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Tempted by the seductive whispers
of power, I took a big bite of the
forbidden fruit.
My eyes and ears open.
So now I understand the
glee and grief that comes
with knowledge.

Knowledge is power as well as a burden.
Lyn ***
Maya 2d
My bunny
does not comprehend
the vast size of the
My bunny does not
ask questions like
"Why do we exist?"
My bunny is a simple
But it seems so much
more peaceful
not to wonder these things,
not to stay up late
wracking your brain
at the mysteries of life,
that sometimes,
I wish I was
a bunny too.
Is ignorance truly bliss?
If I was ignorant,
I wouldn't have to ask this.
My perseverance to see the sun
To pluck its amber beams
A preternatural joy
A profound priviledge

Knowledge is a torrid reward
Easily you're burned
A talisman of great force
Shards of foresight

As you tread into her realm
Dead prejudices
An illuminated mind
A spirit that will last

The inner tranquility?
Its settlement lies high
An impenetrable quest
Life's gem
Bullet 4d
Generations coming back to the mind
Generating a boomerang of distant memories
Time is funny looking at its range
Ancestors timeline
Would it look like us birds tweeting
Or is it a long line of light
Narrow hall near the end is the
Knowledge we now nothing about

I've had dreams, I've had visions, I've had voices
Talk with me
Tell all the names of family
Will you promise to carry it down
N' their beliefs or our we growing trees defoliating

I'm forgotten but who can remember the long line
Of destiny
The heart of this name is pumped in the grounds
Of Italy
Its broken it literally separated between the hair lines

Family cursed traveled across spectrums of different DNA
The Miranda Curse cuts close to the head
Curls very nice
Until 21 hits n' you soon realize
Hair line cutting back
Head scratching
Theres no time to relax
I'm traveling lands till I meet this entity
Tell it I'm beating it by entering its reality
Either that or family cursed within its destiny
Miranda mirrors its image migrating its migraines
To my mind
But whats in its mind is also in mines
Miranda and I please don't mind it
My hair line is starting to go just like the rest of my family on my moms side.
Always had my hair long ***** growing up honestly.
Another sleepless night spent
messing with synthesizers, drum
machines and groove-boxes. Music
may have stalled my flow of words
but I dream of joining them together
and spinning songs out into the world.
I wonder when or whether this penchant
I have for insomnia will create anything
worthy, any anything for the the storm
outside which was howling but now seems
to have abated. I daresay, darewrite, darethink
that a crisis of value has become apparent
in my life. The struggle has made philosophy
a thing I no longer consciously think
because it pains me to do so; yet
a thought emerged and has grpped me.
A thought of going back to philosophy
despite the agony. That thought
was of pharmacophenomenology.
Ah, a love of knowledge,
Both the remedy
and the poison; so
what of the scapegoat?
I am getting carried away,
I have a path and the question
is commitment. I have a question
and it pleases me to feel the answer
is less important that asking it in-itself:
What is pharmacophilosophy;
What does a philosophy of drugs entail
if we are to do it justice?
Will it help us assess the psychoactive properties
of substances, and their suitability
for patients?
Will it help us appraise
the ineffable qualities of mind?
Will it help us understand the patterns
humans engage themselves in? Will it help one
follow the string, the thread, the knots and narratives
that compose of one being's life?
These are valuable enough questions for me to justify
developing the pharmacophenomenological method.
The mysteries of electronic and chemical synthesis,
The production and consumption of music and drugs
are wonderfully complex phenomena to commit to know.

Stay with me, dear reader, we are at the beginning of a saga;
We'll bind the empyrean to academia.
Sol oh paniter of visions, curator of those under your light. Your passion is easily confused with fury and your momentary absences are known to be a time of danger and chaos
Basting the blessed and decimateing the ******,a infernal bliss.
General of the soil, those born from it follow your call under you they toil. maestro of the bloom and birds their harmonious notes in the air ,smelled and heard, from the plains to the berg but at the coast is when that celestial sovereignty ends.

Enters,a vision, Oh Luna; soft yellow dipped and dyed in the honeied hues of the horizon or a radiant alabaster, stark and chilled. cut from the heavens, apart of the city resting on that which scratches the sky but only visitors in the sights, you Nobly looking over. Teach me as you are, not as they say ,cold but ever observing seen every day.
You the Choreographer of the waves they dance by your direction, beautifully and brutishly birthing rainbows from their violate bombardments, for the birth of Brilliant ideas they have been the midwife.we lose and find ourselves in your teachings

Raising higher as you we age, as one should, on the path of the sage.
Stayed by the sea for a few days and got to know sun and moon a little better
"Curiosity kills cats, you say?
Perhaps.  I'm curious every day.
And of my nine lives,
I have left
A single life's breath.
And soon I'll satisfy
My curiosity
About death."

Baylee Kaye Oct 7
it is my heart language.
a tongue my soul needed to flourish.
one that only I could come to find,
a language that I needed to discover for myself.
in uncovering this alone,
I was able to grow more,
more than if it was my native speech.

though it may not be my mother tongue,
spiritually it is a part of me, it always has been.
I needed a trigger, an experience,
to unearth this buried part of my existence.
I was meant to speak this language,
one many may speak,
but few understand to its depth and its core.

it is a *** given gift,
one He meant for me to find in my solace,
a part of my soul He waited eagerly for me to find.
when I found this part of myself,
I understood my trials and my pains.
this tongue erased my scars, healed my wounds.
it buried my shame, and unveiled my soul.
Islam, the religion that overcame
The period of Jahiliyyah, of Ignorance
That overcame the saying
"We do so because we saw our forefathers doing so"

Islam expelled that ignorance of blindly believing
Islam ENCOURAGES thinking

So why?
Why have we become a community, that is Muslim,
’Only because our parents were?'

This is Jahiliyyah.
This is ignorance.

And that is completely against the rules of Islam.

We have become an Ummah, a Muslim community
That is endangering mankind
Because of the fact
That we are not being very Muslim

We are Muslim,
Because Islam is perfect
Because it only guides us to what is right
It shows us the healthy way
It keeps society together

All of us should realize that
For ourselves
Like first nature

And relieve Munkar and Nakir
That we are true believers.

And if you think Muslims persecute others
You can put that out of your mind
Cuz in Islam's book of rights
You have religious freedom
You are only Muslim if you WANT TO BE

And you're not allowed to force anybody.
We are in this together, sister, brother. I think we should start encouraging more seeking of knowledge.
rob kistner Oct 3

there is a darkness
in the corridors of my mind

it frightens me
because it is me

the uncertain me
in the ruthless grip
of the devious unknown

it lurks in shadow
collecting the dark matter
that steals into my days
bleeds into my nights
that ensnares me
in times of weakness

it seeks to find
a corner of my soul
in which to hide
to sulk
to secure a foothold

this awful seed of despair
endeavoring to take root
to grow

but now restrained
kept at bay
by my inner-dwelling light

an inner mounting flame
that though flickering
still has purchase
that thankfully
still holds sway
over my inner darkness

this darkness
has great cunning
but I still grasp comfort
it takes but a glimmer of light
a small flicker of flame
to stem
pitch black


rod kistner © 2018
My apologies to John McLaughlin, and his Mahavishu Orchestra for my blatant plagiary of the title of their first album. I happened to notice it in my vinyl collection, and the titled inspired this contemplation.
It sparked in me the realization that what I am striving to kindle, and grasp hold of in this period of my life is precisely that - an inner mounting flame of peace. Something hopefully to vanquish the fear that seeks to consume me.
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