in the sweet offing
of our love

the stars in your eyes
hold gossamer tears
ineffably; broken

in the sweet offing
of our love

your voice, mellifluous;
clings like a hazy mist,
labyrinthine; fragmented

in the sweet offing
of our love

Experimental. Inspired. Evening scribbles. Still not sure, might be tinkering a little with this later...
Poetic T 56m

Traversing in silent moments
where there was an eclipsing
of breath, caressing unspoken
words but everything silently

Nearly adjoining within each
others gravity, but still we were
shadowed by the others desires.
Collecting in the afterglow of

This was an eternity of moments,
a motion not to repeated in alluring
views, immovable, inseparable of
our inevitable paused

You were my star, I was your moon,
eclipsing with our gradual passing.
Enticing the other until for that brief
amount of time lips met and time was

i broke the bed
that wasn't made
for me
and you tell me how funny
a story it will be
for others to laugh at
to laugh at the loving me.

Love a Celebration
Love needs no definition it is but portrayal of gestures
Who so ever loves then lost and goes to state of trance
In just silence for silent questions are silent answers
It is not matter of fact but matter of chance after chance
A statue may become alive to communicate passion
A dancing may declare the feelings full with music
Love in chain with beauty is but a constant celebration
A lover is less physically involved but be more mystic
Love is lord of beauty and beauty is lord of real love
Both have been sent to the earth but hand in hand
Love is pure chaste and wonderfully beautiful like dove
Both communicate but on same frequency and band
Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

I look to my destiny every day,
A future discovered on a cold June morning,
An eternity ago.

Searching for ways,
To move forward on the path fate has laid before me.

But every time I begin my journey,
Something blocks my way.

I'm afraid fate has cursed me with a longer path,
Then the days I have left to walk.

A vast ocean and years block my way home.

Please love, help me find a way to reach my long journey's end,

Where she is patiently waiting for me,
Holding her arms open wide,
Crying please come home to me, I love you; I love you.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Ailee  - Fate (Eng Lyrics)

As we walk,
You tell me
that the silt from the river
has built up over the years
creating a new bank
with flowers
and plants
making the best of the rich soil.
As you speak,
I note the sound of your voice
and wish
I could sink in
and grow
like the foxgloves
in the mud.

sophia 5h

time was everything
but nothing more than the love
my heart holds for him

I cried and cried through out my path every single story that touch my heart, wrap around a wave of emotions they sat with me to narrate their unread fictions. 

I walk and walk till the wall where all the numb body's lying around blood smudged, cut through the heart 
they sat with me to narrate their heartache.

I sat by them
I sat by them all and i could feel their pain is mine, tears rolled down the cheeks burning my heart lifeless.


I feel everyone's pain.

They say love is like a red red rose
But I would like to think it is the crazy yellow of a page turned over and over
Yellowed in and softened in age
With words on a page saying meaningful and meaningless things
A conundrum of sorts
Contradiction in each stroke of ink
Yet the ever strong assurance
That is cherished
And yellowed and softened
By hands worn by life
And eyes defeated by love, in crazy yellow pages
About a time those lovers were just pen and paper
Without the stamp and seal of marriage
Without the
gentle reminder
Off they will go one day

he may not sing
the same song
as she,
yet hummed
his every
breath, only
to harmonize
with hers

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