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I'm searching for a place to come home to.
A place that is calm and warm,
a place to feel safe in
after a long day out there.

After a day in the cold world,
filled with empty and silent people,
filled with silence that screams
and and emptiness that's crushing.

I'm searching for a person to come home to.
A person that is protective and loving,
a person to feel safe with
during a long day out there.

Fighting with me against this world,
not letting it steal our inner beauty,
not letting it take away our words,
so we don't become empty and silent.

I thought I could find it with you.
But I was wrong.
you are the type of person I’d
write poems

but you’re also the reason
I stopped writing poetry
in the first place.
awesome people are usually the broken ones
is the broken the most colorful glass?
awesome people get in the way
annoying as hell but making others say

new, strange, unexpected things
making them blushed, tingling in their cheeks
or simply inspire to do life differently
comfortable changes to curious inherently

change me by making me want to change,
awesome people, why do you live so out of range
I am closer to you than you think, however
awesomeness can be found anywhere, together

'awesome', just an awesome way to say
‘I admire you in a very special way’
‘wherever you are, a me is in there too’
‘I LOVE YOU, brave little soul - I am you’
Nikh Oct 2
The song begins as you drift in

Not unlike another being,
albeit I may be weary.

But I watch you dance before my very eyes; your movement reminiscent of silk in the wind.
Flowing with grace and confidence.

As the tempo rises, your actions speak louder than ones screams ever could.

Calling in those who care was no hassle for me, for your dance is a delight for all to see.

You spin and brace yourself for what’s to come,
I watch you mouth those words, ever so familiar.

And with your final Jeté all is revealed.

You fall exhausted and on the verge of tears; the weight finally off your chest.

I close my eyes... and breathe

The morning sun kisses my lashes as I break from my trance,
And you’re gone.

As your performance has come to a close I finally recognize your tune.

You always were a creature of the night.
Karly Codr Oct 1
There is a person I try to forget,
Shoved in the back of my mind.
The old me.
The one who used to be happy
Who used to be fun
Who used to be able to fall asleep
without crying
or music
or some other crutch
and I just...
I just want that person back.
so I've been super stressed out lately to the point where I lay in bed sobbing with my head mashed into my pillow so that no one can hear me, so I posted something on my c story and a kid I babysit for slid up and was like "are you ok" and so I told him what was happening and he sent a video of his sweet little brother saying "Hello, don't be sad" and his face was so close to the camera and his sweet little face made me cry but it like made me happy at the same time so now I'm having like mixed emotions, like I'm crying quietly and thinking of the video and smiling, my life makes no sense.
Artem Mars Sep 30
I've found that I am hopeless
I am a bad person
I lash out
I hurt people
Just by sticking around
You can deny it all you want
i am a bad person
you dont even know
dont tell me you hurt me
you know what i did
i yelled and i cried
made you feel you were mine
but if you were mine,
i think i would trust you
but thats too much
i cant even hold you
i am not a good person
i dont deserve your forgiveness
im sorry.
i am.
dont do anything because of me
haha im literally very bad at poetry
lexk Sep 19
you shed light into my darkness,
I let you in.

you made my heartbeat again,
I was contented.

cause we were perfect,
we were...

having someone who can shed light into your darkness is something everyone who's struggling can ask for...but when they leave, that's when it gets hard

whoever went through this or is going through this cheer up you're not alone! <3
Amanda Sep 12
I met someone who restored faith in humanity
Only for a little while

Very kind

The kind of person idolized

While at the lowest point
My life
Reached down from a high point in his and helped me climb up a few notches
I think maybe I was only dreaming though because now I see you are on the same level as me and probably have been the whole time
Last night
I met God
In my dream
Though brief
I did have
A conversation
I asked Him
How are they
On HelloPoetry
He said
Wonderful people
A few are just
A step below Me
You are on
A wonderful platform
You share
Your grief and ire
They tolerate you
Healing you require
Eliot is gem
Of a person
He created HelloPoetry
You be grateful
Eliot, I am grateful!
If you’re not on the list
Where are you?

If you’re not on the list
What are you?

If you’re not on the list
Who are you?

If you’re not on the list
You cannot come in
You cannot go out
You cannot speak

If you’re not on the list
You have no self
You have no rights
Here or anywhere

If you’re not on the list
You do not exist
You have no name
There are none of you
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