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Bhill Apr 2020
the answers are not ready to be heard
questions from the ancients are still spinning
twisting, turning, swirling and churning
drifting in and out of the minds that maintain the stamina
having substantial durability throughout timeless echos
stories, of the stories, passed on with no conclusions
the answers are not ready to be heard
not yet

Brian Hill - 2020 # 104
Wait for the answers...
Anastasia Sep 2019
walking with you
in the october air
colored leaves
swirling around us
the taste of pumpkin spice
and whipped cream
lingers on your lips
autumn hums
her pretty song
a hand in mine
stepping on leaves
i don't think
i'll ever leave
inspired by this song
Carson Campbell Feb 2019
Twisting, turning, churning, swirling
My heart is a maelstrom
Consuming emotion
Twisting endlessly  
Swirling perpetually  
Tossing on the water
A beautiful, impassioned, blue maelstrom.

Twisting, turning, churning, swirling  
My heart is a leaf
Consuming peace
Hovering incessantly
Soaring tirelessly  
Tossing in the wind  
A beautiful, tranquil, green leaf.

Twisting, turning, churning, swirling
My heart is a blaze  
Consuming wrath
Flaming constantly  
Combusting continualy  
Tossing in the fire
A beautiful, violent, red, blaze

Twisting, turning, churning, swirling,
My heart is a stone
Consuming structure  
Tumbling boundlessly
Crumbling unendingly  
Tossing on the earth
A beautiful, exact, brown, stone.
Sarah Dec 2018
I crave a dance
Not a hug,
Not a kiss or a delicate touch
But a dance
A red dress and a gentleman to take my hand
On a shinning dancefloor
On a trip outside the dimensions of this world
Where flying needs no wings
Where music feels like the gentle wind
I'd swirl and swirl
With my red dress flowing like the petals of a rose
Carried by the swift breeze
Till it come back
To you
I never danced with a man, ever
K Balachandran Jul 2018
Rain’s seige  continues,
Hegemony of waters;
Swirling army’s rush!
Erik McKee Feb 2018
it's 2 in the mornin'
i already messed up. i know that
my heads in a vice, cause i couldn't play nice.
but my God i pay the price every day.

for what i didn't do.
i keep messin' up. i see it.
my back's filled with knots, cause i could never take your shots.
but my God i loved you lots when you were angry  

despite everything.
your face, your eyes... like a kaleidoscope
what makes me cry is how many there are; could never go too far
but my God i still remember the swirl of hair on your cheek

and that's what bugs me
the blissful imperfection
that grown-up attraction, never promoting action
but my God i never feel a fraction of shame for a crush

it's a part of...everything
but it needs to build
like a crescendo (and forgive my innuendo)
but my God, (in the end, though) maybe you'll be the ******  

the end-all, be-all
the next step, in a stairwell
hopefully going up, so sure I'll take your cup
but my God, don't corrupt, be gentle
happy belated valentines
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
In between slurred words and short pauses, I tried to explain myself. Gravitating to telling the same story all over again.

A tale of how I said those words in vain, only to never have them last me pain. I prayed every time to be soaked by the city lights, to let me drench by the drizzling skies.

Every street light has a story of someone fuelled by never ending fury. Let me add one more tale to be written about a princess who failed, the one who bowed down and never prevailed.

'Her words are heard, not echoing wild in the void, her tale waiting patiently by the sidelines, yet to be told.'

My words fell upon deaf ears, silently understood by someone after years. The tear drops had disappeared from my crow's feet, I longed for the one who could make my heart take fleet.

'Long together with me, for the path seems long. Find solace in knowing there's company.'

This was an unfamiliar territory even for me. I only dreamt of what it would feel like when it drew near. My eyes saw reality for the first time, I didn't know what was to be said that would make our hearts rhyme. Should I straighten out my face, hide the crow's feet and learn to please? Now that I dint long for company, how does one keep the tease?

On a night among the trees, when you and I once meet, with drink and plants your mother nurtures, we'll talk some about some, and more...
K Balachandran Apr 2016
Sheer passion, laden layers after
dense layers was the lake,deep blue,
His hidden heart was all aflame,
in anticipation of her, his hurricane,
the wildest girl in town, hard to get,
yet he acts placid on the surface
one'd see just gently billowing waves.

The hurricane has never known any
such guile,  hiding passion.Her eyes
wide and *****, flashing lightening,
cloudy hair disheveled and flying
she comes heavily down on her passive lover.
rebounds to come back with more force
that'd tell how intense her passion runs,
churning water goes up in a swirl and
dance with her passion,how spectacular
is their union, sky and earth look on
with bated breath, this ebullient *******.
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