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Troy 22h
Walk along this narrow path
And you might come to a surprise
For if you're lucky enough
You might find the meadows song

A meadow so peaceful
It's sure to be divine
Radiant beauty
None can deny

Across the wandering meadow
Sings a blue bird in joy
His life is filled with blissfulness
As he flies across the bright blue sky

Down on the ground
The rabbit plays
Seeking treats
That's buried below

The fox does hunt
But does not harm
For he is friends
With the meadows life

The trees sway softly
In the summer breeze
Dancing to this meadow's song
Giving shelter to the wild life

Grass grows high
The flowers wide
Full of colour
Like an artist's eye

Peace does bloom
In this meadow of dreams
Listen closely and you might hear
The meadows silent song
AditiKo 1d
Sometimes I take a little stroll
Through the minds and verses
Of others.

Mind strolling through
Vivid colours and memories,
Flowers and fantasies.

I walk across the lines, my feet tapping
To the rhythm and rhyme;
Iambic heart beats with mine

I stop by sometimes, by the meadows
With a ballad, sonnet,
Free verse or couplet.

Just reading through some poems.
Poems bloom as flowers; azure, flushed pink. Watered by the poet's tears.
pnam 4d
Holding you close  in my arm
See love birds flying in swarm
My heart runs happy and free
With you love comes naturally

My heart will just be a recluse
Shudder to think if I ever loose
Priceless treasured heart of thee
With you love comes naturally

Your heart brimmed in limitless love
Shining bright showering from above
Our connection made  by almighty
With you love comes naturally

From this moment until eternity
Time lived earthly feeling heavenly
Lasting bonds yet flying freely
With you love comes naturally

Never felt true love so clearer
Keep this love blessed forever
Every day in prayers I plea
With you love comes naturally
feeling close yet so free
Deepti S P May 14
Seemingly out of nowhere,
I have experienced an incessant yearning for sweets.
When I see mouth-watering sweets gracing my table,
An intense temptation grow inside me,
My desire goes on elevating;
Making it hard to satiate my selective hunger.
It's always an overwhelming feeling,
triggering a happy spot in my brain.
For all those who have a craving for sweets.Most of us have a temptation for sweets.
They tell me to stick to my roots
because roots lead up to shoots.
They tell me to stick to my origin
unaware of how it acts as a prison,
My roots are Draupadi's hair that was twisted and lugged,
my roots are Draupadi's saree that was tugged.
My roots are Sita's wrist Ravana wrested,
my roots are where Ahalya's chastity rested.
My roots are parasites that eat up its own herb and ****,
my roots are rat snakes that eat up its own tissue and meat.
My roots are flames of fire that created and watered the plant of Sati,
my roots are pools of blood and long ropes that drowned and hanged LaxmiBai and Moolmati.
My roots are the dish misogyny flavoured with patriarchy,
my roots are naked streams of Ganga washing off their lynching and anarchy.
My roots are all the poison Shiva drank during the churning of the sea,
my roots are Dhritrashtra's aspirations and ambiguity.
My roots are its own herbivore,
my roots are the lava that burns its own floor.
And my roots are my flesh and bone,
so I am stitched to my roots altogether, all alone.
So as I cut my own roots, my roots chop me,
hence I stick to my roots while my roots remain free.
mind that,
its okay
to be scared
to be better
even when
you're crying
stop running
from the storm
just embrace it
feel everything
fight all you
want, and then
face it
believe in you
trust yourself
free because
you need not know
where you're going
but because
you don't
need to know
let go
im free because i just let it go, fly with the wind baby
Hannah 5d
I'm finally falling down
From this cloud.
I'm finally setting my heart straight
Getting my mind clear
Of all the things holding me down.

I can finally see
What I couldn’t before.
And it’s finally clear
I'm looking at the door.
I'm waiting to break free
From what’s holding me back.
I don’t know what it is,
But I’m tired of it hurting me.
I struggle when I have to write
rhyme you see naturally I'm slight
towards the free verse, trying to get
it perfect, just right I start to sweat.

My words syllables are just what ever
comes in to my mind, Im not words clever.
For some this comes naturally, I have to
use sites as my words need to be next in que.

But to some this is a natural progression,
is it for me  worth it which is the question?
We say to learn is to elevate ourselves higher.
Using this metaphor in hope I don't misfire.

I'm poetic blue, I write on cold white warming
it up with words, hopefully there correctly forming.
Me I **** at rhyme, I have to use a site, as for some this is natural as I`m free verse. So i get blue with how long i take to write ones that do but I`m learning and getting better the more i try
It time I was told...
To give that which I owed,
That which was given to me for free....

This was surprising to me course, I knew that what was free was meant to be without repayment?

But here was I now  in depth, for what was free.

Then it done on me that nothing is ever free, but all things are free.

Only when you are ready to give without holding back, you will not see it t as free..

Now that I understand, I am will to accept my dept and pay off, with my free will, for a better life of freedom.

Nothing is ever free, until you are ready to give up your will for it.
Stewie 7d
I hear a song and it takes me back
Back to a time when I was young
I didn’t realize it, but I was so free back then
I didn’t care about what people thought
The smoke in my lungs and the wind in my hair
Cruising down the interstate
I was young, wild and free!
Don’t waste any time.
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