Sitting in a dark room:
At peace.
With every single lifeless and lively thing around me. But more importantly with myself.
Staring outside my window.
A window I have gone to countless times but somehow right now it's different. A good kind of different. That one perspective every depressed and suicidal kid you wish has had. So they could see how beautiful life could be. So they could feel the greatness within their soul and revive their fire.
24th January 2018. Thoughts of a senior year student marching into adulthood.
Like piano in the background you were a soundtrack to my soul, a wormhole to another part of the universe where we could float amongst the stars and stall time as if it was ours. Still. Amongst the vastness of it all. I’d freeze in warmth as my name was called.
who am i to say
love isn't real
maybe i have never known of love
real love
am i a stranger to the beautiful sweet thing
that everyone speaks of
is it too far out of reach
they say i'm too young to understand
they say it won't come until i grow
what if i find the one
the one that changes my mind
changes everything
makes me believe
believe completely in this beautiful thing
called love
what a beautiful thing
to have a happiness box
filled with
quite mornings with falling snow
white light of a full moon with the ocean breeze caressing
rumble of lightening on the road under the flashing stars
warm sand between toes with sweet fruit on your tongue
peaceful nights as rain gently taps at your window
gental hums of the dishwasher as you fall asleep
her soft hair as she bends her head to cook
creaks of the stairs as they wear time with pride
what a magical thing to remember
your happiness box
You remind me of my mother. I said that to you once, maybe twice. I think I told someone else that before too.. But I can’t remember which one of the many. I said you were like no one else. Like she was like no one else. ‘Perfect’. Now you’re gone from my life. Just like she is. What have I done? You remind me of my mum.
We always talk about what would happen if we hadn’t met, and yet, I always wondered what would have happened if we did. ‘Before’, and I knew you, all of you.
katelyn 1d
you had the prettiest brown eyes i have ever seen,
yet they have cried more tears then could have existed,
i loved your brown eyes that could see past my walls
your beautiful brown eyes were like the stars
your brown eyes lit up my life
My Love Of My Life Has Beautiful Brown Eyes That Light Up My Life In The Darkest Hours
Like Winter misses summer,
Like autumn misses spring,
I’ll miss you like the fresh sea air
Or blackbirds when they sing.

I’ll miss you like a clear blue sky
Or cozy rainy greys,
I’ll miss you and the time we had,
All seconds of my days.

The smell you had, so sweet to me,
I hate to think it gone.
I’ll miss that scent and odour kind
Now that past is done.

I’ll miss your voice, the way you smile,
And think of you as such.
I hope you find that happiness now
You don’t think on me as much.

Your eyes, your nose, your lips, your face,
I mapped out in my mind.
The memories I have of you
Are there if I close my eyes.

I’ll miss you like I’ll miss my joy
Each time I was with you.
I’ll miss you like the time I missed
The chance I had with you.
Come with me darling
  Our two hearts cast to the void
 Beautiful chaos
o o o o o o

Feeling lonely unwanted and used,
My pride and my ego is bruised,
Someone to hold me while I'm lost and confused,
Someone to care for through a life of disputes,
Maybe it's me the cousin of Jack Frost,
To cold to the heart for a person to love,
Fugazi laugh and a smile I know I hide well,
All this anguish and pain behind my glass to the world,
I feel so empty and hollow not forgetting unloved,
I'm that single black rose too thorny to touch,
Complex by design and sheilded with spikes,
So wild pretty and enticing,
Yet too dangerous to love or like,
Cob webs of silk dresses lie draping my leaves,
Along with razor ice shards,
I dare you to pick me!
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