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You or me

You then me

But never
You and me?

The more we walk together
The less we know one another
I kind of believe nature. Nature had decided to hit the reset button 5 times. Now the sixth i don't think nature had anything to do with corona

Its just us,Humanity as a whole paying for all the sins that we committed or its just another game by the underworld to  profit the hidden communors and crème de la crème.

Either way humanity doesn't deserve to be alive, for all the resources that we have and all that we salvaged in the few thousand years, we just rotted to become worse than what we were.
Long live the planet.
a dark melody is sleeping in his stomach
sound of a star rolling over heaven
swarms of stones populate the earth
they float beneath mask man's shape

the horizon is swallowing his thoughts:
they slip into emotion, they burst into splinters
mask man's body is jailed inside an image
behind the bars of a prompt; he is scared

as animals are scared of men and fire
as rivers are killed by dirt and arrogance
as children are abused by adults and abomination
mask man, oh mask man: what can you do?
Today is a good day.
Cody Haag May 19
In a dream,
I saw his face
I knew he was
A boy to chase.
Heart of gold,
Eyes so kind.
The kind of guy
It's hard to find.
I want to be in love so badly.
Mikey Kania May 19
...into the womb of my affection
your ******* are hollering:

Today is a good day.
Sovit Pokhrel May 17
As a man of passion,
I love blindly.
And, So i did,
Only In return,
All I got, was a lesson.
Life has different chapters and their own lessons. You were a part of it and now you are not.
Ylzm May 17
The great puts itself last not first,
For it carries the weak, that all succeed.
And if strong falls where weak walks,
Surely the strong is less than weak.
It's no greatness to put yourself first,
For even the worm cares for itself.
The brave may die for one it loves,
But only Love dies for its enemies.
CC May 13
Staying indoors
Me wanting you on all fours on your floor
Miss the intensity that comes with waiting
Your heat is emanating from a safe distance
This is what it's like waiting to be set free
Craving what is unavailable

I like the wholesomeness of you
It make me think maybe there's some hope in the world
I haven't tried on your gentleness yet
Something about you
Says some humans are alright
Craving what might be available
Greg King May 12
The last cow is leaving, the herd is moving on
The pastures and meadows will not remain for long.
The last cow is leaving and sighs and lumbers on.

The last cow is leaving where my children used to play
Amongst the scents of summer on a hot sunny day.
The field mice and the rabbits all will have to move away.

The last cow is leaving, for man will live here soon
And bricks and concrete will replace the land I gaze upon.
No call of owl or crow we'll hear, there'll be a different tune.

The last cow is leaving and the farmer shuts the gate
The deed is done the plans been made, this place must meet its fate
And as the sun is sinking I fear it's getting late.
I wanted to mark the loss of some local fields for housing.
They will be gone for ever.
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