I’ve started to hate those eyes of yours,
And how they see through me.
Even after all these years,
I don’t even know if it’s five, four or three.

My night rest is haunted by your laugh,
The bed in which I sleep is no longer safe.
Meeting you has cut my life in half.
You left me to die, now I am a waif.

I live just a street away,
Yet you were never reachable.
How can your heart be so gray,
And act completely unimpeachable?

Through the years I’ve been on this Earth,
I have learned one thing.
Love is a birth, but what is it worth?
Love is a throne for only one King…

What is love?
Love is knowing it won't last
What is love?
Love is dreading each day without her.
What is love?
Love is suffocating on the familiar scent of her perfume.
What is love?
Love is crying yourself to sleep every excruciating night without her
What is love?
Love  is listening to the same song over and over again because it was our song.
What is love?
Love is wondering if she even cared at all.
What is love?
Love is trying not to fall apart even though there is nothing left to hold onto.
What is love?
I don't know, but I know she is the love of my life but she will never be mine again.

Mims 3d

Do you ever miss me?
I already know the answer,

You were the flame I never reconnected with,
After I got healthy
Which is unlike me.

I wonder if you ever see a vinyl record and remember that summer,
Or a new star wars movie comes out,
And it reminds you of my shelf of books about the expanded universe
that one book were they wrote Han COMPLETELY wrong. I would never shut up about that

Or if it's cold,
Or there's snow,

Do you ever think about me?
Do you ever wonder what we could've been,

Had we both been healthy?

I get things that remind me of you too,
Like how I feel at the end of a long exhausting day. And I write this romantically, I always do, but was it really?
Bryan 4d

When your patience wears short,
And the day seems too long...
When the night's first report
Sings a disappointing song...
You'll want to leave your ship of port,
And I'll remind you:
You are wrong.

Fickle be the weather,
For though the wind seems too strong,
Save your vigil for the sunrise
And don't believe that I am gone,
Because I'm here, and I will tell you,
Stay your sails,
For you are wrong.

It is a difficult decision,
Without crew to spur you on,
To depart on frigid waters
And ignore the siren's song.
You may fear that I'm not with you.
You may feel that I don't miss you.
...but here's my only issue:
You are wrong,
You are wrong!

Maybe one day youll finally see me.
See me for the starry eyed, still-believes-in-magic type of girl ive always been.
The girl whos 21 and scared of thunder.
The girl who cries in the dark because its like nothing can reach her.
The girl who just wants to love.
To be loved.

Maybe youll finally see me as the girl who gave you her all.
The one who held you when you cried, screamed, and tortured yourself.

Maybe one day youll finally see
That im still helplessly in love with you

Lucy 6d

I’m broken up about my thoughts never being spoken  

I hold onto those words, my eyes have barely opened

My thoughts are consumed of memorizes we use to share

But now I must strip them off, I’m bare

In the shower I let the scalding water, drop by drop run down my skin

Afraid that I made a mistake by letting you back in

I have bruises, tenderness surrounding my heart

I’m having cold feet, I should have known from the start

That you would create this electric shock passing through my veins

I feel as if we will never really be the same

I scrub off the smell of your cologne from my pours

Just the feeling of your plump lips leaves me sore

I try to wash off the feeling of your finger tips from my scalp with shampoo

But this routine will inevitably bring me back to you

Because I love your touch, your lips, your smell

But that’s a secret I’ll keep from you, will never tell

I’ll count the days until I’m back under your blue satin sheets

But for now I’m left with the mental pictures I keep

Wejdan 6d

Like a person who got blind
everything slowly fades away
in my dreams

I could never forget the way you stared at me, and I'll always feel suffocated when I hear you in the breeze.

Do you know me at all?
Do you know what I've seen,
Where my mind goes when it drifts off?
Off, off, off
Until it falls right off the Earth.
Favorite song,
The one I sing to break my heart
Over and over again.
Favorite movie,
That always excites my personality.
Favorite book,
That always leaves me inspired and craving life.
What brings tears to my eyes?
What gives me the warm, fuzzy feelings.
Am I just a toy to you?
New and shiny, for the moment?
Until I'm thrown into a corner.
With all of your discarded things,
thought, and feelings.
Left to collect your dust.

I hope that you see a picture of me smiling and you remember how I used to laugh at everything that you would say and then you ask why I was laughing and I was blush and say “no I’m just coughing”. Then, I hope that you go into my favorite restaurant and you order a cheeseburger and the girl at the counter ask you if you want onions on that and you remember how I wouldn’t eat a cheeseburger unless it had chopped up onions on it. I hope you see me in general and you miss the way my small soft lips would kiss your lips and how I would comb through your hair with my fingers and stroke my hand along your cheek and make up stories with my breath that always tasted coffee and my lips that always tasted like vanilla and you will miss me. You will feel it in your bones and it will make you shiver. It will mess you up on the inside and make you toss and turn in the middle of the night because you will realize that I didn’t lose you. You lost me.

Olympia Oct 15

im sorry
i miss you
i cant understand why

i ripped you
from the wires
you connected to me
you screamed and died
right there on the basement floor

im sorry
i miss you
i dont undertand why

you didnt speak
you didnt say
anything bad about me
and im struggling to see why
after all this time

im sorry
i miss you
i wont understand why

we broke like glass
we tore perfectly
like a wind tearing down sails
in the fierce storm
in the midst of hell
that i caused

im sorry
i miss you
you will never understand why
i will never understand why

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