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Lilywhite Jan 19
They drop like flies I tell ya-
can't contain the pressure,
eruptions fused by anger;
but rather than seek an explanation,
the assumptions over take them-
everybody suffers now. . .
what an awkward situation ?

to partake in such petty things . .
is to deny the soul and its awakenings . .
a waste of time and energy I tell ya-
and there's nothing worse
than feelings hurt, ignorance, and
being a ****

so have patience, be kind,
remain strong, and put the past behind,
always move forward, and seek truth
for there are many possibilities within our youth
to learn from, and be living proof
that this too shall pass

There's so much more to life than broken hearts
and senseless strife...
February 11, 2013
Leah R Aug 2018
i call out to you
echo chamber
you call my phone
instant answer
give me a chance

my hand on your arm
a fire inside
my head in your hand
heal me from the inside
give you a chance

what does it mean to be
me? with you as you are.
can you fill this hole?
overflow me

your concept
into me

become liquid
sticky sweet
can you hear it?
replay it three times
love sounds because I love you
but we knew that already
Ana Sophia Aug 2018
it's like all the pain
and numbness
in you,
echos through me,
and I absorb all that,
until my heart
can't take it anymore
then I overflow
FunSlower Jul 2018
Have you ever seen the white in the snow?
Quiet nights above Buller when the sky is aglow.
Wild thoughts of thunder in a world so clear;
You sit back and wonder what am I doing here?

Perhaps you’ll never know.

Hush dearest mind of mine,
Enjoy this land, divine.
Eucalyptus limbs eclipse you.
Don’t let her lips-ellipsis kiss you.

You’ll learn the truth in time.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Sitting on the floor.
In the cold and dusty corridoor.
My ears placed on the floor.
The waters carried memories.
The wet mossy floor carried the memories of those who lived here before.
It's careful hands hugged those little lights tight.
The moonlight shone with silver light.
The promises of tomorrow held in his hands.
As the savior slowly lands.
Taking back the land.

Sitting on the floor.
On the once ***** corridoor.
My ears placed on his chest.
His mercies afresh.
Thank you Lord.
Black-out Girl Jun 2018
A faucet,
Dripping ever so slow,
But filling the bucket all the same.

While others may be smaller,
Filled with holes,
Or just warn out,
I watch as the dripping continues.

Although the bucket is new,
The warn out faucet is not.
Dripping away,
While everyone plays.

Pretending to be fine,
A fake smile across my face.
Nobody seems to notice,
The dripping stays the same.

A faucet,
Dripping ever so slow,
The bucket continues to hold true.

While life moves on,
It's hard to really say,
Was is the worn out faucet to blame?
Or should the fingers be pointed else-where.

Drip, Drip, Drip,
The faucet never stops,
Although it may be soft,
Not enough to drown a bee,
I buzzed in just in time for it to drown me.

Nobody ever noticed,
As the bucket became weary.
The faucet became stronger.
In the end it was hard to tell.

The bucket over flowed.
But the faucet never stopped.
Drip, Drip, Drip.
Kathleen M Mar 2018
I am a lake
I am full of turmoil and water
There is thick mud at the bottom
All kinds of things get stuck
There are bodies buried inside me
My chest is full of corpses
I ripple with every disturance
Surface tension broken by those who do not lightly tread
I tend to overflow I tend to spread the bog
Seanathon Apr 2017
I'm so full right now so very warm
Like a coffee cup overflowing with ideas
I cannot wait to be off this road
I cannot wait to be onward with this journey
To create again and to let my words flow
Outward and into the microphone
How I cannot help but overflow
When the questions stored up inside my mind
May be answered so I might finally know
That is why I actually wish to overflow
So that in time I might just know
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