Sometimes I wish I never let you enter my twisted paradise

Yes, it was twisted and still is twisted to the core but it was mine

You've swindled your way into my lovely paradise parading around it like you own the place

Decieving me and all my glory
Nestling your lies and sweet nothing's in my head and my heart

Before, I knew how to handle my twisted paradise but now, it just handles me

Some days I want you there because you've managed to convince me that you are my world

Other days I despise the very being that is your soul

You take and take almost sucking my energy dry which most times I am happy to supply

My my my how love makes you do foolish things

But it's tragic when one loves the other more

Soon there will be nothing left and my twisted paradise will be nothing but a twisted  beautiful disaster
I keep letting you back in thinking you will be different. What a fool I've been...
Why do you have this hold on me...
Nyx 28m
To the boy who's heart i broke
I apologies in advance
I know I shouldn't have done what i did
I shouldn't have taken that chance

To that same boy who now hates me
With such you have every right
I do apologies that you will never see this
You will never see me in the same light

I was intrigue by you
That I won't lie
and i thought maybe
I could give this a try

I lead you on, I admit
It wasn't the best thing to do
But for the first few days
I was genuinely interested in you

You were funny and sweet
I was completely and utterly flattered
But then four factors came in
Which lead your heart to be shattered

I have my reasons for doing that
Reasons you'll never hear
Its all pointless now
As all you want is for me to disappear

My first reason which lead me to stress
Was that i couldn't handle the commitment
I cried and I freaked, I cried for a week
You couldn't understand, I'm sorry for being weak

The second reason was that I noticed my true feelings
I realised far to late that I only saw you as a friend
I asked and begged my friend to hold off your confession
But in the end she wouldn't which lead to our digression

The third reason plays into the second
As my true feelings told me so,  I was in love with another
I was too naive to see, I only saw you as a brother
Once i discovered my feelings, I had to play it off
If you ever read this, to all of this you would scoff

My fourth and final reason was one that hit me hard
I noticed that my best friend, the one who got us together
Was secretly in love with you, And just did it to get closer
So I hurt you, and told you it was all over

I left you broken and hurt
I know, But I could see it her eyes
She wanted me to let you go
I never told you the real reasons i left you for dead
I mean how could I? When all you would see is red

Its a shitty explanation, Trust me I know
But I'm now playing the villain, a demon at most
Because I want her happiness, I want her to boast
So I'm willing to be painted as evil and cruel
All for a friend, No matter how brutal

To that boy who will never see this
For he will never know, the truth remains hidden
Buried deep below, I wish you could know
that I am truly sorry

So to the boy who once loved me
I wish you the best
Be happy and carefree
So I can finally rest.
I'm sorry, to that boy.
Your never going to know my reasons for doing what I did, and you may never understand. I hope maybe one day I can apologies fully and honestly
So hate me and despise me as much as you would like do as you will for i no longer have the right to call myself your friend
blue 33m
kiss me in your backseat
like nothing has ever been like this before
'cause you kiss like a promise
like you have never wanted anything more
than me

and just maybe, i'm crazy about you baby
and i guess it's a mess but i've always loved messy

and with your lips on my neck, i feel like the best is yet to come
and with my heart on my sleeve, i hope you can see it beats like a drum

and i'm wrapped around your finger and my gaze might just linger on your face
and i can't help but notice what we've made of this moment in this place

is beautiful
you're beautiful.

in the streetlights, with your brown eyes looking into my heart
hold me tighter, with your bright lights lighting up the dark
you're lighting up
i wanna give you wild love, the kind that never slows down
we paint pictures
in our minds
and in our hearts
that can’t and never will become true
we are the bittersweet kind of people
the ones with the most colorful imaginations
and the biggest hearts
the ones that are walked on
the ones who get their hearts broken in two so easily
the ones who love unconditionally
but love the wrong people
our whole lives
are one long journey of trial and error
but the best part about us
is we are the strongest
the ones who can survive the long journey
and who know how to make the best of it
we learn and we give
so that others don’t get lost on their journey
we are the kindest
and our hearts begin to hurt
at the slightest suffering of another
we want everyone to be happy
we want to make the world a better place
if only there were more of us
-the golden ones
it was your silence that whispered into
my ears and made promises to my soul
there were no words exchanged but truth
because lies are woven with words and silence never lies to you

i don't need to put my feelings into words
too shallow to descrive the depth of what
my heart feels for you
my silence would let you know
that any time you wish i can kiss away your sorrow
and snatch each single one of your woe

go ahead give someone else all your love and time
take her your wife
i don't mind

to love you i don't need to be your beloved nor you my lover
i won't ask for anything in return never
all i own is this silence
and my love will echo through it forever
These flowers, scented roses are Devine,
a white one, red as blood, here is the thorn.
All sung, now loved and stout, this love is true,
from a torn past, like cloth he shall be shorn.

When fortunes’s lost and hope is all that’s left,
when moonscapes cast a dreary eye on life,
when sunlight is a play on future songs,
and he do find that he is less a wife,

He’ll ponder into great and stolen gauze,
and wonder when, if ever smiles did fail,
that to the great and boundless even planes,
did poets ever watch it move and quail?

Would he pretend to hold his heart in joy?
Would he just fake a tear, in laughter’s voice?
His child is gone, she moved into true space,
and he was left with just one bitter choice.

He would arise; his grave would lie bereft,
and god would know his plaintive wrath and hide.
And all the while, while centered on this stage,
he took his time but now he knows his side.

Sincere these words, no truer shall you find,
Not even when in books you seek to know
‘bout increased life and all its ugly charm,
this knowledge is not food for taint to grow.

So seek him out, this wanderer returned,
in distance, travelled he in worn out shoes,
while soulful in the desert he did cry,
beside the fire he sang the lonely blues.

~ Windsinger
Sage 1h
you were perfect for hold
pulling close
hugging tight
little did i know
you would fall through
the cracks of my fingers
like sand
and each time I tried to hold to hold you tighter
more of you would fall away
I tried to hold on
but you disappeared between my fingers
and every hand i reached for
turned out to be air
and I was left with nothing to hold
Prev-ee-us-lee                 Brayn                  
Sr.Vival   Crucul                        
                                  Bilt  &  Fyt                                    
      Fed Shyt                                  
                   Vilently Hyt
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment I own copyrights
Did I ever found my way up
From that half finished whisky in your bottle
About to be kept aside or drained as per your wish
Did I ever weighed more than the joint you used to smoke fervently behind the dark walls of the underground subway
I wanted to believe that maybe you craved me more than your favorite double cheese burger that fuelled your dinner every other day
But you heartlessly made me believe that I was just a gum that you used to chew when you got bored and coughed it out when the smell of delicious delicacies reached you
Trish 3h
The moment when I met you
The time stops for a while
Everything is blur except you
Did I fell in love at first sight?

When you start to introduce yourself
Your eyes shine so bright like a star
Your smiles make me feel shy suddenly
When you talk to me, makes my heart flutter

Why am I like this to you?
I have never felt this way before
What have you done to me?
Did I really fell in love with you?

If it is, will something change between us?
If you do not know so far, I bet it is okay
But, what if the feeling is mutual for us?
Can I just test myself if my feelings are true?

I am not a risk-taker kind of person
Confessing is like gambling our relationship
I want you to know what I feel towards you, but—
I do not want to lose you the person that I love

I have made my decision
I will not confess, because—
Making you happy as a friend
Is enough for me, for us
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