You know
The dogs are barking
At you
The shadows
Are moving too slow
To catch you
Your heart
Has heard all the things
They say about you
Your feet
Run faster than the curses
They spit at you

The pain
Dissolving like a pill
Inside you
White smoke
Rising up from the fire
That surrounds you
Those dreams
Got caught up in your throat
Too soon
You know
The wolves are singing
For you

I'm just one twisted Cinderella.

The Footman my devoted sub
And every night my feet would get rubbed.

Sun Aug 1

Down by the river
      Walking like a camel does
Slow but steady
  Sassy but Shaggy

Stopped by the abbeys
Owls with dark eyes
In the darkness

  They are two
    With infinite joys
      In their glowing eyes
    Knocked me off my feet

      They are not to prey
Singing their life
     Touching, cuddling

           How happy they are together
    But no home they built
 They build each other
     Named it heavens on the earth

They mocked at my lonely footsteps
Or wished me to fly like them
In silence
            Or they knew me long before
           I am walking towards home
By the distant sea

The Ariel song they sung
Spoke to me
If you conquer the dark
       You will reach home
   before dawn

  That sense hauls
    through my eyes
    Through the blood in my veins,
Neck and hair
  With that longing
Known yet untouched touch

Notes: credit to Paul for helping me with the idea.

There are those you meet
You've never laid eyes on them before
But you feel that  you've always
Been listening to their song
Their banter
Hearts that split you open
And throw you off your own
And you start to wonder
If from now on
This ink is permanent
And when you start
To fall into their eyes
You feel like you could
Trust your life to them
You don't know why
It's not logical
And your mind starts;

"This isn't real
They're just like everyone else"

Still you feel their feet tapping
Inside your skin
And their hands brushing away
Your issues
And your tissues tingle
And don't give a damn
Because it's such a perfect
Where the air is thin
And cool and sharp
And cuts like a laser
Right to where there's
Nothing but this
And you find yourself
Wanting to be everything
That they are
Whilst at the same time
Knowing you already are
And you can't decide
Which is more beautiful
Their bone structure
Their quirky knee-hopping
And you know for now
It's a perfect, transparent
Irreplaceable moment
When you want for nothing more.

The guileless feeling of innocent heart space......the frequency of human beings when they resonate, the limitless variations of love in all it's magical forms...The freedom of unconditional love

The smile which brings these crows to my face
Is owned by something else this day
A name, a name
A beautiful name
How it brings a smile to my face
A smile so loud, it would scare all other birds away
But not the crows feet in this place

*babbling* It' a miracle I could form a coherent sentence after discovering that. Hahahaha. It made me happy. (: (: (: (:
A H S Jul 13

Look left
Look right

My chest rises
It falls

My head thumps
With the rhythm
Of my feet
Slapping the pavement

Muscles activated
Adrenaline pumping

The ground steepens
Legs burn

Chest heaves
Shins ache
Sweat collects
Feet pound the floor

The faster I go
The more I forget

The faster I move
The more it burns

Pain is a funny thing
For it can be replaced
With good pain
Burning pain

But only for a second

Then it's back
To push and pull

To move and

My body
With scars
And insecurities

Replacing emotional  pain with physical pain
Rose Nao Jul 9

Salmon pink underside and brown top.
Skinny fingers and collarbones.
Bubblegum pink and little wet lips.
Angel watching hour and angels watching.
Looking up to the sky with binoculars;
nice to see you, angel.
Look at those feet: flighty and keen,
able to walk, able to run.
Please, walk. Get up and walk.
Walk in a circle, walk down the street,
walk in a park.
Sparkles float from your heels and ankles when you step,
glitter trails down your calves in replacement of sweat.
Your duty, my angel, is to watch over me and love me.
While my duty, my angel, is to rub rosehip oil between my shoulder blades
where my wings would be and to wash your feet every night.
Angel of mine, rose colored cheeks, you are so unique.
There was a light falling on twigs, light filtering through the trees,
light of the moon reflecting off of the water: a gold, resurrecting kind of light.

i wash his feet every night
Naomi Hurley Jul 9

Fresh blades of grass brush
Along my bare feet as I
Glide through the front yard.

A cute haiku from me to you.

There is something so bright and solid
About a little baby’s foot
How can something so pure and fragile
Possibly be so strong?

Why can something so soft and gentle
Send fear and anguish running
When more rugged hands have found
That hope is surely lost?

Such teeny, tiny toes
Covered by teeny, tiny nails
Have miraculously become
The only thing in this world-

Nothing else exists
The dark has gone away
For the light has come to show me
This little baby’s foot

Kee May 19

my feet are pounding the ground
but it feels like im flying
my heart is beating like drums
but i can't feel it at all
all i know is that im a few steps away from freedom
can my feet take me there?
maybe i can leap to it
i can't fail
i need this
i need to be free
i want my own air in my lungs
no, not want
i need
i need to be free

in economics class
mr. gardner is talking too much
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