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Latifah 4h
she's slowly falling back into her old self,
she's learning to love again,
she's being kinder to her heart,
she's giving herself a second chance at life,
she's opening again,
blooming like a flower,
she doesn't want to hide anymore,
for she's ready to take on the world.
theforest 11h
one of the rarest flowers
in the world
is the kadupul
it only blooms
for a few hours at night
and is the most expensive
of all
when i read this
i thought of your smile
and how hearing it
when you speak
on the phone
is simply priceless
the kadupul, aka queen of the night is rare indeed.
Too  less
    in  everything
in  very  good
to  have  good   taste
and  result.

It  is  better
  and  preferable  also
rather  than   have    a
big   flower    but
to have    a  well-sented

Too  much

in  each  topic
seem  harmful
for  survive.
Too   much  of
is    bad.
the next girl

should get boquets of flowers

not fistfuls of flour

flung in her face

choking out her words

blinding her eyes

burning her lungs


give her flowers

do not decieve her

as you did

i twisted together the little white flowers

into a crown

for you

watched your face light up

started to blush

after all, they're only weeds

but you

wore them like a prince

opened my door like a gentleman

rolled our windows down

turned up my favorite song

it doesn't matter if we know

all the words

summer is short

and those little white flowers

won't be around for long
mer 5d
Don't ask me to pick flowers for you;
love is not picking flowers
from a sunny garden.
That is destroying
something beautiful
to get what you want.

Love is holding you when you're at your worst;
no you don't look pretty
with your wet, distorted face.
Love is when you don't care
because no flower could compare
to my love for you.
mars 6d
Grow sunflower, grow!
Grow outside my window and stretch your leaves like wings!
So I can see them when I sleep!
Break this weak glass
and the cheap screen holding the house together
walk through the threshold into my room
and rest your petals on my windowsill
wait with me as the cold passes
although sometimes we feel like it never will.
In a kingdom full of honeysuckles
Death will bring jonquils
Eagerly I looked for the nasturtium
I discovered the lupines

I have dreamed of the lilies
I was a trout lily and you a sunflower
What could there be more purely dour?
And the cottonwoods never blossoming
To warn me about the stinkweed
Ah, distinctly I was blooming
My mind always strays to awns

That moment my soul grew stronger
It threw its ghost against the cotyledons
Take the leafminer from out my heart
I am shorn of my thorn
My rose, I could not awaken
And so you came gently watering

I have dreamed of the mallows
The rachis brought such sorrow
You warned me about the lilies
'It's that stargazer,' I muttered
Cash Carlos Jan 15
The days pass
like unpicked flowers,
as i **** with my phone,
my ego, my fear of not being able
to love the way i should.

Sometimes i will take a picture
of a flower,
when i should smell it,
kiss it, tear it apart,
do something to slow down the world,
and feel,
the raw untouched moment
as it flies,
to find a way out of this maze
where everyday
chances to love are lost
looking for it.
xxxxxx-x Jan 15
Beautiful flower,
Bold but fragile,
Thorns enveloped her body,
For only one is willing to hold her;
Her true love.
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