Grinning at the memories
She left in my conscious mind
Like everything still seems present
The cherished times at her laughs
Left smiles of regret to take a chance

Through this road with music
Louder than the wilderness
Good Will Hunting final theme
I have to go see about a girl

The road longing as I accelerate
Take me to her heart once again
Make it my home in her forever
To return everyday and night

hope you're fine
Jobira 15m

If I think of many adjectives
to describe you—
it could take millions of light years—
to conjugate the alphabets—
which fit perfectly—
for your description.

But instead—
I’m going to say—
you’re simply beautiful!!

@jobiranyc (11/23/2017)

Wake up few minutes ago, thinking of the long restful thanksgiving holiday.
Me Díaz 11h

And I wish only to surrender my life
To the worship of her in her monasteries.

M•(e). Díaz

Me Díaz 12h

I want to be drunk
On the thoughts that flow from your mind.
I want to drown
In the depths of your verdant pools.
Linger there
Hidden in a crevice of your heart.
Softly murmur
An eternal serenade to your soul.
Love every scar
That lies deep within,
And softly caress the ones
I find just under the surface of your skin.
And when I die
Let them say it was your beauty that did me in.

M•(e). Díaz

I've never had a muse before, or never has an actual person been my muse, she has definitely become that though.

Beautiful soul.
Impeccable features.
But flaws are imminent.
Even to the brightest.

Her smile obscure.
Like seeds of darkness,
A stiletto of a dagger.
Lurking in the shadow.

Not in her tales,
But of what befell.
Deep of she hid.
Nightmare concealed.


he finds you beautiful

"god, you're so beautiful!"

only when he's getting pleasured
something that makes your heart squeeze a little.

Alex 23h

You called me beautiful, and immediately I thought myself

How easily your words impact my very being, my thoughts and my world.

the most beautiful possession of mine
are the photos i have of you
lying in my room, your beautiful face laughing
walking in the woods, admiring the sunset
sitting in front of the fire, relaxing in the warmth
you as a human are the most gorgeous thing i have ever seen
and to have marks of you in my life
is the most magical thing i've ever experienced
you've become my muse
all because of your beautiful photos
of your angelic existence

Butterflies are mysterious creatures,
They choose where they want to go.
Every time I see you,
They seem to be alive in me.

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Tia 1d

While they are all travelling
I am here stuck in my own daydream
In places they have never been
In a paradise only my eyes have seen

I've been in a lot of places
I even travelled the universe
I've travelled to the future and past
I've slowed down the time from being fast

I met the people I always admire
We all hugged as we smile
They gave me advice on how to live life
They told me how should I fight

My sweet little paradise
The reason why I still try
To continue my journey in this mad world
To accept whatever tomorrow is up for.

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