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Latifah 3d
She’s a leo,
Her strongest element is fire,
Everything she touches, turns into ashes,
Sometimes even herself, she burns.

Earth is her home,
But she lives on the moon,
Where no one else does,
At least now she knows,
She cannot hurt another soul.
Like a cigarette
you sooth my addiction.
the stealthy smooth smoke of you
infiltrates my rib cage
with a subtle burning heat.
But cigarettes don't last long
you will soon burn out
I wish it would have lasted forever.
Iska 4d
You feel like fire to me.
All warm and beautiful
With the ability to
Mesmerizing to behold
As you dance around with a
glittering spark in your eyes
As you always seem to
And entice me to dance with you.
So beautiful in your destruction
With the ability to burn away the darkest of nights.
KMH 7d
This place was a home.
It is poison.

I want to breathe but
The air is toxic and
Your harsh words slice

I want to sleep but
The monsters want to keep
Me awake. It is only me that they

I want to rest my
Weary, aching feet but
The chair, the sofa, the bed-
This house is made of

I want to come home but coming to this place isnt coming home it is like walking into a place i used to know and finding it burnt to ashes and these ashes are **** and coarse not like the fine grey ash of a volcano not like the kind that creates new growth it is toxic it is poison it is toxic it is poison and i just…

I want to come home to a place that is warm and welcoming and gives me peace. I want to rest my mind and heart and soul. I want to feel safe and let myself go. I want to come home.

This place was a home.
It is only poison.
©KMH 2018
The golden flames
Burn and twitch
For she needs to melt
As she is a witch.
Luiz Dec 6
because ******* you riddles me with sin!, but I'll gladly pay the price of burning eternal to see your eyes roll back with pleasure!
c Dec 6
most days
i tend to bottle up my emotions
until the glass
isn't half full
but full and empty

today i am pouring it out
in the form of liquid gold
burning my lips
and biting my tongue for me

am i too strong for you?
you sip slowly now.

the way your soul ignites
tells me not
if it is passion or pain
that you taste on my lips

it seems you care not for the taste either way.
This isn’t about the Sun anymore.
This isn’t about being the Earth anymore.
For once it’s not about being walked on.
It’s not about false hope.
It’s about hurting.

This is about burning.

Not because of the Sun.
But rather, the fact that you blindly followed a torch in the darkness and now—now you are lost.

And no matter how long you stare at the plaster on your ceiling, all of the lines and dots and weird shapes, the map isn’t clear.

You wanted to grab the torch to bring the light closer, to see better.

But you went to far and grabbed the flame.
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