We used to text all the time
We hated texting
But we always wanted to talk
Now my phone is silent

We used to say these cute things
Like I love you forever
And I'll never leave
And now it just sounds forced

We used to always want to sleep together
Talking all night
And cuddling close
And now we're canceling plans

You say your feelings won't change
But our interactions have
These seemingly small details
Feel like everything for me
And being around you doesn't feel the same
Because I know you've been with her
She's probably more fun than me
Especially with all the negative shit I'm feeling
So how can I blame you for bringing her up in stories
When I can barely look at you
Karan Mar 13
Her eyes sometimes looked red as sunset
Trying to hide the tears of late night fight
Caught between the walls of loving self or him
Alone is an enemy, melting down with whim

Should I say, yesterday, the moon was not full
He dialled her aroused and feeling the weak pull
At first, they danced in joy and spoke like butterflies
But the fight broke out when the disagreements were high

Oh the cacophony! that broke out in the silent sky
Their throats gave up and the air became dry
A minute before it was raining with abuse and curse
Pillows thrown at the stone deaf floor to make it worse

Don't you remember the warmth of the Redding rose?
You plucked out from my palm resting on my knee bent low
And the taste of the wine sipped by your lips behind your breath
Your deep rooted yes to my first love confess
Story of how fast love can die
Vani Mar 12
Your parents screaming on the top of their voices
Hurling insults, complaints and abuses
Their relationship on the verge of breaking
Cause now they're tired of faking
You little girl, as delicate as feather
Acting like glue, trying to hold them together
Weak glue
   Poor you......
Children soak up everything they see, feel, and hear.When parents argue excessively and for too long, it can leave children feeling insecure and fearful.
mjad Feb 18
heart is pumping
you grab my waist
a tickle fight begins
and "just friends" end
as you tickle my lips
with your kisses
Yusof Asnan Nov 2017
With untold nights which her sleep was unaccounted for.
As her breathing is the only thing alive about her.
Where everything else about her is simply dead.
Lays under the moonlight on her bedroom.
Forced nocturnally to repeat.

None knows of her horror,
As she refused to succumb anybody else to it.
Till her fragile soul could take not another single thread of pain.
And she would then die.
Every night. Every single night.

Come dawn she would rise,
Back from the dead;
From the cold darkness of she would caved herself into.
And that is how she keep fighting.
Surviving day by day with no improvements.

A woman worth the respect;
The appreciation;
And the great length to be with her.
And one should never stop her from herself.
That is how one should help.

Rachel Glen Nov 2017
so this is how it goes -
bring me up high,
and pull me down slow.

i'm only human -
take it easy on me,
this roller coaster makes me weak.

let's face the truth -
these nights are fluid,
our smiles glare from inside the picture frames.

don't be afraid of the future -
holding you close as i need to,
breaking apart is a need to.
ky Nov 2017
droplets of water touches my revealed flesh,
sliding down until it reaches the end and drops onto the ground beneath my feet
i can no longer ignore the heaviness in my chest as the rain pours onto me and you come into view
my eyes glass over and soon the tears mix with the rain, and
the wracking of my shoulders begin
i entangle my arms around myself as if i can keep my broken self together somehow
my eyes wander to you and you unfold your arms, holding them straight out for me to run into
without my permission, my legs start moving on their own towards you and suddenly, i'm wrapped in your warm arms,
my ear on your beating heart,
t                         t
h                        h
   u                       u
     m                     m
        p                     p

you place a feathery kiss on my temple and i close my eyes, savoring this moment
my short quick breaths could still be heard as the tsunami coming out my eyes still wreck my face and you stand there,
softly tapping your fingers on the small of my back, slowly calming me down until my breathing becomes regular
and the tears come to an end, but we still stand there
embracing each other, encased in each other's scent
silently speaking unspoken words
Jewel M C Oct 2017
so here I am
bottling up my feelings again
pretending I have nothing to say again
for fear that we'll get into a fight again
a fight over something fucking stupid again
          it's always fucking stupid
I can only hold so many of my feelings in
before I explode,
before I unload,
before another episode
I guess I should just bottle it all up, right?
push it down, shove the cork in tight
          blow it up with dynamite
                  * * * * * * * * *
those late nights
when we fight
& our demons intertwine
where the monsters come out to play
& the devil bites into your brain
it makes you insane
          *lovers' quarrel:
          your own personal brand of Hell
(title inspired by Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts 1962-1965)
jewel Sep 2017
Baby blame it all on me. I'll take your pain, I'll set you free.
I don't care about the facts, just pin it all upon my back.

We can stay up and fight all night, I'll say I'm sorry, turn out the light.
And then I'll cry until I can't, but I'll take credit for the rants.

I'm the fuck up, I'm the problem, and I'm sorry that I can't solve em.
But I'll try, and I'll say. That's it's alright, you're okay.

It wasn't you, it's just me. I'm the problem, can't you see?
So then you'll blame it all on me.

But I'll take your pain, if it'll set you free.
So I let you blame it all on me.
Toxic Love Is The Worst Kind
Alec Aug 2017
I'm sorry
I'm sorry for being an idiot
I'm sorry for being rebellious
I'm sorry that I'm not who you have always thought I would be.

I'm sorry that was you see in me,
Is not what's true.
I'm sorry that I'm a failure
I'm sorry that I'm lazy
I'm sorry that I'm a disappointment.
And don't say I'm not,
You're not allowed to.
Not if you think these things in your head.
Even if it only happened once.
It counts.

You say these things in your head,
And I'm sorry that I have to tell you that they transfer into your words.
Your tone.
Your eyes.
You don't have to say it for it to be true.
You don't have to say anything ever.

So I'm sorry
I'm sorry I'm so rebellious and terrible.
I'm sorry I'm not the daughter you thought I would be.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
But have you noticed?

The more I say I'm sorry
The less true it is
And the less it means to you.

We've both taken too much time to say sorry.
BOTH of us.

Don't blame it all on me.
And I won't blame it all on you.
We are both at fault.

But it doesn't matter.
Because even if you DO read this,
You won't say anything.
We're both really good at going behind each other's backs.

I'm sorry I'll never be who you want.
But that's fine.
Fine to me. Your son.
Because I was never gonna be who you wanted anyway.
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