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I know the world is going through a lot right now
I know that sometimes we feel like giving up
It feels like you carry the weight of the world on one shoulder
The world is sure in a mess right now
But you’re not alone, nobody has to be
We’re all in this together,
For the weight we should’ve carried is love
And every one is a fighter
I believe
So rise up
Jeremie 39m
In these moments with you
I can feel the oceans in me
rippling with gratitude.
Eternally grateful I am,
for the space you have created
in my world.

The warmth of your love
has healed the many wounds
of my fathers before me.

An angel you are.
An answer to all of
God’s daily prayers
as well as my own.  

I have built altars
in your name
within this temple.

Please mylove,
Come take a glimpse
into my heart
and know how much
you are loved.
A bliss that cannot be matched on Earth, nor exceeded in Heaven
Remy 42m
Aren't why we hide,
Why we cry,
Or for some, wish to die.
"It was the way the truth was denied."
The last line was from the song 'Suicide' by James Arthur.
Aseel 56m
It’s an illusion
For someone to drag you
Out of your confusion
To watch you smoking
And find it amusing

It’s an illusion
Your soulmate
The perfect half
the one to wipe your tears
And draw a laugh

It’s an illusion
To find someone
Who doesn’t want to change you
Accept you as you
Just you
Without making of you, someone new.
PS 59m
I dived
In the ocean of you,
I forgot
I hadn't learned how to swim.
I wonder
if love ever had your eyes
I wonder
if those arms where ever meant to hold me
or if I was just blinded by the desire

I wonder
if the words you spoke
were ever about love and admiration

This is not another poem about the love
I never received from you

You left me
with many questions
those I never had the courage to ask you
The words I wish I could speak
Dreamer 1h
I promise I won't care about love
But I also believe if you have true love then you are forever young
Guntang 3h
all in grey
your gravestone’s boney scales
fall from the pillar
of your heart
on your grave
the crow watches
i led him on without meaning to
used his affection to sate my needs
it was suppose to be short lived
and yet that's not how it seemed

i don't know what to do now
i hate that it came to this divid
leave and hurt him for freedom
or stay, hurt myself, and die

he wasn't wrong, i'm clearing trapped
in a device of my own making
searching for pain to weave into a story
i promise i wasn't faking

three times now i've felt something
only described to me as love
three times it was so wildly different
a joke, i'm sure, from above

once with a boy who imbodied it all
then a girl who belonged to the stars
the man who made me feel so many things;
it's he that'll leave the most scars

betrayal just isn't in me
it doesn't matter that i only meant to have fun
two hearts are on the table now
and i can only have one
my heart carries a weight i never meant to hold..
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