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mjad 17h
I tell myself everyday I don't care about him at all
He's a thing of the past come and gone
But I heard a story and was enthralled the entire conversation long
I wasn't eavesdropping my friend just decided to share
I don't need to know his business and I tell myself I don't care
But his father is leaving and his ex has moved on
His mother is mad and his work nights are long
He had the chance to have sex but won't say with who
I doubt anyone besides me came close (and I was faking the orgasms too)
He keeps pursuing a girl who rejected him once more
He cut off two of his friends now he is left with just four
I tell myself I don't care about his life,
But if you know anything...tell me more
alone 18h
I want to love you
But you make it so hard
With your shield of thorns and brier
But I don’t mind
Even as I bleed
I don’t mind
I’ll still keep trying to get close
Even as you ruin my heart
I’ll get another one
Even as you strangle me
I’ll be without air
Even as you eviscerate me
I’ll still see the rose
The rose you hold so tight
And I’ll wait
In pain
And agony
Until the rose blooms
If that is when you’ll accept my love
I’ll be here
And if you are the end of me
I’ll die happy
Knowing I died loving you
Through it all
Through the cosmos
Through our fabric
Through it all
I want you to know a single thing
And this one thing you can hold as true
I love you
tbh i don't know where these love poems come from.
they kinda just... happen.
Someone who can see
The stars in his room
Anywhere he wanted
Or didn't
The stars follow him
Someone who's so exhausted
But the lights wont relent
And the world is bent
Every moment
Bursting with energy
New thoughts and ideas
Each one a star
That follows him
Because they wish to be free
Free from his gravity
From this dark aura
That surrounds his every word
Coats his every gaze
At night he cries
How badly he wants to set his creations free
How badly he wants them to see
The world unfiltered
He wishes everyone could see
These beautiful little lights
That feel all he does
For now, it will only be him
Him and his stars
Sometimes I feel like I belong with the stars. A constellation to be told about, but never truly known.
Ray Casey 20h
Vile filth devouring the masses,
slanderous words invokes these ashes!
Intolerable people shaping the world,
disgusting comments viciously hurled,    
back stabbing persons are always mean,  
wide eyed innocence, perfectly obscene!

Slavery to distortion and their failure to see
that they themselves are persecuting thee!
Holding perfect minds, their final conclusion,
yet with savage hearts they live this illusion!
Captive to themselves there’s no toleration,
innocence to them is the perfect aggravation!

Vicious animals that dominate this land
blatantly screech their repugnant demands!
Humiliation you’ll suffer not following their cause,
despicable abuse with unending remorse.
Becoming their muse most will be rendered,
following the crowd, capitulate and surrender!

White supremacists, Black peoples rites,
yellow skinned Asians, red Indian plights,
nation against nation under man’s rule,
suppressing each other, damn we are fools!
Man demands rights, who cares who he hurts,
forget all else and let everything burn!

Comfort zones suit where our love is existing,
outside of that we are always resisting,
anything different or any type of change,
comes ridicule and frustration we are deranged!
Where is true love and common decency?
Lost in hate so tragically!!!
I’m screaming murder!
Bloody murder!
But no one’s listening
They pass by my pool of blood
And call it painted water
Why can’t they see?
Or are they purposely blind to me?

Where has my blood gone?
I see it pouring out knife wounds I can no longer see
Vision fading
Vision faulty
I’m screaming murder! I’m screaming atrocity!
I’m screaming “please don’t hurt me!”
I scream and I scream
But my screams are just whispers
To their ears

Why did they murder me?
I’ve done nothing worthy
I am not worthy of their hate

Perhaps when I’m gone
I’ll come back as an angel
Perhaps when I’m an angel
They won’t want to hurt me

Perhaps if I’m an angel
I won’t feel like an outcast
Perhaps I’ll be better when I’m gone...
Marzia 1d
my lips still feel the saltiness
after mumbling your name
and I still cannot swallow the words
with water freezing in my lungs
my skin burns from your touch
and blood is boiling in my veins
soon, I will be nothing more than a tinge
and you will lay me on your tongue

tell me,
what does my love taste like to you
going round in circles
Shadow 1d
You see my
Scars my hate
Towards myself you
Stare at me
I stare back
My eyes are
Dull but with
Pain and loneliness
You just looked
I hide the
Scars of my
Past you wonder
Why I have
Them but I
Just cover them
Up with my
Sleeve all you
See is my
Fake smile that
Doesn't do much
But to hide
My past the
Past of self injury
You don't know
How much I
Felt so worthless
So lonely so
Broken that I
Hide away into
The heart of
Tharuki 2d
you said you would be there for me
i believed your manipulative lies
i fell in love with you and trusted you
the things we used to do together
i'm suddenly doing alone and
i have no one to talk to anymore
you broke your promise, you left me
like everyone else.
you replaced me so quickly
am i that easy to get over
cold and hurt on the bathroom floor
i will lie there for the rest of my life
and my heart will always be with you
because it left when you left
and maybe that's why it hurts so bad
Negative + Negative  =  A Greater Negative Outcome
Positive + Positive = A Greater Positive Outcome

And then we know...
A lesser negative + a greater positive = an in-between-the-two positive
A lesser positive + a greater negative =  an in-between-the-two negative

and a Positive * a Positive = a MUCH greater positive

but... explain how the flipp'n heck this is possible...

Negative * Negative = Positive...
When will a negative, times a negative, equal a positive in this lifetime... when will a positive solution be revealed...
I hate math...
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