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And the world looks upon us when reaching the end of our days we are forgoten by the world despite all that time we've spent
So how can It be that we are forgotten so easily when we've all given something to this life that we
but we all fade away like a disappearing dream of yesterday but how can It be that we are forgotten so easily by a world we've given so much
Penmann Jun 10
I will not be at your wedding.
Have to wish you two all the best.
I just can't come.
i guess i used to
love you far too much
to give a **** now.
Inspired by you.
Ylzm Apr 17
Good heavens!
Good Thursday on a Tuesday?
On a week of Good Friday?
But whatever!
The sun has set, Today is here.
We have eaten, and are ready to go.
Shoes on our feet,
House on our backs;
We have no bread, but thats OK.
We are ready to go.
EmVidar Mar 29
I think I keep my poems short
because your words
always meant less
the more you said

-em vidar
I felt comfortable to sit in silence with you. I'm sorry you didn't feel the same
OZAR Feb 9
some wind may break through our window, blow our candle away
does that mean the flame can't grow up again?
if so, so why don't we light it up as before
as long as we breathe the flame could
as much as we stand, the flame should
is your faith in us lost? maybe it needs a boost
all in all who knows? since when love costs?
not ready to let my heart come closer
hug me like we did in the past... there might be a tomorrow if there's lust....
lets light our flame again lets make it last.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
We come To this world bringing so much joy to
our loved ones, we live
our life whatever may be
Then we leave regardless of what we may have achieved or not In our lives, we then
depart silently leaving memories but so much sadness for those of us who are left behind
A though of how we come this life bringing joy to our loved ones then leave often quietly
leaving memories but so much
sadness that all we can leave them for live time love
Restless Soul Sep 2018
Sometimes I look back on this life I lived. And it fills me with tears. Nostalgia is a tricky little minx. Sneaks up when you are least expecting it. Filling you with fondness that quickly turns to pain.

I'm longing for the nights we stayed up late like kids in pillow forts. The days we danced in the sun on the street. The moments we wished to last forever.

They didn't.

We didn't.

Suddenly I feel heavy and empty at the same time. Like something inside me is missing and it's absence is a weight on my chest. I dare not say I miss you or miss us or miss the memories because that's the whole key of missing something. You can't miss something that isn't gone. And to be honest, all we had left was to leave each other. That is the reason a part of you will still live on in my soul and I yours. A part of you and me that no longer exists. A part we burried long ago. And that's for the best. It was over. We had outgrown the world that we had created. We became too headstrong, too brave, too focused to live on in each other's lives.

Two hurricanes cannot rage beside each other without merging together as one. Our hurricane lives, independent and stubborn, battled too close to that edge and that is our greatest downfall.

So, storm on, you hurricane of a girl. May your path bring both beauty and destruction all in one. May your bravery startle even yourself. May you power grow and your soul deepen. And may your eyes open each day to see how incredibly and how magnificently you live this life.

HTR Stevens Jun 2018
It is raining in my heart,
‘Cos you are going away.
Will we always be apart?
My world has gone sad and grey.

Will you be back when I lite
Your little candle for you?
My soul will always burn bright,
When I am expecting you.

All the happy times we shared,
Will we always remember?
Everything we feared and dared,
January to December?

Will you be back by and by?
To our memories I cling.
I am sad, I want to cry;
To me you are everything.

Why are the stars still shining,
When it’s time to say ‘good-bye’?
Inside my heart is crying,
Even tho’ my eyes are dry.

Hope I have not let you down,
In ways that I do not know.
Time slipped by without a sound;
Now it’s time for you to go.

Will we be back together,
As this journey of mine ends?
Hearts as light as a feather,
We who are closer than friends?

Will we meet on the rainbow,
Hanging our tears out to dry?
With our faces all aglow,
And from our ******* not a sigh?

On earth we come together,
And from earth we then depart;
Storms and hardships we weather;
Enemies tear us apart.

Those with whom we wine and dine,
When enemies they become,
Is it the end of the line?
Should we not ourselves disarm?

They who know us just too well
Targeting our weaker link;
We must have a way to tell,
How in quicksand not to sink.

Good-bye, now, my precious friend;
We’ll meet on the other side...
This is not really the end;
Some things fate cannot decide.
XyL0S May 2018
Oh...I held to your
When I was afraid of the
Frightened to stumble,
lose the grip,
Unsure of the length of the

Too raw to digest,
the intensity of emptiness...
I don't feel you anymore either,
Your hand just threatens to fall,
I accuse the loss of my sight-
-for not seeing your eyes,
For the depth I'm sure will be there to suffice.    

But won't it be marking me easy?
For assuming I'm too much of blind?
For sight I believe isn't watching-
-Its seeing, and I can see the truth to your voice...

By the time I'll be pacing to walk on,
I fear you'll be lagging behind...
But isn't it funny?
It'll be your preference
And I'll be waiting denying.

But weren't choices offered to both?
Wasn't there faith in complying?
Wasn't I there when the silence broke?
Am I ceasing my tears with time?

I'm caressing my skins where you kissed me,
I'm regretting not saying goodbye.
Eddyn Apr 2018
Now her eyes are sad
and so is his heart
that two lovers depart, oh why is this so hard
both left scarred
by the impact they had on eachother
so fatal, yet so in love
as they are connected, quite possibly by the same star
that losing each other felt like the universe just tore
it left a hole in their hearts
and a universe of forever destroyed
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