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Stewie Aug 23
You are my mirror image
Which is why you make me so angry sometimes
We push and fight
Yell and scream
I slam the door, you hit the wall
Tension rises in the air like heat off the asphalt.

You spit venom at me
Your words hurt the most
I cry, you walk away
I crumble on the floor while you toss your clothes

Is this what we have become?

I convince you to come to bed
You grab my skin
&we **** the night away

I rather fight with you than anyone else.
Aya Aug 19
they talk of heartbreak as though romance is the only thing capable of such a thing
but they have not felt the pain of having a bottomless pit wedged between you and your best friend
they have no idea how much it hurts to see the other half of your soul smiling wide at others
while they are seemingly forgetting about your existence
they have no idea how heartbreaking it is to know you've hurt your twin flame with no idea what you can do to help
and how much worse it becomes when they refuse to let you near
because god knows he is my safest place in the world and beyond
and i cannot stand the thought of having to live without him
when i can barely get through the pitless nights without our mindless chatter
and our playful banters, our inside jokes
and by god i would do anything for us to grow back together
even if i keep ruining myself in the process
(and i know this isnt poetry anymore as much as it is just me ranting but for the love of god just let me wordvomit this because i really do miss my best friend and we're still fighting)
Princess not soldier.

A plain woman talks about love
Tells everything like no one above
Looks at you as she said you to move
Talking gets higher like no one gets greater.

Loving out of nowhere as she's a fighter
She's in war for you with no doubt; no fear
As she knows you're always here
She's strong so they won't walk you near.

A kind must be cruel for man she fights for
A girl gets even braver than before
But a boy gets even more weaker ever before
He walks away but she keeps fighting for.

Not knowing she's the only one who's fighting
Her love feels last but now she's along way tiring
Realizing the girl shouldn't be a fighter
As She is a princess not a soldier.
Someone who fights alone in the name of love
Emily Aug 15
Everyone says "your family is perfect"
Everyone thinks we get along.
Everyone hears us speaking words of care
Everyone sees us hugging.
But listen to my words, look a little closer.
Behind that closed door, you'll find out.

Behind that door.
Screams and tears and fits.

Behind that door.
Bangs and yells and thumps.

Behind that door.
Sighs and yells and slams.

Behind that door.
Hums and tears slide down.

Behind my door.
Sleepless nights and blades.
Behind my door.
Cuts and tears and blood.
Behind my door.
I break and fade away.

Behind the front door.
Fights when cracks make breaks.
People fading away.
People losing faith.

Behind our doors.
Overdose on Tylenol
Overdose on tears.
Losing voices. Red eyes.

"Your family is perfect"
"You guys have it all"
"You are such a great family"

We tear at each other's throats.
We scream till our voices break.
I cry cause can't feel pain anymore.
We tell till our lungs give way.
We fight until our legs give out.

That's behind our doors.

My family is kinda loud... And a pain... And we fight a lot.
Paige Jun 2
He made me feel like I was nothing today
And it wasn't what he said
Or even really how he said it
I suppose it was a small conclusion
To a pile of things
A mountain of hurtful actions
An ocean of bitter words
This time it was only a rain drop
But I felt it like a tsunami
A never ending certainty
That I'm not good enough
And the day didn't end as it usually does
There were no apologies
Or sweet nothings
No affection or promises made
Instead their were slammed doors
And arms full of groceries
At the bottom of an empty stairwell
There were heavy sighs
And broken hearts
And I was left with a familiar
Aching loneliness
Wondering over and over again
Why is it always me
Annie May 12
You made a fool out of me
Or did I do it to myself?
We both played around
For a while, we called it love

Now I am walking through the city
Trying to catch emotions again
It’s hard to like someone
So dressing up is surely in vain

I’m spinning around my room
Dancing to the music in my head
Who knew, love and hate
Good and sin, all go with red?

I’m still thinking of where
I went wrong -made you walk away
Must have been the way I adored you
Could’ve been something you said

Yet how foolish are we?
Trying to find love in our fights
Holding on to each other’s hands
Letting go whenever the picture gets a little less bright
Darryl M May 6
Speech of Silence.

I don’t stand for Wrong.
I don’t stand for Right.
I’m that thin fabric of Character!

Boisterous crowds in shouting,
A void I leave in meaning.

‘Against a deed,’ they say.
But against me, they stand,
poke, push, laugh, insult!
A snake, I am,
Yet venom they spit.

Do I fear?
Would I ever?
Only the Poet in the Skies can recite.
I’m Alive!

Just a simpleton,
Filled with red nose jokes.
An Earthquake, they tremble.
Rains of fun, I enjoy,
Umbrellas of skirts, they hide behind.

I don’t stand for Wrong.
I don’t stand for Right.
I’m that thin fabric of Character!

Echoes of a Vacuum.
Darryl M May 3
The first last chapter of our love.
You and I, the antagonistic protagonists.

I’ve been looking at the stars yet the diamond is at my lap.
Once a diamond, turned into ice.
Now all’s fuzzy, yet you can still see right through me.

I know you got my back, coz we the dream team.
Still hanging through the knife, I see.
All’s re-assuring for esteem.
Sing the harmonious melody of your lies.
Put me to sleep, allow me to enjoy the nightmare.

We’re running around the room like lost dogs.
Once your love, now a punching bag.
How can I love you, and enjoy the pain of love?
Sweet sour we are. A train wreck we’ve become.

You get another, I get the adder.
I try to change my life, then you become my change.
I try to forget you, but then there’s the mirror.

Extreme rules, we’ve created.
Breath taking break ups we’ve had.
All’s due to the suffocation I’ve suffered
through the burns you’ve had.

Innocent pillow fights,
turned into a tug-of-war,
and tug-of-war into world war.
For you’re an enemy I deeply love to hate.

Guess you and I, have the same difference.
Titled and Requested by Andiswa S.N. Mzobe.
This is based on people in an endless love rooted in hatred.
Darryl M May 3
Written on the pillars of my heart, is your love.
Written on the stems of my attention, is your beauty.
Written on the roots of my thoughts, is your picture.
Written on the seeds of my emotions, is your presence.
Seeds sown by the sower with a shovel of dote.
Cultivating the fields of my heart, with tender, love and care.

Draw nigh unto me, see our future noted in my eyes.
See the flowers of my faith blossom in your smile.
See the flames of my love make the sun dull.
See how the turbulent showers of joy, spring for you.
See that you spin my world around.

Come with me,
hear the birds sing to the melody of our love.
Lay your head on my chest,
hear my heart pounding for yours.
Listen to the sound of my voice,
hear our children frolic.

All's in smoke, not even a glimpse of fire is left.
Fire that burnt mountains of strife.
Strife caused by people dismantling our love.
Fire created by two candles, perfectly positioned together.
Looks like all has melted.

Let not the love tumble like the walls of Jericho.
Let not our eyes lock in despair.
Let not words separate the harmony of our hearts.
Let not your silence grow either.
Let's fortify the feathery foundations of what used to be.

I never knew, you had another one.
A knight that has climbed the high towers of your love.
A thief that has stolen the keys to your heart with permission.
All I have, is messages not read and calls not returned.
I'm a shadow, the stars have twinkled upon.
What grew at dawn, now burns with the sunshine.

The rivers now flow in reverse.
A figment cherished moving in a hearse.
Fables fed that never stood a chance.
Now I realize, I was caught in a trance.
A beautiful reverie, I had to awaken from.

What I had, is what you never needed.
What I have, is what you don't want.
What I can give, is what you already have.

Fragment, a beautiful Fantasy.
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