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All of my sadness
Is amplified when you’re not here
It’s not than I’m not happy
But I really miss you my dear
Kasey Lee 11h
Personally I never thought much about this…..
Who am I kidding?
I think about this everyday.
I just never knew the right words to say,
Which I think is funny because usually I’m very articulate.
I’ve never found a way to say it that felt right.
I feel too strongly to be satisfied with the way I write this.
It feels wrong to put something like this into words.
These words feel too pure, too untouched.
It's like I don’t want to ruin it.
I’ve built it up in my head, so what if it goes wrong?
I have never had to build up courage for you.
Everything used to come so naturally…
The best way I can think of is….

I miss you
I love you
I want you back

The thing is that I know you feel the same way.
What’s standing in the way????
This is a dumpster fire.
how can you miss someone you’ve never met?
by remembering the sound of their voice,
and the way their tongue moves
with every word they say.
by replaying the sound of their laugh
when you can’t sleep at night.
and the way their eyes squint when it becomes uncontrollable.
by picturing the way they blush
like that one time you told them that you can’t help but fall deeply in love with them
as they looked at you
with their heavenly brown eyes.
by daydreaming of the shape of their lips
and realizing that you may never get to feel them against yours.
I miss him.
he’s so far away
We have come too far she said,
too late to get back together,
But is it?

Been 9 months 9 days since we broke-up,
****** of me to let you go,
But my love for you has never been low,
Same feelings ,same me
but it's not the same you,
We have come too far she said.
Have we really?

You got a new bf ,
I am still alone ,
Not because I have no options,
But they don't make me feel the way that you do.

I accept my mistake yes i do .
Deep inside I am still waiting for you,
We have divine connection yes it's true,
My heart still groan ,
When I miss your skin and bone.
It's too late she said .
But is it?

YES it is,
I have tried enough,
I have cried enough,
It's time to let you go.
accepting you ain't coming back.
Kee 3d
I miss that look in your eyes
The one you used to always give me
I miss the way we talked
Because no one else understood me as you did
We were meant to be together
But jealousy and lies got in the way
And even our own friends couldn't stand how happy we were
It made them sick
And they couldn't take it anymore
So they had to destroy
But they weren't the only reasons why
The flame we had eventually died
Because you couldn’t seem to keep your head ******* on
And I wasn’t able to loosen mines at all
And what was inseparable was now separated
And distanced
No longer knowing one another
Like we did
Ten years ago
When high school was our everything
But the bills became to be too much
And the deaths were too heavy
The scares took a toll
And the miscarriage is what ended it all
You see
We let everything get between
And there is no more us
But we both sit on the phone
Thumb over our contacts
Too prideful to press call
But tired of weeping and being alone
We know that no one else could ever
Fill the holes from shots that we blew at one another
Forever you are mine
As I am yours
This is my love letter to you
My soulmate,
My love,
This City is littered with u's
and smiles of every way.
I'm glad we knew
each other before

We grew to say
"I miss the good ol' days"
The poem I flashed on my video for my Shanghai Teleportation backflip on instagram.
Nura Dec 10
I miss you,

and not in a "it's two in the morning. I'm so lonely, looking through old pictures" kind of way.

I miss you,

in a "my friends are all laughing, and so am I, but somehow you still haven't left my mind kind of way.

I miss you,
and not in a "someone asked me how you were today and I realized I didn't know the answer" kind of way.

I miss you,

in a "nobody has brought you up in months, but I still tell stories about you" kind of way.

I miss you,

and not in a "it's Valentines Day and I'm alone" kind of way.

I miss you,

in a "you did well on a test and I want to be the first person you tell" kind of way.

I miss you.
I don't just miss the idea of you.
I miss you.
S O P H I E Dec 10
"i feel helpless"
i know that feeling all to well
"i can't relive you from your torment"
baby it must be a dry spell
"i already lost you once"
it was gonna happen once again and you could tell
"if i lost you i'd just float away"
this is just how fate fell
"i couldn't live without you"
you know that's a hard sell
"not again"
i can't help it baby i'm not your citadel
"i guess this is gonna be the end of it"
you and me together we'd be raising ****
"it's my fukt"
i can read through your misspell
"i got too attached"
guess it's time i say farewell
"i need some time to think"
i'll love you forevermore but i could never tell
ben.. i'm sorry, i'll lobe you forevermore
Autumn Dec 9
Hands trembling

Heart beating like a butterfly on chipped wings

Quick, erratic

Knowing that soon they will give out

And eventually your pulse will too

Slow, steady

Your love gave way to bitterness

The same way my happiness gave way to melancholy

Harsh, unforgiving

Your feelings crumbled and caved

But I still miss you
moving on is important but it's so, so hard
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