bright yellow white fire
came from the blue summer
from a beautiful forest
at my feet

and mine eyes were fire
and my heart and heart are singing
about the forest about the forest about the forest
I will build a house
in your soul

Anya Jul 2
A certain little mermaid
wished to have feet
to walk
to run
to dance
perfectly to the beat

A certain gingerbread
knew his feet were key
to run
and escape tragedy

When a certain princess fled
She would have never seen her beloved again
As the clock finished stricking twelve
if not for her feet
whose slipper led the prince right to her street

A certain large monster
is known for its abnormally large feet
and when one sees its footprint
they can either give a
Or they can flee and not become mincemeat

So you see feet are important
very much so
Whether in fairytales or real life
They allow us to go to and fro
So next time you consider what you’re grateful for
Take a though for your feet
although real life’s isn’t a video game
they are your cheat
Start the happy synth
Cue the steady drum
Come in with the sly bass
Whistle the hipster hum
Move your feet to match pace
Dance with me now love

A chemical swirl got us moving
A chemical swirl will put us to sleep
But for now, while night is looming
Don’t stop moving those feet.
But shackles under my feet
Pull me into the sea.
The world's most genuine kick-starter.
Unfathomable dreams,
I don't know what they mean.
Perhaps this sea's just shallow water to conquer.
stand and conquer
James Court Jun 15
There is naught makes me quite as uneasy
as when socks and shoes start smelling cheesy.
I feel faint with a whiff,
but then soon I go stiff,
and I end up cross-eyed feeling queasy.
Seanathon Jun 10
No rain has left my eyes like this
For many present days

No water puddling beneath
No need for mist

But today...
Today one raindrop fell to my right

And for the life of me
I couldn't wish it away
From the Sleepless Feet collection.

And a true story. Captured in about a minute before being wiped away.
Aa Harvey Jun 1
Food for thought

Our hearts are linked by an umbilical-chord;
We feed each other, food for thought.
I lay down my jacket so you can walk upon it,
To save your painted toes from getting wet.

For unbelievable beauty do I see in you my Queen;
I think your daughter sees the Devil in my beard.
I need you to fall in love at third sight.
I’ve only met you twice in this phoenix afterlife.

For as relationships die, new relationships are sought;
My aphrodisiac, you give me food for thought.
For I am lost in lust, just begging for your touch;
So soft upon this metaphor love.

Her I could love with ease, my Liege.
For in her desires I see me.
No I am not being arrogant;
I am simply saying she is Heaven sent.

After a life time of Hell, I now see my past,
Present and future tense.
She is relaxing in a bath, as I go to see if the dinner is ready yet.
The kids are asleep, or watching T.V.,
As my empathetic angel, sings so succinctly.

A song of love, inspired by me,
She tells me later as our family eats.
My love you give me food for thought.
My love for you is eternal.  Please become my woman, my girl.

Your parents will always see you as their daughter, (alas)
No matter what happens, they will love you forever,
But I will always see you as a woman first and foremost
And this eternal bond between us should never be severed.

You need a Man to remind you who you are.
You shining star, you are truly inspirational.
You may feel that you are solely a Mothercare;
But I am here to show you, that you are so much more.

You are the sexiest woman on the planet,
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
You my dear are simply J-Lo speaking Spanish;
If my tears are your nourishment, then let it rain.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Footprints left in the sand
here I am walking with the blues
Nowhere specific to go
No thought nor plan beforehand
Naked mind, no body ruse
Before I get real low
A beach walk to wake my talk.

Listening to my inside mind
As one footprint follows
Footprint not too far behind
Moving, just to hide
The loneliness inside

Naked feet, pocketed hands
Imprint a time inside of me
A time of shifting sands
Unsettled like the beach dunes
For awhile, oh so temporarily.
Poem written for a friend who was going through a divorce and to I felt empathy with him. The poem has been published. I made one alteration.
My Olive Beef comes from my grief
Up my feet and into my teeth
In my stomach is where is lies,
Until it resides, is when I die.
My analytical exploration into life and death.
Simra Sadaf May 17
the day she took every cloud from your sky,
a universe full of chaos crashed down through your ceiling,
you can not hold this pensive feeling,
she made the walls around you crumble to dust,
your love for her turning into rust,
standing underneath this pain killing heat,
tiny shards of memories still cutting your feet,
her lies, swift and painless like bullets through your head,
oh, how well the lies were fed,
these scars are not as bad as your silent screams,
corrupting your subconscious and your dreams.
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