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Nathalie Jun 29
The pulse of their heart
Chimed with each breath
Mirroring the fluttering
Emotions that rose from
Their mingling attraction
The shimmer in their eyes
Revealed in full view
A blend of admiration;
Simmering sparks ranging
From light heartedness to
Full bodied intensity

LWZ Jun 20
New routines
Broken dreams
Fair weather friends
At my doorstep
Reveal yourself
Feel the intensity
I can’t go on without it
I don’t want it if you’re not exposed
I must feel in control
Greg Piegari Jun 18
Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to be the glue, the structure, the foundation. That intense yearning and pull to be everyone’s someone.
Have you ever felt like what it’s like to be me?
sought solace for a high
running laps round infinity rings
it’s irony to chase after peace

a hazy face to lean towards
motion blur
let a unhinged heart cease.
the beat in my chest
that had been gone for so long
had silently hummed in the background
waiting to be found.
now it echoes in my ears
while we both laugh
to nothing at all
and this simple little feeling
that I was so convinced
couldn't possibly exist -
I found it somewhere
in a parking lot
for hours
during a thunderstorm
or was it Tangled in your bedsheets?
or in a backyard with a crowd of people,
as we locked eyes
and pulled away
not knowing
a sensation
feigned for so long
was somewhere stuck in the middle
between the two of us
waiting to be found.
for C.
Bellissima May 13
I long for intensity of juvenile love.
The captivation, the torment
the way my heart split atoms.
The sky was so blue

Parched paper meadow
Of a deeply delicate twilight
The sky was

The tree

And it swayed
Sobbing clean whistle
So shyly did the tickled bristle
Tenderly bow welcome here
And the tree was

A wave so
Sea-glow clear and satin shadowed it was

The sea

Summoned sweetly its
Deep kaleidoscope in carbonated breath
As old as my soul and
These deep seas were the river running sky.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
Nathalie Feb 7
A love so deep

It knows intensity

A love so free

It  values trust

A love so awakened

It feels truth  

A love so blissful

It welcomes flow

A love so passionate

It romances effortlessly

A love so elevated

It shares expansion

A love so open

It lives intuitively

This precious love

Is one of a kind

It’s infinite

And goes on

For ever

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