Luna 5m
As the night sky appears.
Youre softly asleep.
I wish for your love,
As the stars are above.
I dont feel so okay.
But im growing stronger by the day.
I fall in love a little bit more
each time we are together.
The sun warms up,
the moon glistens brighter,
as does your smile,
whenever I'm with you.
i'm running against the spinning earth
with rocks tied to my ankles
and although they look different
these granite chains still jingle
i'm a prisoner inside my own heart
and the key has flown away
no harry potter or ron weasley
could ever save the day
but there is one girl, my Hermione
as brilliant as the sun
who could step forward and catch the key
and make me her someone
but until then, here i will remain
a prisoner without a name
faceless, nameless, awaiting my sentence
but hope lives on
that, like a new dawn,
my Hermione will awaken
oddmanout 51m
I love you so much
As you leave solitude grows
killing me slowly
Afia 2h
Give me a cello
I shall play you a melody
And my fingers will compose stories
Over the rustic strings

Give me a knife
I shall peel my skin
And show you the wound
That was born with your words

Give me a needle
I shall make you a quilt
And stich a pattern of wasted time
And infinite bundle of warmth

Give me a shovel
I shall dig my grave
And bury my soul
So you would not have to
Carry my sorrows anymore
I hold nothing sacred now.
Fallen sunsets and blurred eye rises
Meaningless chit chat and infectious laughs
Long hugs and deep gazes
All come to a stand still
As another girl enters our world
I’m again dropped out of existence
I don’t think I’m going to be there when it ends
When you find that this girl is still not me but skinny
I won’t be there to massage your ego
To reassure you that I think you’re perfect
For you to hold through cold nights
How many girls are you going to go through
Before you realise the only one who’s going to be like me
Is me
Hey you, you look like my lover
Hey you, you remind me of how things were when my heart was whole
Hey you, let me lick your golden fingers
Hey you, will you let me recall her in you?
Hey you, will you allow me to paint you over?
Hey you, will you let go?

Lover, lover, lover let me suck your power you are not weak
Let me take your flower in the middle of the summer somewhere in my corn field.
Am I playing the god with my own mind or just gone crazy?

I hope you like this new body
Lover. Lover. Lover stay. Let the juices flow in my brain. Stay my DMT.

Devil over the shoulder and just last week I burned the last bridge reaching for you in places you do not exist.
Today is 3 months since the love of my life commited suicide. I got high yesterday and I've written this
There's more to suicide than what we think it is.
It's not just unanswered questions,
sometimes, it's unasked ones.
For all those out there who self harm, please don't do it. Please don't do it, for me. For your family, for your friends, for all those who care, for yourself. You're not alone in this, trust me❤
For all those out there who are battling self harm, I'm so proud of you, keep going. I love
you, and I'm always here for you if you need me❤
For all those out there who help people that self harm, you're doing a great job. You're beautiful and you're going amazing❤
For all those out there who know people that self harm, please help them out. Tell them they're brave. Tell them they're not alone. Tell them you care. Tell them you love them. Give them your hand, they need it❤

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