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The News had then
Come by that day,
That there was cause
To sing

And sing, we did,
The Song of Life,
Like winter’s turn
To spring

The Song did never
Change a rhyme;
Its melody's still
The same…

And, daily, I will
Hear its tune,
Again, and
Then, proclaim


Because those things
Of cause to sing
Are News for
Every day

Like morning’s dawn,
When light returns,
And drives the
Clouds away

I sing Today
Of hope Tomorrow,
And joy for

Though most of my
Old memories fade,
This Song is here
To stay

Kim Essary Oct 8
Serenade me the words of your song
Sound it as though your voice to be strong
Capture me to imagine a life with no fear
Sing to me of truth to know you are near
Sing to me of hope yet unseen
Sing to me a royal proposal to make me your queen
Sing me to you as I follow your voice
When your song brings us together we shall sing and rejoice
Singing can heal your soul
R B M Oct 7
Walk up the steps,
          Sit on the stool,
                  Adjust the mic,
                         face the lights,
                               And sing.

Strum the strings,
Hear how your voice rings.
Close your eyes,
And shed your disguise.

Sing about the things you feel,
The things that don’t seem real .
Sway with the song,
And hear the crowd sing along.

Don’t think about stumbling on the words,
Or tripping over the cords.
Hear the melody and hum,
Think about the applause sure to come.

All your problems left when you stepped on the stage,
Now it’s up to you to finish the song, to write another page.
It may seem like hell
But you gotta step out of that shell

Strum the strings,
Hear how your voice rings.
Close your eyes,
And shed your disguise.

I promise that everything’ll be alright,
You’ll win the fight.
The stage fright won’t last long,
So sing your song.

Walk up the steps,
               Sit on the stool,
                          Adjust the mic,
                                  Face the lights,
                                                And sing.
Still I remember
skip class and went to beach
to see band performing

Still I remember
ditch science computer to canteen
to see you eating

I do everything in highschool except studying
and left with neither you or good grades.
I will sing a poem for you
I can summon the rain and rainbows too.

I will paint on canvas for you
I let the portrait talk and be obedient too.

I will capture sunsets for you
I will turn red into purple like how I used to.
everything for you
She captures sunsets for you
But I painted the sky

But still, you climb the mountain for her
**** the dragon and cry too

Because she's more beautiful
of course, she does.
she does..
Shristy Sep 13
I wish i could sing
I always wanted to sing you a song.
I wish i could sing about our journey, our downfalls and our fears
I wish i could hum a tune so sweet, so sweet that even for a minute i wish it would take away the bittersweet ache eveytime you think about us
I wish i could sing about how your presence give me a sweet melody that keep my mind calm.
I just want you to hear
the symphony of emotions i go through when im with you

I noticed people who sung and made music have their life easier when it comes to love
Always wondered if i would get the same happy ending as the heartbroken guy who got his girl back when he clambered up onto the stage in a bar to sing a little karaoke for her
Always wondered if there's something about writing and singing a song to someone
Will they make them love you little more?
Why do they sing for them, when they don't even know if they will get the ending as they desire?
Does it get easier for them to atleast remember you?
but I can only write cheesy poems.
for you.
about you.
about us.
but i know a poem is no song.
Even If I write with the rhythm of my heart
it won't be remembered as much as it would if it was a song
because it's only words on a page
which don't unfortunately serenade
Breathe as i bleed,
Drink as i drown,
Dream as i die,
Sing as i sicken,
Leave as i love,

                 But dear love, please learn to
Love  someone who loves you as much as i did.

P.S: I Love You, forever and beyond.

                                          Yours lovingly,
        The one who misses you the most.
A gentle note/remainder to your loved ones to move on even if you are no more. Dedicated to a lost soul.
R.I.P. dear
Keiya Tasire Sep 12
A flower sings  its own song
accompanied by a glowing inner light.
As flowers sing,  their rainbow of sound grows.
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