mjad 1h
I love the way your hips move when I push up against you
But I like the way he whispers into my ear, "I love you"
I like the way you attack me with hugs
But I adore the way he talks about love
I can't choose between the refrain and the melody
Something so loud and something so sweet
And both are written beautifully just for me
mrc 2h
tell me something beautiful

what do you mean "something beautiful"

i mean something that'll make me forget about
him and how his eyes look like upturned soil;
the way his hairs falls gently in his face and his
mouth splits in two when he grins
tell me something beautiful; a distraction
i beg of you
their was once a girl I knew,
it was no way to know i didn't compare,
for she flatters me with words,
and yet i always seem one step behide

she reminds me of the night,
my favorite time of day,
when i think of her,
beautiful comes to mind,

she can sing high and low,
shush any baby to sleep,
i wonder if she realizes,
how lucky i can be,
we all see our own flaws,
sometime blind to other's,
yet i swear i'm not blind,
she has no flaws,

i'll keep my promise to this day,
i'll try to be her knight,
even if we may be far away,
we'll meet again,
and that day be one of the best days i ever had,

so, my squeaks, don't go to heaven just yet, wait for me.
this is actually a poem for my bets friend, mya <3
t 6h
Some day I have to walk alone without you by my side
Some day without you I have to learn to live
in a world full of vice,
Some day when you will be gone
I have to pick myself up from the fall,
Some day without you I have to learn fight off
the demons i forged
Some day when i couldn’t find a shoulder to cry
i will recall the memories hoping to survive,
Some day when you vanishes in the beautiful landscape
i will catch you in my poems where you will live forever.  

But somewhere inside i'm wishing, dreaming, praying
for that ‘someday’ to never reach me.
Mane Omsy 16h
Took the bus to my class
On the window seat listening to the music
The air blew the heat on my face
While I sat there and watched outside

Out of nowhere, a sunshine entered
Distracting every passenger and passerby
My music blurred and my eyes took charge
To see that wonderful girl ahead

She got on with a smile so bright
And sat next to my seat
Her hair spread the coconut scent through my head
And it grabbed me by my heart and stayed

Sweet and beautiful she turned her head
Towards my shocking face and frozen eyes
Somewhere deep inside was the conscious me
And she took me by surprise with her sweet gentle smile
April 19h
Take in the cold,
Let it deep into your lungs,
Feel the mist against your skin,
A new flurry of feelings,
Your arms tingle,
With each breath more heat rose in puffs of white vapor
The frigid wind pokes you like icy fingers and wraps around you like a shawl woven from the snow itself,
The tip of your nose is no longer there,
The laughing wind creeps up to you,
following you up the mountains,
hissing at the warmth of your body,
The wind whistles and snow sings as it falls,
The wolves howl and the bears snore,
The leaves crunch and the branches snap,
They all come together yo create the beautiful song of winter,
But alas, only you can hear
It’s seems as if my mind always returns to nature.
the night falls
behind the curtain of the black sky
with a silver coloured bulb called moon
floating weightlessly in the background,
together with the billions of stars
shimmering like the glow-worms.

the clouds fly here and there
with the joy of becoming grey again
leaving behind the dry memories
of summer and sunny days
hoping to become raindrops again
and fall on the soft leaves of earth.

I've been writing this for days, yet the page stays empty.
So frustrating as I want to say plenty.
To tell you of all that I feel for you, and I don't ever want to stop loving you.
I suppose the empty page alone speaks more than a thousand beautiful words ever could.
Knowing the love we share is too beautiful to put on this page. I hope I never stop feeling this, your love leaves me reeling
moon 1d
I just want to be able to live.

To wake up to the sun,
shined in between my windows.

To feel the wind touching my,
easily scarred skin.

To stand in between,
all these tall trees.

To stare at the sunset,
and how the sky's blue fades.

To watch the stars come out,
along with the moon by their side.

And to thought of how lucky I am,
to exist and witness.

God's ethereal painting,
and remarkable piece of art.

I am so lucky to be a human.
I am so lucky to be drawn on His beautiful canvas.
For when I thought I was lucky to exist. [ Nature is the only reason why I found this world a beautiful place. ] Well, this is just a very cliché poem about how much of a nature lover I am.

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