Dirty Word Dec 7

There is a person
   Who has feelings
      Who is troubled
         Who does not deserve to die

               There is a person
                  Who makes me sad
                      Who makes me mad
                          Who does not deserve to die

There is a person
Who I want to hurt
Who I want to put in the dirt
Who deserves to die

He reminds me of myself
He can never be me

The first two were a lie
Twelve Dec 6

Time has been so cruel
I couldn't blame you so I blame me
Open your eyes I wish you could see
My life's a great Jewel
Lately I feel lost
Lemme know if you find me
I can't put the past behind me
Had to put life on a pause
Until I figured it all out
I gotta hold of it now
Like tick tack toe
I gotta X out the Nos  
And open the doors
My life is so much more
I embrace the Os
Can't lose faith in my hope
Poetry became my way to stop the pain
My life isn't perfect
But I'm sure is worth it
For once I see sunshine instead of Rain

Henk Holveck Dec 5

my heart is so tired
I'm losing my voice
and bleeding out

kindness is a target for evil
disheartening doesn't begin to define this ache in my chest
maybe this is how it felt when they drove the nails into Jesus's hands

the only things that keep me breathing
are full of toxins
unfortunately, there are no warning signs of toxins that provide the fix I seek.

my manifesto is to mean what I say
do what I promise
more importantly it is to love.
I've learned that love is the ultimate sacrifice.

this world needs those of us who feel deeply and communicate effectively.  
a "friend" doesn't cut ties over something petty
a lover doesn't leave you because something is alleged to be true.

as a feeler, this will make sense to you.
if you are not comprehending this or not feeling a tug in your chest, go home, lay down and think about times in your life when you felt overlooked. really go back to that moment and feel it.

when you feel it, now know that other person is feeling that because of your actions.

love & art 1991,

henk holveck

One of the phenomena in life,
is that when you have been
treated poorly for a long time,
you'll eventually get used to it

And when you all of a sudden
stumble across someone nice,
you'll acknowledge them,
but then expect them to disappear soon.

Because how could you ever
trust that they'll stay?
Better not get attached,
and hurt another time.

But what if that is a mistake?
Maybe you should give it a shot?
Have a little faith in humanity.
Risk being naive once more.

And then you try.
Everything seems fine,
just waiting for it to get bad.
Or, wait...

Could this possibly be the happy ending you only see in movies?

To know her is not just knowing her
name, birthday and her favorites.

No, to know her you have to notice all the
little things that make her, her.

The way her fingers tap when her favorite
song is playing out loud.

The way her eyes always search for that
one particular person in the crowd.

The way she holds back a smile when
his name is mentioned.

Most of all, how she is when she is all by herself.

Nothing shows better how a person is,
than their behavior alone.
Then she is a hundred percent herself,
and that, my love, is the girl you want to know.

Nohémie Nov 28

To be the bigger person
I said I wanted you to be happy
But I meant that I wanted you to choose me
Because I always thought happy would be with me

One page more, one word more

Oh,  just one more

I promise I'll be good if you let me go one more

Oh,  just one more

One day more, one hour more

Just a minute more,  please,  just one more

I can't say goodbye just yet.

Softly, smoothly,  languidly,  the words flow from her mouth like ambrosia into my soul
Mims Nov 24

Watch my actions
or lack thereof

Negate the person
that I said i was

Lydia Nov 19

how is it possible to be a person on the days that leave you feeling empty?

why doesn't that count as a good reason for a sick day at work
or a reason to take a break from life
until your soul feels better
or at least a little normal again

how can I be expected to be a mother, a friend, a coworker, anything
when my insides are bending and breaking and my brain is unable to connect the dots

when my hands won't work
and my legs don't feel strong enough to hold my weight
and my mouth forgot how to speak

how can I be a person
when I've forgotten that I'm even alive?

R Nov 18

You dim-witted, half-assed fuck.
Every moment that I think about you my gut turns
as my very organs reject the fact that you exist.
You disgust me on a cellular level. The fact that
you breathe the same airspace as me is an insult
to society.

You worthless, two-timing son of a bitch.
You think I give a shit about your
piece of shit philosophy that you carry on your sleeve?
You are a sentient pile of slime dirtying the floors
that people have worked so hard in cleaning.

Effort has gone into you,
that could have gone to someone else.
Love has gone into you,
best appreciated by others.
Your friendships mean nothing.
You are a friendless non-entity.

You mouth-breathing motherfucker,
I hope you come to realize how much you've wasted your life.
How much you've wasted your hopes and dreams.
How much you were your own obstacle.
How much you could have been
if you had overcome yourself.

I hope I never have to see, your hideous
little face
ever again.

I could comfortably burn in hell knowing that you're furthest away from me
sucking on the Lord's dick while shamefully knowing
you did nothing to deserve it.

Go fuck yourself.

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