Unti unti kahit pinilit
Puso Kong dito na lang ba sasabit
Eto ka nakangiti at masaya
Pero ako sobrang pigil na
Hawak ko Rosas para saiyo
Inipon ko Simula agosto
Mahirap lang kasi ako
At gusto ko masabi na tong nararamdaman ko
Tumingin ka sakin mula paa hanggang ulo
Nanginginig nanaman ako
Pilit kong inabot Rosas na hawak ko
Habang nakayuko ang ulo
"Para San to?" Tanong mo
"Mahal Kita" sa wakas naamin ko
Tatlong hakbang palayo
"May boyfriend na ko"
4 na salitang nagpaguho sa mundo
Nabitawan ang rosas na hawak ko
At unti unting tumulo luhang pinigilan ko

sad ?

I hate myself.
I hate myself so much.
I hate the fact that I let you get to me so easily.
I hate the fact that I let you in.
I hate being a lone.
I'm surround by people, who must think Im invisible.
I can't eat, and I can't sleep.
I hate myself.
I hate myself so much.
I hate the fact that the only reason why you wanted me is, because you thought I was a virgin.
I hate the fact that the only reason why you loved me was because of my body.
I hate the fact that you can make feel so guilty.
I hate the fact that you talk to girls behind my back, when you're saying," I love you", to my face.
But mostly, I hate myself more.
I hate my body, my 3 AM break downs, and the fact that you never cared.

So what's behind this door
What? Could there be more?
Fuck it lets see what's there
Every once in awhile I'll pull your hair
Out of the waters that you drown with no care
Hmm walking talking waiting for the next call
Leading us to the lair
Like we don't know at all
That there's a miscommunication
But we'll treat it like a simulation
We'll keep working in the dealings
Finding another reason to deal with the feelings

Babe 16h

I blame Diana, the hunt, the game.
He was a fool for her wily ways.
I blame the girl, the victor of the tale.
She gets the spoils, I only fail.

He says he needs time.
But time doesn't wait.

Just a thought (hello, I'm back)
Liam 21h

I might drench the writings in spite,
So cold it slithers through the air and freezes light,
So bright that it slips through the Sun's grasp and shows it might,
So vicious it will slice your soul to shreds.

The p s e u d o narcissist,
My great antagonist.
Afraid to transgress, the vain tend to regress
And I can't digress,
I'm obsessed.

Look into my eyes,
Not around the eyes,
Not through them.
For if you see what I see,
You might feel as though you grew them.

I hijacked a discussion on Facebook
And took it someplace where the participants
Didn't want to go!
I had explosive rhetoric
Strapped to my memes
And was threatening to bring the vehicle of chatter
Away from New Age Bliss
Towards Disharmony!
I have been identified by Global Warming Denialists
As being  being part of a Radically Militant Organiziation
Of Ecosober Terrorists.
The Scariest Thing on Earth
Right now
Is the Truth!

He didnt listen to a word i said.

And i don't think i listened to a word he said.

We were both just talking to hear our own voices

Without warning
Your words pierce my heart
Like a knife


Right through my back
Between my ribs
Into the muscle that keeps me alive


I am gone before I even know it
Suddenly ceasing to exist
All because of



If there one thing driving me insane
Is that I still have the pain
Of my anger inside me
Anger that you can see
Why couldn't you give, to hear my plead
That I am in fear and in need
That this anger could overtake my mind
Who knows what you'd find
If you told me not to do that now
Or to find ways to figure out how
To quell my inner child's rage
But you skipped that page
and went right for my heart
Then wondered why I ripped you apart
You sought not to help with what remains
You forever sought personal gain
Let that sink in to your soul
You cared not to help a part, of someone that gave
themselves whole

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