Tell me picturesque,
Why do you look beautiful whilst you sleep?
Is it that my heart has fallen,
Deeper than the ocean,
Or is it that I'm scared,
That you'll soon wake up.

Scared to love is my interpretation.

The morning dew settles
like tears on rose petals.
They cry out for time to return -
and beckon lost seasons
of God-given reasons
as sad notes on my guitar yearn.

You're queen of the givers.
It brings to me shivers
that I was so selfishly made.
Your name defines 'humble'
as my words now crumble
on flowers that I now invade.

Your hands were like Heaven,
unselfishly given,
beyond just the people you knew -
from city to country,
from wealthy to hungry -
and all of the rest of us too.

As butterflies flutter,
I still try to utter
some truth of your beautiful love.
But now, it is just us -
and words don't bring justice
as sunlight spills down from above.

Those simple deflections
of sunlight's reflections
now glimmer like diamonds at play -
in memories briefly
that I see routinely
as if they were just yesterday.

I am not deserving
of all I'm observing
in memories coming to mind -
surrounded by perfume
with roses in full bloom
recalling that you were most kind.

I'll always remember
that freezing December
when I erred and brought you to tears.
When you found me straying,
for me, you were praying -
and over the many long years.

Some mothers are brand new,
but none can compare to
my rose-petal mother, that's true.
While laughter was looming,
our smiles were blooming.
There's none other better than you.

I do so adore you -
shall always continue.
I'd never trade you for another.
Up deep from the earth-plow,
what words can I sing now?
I love you, my rose-petal mother.

Alive still, your caring,
through rose petal sharing.
So many, I can't see them all.
Afloat on the breezes,
each rose petal eases
the pain of the weak as they fall.

Your petals continue
to live on without you.
They float around ever so free.
Like soft downy feather,
I don't wonder whether
some petals will fall upon me.

It's not at all easy
to sing thoughts so deeply
when sung with my dusty guitar.
I find I've distorted
all good you're recorded.
My rose-petal mother, you are.

And it's not by my choice
I miss hearing your voice,
so moistness now covers my eyes.
With fingers still strumming
I hear myself humming
while words get choked up in my cries.

With eyes very blurry
I'm now in no hurry
to vacate this most sacred place.
I can't be more lonely.
I wish I could only
receive one more loving embrace.

I love you so deeply
that when I am sleepy
see rose petals filling the sky.
My rose-petal mother,
my rose-petal mother,
I'll see you in Heaven...  Bye bye.

©2017 louis gander - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


bryn 1d

blue eyes


Moments come and sit with my silence
Make me feel relentless to embrace my different versions
They are footprints, sometimes only one set of footprints.....
I can not count them all in my saddest or lowest hours but live in them

     Some are~
Some are worth capturing
   True but aching

    Some moments are Breathtakingly Beautiful
    Some are imperfect but brave
   Fragile and bitter
      Inconsistent but Memorable
      Broken and half-forgotten
     Cherished but Lost.....

mjad 2d

You are fading
People crowding over you
I refuse to let go of the memory
It's still there only vaguely
A wisp of your voice
your eyes
your hair
It's all barely there
I see a beautiful blonde and green mix
A voice hard to identify
But it's yours for sure
I need more
It is a desire
A mental wanting
It's all I can do
I need more of you

I hope when the day comes
you grow flowers
that are as strong and beautiful as you
I hope they're bright
and that you never lose your light

SandrArt 3d

Why don’t you love your body, girl?
Did some stupid boy make you feel insecure?
Everyone is trying to tell you how you should behave and how you should look
but screw them, do what YOU want
you didn’t come here to please anybody
so go ahead and love your body
Skinny, fat, curvy or thin
what really matters is what’s under your skin
I know you think there might be something wrong
girl, I’m here to remind you that you’re strong
so if a boy comes around saying that you’re ugly and fat
don’t even think about it, that’s stupid chit-chat
skinny doesn’t mean healthy and fat unhealthy
have fun, live and eat what makes yourself happy
‘cause every body is beautiful
any other comment is not going to be useful.

do it simply
love me properly
but beautifully

MU 3d

All beautiful woman are
Reflections of your bright light...

This way, you'll never forget your One and Only, even if you meet a beautiful woman in the street or at work...

The most beautiful thing you can be is..
To be the words in somebody's poetry

And the most beautiful gift a person can give to you are the lines from a broken heart and the honest words of falling in love

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