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Savio Fonseca May 2022
There was Beauty in Her Silence,
So Beautiful was Her Voice.
Each Kiss She gave, was Elegant.
They made My Heart Rejoice.
Now Her Memories are an anchor,
Dragging down My Feet and Heart.
My weight, is slowly sinking.
But My Soul is not ready to Depart.
As the Clouds begin to Gather.
Thunder strikes the Ground.
My Shadow is ready for the Night.
But My Voice has lost it's Sound.
I wish, I was.....true to Her
and had, My wrongs Mended.
My Dreams, will just be Dreams.
As now Her life has Ended.
AE Feb 2022
Little signs
Waiting at the airport
Watching planes fly
You and I
And this dying sunlight
I’ve been looking for trees
Forests, green
You have been chasing seas
Everything blue and never seen
So, what are we to do,
With this continental divide?
Your arrival
Is my departure time
Your goodbye
Is sunrise
On the other side
Of the world
That lays asleep
You and I
Mathieu Jan 2022

Life had a story for you, from the first page you started.

Please, don't shed a tear, it's not your fault you departed.

Fate had a hand to play in the bed that you lay.

He tore us away in a moment of grace.

In rebellion, that smile not once, left your beautiful face.

Clea, visit me, please?

When I'm curled up in bed,
asleep, let your spirit rest on my chest.

Gently let me know, that I'm not alone.

That there is something left?
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
Every ship
leaving the port,
are each
a metaphor.

To the
brave who
how often
do you cast
a backward gaze?

To those
who depart
for other shores,
I think of you

When shall it be my turn
to cast a backward gaze
on those I leave behind?

Ang damdamin ng poot at lambing
Ay mga mekanismong humahalo sa saya
Ng pusong gustong kumawala
Sa diktador na sumara ng lagusan patungo sa liwanag.

Hindi maipinta ang mga sandaling naging hayag
Sa kung papaanong paraan ba hinabi ang sarili
Sa banig ng karamdamang tumupok sa pangarap --
Sa pangarap na masilayan ang araw
At madampian ng liwanag ang buo nyang pagkatao.

Sa mga nanlilisik na matang mapanghusga,
Tila ba ang pagkutya ay naging agahan sa malamig na umaga,
At ang kapeng mainit ay binuhusan ng malamig na tubig
Sa gabing walang pasabi kung lumisan na ba ang araw
O nanatili itong nakatirik sa tanghaling tapat ngunit mapag-usig.

Ang bawat pagtulog nang patagilid
At paulit-ulit na pagbangon ay sadyang nakakasawa.
Samantalang sa kanyang pagpihit sa debateryang may impormasyon,
Ay naghalo ang sining ng iba't ibang kwentong
Sana nga'y kanyang hayag na natatamasa.

Ang mga butil buhat sa sisidlan ng kanyang liwanag
Ay tila ba wala nang lalagyan pang sasalo
Sa mga binasag na oras ng mapanghinang delubyo.
Tila ba nagbibilang na lamang sya
Ng mga yapak na walang mukha,
At mga katok na nanatiling multo sa apat na sulok ng kanyang paghinga.

Maging ang bawat larawan ay nagsilbing alaala na lamang
Na hindi na mauulit pa kung bumukas man ang liwanag
At mag-alok ito ng pagsakay
Sa hamong hindi nya na maaabutan pa.

Tila ba nahuli na ang pintig ng bawat kalabit sa kanyang damdamin,
Tila ba ang nakikinig ay nawalan na rin ng boses sa paligid.
At ang kahon na kanyang tirahan
Ay pansamantalang naging palamuting
Binudburan ng mga nagsasayawang bulaklak
At naglalagasang mga dahong walang nagwawalis.
Nylee Apr 2021
You are not here for the truth
And I am not going to lie,
let us depart with a solemn goodbye
mark soltero Dec 2020
look up at space
the blank void
of everything
larger than any of you and i
leads us to realize
that everything slips away eventually
blank and black voids reside within you and i
only can we unlock what’s true
once we depart
old willow Dec 2020
From your eyes to the tip of my hair,
In a dusk filled with lantern;
There I sit.
Who knows, who seen, who can, who for.
Many times waking up from my dreams,
the world is not what it seems.
William Marr Jul 2020
you wave your hand
without glancing back
walk towards the horizon
becoming a tiny dot
and disappear

with a heavy heart I turn around
yet find you right there

by my side
Dante Rocío Jun 2020
It hurts to end a book,
It hurts to end our story.
To know it was just a glimpse,
Soon nothing short of an eternal memory
Embedded, anything but faded

It hurts to leave you by,
To detach myself from you
Knowing my departure’s to be now or never,
For any other encounter shall be a timeless pain.
Knowing already, with you unaware,
Your journey’s destiny,
What came to be, comes and what will come,
Perish or last.

Like a mother, or a father, or a heavenly angel,
I see you grow, I see you change
And dance and play with the dangerous and unknown fate.
Then I can’t help but notice as melancholy,
So great that sorrowful,
Starts simmering in my chest
When I finally come to my senses to, in fact, realise
That with every new difference, every new feeling, thought and day
You drift further and further away
Like the dearest ship you loved with all your might,
With me, surprisingly, sailing away,
With the sense of excitement and fear too,
Together into the Unknown

When we arrive at our last harbour,
Despite our battle with merciless time,
At the last droplets of the quill’s ink staining those rusty pages,
I acknowledge the inevitable finale.
Though my mind stands tall, my heart crumbles
Not wishing to leave,
To untie the bond with the one,
Who loved the same world of dreams,
Audacity and passion,
The one and only who knew and believed in my vision,
Ideals as I
And never returned to the chains on his knees

With sobs racking my body and fiery protests in my stomach
I give you my last kiss, bidding goodbye,
As if death was making us part.
It’s been my greatest honour and pleasure to accompany your every step.
To look back with aching heart on your glorious days,
To see every dark corner of your puzzling past...

To experience this mystery being life as truly one entity.

I mourn over this moment,
Aware of the cruel ticking of the clock that came to an end
And returning no more to us,
As every other return shall leave a bitter taste in the mouth,
Overwhelming with my conscience of your final chapter on every step:
With you already gone
Lingering in the memories of the pages,
Invincible to time yet aware of it no more,
Unaware of any other moment than “now” and “here”

It hurts to close a book.

It hurts to end a story.

Of us ceasing to be,
Of us ceasing to speak.
As no other tale shall replace soon what we bore,
I bid my “Farwell”,
Leaving another piece of my being in you
For an eternity.

With these final breaths I pay my tribute to you,
For what you were, gave, did,
Took, created and left.
To James Fry, a barefoot sailor of the seven seas.
The consort of the oceans and the seas.
The audacious, brave and challenging kid.
The man who was courageous enough to live,
On his own terms, never bent to any mortal,
Never bound to the earth nor dull reality.

Wish you favourable winds in the sails of The Morning Star.
May you end your days with the same greatness you lived and were destined for.
5 di dicembre 2019.
Un omaggio a “La Vera Storia del Capitano Uncino” da Pierdomenico Baccalario.
Le ringrazio moltissimo per questa avventura e per guidarmi verso le lacrime del Cuore. Per le nostre lettere. Per il mio primo poema, questo.
Che bello.
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