If there is a chance I could be with someone as beautiful as you,
Then that is a chance I want to take.
If there is no chance, then I can relax,
Move on and allow other women to walk into my life.
If I had to pick, I would pick only you,
Because you make my heart shine.

If you do not want me, then I guess it will never be,
But I think we could have had a good time.
Feelings come and go and if I must, I will go meet another,
But the truth is I do want you to be my lover.

So this is the chance I am going to take.
I will speak first and for your reply I will wait.
You are stunningly beautiful;
How do you feel about me?
Could you ever love me one day?
If the answer is yes, then please tell me.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
"Touch Me"

The pictures on the wall
Are varied and beautiful
Look at me, not them.
Fresh, plump, ripe, strawberries
And cream, beckon
Desire me, not them.
Men and women talking, moving
To and fro, in and out
Touch me.
alexa 22h
i promise to make pain look beautiful,
i will make you wish for thorns instead of roses
just so you can feel my ebony words,
just so you can choke on the bitter truth
for a while.
i promise to paint love as the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen,
i will make you give everything
to have a world of your very own.
i promise to hold a permanent spot in your mind,
trail through your thoughts like music notes,
feelings so overwhelming you can’t breathe.
i promise to have you scribbling lines on any surface you can get your hands on,
post-its and notebook pages and tree bark
and your ex-lover’s lips.
i will make you taste my words, cloyingly
sweet with an acrid aftertaste once you realize
”oh, he’s not actually hers.”
i promise
to make you feel something.
I know precious things
Don't last that long
Let me love you
For just a moment - a fraction of an eye-blink
With you
Eternity is just a thousandth of a second.
Watching meteors
streak across the sky
Sparks the realization
even things falling apart
and combusting all around you
can be beautiful
On stormy nights,
I only have to look at
your limitless eyes
To know that
the stars still exist.
Picture him: He’s gorgeous, thin, tall, and fair, has soft hair; his soft hair falls on his mischievous eyes. He has a pointed nose which makes him look evil. He only wears black which is his favorite color. Oh, you must see him in black; it makes him look like a mesmerizing poem. Imagine him, just close your eyes and imagine him wearing a black, long leather jacket. His eyes are only on you. When he looks at you, your insides churn and you wanna do the unspeakable things with him. He moves closer to you, smiles, oh that smile, which will make the devil weak in the knees. He is a bad, bad boy you always wanted. He touches you setting your body on fire and slowly gets the knife out to slit your throat.
She dyed her hair
violet and blonde;
a shade of maroon waves through
her lips
with her head bent low

how can this be?
And her eyes batter
with their lashes, they flatter

She looks on longingly
Waiting for the day
she returns home.

She picks up the phone
her only source of company
searching through her sea of friends
and she sees their faces

She sighs and wonders
How can this be?

She awaits the day she returns home
sitting there
like the beauty
she is created to be

What a sight to behold
though I have yet to know
her name

I look on, patiently
still waiting
for my train to arrive at my stop
waiting for when I can
go home.
So I was on the commuter train on the way home and there was this gorgeous lady sitting right across me. I didn't have the guts to say anything to her, so out of admiration I wrote this.
Elliot 4d
when he breathes out each word;
my eyes follow the curve of his lips
my heart hangs off of every syllable that rolls from his tongue.

when he smiles;
i can’t help but forget how to breathe.  

you are gorgeous
jul 4d
My reflection stared back at me,
Saying the things I’ve yearned to hear.
For the longest time, I’ve hid myself,
Imprisoning my fear.
I was scared to be imperfect;
My reflection simply sighed.
“You are everything,” it said,
“I can see it in your eyes.”
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