DJColzz 10m

Here I am, I'll stand by you
I can give you verity
Like the dream you made come true
For all the joy you bring me
Faith in the love from your heart
Never let me fall apart

I'm the one to hold you up
I can see you through it all
Troubles try to fold you up
Won't let them make you feel small
I'm your voice if you can't speak
I'll be bold, if you feel weak

When I can't see, you're my eyes
You're the wings to make me fly
You are the truth through the eyes
The hand that touches the sky
I am grateful for each day
Where my inspiration lay

Through the dark, I'll be your light
You were there for me always
There is no star lost tonight
As we meet in life's hallways
I don't know much that may be true
But I know I'm blessed with you


My love
I have nothing i can give
But the together we will live
My love will never end
Lets be together

The one ❤

You were in my dreams
Felt your tongue slide in my mouth
Wrapped me in your nest of comfort
For some reason, when I awoke
Nothing made sense
Where did you come from?
I haven't seen you in 7 years
So why do I want you so bad?
Maybe I remember the little things
Going to your house back in the day
And you were a strong, comforting boy
I'd sit in your room with you
Wishing to have you ravage me
I would come running, for you
Maybe it is no coincidence
You made up my dreams

emme m 1h

our souls will conquer
the fear
‘cause love is stronger
then tears
and i know you’ll
be here
‘cause i am no fool
my dear


inspired by a norwegian show called SKAM. watch it if you haven't. so inspiring and so important.

If only we were
Dogs, unconditionally
Loving without thought.

The world would form a
Bond, that would be unable
to perish or break.

What Was Is Not

What was is not,
I remember some but little,
Special surely, I know,
Yet only remains a tittle,

What was is not,
can’t define the shapeless shadow,
It’s insane, to question what is what,
How was I bound in this knot,

What was is not,
The word alone is so abstract,
What is love, where comes and goes love,
To confound, sent from heaven above?

What was is not,
Loves a label, does it exist at all,
If real, how does a label fall,
Is the rainbow real or not,

What was is not,
What, when, why, did it die,
If it was not then why, why do I cry,
One feels the loss and coldness is why,

What was is not,
I in a dream, I can’t run,
A nightmare stuck or trap I’m in,
Where are you sun, must see the sun,

What was is not,
Will another one ignite my soul,
Yes, it is too late, that time has gone,
Fading now, I can just recall that song,

What was is not,
Sex was very nice, yes it was a part,
Not all, but I can feel loss, it’s gone, I’m sure,
There is more, another one, is not a cure,

What was is not,
The now illusory passion has fell,
It can’t be found, as if fallen in the well,
I feel not, surely none remains,

What was is not,
Yes, I’m a selfish fool,
Not willing to stay, follow the rule,
Others have, they greet each day,

What was is not,
But I want, must have, what was,
I do remember, Yes, I can’t settle, not me,
Free to love, and to live, It must be,

What was is not,
No more, I empty, alone, a lonely one,
I will make time stop, and then begin,
From all shadows of past, I run,

What was is not,
Yes, I am stubborn, but Today I smile,
In faith, knowing what was can be,
I feel, I live, yes, I will see.

James Kirk (c) 2017

Did i told you ?
"you hurt me"
Yes,  you heard me right, you hurt me.
With every action of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were destructive.
Did i told you ?
"I got physically tired, and emotionally drained.
Yes, you heard me right you drained my emotions leaving me empty.
With every word of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were devastating.
Did i told you?
"how much i cried that day"
Yes, you heard me right, you made me cry, getting me on my knees, as i listened to my own voice like a helpless distressed child, the muscles of my cheeks trembled.
With every step of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know they were terribly crushing.
Did i told you?
"I lost my spirit"
Yes, you heard me right, you theft my spirit, leaving me numb, with thoughts of ending my life for there's nothing left.
With every statement of yours.
Intentional or unintentional,
You should know it was shattering.

Yes i did told you, it was just you never understood. Your actions, your words,  your statements ,fuckin you,
You, yes you,
You turned out to be a blithe sadist.

Fix me, so I wouldn't lose.
Fix my brain so I would crave
For blessings that my mother chooses.

Hurt's not me, for giving up
Is same as letting sand and dust
Slip languidly through slender arms.

Fix me, since these poems do
Appear of lines without a rhyme.
Fix me so I knew who I am writing too.

Riot 2h

Pretty Woman don’t you lie
I know you love under the
mist of doubt. I know you trust
me in the pouring downfall. Have
you forgotten to live life?

Pretty woman don’t you die.

JAC 2h

Little one, don't harden your heart
You're almost done, your garden, your art
Some of leaves and growth and green
The rest of paint, the beauty you've seen
Translates through you
And those who knew you
So all you see and all you leave
Are growing more than you'd believe
For you are a garden of life and seed
And while you do have all you need
You grow abundance, you've love to spare
And so, with all you know, you share
Your art, your garden, and don't despair
For they'll all remember you for this
And you've always more for whom next you kiss.

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