In order to show their displeasure
At the Rising Tide
Of Misogyny and Sexism in the United States,
Many women  are now  dying their hair Purple,
They act Uppity and Aloof,
Superior to any fella'
Who ain't got the Dough.
I wonder if that Purple Hair
Will protect these pseudofeminists from the Bullets
When the Alt-Right Neo-Nazis
Open fire on their Women's March?
They might want to think
Of Working to Developing
An authentically inclusive Sense of Community
Rather than counting on Purple Hair
To protect them
Like a charm.

The shackles of society,
Placed upon us at birth,
A makeshift prison,
Man made for himself,
A cage of his own design,
Traps man,
And removes his youth,
As if some beast,
Is stealing away his life,
Some vampiric force,
Perpetrated by reality.

Life is simply a gargantuan joke.
But not the type anybody laughs at.

We are sick of life's ridiculous tricks. Joking Evermore.
It wasn't even a laugh the first few times,
enjoy thyself nevermore.
I'm sick to death of the Universal frolicking.
Life thinks it's so funny,
   constantly Rollicking.

Life is just a gargantuan gag.
But not the type anybody enjoys.

sometimes the sky is black as hell
and there is nowhere to go to escape from its infinite void
and sometimes the rain drips down
from its steady black gaze and all is
wet and dank and the ground is
cement keeping feet
hostage and
a deep red pain
steals from you the light that once lived in your soul
and throws the light in the sky
so it will no longer be dark
and sometimes a star is born
but sometimes
                           its not.

sitting in a coffee shop
a man is grinning while
he stares at his laptop
the light from the screen
reflects off his glasses
and his eyes are great
white orbs and he
smiles and smiles and
all I can think is
that I will never
hear you sing again

cold cement under my feet
contemplating a deep colorful galaxy
humming to myself the tune we love
you are not mine
as the breath within my lungs is not mine
I take you in, and then you are gone
we are worlds apart
a century between us as we embrace
the soft night air is our home
adrift on a sea of doubts
lovers and friends
and at last friends
the universe expands
and you float away from me

I smoke a cigarette
at 11:30 p.m
it is cold
even with your absence
I am alive in a world that is home to you
that is enough

When I dusted off the counter today
I found something that was lost before

Jesus was there by the sink,
sitting down right next to the toaster
he looked at me and asked for a coaster
he and the cherubs were drinking diet soda,
and watching the ants eat my sugar

I asked him three questions
and hear what they are
why are you sitting by the toaster?
why in the hell would you want my coaster?
didn't I ask you to leave last summer?

Jesus said he wanted to live in my heart
first the counter
then my heart
what's next Jehova, my first born child?

yes actually he said, before he snorted and growled
I really do want your first born child
would you like a brochure for heaven?
its pretty wild there, and the bread's all unleavened

No thanks
No thanks

The up side
everyone knows your name

The down side
everyone knows your name

Toby 23h

I never know what I do.
Yet you always get so mad.
You never tell me.
You just don't give a fuck.
Am I worth that much?
I must be.
Why do I even bother?
I should just stop since you don't care.
Go do whatever you want, whoever you want.
Since I am worth nothing to you.

You undress me with your cold hands,
your breathing is shallow and cold against my skin.
Everything about you is cold,
when I know,
there is no love in your touch.
You want my body,
for a short while,
until your lust is sated.
Then you’ll have me gone until the next time your desire flares.
You whisper sweet nothings in my ear but I hear them from a corpse,
when I know,
there is no love in your voice.
You run your fingers through my hair
and sing me songs as I lie on your chest,
But to me, these are  lifeless hands and tuneless songs,
for I know,
there is no love in your caress.
You feign affection so well, it makes my stomach turn,
but honey,
I’m not a fool.
The butterflies in my stomach have dissolved into apathy,
and now,
I feel nothing, too.
Your ego is huge when you tell me I’ll never leave you,
but it seems,
you’ve learned nothing at all.
As the rain brings life in the spring
and the moon rules the tide,
as sure as the dawn,
it won’t be long ’til I’m gone.
You were Hades, keeping me in your skeleton grip,
in a loveless cycle of lust and disgust.
What you forgot, my dear, was that I was Medusa,
and the next time you look into my eyes and tell me,
in your cadaver’s voice,
from your dead, lying lips,
that you love me,
why, darling,
I’ll turn you to stone.

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