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nishta 4h
meet me there.
over the horizon,
where the line between the sky and mountains
ceases to exist.
where my canvas remains bare
and blindingly white.
to be painted.

splatter me with hues of colours,
then leave me
leave me unfinished.

so i dissolve
my very essence
pooling at my feet.
now a murky shade of brown
i seep to the ground
and lay there.

but a tiny flower blooms in my wake.
nothing but a fragment of what once thrived.
ive been gone for quite a while.
physically and mentally
Mackenzie 12h
‪I am the flower that is being drown by rain today and‬
‪I wonder if I will breathe again‬
I am fragile and I shake w each roll of thunder

‪The night retires and my petals are drenched ‬
‪heavy from the weight of the water and ‬
‪the ground I stand in is not firm‬

‪the sun has come out ‬
‪I am new and nourished ‬
‪I have soaked up the storm and‬
‪I am a stronger form than I was ‬
‪The day before‬

‪- a flower that feels like she's drowning every time it rains‬
Hope Strength Love Selflove Flower Flowers strong
i felt like a lone flower
that lived
once upon a time
in a distant season

a spring flower
stuck in wintertime

in solitude
captivated by my own ritualistic isolation
and misery
Beautiful Flower
Golden, blue, and dark green
Captured in the vase
Are you the flower?
trinity 4d
Forgive me, Father who has shapéd me,
Forgive me, for I know not what You do.
Such knowledge is reservéd still for Thee,
While I, left blind, can naught but cry for You.
Forgive me, Father who has blesséd me,
Forgive me, for I know not what I do.
I know not how to act or speak or be,
And, try as I might, I fall short of You.
Forgive me, Father who has guided me,
Forgive me, for I know not what to do.
And, like a fool, I so oft refuse Thee.
Despite this, You remain faithful and true.
For like a flower, I am fading fast.
But You, O ***, You will not fade, but last.
A leaf here,
roots there,
bloom comes every year
bringing with it
the flowers of new dawn.

Reach for the sun,
ye of old mind,
growth comes slowly
but consistanly
throughout our lives.

When comes frost
riding on autumn winds,
shake off your old leaves
without chagrin,
let growth begin again.
juliet 6d
i am the honeybee,
maker of the blood of the sun
i dip into the flower
and adorn myself in dusty light

they take my liquid gold
and keep it as a delicacy
forlorn, the sun will fall
i hear the honeybee’s buzzing symphony
Lusy 7d
I started from a small seed blown by the wind
Thrives in your rooms
That you should've killed me
Before i grew wild at your place
I'm beautiful behind a thicket
Which bloom of fragant
Because of a touch of tenderness
         I hope warmth
         And view all of kindness
         Cause of your soothing care,
         I grew wilder
Forgive me being a wild flower
I'm sorry to be bad sight at your place
Forgive me to be destroyer of your harmony
If you destroy me before i bloom, maybe i'm not going wild,
Cause i'm black behind of grayness
Stand across and see...
Always hope...
No more become tangledess
But become a part of happiness
Becca Nov 5
the soap layers my body,
as I wash away the memories from you
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