sitting in a coffee shop
a man is grinning while
he stares at his laptop
the light from the screen
reflects off his glasses
and his eyes are great
white orbs and he
smiles and smiles and
all I can think is
that I will never
hear you sing again

Ari 1d

Rain drops resting on our cheeks
Such sweet renewal
No one dares to speak.
Our eyes turned up to the stars
We have found peace
Right where we are.
Natures voice made us a melody
For us to dance to;
For us to sing.

So darling
keep your hands
wrapped around my waist
Listen to my laughter
As I kiss your lovely face.
Know that for time and
For ever after,
You'll be the rain
That cleansed my soul.

Sunshine crawls; gently waking me
While I'm cradled by
My living dream.
Love waltzing from my soul
Wrapping 'round the one
Who became my home.

So darling
keep your hands
wrapped around my waist
Listen to my laughter
As I kiss your lovely face.
Know that for time and
For ever after,
You'll be the rain
That cleansed my soul.
You'll be the rain
I'll always know.


Simon Soane May 12

I’ll miss your lovely singing voice
bristling with charm;
opposite of clarion call,
antithesis of alarm.

Arcassin B May 7

By Arcassin B. & Pretty Brd

AB: I was raised to not hurt a woman on any circumstances
Even asserting myself as dominant and setting boundaries for
The both of us,
It comes with trust,
PB: Unity draws lines together, in lieu of that, I'm left nonplussed

PB: For equal, we walk hand in hand Building a life with shards
of love and strands of hope Shaping a future,
we two,
AB: aiming to see a couple like us fly , don't cut our feathers,

AB: whispering but not talking at all, only to your soul and
Your mind to a depth and an abyss of a broken past between us
Don't mean a thing,
PB: Echoes of the the mockingbird sing,

PB: Reflections of rubble forged into bricks A foundation
greater than the pieces of we On which the house of love was built,
AB: I've loved you since my great depression and when your time
Stood still.


Birds come to aid of poets
who are stuck mid-air
They'll chirp and sing
their best song
that'll guide us long
and will take off
as soon as we drop the pen
to their own nest

Be a child again
come along with me
to make-believe and magic
hopes and fanciful dreams

that's where you'll find it
the peace you're looking for
when you drop your defenses
your masks and your schemes

just believe in fairies
elves and leprechauns
watch for rainbows
pick some flowers
dance out in the rain
sing silly songs
laugh and play

wave madly to a passing train**

find a world of simple pleasure
be a child again
come along with me

**I had an aunt who lived at the end of a street on a slight hill...below the hill was the train track. We loved to visit her because we knew we'd have a chance to listen for a train coming and run out and wave to it. When the caboose passed, we waved the hardest And when the conductor was there and waved back we were thrilled and felt so special. A favorite memory that's why I let that line have its own space. :-)

They may look to the sky or to their reflections
in windows and water but I am only looking at you.
The way petals fall into the sky when the wind
pulls them apart or how colour seeps
into daisies has never intrigued me. Why would it
when I could look at you, the timeless flower
who takes language and turns it into a colour?
You never die no matter what the weather is,
blooming and blooming.
You make me try to blossom and become beautiful
even if I am wilted and ugly.
You see me as a flower too beautiful to leave
behind when it's you that is the beautiful one.
You're the flower I pick every time I see it
and somehow you never die
because your beauty is too intense to allow
your colours to fade,
so I'll keep you tucked behind my ear
and I'll sing with the swans
because your beauty is reflecting on me.

~~ You're the loveliest flower I can see. ~~
bluevelvet May 2

i've only ever admired
two different boys
that could both sing,
which sets my soul on fire.

one of them
will always hold
a part of my heart,

the other doesn't
even know where
it starts.

or does he sing off key?
Lilly Apr 26

Dance; bathe your heart in sweat:
Make the hurricane jealous of your fervour;
Sing; summon gods with your breath:
Make the stars beg for your favour.

Sing out to me,
my hazel-eyed love.
I'll stop to say hello
and my eyes, they will glow.

Tell me your secrets
and tell me your fears.
Shout it loud,
but only for me to hear.
Whisper your troubles
into my ear.
Tell me the things
that you want to say,
and tell me more
about how you want to stay.

I'll keep them to myself,
and no one will know.
You just keep on smiling,
your feelings don't have to show.

Love me like crazy,
and sing soft to the daisies.
Do what you do best,
and love me no less.
To say you're not lovely
would be a crime.

You're simply perfect,
you're simply divine.
You're simply mine.

Kiss my lips,
my hazel-eyed love,
and I'll bid you goodbye
with a ravenous sigh.

originally written 2/13/16
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