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In a realm where whispers weave the air,
Solitude's dance, a lone heart does bear.
Fields unfold in an unfamiliar embrace,
Loneliness waltzes, a haunting grace.

Mountains stand sentinel, peaks in seclusion,
A migrant soul yearns, lost in illusion.
Tongues unfamiliar echo a distant song,
Longing for echoes where memories throng.

City lights twinkle, a far-off embrace,
Yet loneliness lingers, a shadowed chase.
Stars tell tales of another night's sky,
A lonely heart echoes a muted sigh.

Through foreign streets, a lone wanderer strays,
Melancholy shadows in alleys ablaze.
Faces familiar, yet kinship is thin,
Loneliness thrives on the outsider's skin.

Moonlight spins stories, threads of nostalgia,
Loneliness, a companion in shadows' regalia.
A country distant, yet the heart holds dear,
Loneliness whispers, a silence sincere.
Feelings when you're far from home in another country for study, work, survival etc.
A motherless child
Though she lived right up the road
An only son
A want for one never shown
If she could love
I would have never known
Nature or nurture?
Never mattered, I pondered alone

unknown Nov 27
Surrounded but alone.
Learned to grew stronger.
Heart of stone.
Became a fighter.

Always wanted to have someone,
No doubts, no judgement.
Couldn’t find one,
All wasn’t just clear with their intent.

Thought you were different,
Filled my heart with excitement,
Same vibe, same tastes,
I fear, might go to waste.

Took the risk, unsure.
Bet on it ‘til my heart sore.
Blinded by what you’ve shown,
Oh I forgot, I’m surrounded but all alone.
Kyla Nov 15
Like an ocean wave
You swept me off my feet
Riding the ocean
Without a care in the world
Deeper and deeper I float
The tides pull back
I am swept over my head
Nothing underneath me
I'm drowning
Out in the open
All alone
Kyla Nov 15
She was a bright red rose in the field of dandelions
Reminding me there is no need for compliance
The shimmer of her petals drew people from afar
They shinned brighter than any evening star
For a ***** on the finger left them in fear
Why was she like this?
All alone
So afraid
That is when I got brave and came to her aid
Only to find she needed no upgrade
She was bright
She was brave
She was light
She forgave
And no one could take that away
She was a bright red rose in the field of dandelions
Reminding me there really is no need for compliance
Unknown Nov 11
I've sworn to write, that's what I do
However to write, I must not swoon

Anything to stop, anything to change
Anything to have that one thing

For to write, is to be alone in pain
I've sworn to write, I cannot swoon..
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