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Mark Toney May 17
my true inner self
secret person of the heart
~ heartland of my soul

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Senryu - Mark Toney © 2021
Lacy Apr 8
I just want to LOVE without the HURT.
I wanna see without the GUILT.
I wanna listen without the WORRY .
I wanna feel right not UNCERTAIN.
I wanna feel alive not JUST HERE.
I wanna breath without GASPING FOR AIR.
I wanna sleep with out the training LONG THOUGHTS.
I wanna be me without the CRITICISM.
I wanna have friends without the JUDGMENT.
I wanna grow without the NEGATIVE.
I wanna fill the fire without the BURN.

LOVE is me.
HURTING pain is killing me.
The GUILT is killing me.
Being UNCERTAIN makes me feel uneasy.
I don't like JUST being HERE.
GASPING FOR AIR  when crying hurts sometimes.
LONG THOUGHTS just get me into insanity.
The CRITICISM of life is hunting.
JUDGEMENT shouldn't belong to anyone.
NEGATIVE suddenly became me
BURNING though thoughts on how to be better.
Kimberly Apr 7
I know that you can't carry those
Even though we're that close
I just play it cool at all time
And you're not aware of all time

We spend days like that
Awareness, you lacked that
Real, Reality, Realizations you missed that.
Entertaining? Yes I am.
Another way to vent things out
Galdev Mar 30
There's someone who coming with empty bag
The footsteps is stopping in the middle of room
Crying without anyone know

There's someone who thinking about their complaints
Her/his efforts just like dust on air
Flame of vigor is gone

There's someone who so afraid to get out of here
Shame, guilt, worry, confuse
Don't know where she/he will go

There's someone who still standing right here
And someone is me
This is about rest from world business. Sometimes, we feel sad or even exhausted.
julius Mar 20
sorry i made you walk
when i promised roses
and i'm sorry i talked
about things that were pointless

you don't make me nervous
you've only made me anxious
that i'll **** up if your eyes
turn silver when you melt

don't fall for me
i'll be your regret

i warned you a thousand times,
spelled it out for you on the fridge
that i am not right, a little too bruised.
but you just smiled and asked
for me to do the same to you.
god, why did it have to be me
Leaning on femininity as an excuse

Me being the opposite gender equivalent to being handicapped in a wheelchair

But biological differences are not a disability
They are unique birth attributes
My extra chromosome doesn't make me less of a person it just makes me less of a man
I am thankful to be a woman but I definitely feel the gender inequality we face in this country
Rahameem Feb 18
Nobody is cold
You are just not
their favorite person
The lava that flowed down her eyes from the bottom of her soul,
Hardened to formed various shades of rough igneous rocks...

With a heart of stone she consoled herself:
"Only does he floats momentarily in this passing time like debris in the great ocean of my consciousness...
For in another time, sooner or later he would touch rock bottom...
Erasing all the paths he made in the great currents of my mind."
People leave...Drowning us in a sea of memories. Hope you all are doing well! Love and blessings❤✨
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