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Ainnoot Mar 4
I was ready to let you go
at a moments notice.
I hope you know what you did
with that F'ing slow kiss.
While I drown in my sorrow
You float like a lotus flower.
m h John Oct 5
i attempted to cry for you
because i was always taught
that if you add water
to a dead flower
it could come back to life
Point light source.
Glimpse upon your reality.

Soft-spoken liars,
Emptying their forsaken breath upon battle-scarred ears.

Anticipation of the days to come,
Eases the empty mind;
Drain'd by warfare unseen.

The fight ongoing,
Rough-cracked skin boils in the sun,
Heat-stroked by the anxiety.

Retreat into the shadows,
You poor, blossoming flower.
All you need,
Is partial shade.

Your pastel rare petals will bloom,
With colors that will amaze and astound.

Feed upon the streams that drift by,
And at last you will shine as your heartsongs always knew you could.

Define your own beauty,
And become your very own,
Point light source.

~Robert van Lingen
Danny Oct 4
We could kindle the twigs and the fallen leaves
Dry as a dead dingo's donger
And make a fire which burns for a while
But betimes would flicker and out it goes sooner or later

We could even build a house skillfully like the cassican
Sight to a sore eyes on completion
A beautiful paradise and definitely talk of the town
But talks are like baby fat they always disappear

We could write in the sand as we stand on the shore
The tale of our union but the tides will come
Or even inscribe on a rock the symbol of our love
There for years until denudation knocks

So I think it's better if we dig the ground
Not to keep the dead but to grow a life
As we sow a seed which grows for life
Come the seasons under the sun

A saviour on a sunny day
With nectariferous flowers bearing fruit with seeds
A zoar for birds and other figures of life
Green that adds to the already colourful work of art

Come let's plant a tree today on the spot
Where our hearts melted like iron in a furnace
As the smith forges what he pleases
Where we met after days spent following the treasure trail

Where we first kissed and nothing else mattered
But the wrestle of two lit tongues
Right where love found us and we found love
The clouds bearing witness

Though a howling gale may rise
Bring it down like the leaves in autumn
But there's always a contingency plan
Seeds that will sprout in spring
Josiah Bates Oct 4
A daisy in a dragon flower meadow
water turns to lead
the air tastes metallic

A flower among weeds that grow so tall
a flower spreading seeds, hoping that, come fall
another daisy will bloom.

Come, fall, to the dragon flower meadow,
so that what we said when we were alone
will at last, like dust, settle.
Little flower vase
on the shelf
none but oneself
what can I do you for?
asked by he,
fill me up!
make me believe.
Show me the roots
inner discussion
outward formed
chest percussion.
Give me life
Give me green
flowered up
First (Published) Piece!
Ormond Sep 24
Butterfly is welled
Overjoyous in flower
Tearing from the sun
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