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Kenji 4d
It’s beautiful, a feeling of pure darkness and intensity.
It’s freeing, like a raven in a cage waiting to break free.
It’s dangerous, opening yourself up to such a matter of inner conscious.
Losing self control and letting yourself go.
The dead sleeps still, the graveyard whispers pain and sin.
It’s midnight, I’ve been in this beautiful place for so long.
It’s peaceful, like I am one with the dead of night.
I felt something I didn’t feel in a really long time.
I felt like I belonged, like the spirits surrounded me in welcoming peace.
At first I felt a heaviness, a blockage in my throat.
They felt threatened, thinking I was invading their space.
When they realized, I’m one of them, just another lost soul.
Lines and lines and wired times.
Fading into the abyss and getting high.
The spirits communicate with me, I can feel their energies like an instant magnetic pull.
I can feel their pain, their sadness, their hardships, their madness. I can feel it all, and I soak in energies like a sponge, I can’t help it. Intuition kicks in and I can’t even block it.
It’s intense and beautiful, the fog and misty air.
The dark light, and despair.
It was the best experience I’ve ever had in a really long time.
The graveyard in the back of the church, where true love sleeps, souls stay forbidden, sacred, ridden in deep.
A hidden passage way to the unknown and discreet.
I finally found where I belong, for I am a lost soul, buried six feet deep.
There is a church a few houses down mine in the area. I was also scared to enter, until I found a little graveyard in the back. The energy was intense and beautiful. I felt myself be known and understood in that atmosphere. It was peaceful, knowing the spirits were all blessed and accepted me into their sacred space.

My Scorpionic energy at its highest. My alter ego coming out to play.
Meysa Apr 21
at times, they would choke me
other times, I'd simply forget how to breath
- the intensity of those butterflies always crippled me
In this Ordinary Swoon
by Michael R. Burch

In this ordinary swoon
as I pass from life to death,
I feel no heat from the cold, pale moon;
I feel no sympathy for breath.

Who I am and why I came,
I do not know; nor does it matter.
The end of every man’s the same
and every god’s as mad as a hatter.

I do not fear the letting go;
I only fear the clinging on
to hope when there’s no hope, although
I lift my face to the blazing sun

and feel the greater intensity
of the wilder inferno within me.

Keywords/Tags: swoon, life, death, ordinary, commonplace, usual, average, mediocre, inferno, intensity, passion, cool, cold, pale, moon, blazing, sun
Brendann Mar 4
“Why jump out of airplanes?” someone once asked
"For the thrill? Or the adrenaline rush?"
"Doing it for the attention? or the blast?"
I say I'm falling for wind, like a crush

The answer cannot be put into words
To see a sunset, far above the ground
No restrictions, to fly high like the birds
Feeling the soothing, cool wind all around

Take the jump out of the ordinary
Let yourself feel the extraordinary
Don't ever tell yourself it's too scary
Never be tied down, be arbitrary

See, to make the jump into the unknown
Is way better than being stuck in the known

I hope this answered your query at last
10 Syl. per line, 15 lines, pattern: abab gg ***
Dita Feb 25
The way the music made her head sway-
effortless beauty
Each melody met her movements,
magnetically greeting each other,
as if this time and place,
this way and reason,
had been looking for her, her whole life.
The walls moved farther away from her,
everyone in the room stealing glimpses for themselves.
An aura protected by the frequencies of love,
her hands followed the curves of her own body.
Hands that gently tugged on her hair to connect with the intensity,
forbidden sensuality of the eyes, mind, and body.
Beware of the girl who creates a story out of a moment,
she holds the power to turn raindrops to hurricanes,
and a kiss to a lifetime.
Chandra S Nov 2019
"Dim light please",
I softly wheeze,
as you seductively tease
the nape of my neck
and I sensuously shudder
in my fleshly hearth.

I break away
as my heart sways
in a hitherto unknown desire....
a desire;
that took its time coming
and which is now ablaze
in your eyes so scintillating
that it makes me skip
an already fluttery heart-beat.

You proceed gently
and speak softly
about my mischievous smile,
my expressive eyes,
the curve of my lip,
...... my shapely hip.......

You stroke my hair
with ardent flair
and I listen blithely
to your unfeigned oratory
about a man's intensity,
...his unbridled frenzy.

I hearken reverently
to your admission of piety
and pledge you my fidelity
as long as there is light
in my impractical, dreamy eyes.

As we submit
to the fiery delight
I finally see
beyond the crevice of duality;
into my integrated embodiment
of anatomy and sentiment;
...that I am
and always was
a unique, solitary singularity.
Robby Oct 2019
How can you look into another human’s soul and not be scared?
How can you see the darkness there and not have your hairs stand on end?
Why are you still here? Do I not frighten you?
Is my intensity and my pain not repulsive?

Can two broken people really make each other better?
Or are there just too many shards and sharp edges?
For my witchy friend who showed me that we all have a story to tell. Thanks for being there.
Kenji Aug 2019
It shouldn't hurt this much to be your angel.
It shouldn't bleed this much to be your guide.
It shouldn't pain this much to love you.
It shouldn't scar this much to be by your side.

I'm torn between obsession and hate, for the mess that we made.
But, they come, they go, so replaceable.
I can only have you in my dreams, it seems.
Because reality strikes and you leave me in pieces, ripped apart, wounded, my wings, fallen off, I am burning in loathe.
Kenji Aug 2019
I don't deserve a love like that, that cuts so deep is anguishes your desires.
That burns so low it heightens the flame.
That hurts so intensely it labels pain.
To love one so passionately and intuitively, it cradles your nightmares.
Becomes of existence to your placid dreams, awakens a mystery and becomes the soul.
The love that ravishes your mind, holds your body still, and kisses you aggressively like an ****** pill.
A love that plays with your heart, cuts it open, and leaves it bleed to despair.
No one deserves a love like that, it's nerve twitching and scary, it leaves you hanging on to the last thread like, where do I go next?
It leaves you wondering of your worth, making you see what a burden you are.
It leaves you questioning your hope, as if faith really is the answer.
It breaks you down like a thin branch about to break.
It rips you apart and scars your flesh.
Wondering, am I worth this pain?
Am I worthy to love again?
So cold, so evil, it withers up inside, creating a storm.
Can I love again?
Love is poison, smoke it.
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