Daisy Rae 38m

       you're beautiful.
                      but not in the way most
                             people see
                      in the way your eyes blend
                             from brown to green
                and the way your freckles scatter
                             along your face
             and how more beautiful can you be
                      when your eyes light up
                                your smile appears
                                        & laughter springs
                                            out of your chest
                                   what a beauty you are
                             special, like the stars

your new york street cat-calls
will never touch me

because i am woman,
and you will fucking hear me

roar, loud enough
to shake the earth

and sky

people always said to me
"you're too young to be a feminist"

but what does that even mean?
are you ever to young to fight?

i swear on the bible

girls with dreams and big ideas
are scarier than monsters

and her eyes are not oceans,
she is not a tsunami

she is beautiful
she is god
she is woke
she is queen

the black girl, the white girl
the brown girl all make

a rainbow
and I want

to savor every goddamn momen

long eyelashes rest delicately on flushed cheeks
midnight hair cascades over his face
Blue eyes collide with brown
your soft lips grazing against mine

The bravery she thought
That she could handle
Bursted into tears that rot
Agony, a pathetic blown candle

She barely stepped in front
And shared a glance
We locked eyes that burnt
Innocence into wild stance

A strong armor to lean on
A shelter she seeked in me
I let her belief carry on
She have tamed the beast in me

The moment I realized, it was too late to act like a rebel.. Be bonded or act like it.
JAC 1d

There is
An abundance
Of beautiful people.
We all know this,
We see them everywhere.
You can be one too,
If you are not one already,
Simply by stating something stupid:
"I'm a beautiful person too."

Charlie 2d

I love my wife with all my heart,
She's the sweetest kindest woman, and she's so smart.
Like a flower that's bloomed in a winters sun, with the ground all ice and land barron. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen,
No  explanation could explain the existence of such a thing.

I've known such love, such a tremendous thing.
It brings such joy to hear her sing, she has brought me my children,
The Sweetest things, they have took hold of my heart it's been amazing.
With my dearest wife I could never part.

They say be your own kind of beautiful
But what if I am not
What if the person who said so had the courage only because they were beautiful.
Whereas I am not
" Oh my God you look so pretty," they say to my friend. Not to me.
Because I am not.
" What is on the inside is what matters," she said.
Then why do I still get left behind?
Because I am not
"Your heart is beautiful," he said.
But what if I want to be beautiful on the outside too.
But I can't
Because I am not
I am nowhere near. So far. Far away from beautiful.
Can't build confidence. I can only build walls to conceal. Conceal emotions and ugliness.
Because I am not beautiful at all.

We can not always live in our dream world where life is nothing but perfect. Because when reality hits you hard this is what that happens.

A cracked mirror distorts the image
I don't have to look at myself in disgust
I don't feel pretty
Apply makeup to my face
Does it help?
Look into my eyes
They tell my story
Of someone who is screaming in the inside
Trying to escape this body I have
But the image gets clearer when you fix the broken pieces
Looking deeper within yourself
This is me
And who I am
Finally I feel human again

Love yourself for who you are on the inside.

Your love is sweet
Mind is cheerful
Your face is jolly
Smile is beautiful.

Your hair is lank
Eyes are bright
Your nose is cute
Cheeks are bank.

Your look makes glad
Voice makes sleepy
Your dreams are colored
So always be happy…

ana 4d

He contaminated me
I was ever so indulged in his essences
but he was like a leaf in the wind
or a dream in the night
but with gallant might
this sight for sore eyes
he stole me away and quieted my cries
a cry of distaste
a cry of doubt
but either way
he figured me out
he wasn't toxic nor brutal
this contamination...
the one the indulged me in his essences
it was light
and subtle
and quite beautiful.

i just realized i used a line from a song by cage the elephant "leaf in the wind" i knew it sounded familiar. i'll still keep the poem up because i like it. i just want you all to know i wont claim that one line as my original work. if anyone is bothered by it i can take it out.
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