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Angels kiss you when you are unaware
in both your most painful and most beautiful moments
Shane Leigh May 5
I read a poem of loss:
The loss of a sibling, a child,
a friend.
I shed a tear and thought to myself,
What a beautiful poem.
And then,
Like an alarm went off,
The realization that
I had been reading it,
Up and down,
Over and over again,
For hours,
And a single tear turned into a waterfall.

Then the thought crossed my mind -
This is what poetry is:
Beautifully ugly.


"Gathering Moonlight" by Donall Dempsey
I read this poem and just felt an extreme attachment to it. I really didn't realize how affected I was by it until my fiancรฉ hugged me and asked if I was alright. I was so moved by it. Point being, I truly feel like this is what poetry is supposed to be. Having a reaction that you don't even realize you've had.
Thank you for a beautifully written poem.
Sorry, I went on a tangent lol
I hope you enjoy /
ยฉ Shane Leigh
People never really leave
You either meet them again in personย 
Or you'll find their flowers blooming, contemplating that image in the mirror
She is beautiful,
Wearing red

Within her chest
Friends are those who love to share their honey

With you
Anastasia Apr 11
ebony flowing from your scalp
like a river of never-ending night
a rocky river bed staring at me
with water verdant and cool
a curvaceous figure draped in ivory
with gentle speckles dusted across your cheeks
rose petals part while you speak
words leaving them like music
Persephone Mar 31
To love and to be loved are two of the most wonderful and indescribable feelings on this earth.

So how can we ever attempt to define something so beautiful, that not even poets can put into words?
Mark Wanless Mar 31
we're all just beautiful
people walking around
imagining other things
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