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i know this has been set in the stone of your mind,
but consider otherwise,
for just one moment,
that this could be the most harm you've ever experienced,
and it just may not be your friend at all
but it's so hard. i know.
I killed someone for you-
And you were glad I did

I killed someone for you-
So you sold my soul for the highest bid

I killed someone for you-
You said it’d set me free

I killed someone for you-
What  I didn’t know
Was that the one I killed
Was me.
Alicia Moore Aug 2022
I do not know of halcyon days,
for the daily outlets of my extremes
are still too dominant in order
to appease the thirst and flames.
the world doesn’t change its harmful ways; my pessimistic tendencies therefore never falter. although the older I become, the more tiring the hatred feels.
Steve Page Mar 2022
When I am seen, I flinch within.
My self makes a choice
between fight or flight
and I'm no fighter
and flight is a risk
that I'm not in a fit state for taking
so I freeze in place,
hoping the sight of me
won't cause offence
or, worse still, curiosity
and, worse case, sympathy.

Just pass by me.
Nothing to see here.
Sometimes fighting or fleeing are too hard.
M Dec 2021
The real life Matilda
She never escaped
The real life Matilda
She lives in grief
The real life Matilda
She has her magic only within herself
The real life Matilda
She buried her feelings deep
The real life Matilda
She sheltered her spirit like a dying ember in the rain
The real life Matilda
She is ragged and broken and beaten by life
The real life Matilda
She lost her Miss Honey
The real life Matilda
She never got to stand up to the bullies
The real life Matilda
She lived in sorrow
The real life Matilda
She cut her wrists
The real life Matilda
She begged for her life to end alone in a bathroom at school alone in the dark at night
Alone alone alone
The real life Matilda
She knows there is no happy ending
The real life Matilda
She is me
Clay Face Oct 2021
The Spoon

I’m a spoon.
I turn concoctions
I poor innocence into a caldron of imbibe, *******, and violence.
I’m rusted from acidic negligence.
I burn the hand that Weals me.

When I make her bleed, truth crunches between my mandibles.
It’s cruel and scrumptious. I drool over its potential.
But the sheets don’t touch father sun before I leave.
She cries alone.
I cry alone.

I scoop the unknowing up. I throw them into a world of trouble and confusion.
My tongue passes my name, vowels never remembered.
My lips **** hope and maintain an emotional facade.

I like to push it in.
It hurts and I feel nothing.
But I move on.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
There's no denying the darkness
can be harmful.
People can hide. You're all alone.
It can feel impossible to find a way out.
But there's also no denying the darkness
has its charm. You can hide. You can be alone. You finally have a place to scream, shout, and let it all out. Whatever your situation, you can break through. Start by finding the courage to talk to someone. Then, keep following through. It will be hard, but for what it's worth, I'll be cheering you on
Tierramxrie Sep 2021

If I wrote the way I thought I would run out of paper. I know it would be a disaster cause my thoughts are drastic I unintentionally cut myself that’s my bad habit but it helps —in that moment I don’t feel no pain I don’t think about anything but when it’s over that’s when it hits.
My thoughts. Tmarie
lionness Aug 2021
wrists cry
hemaglobin tears
washed away by
shower steam
and daydream fears

your knife-wielding hands
clenched to the bone

my roar now dwindled
to a gentle hum

your selective deafness
my self-inflicted muteness
our perpetual daze

i wanted you to hear me so
i screamed my voice away
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