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One more time, one more time.
I’ll just do this one more time.
One last time and I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
The crimson red is such a beautiful sight.
One more time and I’ll be fine.
Let me just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time.
The silvery gleam greets me once again.
One last time, I’ll be fine.
I’ll just do this one more time.

One more time, one more time,
Fresh roses are piling around me.
Is that you? Cruel angel of the world?

Take me away, one last time.
Another poem about self harm, I never seem to run out of those. It's a bit more compact this time, I hope you enjoy.
Amy Oct 5
Your hand is powerful,
it can be used to harm
it can be used to caress.
Your mouth is powerful,
it can be used to uplift someone
it can crush someones soul.
You hold so much power
you're unaware of it.
People need to be aware of their power that can majorly impact others around them however, it seems like many forget or simply, because its easier to ignore it...
My mind deludes the truth with feeling,
while panic saps light like a cast spell.
The scars sigil a prelude of dealing;
your laid traps left me aghast in hell,
eyes held vigil may keep me healing.
auto - self
cicatrix - healed scar
Anna Sep 17
It's funny-how one word can change everything.
One word can make the good memories fade away.
One word can hurt more than a physical blow.
One word can overtake your every thought.
One word can consume you.
One word can break you.
It's funny how one word can destroy you, but one word can also set you free.
I would rather be hit with sticks and stones- then ever have to hear that one word.
the saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is a lie. It is something we say to gather strength and dignity after the words have already done their damage.
hide the knives,
put them away,
so I may live
another day.
this is just the start of a poem I'd like to continue to keep working on. my husband has to hide the knives sometimes when I'm feeling ultra distressed. they've been hidden for about 3 months now and I'm not eager to take them out just yet.
faith Sep 15
meds have been working
head has been hurting
forever needing sedation
truthfully wondering why
i even get up and try
resisting every temptation

to cut myself feels so familiar
on my legs and tummy and arm
once on my neck
i wish somebody else would cut me

i’ll only rhyme when i want to
i’ll always cry when i say your name
if we had another chance you
might cut off my wings as a game

cut off my wings
right my wrongs with my blood
cut on my body
just deep enough, love

you taught me that love is irrelevant
because i loved you with everything
and yet our love was bad, black, burnt
and even though i loved you,
i’d have still walked away the same
because i always knew you’d be the end of me

and now it’s been so many years since you cradled my face
and the thought makes me cringe
because even though i didn’t say no
losing my virginity wasn’t what i wanted

not there, not then, not yet
but it was gone and then you were gone
and i slowly realized you never loved me
i was just like the rest

expendable and unimportant
at least, that’s how you made me feel in the gutter on your street above mine at night without touching me without looking at me without tears and without shame

i gave you what innocence i had left
and you ruined my soul
a permanent mark
i still have nightmares of you
i still wake up screaming
you etched yourself into me
and left me sitting in the gutter on your street above mine at night without touching me without looking at me without tears and without shame

i will forever regret you, but i could never take you back
it was an uncontrollable connection - karmic
fate i think because
you taught me what love was
and what love felt like once corrupted

now i no longer mistake lust for love
i recognize that love is nothing like how i thought it to be
love is easy
love flows like grass in the wind
it doesn’t feel scary or forced
love is much more than pretty words left on my front porch

love isn’t abusive or harmful
love isn’t doing everything to please another
love isn’t lies
love isn’t you

but it’ s interesting,
now i no longer suffer abuse
and yet i must inflict physical pain on myself
to feel alive

dear cutting,
thank you

love, me
9 - 17 - 19
Lorrin Sep 13
Skip the mirror
Hide my eyes
Cover up those razored thighs

Hide away
Cause “I’m just ill”
When oh when
Will this emptiness fill?

I’d just tripped
It was only the cat
My sanity slipped
And that would be that.

I yearn for the bleeding
I thirst for the flood
There’s pain for the healing
And it’s bathed in my blood
julianna Sep 12
How can I send this message?
I tie a ribbon ‘round my wrist,
To keep a measure of my rib cage
And I scarf down my food,
I shower when no one’s around
Cause’ I can chuck it up in silence
Still trynna be silent because I’m paranoid
That I’ll spill Mia’s little secret
So many letters,
But I’m still wearing an “ED” necklace
round’ my thin neck
Read between the lines on my wrists
I don’t like being alone,
But I need help and you don’t give it, no.
Kaitlyn Sep 11
When the only reason your trying to get better is because of your family
If they didn’t care I wouldn’t wanna save myself
Dominique Sep 1
Well, they mock the cops on a tuesday night
The start of the week and there's joints to light
It's the siren that shrieks like your thousand pound phone
Hello, it's your mother, you gonna come home?

My daughter's been missing for two **** nights
The searchlights that grab her find hate in her eyes
It's the acid, you know, and it's made her feel right
Come home, come home, come home

Now, a cold thursday with blood on their paws
There's windows been smashed 'cause they're drunk and they're bored
"Oh man, it's the pigs and it sounds like they're feeding"
They speed away laughing and all of them bleeding

They're picking out shards for the rest of the night
Quietly praying their veins would shut tight
Just the hustle, you know, and the jack tastes all right
Be fine, be fine, be fine

Then friday has crashed and the weekend is here
Toasting the drug deals with tablets and beer
Parks in the dark and a drunk girl's the charm
Lighting up **** with fresh burns on his arm

Calls up the mates he assaulted last night
Humourless laughs and they're high as a kite
*** is a drug babe, you know how this works

And the cops aren't around and she hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts.
youth culture amirite?
my cousin told me "the met ain't ****" yesterday and I just had to put that sentiment into a poem :)
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