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LC 2d
I'm six feet underground, disoriented.
did I dig the grave, or was I meant for it?
the soil clumps together, stronger than ever
as it presses my chest, never to sever.
as I claw my way up, branches stab like pins.
before long, the deep cuts sear my exposed skin.

my eyes tire, and I rest.
but my rest fails the test.

the soil weighs me down further,
bringing me where demons murmur.
and that is where I now stand,
trapped in a layer of land.
and since making a move burns,
staying gives me what I deserve.
Maja Jul 21
You don't fight
fire with fire

that makes it burn brighter

You don't pour fuel
to the flame

for it to tame

Anger leads to anger
it never leads to good

if a match is lit
don't give the fire

Don't make it hotter

don't fight
fire with fire

use water.
Gabriel Jul 18
The shower floor
is both blistering
and icy. The water
that has pooled
under my thighs
is colder
than the heat
pounding through
the flesh of my back,
right to my spine.

I like existing
between things.
I like loving so hard
that it hurts,
and hating so violently
that I burn
like the shower-fire.

I do not know
how to do things
in anything other
than extremes.
I’m searching for
an ending
in the middle
of a battlefield,
ripping red raw
welts on my hands.

There’s a reason
behind all of this,
but if I ever find it out,
I am sure that I will die
on impact. Like a rocket
falling from the Heavens.
Like we made Man
into God, and were cast
down in Challenger fire.
From a portfolio I wrote in third year of university, titled 'Infestation'.
StormriderIX Jun 28
It is not fire
that burns
          the most.

   It is not anger
of an untold
          story's ghost.

It is the
and the
             which it

Yet without
  our tiny stories
Mark Wanless Jun 27
do not burn the cloak
with me it is beyond the
ken of fay wisdom
Eloisa Jun 20
And we frolicked with our arms entangled
under the stunning gleam of the moonlight.
With the diamond waterfalls as witness,
dreamy as the rainbow,
cascading solace in our thoughts.
We’re out of the gushing downpour.
though we still hear and feel the water.
Exalting how we climbed
the higher and steeper trail
with dangerous cliffs in thousands,
we continued to hold hands.
With even a tiny bit of love but a ton of hope,
we eradicated fear
and let the light come through.
Merging us again into one!
stitching every hidden torn and burn.
Rea May 24
*** it's one step forward, and three steps back
don't even have enough energy to light a candle
but i would like to watch a couple things burn
Dark Dream May 19
my hips Ache
they need to be
over and over
by a body
on me
or riding
a ****
need that
Loosen me up
from behind
or below
Hold me down
Pound it out
then do it
and Again
erase the Ache
replace it
with another
f May 20
the light that flows in and
through you.
i have been chasing magic like this
for so long
i forgot how the flame burns.
The stars are fake,
they are shinning upon the sky
And burning everything that touches their beam.

They desire a sand
and you are the hourglass.
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