Phebe 2m

I burned for a year
but no one felt the heat.
Left ashes on everything I touched;
the traces of a silent burning.
But i am no phoenix,
and this is no rebirth.
This is the dying of the senses.
This is a forest fire,
igniting on every bad thought in my mind.

I burned for a year,
just to say that I did.
Self-immolation of the most selfish degree.
A sacrifice that isn't for the best.
I've given up a dozen times
just to give that up too.
But I meant it this time.
And there's nothing gained and nothing lost;
just ash, and dust, and residue.

I burned for a year
or maybe it was ten.
It's been so long I've lost count.
But it's my fault for being so flammable.
For being a wildfire of a being.
For being so desert of feeling.
I just burn and burn and burn.

Writing is very difficult lately. And this is trash.
Originally posted on my tumblr account.
Seanathon 38m

Orion stirs my soul to write
To look into the eyes of the sky and see
To hear the distant howling moon
To reach beyond the silhouetted trees
Until I stand above all this
On either side of the pinnacle roof
Oh yes, like you
I've climbed my whole life to reach this height
To stare back into the stars anew
How you look at him, would look at me?
Orion in the sky so high
Though no man is a burning star
But a constellation
For he is connected to the flickering flame
Which burns for you

With perception ever turning through

Mike D 4h

.                      I'm flying so high...... until
                                                           ­             down    
            Up                             ­                                  doWn  
      Up                                                        ­                     dOWn
Up                                                          ­                                  DOWN!  

                      ­            R                                                    ­  
                              R        R                        ­              H
                           R                A            S         H   H      H            !!
                       C               A           S      H                        HH!  ! !  !!
                C                         A      S             H                                   !!!
                                            AA               ­                     


            Ignorantly I believed the lie.......

.                                    Written - January 20, 2018 'Today'

                                                All rights reserved.

People always talk about being a perfect match
But nobody ever talks about how abruptly matches burn out

There once was a house that sat all alone
With untended shrubs and shattered windows
The walls were lackluster. The rooms were vacant
The ceiling and floors were cracked like the pavement
This house was abandoned; without an owner
And insects and rodents had all taken over

But one fateful night as it was storming
Lightning flickered without fair warning
The house ignited with blazing fire
And burned from within like a funeral pyre
This broken home came tumbling down
And, nothing but ashes covered the ground

Nayana Nair Jan 9

There are trails of stardust
that are possibly tears,
frozen in the cold space.
Frozen despite the sun
and thousand other burning stars.
And I am not sure
if they are yours or mine.

Nayana Nair Jan 9

Our hearts are perpetually
in a time
that flows around us.
And our ghosts pin us to our sins,
while we yearn to be the person
we were a second ago.
Though our heart are
full of ashes and smoke
of loves we have burned with us.
We still hopelessly wish to be with the one
that we have destroyed.
We live in the distance
that no apologies can cover.
A distance
that many suffer
but only few endure.

Lydia Jan 7

I dipped my heart in wax
so it would always stay

what a foolish thing to do

I didn't realize
that you would ever choose
to set it on fire
and watch it melt in your hands

to lose slowly
drift further into
shadows and fade
behind some goodbye
because some return
and never leave
the forgotten face,
an eerie atmosphere
of kept chemistry
thought to defy
time’s condition
a passing of fate
followed by chance
caught between
maybe and what ifs
the last waltz
they must dance
for love has died
years before,
words taste alive
feeding the falsity
to which forever
burns with

Akash Mandal Jan 6

Don't light the fire,
Unless you're willing to burn, as well;
Don't promise heaven,
Unless you've held hands in hell.

Don't feel their face,
Unless you can face their feelings, too;
Don't ask what aches,
Unless you'll be there to see it through.

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