response that triggered its very own local message).
BREAKING the very so-called "alignment" (when evolving yourself directly straight-out from under the control of your very own still processing learning curb), that keeps you (too "rooted" in your very own self) from that very essential...cancellation itself.
But alas, things aren't as focused (as they once were...) Now aren't they...?
That's entirely against the point of "truer" interests that begin too BASH one another over such silly "squabbles".
Something that truly masks the very freedom of what was (once out of control)! That is now breathing in this very newer *** of fresh air.
This very newer *** of fresh air is a little "musty". And could become HEAVILY influenced, because of its very own odor type truly gives off....
But that's only because things have been stashed away and broken down and covered up for far too long.
Meaningfully, making it the obvious result of the very cancellation holding you back from simply moving forward with a very "progression for enlightenment" itself.
Simply put, once you let go of the too many "attachments" that have been stringing you along in such a predictable simulation for an incredibly (sort of "dire" need) to become this WIDENED long-drawn-out frame of time...
That's what starts to truly speculate its very own nature.
Also, when things start to take a turn for the "interesting kind".
Basically, your no different from anyone else.
However, that doesn't mean your own "sense of liberty" (in your very self) doesn't become prey to even truer mindsets...that'd have you "scrambling" out of sync with what truly matters in your very ("hour of need").
Progress at the ending type of spectrum for enlightenment, is the such "divinity" of one's own (preciously "engaged") sufferable type of "repressed" comings and goings (among the very goings on), that then (in the very truest sense of the word) limit your actions to such "formidable...consequences."
Either way, a cancellation such as this, will harbor the very "harbinger"...that is the "progress of enlightenment" itself!
Things tend to mix and match the very severity of many varieties and priorities in one single shot when becoming witnessed to such guesswork that randomly pokes and prods the very air you breath in...and then exhale outward...into the very fabrication of your very own "self-acknowledgement".
SomaSonata Mar 27
Some days
I like the way the world has changed
I want to kiss you and smile
And jump and shout
But my feet stay grounded
And the feelings won't pour out
Oceans no longer divide our hearts
I'd like to think we'd never cry apart
Moment's notice I'm running out
Birthdays on sunny Saturdays
Car keys
Last rights
Secretive admirations and sweet nothings
Following the waves ashore to their destinations
One night
It's late and there's a light still on in a single room
From the break of dawn on into the afternoon
Prodigal sons and heavenly daughters
Carefree times to embrace the things that really matter
And then comes Sunday
I hold my breath and wait
Will the love reciprocate?
Can the givers learn to take?
One day maybe I will finally understand
What it meant to take your hand
What you said, it lifted me
Sweet release, at last relief
Good night, goodbye
Sweet dreams
Last night I had this realization
Life's too short to live to hate
Tomorrow morning when I wake
I think I'll lay down some roots and be here to stay
And learn to live and laugh and enjoy myself
All this stinging pain has worn me out
As the blinding light gives way to night
Good night
City lights
Blessings all dressed up in disguise
Twist the truth but tell no lies
Good news these days is everywhere
Sometimes if you don't know where to look
It's hard to find but on the hook
Last gasp of breath but had a good time
Is what I'll say
Nic Mac Mar 26
It’s where I want to be,
That place I cannot reach.
And if I dare to look ahead,
it will taunt me, Warn me.
Go back a step instead!

“I’ll never get there!”
My vision starts to blur.
Reaching out with fuzzy hands,
To hold something steadier than my nerve.

But dense is the air and the fear, that wears me like a cloak.
They picked me up like this, they saw that I had broke.
How to step forward, when these shoulders are my home?
Looking back is easier, if you kid yourself you’ve grown.
Chris Mar 24
I studied much science, then shifted to art
That presented theater to me
I shifted to history, why do we fight?
No effects are without cause
What is the source of war?

How does humanity have religion?
Where is the basis of our decisions?
Our complications, observations, & nations?

I look to the sky.
It is always beautiful.  It is undeniable.
I know people like facts. I love them.

Logic entangled with emotion..
We walk through risk's rosy brambles..
We often end up in shambles..

It became luck, morality, and intelligence..
You call it common sense..

It is ironic how uncommon it has become
We laugh and smile but..

Too many live numb..

Feeling when we're young, fading with time
Into our beloved, imagined normality..
You call it typical life..

I call it insanity..

Simply because evidence proves it to be..

Don't be mad at me
I'm not mad at you..

I just can't understand..
Why you wouldn't want to understand..

We say science helps humanity..
So is it confirmation bias?
Where does our fear come from?

You want peace but help to end it..
We're only different because we lied..
To mirrors..
Then judged others..
Our money as a glue for a fatal game of fate..

It is not my place to judge you
You are you and I am always only me..
You say you want equality
We say we love democracy..

Why then does Earth.. A pale blue dot..
Help itself to its own death?

The truth is simple
It is simple because it is facts and logic
It is also never perfectly obtainable

Call it Heaven or the universe..
Either way..
Mysteries are infinite..

Nature is a woman of secrets
Time is a man of faith and honor

We really would benefit from listening..
To our parents.. To our God or no God..
Our Gods and Goddesses or their absence..
To our imaginative possibilities..

I will never hate humanity
I will never judge you


I will call you out when you act crazy
When you nurture insanity..

We are human but not very humane
That is the reality

I only will ask you one question..

I want to breach into your secrets..
I want to define your theaters of war..

I want to find conflict's source..

The truth is often scary
It will still set its seekers free..
If we are more than few.. It can do that..
More and more quickly..

What we're doing never worked
Survival and peace calls for something new..

I think of pure truth..
How it can be scary and still save lives..

So.. here is my question to humanity..

Why Are You Afraid?
This is only my observation.
I cannot fix the world.
Only people working together can.

2020 was like pandora's box. We have been hiding from ourselves though. We didn't open a box. Just pulled back a closed curtain. I think we can fix our mistakes. It will take your mirror and helping one another though. On a scale that will need to be global to work. Peace is not impossible. It will take time and facing our mistakes though. A future of peace is worth striving for. Whoever you may be.. Stay safe out there. Remember to smile.
Walter Daniel Mar 12
owls pick clover leaves so that their disorders are detected, remarkable
power of being, peripheral parts of their existence, satiric reality
quotidian and cynical, disorders represent internal struggles, passive
owls' reductive and holistic approaches to heavy squalls ships madly
run into, ships shaken in confusion, captains gone, crew members
thrown into the sea, owls recognise a woman does not have anything but avid
interest in men, her husbands offending each other, a pervasive pattern
of dysregulation making life doubtful than uneasy, a commitment
to passionate detachment dependent on innocent identity
impossible, nothing is possible because owls' holy life is precisely
mapped out, grave consequences of sanctification and glorification, mythic
characters not remembered only because of their relation to dead
figures in Orpheus' old legend, speaking about a Jew sacrificed
at Auschwitz, events revealed with overtones existentially psychic
From "Aestas, or Walter Daniel's Very Difficult Poems for Readers"
They say things must change
With me the whole world stands still
Life just stays the same
Nothing changes when you change nothing
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