I need a flower of hate
For my love has turned into a thorn
But don’t you know what a thorn can do?
Thorn can pierce out the things
That’s hurting you...
Friends are like flowers
Every single flower has its own beauty
Every flower has its own fragrance
And gives you a feeling called trust
When the trust breaks down
The flowers will dry out
take care of the flower so it can blossom thanks to you
I wish to be a flower
Budding in beauty
Admired by all passerbys
Picked from the ground
By gentle hands
Only to be dropped
Out of rejection
Onto the sidewalk
And blown under
The passing cars
Well I’m having quite the day....I hope yours is better than mine
Honey, sweet fresh warm smooth

You're my bee and I'm your flower
I love you more with each passing hour
The bee to my bloom
The sun to my moon
The sound of your voice is my favorite tune

Buzzing with life
I warm to your touch
I need you to know I love you so much
There's never a morning or an end to a night
Where I don't think of you before I turn out the light

I love when you smile I love your big hugs
I love when you're thinking and I love your smirks and your shrugs
You give me a look and it gives my heart a tug

I know sometimes I seem only covered with thorns
But when I'm without you my heart is torn
When you hurt I hurt
If you push me away I'll always return

Our lives are heading in different directions
But you'll always hold my deepest affections
You can laugh at my stupid rhymes all you want
but I hope you read them to pass you the time when I'm gone

Don't ever feel lonely or scared or abandoned
Through the dark times I'll remain a close companion

I love you, peach
Wherever you are my love will always reach
No matter how far, or difficult the road
You'll always be my bee and I'll always be your rose
liv 3d
you're looking for attention
and affection
in all the wrong places
you're watering a
and now
i don't know whether
to laugh
at how pathetic you are
or to cry
at how sad it is
that i'm still in your head
let the past be just that
You were long ago, my beautiful little flower,
our love is, now, like an abandoned castle - tower ...
I still remember, when you were in my hands,
when we went to hear so many different bands ...
Then suddenly for my little flower the winter came ...
And I still do not know for sure whom to blame???
Miss you and your picture stands on a bedside table
and my feelings for you are much more than stable ...
Hope that seed for my little flower will grow and grow,
sometimes I feel so down, like to be on death row ...
My little flower with that man is happy and she blooms,
he is wealthy and has a castle with so many, many rooms!!!
Come, my sweet
Let me hold you
And gaze at your
Beauty, and when
I'm through with
You, I'll discard
You, just like the
rest of my flowers
All of which are in the trashcan
There will be cardinal flowers blooming in the snow,
or they might drown.
There could be a bigger insult – to deny that it will happen.

To fight for a flower, even if it's too late is necessary.

Not just to sign a petition,
draw a clever placard,
or stand before the earth mover.
These things take courage, they're fine and also necessary .

To fight, to push over and through,
arrive at the source of the problem,
to dismantle, insert a huge wrench in the gears, until it's quiet.

Then it might be time to teach.
That one petal fortitude
blasts through with try;
the grey sea moment
now full of sky.
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