they never go away.
they're always here to stay.
they reek havoc on the house.
they can be confused for a mouse.
they invite more to play.
you need to keep them at bay.
your mind is where they prey.
they never go away.
Just 15; Just pass 3 am
Moma sleeping, daddy working
Minds racing, boy sneakin' sneakin'
Rain dried, hearts desire

Anonymous soccer jersey walking dog
Lonely street light illuminating lonely boy
Don' wanna go home, Don't wanna desolve
Rain dried, love too

Cigarettes and ice tea
Familiar sidewalks, windows closed
No friends awake, air is wide
To much space, to little thoughts

Night is freedom, night is dead
Boy is running because he can
Boy is crying because he can
Who counts boys when stars are endless

Boy just passed 18; Boy is still there
Awake while night, drunk while day
Boy still loves the same, but not at night
Night is dead, but dead means freedom
The crook of your neck is my favorite place to rest my chin,

to bury my nose deep into the crutches of your scent: the natural musk of my person manifested

as a trail of fingertips tiptoe on your bare chest, a smile tugs at my lips gently at the bliss of midday splayed around you,

in turn, you scratch my back fondly: the soft contours of my unflattering body don't feel as unflattering anymore

rather, you transform me into a wonderland of bubbles, mischief and sweetness encircled in this secret display of "us"
The days that splay out my heart,
Like knives,
Cut apart.

In the grips,
Of a stronger wave,
In my abstract heart.

I stretch for the quay,
The sweet release,
Yet I watch myself depart.

Choking on love,
Pick me piece from peace,

And smother me.

~Robert van Lingen
Camille 2d
I remembered
all sorts of words he confided to me,
chanted paeans and rhapsodies lingered from reality.

I captured bits of tormented dreams,
as I felt his presence here with me.
His grin and glare were torture.
His words were knives thrusted too deep.
His sweet lullabies were bitter eulogies to mourn.

I remembered,
the way I casted a glimpse of him,
as he took steps away from me,
it was the end of apathy.

I glanced at how the years have been,
as I burried the odds and ends of him.
My tears were dry of despair.
My eyes were drowned in ecstasy,
My lips curved with glee.
At last, I am free.
"Life is but a walking shadow...A poor player...A tale told by an idiot"
And his name was Colin.
Every day, in and out, day and night,
He pressed buttons for his job,
For the gluttons.
The place he thought in the rooms.
His day life was told, in hymns and stories,
Of men and women and all their glories.
The button was for the wild and bold.

At night the button was for hope in the dark,
Men and women praying for a spark,
So they could cope.
For their lives, were a stain,
On their world of grains,
The world of hives.

Colin sat at his desk,
Pressing buttons pleasing,
to the people appeasing,
His face a mask.
A day goes by,
The buttons do not stop,
His heart as a whole a spinning top,
His mind does not comply.
Showing the eyes his heart a whole,
"How may I save my soul?"
They laughed those guys.
Those glowing, sneering, smelly eyes,
For they have seen the pain of the idiotic walking shame.
He, Colin the poor,
Stopped the buttons,
He was a bore,
To the men, the eyes
On the walking stalking skies
There were ten.
Colin had no care for those men,
Those men standing there.

He stopped the buttons to live his life,
To keep from the place writhing.
Now Colin is free,
From the pain for he,
The button presser,
Was finally slain.
I made this in class a long time ago in English
Amanda 3d
One more sleepless night for me
Haunted by every mistake
I'd rather be in dreams, asleep
My mind forces me to stay awake.

My eyes wide open against my will
The hours tick slowly away
I anxiously wait to drift off
So I won't have to suffer the next day.

My brain races, wonders, explodes
Wandering beast of demise
Meandering along its determined path
Despite loud echoing cries.

Each wretched nightmare I undertake
Is while sleep provides no relief
I lie in silence hoping for
A bit of rest, no matter how breif.

At last, my head breaks free from chains
Dozing, I'm happy I win
Dreams only last for so long
Until the next miserable day can begin.
Sleeplessness is killing me
The endless blue sky is all yours
Just open and fly with your wings to see
Beyond horizon are new adventures
You just have to cross the horizon to see
Take out all your shackles
Just be free.
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