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Lunar 4d
On days like these,
It isn't distance that
Keeps you away from me,
But time.
As I look at your life
Through images
And hear your voice
Through recordings,
I can't help but think
If you're real
In this world with me.
Three hours isn't that far ahead,
But slowly waiting for time
Is quickly making me miss you
Much more than I thought.
Hello, again.
For a "hello" that never have the answer.
How's your day this monday?
I hope you are good.

Monday, Oct 2020
I was wondering everyday
why i have this feeling?
am i feel lost my way?
am i just feel empty so that's why i feel you around me?
do you know?
It's not my first,second or even third times for me,
trying to moving on.
I almost there..
But it's always end up getting back to you.
When i feel there's something wrong with a people who trying to closer to me, i feel like i dont need them.
There's a voice always remind me to "waiting you"
That's why i promise myself i only keep my feeling for you, even i don't know what the answer.
let's falling in love one more time?
i keep telling myself.

every single **** day of my life since 3 years ago.
i really i want to let you go..
honestly, i really want
but why when i start to letting you go.
i failed, i failed, failed again.
it's keep repeating almost 3 years now.
can you imagine how the **** i keep my feeling on you for the whole 3 years?
can you imagine how i crying for 3 years?
can you imagine how i always tell myself that you are no longer mine?

let's comeback, let's falling in love again.
please don't hurt me more.
can you say "Hey" one day?
No one indispensable
If someone
a nuisance
Care a hang
Forget to remember
Let alone
Miss them
Eight years ago I met her,
A lean girl with long hair.
She was calm like an ocean asleep,
In her smile, we see the faith's leap.

I miss the days we were together,
I spent my nights in lonely sobs
Repeating that you're now long gone.
I still wake up, hoping for your calls,
I still wait for your knock behind the walls.
My heart shatters all doors towards you,
Thinking you'll turn around
Reluctant to knock.

I yearn for another chance,
Another night and another dance.
I regret the day I let you go,
My arms crave to hold you close.
I know you aren't to come around
But my heart keeps hope nevertheless.
I miss her and I crave for one last moment with her. Holding her hands.
Alice Oct 15
you look at me
the last sunset of
my hometown
sweet and sad
full of
Today mama am signing off
In this suite and am ever gorgeous
Am emotional that I made you proud and ever pompous
You raised me with value and to never show off
But rather to strive and always grow up
I wish father was here to gaze at his face ever joyous
I am through but yet I  forever move forth
I love you mama though I've never spoke thus
Just graduated from the university officially and making my mama proud
Now I have yo move on to the next stage
Amanda Hawk Oct 15
Doodling out the hours
And minutes
Become tiny emojis
Criss-cross, half-finished
Tic tac toe games
And I feel lost
Each box a reminder
Of these quarantine
Afternoons, and your name
Is always on my lips
Along with the words
I miss you
one of my favorite hobbies-doodling
دema Oct 13
my body
misses you
more than it can handle
the pain of the withdrawal.
Nica Monet Oct 13
Your presence ignites a spark
that you may not see
like a matchstick whose capable
of starting a fire in me

In your absence,
continues an ordinary day
until when you’re around do i display
a sense of enthusiasm
in the air
an energy only found
in your presence
when you are here.
for people who misses somebody.
Do you remember that Cold night of December ?

When I was close to you
Wanting you to hold me in your warm embrace,

When I was afraid of the dark
Wished you paved the path with light

When I poured my heart
And you just pushed me apart

When I was weak
But you acted as a wreak

When I wished for you to be there
But you slowly faded away to nowhere

When you accused me of something I didn't do,
Just so that you had a reason to go and showed me your real hue

Then why in that Cold Night Of December you met me,
When all you wanted was to break me ?
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