As a guide
In the dark
Caverns that
I will plunge
Living & rich
Fidget, Budge
Blood that will
Oh I can’t
Get enough
Of your marvelous

Like the car you dumped at the junk yard, you left me an empty shell of what I once was.

You grabbed your suitcase and emptied all of me into it as soon as you found a vessel more flashy to carry your soul.

My tires weren't brand new but my tread still hugged your road with great traction.

My speakers crackle with age but I still played your favorites at your request.

I have rust and some dents, but my glass was clear enough for you to see the path ahead.

I may idle rough, and my exhaust is loud when you test my pedals with force, but I could've gotten you where you wanted to go.

You partially lifted my decals, left the burnt-out air freshener dangling, dancing on the mirror, and the lighter you lost is still in my pocket.

But I have a full tank of gas and someone new's got the key.

mjad 52m

whenever I say it
your name feels
like what I imagine
the drop of water would taste like
to the rich man in hell asking Abraham
to just dip his tongue in
to ease the burning

Styles 1h

He felt
great pleasure
watching her
his desires bloom
staring at her two lips
the rarest of all flowers
pedals spread
breathing life into his desires
stiffening a hard stem
as their bodies take root
folding together like a hem
pumping seed into her cavity
baring the juices of a fruit
into a fountain
that will never end

Lost in the waves
By the sweet salty sea
Watch my thoughts float away
Deep into the breeze

As the tides pull away
They always come back you see
Like when I push you away
And you come back to me

The ripples in the water
Come to wash away our sins
Second chances are rare,
So where do we begin?

Now the seeping sand weeps
And burns away our past
It buries the skeletons away
And the shadows that they cast

You told me once before
That together we'd finish this fight
That we have to wash away our demons
If we want to live right

So walk with me for now
Away from our problems, into the night
Walk with me for now
Away from our shadows, into the moonlight

My heart is free
Like a white dove,
But why is it that,
I'm all out of love?

Just a quick lil write :)

True love blossoms into forever pearls
Polished by eternity's lasting kiss
Moments that started within a tiny dream
Lay on a foundation that will always last

As separate hopes and dreams now become one
Never having to struggle alone again
Two inspired hearts both took a leap of faith
For a life of love that will never end

And as we reach for the others warm embrace
Our lips still meet sharing a tender kiss
We find that as time has gently passed
How our union has become so truly blessed

For we were always meant to be
Forever living by the others side
While our love has kept us so very close
Tied together where eternity lies.

Written for my 30th Wedding Anniversary

My heart embraces you daily
As your smile sweeps me away
And I am now as always
Of your love a willing slave

It does not take much to please me
For it's  very easy when it comes to you
You provide such simple pleasures
With everything you say and do

I try each day not to ever think about
How my life would surely be
If I spent it alone without your love
Right here so very close to me

So I speak each day in silent prayer
To my God who has blessed me so
Who graced my life daily with your tender love
Making it a treasure I will not let go.

A love poem for my wife for our 30th wedding anniversary

I miss you.
I've missed you every day.
I wish you weren't so stupid.
I wish I wasn't so dumb.
I wish we could be happy.
I wish you were still my fork.

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