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Casey Rodger Feb 11
What was it that made me think?
Who turned me in that direction?
Stand around and watch me sink,
Different versions of affection.

Did they ever see me blink?
Living a life of pure deception,
Hope not to drown, and so I drink,
As long as I look like perfection.

Something about me fits your kink,
No self-control, just a slave to your *******,
How did this begin? Was it the wink?
You're nothing but a **** infection.

Don't mind my mind, it's on the brink,
Deny my every last objection,
The shame I have hides in pink,
Your shame is triggered by rejection.

Live your life within your lies,
Go on and raise a f*g kid,
But when you look into my eyes,
We both know what you did.

To be mad at you is a waste of energy,
Forgiveness is just about the same,
Not mad at you, or anything,
And now I can't even remember ya name!
With love and light my remedy,
I hope you lose at your own game,
Because though you are no enemy,
You'll never understand the pain.

You'll never know the after math,
The years and tears that come,
You'll never know my wrath,
Because for you, it's all said and done.

I hope your parents question you,
I hope they look at you with disgust,
Whatever story that you spew..
But hey, one day we'll all be dust.
It’s a taste on the tongue like peppermint
As invasive on the sinuses as mothballs,
It’s the precision of a samurai sword across a palm,
With the brutality of a gladius twisting against ribs
More infectious than the black death,
And no cure to stop.
GL HF my friend,
For we are all claimed by something,
And one by it every forty seconds.

It’s a pain in the mind, you see.
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George Krokos Dec 2020
The second wave seems to have hit harder than the first
by taking advantage of all those who ignored its thirst;
in the initial stages when it manifested and began to rise
leaving behind a trail of corpses catching all by surprise.
This is about Covid-19 in my home state of Victoria, Australia and particularly in Melbourne where people (mostly older)  were dying off like flies but nothing like what's  been happening elsewhere around the world until we went into strict lock down for 3-4 months which turned things around. May God help us all.
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Being responsible
She didn't said
She got covid-19
As usual

Here I contibuted
To the National count
That's what she said

Stay hydrated
Stay ventilated
Stay strong
Stay loved
Get well soon
That's what he said
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Get Well Soon
Maunas Mehta Apr 2020
Working while COVID is lurking,
You are selflessly nursing and returning,
Those that were hurting,
Sometimes it can be disconcerting
But remember, we are chirping because of you,
Thank you for serving.
Dedicated to all Front line workers doing their all to fight COVID. You guys are awesome We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Ken Pepiton Apr 2020
Whereas, hereafter, here

is relative, meaning related, as in linked,
to you there now.

Here, we arrive on a time, as all fine stories do.

We step lively, where no angel fears to tread, ever,
as you must know, by now,
is a word's own being manifested in meaning
all the same
to you
dear, as in worth the effort to look for and hold, in the having
state, of meaning,
dear reader, we made history blink.

Missle warfare, in our culture, came before the giant fell.

Shepherds and irrigators used slings, and other throwing
ob jects, sub ject e ject

juxtapose sup-positive positioning, do we think we

or be we? Wu, woo way, woo.

You up for this. It is live, this thread we walk along up
right un aware of wind or rain or storm,

no dry nib scratch, no drip of black on the illumination,
no breeze to blow plains of gold one atom thick

as a leaf, gold leaf, who'dathunk that?

A teller of tales talking to a peacock feather from a carcass
coyotes left by the road.

Ed Teller told me, some things called quantum and strange,
are simple has human beings,
there's the humus part, and the being part.

Art and science, sorta.

The trope is no differnt than when Gulliver was breathed
into our earth wide disneyfied minds,

give peace a chance,
alls, we are saying, is give peace a chance.

And when the boomers are taken down a knotch or two,
a tic, tic, re calibrate

thumbnail, zoom in on the eye in the thumbnail

to the gleem in the eye,

reflecting a Pepsi being poured into a Coke, with a Real Thing,

Giant sticker stuck stickily can't shake it take it oooo

no just any
body, don't you want some body to love? Roar or

was that a flash,
that was a genuine pshahdelic flash back on an out of zone
who knew? Boundaries are the best parts of bubbles.
If it was fun, you are in fected with a sorta sick humor.
Arya Noel Nov 2019
My mind is infected.
Something is holding it
Something won't let go.
Something is turning my mind black
My heart black
My soul black.
Save me
Something says no.
Something is taking over.
Don't save me
Don't help me.
Something helps me.
Something is there for me.
I am Something.
Zywa Aug 2019
The student is curious
he cuts in the deceased
according to the surgical guide
as the master he wants to be

Bodies are interesting
to discover during the holidays
and later give explanations
to the other students, in passing

The farmers watch in silence
how man is an animal
a large species of frog
they don't care about science

Oh dear, fresh blood, give me hellstone
quick, take the bottle from your bag
to disinfect the wound, burn it
away to a large black hole

The district doctor shakes his head
how could mister student think
he would have money
for something so precious as silver!
Hellstone is the name for AgNO3 (silver nitrate oxide)

“Otcy i deti” (“Fathers and children”/“Fathers and sons”, 1862, Ivan Turgenev)

Collection "BloodTrunk"
Philomena Jun 2019
You make the jokes and I smile as to say sure
Maybe right
And we move onto another topic is discussion
No harm no foul
But you don't see the tears in my eyes as I fall asleep
You can't feel the weight in my heart very moment of every day
So what can I do besides smile when you kid
Do I dare tell you the truth
That what, I'll never be a bride?
Or that women with psychotic tendencies make terrible mothers?
You ignore my warnings
Simply turn them away
And if only it was that easy
If I could loose them like butterflies on a gust of wind
But I'm like an infection you've caught
I'm toxic
I have violent nightmares
Both dreaming and awake
I can't dance or cook or be anything you hope to have
So I don't know why you continue to hold on
Although I hope you never let go
But that's what infections do
Until they **** you
I'm sorry love
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