I hold the key
To my heart healing

I hold my breath and
When the door slams
We all go running
We're good at hiding
Shh! Stop crying!

You hold the key
To your heart healing
With every tear
Grace is Unlocking

When the door slams...

Domestic abuse is no joke, give yourself grace. I wish you joy ♡

The teapot awoke to find itself
Shattered on the floor
Looking up to see the enemy of plates
Pointing her towards the door
With an angry spout
she bulldozed the table
And down came the plates trying to catch
Themselves but weren't able
And all brushed up against the broom
Remaining pieces of themselves
scattered across the room
Tossed in the darkness of doom
To find themselves in the outcome of hate
And in turn regret their decisions
When it's far too late.


What can I say?
You didn't read the warning label.

Dangling from the ceiling, fluorescence like drunken accents dripping from the tongue, the fallacies we fashion into stars and let hang in our eyes, etc etc.

You know the story. You were there,

how in that light,
we almost looked human,

the city screaming around us, the dusty night engulfing everything.

I mean, even zippers have teeth,

so slam the window shut. Slam the door. Slam and slam and slam until my name doesn't matter anymore,

your eyes like the barrel of a gun, your eyes like headlights.

I'll be doing the same,

taking pictures out of their frames. It feels different that way, a naked memory.

doing the laundry, cutting up the furniture, spotlights for the spotlights. I know

you liked to think yourself a martyr for our love. I wish someone would've shut you up,

the skin in my teeth from chasing my own tail. You never forget the taste of blood.

Piss off, darling.
I have more important things to feel guilty about.

The nazis are coming
And I'm afraid.
The nazis are coming
Continuing to invade.

I want to hold every dear person I love,
keep them locked away
until they are gone.

They will scream, shout, and fight
And so would we
But this race war
Is not what this country needs.

So, when people like Bernie Sanders
Advocate "Socialism",
They think that the problem with Society
Is that it's UNFAIR.
If young people study hard and work hard,
It DOESN'T mean that they'll get a good job
And have a decent standard of living.
If you "play by the rules",
It doesn't mean that you'll be
So, a Socialist might RESTRICT
The Economic Privileges of the Wealthy
But, from a more CONSERVATIVE perspective
Socialism  encourages young people to PLAY BY THE RULES.
Work hard,
Study hard,
Be a Good Citizen
And you might not get rich,
But you'll have a decent life.
So, though I find President Donald Trump repugnant,
I CAN'T BLAME HIM for undermining Bernie's campaign.
This was the doings of the Democratic Party Elites
Including our former President, Barack Obama
Figured out a way
To publicly compare Senator Bernie Sanders
To Former President, George W. Bush.

I want so much to find life again
to feel the joy of sunshine and wind
to know that what is here that is me
will not come to a tragic end...

I have lost so much of me
the inhumanities around the globe
and so close to home
that I am unfortunately privy to see
haunt me from morning til night
and I wonder if ever
I again will have the fight
that it takes to make it on through
to reach out and touch this world
I no longer belong to--
so many are dying, so many are tortured
so many are hated
just for their beliefs, their skin, their
innocent beginnings
and their inability to win
in a world full of hate and disgust and
intolerance surrounding them and me--
do I even belong in this world
where love is no longer what sets us free?
©Pamela Rae 08.17.2017

I am so scared. Not only am I dealing with life threatening illnesses in my family, but the world events and domestic ones too are taking their toll.
I am beginning to wonder why I am in this kind of world.
Do I even belong? I came here to LOVE, to GIVE, to CARE
but there is so much HATE and ILL WILL out there.
I am so scared. (and horribly sad).
Please, is there any hope for me
in this world?
Khaniek 1d

Love is a misused word isn't it?
Every time you turn around there is something more beautiful that attracts and distracts you.
Tell me where your love rest here?
This love that leaves you breathless, that tatters your heart with every intake.
It pales in comparison.
Honestly I'm sick to death of this pretense.
Saying you care with your tears whilst screaming in my ear the words truer than you admit.
I'm next to hating you. No, I think I already do. It isn't the fear of love but this love itself that drives me insane.
This useless anger I feel when you are near. I hate it which in turn makes me hate you.
Of course these words are empty, much like the looks in your eyes when you smile.

Is the President of the United States,
Donald Trump
A Racist or not?
Well, it depends on what day
You ask the Question.

Crimson shimmers
bled from
when love died.

A carcass of
         emotions darkened
filling a void. A black rose

Conservatives cannot admit
that the White Nationalists were wrong
"But what about Black Lives Matter.
But what about the Alt-Left.
But what about what Fox News said.
But what about what our fucking cartoon of a president said."

Think for yourself.
You are feeling bad for Neo-Nazis.
They killed people.
They have a history of killing people.
They would kill everyone that isn't white.

This country has become disgusting.
A large portion is defending the actions of terrorists.
White Nationalists, ISIS--
They are, literally, the same.

You cannot be peaceful
when it comes to Nazis.
By sympathizing with them,
you are condoning them and creating more.
The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.
Be a fucking person,
think for yourself,
recognize true evil
when you see it,
you brainwashed fucks.

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