Stara 32m
Talked about big things
Big things for a big future
Big things, no future
Tkpoet 2h
Misplaced by you
Nothing destroyed like you
Slow melody near my side
Closed eyes with some silent slide
Rain for needy one
Huge hills never surrender
Reminds the same sacrifice
Mind was full ,heart was hollow
Leave all behind and move solo
This match is without a refrie
Cold night without a pretty fire
Move away in the arms of dark
This may cause a start
Save some tears inside the
Unstoppable memories cramp
Somebody act like a scamp
They just put a knife
Inside the heart of a kite
The way I look and feel
Tkpoet 2h
I was out last night
Her smile attracts the loner
I wish she could hold me tight

Daughter of the angel
I tried my best to forget
The way she tangle

A sweet slaughter in my heart
Understand my situation and feelings
Although I was not enough smart

Devil eye's
Ready to give me surprise
Put me in dark cage
I found nothing in my ribecage

Give me my moon back
Did they hack
That flower is no more
I cried more than four
It's about a boy..who loved
None of my friends
     Wanna talk to me,
So I'm just leaning
     On this balcony,
And I'm sheilding my eyes
     From the bright city,
None of my friends
     Ever talk to me,

Man, that sidewalk,
Lined in chalk,
Another dead body-
Cause they couldn't talk,
And another crying family,
And their world, rocked,
Another empty bed-
And a door, locked,
Their son, mocked,
His clock, stopped,

None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you,
So you're just looking
     Out this window, too,
And you're counting your tears
     While you're feeling blue,
None of your friends
     Wanna talk to you.
Kiva 5h
Nothing more sickening than a love song,
Nothing more false, more shallow, more untrue than a love song,
That sentimental shit, that clusterfuck shithouse churning it dials and nobs,
Blistering on the back of your car seat,
"I think I'm going to be sick" I say,
"I think I'm going to be sick."

Turn it off.

Don't you think I need some time alone?
Don't you ever ask?

About my thoughts, their rhythm,
Their bend and snap,
Their pulse?

Don't you ever wonder about my dreams,
About the man who lurks, a deep crease in the circuit, a cut on my sleeve.

What's he saying? What was that? I can't hear you, the lines bad.

The timings wrong.

I need to be alone -

you never liked that one word could take me from light to dark,
a flick of a switch.
you never liked my constant questions,
my curiosity made your eyes twitch and your fingers reach for mine in hopes that i would be silent.
you never liked how i loved you,
my heart was too full of you, too much for you.
my emotions were always over the top,
you never liked that either.

i learned to mute these key parts of myself,
to only bring out the pieces you loved.
i became adjusted to feeling unwanted,
but a glimmer of hope remained in my mind that
maybe, one day, you would want all of me.
hell, at least i could try to be wanted by you.
i could try and be enough for you.
if i just put one foot in front of another, you would eventually want me, all of my flaws included.
if i could just keep going and going.

if i could just keep working to make you want me.

i wasn't myself with you- that i know for sure.
but i would've spent every moment being someone i'm not,
if it meant i could stay with you for even one more second.

i'm beginning to realize that we were flawed from the start.
T R S 1d
Note to self: I have plan for tomorrow. Be scared if you're planning on participating.

Forget everyone. Really.
People are going gorgeous and being lovely, but forget them.
Let them vibrate my mind makings.
Said they shredded and stood unencumbered,
lumbering backpacks of beholden abstract knots.
Thick snot aught to be plinking into wax boiled ww1 army cots.
Gut shot free based hard thoughts.
I never wanted you and I never will, you bitch!
He calls her all these names but does he have anything to back it up? She never once went behind his back, and no matter how he treated her, she still loved him. That was all over when he crushed her world and sent her back to reality. Those words. Those loathsome words that cascaded from his mouth. She still has the nightmares. Nightmares that had her screaming for help. She can still feel the pain. Pain from the bruises and cuts he gave her. She tries to forget and move on but that seems impossible! Why did he do this to her?

“I love you.” Lair! His lies overwhelmed her, tricking her weak heart.
“I hate you!” She thought it was the truth but she knew she wasn’t fooling anybody.
“I want you.” No, he wants to control her, make her into his little doll.
“Leave me alone!” She says this over and over yet why does her heart keep denying it?
“I miss you.” No! He misses his obedient toy.
“Stop, that hurts!” He never listened to her. He just continued to beat her.

The memory of him will never go away, even if she wishes it away.
this last part of the Sticks and Stones series. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think
Our love was just a game filled with lies.
The lies he told. The lies she believed. Her head is only filled with his lies and won't consign to oblivion. How… how could he do this to her? “I loved you!” Were those warm smiles, that would brighten even her darkest days, fake too? “What happened to us?”
"Why are you always so happy? You gotta learn your place! It pisses me off how you're always happy!" Drew slammed his fist on Lucy's cheek, sending her into the wall.
"I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Pl-please stop!" Lucy cried.
"I do this out of love."

part 8 of the Sticks and Stone series. There is only one more part. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think.
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