Marie 2d

Endorphin's etched in skin
Hands laying regret bare
I don’t do this to burn away
I do this to burn you out

Instead you are made of stone
watching me get singed


Someone said,
never burn a bridge,


I say few bridges are
beyond repair
are meant
to be burnt,
to be swallowed,
by liberating fire, and
to be watched turning to ashes..


there are always,
few other ways,
to cross the waterways,


There is another river,
to be crossed over,
by a bridge,
which is under repair,


Reinforce that other bridge,
Address that ridge,
Work on that bridge,
which abridges
The more important path
eternal union

Few old dilapidated bonds serve no purpose.. reviewed by putting the pieces differently and changing the own perpective.
Sometimes such bonds may be ignored to address other important bonds.
Or simply to liberate...
alyssa tombs Jul 17

you've got fire on your hands
and embers burn on my skin
from your hot touch

Rebel Heart Jul 15

Burn your name onto my skin
For tonight I'm all yours
And when you leave in the morning
I want to carry you with me...
   A solemn reminder
            That not everything
                      You love

The end to another long and simply beautiful poem by RH. It was listed under drafts from a file years ago so I didn't want to publish the full poem but couldn't resist to share this beautiful part of it with all of you. It had no title either and I'm no good with them but I still hope you enjoy it as much as I did ~BM
JAC Jul 13

As an airplane
afraid of being airborne,
I let myself crash
for the opportunity to burn.

It was a bitterly cold night...
I carefully placed my words
close to one another
in hopes, they might huddle for warmth
Then I added a few more on
either end
Wishing the best
for each of them
Exposed in the open,
they stood to shiver
With little protection
from the elements
Snuggling words bumped
letters together
Causing friction,
then ignition
in alliance with the wind
Fire swept over
Entire sentences
Dancing flames licked
and leaped from line to line
Thoughts were rapidly consumed

It was bright and warm for
A moment or two…

© gmw '17

Our thoughts cannot be extinguished once tossed upon the fire.
V Anne Jul 12

I like feeling like danger girl.
I like feeling like a shooting star
blazing across your eyes
and gone in an instant.
I love being the whimsical
day dream of a woman
I had hoped to be when I was twelve
and feeling trapped.
Listless within my own body
yet every nerve ending was electrified
like I was an overcharged battery.

Zip. Zap.
I want to dash across your heart
leaving no bruise or cut
but a stinging burn.
Icy me all you want
but I have already combust.
I live in my own scorched skin.

Zip. Zap.
There’s a ringing in your ears.
The whirl of wind
winding past your head
ruffling your hair
raising goosebumps
yet you cannot shiver.

I like feeling like danger girl.
I like free falling this role.

Josephine R Jul 12

Burn, fire. Burn.
Spread thy blaze upon broken breasts
Of meek men and woeful women.
Cast thy roaring flames into their sore hearts,
For no longer shall they lend submission
To the cold deceits of their perdition.

we all have inner demons, and it's easy to give in to the thoughts they provoke; but ignoring them, or perhaps overcoming them, and going about the day without feeling down about yourself feels like being saved from hell fire... even if only for a little while.

too late
you discover
that it is hot
and burns


do you know how the frog in the pot felt?
postscript - I do now
Zaunite Jul 9

I will ignite
my hands.
With a
on my right,
and my heart
on my left,
Watch me
which will
burn out faster.

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