By Arcassin Burnham

I know that you think shes beautiful,
And I know that you think that she'll
be better drifting off to sleep with you,
Walks on the beaches in your picture
And though you like her so, she still wants to make fun and ridicule you,
I'm starting to think you like that,
Wanna leave feelings , they fight back,
Not lying to yourself is a fact,
That love is not good when it is no
match , for chemistry,
Let her be,
Let her dream,
About the guy that she should have took,
Pregnant and her baby daddy left , its all over
Charlie 1h
That intense pain we caused Eachother
Not of flesh but
Day after day
Night after night
Then it stopped.
No more arguing
No more fighting
No more hating
And yet somehow I miss it?
How can I miss the awful times we went through?
Izlecan 6h
Once again her ashen crust cleaves , for its once aught to be sought.
In thou curiosity, heft the crude mud, brief a dawn to
the gravity of an intricate craft,
Where thee defy and 'tis a waking howl
Where a flock betrays its trace, flees behind a fowl.
Fowl, shaped upon by the call,
Leads to a world of faux strays,
Where the bodies sway under the moon
But sleeps upon the day.
Nocturnal breaths intertwine around,
Welcoming them into a warm embrace:
Where it is born 'dreamily' to eternally haze.
In no time, the march creates a howl too
That obeys the dance of calamity,
But her refusal hides under a tongue
For it is a refuge, kept under the safety.
After all, it's matriarchy, crumbling a feet of the tantrum,
The wind guffaws, sways to the luminous olive trees;
Where a nest of refugees crawl upon,
Chirping freely to the motion of adversary,
to a moment of cleft.
Thus, it's the mother nature that heaves above all
As if blowing a floral and once again, livid breath.
In its deed, she incessantly cries fugues,
As if a virtuoso morphed upon the death.
Upon lulling the sweet mortality into clay,
Then it strolls around, surreptitiously,the plenitudes of bodily heft,
then heading hither a flaw;
When the day and night sleeps, until the rituals nudges, an absolute,
No sense.
eF 17h
They all want to know
What my story is but don't
Take time to read it.
Calling yourself a friend only helps YOU sleep at night.
Haleigh 23h
The horror, the rain,
The misery, the pain.
The factors of teenagehood
And its ghostly being.

From nasty rivalry,
The silver teardrops quench the
Hunger of discaring boys.
They move on to their next victim.

Words like love, hate, bitch,
Are thrown around and toyed with.
Teenage socialism is a witch,
Sweeping misery across the generation.

Heartbreaking, the look in their eyes,
Well up with tears, victims to lies.

Teenagehood, it grasps you
By its crooked claws.
From your peace, it rips apart
Your soul and leaves damage in its trail.

Why do we have to suffer?
Why can’t we return to the world?
The world we loved and cherished.
Toys and songs, now perished.

Puberty, hatred, fear,
They all add up to one phase in life.
With its treacherous fangs.
Hurt from distrust brings misery near.

With sympathy to all,
For a long journey ahead.
Hold on to your sanity,
For the reason you have previously read.
I miss you,
But I know you don't.
I wish you would,
But I know you won't.

I miss your (pained) smile,
And the way that you walked.
The way you (never) really,
Listened when I talked.

I miss the words your said,
Your advice I would (never) need.
How when we walked,
You would always (make me) lead.

I miss the way you (didn't) acknowledge me,
How you were always three steps ahead.
The way you would (never) hug me,
No matter what I said.

I miss you,
And I will forever.
It's ok if you forget me,
As I know our bond will never sever.
Ever since I was 7 my older brother has suffered from a type of OCD that is contamination oriented and unfortunately their OCD sees me as the source of the contamination. Because of this I have not been able to see my brother or have contact with them for over 2 years and even before that we had a very strained relationship. This poem is about the feeling of both loving and hating someone but still missing them for both reasons.
honeyed 1d
when you slipped your hands around my neck,
that is where i snapped.
i drove the knife into your back
and i knew there was no going back
your scream of anguish was so harmonious with my sadistic laughter.
oh promiscuous boy,
this would be the last time you broke my heart
she hath returned!
just a little something i whipped up so everyone knows im still alive haha
Have you ever felt alone? That not one person can understand what’s going on in your head. And you can’t understand the hell your mind is being put through. You can’t process emotions anymore. You don’t know what Love feels like or hate. Your just empty. And the saddest thing is. You don’t know why your like this. And you probably never will.

                              With love,
Untampered proof,
Nobody cares to notice,
Because they are to busy,
Bustling to Starbucks,
And getting to their work a day lives,
Getting their unsustainable,
Toiling away time,
Ignoring the world around them,
Oh look another notification.
I wanna write something,
so vulgar it’s bad.
Something when you read,
you get so fucking mad.

I wanna touch on those insecurities,
that only I knew about.
I wanna push all those buttons,
till your crying out loud.

I wanna curse you,
tell you that I hope you’re miserable.
I wanna break you down,
till your a pile of dribble.

I want to rage at you,
and put a hole through the wall.
I want to scream at you till,
you feel fucking small.


I want to tell you I love you,
even through it all.
I want to do all these things,
cause I feel two inches tall.

I want to tell you I’m sorry,
and that it’s ok,
and that I still think about you,
and wonder if you’re happy today.

I wanna look in your eyes,
to see if the grass was greener after all.
And if it turns out it wasn’t,
I’d tell you not to feel small.

I want to give you advice,
and to re-know your heart.
I want all the things,
that we had from the start.

I’m a walking contradiction,
with that I’m on terms,
but I guess I never stopped loving you,
through the crashes and burns.

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