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Dnlbllrd 35m
Bloods rushing

Bones calcifying

Feelings ramifying

Heart's flying

Mind's barking
I wanna love
I know its everyone's dream or most of the population  
but I'm too hard to love in this state my emotions twist and turn like the streets of this city this big city of lovestruck teens but hey
everyone looks a different way to a different person I'm a pit stop among the long road of amazing sights and amazing people
but hey at least i give my all right?
even if i get shot down as soon as i get to that happy place because maybe i don't deserve it or maybe I'm doing something wrong
and maybe just maybe i try to hard
don't chase just wait
idek where I am at that
What happens to a broken promise?

Does it sting
like a bee?
or creates a wound
and leaves a scar?
Does it die in the heart
or grow as a seed

Maybe it just lives
like a ghost

Or it creates strangers?
This is my remake of  Langston Hughes' a dream deferred. I've been in love with the poem for sometime now. I dedicate this piece to those in search of true and meaningful friendships
Will my heart ever stop feeling like this when I think about you?
Will it ever become stone cold at the mention of your name?
Will this sadness and pain ever cease to exist?
Your smile used to light up my world
Now all it does is remind me,
That I'm not your world
Your arms used to be my safe haven,
I love how you held me close
Now all your arms does is remind me,
That they'll never wrap themselves around me again
I used to think we were meant for each other,
I found the courage and told you so,
But you took my love and threw it back in my face.
I became a player in a game I wasn't even aware of
With you as the refree,
Handing me the green and red card at whim
I used to ask the universe a question
Will I ever be able to call you mine?
And each time the universe was always silent,
Now I realise, the answer was in her silence.
© Annabelle
Void 3h
I wish I could remember
The day that we first met
But then I'm comforted realizing
I never remember my life without you being in it

Then I think to myself...
I want your presence in my life to last forever
Void 3h
It doesn't lie in simple words
It doesn't hide in the promises
It resides in the fine print.
The details in the context
When actions speak in your stead
Its the effort that makes things right in the end
Flip through the pages of a fantasy series,
Always a Series,
You don't want good things to end,
Takes you away from the wicked and wild,
Cause these friends cant hurt you...
I hear your voice
Breaking with the deep breathes you take,
The ones you claim you don’t
Then a silence
I thought you were gone
A sob cuts through
Our hearts —
So what if I can’t see you
I can see your tears
Across miles
Leave, I whisper
Silence storms
Leave, I beg.
Her cry infects my bones.
A scream resounds
And you crumple like paper
Your sorrow, my anger
I see red
Where is that girl
With a laugh like the lights
That brings a songbird alive
Your pain, intangible yet near
It eats you like dust
I can only stand and watch
OJ Anuy 5h
Have you felt pain that can take over your life?
A broken bone perhaps or been stabbed by a knife?
How long does it last, once you start to heal?
Eventually you’d regain that normal feel

Well what about the pain that in me
Its deep to my core nobody can see
The pain of asking god each and every day
“Point me to the path to to bring her back, I pray”

“I thank you for the moments that we shared together
The love, adventure, joy and laughter
I ask just one thing that I know is a lot
Reunite us again, before I completely rot”

Each day I utter this message alone
Hoping god will listen from his mighty throne
And that he will know that my words are full and true
And my message will be delivered to you

Until he does this pain will not cede
It remains inside no matter how much I plead
The fact that we remain apart
Will continue to pain me deep in my heart
First glances are strong and ripe,
First touch is like a midnight musk against my skin,
Right leg goes over and i'm sitting on my black beauty Virago,
She's a warrior, fierce as fire and brings light into my darkness.
Everyone tells me "you're" dangerous but can't they see i enjoy the thrill of the rush between my legs as the rumble dream continues further unto highway 10.
Fresh crisp air, blue sunny sky, these are moments i'll remember when i'm older, true and genuine.
I love my motorcycle and always will,
no one can ever change the rumble dreams i have for my ride.
A lady and her motorcycle. I want to travel the world with you
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