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leechyna Oct 1
'''Hey moon stand there a little longer
Hey bird
Sing your best song.
To the stars
Don't be too bright
She is my brightest star🥰🥰
You know women are jealous right??
To the silly crickets
I apologise
But wear mask tonight😂😂'''
Nicholas Feb 29
****** all my life
I want the drugs
pump all the love
strike to my vein
I’ll die in vain
that is my pain
stuck to my lane
born with the rain
nothing to gain
till I met Jane
now I feel sane.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
**** and Jane phenomenon
Baby Sally - See Spot Run!  
Think-and-Do Book  leads the way
We Look and See
We Come and Go
We Work and Play

Until Dr. Seuss's smash-hit breakaway...
6/13/2019 - Poetry form: Light Verse - "DR. SEUSS BRAGGED ABOUT HELPING TO **** OFF **** AND JANE.  William Spaulding—who headed the educational division at Houghton Mifflin publishing—challenged Theodore Seuss Geisel to write "a story that first-graders can't put  down. Geisel responded with The Cat in the Hat—his first smash-hit. Children's literature hasn't looked back since. "I have great pride in taking **** and Jane out of most school libraries," he subsequently said. "That is my greatest satisfaction." - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
We flow in circuits
Circling each other
You ignite a flow
Inside of me which
Always finds it's way
Back into you

I search out your eyes
When I'm wet in tears
And you never turn
Me down, you light up
With a smile so bright
I feel myself

No matter how long
I've left you hanging
You greet me like I
Just got back from Spain
And you want to hear
All the juicy

We speak in riddles
So much so that they
Don't believe you are
Really real or that
You tell me secrets
No one else knows
But us

And buried in all
Our tricks is a ***
Of honey so sweet
I switch from Eeyore
To Winnie in a
Holy instant
I sink

In the inter-webs
For now, I am yours
Virtually yes
If not in flesh yet
But the future holds
New layers of

For us and for all
Who lay apart from
Their loves, the distance
Isn't real in the same
Way it used to be
For us anymore
My love

No amount of space
Or time can unlight
Our flames, we're dancing
In ways we won't be
Forgotten soon or
Maybe ever
I dream

That we discover
New technologies
Bridging the gap from
Me to you and back
Again one day I'll
Rest your bones on
My flesh
Love poem
Nova Jun 2019
Was there ever a story
As sad or unjust
As that of the Lady Jane Grey?

Abused by her mother
And forced to wed
At 16 already literally
Lost her head.
Nova Jun 2019
In those hard times
I did love thee not.
But now I doth
At which hour I see thee rot.

Oh, Guildford, I realize
The thought yond we were meant to beest
Didst not crosseth mine own mind.

Nine days queen
Didst weaken our bond
I had not the timeth
To knoweth we hath grown fond
.i. what kind of guy

tell me what to be
and i'll try to be it

tell me what to see
and i'll try to see it

show me your mind
and i'll try to read it

tell me what to crave
and i'll try to need it

tell me what to feel
and i'll try to feel it

tell me where you hurt
and i'll try to heal it

tell me what to say
and i'll try to say it

tell me what part to play
and i'll try to play it

tell me what to send
and i'll try to send it

tell me what you cherish
and i'll try to defend it

tell me what life to live
and i'll try to live it

tell me what you need
and i'll try to give it

give me your hand
and i'll try to take it

if you give me your heart
i'll try not to break it

James - Next Lover

The Smiths - Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

ii. automatic (true story)

i want to make love to you; i want to give you my soul

whisper hotly in her ear

which do you want more?


just **** me already...

taken aback just a bit, start to question her choice...
quiets me with gentle finger to my lips
and begins explanation

when we ****...

finger draws trail up body, stomach quivers in silence
finger stops at middle of chest

your soul follows... automatic.

The Beautiful South - I Think The Answer's Yes

Modern English - I Melt With You

iii. guess?

the only poem left inside of me

the one not deceived,

or stolen,

or shattered,

is an almost empty page,

nothing but white,

save for three small words.

Cowboy Junkies w/ Natalie Merchant - Misguided Angel (Live)
30th Anniversary concert of "The Trinity Sessions"

Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Last Beat Of My Heart

iv. not an ******

i come to you,
you consume my name,
and dull my senses;
i'd do the same

i come to you,
you procure my pain,
and lure away solely;
i'd do it again

i come to you
you always take me,
i come to you
you always wake me,
and if you'd come
i'd do the same,
but i guess it'd be better
if i never came.

The House of Love - I Don't Know Why I Love You

Morrissey - Yes I Am Blind

v. we fight a lot

do you know romance or faith?
do you really claim to know my soul?
have you drunk deep of it,
tasting its substance, and
recognizing its flavour?

i don't really think
you've really even tried.

night after night
i wake from dreams of crucifixion
nailed to a cross of indecision
gateways through hands and feet
disappear with the dew of mo(u)rning
but memories of these most disturbing visions
stay with me past the dawn;

maybe you ask more than your beauty can demand?

where are the stars?
i see only specks of fool's gold
cast out chaotic upon black sadness now.

but the soft light comes to heal by night
the painful truth that wounds by day
'til death do us part?

vi. farming

in early spring i planted you
then watched you grow the may rains through
the growth all altitude and height
emerald waves by divine right

summer's sun drew gold from green
on edges four and in-between
you danced with wind both night and day
life in the field, death in the clay

those days grew short, the nights too long
ice soon would come, grain froze upon
with winter soon and harvest nigh
our time had come to say goodbye

pretend i don't but wonder still
drag your remains beneath the till
i wonder still where you are now
shred hollow stalks beneath the plow

i gaze upon this barren floor
and know it's time to plant once more;
from flowing fields to loaves of bread...
you're nothing now to me but dead

PJ Harvey - Oh My Lover

Blues Traveler - Alone
Note: Awesome song!! Well worth a listen, truly.

vii. missing you (now and then)

my memories of then
alive this now so far removed from then
those fingertips which touch(ed) me then
forever touch me now

don't be misled
by paltry pleasures,
prose of raptures delicate;
for burning flesh and calming eyes,
not what i've ached for
now since then

your open ear, your nothin' much
things lost forever then

yesterdays alone for now
tomorrow's love forever then
if flames engulf our forest now
forever love me ever then

the weaknesses that hold me now
our strength forever haunts me then
let tears we shed forever now
forever haunt us only then

we lost those things together though...
and that should be enough for now,
and always be enough for then

The Icicle Works - Understanding Jane

Jefferson Airplane - Coming Back To Me

viii. monkeys and typewriters
(the drug addiction begins)

all i feel of you
shadows of your hands
shadow puppets and
soft fingertips

it's getting hard to hold
hard to hold on to
i'm being pulled away
pulled out to the unknown
and something, something
must be there for i feel
its gravity, and it's
strong, too strong
to stop...

i am floating
in a void
fields used
to be, but you
and your words
    no longer live there ...

                and now ...

                                now i feel ...

                                                i feel nothing ...

                                                          ­   ­   nothing at all.

Harry Connick, Jr. - Don't Get Around Much Anymore

The Replacements - Sadly, Beautiful

ix. the desert

how long? how long has it been?

a week? a month? a year?

i don't even care anymore.

i thirst. for what? for water;

for God; maybe for love?

the sand. does it go on forever?

i taste it on my tongue. i feel

it on my skin. i breathe it in,

but do i embrace it? i think i might.

i wonder if this desert

is of my own making,

to leave i need not more than

open my eyes to the paradise

that truly surrounds.

yet, i remain blind.

that which i would do, i do not;

that which i would not, i do constantly

will i die here, or will i one day

escape to dwell among the living?

perhaps my oasis i've already passed.

i continue to walk.

x. sandcastle

awake from dreams

of loving you

and hate the morning sun

for you wait in the twilight

and still whisper, lover, come

back to the place we started

and to where our love began

a place within our dreams

made of the sandman's sand

resting across the theta waves

of ocean memory

i sail to it each night

and its warm walls shelter me

but with morning castle crumbles

and the sand is washed away

and i curse myself a fool

to think that it could ever stay

i no longer know you

though you live within my sight

small comforts come with slumber

you still love me in the night

The Cure - Closedown
Ahh, the musing of a 24 year-old heart, when it seemed I fell in love once a week, but couldn't find a date to save my life, I couldn't stop reading and re-reading "The Island of the Day Before" by Umberto Eco, I was just starting to find crude early html poetry homes online at The Starlite Cafe, The Poetry Pavilion, Creative Cove, and other places that exist now only in my memory, and my sense of what made a man was still formed by my reading point-form bios from my older sister's Tiger Beat magazines when I was a kid. lol.

These are all poems about, and songs that reminded,me of, and still do, my very first real love, my daughter's mother Briony-Jane (...when summers fade to palisades, a part of me, still restless, longs to hold her...).

And after all these long years, we finally reconciled just last year when her mom passed away after a long battle with cancer, like my mom did. It took a long time to close that circle, but we did it in the end, and are now friends again, and real co-parents to our daughter Brittany (who turns 28 in 9 days, yay!)

EDIT: I guess HP doesn't like underscore characters, so some of the song links won't work. Ah well. But here's one that is so **** good it's worth a listen, honest:
No her name didn’t start with an “S” or “K”
Her first name started with an “M” and last name started with a “J”
She was such a beauty, all crystalline sometimes and no makeup ever hid her face
She was different , her green composure sometimes found a little purple lingering adding taste
She was flexible , I could make love to her anyway I want , in a bowl, a ****, wraps, or even create my own ways
I was 13 years old when we first met , she nearly took my life with the first breath
Choking from how strong she hugged my lungs I knew she was the best
She made me laugh from the first kiss until I went to sleep in my cloud-like bed
Some years have passed now and we’ve decided to get married since then
From first sight, first touch, first kiss, first hug, I knew Mary Jane would be my first love until my times end.
Love for the herbal Mary Jane is forever
Colm Feb 2019
A Tolstory was never for me
Nor an ounce of Frost on my fingertips found
In the complexities of Estlin’s dreams, I am
Not a man without my own Wit
Or Dunbarred from uncaging this, my own sound
Only to be let loose in a Field of youthful green
No I am nonesuch of these or be Twain
I am a storm to be you see
And here I've just been Dickinson around
Think less man, lessman

And Jane Austen won't write me back
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