Clever little movement
I see you as myself
but then again
I'm just a child
but then with in
I'm just the same.
I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
To have settled roots,
that hold you steady.
To have grown so high,
and progressed so much.

I wonder what  it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Having to bend and lean
with the comings of the wind.
Having to feel parts of you

I wonder what it's like
to be a tree in a storm.
Everything could be taken
with a single bolt of passion.
Or to have to be on edge
for the hurricane season.

I live the life
of a tree in the storm.
But, I must say, it's worth it all
just for the thrill of the fall.
Storm came by and, well, the fall was fun.
Alexander of Macedonia this time
won’t U-turn from the might Gangaridai.
At the bubbling edge in the Indian subcontinent,
one would dare, taking his last plunge,
believing it here the proverbial Well of Life!

Yet Al Khwarizmi will discover the algebra,
drawing from ‘nothing,’ purely untouchable:
The Zero from the Indian pole.
Not a digit, not a number on its own, yet it’s all.
Every number jumps up in the zero loophole!
Then the whole number bows down into decimals,
escalating the hunts of the 1.618 golden ratios.

Plough through at your own pace
for the uncharted water, for ab-e-hayath.
Sip in a drop of elixir in this secured zone.
Sylhet is in the core, is written in stone.

What do these mean? I too wonder
down the line, I was intrigued by the Arab
and Indian tectonic plates’ slow dance.
Both rolled out, hugging each other
Then the Makkan soil lying at the heart of earth
gets exposed, with Sylhet’s soil it pairs up!
360 Sufi dynamos, mathematically a perfect circle,
find the match giving a perfect heads up
laid on the nine yard show the whole box of wax,
simply inking the vivo jump on the storylines.

What’s under the tectonic-rug at the bottom of the earth?
Shush softly, whisper—the heavens might hear it out!
Hold on to the least bit, it could be all one wants.
The earth, the ocean, all started with a drop of water!
Let alone any well, which way did this original matter,
the first, primeval drop of water stream down
Has this alleyway been exposed here, or in Paradise?
Then how can we say we don't have a secret for Paradise?
Sylhet is regarded as the spiritual capital of Bangladesh.
It's fine to look back to see how
far you have come. Don't
dwell, the past should
stay behind you.
Don't lost in what could have be. Focus on what shall be.
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the clock

the seconds
through my

and my
of you

they float
and flutter

where there
is no space
or time.

an untapped
of existential

that i wish
i could hold
Let the clouds invade the sky,
As my mind takes me to another land.
Today, I feel so high.

There is no reason to be shy,
For the wind is my oldest friend.
Let the clouds invade the sky.

I feel so dreamy; I wonder why,
So many notes and letters to send.
Today, I feel so high.

I sit at the window as the heavens cry,
The tears that seem to have no end.
Let the clouds invade the sky.

I don't want it to stop; I will not lie,
But, everything must come to an end.
Let the clouds invade the sky.
Today, I feel so high.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
I think you will be able to figure out what it is the moment you read it. Happy reading!
On one hand, I can see my goals clearly, vividly & at the same time I have a concrete plan in mind I will execute upon.

Everything is crystal clear & beautiful.

On the other hand:
     1) All of this is BULLSHIT
     2) The Government is WATCHING US
     3) People don't WANT YOU TO WIN

I wonder.
2 perspectives to take in.
Emba Aug 4
I toss fragments of my heart
to strangers
and as I walk away
leaving footprints in the sand
paced to the rhythm of my songs
I wonder if they listen
as pieces of music reach out
to them
or if all they see
is a sunlit dream
If you want to know someone ask them what their favourite song is.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 4
Truth is big
it's imminent.
Little is in the know.

I wonder though
what if we knew it a lot
will we not die no more?

Pondering me
ended up on the water.
There was land no more
or this colossal ocean
at the end of the earth
is its backdrop who knows?

If this little soil earth
yet can stand in the midst
of the giant ocean.
Why wouldn't it
a life's bottomless backdrop
billow up at the fast
momentary death's swoop?
(Thus propelling it into its
deathless eternal portion.)
lX0st Aug 3
I wonder what it’s like
To never worry about
What I’m like
To feel free
To just be
I wonder what it’s like
I wonder
I wonder
Overthinking is a disease.
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