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AndSoOn 2d
She said: you're the light within yourself
Keep the fire burning
You are going to sparkle through your life
And I'll be there to watch
Your one true love is the one person you won't live without because you became family the minute you met.
I looked into the mirror and took a curious glance at myself.
Time had passed and I had changed.
It felt like I was meeting a new person, one I was unfamiliar with.
I stared and I observed.
Nice to meet you, I thought to myself.

      'Nice to meet you too.'

She answered.

      'I am you know,
      And I love you'
You were the moonlight
In the night sky
You were the mornings
I would always wake up to...

But now.
You're the person I never want to see
You're the person Id never want to be
But sadly, You are the person I always wanted

To have..
This was dedicated to a boy i liked in uni... He was this person filled with such kindness that he somehow got me out of a dark place. But then he never really liked me as I liked him
Aaron Elswick Nov 28
My Monday morning walk into the door’ll
manifest a girl who has me questioning any aforementioned morals

Watch her wiggle past,
her little figure sending ripples through the store
catching eyes with simple gestures she won’t think about

Core shaken
Mind taken just before
I can collect and reset
Keep my cool and restore
The composure I project
Refuse to let the shallow
Sections of my thoughts
Invade and settle over
Work I should be doing
to ***

I know it’s ******* to portray poetic images of depth within myself
While at the same time
I pine over the darling like a Barbie on a shelf
Because I barely said a word to her

Before in my mind I undressed and ******* her

And it’s lines like that
Flaring through to self awareness
when they hit the page
Caging what I say in hallow careless little quips about how much of myself that I’m embarrassed
That leave me ill prepared to change cuz I can’t bare it
And she’s a carrot on a stick I guess
I’ll parrot my stresses to myself and bury it
Let the sensations arising
Around the new addition dull or deplete when testing
Her personality shows she likes to eat babies or listen to future or something equally detesting.

But **** new chicks got a nice ***
Which I’m sure she’s never heard and wants to hear
From me or strangers when they see her
To watch her steer is just confusing
Like... How the **** do you stand is all I’m saying
Clearly your center of gravity
Has to be six inches further back than the average mans
But I digress again
All I wanna say is I'm not an awful person
At least I don't think.
I think I need a drink.
it came like midnight cold,
slowly through the cracks of unlocked doors.
it’s wasn’t until it spilled from my mouth
that i began to know;
this bitter black ink
seeping from between my teeth,
belonged to you,
and not to me.
without apology.

— i refuse to let your bitter black heart bleed into mine any longer
toxicity bleeds and i refuse to be your unwilling sponge
acacia Nov 24
i want to soak in the light of street lamps
as humidity boils me until i prune
and sweat continues to secrete.
then you'll pull at the root of it all.

and though i'll never seem to forget
or understand why i must feel this way,
it's not for me to.

i want to walk out in the streets with no shoes,
feel the damp concrete hit and slap against my bare soles,
for my heels to throb and swell. so then i can feel this
industrial Earth for what it is.
it can feel me too.

it can connect with me just how i want --
all i want is to feel special (like everyone).
i want to be tucked within the Earth's crust
like i'm in a ****. i want its heat to provide,
its dirt to give nutrition, its descending hum lulling me in and out of

even though it gets hot and cold in the atmosphere above,
there's consistency in this ****, in this home.
it's always warm, there's always a heartbeat. i always hear it.

i can hear other things, too.
hushed whirring of cars, muffled taps of footsteps.
i hear compliments, "oh, when it blooms it'll be so lovely."
and curiosity such as, "i wonder what it'll be."

i hear soft whispers of wind.
i feel sweet kisses from the sleep-inducing heat in forms of pearls
of sweat on my forehead.
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exist Nov 19
the day i met you
in knew from the moments
leading up to it
the feeling of emptiness
was me missing you
and now when we’re apart
even for a little bit
it’s me missing you
i miss you all the time
Fay Kim Nov 14
Sometimes I crave to write just to feel my keyboard brush against my fingertips
I agree with their word of choice with the press of a comma
A small betrayal when they rewrite our secrets

But I crave that deep ache that turns my bones brittle
That heartbreak plea for more when the space bar sings

"No more," My tongue pleas

But the stories are tangling around my body like a noose
the stitches in my skin are reopening with the press of a button
and at last, I feel free.


"What have you done."

Pressing save with a confidence the tongue will always lack.
"Something you should've."
Lydia Nov 11
someone asked me recently if
I was happy
I said that I was
maybe not all the time, but life is good,
and this time I really meant it

if you had asked me a year ago I would have said
that I don't think I'd ever be happy again
I was so low it felt like I was buried
and I meant it

funny what a difference time makes
how in a year, you can be a whole new person
Isaac Nov 10
Each and every passing day
Will all be washed away.
So live exactly how
You have always wanted to right now.
Be the person you dream of being,
And make the decisions you know are freeing.
Written 10 November 2018
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