I'll be there my love
Through sunshine and the worst rain
I'll save your madness
Venice 31m
I've forgotten to love
It seems way to hard
Without you here
I can't not bare

I feel your touch
I smell your scent
I hear you whisper
Before you disappear

As you leave
You take my heart
Leaving a whole inside my chest
And now I'm on a quest

To find what I lost and forgot
Love is hard
To find and to feel
Love is something
Not all believe is real

But I know
When I gaze into your eyes
That love is so real
It'll be my demise

Too quick to love
To trust and to be driven
You have to power to break
The trust I've given

But no matter what happens
The love I feel for you
Is something that you take for granted
One of my chose few

I meet you now
And see your true colors
As the backstabber you are
And not some lover

You hurt me in ways
I didn't know I could feel pain
Nothing can compare
To my feeling of disdain

So to you, my breaker
My fallen love
Maybe I was wrong...
Maybe there is no such thing as love...
Hey y'all, sorry it's been so long! Just got my computer back, so hopefully, I'll be updating more now!
The older I get the more I question whether I have ever truly loved someone.

A year ago, I would have said I did. I stumbled upon this intoxicating feeling of being found. Seen even. ACCEPTED. I saw him as my savior, rescuing me from my demons lurking in the shadows.

It was beautiful the way he looked at me, all knowing. It threw me to my knees. He knelt with me, kissing every indiscretion and ugliness. Praying this would never go away, I willingly surrendered my soul as he sensually sang his love for me.

With each refrain, I found myself converted. Obliviously, giving away my pearls to swine.

Like with every mere mortal, deception is too hard to keep hidden. Shattered with the reality of his facade, all that surrounded me were the demons I was running from.

My fears of his sins confirmed I had been rejected in my most vulnerable state, leaving me with nothing but shame.

A year later, I sometimes think of him and his silver tongue. I think of the flowery lyrics he lured me with and one line. This one line that led me like a lamb to the slaughter, "I would watch grass grow with you, Elisa."

I no longer question why I followed him, because I know.

His soul was broken like mine, just in different places. And as we held each other for redemption, his jagged edges left me bleeding.

Did I ever really love him?

That's the thing with false gods and reckless believers; you love what you think you know: deliverance.

Did I ever really love any of them? Or, did I love the promise of Heaven?
Joliver 28m
I didn't realize it at the time
Ignorant as I was
But you told me that you loved me
By staying with me
For as long as you did
A blessing
That I knew, even in my ignorance
That I didn't deserve
Not even on my best day
Bad Vibes 36m
I come home alone yet again.

I tell myself time and time again that I do not need somebody to complete me - that I am perfect all on my own.

That doesn't mean I don't want to curl up next to someone at the end of the day and melt in their arms - to feel the safety net, the warmth and pure love of companionship.

Just like anybody else, I want that kind of love.

Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have been so selective. Maybe if I would have just "gotten used to his flaws" or "moved past his agressive tendencies" I would be in bed right next to you.

I know I deserve greatness. I am told this time and time again, so much so that I almost believe it.

But you know what my greatness is? It's being independent, strong, and brilliant while still knowing I can depend on someone. It's being brave, kind, and fearless while still knowing that someone will always be there to have my back. It's having faith, caring for others, and demanding nothing but the best and having the one who matters the most show me that even imperfections are perfect.

I want an ambitious love. One that shows the movies how to be. One that gives a new name to inseparable. I know it's a lot to ask for - which is why I am still alone. Maybe I ask too much or maybe too many people fall short of greatness in my eyes.

I demand nothing but the most perfect imperfections.
Mirage 37m
Waking up next to the love of my life,
Seeing our dogs at the base of our bed still huddled together.
We go out for a walk in the park hand in hand,
on top of the world.
The  serenading sounds of nature disrupted by sirens
She pleads for me not to let go but something is shaking me pulling on me and as I hold on for dear life it isn’t enough
I awake in a panic in my room, my alarm is going off and mom is lightly shaking me.
It felt so real, so what else is a lie..
I miss you I won’t tell you though but you know
mrslilboo 38m
glowing starlight skies
kissed  moonlit eyes
riding silver showers
in sinking  sea tides

waves ravelling in rhyme
across miles waters tide
voice, then just into mime
within you tangled beside

oceanic salty waves rise
rolling vibrations quelled
ebony glow burns naked
aquamarine water swell
mrslilboo 50m
eyes bright blue like diamonds
captured light from the moon
duo spent hot blooded nights
smoldering fun ended so soon
unprepared to let go that night
dread saying farewell to the sun
decided to spend ourlife together
the greatest love has just begun
Her soul is shelter
where I hide
from strangers.
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