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goodtea 1h
Sometimes i feel like
ripping my wrists open
skin crawling

How do i stop
i let my anger get me
let it shred up my skin

Sometimes the pain feels like relief
because feeling awful on the inside
and being fine on the outside is worse

Sometimes i wish i
could give in and rip my veins apart
just so the outside can match the in

Let me destroy myself a little
so i can watch myself heal
a fascination with scars

heed the tags

this is just my personal experience. i'm not a mouthpiece for anyone. if you are self harming seek help to stop.
I haven't been feeling like myself as of late.
It's rather a concern
You tell me to just stop and wait.
But what am I waiting for?
Am I waiting for my sadness to swallow me whole?
Why should I wait and see what's in store?
I'm cold.
So very very cold
My fingers are starting to mold.

I've been standing here for hours.
Not really knowing why.
Just watching as the snow falls around me
My breathe leaving my body like a cloud of smoke.

My hands are so cold they've turn red.
I can feel myself fading into the cold.
Something isn't right

I stand in the snow all night.
Waiting for something.
But I never knew what or why.

They found me in the morning. Just as the sun started to rise.
My frozen body laid peacefully in the snow
Small flakes against my still rosy cheeks

Winter is beautiful they always said.
Freezing to death was always a beautiful way to go I remember thinking.
My soul became a snowflake.
My body joined the air
My mind flew to the clouds.
Finally free and warm.
The cold icy wind no longer stinging my skin.

At last able to see what others always say.
The vast and beautiful winter wonders.
Megan Oct 11
I don’t know if I can keep going
My mask is slowly breaking and falling apart.
My soul was left in the darkness
She stayed there for longer than I had intended.
So when I went to collect her, I found her black and blue.
They told me there is nothing you can do
I just don’t know if I can keep going
My scars haven’t been new for a while now.
I wish they were though
I’m only sixteen
Esther Ye Oct 11
Are you today's date?
'Cause you're 10/10
And you cut yourself 10 times
On your left wrist today.
i self-harmed yesterday after almost 3 months clean. i don't feel good.
Aurelia Ward Oct 9
Chicken scratch
scrawled across my arm
Lanced into skin
Laced upon flesh,
Written in blood,
The story

Hidden beneath the cover of light
Undersaturated camera lenses
Erase scars and cover blemishes,
Cover the blood on my hands

The scars engraved on my left hand
Placed there carefully by my right hand
Lies only go so far,
I carve the truth on my bones

Dancing fingers
Across the duvet
Crippled but still the
Piano they play

Trembling fingers
Rubbing in lotion
Onto dried skin
Chapped by the ocean

Where oh where have my
Finger gone?
Where! Oh where! Have my
Fingers gone?
Scarred fingers give way
To scarred little stumps,
Worn down to the bone
And past it still

Grinding wheel
Spun too far
The world stole my fingers
The world stole my heart
I've always equated my hands with freedom, they allow me to do so many things that we wouldn't be able to without.
slay Oct 7
Take it, I can’t take it
I just wanna go away now
I knew that I’d hate it

I’m fine without them
Do we have a problem?
I stay in the fast lane think I lapped them
Shorty ****** the squad ya she clapped em

Round of applause, full circle
I’d hate to say I told you but I told you

I get it by myself there’s no dependence
I soar and I suffer at my own expense
You’ll never know the precedent to which extent
I just need some down time when I’m most content
I’m more concerned with
How it’s working
I’m still learning

I got tears on my shoulder need a tissue
I got mad love for you, what’s the issue?
Bae, turn around lemme see your pupils
Wit yo lyin *** show me what that mouth do

Yeah, what that mouth do?

Everything’s a void swallowing me deeper
Thought he was a *******, he’s a keeper
He killed himself like the grim reaper
Got him all up under me now and forever
One day I’ll be better
There’s no rush though
How should I know?
My odds are stacked against me in the dead zone
I only friend zone
Back up off of me I’m better off alone

I feel bipolar
No diagnosis
So imma smoke this **** like it’s my Xanax
You can keep the pills I’ll keep my demons
I’m not crying
For attention
But do you ever wanna die for no reason?
my neck, my heart, my veins they all are bleeding
Don’t be afraid my darling.

There is no false hope in the tenderness of my touch.
I carry the weight of truth in my words,
and I have no intentions to bring harm to your heart.
Your being is safe with me.
You’re free to conquer your fears and take the leap.
Gwen Walker Oct 6
You’re beautiful in the way you hurt me
In the way that I’ll slander your name
But willingly fall into your arms in the cover of darkness
I can’t remember when you first fell for me
Only the look in your eye that said you wanted me
I fell for you at first
You, with your pretty words and promises
And by the time you showed me your true colors
A piece of me had fallen in love with that, too
I kept telling myself that someday I’d walk away
And break free of your grasp
But that grasp has arms that hold me
Arms that, when I’m lonely in a sea of people
Are at once my lifeboat and the chain around my leg
Your kisses were beautiful, pure life flooding through me
Red hot and sweet and painful
But they left marks when your lips left my skin
Rivers of red that remind me of your affections
How is it that you were my death and my revival?
my fingers caress the plane ticket,

sometimes there is nothing else to do but play piano songs and try to sing along as if there are hidden lyrics my heart wants to sing.

my body shakes, i've been here too long

there are so many bruises i think even my soul has started to give up

we are not meant to be one place forever,

my body aches as if i was addicted to some drug and now i am finally in recovery

but now,
i am in recovery of being locked away in a house that was supposed to be my home

my legs all the sudden are stronger, my heart no longer feels too heavy for my chest,

I am chasing love in the mountains and in the snow, my blood will no longer fall on sand and palm trees

I will find love and fill my body with nothing else but lightness, I am fine
slay Sep 30
I slipped in the hall
On the way to the bathroom
Used to work at the mall
And got matching tattoos
With two girls I don’t know anymore
We’re still friends
It’s just a matter of the disconnect

I drove really far
Searched high and low for
The baby food jar
Where my dad hid his kilos
And the keys to the car
He hid when I smoked cigarettes
It’s a shame
I don’t smoke
I just left them lit

Don’t take it from me
I don’t know nothing
Practice what you preach
But I’m more prone to keeping it in
Don’t ask
I won’t tell
Look at you thinkin that you know me so well

I stayed up real late
And fell asleep in the morning
And she’s sit there and wait
Drive me to school in the mornings
All that’s left of my grades
Are lecture notes of diligent kids
Excuse me
Your notebook
Can I borrow it?

The ice machine’s broke
So our drinks are as lukewarm
As this conversation
Seems we have every day now
And the sad part is
I already know what you’re gonna say
If I hurt myself once
I’d do it twice
And for your benefit I’d do it three times
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