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What must it be like to fully exist?
To take shelter fully under one roof
and not be left a page torn in two
One secured by love and hearth
the other too gristly printed
cast to rainy dew and soaked to bone
I should never know.
-I Am Only Half
I'm trying to act like a normal person.
I'm trying to act like my mentality is stable.
I'm trying to act like I am happy.
I'm trying to push away depression.
I'm trying.
I'm getting nowhere.
Is my trying good enough?
Our am I not trying hard enough?
Emma 3d
The first time it happened,
I locked myself in the bathroom for an hour.
I cried, desperately washing away at the blood that was streaming from
In between my legs.
I cried, desperately trying to put myself back together
With concealer for the bruises
And pantyliners for the blood.

The second time it happened,
I picked roses from the garden
And cried at the altar of Christ.
It was at this time that I knew there must be no god,
As no deity that claims everlasting love
Would allow for the heartache
You put me through.

I didn’t understand what had happened to me.
I didn’t know what my body was responding to.
I couldn't apprehend why I was leaving scars on my skin
And changing every aspect of my appearance to
Make my body my own.
I didn’t understand how you could do this to me,
To someone who did everything to protect you.

I still do not understand.
I've had a lot of conversations with myself lately,
At night.
"Who told you to?"
"He made me tell myself."
"How do you know?"
"I don't."
Me, myself, I.
All different people
But all the same.
The contemptuous person behind this glass that i can't see because i'm desperately trying to see what i can't be.
I really want to know,
Who this person is i'm talking to.
You all have a little bit of
"I want to save the world", in you
I just want you to know
That it's okay if you only save one person
And it's okay if that person
Is you
Amanda Feb 9
I miss the person I was with you..
More than I miss YOU.
You made me want to be a better person and always strive to be better
Lynn Feb 6
No one...

He, she, we
No one...
Be you truly you
Be who you think is you.
Be true fully true
Be what you think is true .
Keep those
Keep them close.

No one..
bk Feb 4
i don't want to leave.
this moment, here with you, feels too good.

i think that might be how you know your in love.

it's the moment home is not a place, but a person.
Andie Feb 4
ivory skin, as this paper
ebony hair, as this ink
shining, imbued with moonlight
glistening, dipped in the morn's dew

he is my friend, with
lips of roses
a nose, a thorn
and flowers, rathe in winter

she is your lover with
fangs of eggshells
eyes of marbles
blood of honey
and flesh of black lace

one mark, a fall, a
wellspring in the night
we sing the evensong
then where do we go?
I don't know what I'm feeling. This feels totally right, yet totally wrong
Emma Feb 1
And so the shoe drops,
Easily, easily
It’s much easier for you to wound me,
than wear your human mask over lizard skin.
You gnash your teeth and flail your limbs,
like a ****** ******* lizard person.
How hard is it to check in when you’ve said something so worrying?
How hard is it to speak?
Or is it just that words don’t issue,
from betwixt your lizard beak?
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