before you get your mind set on hating someone
stop and think about the others who love them
everyone has someone who appreciates them for their good  
stop and think
why it is that their desirable side is not radiating towards you,
do you shine towards them?
or do you
block their light?
everyone deserves to have a chance in showing their soft side
it is impossible to show everyone your best form of self
you would be left with no layers of identity
Constant pressure to show everyone the truest side of yourself that you wish you could always reflect
bri 5h
Never trust anyone,
best advice I've ever been given.
But do I listen?
I know I can't trust a soul
but yet around I go,
letting people break down my walls
when they have no intention of helping me
build it back up
if it ever comes crashing down.

I can feel the bricks I let you pick
away from my shield
tumble down
around me now.
It takes my breath away,
with each brick that hits me
bruising my already battered heart.

Now, I am under rubble
stuck under my own broken walls
I built to protect myself
from men like you.

And here I know,
I have to start over.
Am I able to build my wall high enough
to keep out the next one who tries to steal my heart
& heal myself from all the wounds
I've caused myself from letting the wrong ones in?
plural -s
: a solitary wanderer
and even when I love you
I still hate you
for what you did to me
for what it continues to do to us
Haleigh 18h
I do not know the feeling of popularity,
nor the feeling of being hated by all.
I'm just in the middle.
I'm me
By Arcassin Burnham

Probable and necessary to overcome and pursue you,
I know , your trust issues don't really have things to do,
but , butt in your life like every man is a disaster,
I don't do stupid shit to make you change your mind faster,

Don't you be one of those guys to try and tell me that you
care for me and end up wasting my whole time by cheating on me,
that Is what you said said said said said said said said.

Posting statuses about how you didn't mean to hurt my feelings
knowing you had all these girls on your damn phone,
hope thats not what I get get get get get get get get.

I can make it right,
show you that every man is not a piece of shit,
Show you that the men you've dated couldn't act like this,
fill your life with love and bliss,
I can make it right,
show you that every man is not a piece of shit,
Show you that the men you've dated couldn't act like this,
fill your life with love and bliss.


killing time more than we need to be seen in a pale
moonlight of desperation here,
You're a main occupation here,
drowning in my own lust i had swam just to get as far as i could,
to be a gentleman to you and your need treating you like a queen
like a should,
like Cinderella losing the slipper,
or snow white waking up from the kiss,
in our minds , in due time to make underneath the moon in pure bliss,
hey there you are ! where did you go the first time?
did my love not reach your soul and kept you lifted this time?
was i coming onto too strong because my attraction was real?
Or did we just spend this whole evening without my feelings spilled?
tell me what i did so i could fix it,
pushing towards our further sins,
pacing back and fourth like this was race , who'll finish then?
Poison Ivy.
I must admit, I always questioned your ability to reciprocate the love that I deserve.
History has it that your charm and poison has a way of shinning through to people just like the way you got me.

Poison Ivy.
What was it that lured me to you? I think it was the way you pulled me in. As gentle as a dove and as wise as serpent. With every smell, every touch, as innocent as they appeared you took my breathe away.

Poison Ivy.
Will my last words ever be as sensual as your first touch? Did my eyes light up as my adrenaline rushed? Poison, friendship, love.... these words have become mundane and such.

Poison Ivy.
Will you still care for me? Is it better that we’re no longer friends? Even after I’ve chosen to die  and become vulnerable for you?
Riptide 21h
I feel it so often
Maybe too often
I have broken things
I have barley anyone left holding me down
Because if I stand up I will snap
I hate who I am
Because all I feel is anger
Why do I feel these emotons all the time
Why am I unstable...
I guess...
No one will ever know
Not even me
Because I am unstable
And filled with anger
I truly want to let out my happiness that I keep locked up like a percious stone at a museum never used
I guess I will stay this way
Because life is supposed to look up
Life never looks up
For me that is
Am I just unlucky?
Or hated that much
I am like glass
Left untouched I am clear and perfect
But thouched I am smudged and disgusting
I hate myself
This world
I should
not live in it anymore
But I deserve the pain this world puts me through
I will live only for the pain
For the pain
the first and second ... are two people but the last ... is other there subconscious talking to them their "devil"
You come and you go.
My door is always slamming.

You go in
And you go out
Never asking for help,
But taking it anyway.

There's no shame
If there's nothing pure to begin with,
If there's nothing I can call mine.
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