I saw your shadow,
Through the curtain of your window.
Every night,
when I back to my room,
dimed the light very soon.
To see you in front of light,
I hold my heart for a gentle air-
to discover how you appear.
But all my wish fall apart.
even red rose also has black shadow.
Whenever she had her blossom desire.

Anam Dec 2017

I sit near my window,

The curtain long and wide,

Hide my vision of the sky

All I see is obscured and in fragments,

I sigh!

But do nothing as my curtain flies.

The next day I sit again,

I hear the screams of a woman - sometimes garbled, sometimes loud like a siren,

And it suddenly stops.

My heart runs and eyes exhaust - too eager but too shy,

I sigh!

And go back to work.

The other day I woke up late,

I sit by my window,

Tired and I hesitate,

Suddenly there is pain in my chest,

Voices in my ears - unstable and insane,

I grasp the curtain hard, I try to pull it away,

But then I froze.

I tasted anxiety under my nose - delicious and fresh,

I relax, open my curled fist,

Let the curtain fly,

I sigh!

I see my curtain fly, too high today,

I get up to pull it away,

But footsteps are heard,

I turn back and see,

Masses and masses of people,

Scattered like leaves - dead and pale.

I try but I couldn't grieve,

There is a gun pointed at me,

I smell terror freely,

I open my eyes, pulled back in to reality,

I see my curtain fly,

I smile.

I sigh!

My days are over here, I need to go.

I look at my curtain, sit on the chair,

I hear the noises of the street - crying of children, scolding of a mother, songs of lover, laughter of girls, giggles of boys,

I see the sky through the curtain - cloudy and unclear,

I feel love not fear,

I get up and pull the curtain away,

The sky is bright and clear.

The street full of people too busy in the jobs so mere.

The windows of the neighbours clean.

The woman smiling with a gleam.
I walk away contended,

The curtain lies in the corner, perhaps offended.

ramenoodle Nov 2017

I use many words to build a curtain
My soft wall

You think talent
What I show you is just an illusion
A show within a show

Piece by piece
You'll never know the line between truth and fiction
A fantasy is much more colorful than reality

I use many words to build a curtain
Because a curtain is all I have

Temporal Fugue May 2017

The epitome, of working in the shadows
never having the spotlight, or acclaim
realizing you may fade, to grey
with no dogs in the hunt, or game

Kibitzing the edges and corners
making edits, of heroes' ploy
feeling all the pains and tortures
not sharing in, all the hard earned joy

Greatness is as greatness does
you know within your deepest soul
you've  done and did everything you could, or can
even if, nobody ever knows

I've done it, do it, live it, and I'm ok with it :D
Zero Nine May 2017

Don't be afraid to
come into the backroom.
Part the curtain first
if you think you need a peek,
but honey, I've been waiting
here with all the answers.
You'll see.

What do you seek from this trans-trash
patch of bleached grass? Underneath,
infinite versions of me/my design holes,
tunnels in mud searching for sunshine.
But I want to ask you, who claims the noose?
Who gets to rise past the others in the end,
but then gets the knife so as to start again?
All ants, all ants, pull all but two legs loose,
and you're dancing in pants, wearing the tune
of the long, last living human in blues.


Inspired by the various works of David Lynch and Die Antwoord
Mysidian Bard Feb 2017

We both read our scripts,
but we're not on the same page.
You and I are just actors
who treat life as the stage.

We rehearse our lines,
but they're not what we mean,
for once lets break character
and call cut on this scene.

We could steal the show
if we rewrite the play
and end the charade
of this macabre matinee.

We've reached the finale,
there's no encore after all.
This is our shot,
our last curtain call.

Julia Jaros Apr 2015

Branco e bege se fundem na cortina
Feixes de luz tentam passar
para um mundo onde há muito
foram esquecidos
a poeira e a maneira.

Observe o movimento sutil
do tecido repetido e entretido
A transparência é genuína
mas a poeira
é contínua.

O espaço tímido não se revela
Escondendo sua sequela
de quando tão ingênuo
escondia uma janela aberta.

Bem, está trancada agora.

Apollo Hayden Oct 2016

And still you're more concerned  with who's in front of the curtain than who's behind it.
The puppets are being controlled by the puppeteers.
The strings are there, even though they're thin and clear; if you're searching for truth you'll find it.

Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016

The clocks wind down,
and soon the Earth will spin
tightly again.

How many passes do we need
to take a conscious breath?
How many paths?

The curtain lowers
before the curtain rises again.
I find myself staring at the red velvet,

the in between.

Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016

Not quite a hurricane
but a wind that still blows,
holding love aloft.
I prefer to be behind the scenes
like god,
observing the audience
through a chink in the curtain.

I am prophecy self-fulfilled,
but I’ve been before mistaken.

Surprised to learn
they embrace what they kill.

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