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Walnut trees release spent leaves
Shower me in summertime past.
Miles of unpaved roads-
Aimlessly wandering. Wondering
Sunwriter Sep 2
Last night was amazing, so many great
things were happening

You know when you just won something
and you are filled with pride

that's what I am feeling inside
cause never in my dreams have I ever
been so filled with these emotions

Hit's hard to describe like when
I say this person it all got better

although it's weird cause I have feelings for
for someone else, it's like this new person

has come and made me cair lift this
weight that is causing pain everyday
What do I do
Mark Wanless Aug 31
******* wonder mind
walks the streets at midnight
with a spray can and brush

canvas the world
approval does not matter
they do they boo

hope meaningless
is is is that's all
a condition of existence

a consistent emptiness
to be filled with they
and the earth moves
Norman Crane Aug 16
I told her: I know of such a place,
where the cats all come to die.
I asked her: do you want to see it?
She answered: no.
I told her: it's clean and it's important.
I told her: it's bright and it's first.
I asked her: do you want to see it?
She answered: no.
She said it in such a way
that I had to turn away from her.
Ever since then
I am slowly
approaching the exit.
My translation of Polish poet Marcin Świetlicki's "Swierszcze" ("Crickets")
Gerald Jun 2020
You gave back only a fraction of what I gave. Leaving me to wonder where all the other pieces went.

And I gave you all of me.
Alec Llaneta Aug 10
When a soldier marches, where does his focus go?
Forward? To glory or doom?
His mind filled with stories of honour and pride of wars long ago?

Backward? Of the life, they left behind?
To the wife, the child back home?
The medals to be shown as trinkets or to speak never more?

Have they ever stopped to look around? Of the country, to be or not to be? The mountains, the rivers, the towns and to the sea.
The damage to be caused? The life preserved?

Regardless, the solider marches
Shofi Ahmed Aug 6
I saw a dream
once upon a time.
Don’t know when
but often it seems
as old as time.

Until comes the interpreter
goodness knows
where that’s feet are.
No one was primping
but the meaning shows up
all in all is a mirror.

Oh, when did it all begin?
Now, looking at the mirror
often it makes me wonder,
is there a past or future,
beside an omnipresent like now
truly a full moon picture.
When I die...
Will you visit me sometimes?
Wearing a nice suit,
Would you leave flowers by my name
and say a few words to get through a bad day?
Hera Aug 2
I did my best,
I can't even take a rest
Yet, every single person treats me like a pest,
I guess it's a curse, coz I'm the eldest.
Hi, managed to post a poem today. Indeed, I'm lost :(
Live slowly in youth
Precious time recedes with age
Plaintive as guitar
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