What is love?
Can we touch it?
Can we see it?
Can we smell it?
Can we taste it?
Can we hear it?
We can, but we don't know it.
Do you know what it is like to touch love?
Or what it looks like?
Or what it smells like?
Or tastes like?
Or sounds like?
Dwarfed by concrete and steel, I struggle to
catch, to grasp that which has been stolen by
swift phantom hands and soft dying light who
whisper, caress, remind. They draw my eye
to the setting sun, the dying fire,
the phoenix’s last embers burning out.
The day’s enchantment will soon expire.
Lips drawn down, brows furrowing in a pout.
The same spectral breezes tug on my shirt,
Pull me towards the tracks that lead me home.
Night sweeps across the sky in silken skirts,
richly colored, bejewelled with precious stones.
I must hurry. Must leave promptly, before
Night regresses into a tawdry whore.
maya 3d
Your shapes are my colors,
and you don't understand,
Your eyes send me wonders,
Like a robot, I have you scanned.

Your voice booms like thunder,
You have everything pre-planned,
You sing like my mother,
So beautiful and grand.

I love you like no other,
Follow and take my hand,
I swear I'll show you colors,
As your shapes will understand.
You swirl around,
as you make your way
to the ground
Never come back as same one
But together you become one,
as you gently cover the land
Light up the entire field, the entire hill,
the whole forest and
freeze the entire ocean
Even the trees try catch you to stay,
they don't want to be left astray
Your beauty is unique,
but it's not only your physique

You choose where you fall
Then some would never witness your sight,
but in the depths of their mind they just might

You are the inspiration for our dreams,
This creation of nature,
so perfect with all its imperfections
The nutrition for our hopes

You bring warmth in the midst of cold,
So soft, yet so bold
So tiny, yet together so huge

You are Snowflake.
One day i looked out the window and watched how a single snowflake makes it's way to the ground. I imagined being that snowflake, the things i would experience..
Sometimes i look up at the sky
and wonder  if a piece of it
is the deep blue of my eye

a pledge promised to Earth
They'll  take me back, there's no need
for 'goodbye'

i wonder what the dead are doing
i wonder if they can hear my thoughts
Do the clouds swallow it up like sun
or does it drift above my head?

Are the stars, stars?
or fractions of soul
shining through the gaps
to lighten my way

at night, Angels put up show
us humans call it  'dreaming'
Is that the image of Heaven
or my own imagination?
It could be the very real creation

i wonder what the dead are doing
i wonder if they even know
they're dead.
japheth 5d
here i am
at this moment,
willing to give
my heart again
so carelessly
without knowing
if the hands
that’ll hold it
mend it.
havent been able to write often lately. i’m in a happy place at the moment and would like to write about it soon.
cxx m 7d
The question is; can you let someone go and still love them?
what is happening

has the earth fallen
off its rotation
leaning on the edge
of oblivion

has the sun died
burnt out
like an exhausted
light bulb

has the moon imploded
fallen to dust

I realize not

and yet

the world seems askew
out of sync

I can't find an answer
it's out of reach
beyond an eternity

my mind can't fathom
can't comprehend

my thoughts are confined
within this realm

and so
it continues

the earth spins
the sun shines
the moon exists

and I wonder
Such an earthly being, noticing the frozen outside those
graves, no one to help cure, no poet for comfort, as for
myself, a mere echo, the afternoon, golden vast, peering
up, for I’m too used for angst and grief, oh reality, it is
tiring engaging with those emotions. Sigh. Flowers with
frozen dew on top, effort none, lost beauty, source mixing
well, intertwined with mystery, grips and holding onto,
loss of time is a loss of life, potential and so forth, I’m
holding a faithful longing, that things will brighten, matching
that sun that rises daily. Enlarged silence. For my inner
world does not match the outside, neither in the vice versa.
Wonder if I shall quit?  
(knowledge variable)
April Jean May 19
You'd think I'd learn by now, that feeling only kill.

You'd think learn by now,
that you don't want me. Not even a little.....

Or maybe you do. I tell myself that I'm insane, that it's never mean't to be, but try telling that to my crazy heart, when your lips are on me... You'd think I'd learn to move on, even after it all, but I don't. I still picture us, your hands on my hips, lips moving on lips, the secrecy and my fall...

But it's not mean't to be. You'd think I'd learn to stop hoping, to understand that your just leading me on... But I don't get it. I don't get that we'd be wrong. Though bitter sweet thought's rush in my head, I still haven't learn't, that you want her instead.

You'd think I'd learn, That we couldn't love, at least not you to me, and that it's wrong to even dream, but I don't learn....
Either I'll figure it out some day, or I won't, but not in a million quotes, are we mean't to be, because as it seems, you haven't learned to love me...
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