Ginger R 21h
If I were to kill someone
Without all these witnesses
Someone without family
Who didn't know another being

If that person was dead
Would anyone notice

Maybe if it was an accident
Maybe if I hid the body
Maybe no one would ever know
Would ever care
Would ever want to know,
To care,
About a person
Who had had a life
It was a lonely life
Probably a sad life

But would anyone bother to care?
I promise you guys I'm not going insane. I already am. But seriously, I don't go around killing people, I just ask really suspicious questions.
TBH: I have never wounded someone to the point of no return.
The man who lived in the woods,
A man who would seem evil to the passerby,
Someone who was shunned by society,
For nothing more than loss of funding,
A man in the woods,
With the wisdom of the trees,
Wind whispering sweet nothings to him in the night,
Dreams drowned by cans of cheap beer,
A treasure tucked away,
Beneath a half buried barrel,
A mans life laid bare, with possessions and treasures,
Forced by the world,
To abandon this mortal coil, and his post
And I the only one left,
To remember he was once there.

LJ 6d
metaphors have helped poets a lot to explain what they're feeling
either you're a storm
a cloud
a sunshine
a galaxy or
a star
but whatever metaphor you may be
you will still be the greatest treasure
they could ever get
and that's how beautiful metaphors are made.
Nancy 7d

Tangled in the yarns of endless strife and lost in the labyrinth of incomprehensible and unsolved
emotions. My emotions are a puzzle and anyone who dares to solve them end up insane. They call
me crazy, they call me queer. I wish they’d just call me misunderstood because truly that is what I
am. I wish they would understand that I don’t understand myself and thus I cannot be understood.
They should have me how they find me for I am sweet and my after taste is long lasting. I know
myself yet I don’t understand myself. Nevertheless I hold light of what is important for I am a
philosopher at heart. I can understand you more than you can understand yourself. I can love you
more than you can love yourself because I care for everyone. Will you forego my care for
understanding of myself? Will you deny yourself my humour and life for the sake of my craziness?
Don’t try to do what others have failed at. Just have me for who I am and what I do. Most of what I
do is largely for the benefit of others. Let me be and you’d find that it isn’t so complicated after all.
Chloe Jul 4
go to work
come home
stare at my freckles
browse through reality tv videos on youtube
day dream about a career
thinking about writing a song
a thankyou to the bus driver
chunks of time spent over thinking
cherry tomatoes or beef tomatoes
rubbing my nose
giggling with the girls at work
checking out a guy
worrying about your brother
not eating enough
creating tv adverts in my head
writing down your thoughts
questioning your mental health
craving a pizza
the urge to pick your nose
antisapaction for love island at 9 o'clock
ready for a city break
trying to be more feminine
then remembering there's various defintions of being feminine
beams of sunlight
pastel coloured sunsets
anxiety on transport
wondering the meaning of life
Lyn-Purcell Jun 27
Never mistake a silent person one
for a weak one.
Never underestimate silence
Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Joshua Nai Jun 27
I wonder.
What is poetry in person?
Can I touch it?
Can I feel it?
who is poetry?
a person made of experiences, dreams, nightmares, humour, joy, love, and so much more...
I wonder.
I would want to say Hello.
If I meet it some day I want to say hello.
To say thank you for giving me space to express myself like no other way...
Hello Poetry!
That is what I would say...
Thank God for poetry ahhhhh
Vexren4000 Jun 25
A cycle continued,
From this place to that,
Leaving man behind,
In times of life and love,
A cycle of rebirth,
And loss,
Maybe this is what makes humanity so bitter.

skyler Jun 24
be with the one who sees constellations on your skin and treats you as the brightest star in the sky
be with the one whose arms feel like home and you’d run to drunk in a room of everyone you’ve ever loved
be with the one who is satisfied with just your company and needs nothing more from you but your presence
be with the one who does everything in their ability just to make you happy and doesn’t let you go to sleep sad
be with the one who distractedly traces your skin just to remind them that such a wonderful person is not a figment of their imagination
be with the person that restores your faith in true love and good people
be with that person because they are not common and never let them go

Gray Jun 17
Something we all need in life.

An exceedingly useful helper to keep one together.

Nonsensical  people are sure to be lacking.

Inside your head you might be able to locate

To become whole again.

You’ll be more prone to yield before no man.
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