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To Be Lost
Sweetness of love takes over heartbeats
And I feel myself in a real paradise
Let us take you in arms to be lost in streets
Let in this art be more clear and wise

What a state of trance what a celebration
To be totally enthralled in ecstasy of love
Help me to reinvigorate my spirit and passion
What a heavenly gift from the sky above

Let us dance till we lose sight of everything
Let be out of ourselves to be a part to depart
Let us take rhythm from universe to but sing
Let be ready to be burnt to be just too hot

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Of all the fears I posses
death is not one of them
Living without a purpose I fear
Live with purpose
Nigdaw 1d
the surprise attack
is always a great play
feigning love interest
like the pitbull never wags it's tail
all the time waiting for a fight
for no other reason
than to let it all go
deyrah 1d
Those kisses, hold no weight.
Those hugs, they hold no feelings.
Those caresses, they hold no tingling.
Those cuddles, hold no warmth.
Those eyes... why are they so cold??
Those words, well they didn't hold any truth in them.
Even while yhu are here!
I am still alone!
Some times, love is not enough, not even the least, our human nature always wants more, t may not know what it wants in the moment, but... Our hearts always search for more.
Soumia 1d
No eyes can see my tears,
no ears can hear me crying,
all I have is you but where have you gone?
Daphne 1d
i wish we could drive away, get out of this town. i wish we could pack our things and let go.

we’ll listen to music we like on the drive and drink ****** fast food coffee.

when we get where we’re going, i’ll give you a smile.

we’ll go to museums and look at art, hoping it’ll give our lives structure.

we’ll wish that we never have to leave.

it’ll hurt to leave;
we’ll bear it together.
inspired by ‘i love you so’ by the walters
Shiny 1d
Love, so colourful and magical yet blind at first
changes just as swiftly as the seasons change,
love perspires ever slowly and inapparently,
till it is lacklustre and lost in the air forever,
Replaced with pretence for the sake of old times,
masking uninterestedness with a fake curiosity.
Lies come freely as one tries not to be obnoxious.
But seemingly, both are trying not to be insolent,
with both professing about love in the air tonight,
even when neither feel even a pinch of it in heart.
Amanda 1d
If I had a quarter for every time I wished
For you and I to take a trip to yesterday
I don't know exactly how rich I would be
But it would add up to a lot of change

I don't know what I'd do with that cash
But I would spend every cent on you
Doing whatever you like till it's gone
Or till there's nothing left to do

Or we could leave where we are for good
Pack up all our things today and leave
I could take your hand and whisk you far from here
To a place our tomorrows will always be happy

I will say farewell to bad memories
Never look that direction again
Like arrows we will fly toward the future
Our time in this small town will end

Presently I have your heart to hold
And although time may never give me a replay
I am too lucky to be nostalgic
Done wishing for yesterdays
Day 6: write a poem of any length incorporating every word from your latest Facebook status update

"If you don't change what you are doing today all your tomorrows will look like your yesterdays"
I been taking care myself
The day you left me
The very first time you left me
I learned so much
Not just staying strong for myself
Even realizing what
I seen.
Realize myself, no matter what problems
Bring to me.
I wasn’t afraid to face my problem.
At one time
I was willing to fight and still believe
What I been holding on.
Than I woke up
Smells the coffee.
But one thing
I will always love you
And respect you.
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