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Greta Jun 10
I’m done with you. I’m done with the idyllic stories
we used to create
and I’m done trusting in the allegories
of our wretched fate. I’m just over it.
Still, I use our picture as a talisman.
I bring you with me just in case I need somewhere
to belong, once in a while. Cause you built a house
in my pocket, a playground in my heart, in return
I exiled you from home. I’m sorry I did it.
But I knew my insides were starting
to grow all around you, and I didn’t want you
to suffocate.
I’m done with you,
but your picture is still my talisman.
Eve Apr 23
Is it weird to miss a feeling that you're not sure even existed?

Madeleine Mar 3
I feel like not remembering
Your lips on mine
Is a beautiful thing
For I yearn to come back for more
Making every kiss special
Since I only remember
When in the moment
Jammit Janet Dec 2021
I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
I miss you so much
It makes me feel as fragile as a tissue

That would tear from the weight of my tears
That shed the pain of my love
And release my deepest fears

That allow the ability
To persevere.
The sun that kiss
The sky that miss
The wind that blows
The way you do
The world we live
And all I love
The smile you do
My heart that beats
And flows on you
Indonesia, 9th December 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Nigdaw Nov 2021
my daughter
left a bath bomb
on the windowsill
of our bathroom
it looks like the moon
has crashed to earth
breaking into pieces
I watch it disintegrate
in the moisture in the air
every day more and more
and as I watch
I miss her
It’s 2am and I’m wide awake,
I can’t stop thinking about what you said
Our past memories keep overwhelming me,
I ask myself: why didn’t I realise how much you meant to me?

Tears start rolling down my cheek,
I feel so guilty, so small and weak  
“Why couldn’t I just accept your love and stay?”,
This question has been haunting me everyday

I scroll through our past messages tentatively,
Realising how you had waited for me so patiently
Even after numerous night falls,
Why didn’t I ever give you a call?

I realised that maybe I was too selfish,
You were just right there- why didn’t I cherish?
“I will be here for you” was what you said,
Why didn’t I ever say this to you instead?

A crushing sensation pierces through my heart,
It seems as if my entire world is falling apart
“I deserve this, you went through this too”,
I will willingly suffer pain and sorrow just for you

It is selfish for me to say that I want you back,
I have always loved you- it just took time for me to realise that
It’s too late, you seem to have already moved on;
What else can I do, but to pretend to put on a strong front?

It’s too late, maybe your heart is somewhere else
You didn’t wish me on my birthday- I can infer from it by myself
We both made mistakes, but you tried to make up for it;
I did too, but maybe, I was the cause of our second split

You’ll never read this, but I want you to know,
I have always had feelings for you- it just didn’t show
I have always been terrible at texting and directly expressing my feelings;
My ‘pococurante’ over messages might have been what was misleading

There are so many things that I want to tell you,
One of it is that it takes a lot not to call you
If me contacting you brings you pain in any way,
Even if it means suffering on my own- I won’t do so; I’ll act like everything is okay

You are the kindest, most selfless and sweetest guy I know,  
Don’t let my mistakes affect you and become your shadow
You bring a ray of light and comfort to the people around you,
I hope one day, you’ll find someone who is like this too

“We’ll see what happens four years down the road” was what you said,
Four years have passed- what have we become instead?
From being friends, to lovers, to friends, back to being strangers;
Will this cycle repeat? Or is it too late for us

Every time I walk past you or see you from afar,
My heart beats crazily fast, it just adds on to my scars
It’s too late for me to apologise and reconcile, isn’t it,
My finger hovers above the ‘send’ button… should I click?

The longest poem I've ever written 👀😳😯
Thewallflowerguy Nov 2021
Let me cry an ice cream tub full of tears
Let me know what is it like to feel your pain
Let me feel your absence from my arms as we walk
Hurt me

Let me miss you calling me weird insults, lovingly
Let me miss your voice suddenly going high as you say something sweet
Let me feel the wave of missing you upon catching your scent
Hurt me

Let me miss the wave of small breaths you take when you laugh
Let me miss your akwardness when someone compliments you
Hurt me

Let me miss your spontaneous energetic dancing
Let me miss your breath on my face as we get close
Hurt me

Let me miss your taste after freshly applying lip balm
Let me miss the feeling of your fingers running through my hair as I lay on your lap
Hurt me

Let me miss the smile I get upon seeing your name on my phone
Hurt me

Let me miss our moments interspersed
Hurt me

Let me know the feeling of being
alone again
Hurt me
Hurt me
To the person who says she doesn't want to hurt me but I'm ready for the pain
Maria Etre Nov 2021
Putting pen to paper
                              serenades my nerves
and carefully
                              caresses my insecurities
to make me mindfully
                              and mindlessly
every dent
the words put
in my chapter
Snipes Oct 2021
I’m a valentine’s mistake
That’s a tough break
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