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Summer 1d
Stranger to earth, to her body, to the church. I often wondered how she could remain stoic as her blood licked the grass blades at our feet, the moth falling with her finger, drowning with my grief into the ring of fire. How far can one go, she asked me, to live without participating in the circus, to resist clowns, to not register pain, family, injustice, rain. Look, I said, they endure, the sound, the visuals, the memory – episodic, yes, but they endure – people would not forgive bystander. The moth fell again, shuddering, struggling. And her finger, gushing with golden blood, was still pointing at the priestess, who smiled, and said, you decide, it’s your body. To sequester, draw a line on the snow, better with blood, but tears would suffice too – and so the stranger was repeatedly created and destroyed.
Stygian 1d
So I guess this is it huh?
After all the love bombing and fake feelings you’re finally ready to move on
You’re ready to remember what it felt like when I didn’t exist.
You’re excited to feel warmth in a new place.
Because everything turned cold here.
You made it this way though.
You turned off your feelings.
Maybe you didn’t even have any.
Maybe I built a false persona of you in my head that was genuinely interested in me.
I must be crazy to think all that time I spent investing in you, you were only pretending to like what I was saying.
Like what I was giving to you.
I didn’t ask you for anything.
I barely reached for a hand.
But yet again I’ll switch my feelings back to nothing and pretend like you never even stopped by.
Cause it’s that easy right?
I’m not that interesting to remember.
I’m not that hard to forget.
You must have found someone better.
So I’ll pretend we ever met.
Well, what did I expect?
Exactly that. I only hoped otherwise...
rig 7d
it is about this time, this time right here, the now,
holy friday night y’all, can i get an amen! (amen!)
drink that beer (alwaysalways beer, yeah!) wooo!!
play that song – excuseme – that countrysong again!!!
raise them glasses, boys and ladies (yeah, one more,
one more) uh, right, somethingsomething my truck
yeeeeeehaaawww how are y’all feelin’ tonight!!!!

          (i’m heading home
          and for the first time
          in my life
          i forgot my keys)
Tess M 7d
why oh why am I
this house of horrors

this nightmare
filled with everything
that I long for

its a pain
to be forever

I wrote this almost a year ago, alongside the first part, so just beware it wont be the greatest
Snipes Jun 4
The summer heat welcomes heart rate
The affection I show, you negate
My heads burning up
My hearts breaking apart
You never know how cold the last goodbye is
Until you’re buried alive
Frozen in the middle of July
Tony Oquendo Jun 4
I welcome every day with a facade dancing in the sun while in the shadows little by little my soul dies.

Hi, how are you?  I'm fine.

What a lovely day.

No, please.  Allow me.  I write the most beautiful lies.
Tony Oquendo Jun 4
I think of you with sorrow
knowing true happiness is something you will never know
You threw away today in search of tomorrow
because you only learned how to hurt and never to let go
You had the world, you were the world and now you
Left To Rot Jun 3
Roaming this empty street
I'm one with the darkness around me,
I don't feel scared,
it boosts my  confidence, I'm self aware.
My combat boots won't give in
through all storms they'll resist,
the trees dance with the breeze,
the streetlights shine and fade.
Your silhouette walks by my side
a hurtful scar of the past
a ghost I won't exorcize,
you became a part of myself.
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