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There will always
Be a space
In my mind
For when loving you
was the only thing
I could think about.
I just can't believe my eyes,
In my front is an alluring lass.
With pitch-black hair and radiant smile.
With silky skin and warm vibes.
With a soft embrace and skinny thighs.
With pink lips that kisses like a sun rays,
which blows all the cold night's haze.
I am missing your warm hugs and kisses
We keep going back and forth
I am tired of playing tennis
Tell me if you really want this

I can’t keep putting you first
I wish we had the same thirst
I am tired of being third

How long will we play
Before one of us flees
Because someone always leaves

This time I don’t want to go
I don’t ever want to be your foe
I want to stay with you  

You have your walls high
Never giving too much
That’s why we’re out of touch

Out of sight but not out of mind
You know I wish you were mine
And not someone else’s dime

Your heart has space for one
I know she’s the one for you
I wish that could be undone

It is never the right time for us
I wish I could trust and not fuss
But I know this is all superfluous

If you ever love again
I want to be her
I hope this waiting isn’t in vain.
I know you loved her deeply, I wish you could love in the same way. I tell myself that I won't make a fool of myself, but my heart only beats for you.
How many more overnights
will there be of replays
playing memories, at 5am
knowing **** well I have
work in the morning?
Love disease
mo Jun 3
why do i still feel that hanging sadness
from when night falls on our shoulders to coax a "bid farewell"?
a lingering steal-of-thought that cross-stitches
itself in daydream

if i could stretch sunsets
i'd bleed them dry
'til we got tired of purple clouds and orange skies...
id sit through them with you
if only to hold your hand a little longer
before home called back a final time
i wish i didnt have to go home every time i saw u
My Dear Poet May 29
The Big Bear and Little Mouse were what you call  ‘Best of Friends’.
When Little Mouse would trip, Big Bear would giggle, pick him up and gently place him back on track.

When Little Mouse would fall, Big Bear would laugh, carefully lift him up, dust him off, and patiently put him back on the path.

One day, Little Mouse got stuck trying to get some cheese. Big Bear, thought it was hilarious. He pulled him out. Licked his sore. Gave him a pat and set him down to eat.

Big Bear and Little Mouse were the best of friends. Till one day, Little Mouse was sick and tired of Big Bear always laughing at him.

And left.
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