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Hussein Dekmak Aug 2022
The Dawn is rising.
The Sun is shining.
Bees are buzzing.
Birds are humming.
Butterflies are dancing.
Clouds are forming. 
Rain is falling.
Water springs are flowing.
Meadows are chanting.
Flowers are blossoming.
Mountains are bowing.
Natures is playing a melody with magnificent beauty.

Hussein Dekmak
Jenish Jun 2022
A little baby dear Daffodil
Teasing me with her fiddle
Robbing my heart, in my mind
Dancing free, an angel find!

Beneath the way, I belittled shackles
Closing near her, fingers crackles
Alas! A bee, a wilful warrior
Driven me back, a startling barrier.

"Around a month, about an aeon
Waiting for this bud to be born
Away you go, alone that way
The flower is mine, let us play."

Wush! A wind flush my foe
Swirling like a cotton fro
"The flower is mine, away you bee
Longing for the fragrance flee."

While we three, averred free
Behind the tree, the daffodil plea
"Let the wind cuddle my fragrance
And you bee, ******* joyance."

And then the beauty gone with me
Back to home, we walked in glee
Heavenly souls, leaves their virtue
In their kindness, we hold life true.
Daffodil, wind, Bee, Virtue
Andy Chunn Jun 2022
It’s not easy to be a bee
Our crowded view of life
Sometimes the only thing I see
Are trouble, toil and strife

We search to find the source of food
Then hurry to the hive
We hype the others in the mood
With waggle dance and jive

The queen, protected and aloof
Not like all the others
She is the sign and living proof
When smoke comes and smothers

Work and waggle, my daily chore
Then search a place to hide
Being a bee is so much more
When dodging pesticide

I’m a worker, and not a drone
I hope that you can see
When you harvest sweet honeycomb
It tough being a bee
Brian Turner Mar 2022
The first bee landed on the open
tulip just then
He stopped and worked away
Did you see it?

He wasn't interested in me or the the news
Just focused on his work
and left....
First bee
A man gets lost in a rose garden
A lady is there, take care of everything
As a bee that flies between the petals
As a butterfly that lands
As contested nectar
Flowers offer beauty
A man gets lost and doesn't come back
A lady will be taken away
The garden that was once beautiful
is now growing thick and wild,
even more beautiful than before
The nature takes care of what humans cannot care for or neglect
And the bees and butterflies rejoice
Indonesia, 26th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Chelsea Rae Sep 2021
I saw weeds peaking through cement cracks, and I thought,

"Thank god humans could never bury you, Mother Earth,
Even if we tried."

I gazed along the leaves and long vines stretching out for sun,
And my eyes landed on a small, pretty, yellow flower growing too.

I looked to the sun and smiled and back at the flower and saw
A fly had landed there, washing his paws.

And then I wondered if flies ever wish they were bees
and instead of living in ****, wish they made honey.
Sometimes I feel like a fly just tryin to be a Bee.
Abunde Jun 2021
Once upon a time, there was a little me
A courageous little dude that caught a bee
It buzzed, and buzzed in the jar
It buzzed and buzzed till it fell onto the floor
The jar broke and it flew right out the door
I tried to catch but it was too fast
I chased it on my bicycle till my tire burst
Watched it fly higher than a kite
It flew far out of sight
I couldn't catch the bee
And again it was just lonely me
She is the bee and I the catcher, hoping to be, I let go just to hold on
Goddess Rue Jun 2021
Butterflies flutter,
Utters of lethal lustre,
Seeped in like sugar.
You sting like a bee,
My source of honey,
Will you fly away?
Or build a home of wax with me?
Nick Stiltner Jun 2021
Ah, once more a day in vacant rays
A webbed window, cracked gently to let the breeze by.
a minute an hour,
a bee lands on a flower
succumbing to desire,
a move with a purpose
It’s assuredness I admit breaks a chunk from my confidence

What is what isn’t what could what couldn’t
Is of no concern to a bee, imagine how free that would be
A beetle crawling up the bark of a tree,
Oh, just for an instant
I wish I could see the life that you see!
Juliana Apr 2021
twenty students in
perfect little rows
worker bees in training

a crooked child
shakes his hand
a silent celebration

he knows the answer

it is not one
of math or science

he cannot tell you
who won the war
but he can tell you
what makes the world

he can tell you
that knowledge is
about more than
just facts

that what’s interesting
isn’t always what’s

behind those
failing grades and
messy locker
is a child who longs
to learn
a child who is
a child who
isn’t meant to be
just another
worker bee

some children
are meant for more
then the target
of a flower
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