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You are a quiet voice in a thunderstorm storm,
Your cadence precise and certain.
You are a cherry blossom,
an offering to show me a hidden view.
You are the gentle touch that
trails down my spine.
You are the brown eyes and freckles
that I gaze at while you talk.

You are a small piece of my heart,
That stays tucked close to my chest.
You are the ache that my arms feel,
to pull you close and hold you.
You are the waves that wash over me,
in moments of sadness and fear.

You are the cherry blossom,
in outstretched hands.

Velvety colors dance in the sky covering the world with their rich shades.

The artic air kisses my skin as a gaze up at them.

Street lights illuminate my frame, but dull my picture.

Chatter surrounds me.

Individual strands of voices intertwine together filling the void inside of me.

I watch the souls that shuffle and pass on by.

Their shadows cast over me, and push me further into my wall

I embrace their energy and silently laugh at their jokes.

My soul joins their group, but plays from afar.

She smiles at them brightly, and boldly holds out her heart.

Together we bounce from group to group

Drawing in the courage to say what we please

Our spirits paint the night sky.

As time passes, the groups begin to thin.

The chatter becomes a dull lull

Signalling that the city has began to sleep.

My soul holds my hand as we continue to walk the empty street.

She drags her feet along the pavement.

I attempted to console her, but the loneliness is too deep.

Maybe tomorrow, someone will pluck our flower from the wall for all to see.
Maha 2d
perhaps I am a ****.
despite her best efforts to contain me, and his unpleasant grounds keeping, I grew.
I don't believe I'll bloom any time soon, but I keep growing.
Though, I can't help but wondering,
How would have I been had they raised me like a flower?
About Me
Osii 3d
Where do I go
When you're not around?
I've gotten used to watching over you
That I forgot that I was gonna lose you

I'll stay down for a while
Even if no one's making me smile.
Sunflower still grows at night
I'll sit here and wait for your light

To come back.
Oh sunflower, ever so lonely yet still so loyal.
A human
has many
petals of
in love,
there is
only one
face, in
the center
of the flower,
once it is accepted
by another,  
love is found
human petals faces love flower love poem
Thoughts that begins in her head
like  sparkle light clouds of her imaginary sky....
white Grass flowers are meant to die soon!
But nevertheless, they want to live like other flowers ;
Want to experience the sound of the whole weekend...
Love to make bridge like other's fragrance
But she stopped her thoughts and took leave like forever..!
Hidden lost thoughts
Shadow 4d
Sorrow has settled in between your beautiful eyes,
The night's nested in your black hair,
And your glassy eyes shine like blue stars.

Be with me,
Be with me for when we are together the wind carries away my loneliness,
The moon smiles,
The sun shines,
The leaves swirl in the wind,
The birds sing,
The flowers bloom,
The soil smells of morning rain,
Be with me.

Spring fluttered out of my hands and disappeared,
In my room, I burn from loneliness,
Within my heart, an ice flower has sprouted.
What can I sing?
My youth is gone, my voice is gone...
Roses bloom
When summer comes to call
But aren't we forgetting,
In spite of its strength,
The petals still fall.

The summer hides
When roses turn sour
We mourn the loss
Of its delight and threat
But it's still just a flower.

Now roses bloom
On your shirt and, Doll,
All the summers in the world
Couldn't make your flower of blood
Worth it all.
Lane O 7d
A wildflower bloomed
On the edge of a path.
One scarce of flora,
So I bent down to ask.

"How did you flourish
In soil so lorn?"
Her reply was brief,
But it carried no scorn.

"Oh yes, it's quite odd
To have sprouted here alone,"
Said the gypsy flower,
Amongst gravel and stone.
Kerli Tulva Sep 11
In the sun-caressed fields
the stars whispering above
beaming their glowing souls
to look after each other's blaze.

Down there a singing spring
creating its diamonds by flow
with the help of the playful sun
and the calm wise silver moon.

A worm becomes a butterfly
under the curled green leaf
to fly through the distant lands
and find its flower in the eternity.

A dancing dew drop sliding
fondling down a brittle bark
like a teardrop in the wide eyes
spilling into the ocean's bed.
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