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julia 1d
The later it draws,
the dimmer I dawn
Forever a fool
but never your pawn

Rue rashes and rasps
in meticulous song
For when latter leans left,
the blaze barrels on.
give me ugly
use your words to serrate my soul
paint me bad
lacerate your name into my tongue
whatever you do
do it for fun
because the impression
of your touch
burns like the birth of a star
the pressure from the nebula
collapses my lungs
stifle me with my own emotions
burn me to ash
I’m sry i haven’t been interacting with you guys’ stuff. I’ve been really busy and appreciate everyone taking the time to read over my dramatic feelings. This whole account has been so therapeutic and it means a lot to see that some of this stuff resonates or at least piques your interest
Jay M Mar 2019
"You see those scissors over there?"
One whispers,
"Those were meant for you."
It says teasingly,
"Take them, then take yourself."
It orders...

"Don't listen!"
Shouts another,
"You have a family! Friends!"
It tries to reason,
Them shouting back and forth,
Clashing with words,
Fighting with their own poison,
Battling until they are far too wounded to go on,
Hiding until the right moment,
Then repeating all over again.

I tried,
But nothing,
For they couldn't hear me,
But everyone else could.

Not really speaking,
But they do,
Not really there,
But it just makes sense,
Almost like a whisper,
Almost like a call,
Almost like I were a mindless corpse....

Thousands join the two,
Turning a simple argument into a heated war,
A once quiet prison yard,
To a full on riot.

None can hear their cries for help;
None but I.
None know just what I mean;
But that's not the point.

Take that pain,
Put it on the page,
Send it away,
See what it does.

I say send some,
Then burn some.

- Jay M
March 22nd, 2019
I'm alright. Just planning to burn my diary in the fireplace tonight.
Moth Oct 16
burns lay across your skin
fire touched finger tips
from reaching out to the sun
reddened and shiny blisters
peel away from shaking hands
leaving soft skin of innocence
a layer to forgive the fire
from a thoughtless star
you reach again for them
and the cycle continues
dailythoughts Oct 15
the moon burns brighter glaring at me
shamelessly shying away on your name
my only wish
dailythoughts Oct 15
the moon burns brighter
glaring at me
shying away on your name

while I shamelessly
hide in my misery
of your poisoned
pillow talks  


                                                               ­                           the moon sees it all
                                                             ­                           even under my skin
                                                                ­                     even over my pretend
                                                         ­                                     truly wondering
                                                                ­                               how I am doing
I continue to pretend
Spriha Kant Oct 7
To burn like an ember is of no
worth till one doesn't glow like an
Alicia Moore Oct 2
if the sun was to strip away your skin,
would your blood be braided neatly
or a mess of knotted unknown identity?
Meca Oct 1
Your eyes were sweet as coffee,
Warm with endless purity,
Intrigued by your aroma,
Falling deep into coma,
Take a sip or two,
Maybe three will do,
Till it burns my tounge,
Leaving me a mark,
Of your burning love,
Sipped too soon
Mitch Prax Oct 1
I am calm and swell
but also a storm that
will never burn out

8:07 PM
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