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I am never going to be your first choice
More like the French fry at the bottom of the bag.
I’m not what you’d choose first
Or second
Or even third
But when there’s no other options
You might find me and be pleasantly surprised
So when you’ve run out of better options
Of friendships
Or relationships
Ill be here ready to take over your heart
Or at least your spare time
And if you need somebody to use
Or to break into pieces to rummage for spare parts
Go right ahead because if I can help you at the cost of myself
Maybe I’ll actually feel something for once.
Tsunami 20m
Your mouth fumbles
When you call me baby
The word is foreign.
You are afraid.
A mouse caught in the gaze of a snake.
Will it slice your tongue if you say it too hard?
Or too soft?

It rolls up your throat
Pushes past your teeth with great strength
Awkward and sounding slightly out of breath
You mumble it between "hey' and "how are you"
Squished and small
Like it doesn't deserve recognition or even its own space.

You've wrapped it in fear
Hoping that if you say it nicely
Maybe somehow it will be less like a missile
Maybe this time it won't hurt.

It is exotic to that mouth of yours.
A rare commodity,
A precious rock we have to excavate
Our own romantic version of the sword in the stone
Daisy 49m
at first you were sweet
but then you left a scowl on my face
because baby all the honey in the world couldn’t mask your sour taste
Meadow 57m
Why hello there!
Long time no see
I know I've missed you
Have you missed me?

I'm sorry I left
Without warning or trace
But I had to learn
To not be more than a face

How to write for myself
Instead of the world
Or at least have a shift
In the world that I wrote

But I'd really love
To come back today
Because oh, trust me
I have a lot to say
Hello everyone! it's been a very long time since I was here, but I hope that's okay. I have also changed the name I write under, as I wanted to stop using my real one. I have certainly not stopped writing, it just made sense for me to shift to some different platforms, but I've ultimately realized that nothing compares to the community here <3
When I first saw you
I thought your name was Owen.
You looked like an Owen to me
so I continued to call you that,
never truly knowing your name.
Only to know that you're as beautiful
as an Owen.
laur 1h
why do you look so blue,
tell me,
what is bothering you?
a lovely pure soul i wish was left untouched
was groped inappropriately
by the hands of toxicity and hatred of others
but she continues to emit light
to this dark lonely life of mine,
not quite thriving yet she is still alive.
she may not believe but she is my everything,
i look at her with eyes only full of love and admiration,
i am an awe as she stares back at me-
i see these sparkles in her eyes like no other
and she still smiles widely
through the waves of pain,
this is why i love you
but please remember,
i am always here.
Velociraptor means "swift seizer"
And you have seized my heart
I have no idea when I am getting it back
If you even plan on returning it at all

You don't play fair
And if it came down to a fight you'd have me pinned in seconds
You leave me rather quite helpless
Cant run, cant hide, its like you read my mind

But despite it all I'm glad
Because for someone who has always been alone
It's nice to be part of a pack
No seriously please send help
I never saw it coming
You were just the guy that sat next to me every day I was stuck in a class I couldn't stand
And one day it just hit me
It was like someone had turned on the lights
And you looked so different to me

From there it was a downhill *****
Almost like skiing
Slow at first
And then faster than ever
And for me with an abundance of mishaps

Once it hit me I began to notice all the little things
I'd get nervous having lunch with you
And I was beyond terrified when you saw me in my suit
Movie nights left me second guessing body language
And when you weren't around you were in my head

And it didn't stop there
From aware to curious soon I was done
Much like skiing
I had fallen

Good thing you were there to pick me back up and hold me tight
Silly little poem I guess
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