You blossomed like a rose
Then your petals shrived
Because nobody knows
The pain you have handled

Quick and tidy
Their requests are quite tiring
The emotions you're hiding
The levels can be quite frightening

A quick breath of mild air
You feel you're on the road to nowhere
A sharp second of a cold glare
You feel you're stuck in the same dark layer

Tomorrow you'll wake
To fight another day
Among those who are a storm
To the end, you'll find your way
Hold me, I miss you, I miss your warmth.
Please just lay with me, even if you don’t love me, I’ll take what I can get.
I love you from every inch of my body and soul, please just know that.
Know that and don’t hurt me because of it.
You watered these flowers in my heart, you nurtured them and then left them alone.
They are dying without you, they receive no light, no hydration.
Their climate has changed, from lush garden to dry desert, and they’re dying without you.
Please take care of my heart, I have left it with you, I know you don’t want it.
It has a mind of its own and no loyalty, it left me without looking back.
I miss you, I miss your warmth, please hold me.
I shouldnt know your name I didn't ask.

Your smile heals my spirit but crushes my body.

These words I've kept from you are yours to take.

Here take my edelweiss. Its yours to burn.

My flesh is yours to carve and sow.

My pain is yours, take it slow.

Take your time and enjoy the show.

When I'm gone laugh out loud.

Bury my bones beneathe the cloud.

Leave no mark, or gift for my passing.

Just tell me your name is all I'm asking.
He loves me.
she sat at her kitchen table, staring at the fresh bouquet.
her arms folded, she fumbled with the fallen petals.
He loves me not.
she let out a sigh and leaned back in her chair.
the window was open, letting in a crisp breeze that made her feel nostalgic.
she watched the curtains dance,
imagining that they were arms
reaching out to hold her.
He loves me.
she wondered if he was thinking about her,
as she sipped her coffee,
which was far more cream and sugar than anything else.
He loves me not.
“this is silly,”
she thought to herself, tossing the final petal over her shoulder.
and yet,
she couldn’t help but peek behind her to watch it float to the ground.
He loves me.
she rested her arms on the windowsill, watching the busy town below her.
she listened for the sounds of life starting again.
the babies in their strollers, crying.
the bikes racing against the cobblestone pavement.
she watched people hug, kissing each cheek.
starting over.
He loves me not.
she knew in her heart this was true,
but she still waited
for the last petal to fall,
she watched it float to the ground
so soft, yet so sudden.

He loves me not,
and that’s okay.
Weep, sweet angel flower,
Weeping her coral blossom dim.

Bloom, smothering fumes,
Blooming within the stifling kin.

Hum; her gloaming eyes—
Humming an awful requiem—

Instill, in all, indelible air.
Be still, sweet angel flower.
This journey was beautiful
from a small bud
to a pretty flower.

And before I dry out
or plucked up by anyone
I want to thank
the sun for letting me bloom,
the raindrop for pleasing my soul,
the soil to strengthen the roots,
the stem for not letting me fall
and the air to set me free to swing.

One thing I know,
Is that I will lose my breath
And will die within a few seconds.
I will be just a little flower
which won't be that pretty anymore
but that's how it goes.
elinor Jul 8
I don't need a daisy
to tell me
he doesn't love me,
each sharp pick of a petal
of my skin
gives me a new answer
as he throws the ripped white
rubble of my body
over his shoulder
until I am nothing but a yellow core
full of the recipe for the
sweetest honey
you'll ever taste
he may not want my petals, but the his taste buds sure want my sweetness
Özcan Sh Jul 6
I feel weak
I look in the blue sky
Waiting to rain
To make the rain
Me strong again
Like a flower that blooms alone.
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