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I observed
her closely,
long enough
to see the
and raw
in her eyes,
I was the
one to
hold her
hand when
her heart
fell apart,
as the moon
went into the
bed of the sea,
I held her closer
In my blanket,
as she wept
close to my
chest, I told
her these
“close your
eyes and sleep,
the sun will
rise, and the
world will
for you
as the
to meet
the love
of the sun.
Esfoni 1h
Gardens differ
              One from another
                              One’s full of flowers
                                       Weed with thorns, the other
How many Springs have visited
this wintery desolation,
painting it gorgeous with its enchanting glory!

How many Spring flowers have mesmerised
this arid wasteland
with its ethereal beauty!

Tell me, why the Spring has not visited me,
why has it not mixed its soothing colours in my dreary dreams?
Why has it not left its splendour
on my parched longings?

A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a slice of its colour.
A garden I didn’t ask for,
but only a single flower –
to treasure in my mourning soul
the life that Spring brings to
the winter of my frozen dreams.
A single flower I asked for -
a keepsake of your mesmeric beauty.
But you gave bunches of bliss
in myriad hues of yellows,
every bough beaming with heaven’s majestic smiles!
I beseeched and reached out to my crush
She looked away and wondered with a blush
Every time I looked at her in the eyes
With anticipation our heart sighs
She flashed her eyebrows with a smile
As my hands and feet are free to flail
It happened every time for a while
I did the same after a while
To chime in with the beautiful woman of my dream.
I perfected the time
To ask her out for a date,

I wrote:  I would like to get in touch with you
My Crush:  What is that you need to touch base about?

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
No where and in no place where men cannot pursue
Where we lovers tryst in no regret.
Side by side we walk as our feelings can subdue,
Set aside our differences with no further due,
Soon we realize as we embrace
Tense in silence
Falling in love with each other, with no trace
Of disappointments our heart can surrender.
Love sustains in secret endeavor
And unfolds itself like an opening flower.
Love abounds in mysterious ways
And speaks to one who loves truly as always
Where no one know us falling in love in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Truthful to the heart unto the grave
Where we lovers tryst so brave
Had we dwelt
Restraining times tiding flow
On the Glaciers far below,
Unto make it to the mist of mountains?
Hidden behind the curtains
Of avalanche and snow,
From the deep sea to the blue summit,
With deep feelings of love and joy consummate,
As love sparkles through each other’s eyes nice and bold
Make up our mind with one secret kiss soft and sweet.
We look forward to the entire new world to behold
Where no one know us in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
As our love has come along
Where we love and stay in love together lifelong
To love all day long
To love all our fair youth together can belong.
Like fragrance to the flower
Mixed with breeze and prevails everywhere
Where we live to our dreams and desires
Where no one know us together in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Where no one know us where we see each other
Making diamond dew drops into a mirror
Where we mirror each other
Where our visages seen together
Where our images seen so closer
As one image with no dimensions
Other than our own true reflections
Of making out our true love and kisses,
Laughing out louder
In true sense of humor,
With a tell tale of true love blisses
On each one of our fulfilling wishes
Our luscious smile blushes
Where no one know us see each other in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
Moaning in our craving torments
Making our days into nights
And nights into unforgettable moments
Love is in the air
Whispers into the ears
Shunning the noises of delights
Far from the crowd where can we run off of no fears?
Crossing the seven seas and the infinite ocean
Where rivers ran deep down
Into arms of bay into vast eternity of silence
Where love cannot dissipate into rest at a glance
Where no one hear us moaning in the lovers tryst.

Where we lovers shall the world forget?
With the memory of our silent moments
Like a sail boat about a quarter mile out
With such opulent power my thoughts in her dwelt,
In the transparent dream travelled,
Lived aloof and rounded the skied gleams
Watching the galaxy revolving round,
In time’s eternity where lover dreams
And manifests true love all around.
Like a crescent moon beams
All over with the endless ocean;
Slouched to my touch, she topples down
Into my arms
As breathless as in her dreams.
As motionless as we are
We stare each other
One over the other as the wave rolls,
Rolls in and rolls out to the shore
And moves through the swells
Where no one know us in the lovers tryst
Where we lovers shall the world forget.
Smile like a calm breeze
With the heart of flowers
Whoever you are

That is enough
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Blending beautiful smile with soulful heart
Alice 1d
There is something about the way the sunlight slants through the blinds, how my blanket
feels warm after a night hugging my body.
The way my sock-enmeshed toes stretch and my
arms reach out like wings then fold back in
to the warmth of my chest.
The way my feet pad across the oak floors
and my apple tastes as it crushes between my molars,
sweet and watery and fresh,
as though the flowers of on my windowsill have turned red
and the petals filled with nectar.
Cece 1d
A yellow flower
embedded in rose red frizzy hair,
laughing with a light blush.
A hazy grey morning,
muting the usually bright lawn,
just enjoying the cool mist.
Light blue walls,
partnered with old wooden bookshelves,
resting on leather couches.
Silver fairy lights
strung up to make the pristine room
look less like a hospital.
Too hot days, a burning orange,
accompanied by gas station runs
for sparkling lemonade.
Rainy days, dark grey clouds,
confused looks, and grins from those
who welcome storms.
Sweets hidden in desk drawers,
sweet moments hidden in plain sight,
simply savoring the moment.
She was beautiful
And dangerous too

We danced under the rain
I fell in love with her fragrance

Her thorns were too sharp
Nobody could touch her body

When the sun shined on her
She began to smile at me

She was my beautiful flower
And I never let her dry out for a day
Cné 1d
There's a flower
that grows
in the darkness.
It actually flourishes
in the shade.

It blooms in spite
of the darkness
when sunlight
begins to fade.

So many reasons
it shouldn't exist.
I wish it’s beauty
could be celebrated
with a smile.

As one of
those flowers  
I may as well bloom,
because it’s gonna be
dark for a while.

There’s a flower
that grows in darkness.
Lily of the Valley is said to be biblical.
Legend has it that Lily of the valley
sprang from Eve's tears
when she was exiled
from the Garden of Eden.
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