Skylar 2h
You know better than anyone that I hate to be a coward
But I also hate confrontation.
You see I don’t see this conversation being any better face to face.
And after all, you know me better than most,
Better than everyone really
So you know this isn’t easy for me.
We’ve been through a lot together. Some good ups, some horrific downs.
But I think I’m done.
I can’t do this to myself anymore.
I can’t keep sacrificing myself and my happiness for you.
I can’t keep breaking down because of something you’ve said
Things you’ve made me do
You’ve worn me down, let me lean on you through my darkest times.
But I think I’m strong enough now to stand on my own two feet. I think I’m strong enough to let you go, to remove you from my life, for a better me.
We’ve been together so long now that you’re inhibited a steady portion of my life, but I just, I don’t think I can be this unhappy anymore.
So I’m letting you go. Setting you free. I can’t be what you need and I’m sorry.
I’ve slept in your bed of regrets and I’m ready to wake up
This is hard for me. I never thought I’d get to this place but I’m here and you can’t be here with me.
I’m not happy and I’m sorry
I don’t love you and I’m sorry
I never have
An ode to my body image
Bailey 8h
It hurts
I feel something
I just wish
It could have been
Instead of
Ammar 13h
you don't want to love me
you just want to use me
for pleasure
for fun
not to stay longer than
a few months
just another summer fling
with someone familiar
someone who won't poison your mind
someone to ease your soul
you don't want me
to wife you
just someone for another
sunday morning brunch
and friday night fuck

darling (I mean bitch)
I am not someone
to fill your empty heart
and empty mine
just for the "fun" of it
I don't want to lose
more than the everything
that I've already lost
to you & your lies
to your needs & wants
to your wishes & dreams
I gave myself to you
and you took that away
I can't let you take the nothing
that's left behind

you're afraid
to knock at my door
and I'm afraid
to open it
Main aaya
aik nahin....kai baar aaya
bas tune nahin pehchaana
What even is love?
It’s the word that brings two people together
But it was also love that bought us apart
You can still love someone else
When you swore your heart to someone else
You know
The sad truth is
So many people are not in love and together
More than
People are in love and together
Hate Love Hate Love Hate Love Hate
Stacey 1d
I liked us better
When we didn't speak
When our hate was silent
And I could hate in peace
Now words sprout from your lips
Like mold and decease
Call it my fault for asking
How have you been?
I stare you in the face,
And wonder if you ever loved me at all.
You were there to follow for the chase,
But you ran away from the fall.

I believed that I was different from the rest,
I would be the one to fix you.
I fell for the heartbeat symphony in your chest,
I trusted you through and through.

For this I was a fool.

This marks the first poem,
That is all about you and what we were,
About how you left me broken,
And the reason I can't blame only her.
No one will probably care about the relationship struggles of a 15 year old, but for those who might be interested stay tuned for more insight into what really happened behind the curtain of denial I hid behind and how I came to accept the truth.
skyler 1d
remember the boy at the window in the white button down?
and the girl grinning from inside?
remember the two of them sitting under the moon covered in bug spray and each others arms?
remember them talking about a future they claimed they wanted?
remember the look in their eyes when they saw each others faces?
remember how happy they seemed?

turns out, they're liars

that boy called her outside to taste her skin and kept her in his back pocket so on his bad nights he could take her out and pour himself into her to forget his problems. he did not love the girl, she was simply an addition to his body count.

that girl wrote shitty poetry and told everyone she was great to hide the fact that she wanted to scream and burn every reminder of that boy from her memory because she knew she was just an object. she told the stars she did not love him and her subconscious filled her dreams with his face.

they were filthy liars,
hooked on the idea of love

Murder, murder, come and see
What this monster could do.
There's blood on the curtains too,
Everywhere that's surrounding
That poor, inert and cold body,
Who could do such thing?
Would you dare look into the eyes
Of this terrible beast?

Murder, murder, oh, poor thing,
She was so young, soon to be gone,
Right there, in the outside world
Not like this, how much hatred
Could make this person dissappear.
Pale skin and big brown eyes
Full of such passion and hope
Until, without any warning sign
Someone decided to slit her throat.
Such beauty with no comparison
At least that's what they all say;
Beautiful words, never spoken before.

Murder, murder, this iron scent,
It makes my nostrils want more
Who would have known that I,
The most hated little being
Will ever have the guts to spill
So much blood in only one spot.
I could have gone somewhere else,
Now it's too late to get lost.

I have to pay for my terrible crime,
My poor heart's too weak to be locked.
kk 1d
I heard the alarm burst last night
Put me in the driveway, the smoke in the sky
Veiled the moon and flames ripped the roof
House down, house down

I sat on the sidewalk, barefoot with crisp hair
Heard sirens scream and babies scared
Crying for holy water and the dormant gods
Heaven down, heaven down

They told me I would be safe
If I stayed put where I was laid
I scorned these streets and scorched the people
Who marched through puddles unafraid

I am the candle who’s met its match
Stripped down to the wick and molten wax
Smell the charred roses and barbequed grass
Woman down, woman down

I see red and feel the sting
Sparks dancing on my fingertips
Pinching them shut, they turn to ash
I refuse to burn this city down.
Even the most beautiful places can look grim when seen through a pair of resenting eyes.
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