You rub my feet when I'm sad
To show me you love me
Even though I hate them being touched
And I let you
Because I know what you're doing
And it brings me comfort
Dakota L Mar 9
It’s weird to look into someone else’s eyes for the first time, makes everything feel different. Makes me feel empty when I think about you, makes me regret the decisions I made to leave you, makes me regret the things I did because my stupid cold feet got in the way.
anyone else feel instant regret after you make a huge mistake..? Tonight the sun set on a lot of different situations in my life
lib Mar 7
i cannot sleep
the seasons change
and with it, my feelings
my feet are cold
literally and figuratively
my blankets are warm
but not warm enough
to drag me
into deep
i wait for
sleep to overcome me
it does not come
sick and tired of unreciprocated feelings
Paths worn down by wishing feet
spin in dreams with clouded gazes.

Misshapen rubble trips the sadness
a relief against the musty pages of time.

Run down those mantra memories
ankles weak and sorrow-tipped.

Burrow your eager fingers in the turned soil
where snap dragons growled freely.

Tulips simmered in dew
sprout leaves in diligence.

Soaked petals were moments
but green the cambium breathes.

Under the sullen frost roots ply
their fibrous hairs in solidarity.

Once, once they were brittle strings
sallow, plucked threads of bitter root.

Now, now the music sings
because I'll keep you alive
in fragrant blossoms and longevity.
protean nucleic processes polemic yield
   explosive diversification
   punctuated diversification
   Stephen Jay Gould
   paleontological hypothesis

   spawning sudden flora and fauna
   competed against diametrically
   opposed diatribe
   pairing diehard religionists
   versus doubting Thomists

   which creationist advocates
   threatened non-believers
   with damnation and eternal punishment
   brethren of god thru tongue did wield

   pompous empiricists
   fire and brimstone sermons
   excruciating punishment of soul
   claimants who refute
   intelligent design theorists
   will meet scimitar and invincible shield!
Like the soles of our shoes
We slip and we slide
We tear and we rip
And we leave pieces behind

Like the tread on the bottom
We wear and we tear
We grate and grind
Until nothing is there

Let us turn time back
When our feet did not stumble
When our shoes stood firm
And the path did not fumble

Let us mend the tears
Let us replace the tread
And once again stride
With passion ahead
wash your feet

what is this to me
what is your love to me
that we wish
for your
answer me
tell me he does does he

let me
Eva Ellen Jan 28
feet only take you
words will only make/break you
so far or so long
mint Dec 2017
I don’t remember how it went anymore
I was too caught up in the emotions to notice when it fell apart
It wasn’t until there was thread spilling over my hands and onto my feet that i realized that none of it was keeping us together anymore
mmmmm how sad all I remember are things going really well and things going really badly.... where was the in between?
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