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You fly off
Head held high

Soaring through disarray
Cutting a clear path straight down the middle of the chaos

Reaching unbelievable

Past cloud 8
All the way to 9 and 10
Because cloud 9 wasn't good enough for you
Dear God,
I am sorry, for hurting myself.
I am sorry, for blaming her for all my sorrows.
I am sorry, that I couldn't find the strength in myself to let go her,
To bare the sight of her being in love with someone else.

I realized that its okay that she is not in love me. I realized its good that she is in love with someone who makes her happy.
I am truly happy that she is happy.

I know you'll have something in store for me, I am gonna forgive myself for all the pain that, I put myself through and I am gonna do what makes me happy. I am not at peace now but I am sure I will find it someday.

A withered Soul.
dearest pc tree
whisper things
soft nlow bout eight babes
"until then pretend
I didn't go."If I knew it then
I'd be back loving you again"
I'd come flying to you
"I'd hold you and love you long
dear and precious don't die
I'm dieing for you to live breathe
I didn't walk away.
"I'd give my life to save yours."***
Ok little buddy, I'm not going to stop..
so you're just gonna have to figure it out.

One more time--

there is nothing whatsoever unreal in you
but the unholy filter so unfairly placed  in to
you so very long ago..

and it is through that filter
that the beautifully clear view
of your beautifully true self
is made obscure.

When you are unable to see your own true self,
you are also then unable to feel it..
and it is within all of those  unfelt  moments
that you most harshly judge yourself.

Think about it, young dream..
how fair would a judge be if he can't even see
or picture the person who is standing before him?
Yet look at you go--  saying that you are unreal inside

when the problem  all along is the filter..
that was never even your own doing.

And here you are yet again,  only surrounding yourself
with those who only know how to interact with  the you
that has succumbed to the ever-obsuring ways  of that
god-forsaken filter..  
                and I wonder, young beautiful..
                are you ever going to give it all  a chance?

I could say so much to you right now,
but I think I'll instead just shut up and go to sleep.

Goodnight.. sleep tight.
May you so very beautifully heal, as you sleep.

Kisses, sweet friend. xoxo

Go out and get yourself that boat, beautiful girl. xox
Pedro 7h
Like a broken clock
I'm yours twice a day
once awake
then in dreams
Exerting true power
I bloom
Into the flower
Of the present.
by this man-made lake
a steady drizzle hums,
the sun, yesterday’s news
as nature’s palette turns green and gray.

staring into the gun metal sky
she nuzzles her hennaed hair
into his gandhian lap,
mesmerized by the pitter patter
she dubs, as tears from heaven.

a bow-shaped stone bridge on the near horizon,
red-eared sliders floating on the water,
the pencil thin architectural skyline,
even the floating melancholy mute swan
beckons monet to rise like the phoenix
and have a second go at whimsical life

but not me,
with a cornucopia of life-scars to show,
and a ticking clock that’s monotonously relentless,
this trip to the crease better be
the last time at bat

© 2022
Heart and soul, the symphony orchestra of your
beauty’s chords. I wrote you a note,—
a love letter with a fountain pen;
Ink lines fine tuned, emotions filled in words.

The sounds of trees blowing in a summer wind,
a palm holding onto birds singing morning secrets in
my ears. The ocean tackling tides, of love in waves.
The blue I see; kissing you with joyful tears.

A minor occurrence; in these major keys,
fiddling to find the right one to the lock.
The song of love isn’t the same for all,
An interlude—lyrics of love, her and I both sing.


Calm yourself--your anxious feelings,
and hungering eyes. Let the sound of love move
you off your feet. Under stars of ball room lights,
dancing together. I’ll be waiting darling till
you and I meet.
We didn't live in fairytales and I wanted to live under the love veils,
but our love was more like a tragedy because
you thought my shaking hands were an earthquake
you tried to hold me even though you knew you would ache
You said my broken skin was art
But you left me when we were apart
I found a rope hanging at where you murdered my heart once
There was no blood, just me screaming so loud
The sky drew the line between night and light
and I could almost feel your hands in this chaotic sight
I loved you with every single bone of mine
But I was never your once upon a time
Yashika 18h
Rain, rain come again...
with lots of hope in my lane...

For some rain is evokes love and excitement..
for some rain is messy and violent...
for some rain brings serenity..
for me rain is necessity....

I love drenching myself in rain
to wash my tears away...
forget what had happened...
and dance in mizzle once again..

rain has always been benediction..
as it had intensified couples passion ...
farmers find salvation...
while for me downpour is divinity...

Rain, rain ..come again
with lots of happiness on my lane...
a wonderful poem for showing love for rain....
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