the golden hour often comes when we least expect it
but we pay it no attention and proceed
unaware and naive

i wake up more often than not with a sore tongue
sore from having to keep my mouth shut for so long
for even a single word can ruin so much of what i have

i feel the safest enclosed in a white box
enclosed in a larger box in the middle of the city
where the previous cannot find me

but eventually, sore feet drag me back to the place i dread the most

"welcome home."

When at the right time those winds of love sweep you off your feet
you'll have come across someone whom you were destined to meet.
A life together may then be as a many coloured and fragrant flower
that can verily enrich the world around it like a long awaited shower.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Shofi Ahmed Nov 9

Far and near
they are two stars
rose in the same orbit.

One shows up
dazzling shimmering sun.
One is so polished fine
as if the zenith is
zipped in zero byte.

No grave can grasp
it in the end.
It has no end, no size
zero left to demise.

An ocean is no more
now is only a drop.
The ocean now
is in a drop.

Still on the ground
walking the walk
but those giant feet
do not show up!

The deep space bending
the ear on the ground can
hear the walking sound.
So is the orbit on the go
with the sun on the top
piles into the vibrating sound
only to float one notch up!

Tranquil Dawn Oct 20

Our patient fingers spin and shuffle.
laying waste to preconceived notions
that waiting is always still.
While I run the plow and stir the ground
with tilling phrases
my soul pauses
bracing its back against the white noise--the flurry of activity.

Bar an early exit
get lost in motion, when a breath
its landscape highlights
how patience waits
while its spinning feet
still make heavy footprints
on the face of life.

Aishah Oct 15

People say
being with you
is like digging
my own grave

and I say
maybe I like
being six
feet under

as long as
I'm under you

I'm fragile and he's capable of disaster but I'm still falling

Dreams of misty forests
Keep me walking in my sleep
Searching for the answers
I find only with my feet

Songs of old religions
Sultry scent of old perfumes
Strange fires burn within me
I dance to their ancient tune

Memories and voices
Echoing through my mind
The truth is far stranger
Than any fantasy I may find

Dreams of dancing figures
Haunting every step I take
These songs will keep on singing
Until I am awake

Greetings my Beauties! Thought this would be proper for the time of year, so enjoy and Happy Samhain! :)

I fell fast
and I fell hard
your night-stained hair
veiled my glowing heart
I fell through
the floor,
through my feet,
leaking from the
tips of my toes
seeping through the
cracks in the boards
like shadow
like light
my soul was
in flight
as I tumbled
way down
still further
to the ground;
but there is no ground,
no, none I can see
for you always reach out
just to catch me
but no matter
how tight
you hold me to your heart
I just keep falling

Shofi Ahmed Sep 21

I see no face
nor your feet.
But you seize
my heart!

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