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Beulin S S Oct 10
Bee and flower

They love each other...

honey abducted from the hive;

Bloomed flowers beheaded...

They love each other;

Both departed without farewell...

Love exists in sweetness and fragrance;

Used by us, their love is our bait.
Love between bee and flower turns as a bait for humans
Allesha Eman Sep 30
In a moment of serendipitous sweetness
You grimace bitterly,
you do not like walking down paths
covered in roses.
You would rather wallow alone,
Coughing up reasons
to be angry at this shallow world,

But it follows you buzzing
even when you’ve muted your colours.
Jasmine Reid Sep 21
i hate the weeds but i love the bees that
keep me company
passing times
The lights of ruby, emerald and opal burned the city in their shaking sparkle and illuminated deep violet of September evening - tinkling little jewells (one was bound to remember their illumination) - they connected it all ; rib - like, of such symetric form - with so wide a scope - dreamy little candles, dreary little eyes - what have they made of all the rest? Then, suddenly, a pen broke it all, drew a crack in the city, broke it in half - but the lights lost little of their beauty - like a wild berries ready to be eaten - a voice cried in unfamiliar tone - how could you ever let it all go, look up for a sparrow, a thrush, a bee, rest your eyes upon a child's grave, how will you leave fae queen? By these dear lights I will find my way through thick leaves and bushes and grapevine, soon I will be out to reach for unknown things, alone, with the brightness of dark, as it will illumine the face of all known.
I will know what there is to know.
I will dazzle in the light.
I will rest in the shadow.
The words will cover me with no fright.
Laokos Sep 11
you've never been
more beautiful
than when i
don't know you

all that
hidden skin
raw furnace

every drop
of light that
kisses your
is an invitation
to rise
like the
sun and shower
you in

every orbit
of your
celestial body
my flames
to lick and
as we spin
through each


so close

threaten my
with eruption
as you
pass by

tipped *******
twelve o'clock
on top
of orchid
petaled hips
perfuming my
garden of

i want to
do to you
what the
bee does
to the lily
How doth the merry little lamb
     Whose fleece is white as snow,
And who was born a very ram,
     A-frolic to and fro.

He sports and plays, doth safely graze,
     And spots a busy bee;
And then a minute he doth chase
     The bug with mirthful glee.

A minute more, he's crying out,
     And bleating with dismay.
The bee has stung him on the snout
     And marred his splendid day!

Beware, the bee is only friend
     To others of his kind.
The stinger on his latter end
     Was made for lambs to mind.
a wafer
on a
bee that
said enough
to her
workers how
this milky
flavor with
pone would
butterfly the
Queen as
Ester said
a ruleless
bunch there
was made
of gold
in mambo
a dance with a note
Raul M Murray Jul 18
Woman your pretty as a flower
Scented like the dainty petals
I’m attracted to you like a bumblebee
Is to honey, I love you glamour
I fly to other sweet flowers
Savouring the fragrance of mother nature
I buzz back, your above the rest and better
Makes me want to sample your spirit
Lipstick colour like a petal, eyes that glitters
Fluttering around as your hips flow in the wind
Winnie Pooh even comes for the nectar
Every bee approaches to pollinate
A floret perfect for mankind
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