There is something so bright and solid
About a little baby’s foot
How can something so pure and fragile
Possibly be so strong?

Why can something so soft and gentle
Send fear and anguish running
When more rugged hands have found
That hope is surely lost?

Such teeny, tiny toes
Covered by teeny, tiny nails
Have miraculously become
The only thing in this world-

Nothing else exists
The dark has gone away
For the light has come to show me
This little baby’s foot

Kee May 19

my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free

in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
Ryan Holden May 4

My mind begins to whisper and speak,
Bizarre stories, grotesque honesty,
"It's only true love you ever seek"
Tearing myself apart constantly.

When illusions always perceive me,
My mind stays forever incomplete,
If small details were so plain to see,
Intercepting your cold hearted feet.

You think I'm used to being me?
You think I'm comfortable in these shoes?
Walking time and time again,
Down that old hallway, without you?

Well I'm not.
But ironically enough
No longer do I expect you
Or anyone for that matter
To tell me how to be myself

To tell me which shoes to buy or to wear
Because I simply walk
As I once was taught
And always will

To stride alongside with a loving air
Until I find the most tolerable pair, of shoes
The most close to comfortable I can bear

By which I mean of course
A very inspiring and impressive pair
Because a man needs good walking shoes
If he is to live his life some-wear

Left, right, left.
Paula Sullaj Apr 30

Bare feet grounding firmly
Distant whistles of soulmate songs
Your name still playing in the back of my head.

It's been a month.
I would have kissed you by now.
Sydney Marie Apr 19

"They're not attacking you, they're attacking your idea because you were louder then anyone else."

JR Rhine Apr 12

She opted for verdant grass
scintillating and dewy
in the offset of an afternoon

as opposed to the tepid
red brick pathway
damp and sanguine

sauntering in her black flip flops
blades of grass reach over
her soles and glaze
her milky toes

the bell sounds the hour
six o’clock
i’m late for class

Jon Po Dom Mar 30

The nightmare consumes me
Bringing forth fear and pain
Colors glistening off ur face
White and red mark you
As an outcast in my life
In the midst of darkness

Taking advantage of my sleep
Feeding into my fears of
These painted beings
The grin brings me to tears
Cowering under your big red feet
You're the Set-Up
And I'm the Punchline

Wife had a nightmare about clowns which she hates.

Rolling hills
Golden fields
Left to right
Feet to feet
With every step
Through the wood
They stride away
Towards eternity
Into the deep
The unknown scene
Away from home
From everything
They’ve ever known
Or hoped to be
And with this step
One more has been
Further away from home before
Than he’d ever thought he’d been
God bless your feet Samwise Gamgee
Step onto the road and you will see
The greatest adventure you’ll ever keep
Burning alive within your mind alive
Until the in Havens you reside
And therein find the eternity you seek
For alive and well
You’ll ever be
And beside the bearer
You were meant to be
As a friend against all enemies
And the second set of sturdy feet

Inspired by three words... "Come on Sam"
Austin Bauer Mar 20

Bend down today
in humble submission,
in groveling forgiveness,
and wash the feet
of another.

Partner with your savior,
recognize the filth
of your own sin,
and wash the feet
of another.

Become acquainted
with the essence
of your existence
by washing the feet
of another.

Esteem one higher
than yourself,
meet that lowest place,
and wash the feet
of another.

You will find
how you too will
become clean when
you wash the feet
of another.

So do not tarry,
no, now, today
bend down
and wash the feet
of another.

A meditation on John 13.
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