Karijinbba Aug 6
I surrender to you
do with me as you please
I rather share you than lose you
Love of my life
Sing and dance with me
with the violins
loving you loving me
all the night through
The mornings long
The evenings long
Lover of life my true love
Your way is better than mine
Lover of life
Call me wife best lover
best mother best friend
Lover of life
Call you husband best lover
best father best friend
loving you the nights long
the evenings long the mornings long dance with meee
sing with meee with the violins lover of life my first love
my last
Love of my life
dance with me all night
with the violins
I adore you I love you
Don't leave me behind
I live and die
to be in your arms

Take us on a boat ride
To a place that only you know
Wbere the waves wrack our boat
While we wrack away  
loving you loving me
  the nights long the days long
the evenings long the mornings long love of my life
Camp with me under the stars
To the beat of our 
hearts drums humps
Under the starry night sky
Two hearts beat as one
Two minds but one single thought I
I am worshiping you
sing and dance with me
My Lancelott my Knight
Lover of life my true love

I am your star galactic seed
Yellow Self Existing Star
Always flowering flowering
Enter me
Heaven vibrates in me
As you near
Portal To heaven I am
You alone are the bridge
Only with a guru sage
Twin flame like you
Change my life
Lets change the world
As you smile I will purr
As nightingale to Lark sing
Sadly so have we sang
Our mournful love songs
Sing and dance with me
With the violines
Love of my life!
Just as ever.

All rights reserved: This love
winning theme captured for me from my old true love is now recaptured by me into my own
True love theme song.
This isn't a request for anything it is simply who I loved in this life time  spirit mind heart and soul
It was my once upon a time love theme song upon meeting my groom the day of my wedding
Instead it became my hearts nightingale dying song Thanks everyone who reads my old Lost and Found diary anotations.All rught reserved.
Carla 6d
I lay in my hospital bed,
While awaiting my end,
The stabbing pain in my head,
I can no longer pretend.

It burns, it sears,
And there's a loud ring,
Inside my ears,
The voices sing.

You've got to believe me,
It's not a dream,
Not wanting to plea,
These voices scream.

I'm not insane,
I'm not crazy,
I'm feeling the pain,
I'm feeling hazy.

The walls are singing,
Piercing my drums,
I can't be living,
There's smoke in my lungs.

I freeze in my tracks,
Have they finished?
Indeed, they relax,
The song was diminished.

So, I lay in my hospital bed,
Free from the chaos stirring,
The voices finally left my head,
My mind is now blurring.
Sweet lips and kind eyes
I'd sing you all the praises a man can
My Overworked Angel

touch soft and gentle
you radiant being
a feather against my body

warm and gracious is she
perfumed voice
enough to make me bloom
Written because of Cait-Cait's poem,  "I wasn't made for love".

I'm really gay and had to make an unofficial companion piece that doesn't fit it as well as I would've liked, okay bye.
veritas Jul 30
draw a bath. close your eyes.

soak in your bath. (and then sink, lower)

look up, and then higher than that.

read the discourse in the light. read the flutter, the frivolity, the fumes. read it all.

and sing. whisper. scream. rage. rage rage rage rage rage rage rage. sigh. fall back. lament.

pull the stopper. drain your bath. wait.

stand up. stand tall, and then taller than that.

turn and look. really look in the mirror.

but just look. observe. vigilant.

turn away, not ashamed, not proud.

wrap a towel.

step out.

rinse & repeat.
not unclean.
sayali Jul 24
Sing me a song,
Of light that was
Always mine,

Sing me a song,
Of the little
Moments that weave
My life,

Sing me a song,
Of the burning
Embers of desires
Within me,

Sing me a song,
Of time, which
Will take forever
To end.

-Sayali Parkar
Aj Jul 17
and now the song is over. it fades into the background as it fades out completely and now it's just me in the spotlight. dancing with my arms and stepping with my legs, i can still feel the rhythm in my veins. i said the music stopped, but don't believe everything you hear, you see, because i believed it too. and for a moment, i stood quiet. i stayed that way until another beat arrived, which happened to be the best beat of all—the ever-slowing tempo of my heartbeat. it was thumping and bumping loudly from where my ribs kept it in place. i didn't want it running away like my feet were or flying into the air like my arms.

i’m keeping it a wild kind of classy and in time with my sweet pulse still bump-bumping away, and i didn't complain as my heart kept going, continuing it's work as the foundation of the slow and reckless melody that my head created for the time being. i won't remember this song tomorrow.

my toes are tapping and my fingers are snapping and my smile shines as i feel a howl coming along. i dance in my lonely with sounds trapped inside my body—these noises were something that i decided to make, and i swing as i feel my newfound freedom uplift me. i reach this high. i dance in circles. i touch the sky. i kiss the atmosphere, hold a star, make a wish.

"i hope this happiness never ends."

and still, it hasn't.
it's a party of the heart.
The Dybbuk Jul 16
I don't need anyone anymore.
I am alone, and that is beautiful in ways I don't yet fully understand.
There is something liberating in isolation,
Nobody to watch you live,
or die.
I think I'm realizing slowly that I,
all jokes aside,
Don't need someone to listen to me sing at the stars.
I can be loved again, sure,
But there's no point in loving.
It is no less a waste of time than drugs, sex or music,
Yet it will hurt you more than the others ever could.
Drugs are only evil when they are loved,
Sex is only dangerous when there is too much love,
And music, though it hardly sounds the same, doesn't give a shit, and keeps being breathtaking anyway.
When we live on this earth for too long we grow weary of it.
The miracles of everyday life grow dull in our eyes,
those of bratty children in Eden.
Life is paradise,
Though we stubbornly refuse to believe it.
Freddie Ruiz Jun 18
There ain’t nothing you can’t do with this man,
gather all around me, have no shame.
Move along the beat, let me hear you scream.
I’m the type of fella that likes to ride a beat.
I set the place on fire.
I take a yawn party and turn it into a massive smasher.
Can we get started?
Let JR Musik move you and make of tonight the hottest.

This is a warning, the place is about to go down
and what you didn’t know about me you’ll know now.
I’m about to prove my talent,
so let me have it my way.
Who said anything about keeping it low?
I’m known for having no shame, so let’s get out of control.
You can’t stop a train with no brakes.
Who said a little rain will stop us from doing what we do best?

The night is still young and we’re here to party.
Mix whatever you want as long as you don’t spill it on my converse.
Keep laughing till you get tired.
Act crazy, move something, otherwise get outta here.
Everybody come on,
If you are corner people you should’ve stayed home.
I’ll keep this party going till the last person left leaves.
Nobody does it better than FR and the Ds.

Like a pizza in the oven it can’t get hotter than this
So, come and join me to celebrate this night and all that it brings.
Raise up your glasses, plastic cups are good too.
Down goes the beer, there goes the wine too.
What the heck! let’s just sing and dance,
and for tonight, let’s not act our age.
Written on March 27, 2011
Composition number: 378
Don’t cry for me, dear
Save your crystal tears
For now we celebrate
And cheer

Her flowers fall
Her wind is my song
Her rain is graceful
So rest
And be strong

His task is done
His sword has been run
His muscles sore now

For deep in the white
Someday I shall be
Glass oceans calling me
And see

Deep in the white
Forever we’re free
We’ll sing together
Don’t you leave me
Deep in the white, forever we're free
Lullaby rain sings,
From morn, seamlessly to night;
A baby again!
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