What is it?
When was the last time I fell in love?
I don't even know anymore

What is it?
When was the last time I deeply cared about someone?
I don't even remember anymore

What is it?
When was the last time I genuinely smile because of someone?
I don't even remember that I did.

For eight  hours I was dead
Dead in my Luxury lord's bed
I did not care of weather or bread
Life Lynchs me, she's  so rude

I turned left to the wrath of hell
I must tell you, hell is already here
My flesh cozy  but my soul yell
This is the earth that we do share

I had said Kamar is nothing but a myth
I am twice correct But today we meet
Call the priest who collects my tithe
Should I be blind after I paid for sight

The poor man, honey do pour
His healthy heart in tattered coat
The rich man, stings do pour
His thorny heart in costly coat

I stole from myself, the truth
For I am blind of the lamb birth
I chose the Golden crown of earth
For I am sightful of the lustful fruit

I woke up to the man in the mirror
Tears roll his eyes while I smile
Eight hours and it was lemon without fresh lime
Sour and bitter saint of the carcass in the mirror

If the needle eye will fit a camel., why so hard for the rich?

I am weak, I am old.
Death is the gateway  for the bold,
My body shall just decide to leave one day.
It will happen sooner or later,
But is the fate of all.
I can go peacefully in the day,
Or fight through the night.
But it will get me.

I will walk through the archway
Into the new, land.
Where is it? A boat?
Will it be a castle surrounded by a moat?

Wherever it is I will wait for you,
I will always look for you.
My love...

I hardly knew my great grandfather, but he was a great man...
Sunny 11m

Some day, my heart wonders.

That, had life passed in the soft shade of your hair, how perfect it would've been.

This sorrow and the grief in my heart,
could have been lost in the light of your eyes.

But it wasn't to be.
Now, your memories slowly fade; the sorrow of losing you subsides.

Life passes, the heart hardens.
As if it doesn't need anyone.
As if it'll never warm again.
As if It'll never want again.

There is no path, no destination, no clue and no light. No plans and no love.

I wander in darkness.
In this darkness, I'll remain lost.

Some days, my heart wonders.

Princesa de mis sueños
Eterno esplendor
Mis ojos tan brillosos
A causa de tu amor

Princesa de mis sueños
Besos de miel
Por lo menos por 50 años
Quiero acariciar tu piel

Novia mia
Novia adorada
Que felicidad le entregas a mi ser

Novia mia
Novia adorada
Pido un instante para volverte a ver

Hannah 1h

don't you know?
i love you so
so much
i don't know how
to show you
i can say it
i can hug you
i can kiss you
but i can't think of
amazing, breathtaking ways
of making you feel as mushy
inside as you make me
please don't think of it
as laziness or not loving you
my dear, i love you more than you know
i'd fall apart without you
i'd be a mess of flesh and bones
my dear, i need you

Mongi 1h

Cremated Love

Two souls, dancing the times
One foot forward, two times
To the side, the other, and back
Back to each other’s arms
Took a step back, two, three
A stab to the heart, it was
The sounds of their footsteps
Towards their separate distances
As they danced, drifting away
Two, three, and more feet away

Two beings statued together, a light of the town
Crafting their silhouette, a shaft of light through the hall of fame
The talk of the town, fame has had its toll on their shine
Two, three, and more times, they’ve fallen to tame and shame
Tears flood what has turned to be flames
Like a waterfall falling from the rocks
Are the tears from the aflame eye sockets
Rumbles from the heart’s rhythms
As the mighty statue begins to tumble
Crumbles from emotional harbours
As the silhouette fades into grey shades
What used to be, now turning into ashes
Ashes that will never, in forever, release a phoenix
In a cemetery, cremated love lies hopelessly

Mongi C. Nkabindze

A testimony of what used to be love, now lying lifeless in a cradle of heartbreak

I'm truly grateful
For knowing and loving you
You're magnificent


thank you for being in my life, ljh
and it's your special day tomorrow i'm excited for that
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