i want to touch
your body
like a man in heat —

rub fingers up your legs .
kiss peach butter lips,
and make you

i wasn’t made to be in love ,
i think .
i was made to be
loved :

like a feather, or
a death.

i will run
my entire life.

we bloom in summer.
for Emily.
She Writes Mar 14
I dance until I’m numb.
I sing until I’m free.
Music is my escape;
My way to be me.
Kathleen Rose Mar 13
We both know I ain't a poet
& I sure as hell can't sing
But I do it 'cause of you, man
Yeah, I do it 'cause of you

I write these stupid words
I sing these shitty songs
& I do it all for you, man
Yeah...I do it all for you.
When you don't even have to think, and it just finds its way out.
Tiana Marie Mar 11
I remember when I could sing
unafraid of how I sound.
I remember when I could fly
unafraid of the hard ground.

I remember when I could walk
unafraid of where'd I go.
I remember when I could speak up
unafraid of the word "no."

I remember when I could dream
unafraid of the real truth.
I remember when I was a little girl
filled with innocent youth.
e J Mar 8
Fingers swiftly plucking at steel spirals
Those sharp twangs echoing inside the body
Shooting outwards, escaping that hollow chamber
Sweet words flowing out of the mouth
Rolling off of the tongue so easily
Sounds molding together in a soft duet
Throwing themselves against every part of the room
Bouncing, ricocheting off of the walls
Hands pause, sound slowly fading into a stiff silence
Reminds me of him.
RK Mar 5
I'm not one to walk too fast so I slinged along at my own pase. . Besides, I always hear an inner voice reminding me not to hurry, how I'd miss so much. What the hell's the worry?

I always listen and take heed knowing well the futility of rushing, how it creates a flurry, and multitasking is not as marvellous as some imagine.

Continuing at my own pace, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting, living life to the full. The scent in the air was at evenings best. The colours of new shoots, and Spring buds stopped me in my tracks. Shaking the hand of an old friend I met, and making a plan to meet up again, ended in hugging.

I heard a man singing!    

" Lady in Red - You look wonderful tonight"  

A gorgeous man, descending from a roof top continued singing

  "I have been blind, you're dancing with me ... You look wonderful tonight"

I wondered might he be in love, I guessed he must be, he seemed very happy. Perhaps he had a wife, girlfriend, maybe a lover. I was living through him, enjoying  these attributes, wishing good things for him.

I couldn't wait to get home, though not in a hurry, to taste the apple crumble I'd baked earlier. To play the song, "Lady in Red" you're dancing with me.

To capture his feelings of love, in a song.
Most of imy poems come from real life experiences.. This is one!
Kit Mar 5
Sing To me I beg
deafen me
Shattered this emptiness
Rip away this loneliness
Replace her voice
Fill the void
Calm this god damn storm inside of me
Replace the part of me she took
Sooth my soul
Alec Astaire Mar 3
What do I show you?
That I can sing and write?
That I can play guitar or cook a mean filet mingon?
Hell, if I could single handedly save the
world from it’s inevitable demise
I’d still do so without any passion..

What can I bring to the table
When you’re the only thing that  I
can imagine attributing any worth to?

When you are the air I breathe
Why I’m caught up in this mess
When you’re the echoes of my every desire
How could I ever bring enough to
your table?

Could someone please tell me:
When you’re standing in the presence
Of everything you’ve ever wanted
How could you ever be worthy of its
I hate

Can't eat
Plead for a ring

Better sounds

The News had then
Come by that day:
That there was cause
To sing

And sing, we did,
The Song of Life,
Like winter’s turn
To spring

The Song did never
Change a rhyme;
Its melody still
The same…

And, daily, I will
Hear its tune,
Again, and
Then, proclaim
Because those things
Of cause to sing,
Are News for
Every day

Like morning’s dawn,
When light returns,
And drives the
Clouds away

I sing Today of hope
Tomorrow –
And joy for

Though most of my
Old memories fade,
This Song is here
To stay.
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