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In 6 months when Trump is president
This will all be over
Our government are treasonous
By constitutional law
How dare you
How dare you
If your troops step 1 foot
1 foot
I will make the call
You and all enemies
Foreighn or Domestic will perish
I dare you
I dare you
How dare you
You are a **** up
Hiding in your house
Unable to make responsible choices
Behind every blade of grass will be
Fully automatic weapons
We have been mistreated
Lied to
Now our home is not a home
6 months people lets pray
Dear united nations stand down
Have faith
Believe in freedom
Before its to late and lost
They want our taxes guns and rights
We the people will prevail
We the people
Has been denied unseen
U.n. u wont win
Itll destroy all of us
More people will starve
And billions will die
Bc im King
King Z
Blades of Grass
Zywa 5d
If dead were to dream

they would definitely dream --

of death all the time.
Novel "Shalimar the Clown" (2005, Salman Rushdie), chapter Kashmira, § 2

Collection "Low gear"
Jeremy Betts May 17
I couldn't tell you why
Sometimes I don't try
But I'll look you dead in the eye
And swear I can not tell a lie
Which of course, in itself, is always a lie

They Tryna **** Me
If I Said it So
I Said ******>THEY TRYNA **** ME
MetaVerse Apr 19
Ah!  Timor, timor mortis,
Mortis conturbat me!
     Ah!  Ubi sunt?
Mortis conturbat te!
A M Ryder Apr 3
You scramble amid
The shattered
Jagged facets
Of yourself
A circus show
Of a hollow soul

You caught a
Falling star
In a dead field
And it twisted
In your grip
Piotr Balkus Feb 14
I asked my dead friend:
'Have you been to Heaven?'
Of course! - he exclaimed!
Many times. And you? 'Never...'

'How was it?' Nothing special 
 - he was quick to admit.
Overpriced, tourists trap.
I prefer it here, where I live.

I asked: 'Are you serious?!'
He replied: Yes, my friend.

Then we went for a coffee.
It was a beautiful day.
Mane Omsy Feb 12
Is it cruel to silence a pregnant woman with a dozer
Sold their souls to a war criminal's thirst
Rationalizing every lies with more of them, so kosher
Ask the children died of starvation and thirst
Ever felt threatened by the fire they spit
Lessons never learned, or was it a skit
It's inhuman to take side with criminals, we all learn about our homeland freedom fighters or conflicts against oppression. This is not history, this is happening in front of our eyes, yet we are blind.
Media influenced wars gathering support from logical people filling their lives with lies.
In the end, truth shall prevail
But at what cost??
Jeremy Betts Feb 4
I don't have enough room up there for it to be all in my head
From the heaping piles of motionless dreams strewn across the floor, looking pretty dead
To the racks on racks on racks in multiple mile high stacks of things I wish I'd not said
Can't put the issues to rest if I myself can't drum up the will to get out of bed
It's not strictly fear I feel whilst preparing for checkout, it's the overbearing weight of dread

Renae Jan 30
in deep, out long
inhale, exhale
if i inhale this medication
will i feel again?
just begin, no, sleep in
long hours, looking
watching them
learning survival
is all i'm interested in

one day
i'll take action
til then
days drag on
skin wilting
strength fleeting
sleep, more sleep
help, no...
i give in

get up
you're still alive
open the blinds
it's nice outside
don't you want to
start, start something
don't close your eyes
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