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Aaditya 17m
Letting you go was unwise.
Wish I could take back now.
Wilting spring and summer snow,
the whole world's upside down.

An aftermath of contrition,
seemingly an endless pain.
Yearning for happiness, like
seeking rainbows without rain.
I know not,
what to do next,
Can't stop myself,
from calling or text.
my first kiss
my first love
want to remember
the heartbreak
the abandonment
want to forget
i want to remember the passion but want to forget the heartbreak
Lacy 29m
marry me, my sweet princess,
love me every day at all times
don't run away from me
for I shall always find you in my eyes
I love you so much I'm sorry I had to trap you and make you mine
you see love is not easy for me to keep
so please I'll be gentle when I tie you up and chain yourself to me.
As I grovel at your feet
And follow your every move
With gashed and bleeding knees
Begging for something that should come naturally
For me it does,
The ****
The longing
The desire
The urge
And the yearning
All the things you have no idea about.
All the things you ignore
And push to the side
Just like my wants and needs
My feelings
And my longing for you
All in a pile labeled
“who gives a **** for whatever happens to this”

I wonder why I’m the sorry one
Feeling horrible for wanting
Connor 46m
And sometimes I try to explain what goes on in my brain
They just roll their eyes and say I'm insane
Listening,Looking for someone else and giving up
Would make love another disposable cup
But love is not lost forever once it is found
But once lost once it is hard to hit the ground
Running, Maybe I am the only one that believes in density
But I know there is no arguing that there is chemistry
You say let's just be friends
But making the girl of your dreams giggle and smile
And not being able to kiss her right then for a while
Thats like getting ice cream but theyre out of sprinkles
Or wearing a nice shirt and looking down to notice all the wrinkles
Thats like the worst torture on this earth
And a lot of the time i still question my worth
I can't seem to get you out of my head
Remember that time where my nose bled
And I think at this moment in time i might be misled
I may never move on, not til my deathbed
But I cant fathom a life without being able to atleast talk
So I swallow my real thoughts and we go for a walk
I fear that to you my thoughts might not be rational
But to me they are so actual
If youre not scared youre not taking a chance
Thats not living if youre not willing to risk it all for a dance
It looks like youre just playing games with me at first glance
You even sent me that picture under this circumstance
And yes you look amazing and thats amazing
But we are no longer dating
So think about how that affects someone who sits there dazing
About how one day he hopes to be the one embracing
The girl who has it all
Maybe its the alcohol
I know the first time, love was hard to maintain
But I can't help but think we are meant to be together in one lane
So I ask, would you ever want to try again?
Fluttery heart beats;
Intrepid love scatters from behind;
Rapidly thoughts come to mind.
Smiles of pure elation;
Talk, hand in hand, for a time.

Date to last through the ages;
Anticipation released from you.
Tender kiss to say goodnight
Exuding happiness: two.
Went on my first date with Bjorn, it went really well and he`s SUPER sweet...
you burnt me whole
with your picnic candle.
(were you that eager to touch her?
and how does it feel, smooth unharmed skin?)
i am melted wax on dewy grass,
and i have to feel each one of her toes sinking into me,
with her screams growing higher
echoing somewhere in the core of the Earth,
(beyond the moon as well, she had aliens at their knees).
you spilt something,
you whispered her name over and over and over.
she spilt something,
she made me swallow it.
(you used to do that)

strawberries, cherries, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sprinkles;
i ate your leftovers along with the ants.
you’ve woven me into her;
“how thoughtful! no one has ever bought me sunflowers!”
i barely remember the color yellow.
she has her finger down my throat,
i no longer whisper your name when i sleep,
but i whisper hers.
i lucid dream about her wearing my shoes,
over worn sneakers, if you care to know.
i untie hers and wear them
only to take them off
(take everything off),
drip honey all over your body
and melt into your arms.

i am wax again,
on dewy grass,
covered with sunflower petals and melted ice cream.
it is still her hand in yours,
“i love the grass, it seems comfortable on days like this.”
Aurora 1h
Pain is your body way to tell you something is wrong
When your heart aches, it’s probably because of the wrong person
Or the wrong word
Or the wrong perception
When your heart aches
It’s not okay
And you either push away what hurts it
Or heal it
And sometimes even leaving everything behind.
Ignoring it, is never a choice.
Ruhani 2h
Don't know if I am too weak
or too **** stark,
to not feel hatred against
the one who broke my heart.
Will, there be time enough for me to get done whatever Is left for me to  do before this life Is finally through to finish anything
I started there are poems of my wife still I have to write

But when all Is said and done to what will be for me then when my writing Is all done and I cannot write any more to
what will I do them because I live with the fear
of not being able to

For writing to me about my wife has become like an addiction a necessary need to write every day If I miss a day feel I've failed just got to write every spare moment

I have In a day total dedication devotion
an undying love for my sweetheart even though she gone I live her, breath her every second of the day she Is In my thoughts

I live for her memory It's the only way I know how to survive In a world I'm no longer happy In I knew the day l lost her my whole world would crumble because she was so ill I'd feared losing her for

But tried to push the thought to the back my mind but the eventually the Inevitable happened
and she was gone my whole world gone with
her no fairy tale ending
no sitting together In retirement on a porch watching the sun go down
or watching flying geese across the morning

I'm struggling to comes terms of the loss or maybe
I don't want to perhaps It's that I'm comfortable to live In sadness because at least she still with me If I were to cure grief completely I'd lose her I don't want to do that
Will I have enough time to finish what I started In life
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