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As the evening ticks on
I sit and ponder
Inside my restless spirit
I witness the comings
And goings
Of all the people
Through the pixels of black
Scrolling or trolling
The ether holds such power
Yet it’s substance is weak
Usage of color inside words
A slip of the keys
Portrayal in portraits
In lives out of the hives
But what is the point
Engaging in this parade
Do you show off your mask
Create those tasks
So I wonder again
If I’m in the right place
Or did I just end up
In a new trap for me
Brett 3d
We are all immortal in our own time. Today I feel the warm caressing touch of life across my beleaguered face. Death does not escape me, but in this moment I am alive. One is immortal, if one has yet to understand what it means to die.
Ann P 4d
I say love
No need to reciprocate
I give all
No need the vice-versa
You are free to go
You are free to flee
No string
No expectations
Nothing but my free love
Only for you
Snipes 5d
I exhale,
The cold breath
Flys my soul out from my enclosed vessel
for half my life I can feel alive

I inhale,
The warm smoke
Hugging me tight for what seems like eternity
for half my life belongs too abeyance’ sea
Nylee May 1
Why bind me to my own words
You are free from all the strings
I am not moving in years
But you've been flying ever since.
Leah Carr Apr 30
desperately working
desperately trying
I will I could leave behind the fear like you
But I share a mind with these demons

How can you just walk away from these voices
with a clear, undisturbed mind?

How can you just keep your silence
without the stabs of agonising guilt inside?

How can you have freedom from these ****** chains
of terror and suffocating grief?

How can you have you liberty from the shattering reality
that shatters us piece after piece?

I wish I was away from these shackles like you are

I wish I was free like you
LC Apr 30
the bittersweet word left my lips
but it kept the other words at bay -
the ones I could never, ever say.
I dragged those deeply rooted words,
pulling them until they wouldn't budge.
I wrapped them in my voice and let them go
until thorny feelings seized my legs
and dug into my soft, tender flesh.
my fingers bled as I separated the thorns.
they shrank, withering into the soil.
and once they did, I whispered, "goodbye"
for the second time, and I was finally free.
#escapril day 29!
Those silent arguments in my head
Sometimes make me wish I was dead
My eyes all puffy and red
I just don't want to get out of bed
Is it normal to cry all night?
Enough to wish I lost my sight
In a ball, I clutch my blanket tight
Wanting to give up in this endless fight
All alone, out of sight
No one sees this side of me
No one hears my silent plea
My pleas to be free
My pleas to be me
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