listen here to me.
ignore what everyone else is saying if they're trying to tear you down.
don't let that happen.

you are smart
you are beautiful
you are kind
you are seen
you are loved
you're better than you think you are.
don't cry, darling
things will get better
chin up
trust me.

you know what?

let it out.
i know you've been hiding for too long.
i know you've been abandoned.
i see you.
you're beautiful.
you're perfect.
you're amazing.
if you ever wonder if you're a bad person? bad people don't worry about being better.
go ahead and cry.

let your tears water the ground.
let the seeds of despair and hurt grow
let the graves of dreams and lost friends have gardens
un-clench your hands and you'll find seeds falling out
every bad thing is now a seed
the bad things will become beautiful things,
just to spite everyone who said
"no you can't."
"it's not possible."
"you're stupid/ugly"/any other mean word

those will be the most beautiful flowers of all.

so let your tears flow.
they'll water the ground beneath your feet.
it'll be a garden of spite and inspiration.
Aa Harvey 17h
Fi Fine, Fo Fun

Let me show you another way.
Let me breathe empathy towards your pain…

Hi Fi.  
Remember me?
I’m the guy I think you need.

I want you to know, you are on my mind
And I hope you like me too.
Maybe we could go out together sometime?
Or just chill at mine; it is all up to you.

I want to look deep into your eyes,
Because there’s something there,
I don’t want to miss.
Maybe it’s the promise of a forthcoming kiss?
Or maybe that is just what I wish.

Your body wants to hide,
But your words are so open.
I have nothing to hide,
My soul is written down for you in poems.

So here I stand; yours if you want me.
Come chill with me some time
And criticize my bad poetry.

I should have told you.
How beautiful you are to me.
I should have hugged you,
To be more compassionate somehow.
I should have done more,
When you were so honest and free.
I should never have met you…Life would be much easier;
But you are in my head now.

So goodbye for now,
What I meant to say,
Was I’d really like to see you somehow;
If there is a way.

I want you to be with me sometime,
If you have the time;
To fit me into your hectic life.

I should have told you,
You’re pretty…hot!
I should have told you,
I’m not good enough.

I offer Peace, Love and Empathy
And I hope you accept it too,
For you are more than welcome.

But my heart is yours to see;
Maybe yours to keep…
Or maybe just yours to use,
If you just want the same old story.

Would you like us to share our bodies, minds and souls sometime?
If you show me yours…
I’ll show you mine.

I think I would like it very much indeed,
If you were to spend some time with me.
I could show you I am an Angel
And confess all my sins…
I could put my hands around your heart and love you…
If you would only let me in…

But if you just want fun
And you don’t want my love…
Then I accept, let’s have fun….

Let’s chill and
Be good buds.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Is it possible
to not love
someone so
and handsome
with the

I think not.
From my instagram
Blades of deadly green grass
Flowing through the mountain pass
Cut by streams like flowing glass
Icy cold to the touch
Reflecting luminous golden rays
Gifted from heavens above

A modest man tends his cattle
Watching closely with one eye
The other capturing a picture so sublime
A life of duty he would never decline

Tree's sway to the breath of the wind
Testing the strength of their limbs
Birds dance , singing hyms's
Flowers stretch their petals high
Towards the light so bright

All the while a man tends his cattle
In a mountain pass
Full of beautiful green grass.
Locus amoenus is Latin for "beautiful place" I hoped to capture a scene of a beautiful place in a pastoral way. I hope you all enjoy.
i’m trying to see what you meant
-when you said she was our kind of beautiful.

our skin is the same, a pimple in the same place,
and the same hair and color.

but have you seen your eyes?
in mine they looked golden.
and then green.
and then yellow, brown and back to gold again.

i know you’ve felt my hair,
and it felt softer in your hands
-you made it beautiful.

the comb, the brush
and my only regret was i didn’t do yours.

i also remember this
-you said you liked this clip,
this dress.

well the dress is still hanging,
and you can be sure i’ll wear it,
next time.
Sophia 1d
i live in two different worlds
the one that roots me to the ground
and the one that lets me float around
it hurts to live in both
because the one that i love most
is the one that lets me imagine
all my beautiful creations

the world of imagination
the world of beautiful colors
simple, yet oh so pretty words
though my creations won't always rhyme
they always freeze me in time
because of how much i love them
the world of gravity defiance is a world not everyone loves
especially the ones with just one world
the one world that roots them to the ground
Serena 2d
One day, someone will come into your life and change everything

He will love you as soon as he sees you, because you are beautiful

He will love you when he gets to know you, because you are wonderful

And he will love you even more so when you give yourself to him, because you are beyond what words could describe

One day you will discover each other

You will love him when you see him

You will love him when you get to know him

And you will love him even more so when he gives himself to you, because he is beyond what words could describe

You will love and you will be loved, and all these minor love affairs that seem so important to you now, won’t even matter when you meet him.

One day

I promise
Death is tragedy, just like most things that happens in the course of one's life, for a moment it may seem that the world is at end, the next minute something pops and your joy is restored, but that's not all tomorrow is unknown still. Death might seem so much of devastation but the uncertainty of tomorrow is the greatest tragedy of all. So I've learnt to appreciate today even if it makes me cry, it's only today, tomorrow i might cry again but it's okay it never last, death is so much beautiful so much so that it may end it all and a new light revealed
It's how it finds you that defines how you accept it, my grandma passed away a few months ago many cried and weeped yet my mother was calm and happy she didn't she death as an enemy. She trusts and believes it's only a transportation to the greater life we all ought to prepare for, a life beyond our hearts beating. Am ready for my ride anytime I hope when it comes I will greet with a smile.
the other girls do strange things,
but they don’t mean it.
i can explain.

it's infuriating,
like the way my laptop won’t scroll.
i can’t read the comment section.

but it also kind of feels like the intro to a song
-the first flute, the first voice, the first breath of air.
the beginning of a story.

when you add that first swab of lipstick,
it has a voice like my crush:
sweetheart, you’re gonna be beautiful.

because sweetheart,
you are so much more than beautiful.

strange -i’ve never used the word sweetheart.
but it fits, because never have i ever,
never have i ever fallen.

i swear i didn’t plan this,
but i’ll dance to this music i’ve made.
it’s great music.

offbeat though, isn’t it?
because i think i’m dancing to another beat,
and wondering if you can do it too.

the other girls, they think you can’t dance,
but they don’t know anything about us.

honestly, you’re the only one of those girls,
the only one that exists.
i wish the others knew i was here for you.
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