Rach 4h
A shard of ice, a burning flame
I'm dying to forget your name.
Who would have believed
this soul of mine
that had once been intertwined,
that has known love and trying times
would be cold, and lonely again.
this was part of another poem but I thought it was better by itself
Unfolding and revealing
Each costly word still staining

Apposed to sweet sustaining

It feels me as it sinks in
The deeper grows this feeling
What do I bleed
Will I live

In this pain
I know
I needed
Mercia 11h
Can I be happy
Can I see myself smile without you being the reason.
Why do you have to roam around my heart.
Why do you make it seem as if life is simple
When I see you
You with her
When I want to talk to you
I fear you in her presence
Why should I fear your wrath or pretence
Why can't you just tell me
Why can't you be honest
Why should I suffer under your pretence
Why pretend you my friend
If you only seek what you want such as work
A joke.
You and I are a joke.
Unknown to all and just an atom to nothing.
Love... Love is just a wild fire in Antarctica...
It's good to see you dawn
Finally the two of us were alone
As you approach me with a wide grin
With your delicious sound
Well decorated with those birdsongs.

Dear dawn
I want you to say
Together we will reach a milestone
Hoping you stay
Strong as mountain.

Alas !!
I know you won't stay
Your really a bird of passage
Always you go away
Left me with nothing but a damage.
m 19h
i wanted a place to go
so i can hide from my thoughts.
a place where i will be loved
and held and told it will all be okay.
i stand in that place now,
an old, rundown house,
and there is broken glass
in the garden
where we planted our hopes.
we failed this place.
i can't go back anymore
because of the bad memories.
maybe if we knew how
to build a home,
this could've been the place
for you and me.
m 19h
give me my medicine,
it will help me to forget
the pain i put you through.
i'm selfish and naive still,
i thought to hurt you,
before you could hurt me.
i read your intentions wrong.
all you ever did was love me
for being a broken friend.
i'm sorry, i will stop,
but i need my medicine
to numb the rest away.
Haleigh 23h
not so long ago
they made you feel
not so alone

the compulsive criteria
of social media

and the claustrophobia
that comes
when you can understand people
but not love them

It sits in a blind corner
like a forgotten foreigner
mentioned in sentences
that start with
"remember back when..."

The lesson of technology is to go with the flow

The lesson of time is in old and fading photos
where you are holding
a landline phone and
pretending to
m 1d
suffering in silence,
trying to make conversation,
with a painted over brick wall
that's not sturdy enough to hold up
the roof over my head.
eventually it will break and crumble
and i will be left cleaning up the ruins.
building it up with the same bricks,
painting it over with a new coat,
but this time a different color.
only for it to get weak again
and continue to fall.
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