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PM Oct 19
Once again you tell me nothing is wrong
but I have known you for too long to see it.
And with that little lie, things start to break.
So once again I try to see what is wrong,
but you are still a closed door in my face
and with everything that is going wrong
I can not take one more thing on my plate.
This being the last drop to overflow my life.
Now I find myself deep in a bottle of wine.
Just trying to drink my problems away
but it won't help since I'm stuck in place.
Unable to move.
Anais Vionet Sep 10
My mom, with the green
witch's casual, sour malice,  
can verbally ****.

But she is easily
deceived by disguise
- my body is a mask.

My submission is
but a costume - my calm
the offered lie.

I detest my own
pale, small, adolescent
answers - my weakness.
OK, we had a fight - we made up - but before that... poetry!  =]
alaska jade Aug 11
Today, you ask me what I’m on.
I say
Wouldn’t you like to know?
My friend,
Life comes and goes
I’m high off of my youth
Alive off summer nights
Mid-August fights
Tears shed, falling into my bed
Falling into your arms.
Tie-dye shirts, blue-eyed flirts, and mini skirts.
Tonight, I am drunk off your voice.
Dog days, Smoky haze
Tomorrow, I’m completely wasted off your laugh.
Mosquito bites, the same old fights,
I want brisk autumn nights
Comments are always greatly appreciated ❤️
Nylee Aug 2
I admit
Being more wrong than right
But I lost
More into those fights
Is it just me
Who struggles to see different light
Too late
Now I know it may or might
be the fate
I just can't control at that time
All the same
Everything fall apart.
There ain't nothing wrong
with fighting, son.

It scares the children, sure,
but so, too, would anything
we try to shield them from.

Fighting fortifies the lively
as much as it destroys
the ignorant and apathetic.

Therefore protect your mind
against those poisons, and
purge them from others
when necessary.
July 2020
beth haze Jul 29
Your games and
childlike attitude
always put me
in a bad
It's like you
were trying your best
to leave a
permanent crease in
between my
- frown.
I wonder, do you ever wonder?
How far we have come along.
With all those fights and in all those thunder.
We managed to live so long.
You made mistakes and yes I did blunder.
Still, we forgave, as we know where we belong.
I remember, you remember how we met at first.
It wasn't the best nor the worst.
We were happy keeping alive the thirst
Looking back, I see us in each day submerged.
looking back on how we have survive so much and still together.
Those long talks
till 5 A.M.
Thought we meant
every word we said
Those stupid little fights
Felt so right
Till it got on our nerves
And couldn't stand each other's sight!
Nothing seemed enough
Elle Vee Apr 28
Why can't we forget
How the weeds grew in our yard
The ones we  removed
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