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That Babe's Shape Has A Form
A Soft Silky Skin That Conform
With A Thunderless Eye Of A Storm
Reflects Way Down Near The Doom
And Reborns The Soul Very Warm
In A Tenderness Kiss I Assume
For It!, I Always Yearn To Come
Near The Nectar Smills Of Whom
I Dream To See Her Bloom
And Testify Her Perfect Form

That Babe Sings For The Bees
Hear Her Voice Rise Blazing Fire
Awakes Art Along With Morning breez
To Calm The Ocean's Shakeless Water
And Sparks The Stars In Each Whizz
Watch That Beauty That Would Alter
The Hot Summer To Winter Freez
Then Disolves And Warmth The Air
To Mix Your Feeling In Such Fus
Then Heal Your Soul With Her Cure

Author/ Aladdin AURES H.
I write poetry
and paint sunsets with those words
I lie on rooftops
until the sky's adorned with birds
I dream with music in my mind
and in colours you haven't heard of
To you,
I am beautiful
I am something different
I will fill the hole in you
your emptiness brimming with laughter
I will lift your feet off the earth and plant them into my heart
but you will keep digging -
trying to unbind my roots
But I am not gentle, as that flower
You cannot like what you see, and pluck me out of the water
I am not what I seem on the surface
I am a flood
and I leave destruction in my wake
I will wash away all the paths you've ever walked on
and I will leave you astray
if you'll ever find your way back
you were like ice cream in the sun
melting too fast and never lasting

i wasn't just smiling because i was admiring your pretty face
i was smiling because of the memories we made

now those memories are the only thing i have left of you
Poem from my book
Each stroke of my charcoal pencil,
Scraping against paper,
Scratched out yet another scar
Masking my feelings
As they bled on paper-
Black rivers running scarlet,
And locked it there,
A dam brimming
Wiped off, in a brave
Attempt to never
Be uncovered again,
Under alluvium.
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Bunny 3d
her eyes are round like orbs, 

they are hazel lile the nut.

her hair is golden and wavy, 

however it is not thin. 

her face is a little round 

and her cheeks are a little chubby

always flushed like roses

her lips are plump like cherries

her body has curves like an hourglass 

her ******* are round and beautiful 

and her *******, the same color of her lips,

are like little peaks

her beautiful body is what makes

me love her, however

her personality is what counts. 

found this going through old school work
Why can't we just sit,
and wait until this becomes a memory.
Why can't we just fit,
out thoughts into the mold of a history-

We created this.
We created the turmoil,
The sky and the clouds,
That make our blood boil.

We have forgotten the silence,
In which our hearts beat.

Just sit and wait.
And this will all become a memory.
Just sit and wait,
And we will all become a memory.
Sometimes, letting go is all there is.
Did I tell you, what the poet told me?
He said my hair was longer than that of Rapunzel,
He said I was fairer,
Than Snow White
And even prettier than Cinderella.

Did I tell you, what my poet told me?
He said he would be the only Prince Charming,
That gets to wake me up from my beauty sleep.
He said he would raise dragons, from their ashes,
And make me the mother of dragons.

Oh! My poet says nice words.
He paints beautiful images
As he drinks his garri
He slays words in his house able to contain only himself,

Oh! My poet uses words to take me on trips,
The last time he opened his mouth,
I found myself in Dubai.
He goes by the pen name
"slayer of words"
Is that even literally possible?
Am I dating a poet?
Or a liar?
What's the difference?
I don't know
But my poet says beautiful words.

You deserve the love
That will dance with you
In a garden full of bloomed tulips
And in a garden of dead roses

You deserve someone
Who'll drink whiskey with you
Even under a starless night
When you got yourself defeated
I hope you realize
how beautiful
and timeless
is the now.

You shouldn't dwell
too much
on tomorrow
and yesterday.

I hope you know
that today
is eternal.
Live, gracefully so.

There is no
stopping to the
flow of time
inside you.
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