A slice of the Moon flanked
by a pair of moonlights.
And a butterfly pair basks
in the sunlight.

You and me too,
we will rhyme and sing
simply in mother tongue.
In the good old original lingua
like ‘Adam speaks and all
Angels listen in paradise’.

Singing of wonders
Sweet chorus, stay by my side
Triumph in the spring

© Poem by Lyn-Purcell.

Fill her empty spaces
With picket signs
That chant of her beauty.


elise f Aug 30

I live to be loved
But love I don't have

I live to find my path
But I'm well past lost

I live to be found
But no one's there to look for me

I live to be free
But you hold me down

I live to sing
But I've lost my voice

I live to run
But I can't even walk

I live to race
But every time I lose

I live to help
But it's hard without any of my own

Why do you live?
Arlene Corwin Aug 25

A World Full of Beautiful Songs

There is a world full of beautiful songs
Out there;
Each more sweetly silencing
And bringing forth
More tears than t’other.
Mellifluous as fragrant honey.
Money cannot make or buy it:
Songs so lyrical you cry at

The child, sensitive and innocent
Of harmonies and reading notes
Looks back on songs she learned by rote,
With warmth and ardor.
Learned by heart,
They weren’t hard to memorize.
Their beauty struck a chord
The size of don’t-know-what.

Sweet song or hot,
A taste for this, a taste for that;
It’s music that gave solace,
Reassurance, dancing feet.
World full of song and beat,
Time complete.

There is a world of euphony
And melody
To sing about.

A World Full Of Beautiful Songs 8.25.2017
Vaguely About Music II; Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Corwin


Sing out!
Kate Gilleo Aug 25

don't give me "fair"
give me real.
write me love letters
sing me a lullaby
leave me messages on my answering machine
questioning the meaning of life
give me 3 AM philosophy
and silent pancake breakfast dates the next day
give me life
give me reason
give me love.

Shauna Bendel Aug 22

he may not sing
the same song
as she,
yet hummed
his every
breath, only
to harmonize
her own

Noah A Aug 19

For those who love to sing and dance
Carry on

For those who love to spread their joy
Carry on

For those who love to be kind
Carry on

For those who wish to find true love
Carry on

For those who wish to harm others just becaus they think it's fun
Stop and think of what you're doing
Maybe you can change

This topic blinked into my head.  After that, I just had to write about it.
olivia g Aug 14

I would write to you if only I could.

But I can't distract myself from my own head; it just hasn't been quiet around here since my mind first started humming with the idea of loving you.

Knowing your soul like my own would blossom within me like a sprawling forest.

But while you're still unsure, I'm just wandering through the leaves.

And while I'm gone, I'll bet the trees pray to be dead just so they don't have to listen to me talk about you again.

But I ache with sorrow for their misunderstanding,

Because you are a song I will sing until it hurts anywhere above a whisper.

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