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The piercing thrum
Of life begun
A song that doesn’t cease
Irregular strums
Of hearts undone
Heavy cries released
The battering drums
Of those unsung
Will never be appeased
I sang for some
Their bleak souls wrung
By what my voice would tease
A hopeful hum
Bright as the sun
A chant that promised peace
I cried for none
For I was one
Whose song was one that ceased
Now hums and strums
And thrums are done
All sound is now deceased
Mother to violence
Widowing silence
And no one left to speak
Cross Boundry Oct 12
am i allowed...
honestly, i think not
she's up there with the perfects
singing in the heights
dancing with the stars
but still i'll look...
she - dodie
August Oct 11
to the dead and the dying
and the quiet heroes of this constantly grieving world
to the givers and the receivers:

you are loved.
mjad Oct 8
Ones a bridge ones a melody
Sometimes I replay without finishing
So different
Yet in harmony
Liz Sep 8
The wind is my friend
He's always there
Sometimes he sings to me
Or holds my hand when I'm sad
He'll hold me softly so I know I'm not alone

The wind is my friend
He's always by my side
And he always lets me know
I just need to breathe
And remember to take it slow
Isabella Aug 28
'Tis a broken song to sing, a bleak melody to ponder
The aching loneliness doth bring, wounds not healing any longer
Tune flows out like streams of blood, lyrics sharp and somber
A poet's hurt such as a flood, waves crashing ever stronger

Teardrops of the mighty flood, have now trickled to a river
Feet treading through the layers of mud, in their failing feat they quiver
A siren weeping ripples here, mourning love thou refused to give her
That broken song caressing ears, a touch chilling as a shiver

Her throat burns yet she goes on, soft enough to make the earth quake
The very ground thou steps upon, rumbling with her tragic ache
How doth thou turn a blind eye, she's been torn by thou mistake
Her very soul doth cry, while thou can hardly even shake

A storm 'tis passed tonight, though thou shall not repent
Siren sings beneath blue moonlight, of the love she doth resent
A lullaby to make thou tremble, deep beneath the twisted torment
No longer shall she dissemble, all but you shatter at the poet's lament
dedicated to a dear friend of mine. heartbreak is never easy <3
Lane O Aug 18
Every beat of my heart
sings the same sweet refrain:
Your name
Star BG Aug 7
I sing the blues
in the Key of C
for catastrophe…
with sharpen bow to self
if resolution isn’t found.

I sing the blues
in the key of D
for death
with tears as accompaniment
that stain face and heart.

I sing the blues
in the key of B
for begging
with hope someone will hear
to teach me a new song.

I sing I sing
with keys to see which door
will open for new beginning.

Singing competition begins
D and G (death to God)
 F and E (freedom inside  human existence)

What song will prevail?
Time will tell.
Inspired by Gideon Thank you
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