Xylos 2d
We all speak,

What has been told already,

In alphabets and words,

Yet claim ideas,

All jumbled and curved,

And somehow I believe, everything has already been heard.
Gone the man who came before,
Who knew to stay safe on the shore.
He went too deep into the surf,
And drifted away,
And now he’s hurt.

Gone the creature who used to sing
Songs in the dark to a shadow bell’s ring.
Its melody’s gone sweetly stale.
Cold as night’s wind,
A truly sad tale.

Gone the one who was the greatest.
The one who was saved by this the latest.
The latest of thieves to steal from the wrong.
But now they’re all gone.
Where have they gone?

Gone the man who became the greatest creature.
Saved by thief’s song at the shore as a feature.
He knew what he was doing,
But he was wrong.
Now he’s all gone.
Now he's all gone.
there's something about a good country song
that makes you want to get up and dance
let loose
forget your worries
it makes me want to move to nashville
write music
play guitar
fall in love
i can't get enough of it
Nick Stiltner Jun 11
Time has its hands around my neck, strangling me.
A diamond clock around my neck like Flavor Flav,
hanging off me, pulling my head down to the dirt.

The tortuous second, an arduous minute
I grind my teeth at the passing hour.
I squeeze each passing day, holding tightly,
but it always escapes between my fingers,
liquefying and dripping through, evaporating.

Wake and pace,
I wake and begin to pace.
Weaving a trail through the leaves at my feet,
the meadow floor becoming my revolving door
with only one exit, a blinking red sign
flashes, its arrow pointing directly down
imprinting itself in my pupil.

Sing the song of the day!
Whether it be swaying morning Jazz
or a night owls rhythmic hoots,
sing it loud and let it ring,
for you never know the last song you will sing.

Walk in circles, hum the tone,
whatever it takes to get you past that
glaring sun high in the sky at each passing noon.
courtney l p Jun 6
the list of ways that
i care for myself
the way i used to care for you:

1. when i'm feeling down, i ask myself what's wrong. no really,
    what's wrong?

2. i take myself on meditative walks alone to clear my head and
    reflect with no distractions.

3. i take myself out for ice cream to celebrate the good days. i pat
    my own back.

4. i give myself the bad days to cower beneath my duvet. i do not
    push myself to face the world before i am ready.

5. i never say something about myself that i wouldn't say about you
    (the reverse golden rule).

6. i look myself in the eyes at the bathroom mirror, in awe, as if i
    hung the very moon i can't stay awake long enough to see.

7. i scream-sing songs in the car with the windows down until i
    outrun my demons and leave the memories behind like roadkill.

8. i love myself unconditionally.

- courtney l. p.
the words i never thought
i would have the courage to write
Nazrana Kalil May 31
studies finds that a person can fall in love four times in a lifetime
and yes i agree...its possible
I've loved you for the first time when i was much younger
when your youth just began and mines still soft and tender

I've loved you for the second time.
I've loved you when you randomly spoke in low tones
when your voice deepened and mines high pitched with hormones

I've loved you for the third time.
I've loved you when you held my trust and smiled at another
when your mouth finally reached your cheeks and mines shudder

I've loved you for the fourth time.
I've loved you when you touched my lips and held my hand gently
when you whispered little secrets while i sang to the river intensely

I love you for the times you showed me the depths of my soul confusions.
i love you for the unknown steps you followed unknowingly conducting an intrusion.

i love you for so many reasons
but mostly, I love you for proving the studies wrong
as I've fallen in love with you everyday for the pass one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days
and i swear i will keep falling in love with you
Joe Momma May 30
A little bumblebee
Caught in spider's silk
Sings the call of his people.
Awtumn May 28
I've known you as one name.
I nickname
I thought you preferred.
I've gotten so used
To using it.
But I love your name.
I think it suits you.
So I'll call you by one name,
Sing it to the sun.
Breathe it out
Like a breeze in the summer.
But your other name,
I'll whisper to the stars.
Let in fall from my tongue
Like a prayer to the moon.
Steve Page May 27
Lord of life,
of colour and colour,
of breeze and light.
Lord of bluebell and butterfly,
of birdsong and birds' flight.

Lord of space to think,
of time to rest.
Lord of movement,
of stillness.

I sit here and I confess
complete adoration,
my sunshine celebration
of this, your full spectrum,
this rainbow-wide gifted creation.

I sit and give thanks
for this sustained life,
of greens and blues in yellow light,
of this colour full to the brim life,
of fresh composed songscape,
this God given escape.

I thank you, Lord, for this gateway,
this fresh every morning,
gifted new day.
Lovely visit to Hadfield in Derbyshire.
It was as if the ghostly hands of his very soul had grasped my two shoulders and shook me till I was numb. A violent whirl of emotions had consumed my entire being and the feeling was so abrupt I almost felt sick. The moment the first sound escaped his lips I was captivated. I was his devoted prisoner, locked in his head. His heart.
His voice was so disturbingly beautiful.
His aura overflowed; the dark passion he dispersed with every note he sang took me to a place only he had been. A place he created. A place where he was alone. I felt so special, so important, to be the first person he had taken to this place.
His lips trembled as his voice slowed to a stop. My soul slowly gravitated back to its rightful place in my body, though I preferred being way up high with the stars, with the power of the universe, the place of which Evan goes when he sings, I knew I would always end up in this shell.
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