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You were the Japanese Denim
And I the Parisian Oxford
Bubbling in old polaroid, in suits and dress
Like bachelors at a jazz bar

Each note flourished into a riverbed of roses.  
Gentle raindrops on a red, turquoise rug,
Your golden arms and marvels,
And you pulled my necktie and kissed me,
Where the balcony was kind.
A breeze of Lalique, O woman, and a beardless me.
Une nuit sensationnelle!

“Remember the bar maid and the butcher boy?
Tattered dirt road wagon on the moor?
A ship of napkins and a house of cards?
The rags, the stains, and the stinks?”
Let us lift our grail, the Destiny’s gift
And celebrate our nuclear, indestructible love
Une nuit cérémonieuse!

Your royal Bachelorette, my lady,
I will chisel your name in the celestial body
To make this glorious night immortal
With this new ballad, my bootless cries.
A candle to me, a candle to you
For our dauntless youth, our pride.
Till the raven finds my eyes hollow,
Withered, frayed, and lone
My silver crown will bellow in the dark
To your name
Une nuit spectrale!
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being in her arms
felt like home
and in her embrace
i found endless summers
i pray that i'll one day be able to tell you how i feel
and when that day comes
you'll feel the same
then we'll scream from the rooftops
and sing of our love

until then
i'll whisper it into the night
hoping the moon
gives you my regards
you drew me in
and spun me round
as we danced
our little dance
some might call it
a romance

you looked at me
my heart did race
you lead on
picking up the pace

and in the moonlight
you looked
simply incredible
oh darling,
you make me forget
the unforgettable
As this Equinox fades, and

Autumn's royal pageant begins,

The sun sets earlier, though

My bare limbs 

Still long for

Surf and heat on

Unending afternoons.
Oh! Tonight
A sharp fatigue looms


Behind my eyes. 

Do you hear them?

Songs of wishes raging

Having not been sated

Must for another season

Rest, though yet untamed!

How devastating,

The veil between Joy and Despair.
What I fail to remember, is that

We walk that line together. 

They're pushing us from

All around, I know you feel it. 
They've made it near impossible 

To love ourselves truly -- 

Never mind each other,

We are obliged 

To steal it.
Channel it directly
Right from the Source, 

If we can harness
The Technology, of course.
And so
 as the darkness
Descends over the

Summer like lace
Hold me all night

In a dreaming embrace.
I'm sitting beside your grave,
black and red candles around,
waiting for the sign you'd send
from wherever you are.

You were never good,
but again,I wasn't too.
I should be watching out for smoke;
one of those silly Molotovs of yours.

Put a collar and a leash on me,
show me your favorite crypts,
at night give me some space
and let me sleep in there with you.

We don't need food,
there are plenty of worms to share,
my only need is you,
and you can't run from me
when we're both down here.
I have dirt between my teeth
Between my bed sheets
It falls out of my hair every time I move
It’s beneath my fingernails
no amount of scrubbing will make them clean
I’m always knee deep
in the graves of all the people I have loved
I keep digging them up
Every time I fall asleep
since I’m sure I've made a mistake
Only to bury them a little deeper
When I don’t like what they have to say
I could make your face out of the stars
I know it that well
Sen 4h
I believed in you.
I think we all did.

But you just took the throne;
And became King.

Without me, or them.
We were just pawns, weren't we?

But even so, I was there to provide aid.

I wanted to see you achieve victory..
With me, right by your side.

But I never realized you weren't seeing the same things I was.

How foolish could I be?

But I can't help but think..
If I had just taken the risk, and asked..

Maybe things wouldn't have turned out like this.
Maybe there could've been a different path.

Though I just couldn't see what you were seeing;

A world with no one else.

A world without them.
A world without me.

How foolish could I be?

Then again.. it was my mistake.
But maybe, there was just no choice.
They say:
If you think of something long enough
You will manifest it into reality
But I've imagined us so many times
And I'm still without you
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