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Brett Jun 5
I remember cooking for two. Last Sunday afternoon,
the stove light hit the fritz. Same bulb I ******* in the night before you called it quits.
By Tuesday, the burner I simmered onions on
had begun to rust away.
Wet metal tears,
as I sacrificed the dish we loved to the microwave.
Round and round it went. Watching, as the plastic peeled and bent;
remember treating you with the same contempt.
Left with soggy slop and goo; starved for love,
I eat my heart out with a spoon.
Love is food we blindly consume.
daphne May 27
bereft of emotions
a dull thud in her chest
dearly missing someone
she hasn't even met
is that what they call
loneliness now?
Luisa C May 3
my heart has learnt to move to the rhythm of your touch
your fingers wave the spell, and it starts to dance
sweeps across my skin, and it slips into a trance
it has memorised the steps, and remains mesmerised
even now, long after the puppet strings have been cut,
still it sways to the memory of our dance,
any song sending it flying, mystified.
forgive its foolishness;
it is too familiar, it is too
easily reminded.
Raven Feels Apr 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some dreams can keep you thinking for a billion years:--)

the pure turquoise shivers diamonds down my spine

torture to the power I stand naked in line

endgame towards that brown

cluster mind surrounds that shrieking sound

to her to him undeniably I **** that escape for no more

a huge leftover on my soured piano box in a vein core

a question I ponder concerning my slate

am I even ready to lead the way of knows on this plate???

or even a remember of that cursed undestined for them for us to be

a far away excluded fate

why did you leave me?
we had so much to do
yet you still left
like you had nothing to lose
i miss you so much
Raven Feels Apr 20
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, somethings I just couldn't stop writing about:)

steps echoed down the stairs bringing a wild relief to his blare

approach of silence to regret the resilience

of an unspoken battle of illicit stares in defiance

embrace of warmth heartens the overdosing serenity

hold of love for the first time in months

bringing safe havens to my desperate soul magnificently

Raven Feels Apr 19
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, dreaming is my official drug;}

some wound some abuse came to an ache a demand

things I wont suppose an understand

ought for them to ****

brought to me bruised with arms no one to fill

why does it make me mad

quickly to the rush if your eyes I hand

corner stances of broken promises landing to your palm

scratches I seem to beg my lips to kiss to calm

I hate to admit it but

I got it bad to that devilish sword

whispers of magic into my mind taste of words

cutting my limbs in crap

drowning my heavens in a trap

cause maybe then I dream

on the moment unpast unseen

think your feels would come to me

horror of a real I disbelieve

or not come to the sleeping nights I don't need

or not embrace the lots adore me in free

fly my stars to a miraculous scene

so resented so loved

yet so hard to redeem

miniyollo Apr 16
Every day I try running away from you,

but that pulls me to the fake promises u made days back.

Every day I try to find a reason to hate you,

But you make me fall more.

Every night when the silence wails,

I miss your voice.

Every night when the cold creeps in,

I miss the warmth you were to me.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t search for you.

Not a day goes by

When I didn’t want you to go.

The clock stops

Brings me back to you

The heart races

I just miss the me I was with you.

You said you left me and goodbye,

But I never accepted it,

I tell the others that I want answers

But all I want is your arms.

I didn’t know I was in love,

But now that there’s no you,

It gets harder to bleed for a void.

I was ready to cross the ocean,

but u saw me drown in it,

you didn't have to say it back,

because I knew you would never love me.

but you lied,

and let me choke in the Lala land I was building for us.
Carmen Jane Apr 16
We both built brick walls in front of us
From time to time we push one brick out
To see the other, but we always miss
We never look in the right place...
Raven Feels Apr 14
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, God brings into your life the people that you need-- then takes them away when no longer needed but rather wanted--so aching to realize a life savior after years:]

Dana Dana

she child she friend

tanned with a brown horizon skirting

down her face down her drowns curling

from the first rays from the kid days

brought to her no she brought to me

above from the heavenly skies below from the wild seas

off the chain not ought for a long stance for a remain

yet that year that she guided her love to me

things I never thought a life saving would be

a miraculous human when no one cared in miserable matters

a lucky charm when the whole bracelet was scattered

now not in the place to stay she been destined to leave

yet I wish I told her how much she meant how much I feel

hearts ache when the Disney twinkling stars she visits

in the nights so pure so nice memories trail they miss it

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