The Lonely Bard Apr 13

How stars hide during the day,
I wonder and I wonder more...
Only one star, our Sun, is there.

How people just move on here,
I wonder why I can not ever...
Only she could & she moved on.

How long will it take for destiny,
I wonder when it will shine...
Only I can wonder, I can only wonder.

My HP Poem #1495
©Atul Kaushal
Ormond Apr 12

Under fish scale skies—breaks the sun,
In myriad eyes, beamed longing across
Stupendous arcs in highest procession,
As we make our way in glittering dream.

Under quilted clouds, in rains we swim,
Wrapped in fibers and whim, a webbing
Embrace and steeples of mind to shim,
As we enter the waters from a shooting.

As child we ask, 'do we return to whence
We came, or do we end, after days, time,
Thru sorrows and bliss and sleep but lent,
Balm for us to bear loss of spent dream'?

Under winking stars and full faced moon,
We sing our songs writing a story loosed
And pray our hands, to a feather will turn,
As we make our way thru glittering dream.

Faith Gabito Apr 5

Sparkling eyes, smiling face

Mini me, a newborn baby

When I had nothing to offer You

Your heart for me was pure and true

Before I could pour my love at Your feet

You had made up Your mind about me

Before You called me faithful servant

With the sound of many waters, You called me daughter

I thought I needed to have it all together

Before I could call Your name

I thought I had to do more, be more

So Your love for me would endure

Hearing Your voice had to be earned

When I stumbled, You were far

Until You showed me who You really are

So close, speaking with a tender heart

Daddy God, always smiling at me

With love never-ending, grace overflowing

Warmth in Your embrace, fire in Your eyes

Not angry when I fall, You are kind

I hear You calling, come rest in who I Am

Over me You sing, there are no strings

I love you for you, not what you do

You take me back, to before our journey began

To before I knew Your name, but You spoke mine

Daughter of the King

Your heart is what I wanted the whole time

Noah Guthrie Apr 4

Some say your pupil enlarges when you see,
Things you love, things you like, you and me.
The forest in your eyes, the mint, the sage,
It’s always searching, writing words on its page.
Why is it that this wonder of green and black,
Expands its darkness when its love is back?

Tamara Lynn Apr 2

The crisp Oregon air fills my lungs
Rain falling onto rooftops sounds like a beating drum
Echoing into the trees
I know that this is where I’m meant to be
New beginnings are in sight
As I’m starting a new chapter of my life
And I can’t help but wonder about all the potential that is there
As I sit and stare into the night

Brent Fisher Apr 2

bold canvas of cold
and sand, poor old lad,
a cad, creature of sun and sand
at slumber, brow bright with wonder,
some kind of god kept rapt with
words and thoughts that lept
out from the dim, a din,
but he held them close,
as they were meant
for only him.

A breath of fresh air,
I wasn't expecting this.
A preference will chance,
based on what your perception  is.

Be the best you life has to offer

After the newness of this new perspective
Clears like a fog in the mountain pass
What will you want then?
Soon after the end of this or that?

I wonder...

Where will you stand?
And have you since realized the value stored within?
So much so that it might make you want to go back?

Just passing through?
samantha neal Mar 30

I'm lost in the city
But I'm taking my time
The streets keep talking to me
They're asking how everyone can spend so much time looking down and straight ahead
When a whole world grows rapidly above them

Buildings grow into the stars
A new styled solar system
They dance among the clouds
Wisping fluffs of greys and whites
When I look, I know that I want to be where it all connects

I am gliding down hills
I am fumbling through crosswalks
I am slipping past street signs
because I can't keep my feet on the ground and my head from that new world

joyce knee Mar 29

In trying to pick out a pattern in chaos,
I found neither symmetry nor direction.
It just was- and that's all it needed to be,
Speculation free.

No rhythm, no purpose, no agenda.
Just pure chaotic goodness straight from a sourceless chasm

To even attempt to decipher the endless web of desires,
of sorrows, or fleeting wonder- is to attempt to unravel the spider's web by speaking it. It is to sing down the moon.
It cannot be done- but there is no harm in trying.

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