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Arcassin B Oct 8
by Arcassin Burnham

Trials and tribulations for relations in America where the higher class resides in cutting the checks,
Putting the past behind my back and running to the light of a better future all in debt,
To love and to hold while we rejoice a brand new day of peace on earth to follow up bliss,
If we all stick together and fight as one then it would actually be more better than this,

Picking fights and winning wars in this country is more like a mind to result in some treason,
You have no reason to be so **** ignorant while we're sinners signing all these agreements,
Tragedies will happen and mostly all planned , the systems rigged as destruction on the brink,
It is nothing than to be afraid of corruption as long you live and free think.

ethan gaskill Sep 20
the shower is the only place private enough
for me to cry and not be noticed
i turn the hot water all the way up
the more i burn my back the less i feel
bad about where i am
i spent fifteen years wishing you'd be here for me more
but now i feel guilty wishing that you'd leave me alone
i even told my mother that i wanna get as far away as possible
i watched as her heart broke
what kind of ****** up son says that to his mom?
it takes a special kind of ******
for us to argue when we're both wrong
and what's ironic is that we're so similar
we both just wanted to impress each other
but i'm running towards the bar
just trying to make you smile
but every time that i get close
it moves along another mile
i just want to sit down and cry
but you tried and tried
to get through night school
to provide for your kids
so how selfish can i be?
how can i hate you
when you're killing yourself to put food on our plates
i feel so ******* obnoxious
complaining about you
when all you want to do is help
but i'm an echo chamber and you're yelling
and accidentally building my ****
sometimes i feel like we can't even talk anymore. i'm so sorry
Aestheticboy Sep 18
I'm broken
Now I'm woken
Everything was forspoken
And after you misspoke
I realized what you were
I realized your true intentions
She intervened and the whole relationship changed
I'm sorry I let her mess up my mind
I just wanted to help you

You saw the bad side of me while I brought out the best in you
I want to take you to a dimension where nothing comes in between us
We rarely spoke
But the time we spent together always made a huge impact on me
Cause each letter you say to me
Makes me either smile like an idiot
Break down like a crying infant
Mad like a monster
Blush as red as a tomato
Sad as the time moves on and destroys everything in its way
But most of all love as if it never existed between anyone
Only between us

You are in my blood
Each blood cell lives and dies for you
Each thought is only on you
I can't describe how im feeling
I  miss your messages
I miss your sarcasm
I miss your smile
I miss your hair
I miss your eyes
I miss your laughs
I miss your body
I miss your touch
I miss your snaps
I miss your stories
I miss your talks
I miss your loving messages
I miss your sad messages
I miss your mad messages
I miss your voice
I miss your smell
I miss your heartbeat
I miss your breath
I miss your love for dark chocolate
I miss your obsession for pizzas
I miss each nanometer of your skin
I miss everything about you
From the tiniest details to the most observable ones

Want to know how I feel when you left
Imagine a box
Lock yourself in it
And you have the key
But even though you can escape it
You stay inside
Guess why?
Cause the box represents you
Even though you left me
I live inside you
I have to move on
But moving on without you isn't what I planned
Moving on without you is the worst thing and I hope I never move on
I hope you come back
I'll fight the universe for you
Nothing will stand between us
Just your love is all I need
But I'm left here all alone
I'm sorry for everything I did.I just wanted to love you more...
Emerson Sep 16
I find that people
Will always yell when
Their computers.
Their phones.
Their WiFi.
Their spouse.
Thier parents.
Their kids.
Their students.
Their employees.
Just to hurt their feelings
Or destroy friendships
And silence
Faded smiles

Grey skies

Black water

Darkened eyes

Sleepless nights

Dimmed lights

Hopless fights

Last goodbyes
Daniel Ruiz Sep 9
if you sit in my room,
and with a good angle look outside,
you'll see a plantain tree,

the house behind that plantain tree,
lives a little kid who called me an *******
for throwing his ball back a little too hard,

behind that plantain tree,
lives a kid who has got in
a lot of fights,

a kid that has a great scar that no one can see,
that no fight or bad words or anything can fulfill.

let me rephrase that,

behind that plantain tree,
lives a 70 year old woman,
who's daughter died,
and had to raise a kid on her own.

a plantain stain it's not removable,
a plantain stain,
stays in ones clothe, and skin.

the same way tendons break,
and leaves scars on ones heart.

that plantain tree hasn't given any plantains,

but it does work for a great metaphor.
Nyx Sep 9
Cold kiss of the night
Caressing the skin
Hearts a race
Awaiting the battle to begin

Bats in hands
Hair tied back
Leather jackets on
Ready for the attack

Killer instinct ignited
Burning with rage
Betrayal among one
Is the creation of a rampage

The moon high above
As a witness to many
Dedication to the kin  
Such actions can be deadly

To stand together as one
As comrades and friends
To the rest be weary
As this may be your bitter end

As the bruises begin to form
And blood begins to fall
The last of their pack retreat
Be it run, limp or crawl

Running away
Tail between their legs
Our Reputations precedes us
known by the streets dyed in red

Unveiling our faces
Before the morning dawns
Vanishing to nothingness
Disbanded and gone
end this unnecessary bickering
why does it have to be this way
i toss you a ******* bone
in return, ****** stones are thrown
bruising me
hurting me
torturing me
pummeling me deeper
in this *** forsaken soil
where **** lives just underneath
waiting to embrace me.
but you don't see that, do you?
I'm dwindling to raise you up, but you say thank you by stepping on me.
Harry Kelly Jul 14
We used to fight sometimes
late at night
after too many drinks
too many cigarettes
too many insults
thrown back and forth

First we’d praise each other up
then run each other down
to the lowest notch

There were good times too
But after a while they dried up
The way some things do.

Couple last screams
And I would hear some clanking in my kitchen
Didn’t pay too much attention

She’d go out with her big purse
“Should you be driving?”
“***** you”

I would go to the window
Yell down at her on the street
“Get outta here you bottle bandit!”

I didn’t want her to go
Not really
She may have been a ***** thief
But she had a sort of magic
The way some people do.

I bumped into her years later
In a liquor store
same one we used to go to
I wondered if she remembered all the fun
But the look on her face
underneath the smile
showed the pain.
The way some faces do.
Dominique Jul 12
When I reached the age of ten,
I began to insist I was nothing like my father.
My mum laughed,
Stroked my hair,
Rolled sparkling eyes
To summer blue sky
And told me there were worse things to be
Than alike to the man she fell in love with.

But by the age of ten I had seen enough to know
That a stranger lived beneath the skin
Of the man whose few wrinkles
Made the cliff of his face that bit
Whose rough biceps
Turned him into a sort of superman,
Whose eyes were intelligent
And full of delight
At the children who grew up
Propelled by him.

I had seen the stranger,
The ticking time bomb,
Triggered by the scritch-scratching
Of felt tips on paper
Or a disregard for rules
Or a ******, normal infant tantrum
And mistakes on a piano
Hefted in by my hero on the surface.

Neurosis, they called him,
The monster that lurked in his room
And erupted more often
Than childhood science experiments
Of coke and mentos
All over the wide world.

Superman's kryptonite.

Your father loves you
He can't help it
He's trying
It's not as if it's abuse
It could be worse
You know you're so, so lucky

And yes, I was, I am, so, so lucky
For the beautiful, wise, soul
I was born to

I am lucky to be the daughter
Of a warrior who marched through life
With no armour
And manufactured his own shield

And I am so lucky
To be similar to the man
My mother fell in love with

But I am fifteen years old
And the stranger still bursts out
With the same thick veined anger
I've become so familiar with since birth
(Although it's true, it's gotten much better)

And today I raged at my mother
With a shocking ease that felt
A little
For a little while

Ripping through her words with profanities

And I couldn't stop myself

It was a little bit like leaving myself behind
To the "teenage hormones" in my hurricane mind

And it seems that blue eyes
Are not the only things
I take from my father

Perhaps I borrowed the fury too.
I wonder if my mother is still glad that we are so alike
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