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Andy Chunn Jun 22
Innocence to one who knows
Distracted, poised, and then composed
The proper place shall never be
Light, laugh, child-visions see.

The blossom young can never hear
The beauty, grace, or trembling fear
That beckons weak to taste the scent
Among the flowers, time is spent.

Spring is growth and time and trust
Mine is over, short, and must
Fall away as summer reigns
Flowers bloom in lovers’ lanes.

To tug the gentle petal young
Whose golden voice above all sung
Within the growth there is one rose,
Innocence to one who knows.
I sum up politics in three words:
wealth equals power.

we are expected to make lasting
changes in our communities,
and in our country itself.

but to do that,
we need power.

and the people in power
will always have more
wealth than we do,

which means that
the people in power
will always have more
power than we do.

they tell us that we are
the future leaders
of this country.

they tell us that as leaders,
we are expected to make
changes in our communities
and in our country itself,

but they tell us that
only because they
know that we can’t.
A character
In Hindu Mahabharat
Learnt a great deal
In his mother's womb
Learned and adroit
He came out
I thought it was a myth
I turned out to be a poor blacksmith
Evidence there
Some poets learnt poetry
In mother's womb
When they came out
There was boom boom boom
I look for words, ideas, stimuli
Quotes, poems, stories
Of other people
Try to express
In my own words and style
Things said time and again
Ever since thousand
Years ago
You can't change
The basic concept
Decorate it with
Your own style and words
Adding new dimensions
Hitherto unobserved
I often wonder
Am I in a monkey business?
The mind
Is fertile

Any age
One can learn
Genre: Minimalist
Theme: Enroll
I am blessed.........
What happened to me,
happens everyday somewhere
So, to consider myself unfortunate - isn’t fair
Taking my misfortune to be bigger than others,
Is indeed my ignorance
 Now my actions has become spontaneously correct ever since
Chad Young Sep 28
Understanding is based on holding a malleable space in the mind.
2. Math allows a measure or order.
3. Math is like learning a foreign language - exposure!
4. There is a time to say "I can't" and a time to say "I can".
5. Personal hard work must be activated.
6. There will be a time time to invent, a time to watch, a time to solve problems, and a time to take notes - let them come out of desire.
7. Assumptions slowly transform into comprehension, forgetfulness slowly turns into memory.
8. Math is traveling through all the illusions to come into reality.
9. I will always make markers for my steps.
10. I will always say something about the motions.
11. I will always say something about my capacity.
12. I will always wish to discern qualities.
13. There will always be existential questions.
14. No one will be able to look beyond a good night's sleep, nor be able to see tomorrow.
15. "He" will become the Voice in which you hear math.

P.S. It is the simple math that is hardest to calculate, and not knowing how to solve a problem is the hardest math.
Studying physics and math for five years (self-study).
Barbara Sep 25
her pretty face might be the first thing that calls your attention but that’s not all there is to her.

it starts off with her heart.. oh is that heart nothing but pure and gold.
she tends to consider it her best feature.

we go into her strength next.. you can believe her strength is most definitely capable of moving mountains.
although, she has the tendency of thinking she’s weak.

now let’s talk about her soul.. which is truly one of a kind. she’s destined for such big things.
she knows her soul pretty well.

you know what’s wrong with this girl though?

she’s the type of girl that gets too caught up in saving others that she forgets about herself. she forgets to come above water and take a breather. she's made her fair share of mistakes, god forbid they hold them against her though. she’ll literally commit mental suicide all on her own. i wish she would use her voice more, but she’s too busy thinking that it doesn't matter. little does she know that her voice is capable of healing all. her touch can be so gentle yet so rough. i think she spends too much time grieving the things she cannot change that it gets in the way of the things she can change. i feel so bad for her sometimes because when you look into those big brown eyes, you can see all the pain and sadness she carries around all day. when she wakes up on the good side of the bed she tries to stay on it by smiling, talking, and attempting to manifest all that she wants. down side of that is that it will probably only last a few minutes before she begins to drown again. i can’t wait till she grows a little more. i know she thinks that the universe is always drowning her with so many lessons but that’s only because she comes out on top each time and shares that knowledge with those who need it as well. she yearns to be so loved because she knows it’ll fix all of her broken pieces.

that girl is me..

i am strong
i am beautiful
i am pure
i am gold
i am one of a kind
i am loved.
Chad Young Sep 17
What is my pride?
I'm a Baha'i, I study math and physics, and I study
martial arts.
Then this is where people may hurt me the most.
They will make my dimension into a lie,
contradict what I know so well.
A shove or a push, even a slap or hit only affects my body.
Hurting my feelings by making me feel unloved, that
is only my mammalian brain.
But defying my reason and insight - this is where I am
most weak.
To call my religion a plan of the Illuminati,
by calling my science untrue,
by saying I don't know anything of martial arts.
This is where the ego of the world now dwells:
within the reasoning mind.
This is where my testing will take place:
letting go of knowledge
to meet the words of the naysayer.

I will take your words and
transform them into love.
Then I will wait until I find a companion
heart, to tell my truth to.
reflecting on life mistakes and the movie "Creed" where Creed goes to jail for punching someone
Ylzm Sep 16
Belief however justified is still a belief
For any justification needs justification
It's belief too, turtles all the way down
And reason is a snake eating snake

Unless founded on the rock of truth
There's no justification even for reason
That which is always tentative and falsifiable
Is not knowledge but literally shifting sands

But we know truth like the blind on level ground
We fear but walk, not falling nor stumbling
Or as a babe touching and tasting all things
But always watched over, lest harm befall us

The rain falls on both good and evil
The earth bring forth food for man and beasts
For one good man the earth shall be spared
Good shall be good, and evil shall be evil
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