Molly 1d

I still see her from time to time. Or rather, I see the effects of her. An old rope swing swaying gently on a windless day; birds singing her favorite song; tree branches bending beneath her meager weight as
she climbs up, up, up,
as high as her little legs will take her.
And I imagine her sitting at the very top, waving to me as I stand down below.
And her smile is as big as the world she left behind.

Paint a picture with my words, see the sun and the birds, clear skies reaching back for the horizon.. see the pain in my eyes, the fear I disguise, my wings shredded, torn, and broken.

Went for an evening walk
with many people walking around
a scheduled walk
everyday at the same time
it seems..
get to see & feel
more often than before.
An old man walking everyday
at his own pace
taking baby step at his old age..
Another man, unable to walk at all..
but still striving to make one more step..
so as to keep moving on the go...
Unexpectedly, out of all te thoughts
heard a dog's bark
that too behind the walls
and as I turned aside
only to find a caged dog..
May be jealous of all of us
as it may seem we are free
in this vast array of light..
...and all of a sudden met my friend..
a wholehearted smile...
she missed me it seems
as I was away for a while...
A sudden burst of laughter
with incomplete talks..
Good to meet people unknown
but somehow known
as we all are walking in the same lane
to find ourselves more often than others!

Walking around opens up so many aspects in life..
watching the smallest details of life makes our life
so much more meaningful with new findings each time..

I wasted my time,
Trying to figure you out
But to my dismay
You found nothing to say.

I don’t know why
I thought that maybe I’d try
To talk to you soon
But that plan was doomed.

So I waited it out
Took small steps in the crowd
Hoped you would look back
Yet it wasn’t like that.

Oh why did I think
That maybe it’d work
If I just put in
More than it’s worth?

Don’t think twice
I made mistakes that aren’t nice
And I know I’ll keep trying
Though your presence is like ice.

Starting singing in the shower and this happened. Pretty mad at someone rn anyway....

A woman
here with
free speech
inured law
that once
was her
rift but
a fiddle
found her
midriff and
her chihuahua
growled like
a snake
yet saved
her much
aligned in
love again.

kj 3d

Follow your footsteps and
Fall asleep to your song and
Free from the tears and
Fasten the love and


Glacier 4d

people crave touches,

and i thought they were absolutely psychotic

until i met you.

suddenly, i understand,

but still not really

because the only touch i want from you

isn't a kiss or a caress.

it's the sting of your hand on top of mine

sitting on a pile of worn playing cards

(two jacks, to be exact)

making a resounding smack against the table

that startles the elderly couple next to us

and your firm, determined grip

as you swear bitterly under your breath

to wrestle those jacks away from me

however long it takes you.


Embraced by this shape-shifter word,
to relive the birth of sounds,
your voice is the ever anacrusis.

the reason i watch for the small things is because,
you may not know it, but when I walk home from work in the middle of the road, I’m seeing things as if i may never see them again because I don’t know where my mind is taking me.
I spit my prayers through grit teeth, it’s forced from my guardian's mouth when she looks through my feed and texts and tweets at night to fuel her (sometimes) self righteous ego and maintain control over my life.
when she read through my sketchbook that one morning, all i can now see are her invisible fingerprints on the page. I can’t see my words the same because there was a crime.. trespassing into my mind, even though i can’t let myself in. but I’ve changed my passcode and you’re too sloppy to realize that I know what you’re doing.
i’ve changed my locks and committed mental suicide with that key that I swallowed
still inside.

11:11-11:21pm a stream of consciousness

What's that called I don't remember?
The darkness that creeps up
At night,
In slumber.
In the sudden loss of light.
Even though it's dark here,
I still close my lids to sleep
To grant a wish,
To dive in deep.
Where some cry, most weep.
What's that called when
We tuck ourselves in the bed?
Sing to our ears,
Mourn for what's dead.
In the deep corners of our blanket.
What's the broken thing laying with me?
Oh I remember!
It's the wry thing called a dream.

©Babra Shafiqi.
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