Take a bite,
Of the world of bytes,
Mega and Meta,
Zeta and Terra,
Bits and bytes,
Now rule the day,
And everyday,
From now on.

I never thought we would end up like this..
Tangled in each other under the sheets
As the morning rays peek out
And spill through our window

I never thought I'd feel so cold without you
So empty

When did I start missing you?
When did the thoughts of you start invading my head?
When did you carve your name into my heart?
When did 'I hate you' turn into.. well, this?

I built my walls so high
I was sure you'd turn and leave
When did you even tear them down?
Love was a fantasy I never believed.

Sitting on our roofs
With the universe in the palm of our hands
Rolling down the windows
And belting out song lyrics to our favorite bands

And even sitting here I'm thinking of you
With a smile plastered on my face.
I never wanted to date again
Let alone be "that couple"...

But I guess that's what we are
This is what we're meant to be
We're cliche
     We're timeless
          And when we're together
                       We're free

This was buried deep within a pile of poems. It was so beautiful I found myself smiling myself. RH, as I know her, is a helpless romantic under all that negativity and her hate for all things "cliche", and to see that side of her come out in a poem was heartwarming. I hope you all a wonderful day ~BM

There is this feeling I get
when I'm laughing with friends
or Listening to certain songs
or even just experiencing life in general,
where my heart is about to burst,
and I feel as if someone shot me.
a bullet ripping right through my ribcage.

Is there a demon sitting on my chest?
because I can't breathe, and my entire body feels like I'm on fire and drowning at the same time.

I hope that one day, I'll be able to breathe when you cross my mind. But for now, my face will be blue
And so will my heart.

I'm still waiting for myself to move on. But I don't think I will ever. The only reason I could possibly do it, is because you hated when people couldn't move on from their dead loved ones and would romanticize them.

The argument I'm about to say, has impaled through my awareness until the blood cry of surrender gushes out of me...


Excuse me, But do I go where ever you go?

Do I walk beneath you every foot step?

Do I mimic your every move or try to know every secret you have kept?

If I was a Shadow, You Idiot I’d be just like you!!!

A Control Freak, a Hypocrite, a Deceiver, a Fool!!!

Cruel you may say I Am, but you saying that only verifies one thing...

I am NOT a Shadow....I am a Ghost, and as a Ghost, it's you I shall be haunting....

I will follow you but  JUST to prove something to you....

I am proving to you that I am something better,

I am a Better You!!!

Dead and Free

I Rest My Case
LeBobbe 2d

Badabeem badaboom.
How the flowers bloom.
Every aspect is given a thought.
Every petal is being sought.

Amazing how the world works,
By the pattern of the given quirks.
It seems to flow at every turn,
By the stem that has so much to yearn.

By early morning each petal has glittering dew.
Will bring sparkles to you unending view.
As the early sun rises to the blue sky,
It softly touches the soft flower by.

I would love you to express yourself,
And not be bounded by yourself.
For every thought kept will implode,
Until all kept thought will explode.

Cry if you must.
Laugh if you will.
Your feelings will last.
It will be a thrill.

I want you to weep.
I want you to be glee.
I want you to fell every color of every spectrum.
I want you to be you.

An old poem I gave to a friend who was having a hard time expressing herself

Same shit different day
But today is New Year's Day
....Same shit different day
Hung over
New Year's Eve leftovers
Stuck on resolutions & do overs
Picking up the broken pieces & starting over
I headed to work with every intention to make it all better
Then I picked up "Friday's paper"
Said it once then said it twice
A part inside felt a little less safer
Homeboy died in Friday's paper
police Closed his eyes
but he finally feels a lot safer
Mommas screaming why in Friday's paper
Rather die than suffer & stay alive
Spend eternity w| her angel
Because in her eyes
There's no survival
Where's God when all you know is sinning
Baby's hungry so he prepared to break in
But that's not what they saying
Friday's paper headline "thug break in"
He want the money & the drugs
So he break in
Food ain't enough & he breaking
How can he step forward in a world they already set locked gates in
In other words segregation
Buts it's decades later
Yea well you know segregation
White privilege
Under one nation
Shit, ain't nothing different
Just ask Friday's paper for confirmation
Poor white man w| mommy issues
finally had enough & shot up the whole school
Young black thug shot cs his black hoodie ain't seem too cool,
Ok Amber we coming to the rescue
Tyrone got kidnapped who?
I know y'all see this
or do y'all got a blind eye too
cs there's no reason why we have to fight to survive
while you ask daddy for a check or two
I'm living off a check or two
& you need 3 bathrooms to survive
why does the law apply to me
more than it does to you?
How do you look down on me
when I created you?
Lip injections,
hair extensions
ghetto expressions
that ain't you
but here comes Friday's paper right on cue
Zendayas dreads are unacceptable
twerking is ghetto too
While "keeping up" with the exact  life you ridicule
then have the caucacity to put it in Friday's paper too


Like a fluttering caged bird, my soul begs to be free..
To write, to sing; to not be afraid of anything.

The future is never certain, a gamble at best..
But I am determined to live my life to the fullest with my best friends' heart within my chest.

No matter who you've been, where you've gone, or what you've done..
Each day begins with the rising sun.

I'm done with living in the dark
I'm done with all these razor blade scars
No more depression pills
It's time to turn this life around
Yeah I'm homeward bound
Time to lift up and change my sound
I'm done with depressing lyrics
I'm done with being the victim
When I'm the one who put myself in that position
Yeah memories can stay in the past
Right where they belong
I'm singing a brand new song
Hope you're all willing to come along

Lucid lady
come to me
tell me what I must do
to rescue my dreams
before they all
become nightmares.


Wretched time loop
what a good song
I have never heard it
you should hear it
it’s my favorite
who knows what it’s about
man, check out this song
I have never heard it
I think it is familiar
Hey did I ever show you?
Oh boy, what a lovely tune
wish I heard it sooner
have you ever seen it?
You gotta let me show you
Whoa no, I never showed you
Have I ever seen this artist?
What is this about?
It’s good because I like it
it is a little sad
I’ve never heard it
You should show me this song.

Memory loss is a bitch and I've dealt with this for 6 months and some days I can listen to a song on loop for hours and be impressed every time I replay it because I've forgotten the tune. I'm so tired.
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