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c 6h
Are you smiling?
Or bearing your teeth?

When you laugh
Sometimes I wonder
If it’s with me
Or at me

You say you
Are too busy
That we wouldn’t work
But I call bullshit

If you really loved me
I wouldn’t be left
Your leash
Loving you can hurt a little while,
but you have become my happiness—
my biggest smile.

Missing you is like a burning flame.
I can be merry and weary every time I say your name.

You may be far, out of my reach, a heart that I cannot claim.
Always know that my love is real, it can wait, I will still love you the same.
and when I miss you, I look at the Sun.
He reminds me so much of you.

You are my little sunshine, the sunbeam that tickles my cheek.

The blazing heat that warms my racing heartbeat.

The love that I tried to confess.

The secret in between my poetry.
Your “I miss you” were drowned deep to wine & beer.
My ears were drunk with all the words that poured in, it was intoxicating to hear.

I want to hear you speak,
Your voice is my favorite kind of sound that my heart wants to keep.

I can imagine how charming you are when you say those words like, “I miss you” and “Good night”.
It’s my only weakness that I cannot fight.

I hope that alcohol won’t wash away your memory. If it does, you know that I will still take the things that has been washed away.

It will become an unspoken treasure to me.
Laying here
Listening to caves sing
I hope you're alright

Watching the sky turn
Pushing the clouds away
I hope you're alright

Still tasting vanilla
Dripping from my mouth
I hope you're alright

Theres something I wanna say
You're still there
Even when I know you're not

I hope you're alright

I hope you're alright
I hope they're alright
c 1d
Driving down Broadway
At one in the morning
Blurring the red lights
Into broken halos

I was pondering what-ifs
Putting could-have-beens
Into words

“It couldn’t have been”
My best friend assured

I wonder
How I manage
To mess love up
Anytime it comes near

“You fall in love so easily,”
She said
“You’re a poet at heart.”

“And that isn’t always a good thing.”
Nyx 1d
My Second family
Thats how I think of you
You'll be forever dear to my heart
Even when the world seems blue

Its been a rough few years
With a lot of torment and lies
But we managed through it
All the lows and the highs

We don't see each other as often
As we once did in the past
though when we do
We try to make the moment last

Barely any words are spoken
On our brief interactions
Though we hug every time
To make up for the time missed
Even if its just a fraction

Tightly we hold on
Letting go but a moment to soon
But our lives counteract one another
We only see each other once in a blue moon

Though we have time to make
Our future is far ahead
We can rekindle our sparks
And try to help it mend

I still love you with all my heart
My dear old friend
And I miss you dearly
I hope we can make our amends

Because I miss when we would laugh
Over dumb stories and things
Talk about our crazy family tree
You would tell me of your flings

We would hang off each other
During casual conversations
We were once so close
Thinking of it now fills me with frustration

Though its neither of our faults
Or maybe both at the same time
that we left ourselves drift apart
Over this long period of time

But you have other people
You have higher priorities in your life
I can't keep asking to be
The same key person that you need

Because sometimes life gets in the way
whether we want it to or not
All we can do is try and work with it
While trying not to be caught

You keep strumming your guitar
and chasing after your dream girl
I'll still be around though
When the whole world beings to whirl

The trio of us three
Will forever remain in peace
The family of all of us
Has begun to cease

Though fight against it we might
With all the strength that we have
We are the only ones who can change this
Slowly this time we can try again
Otherwise we can just remiss

So to my dear friend
Let's do our best from here on out
I refuse to let our friendship die
Filled with endless doubt

Of the what if we tried a little more?
Or could we have changed the fates?
Was this the only way?
Could we have stayed mates?

Though whatever happens I'll love you
From your striking blue eyes
To your overly sensitive knees
One of my first french owl allies

It'll be there, your sock dropping self
A soft spot laid within my heart
And hopefully no matter the end
It won't end up tearing me apart

I miss you.
Valerie 3d
lost count of days i've wasted
trying to come up with ways
to make you miss me.
I woke today with a hole in my heart wishing you were still here.
Time was supposed to make things easier but it gets harder for me each and every year.
Today we should be celebrating you birthday but instead I woke from my dream and had to face fact.
The fact that your not here with me, and knowing you're never coming back.
Not a day since you left to join the Angels in the sky,
That I haven't needed you or sat alone to cry.
I know I'll see you someday soon
You're not here to celebrate your birthday daddy so I'm sending you up one balloon.
When it goes through all the clouds and straight to heaven for you.
You will find your birthday card attached that reminds you every day how much your loved and how I've missed you too.
Happy Birthday up in heaven Daddy, love you baby girl
I miss him every day know matter how long My Her My Daddy has been away
I miss her ever so badly
The pain inside, it sort of grabbed me
From my soul throughout my chest
I always remember she was the best
Her kind way and how she was natured
Made me who I am although never favoured
Her beauty shines so so bright
I still dream of her late at night
A tribute to my grandma who passed away.
Marie Lewis. She did an amazing job of bringing up 7 daughters and looked after her husband Stanley lewis for over 10 years who passed away sadly shortly before her . She lived a great life in the sun. Taken too soon. I never got to say goodbye properly so this is for you. Love you grandma x
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