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Anastasia Jul 27
To see you
My heart
It swells
At the thought of you
9:31 a.m.
I've been scolded for using the word 'love' too often
throwing it away, as if it had to be secured for romantic encounters or within a length of time
like it might become tired or meaningless
but what if I am so full of love I can't help but overflow with it?
what if I've known platonic love, tender love, fervent love?

so I'll say 'I love you', only when I mean it
and I hope my abundance of it never runs dry
I hope it flows out of me effortlessly, because there will never be such thing as loving too much

The dam
Keeping thoughts at bay
Cracks and overflows
Please save me
Before I drown
Erian Apr 29
During the night
Thoughts overflowed
Of you and I
I can't sleep
With a love further
Than the sky
If only you were with me
Lilywhite Jan 19
They drop like flies I tell ya-
can't contain the pressure,
eruptions fused by anger;
but rather than seek an explanation,
the assumptions over take them-
everybody suffers now. . .
what an awkward situation ?

to partake in such petty things . .
is to deny the soul and its awakenings . .
a waste of time and energy I tell ya-
and there's nothing worse
than feelings hurt, ignorance, and
being a ****

so have patience, be kind,
remain strong, and put the past behind,
always move forward, and seek truth
for there are many possibilities within our youth
to learn from, and be living proof
that this too shall pass

There's so much more to life than broken hearts
and senseless strife...
February 11, 2013
Leah R Aug 2018
i call out to you
echo chamber
you call my phone
instant answer
give me a chance

my hand on your arm
a fire inside
my head in your hand
heal me from the inside
give you a chance

what does it mean to be
me? with you as you are.
can you fill this hole?
overflow me

your concept
into me

become liquid
sticky sweet
can you hear it?
replay it three times
love sounds because I love you
but we knew that already
Ana Sophia Aug 2018
it's like all the pain
and numbness
in you,
echos through me,
and I absorb all that,
until my heart
can't take it anymore
then I overflow
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