what lies beyond
those painless skies?
what lies beyond
your eyes and sea?
who knows how wrong
your heart could be?
my love,

what if your head
is just confused?
don't let this dream
lead to the wrong
or all you've done
would be to gone,
my love...

easily, you fall, dear.
hold your heart with care.
being young,
dreams are everywhere.
my dear, for it is painful,
to see you run and stray..but
your heart was with your dreams

nothing i say
will stop you now.
the beat of drums,
they sing and call
your fantasies,
you chase and fall,
my love...

go and live your dreams.
in your heart, i'll be.
through the earth and sea,
someday, you will see...

my love.
a word of advice to everyone..my loves.
choose your dreams with care.
Who am I
Who am I
I can’t find
I can’t find
Peace of mind
Peace of mind
Do or die
Do or die
You decide
You decide
Tell me are you
Down to ride
Down to ride
Tell me are you
Down for life
Down for life
I swear that I
Need you by
My side
I swear that I
Don’t think
I can hide
From all of these
Raging in my mind
Won’t somebody
Show me
Where to find
The Light
Ashton 1d
I get jealous
I get upset
I get insecure

I'm sensitive
I'm anxious
I'm impulsive

I do quixotic things
I don't always think
sometimes I get caught up in my thoughts
but I'm still
                     all in

I want you
I want us
I want to fall asleep in your arms
I want to listen to you
to take you out
to travel with you
to love you
to be in love
                      with you

I can be overprotective
too aggressive
too sensitive

I can be cheesy
and romantic
and helplessly in love

I want you
and you see the good and the bad
and that's what gets me
that's what makes me fall so deeply in love
                                                         y o u
mint 1d
im so sorry
i miss you so much
i didnt mean to miss you this much
but i dont know how to fucking

like the sky & sea
somewhere again, our eyes will meet
like the waves & sand
in another world, our hands will intertwine

like the moon & sun
you're disappearing but still in my heart
like the night & stars
stuck in my head at all hours

like the raindrops & rainbows
bittersweet memories i'll remember those
like the thunder & lightning
the nights will make me feel like dying.
I think there is closure in saying that I deeply miss this woman every day

Every cycle
Every minute of the day
It's just her that flows in my mind

I miss this one deeply
And I'm willing to wait an eternity for her to find her way back

I miss my country girl
I’ve saved a spot in my heart for you.
If you’re ever lost and need a warm home.
This spot is everlasting.
Throughout the years to come
and all the potential lovers I will roam.
A piece of me,
to call your very own.
Geanna 2d
Have you ever missed something so much,
It actually starts to hurt?

I miss the beautiful artwork I would create
on my body, the old ones are still there
But I want to create new ones

I miss painting the lovely color of
Dark red on my light brown skin
I miss the after look,
To see how far i've gone
I see the old ones and admire them
While others see them with such sad eyes

They don't understand
I don't expect them to
If only I can do it again
And again
  And again
    And again

To never get tired of it
My lovely artwork
My lovely scars
       My lovely blades
Oh I miss you so
~ G.P.O
Ashton 3d
I trusted you
you let me believe I was wanted
you let me believe I could be myself
that some place in this world was still full of good
but that was just a quixotic fantasy

I was so quickly thrown out
you didn't consult anyone
not me
or my parents
or my therapist
or my school
or my friends
or anyone relating to me in any way at all
you decided how I was doing

You told me my recovery wasn't going well
maybe you don't want me because of the shame
that you messed up last summer
that you let people say things
you let people spread rumors
you let me slip out of your care

it's not all your fault
this isn't all on you
but you had the power in your hands
you got to decide
not me
I had no input
and you disappointed me

You say this is just what's best for me
but if you knew me at all
you would know that that's bullshit
This is about two people who truly disappointed me
Cat-like lotto being scratched off
Shades dressed to the nines
Cat Women whites and Gray's
Pulling out her men's hairballs

Chatty Patty pancakes hearts
online more calcium her
bone Inn limit
Thank God! its' Friday
However, did it come to
the number 13 Orange
Pumpkin heads
Minus the 4 days she
needed her nine lives
back in bed

So finicky to test our time
Pulling all strings her nose cute
as a  black spot button,
Beguiled black baby cat on
her futon Miss pretty Kitty

He's the Navy Seal
The coach sealing the deal
Having sex appeal from
Heaven to earth 4 For 4
Wendy Tuna smells
Fortune tells the Luna
Cat on hot tin roof tiger print tabby,
The Egyptian Robbie dancer
starry eye glancer in the long
narrow alley Maggie May
The heating cooking up his
finicky paw the last
religious supper huge day
The black cat she's got 
 hot legs I love you honey

Rod Stewart forever young
On the ladder kitten gloves of money

Lady in cat print what
Cat's meow man handlers
Not one flaw over her dresser
Becoming the cat calculator

Fiddler on Roof Lechaim
to Life maybe it's not what
it seems
Hollywood Stray Cats big
bang theory what priority
Black Coach  secrets Victoria
Women like cats in her diary
Windmills of the Gods

The Hail Mary mastery
Tell me your dreams
Don't spill the milk
How love drops sewed me
in silk thread the test of time
We shouldn't test ourselves
like an unfortunate crime
About time knowing oneself
Well the cat got your tongue
Chosen one shelf

Like a book  going stale
We need them
Cat Coach matchmaker
You're the miracle worker
The book speaks without
being told
But how quickly our hearts
could be sold now taking
the bar exam
And your "Miss Kitty"
making her best-baked yams
So illegally you stoled all the pink
His smile is playing on me
His tiger eyes  Cat Coach so tempted
And like hot shepherds pie flicked
It's not bad luck to see a cat
when you had lied
You get what you give
Something gives how fate pulls

Dreaming/Cat fusion/Cat Valley-pay
Just love the way he makes you feel
Not in harm's way home cooked meal
Like Independence day cool

Kissing your money goodbye
Two glasses of wine Athens
Bigger than life Black cat
Demonstrator making her
own world of peace
German tour bus
Sparkling beer and good
cheer black cat like a
good soldier
under the chair
Dark blue sailor
He was in the alley
With cans and faded glory
You would never realize
he had a cat story
The ancient days of Gladiators
All imitators full moon black cat

Came way too soon
Bodies of the women
were sold
Roman EmpireTrump
got hired play trumpets
But darkness prevails
Like the treachery
The California dreaming
but the truth primary
Love wilderness or blind love
wildfire but brings tenderness
She said, my husband,
died happily and the other lady
told her___?
But he was happy to die
From the old world or new
We get cat licked
New world marries right away
An old world  it takes 1 to 2 years
But cats life will be even better
Nine lives you could wait
Are defeat you fall into
his bait
__tails Cat dynasty
Spartacus like bonafide
Princesses in the Coach
Teaching at the college
Taking a long tree ride
Get roared out Big Tigers
coach Please Papa Preach
About Cats, I wanted to jazz this up I hope you love milk and even silk we need new threads lets dream on or go the alley make an undescribable supper maybe a little Dr. Seuss in my poem
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