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( seduction of a ballerina )

and so
I think of her
and wonder

what was that fire
that burned so bright
and raged so fierce
as to consume complete

our essence
embered char
smoldered ashen
that in its heat
and fury
could not sustain

a sensual serenade
in tender strains of wanton youth

the satin skin
the comely gaze
the velvet touch
taut tapered leggs
of forever alabaster

a silken voice
to **** and longing
to impatience
to call down immortality

a soulful siren
sweet as the nectar
of all forbidden

the moaning joys
of innocent concupiscence

when the wonder
stirs to every mystery
and the spirit lights
to every spark
igniting passion's earthy pyre
to leave one spent
in blissful ruin
at story's end
as a new page turns

and beckons

a throaty whisper
of promised pleasures
tempting as a ******'s kiss

and so
I think of her
with no regret

savoring the subtle linger
of the dewy taste of her
long ago
so wholly mine
at seventeen


rob kistner © 2011
(revised © 2018)of
Conjured from my memories of my first full ****** encounter as a rock and roller of 16, with an older woman of 17, a ballerina of exquisite, classic beauty - and the fired **** that fed our joining, and the craving for this beautiful ***** that lasted for so long after the preternatural encounter.

She was from Cincinnati, and was an apprentice ballerina, studying ballet in Chicago at the Giordano School of Dance. We had a chance, and for me a memorable encounter, when she had come home to visit her parents. Out with her friends, she had come to an outdoor summer dance where my band was playing. She had a fragile beauty combined with strength, that I found magical.
Serena 1d
If you are reading this, I am dead. I am writing this before I die, just to explain why I did. I know that my death may have come as a shock to all of the people who knew me, and I am deeply sorry for every single one of you. But I want you to understand why I did it. I have never been depressed. I have never experienced a suicidal thought in my life. I was blessed with being born in a happy family and I didn’t really have to worry much as a teenager. My life was a healthy balance of good and not so good times, so I lived to be a rather content guy. The thought that I had been unhappy my entire life never once came across my mind. Until I met her. Her. I can’t really explain to you through just a letter, words don’t do what I’m trying to say much justice, but I’ll try my best. She was, undoubtedly, the most beautiful thing I had seen in my entire life. Every single thing that had ever attracted me before was suddenly dull, I didn’t even care about them anymore. I didn’t care about anything anymore. All I cared about, in that moment, was time. I wanted it to stop, so she could just stay there, in front of me, forever. There was something about her, I don’t know what it was. I remember looking into her eyes, and they were just so full. She smiled when she saw me, and I knew in that moment, in that very moment, that the vision of this girl would be in my head for every single minute from now. That every time I close my eyes, I would see her. We dated, for two months. I ruined everything. But the thing is, I didn’t even want to. I loved this girl, I wanted to be with her forever. I wanted to kiss her every night, I wanted to kiss her every morning, I wanted to spend every second of my life loving her. She was the only time in my life when I actually knew anything. The only time I see her now is when I close my eyes. I regret losing her. But I feel like everything’s ruined, I ruined it all. As much as I hate to admit it, I had finally found a girl that was everything I wanted, and everything I wanted was too good for me. I didn’t die because we are not getting back together. I died because being with her made me realise how ****** my life was. How I have had depression, how I have experienced suicidal thoughts, how every moment before her that I thought was happiness was boring and mundane. How could I go back to **** when I experienced heaven? How could I go back to heaven after I brought it ****? If you are wondering why I did die, it’s because I saw her every time I closed my eyes. A vision of this one girl that taught me what love was, what happiness felt like, what the value of things in life really were. I died so that I could close my eyes, and live with the vision of her forever.
i will sleep to come,
yearning for that soft black wave
to take me from this world
and into my own.

free verse
I do always love sunsets,
like how I take in your flaws.

Like how the light shines in the middle of the fast-eating darkness.

You are the sunset.
Beautiful and promising.
Gentle and calm.

The little secret I keep. ♥️
Salty ocean breeze
Pleasing my nose's needs
Releasing dopamine
I feel its cool winds
Wrapping around me
At the beach, relaxing and unwinding.
my finest mirror      
so   that
   maybe   my  
will look
more      normal  .
beautiful yet
: )
am i beautiful yet?
bk 2d
I promise, my love
That when I go home
I will tell the stars about you.
They will tremble
When they hear
Of how bright you shine.
They will quake
When they are told
Of how beautiful you are.
They will be terrified
When they hear
Of how your love
Heats my heart on cold nights.
And most of all,
They will be jealous
When they hear
That I love you
More than the
Whole Galaxy.

Autumn is beautiful,
if you are
a poet,

and even more beautiful,
you are not.
i start to think about rooftops and airplanes
it is there that we see the veins of our cities
from up above we utter their beauty
a beauty that we can't seem to utter with two feet on the ground
from higher ground we begin to understand
that we are all but small creatures
in a world of unknowns
from up above we can finally see
just how small we are
from up above
we see
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