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When life itself seems hard to win,
When day’s deep dawn seems sure to slow,
We welcome comfort, as we know,
We don’t progress, a cardinal sin.

While we may struggle to move on,
Our minds must strive for our desires.
Assure the sparks will ne’er expire,
Act on the chance, before it’s gone.

Although, we must not push our luck,
As far as to where it runs out.
The ones who have the highest clout,
Oft work right ‘round their getting stuck.

Progress, comes at cost, however,
To those who are too vigilant,
A worse life to them, the world grants,
And to those who are not so clever.

Fast change may seem appealing now,
But wait, the world must be better,
Than to fall in bonds of fetters,
As we take to a sinful vow.

Good or bad, across the wide range,
The result is always the same,
“Good” and “bad” are simply two names,
Of the ups and downs of the change.
im very tired and
ik theres no value in saying that.
but it pops up like a windows update
14.56 minutes before force reboot
save your progress
i press restart as
ive made no progress to save
you created this
can’t you see? it’s you
the way you want to be.
a bright flare
of pure white light, stark
against the bloodied canvas
of your reality;
your hands
reaching out
towards salvation

stop it.
they aren’t going to save you.

who’s going to save you?


you’re going to save you
Annika Mar 8
she tries her best
but she has no idea what she is doing
International women's day
I wanted to be a city,
decorated in winking lights
and lively seas of people.

I wanted to be a home,
warmed by the sunlight,
alive as the garden out back.

Today, I am neither of these.
I am nothing but a vacant
chassis of progression,

where every day a piece
of me builds and then crumbles.
I am content with this.
Olivia Lost Mar 1
I should not have to beg for you to pick me.
I deserve someone that will want me as their first and only choice.
I am not a late night confidence boost, a lonely miss you text.
I am worth more than this and am working each day to believe this.
I am learning to bloom without seeking admiration
the praises of my peers don't affect the rate of my growth
I'm filling myself up with my own love
freeing myself of the weight of comparison
and everytime I fall apart
I get a new chance to rearrange my pieces
I have dug my way out of the holes that tried to bury me
I am the architect of my own life
and I am growing for myself
slow progress is still progress
I may be a late bloomer but wait until you see me flourish
sometimes life takes good things away
so you can focus on greater things coming
just life’s way of refreshing and refocusing
we go higher than a plane
and further than a car
is it not good enough
to enjoy beauty from afar?

we are the aliens

(we are propelled to take chances
with trajectory toward illumination
lifting off into oblivion
to our new space station)

we build rocket ships
to keep us up to par
is it not good enough
to only wish upon a star?

we are the aliens
you can't expect your flowers to bloom
if you don't water your own garden
focusing on others won't help you grow
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