Zani 1d

It appears I am free
I watched melt the illusions
After sensing the intrusion
Of the momentary mantelpiece
At the corner of my head

I was staring and glaring
All the while tearing
Now the hairs on my head
Are just chuffs of old muck
Form the silt of the stream
I can’t tell you for trying
How long it all took!

Watch the water
It ripples
So when the circles mingle
The core of all life
Finds its way in an instant
Blatancing its way
Under the nose of most folk
At the core of the universe
I saw it and thought
Of this short anecdote

What if you feel nothing?
Or more precisely
Because this one did surprise me
What if your emotions
Are illusions set in motion
By the choice of our experience
That's determined by our notions
I would tell you
What I’d tell me
But I’d be telling
Only if I told you
Not to tell whoever told you
Not to tell the teller’s teller
About the telling

Here it goes:
I would say I have gone mad.
That delusions kick in
When something has gone
So badly wrong
So to ease us into the New World
Its not easy being tomb bound
Curled and crammed in lonesome chest
When I feel the moon on download
I can almost feel the rest!

Blessings to you poets
Who can feel the words come round
Because the sound
Of love is a privilege and
Would be nothing without the doubt
Muttering the opinion
Then dismantling all your dreams
To return to present moment
Where its not to bright to see

I saw that way today
I just thought I’d write it down
For the clown inside me suffers
When he’s drowned out
Bound and muffled
By the sound of life’s sincerity
Along with every tender blow
It brings me back to reality
So I may write like I am free

Chan S 2d

Love is Given Freely
Flowing Like The Wind
Or Water In The Sea
Once That Flow's Gone
You've Also Lost Me.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
Chan S 2d

To wake up on a ship, while everyone else is still asleep...
To walk amongst the few who are not the blind led sheep...   

This energy is swirling
This InnerQi is twirling
Ready to come out and play
Listen to what we gotta say

We gotta say
We gotta say

How we feel
What we truly truly feel
Not what we feel is acceptance
This is our biggest ordeal

Be the love that you wanna see in the world
We are a mirror and what we see is who we are
Those scars

Scars so deep
So deep
So deep

The oceans -are dying
The bees keep flying
Prisoners to our cell towers

Cause and Effect
Supply and Demand
Most of you don't realize, they go hand in hand

These silly useless cycles led by "The Man"
But "the man" is not a man, the man is just some boys...hiding away behind their toys.

As they usually do
And the mass has no clue
Of their bigger plan.

The plan to extinguish the fire
To 'extinct'guish our desire
To want to live, to want to be, to want to love, to wanna be- Free-

Get outta this process
It's time for some progress,
Not riots or marching, for not
We're more powerful as one
Rising with our sun
To cast light
On the shadows

The shadows that tell us how not to live,
How not to eat,
How not love,
How not to be sweet.

But We are all of these things, he has taken from us
we went from loving nature, to “In God We Trust"
No one,
For anything...

Wake Up!!

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.

During the dormant winter I longed for the carefree nature that stems from warmth. Now it is here, merciless, fully.. and the exposure is awakening our mindfulness as well as the collective sundial. Bringing us out and present in the wheel and spinning us around. We worship the sun without recognition. It makes it so easy to be warm with one another, to remember our roots in the universe, to flourish under a quiet and beautiful energy.. unbroken.

What do you call someone so free,
Someone whom I'm pretending to be

What do you call someone who doubts,
who's insecurities rise and inner fears shouts

Call me what you like
Not too sure on this one but I thought I'd post it :D

How I long to be free like the Sparrow.
Alas, these holes are far too narrow,
And I cannot compress my marrow.
This fate is a heavy burden to bare,
How I long to be free like the Sparrow.

The inspiriration for this came from, funnily enough, my 1y/o son discovering the baby gate.

Yes, I am crazy.
I am a fire, I do things I shouldn't do, I don't listen to good advises, I venture here and there, I listen to everyone and talk to no one, I touch people I shouldn't touch, I get undressed inappropriately, I run away to places only I know of, I lose myself in a long car ride, I always take the long way home when driving, I go to the beach and stay in the sea all day, I cut my hair when a story ends, or get a tattoo, I build walls in people's faces and destroy them when I feel comfortable around them, I spend more money than I make, I hop into strangers' cars everyday, I wear heels and go for long walks, I take routes that lead me to people I love, I sit on the edge of mountains with my legs hanging, I buy dance clothes and wear them everyday, I play songs I fall in love with on repeat for weeks, I yell out of happiness, I laugh oh so loud, ...
I am crazy because I can't be contained
I am crazy because I am curious about this world
I want to die with not a single "what if I had the courage?"
I apologize to those I hurt and will hurt
And I love back all those who fell in love with me
But most of all, I hope I grow through it all
I hope that, on my death bed, I can tell every crazy story to my sons and grand kids and die with a smile on my face, die happy, with all my memories flashing back inside my head.
I hope I become a fire that eats everything it meets and grows bigger and bigger, without burning, without leaving ashes behind, only bringing heat to those who have been feeling cold for a long while.

- LynnAA

Fire Sign.


Hide me in a man's skin and I'll show you what a woman really is.

- LynnAA

Because I know I have a man inside me. So does every woman.
Because every man has a woman inside him as well.

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