We are but a raindrops
                        among many

All falling together,
                  never  knowing
our destination

But its the falling that
                            gives us gravity...

Take away the knowledge of knowing where
Take away the burden of knowing what, how, when
Take me away from here
Away from my own skin
Being the person I have been
Seeing the things i know and despise now
Under a layer of truth lies brutal stain
Turned up, turned down, knowing pain

CDs Sep 15

All Understanding uncovers
ugliness, usury.
Unifying utopians

Dashing Prophets promoted
promiscuous personalities.
Promethus’s powers

Do Postmodern proletariats
protest phantoms?
Puckering proudly,

If Egyptians engineered
excessive egoists,
Englishmen evolved

Tradition Rules reformed
rednecks, remobilizing,
romanticizing, recursions

If Caesar costumed
cabals crafted carefully,
Christianity calibrated

Vigilantism Unveils unlucky
usurper, undoes underachieving,
unemotional, unconsciousness
Every Tadpole’s talents
triumphs titan’s tricks
tip toeing

i want to write a poem
that's fuck the police
for every stanza

and isn't that what
you want to read?
black lives matter has

over two thousand views,
and i'm still caught
up in my own problems

before going out into the
street with a sign
and a pink hat

there's a certain magic
in the way life goes
trump is elected,

obama and hillary
fade, they
are forgotten

in the new world
there are no rainbows
and all colors have

floated away with
the world leaders
we once praised

and i, am a
girl of thirteen
know nothing

Poetic T Sep 6

Let the winds claim your thoughts,
reflecting on the imaginative echoes
that flow from the breeze of the mind.

Knowledge is the pebble forever bouncing
on the waters of imagination, every ripple
splashing more on every thought.

Conner Dixon Sep 5

My project essay report on the creation of Spiritual knowledge & the mass love gained by Spiritual leaders
(or just love itself in a state of forever growingness)

Hey Mangal, i just wanted to share something^^

I wrote down not long ago 
"The growing of semen/Spiritual knowledge"
Then underneath
"Love by others increases"

I don't know if both are linked(or separate),
in the meaning that - "love by others increases" when one gains Spiritual knowledge or just "love by others increases" by itself
(kinda like "absence makes the heart grow fonder" therefore love by others is always increasing - it is what we are so naturally gravitated towards
[♭take control of your mind and meditate, let your soul gravitate to the love y'all#]
when aligning Spiritually)..

it makes sense for both writings to be linked so i kinda agree to it linking(Spiritual leaders etc who have tons of Spiritual knowledge gain tons of love from others) so you see how it could be linked?

Either way there is information there

My philosophy on all of this begins with Angels, Godliness, Heaven, Righteousness, Halo.. all usually depicted as light, shining light, brightness and white

I seen a topic being discussed that sex hormones increase melanin production, melanin also is increased via sun exposure.. light!

I have evidence(i am sure you will too), that the penis is a darker shade to the rest of the body (because of melanin)

Hindu writings explain how semen sent upwards & in.. forms light or ojas, tejas, halo.. Spiritual energy(which is responsible for creating Spiritual experiences.. Spiritual knowledge!)
(as a experientialist point of view.. knowledge is gained via experience)(therefore Spiritual knowledge is gained via Spiritual experiences)

So my findings follow as, proof of melanin on penis from retas/semen sent downwards, it makes sense why light/melanin would be created when sent up..

It just comes down to where we put this retas/sexual energy/semen/light/melanin, kundalini must be the how these substances journey up through the nadi sushumna.

So i notice that meditation turns this energy on to create melanin.. as i called meditating, 'melanating' once
So, masturbation(or sex) must cause this sexual energy to turn into melanin(darkening the penis)
As does meditating cause the brain to become melanated(filled with light/Spiritual knowledge/creating Spiritual experiences)

It is pure magical knowledge
It is beautiful getting this much proof & evidence to understand more.

You seeing how all of this is linked?

Hope you are well dude 

The reason Spiritual knowledge comes from light.. aka "bring light to the situation" from "being in the dark about something"

It is all about light being the precursor to/for knowledge
Not just any knowledge
But with the inner body
Brings Spiritual knowledge.

I rest my case
Court dismissed.

Haha, once again I hope you are okay! 

Always thinking of India,

But also go into the sunlight to become 'brighter' go into the moonlight to 'illuminate' yourself or parts of your brain or Soul you have never felt or been to

Started from time
Forcing me to drag my feet
Stepped as them left
I whine, sob!
And complained to Him
Wait this as soon as I blink just now
Yes, I was a kid
My gut is still lousy
Still entangled in them
Even now ..

Both want me the best
I do not know what they feel
But I myself rebelled
Blaming the obvious time will not stop
I cursed the time
Why so fast
My body still wants to stay home

Wait, for a moment I feel wrong
Is not this good
I also want to make them happy
Dreams must try to climb
The ladder was already there before me
I'm among the lucky ones
Be thankful!
My mind divides
I convince myself with all my might

"This is not my home" I snarled
When I arrived at that foreign place
I was forced to stay
For the sake of the knowledge that I want to scoop
Yes, if not understand I will explain
I'm a student now
Predicate attached to me now
The views will all be different to me

Really i meet good friends
Fighting together, but still be independent
I breathe in ..
My time has now forced me again
It's morning already
I guess I have to finish my day
Doing my final job there ..

I'm so confused,
I don't know what to do.
No way to elude,
No way to breakthrough.

What should I do?
What should I pick?
What's my best option?
In times like these.

I'm craving help,
I'm craving knowledge.
I'm so confused,
But these feelings I'll stoppage.

even though times are tough,
just hang in there and have faith.
i know you will get through this.

If you could, would you
if it meant no pain, or distress
but more to the point, should you
even if, it alleviates the stress

Moral majority, would require of you
to raise a child, you know you can't
would it be inhumane to think, bad of you
and your ethics and values, slant

The pro-choicer's would leave it up to you
your body, and your rights
after all, it's up to you, to choose
a different, point of light

I'm no judge of circumstance
I've never been, to a forced decision
if I'd known, in happenstance
would I have had, a different, vision

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, I'm just glad I've never had to make that decision, and I won't judge those who do, or did. :|

Arcassin B Aug 16

By Arcassin Burnham

How can you be an overgrown unicorn running through a grass field just
to get to your achievements?
How you can be a being that's accepted by everybody and don't have any
enemies or crazed fanatics?
How can you live a normal decent life without the violence and corruption
on every corner you turn to?
How could you be a positive influence when everything you've done in the
past comes back to haunt you?
they don't wanna see you succeed,
they don't wanna see you achieve,
they don't wanna see you graduate,
they don't wanna see you educate,
they don't wanna see you build a company,
they don't wanna see you making money,
they don't wanna see you go to college,
they don't wanna see you have knowledge.
In The World that we all live in today . I Say Fuck Em Lets move on,
The doubts and cheap talk comes free to ignorant people,
most of you can't even write sentences,
when in doubt don't let words get you down,
In a country , if you are black , they put you down,
Art Imitates Reality , that's what a good friend just taught us
last year , i ain't saying no names,
Can't be silenced in a world where if you speak the truth,
you could expect to be aimed,
Freethinking all time , I can't be tamed,
Family issues in my own home , And I'm blamed,
Conditions come worse than expected in this life,
Hope your minds not too closed just to beat shame,
we all got problems that need be solved,
Negative people remember your name,
and it seems every year the property value goes up that's the real shame.

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