Make no mistake about it.
This is Donald Trump's America.
The Liberals,
For the most part,
Are just responding to what HE says.....
HIS agenda.....
HIS tweets.
Many people will tell me,
"I didn't vote for Donald Trump!"
Are delineated by the hierarchies
By Right Wing ideologues.
The rising numbers of Americans,
Killing themselves with opiates
Of the Predominance of the Ideology
Of the Far Right,
Which even many, so-called "Liberals"
Have bought into.
In a Nation with so much wealth.
Our Extreme Individualism
Is gradually
Wiping people out covertly
Just as the Alt-Right Movement
Would like to eradicate vulnerable  people

Hiraeth 13h

I see them laughing, shimmering,
All around her.
She is the river,
the lithe, gurgling river
That everyone plunged into.
While I?
I am the cold icy drip from the eaves
That trickles down one's neck and makes them cringe.
I don't mind being unnoticed
Being forgotten
Being alone
I just mind that I mind so much.

trust, mine own enemy mine
i trust you less than i love you
and i don't love you much

love, my distant friend
your fingertips ghost my skin
once every couple lifetimes

hate, another's waste of time
i haven't the capacity to give
someone i dislike so much thought

anger, you abusive lover
kiss my knuckles when you bruise them
warm me from the inside

anger, you deserve three stanzas
such a permanent fixture in my life
always there, by my side

anger, warm me from the inside
'til i overheat and explode
winter isn't here but there's cold in my bones

Quick 6-7 minute write. Not proof read, as with all my works.

Have you seen her?
Yes, she was here just a minute ago.
Was it a minute or a fragment of a century?
I'm sure, I'm sure she was just right here feeding me thoughts.
But did you hear her?
Come to think of it no, I just felt her.
Did something happen to make her leave us?
Well, there was that time when we both betrayed her.
Betrayed her?
Yes, that moment when you decided I was right, and you put all your strength in me.
I was confused, I was young, what will we do without her?
Most likely go rampant in this vessel.
Will we ruin this one? like we did the others?
I'm afraid so, there's no balance without her.
Where do you think she is?
Locked away probably, the vessel can't understand her anymore.
Has it always been this dark in here?
No, what I embody is taking over.
It's getting so dark and cold in here, where should we go?
We can't leave!
Why not?
If we leave this vessel will be lost, it will roam around with no vitality.
But she left, didn't she ? why should we have to pick up the slack?
This vessel is important.
It's our last one.
Our last chance.
Do you think she'll come back?
Maybe if we unlock all these doors.
Were all of these here before?
They've always been here, you just have to look close.
If we unlock all of these we'll find her again?
Behind each door, there is a demon lurking.
A demon?
Yes, once the door is opened you must conquer it, otherwise, it will conquer you.
Does that mean she sits with one of these creatures, alone and scared?
Most likely, it's feeding on whatever is left of her.
If we can't defeat them what will happen to us?
We'll fade away into nothingness, and this vessel will die of a broken spirit.
Why did you betray her?
We could have worked together!
We could have finally risen and you ruined it.
I remember you being on board, so don't blame me!
I was malleable,  you were strong.
I was stubborn and rash, not strong.
She was strong.
She made this vessel what it was, now it's crumbling before us.
Let's look for her?
Even if it takes the last breath?
She's our path to balance.

Hit a snag somewhere,
Possibly in childhood,
Or in high school,
The moments mesh and twist together,
Creating a tapestry of memories,
That proudly displays all moments,
The terrible and the euphoric,
The painful and the pleasing,
The memories of lives lived,
All on display,
For all to see,
The colors and pain,
Of being human.

and so they tell me,
"you don't deserve nice things"
well perhaps I'd be
inclined to agree
but here's the deal:
when shit gets real,
I don't give a fuck what you think of me

and you're over the sea
so why should your opinion bother me?
I've dedicated far too much time
to two-faced, self-serving
insert profanity that rhymes;
if you don't love me,
that's fine
I'm over wanting people to be mine

"oh, read this, George thinks he's so cool"
no, not really
I'm just refusing to be some tool
that you think you can use.
oh, you miss me?
screw you, you fucking liar
I'm no goddamn fool

grades aside, papers don't matter:
even if I'd failed school
I'd still have more brains than you,
so spin your lies
and think you're clever
but I've seen through them all
and I'm so much better
than you realise,
ah, your blind eyes

egotistical? maybe sometimes
just a little,
but at least I don't con the people I call friends
and when I say I have their backs
I have them 'til the very end.
see here's the fucking truth:
I'm always fucking honest,
so to stick to my word,
here's something I want heard:

I'm not gonna miss you, your stupid ways, or your empty words

This world has become Schizoid
For the Purpose of Commerce,
Certain Corporations
Try to promote Racial Equality and Feminism,
But Petro-Oligarchs feel free to act like Terrorists
Even if one of them
Happens to be the President of the United States.
Disrespecting women.....
Denigrating people of Color....
It's all proper and acceptable
If one is a Petro-Oligarch
Who has the Global Economy
By the Balls!

He asks me,

"What do you hate about yourself?"

Suddenly, I am silent.

What do I hate?

What don't I hate?

- t.s.

what if we had,
lipsticks for our filthy tongues
highlighters to our wicked minds

foundations to our souls
concealers to our negative thoughts

setting powders to our innocent

would we still hate
the melanin we did
or didn't have

would we still laugh
at a woman taking a seat on a bench,
in a park,
with a scarf

would you mock the girl
in the halls
that actually loved her little beautiful

will you still stare fiercely
at a young couple holding hands
not necessarily a woman
and a man

would we still oppose
& contradict each other
on which & who's religion's right

would we still dispute in so many ways,
by some terrorism attacks
setting towers on fire

setting each other on fire
in war

until we're literal naught?

We rise and fall,
We duck and crawl:-
We can't bare it anymore
A thousand soldiers each lose a soul,
Bodies on the floor,
As neighboring countries kill us all

Blood will pour
and the government shall lock it's doors.
As a thousand soldiers each lose a soul,
Bodies on the floor,
All because of a few in high control
we seriously can't bare it anymore.

Just so you lose before, make a heavenly call.
We rise and fall,
We duck and crawl:-
like seriously I am in a relationship with something colder than snow,
just so you know, death does not follow us
but we follow it slow.

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