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There's something about you
that is mega lovely,
super splendid cuddly;
many many adjectives
they do
in my head
when we walk
in hand.
At times, I wonder
if my face flashes
in front of your eyes
when you see them,
there, laughing with
their stomachs aching.
At times, I wonder
if I ever interrupt
your train of thoughts,
like the silent touch
of the cool breeze
On a hot sunny day.
At times, I wonder
if you too have a picture
on the frame of your mind,
of us, sitting
by the window sill
watching the rain drops
race down the window pane,
with a cup of hot-brewed coffee
clutched in our hands.
At times, I wonder
if you too think of me
while I'm thinking of you;
if your fingers itch
to dial my number
if your ears go numb
to hear my voice
if you ever crave
for my presence
Like I crave for yours?
As my mind wonders into the abyss of space and time
Trance like states blow my mind
These distant places
Different faces
Terrifying for some
Magical for others
But they try to judge
Be abit more like your mother
A kind hearted person
Nature can see
What's the problem it's up to me
A poem about judgement and how we should accept other people's decisions and actions. People change all the time
When I was younger wild and free
I used to see things so differently
The way I saw things was not like it is now
I think they made me dumbed down Some how
If you seek further you might be able to find
That magnificent place inside your mind.
Back to that place where you were before
Walking back in as if it was a door
It's a choice of your own noone elses
It's not about money and being the wealthiest
A poem about reminiscing and remembering what your mind state used to to be like
i miss the way
you used to look at me
i miss the way
you would talk to me
i wonder if
you wish like i do
i wonder who
i was to you.
Ormond 7d
Waters waltz land dancing,
Dragon flies flutter a buzz,
Cat-o'-nines torching tales,
Where beavers are logging
Time with fresh water fish
Who breach as they mouth,
Fly catching in a casted sea,
Mossy and bogged with peat,
And the colours, mottled, fey,
Brindled, brim, know they say,
There are lessons, hear stillness,
Punctuations in the spry singings
Of the never tardy larks, windrous
Riddles ripe rushing through reeds.
Grey 7d
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "Why do you bring death?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason misfortune is your burden to bear"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must you taste blood?"
Vulture looked at Crow
Said, "For the reason your eyes catch the sunlight"
Crow looked at Vulture
Asked, "And why must we remain this way?"
Vulture looked at Crow
And he looked at Crow
And Crow looked back
And Vulture said, "We have known nothing more"
And Crow looked back
"Then we must learn"
"Then we must learn"
sky Oct 10
Sometimes I wonder
what it would feel like
to have the warmth touch my skin
and drip off.
Cat Lynn Oct 6
I scream when I get what I don't want...
        ­                                but then I cry because I know need it...

Just because I want something... doesn't mean I need it

and just because I there's something I don't want to happen or gain... doesn't mean I don't need it...

                                       *Such a Conflict
Scream, Cry, Want, Need... What more can I say?
SC Kelley Oct 5
Why is it that when I start to feel alive,
It feels like the wrong thing to do?

Why is it that I am convinced that I don't deserve the greatness I'm gifted?

Why is it that the warmth I feel is always quickly faded and frozen?

Why is it that when it feels like the final victory, the war is just beginning?

Why is it that I am secretly the monster I swore to despise?

~S.C. Kelley
When will my soul be freed?
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