You mugged my heart in the worst way,
You hurt me more than I ever could myself.

You stabbed me with words,
Leaving me silenced.

You made me beg on my knees,
Humiliating me all over again.

But I still forgive you,
By coming back.

I got played by your lies,
Pursuing me with your intentions.

Tracking down my weakest spot,
Taking advantage of my brand new emotion.

You make me mad for your touch.
But most of all, you make me want to die.

I’ve now stopped caring,
Just like the way you never cared.

You keep coming back with you excuses,
But this time you won’t leave with my heart again.

I slammed the door to my heart shut,
I locked it by carrying on.

The past I’ll never forget,
And the future I’ll never let you ruin.

I still can’t forget the scars you’ve given me,
So I’m regretting never hurting you.

You left me alone all the time,
And now I’m never staying.

Said he hated me but still cared
I don't know why
Told me about the sadness in my eyes
He said im in love and got me suprised
I looked into his eyes and time went by
Now he's gone
I don't know why
Now i'm sad it makes me cry
No one's there to look into my eyes
There's no more happiness
I don't know why
I'm gonna wait
But still
I don't know why.

e 6h

This is a heart
It buckles and comes unfastened

By trembling hands that search and grope
For words escaped through languid lips

As promises forgot left scattered between sheets
Turn to pearls and diamonds under the weight of worn heartbeats

Like a single raindrop in a sea of emotion
Dreams are empty hours wasted on missed devotion

Then seduction is love
And love becomes lust
As desire takes on a fleshly form.

Mono 7h

~ ~ ~

I always think I was destined to be alone, but whenever he smiles at me and takes my hand then pulls me into a world of Imagination. He makes me think that I was destined to be alone. Me. Just me. I am alone by his side.

Seema 12h

Kitne aur zakhm, dikhao ge mujhe
Gir kar kabhi bhi, na pasakoge mujhe
Teri kismat mei mein nahi, koi aur hai
Tu mera sanam nahi, na jane tu kaun hai
Har waqt aazmate ho, apni mohobat mujh par
Lekin raham kar,
Chala ja mujhe meri haal par chor kar...


How many more scars will you show me
Even if you fall, you will not be able to seek me
I am not your fate, but there's someone who is
You are not my lover, nor do I know you please
Everytime you test your love on me with keen
But have mercy,
Leave me alone in whatever situation I might be in...


Hello, mother,
It's me again.
Remember the monsters you used to check for underneath my bed?
It turns out they are all inside my head.
I know you couldn't see them at first,
I couldn't either,
But I heard them whisper,
I heard them chatter,
They listened to me weep.
I don't think you understand,
No, mother,
I know I'm not a child anymore,
But the underside of my bed is all cleaned out,
Yet they still remain.
Empty pockets,
Unopened boxes,
Light switches turned off.
They're intensifying,
They're horrifying,
And they're-
You have to go?
With the lights turned low,
You shut your door,
I'm all alone.
What about the monsters, mother?
I know you can't see them,
I know,
But I hear them,
I listen to them,
I no longer weep.
You said they weren't there,
I believed you.
You said it was the nights anticipation,
But it was my damnation.
You're still not listening to me.
They're inside my head,
I have this sudden feeling of dread,
I have to get this feeling off my chest,
Lay me to rest.
That is my last request.

From the daughter you never seem to listen to.
TJA 23h

Overwhelming emptiness
A daunting abyss
Where one reminds themselves of loneliness  

Bliss becomes a wish
Where a dish is served cold
It becomes spoiled covered in mold

Scold one soul
Until no longer bold
Spiraling out of control

No one to console
Future foretold  by a power
When I was six years old

Duplicitous with one's reality
Life symbolizes a formality
Waiting for the formaldehyde to be injected into me


Sun 1d

If you forget me
         Someday I will send
            the flow of memory
         To your doorsteps  
      I will not bind them
in my 3 a.m. poetry

I now walk in sands
   under the scorching sun
       Unknown green lawns
    kiss my bare feet
After years

No one to wave hand
  at the end of the road
    That’s where I swirl on glide
      Moment’s been buried

       Wishes crying
          I cried before dying
            Turning blue
               Alone in the cold journey
         Moon spread her long curtain
     To lit the candle on grass
for the sweetest ambiance_

Darkest place of mind recites poetry
      while searching for
         A brave reason to write a story
           I light up the candle
     trifling flames smile at me
I burn them silently

Notepad stares at me
    I promise to laugh again
         Black coffees are less bitter
      Than the sincere web of
     beloved's lies
Trust dies faithfully

Years from now
      If you forget me
          I smile back to your
             Broken promises
          With Moon dance
        under a moonlit night
    I set you free
Faded best memory

I walk alone in streets
Feeling loneliness again
A saddened heart forever
Sweeping over her

As the fire ablaze
Music playing
Laughter the the world
We once held her

Sailing away from her
I feel the pain
Would give anything to be with her
Who cares I do you're not with me
And forever I shall be alone.


Nothing could ever scare me
Or hurt me for that matter
With no intentions to bow to the weak and inconsiderate idea of fear
No moment is too big
No journey too long
I      a m        u n s t o p p a b l e
Nothing on this earth could ever stop me
Or make me quiver
Fear will never stand in my way
For a thousand years I will stand tall
Never to back down from anything
There is nothing I can imagine that would ever scare me



Until that day

The day you left

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