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Luna D 1d
Come touch my soul
Cut me open
Break my ribs with your bare hands
Pure strength
Hold my heart
Feel it pulsing, beating, in your hands
Feel the blood trickle past your fingers
Do you like the way my eyes stare up at you?
My blue and lifeless eyes
The windows into my mind
Do you feel better now?
You finally have all my heart
But look what you had to do
Keep it forever
Leave me here to rot
Leave me here to become one with the earth
I dont need my heart anymore.
I hope you’re satisfied with me now
I’m the perfect dead girl
I’m your perfect dead girl
erin 1d
The necromancer danced on her grave. The ground shook with every step the witch took, rumbling the ground beneath and making the corpse she had planted cling to the cool dirt for dear death. And then, the dirt began to give.

Sunlight burned on the girl’s blue skin, turning it a ghastly shade of porcelain like Wednesday Addams. She rolled over in her grave, and closed her eyes, refusing the inevitable fate of the undead. But her wings started flapping, and she rose up, the witches hand clawing into her back and dragging her back to life. And as the screeching of the megalomaniac forced her wide eyes open and the dried ancient blood away, she wished she were dead.
i'd appreciate criticism- i really want to improve my poetry game. if you can guess what this is about, i'd love to hear it.
Artem 3d
I drown again, depression, old friend,
You only one who never left,
And when i think that you are gone
You come and stay until the dawn.

Decide to die when sun will rise
That's fine, i've made my choice
When die, i'll look into your eyes
When die, i'll hear your Shape Of Voice.

There is nothing to say now
I am already wasted and dead.
So could I became a new cloud
in sky of the words that i haven't said?

The wind blew away the last cloud
and sky became clear.
I've buried myself deep under ground
and I'll never appear.

Finally - sunset,
And i forever gone,
You need to just forget,
All that i've ever done.
If we fight
Let the words fall on their own

Cause deep inside us
The only place to hide

Is in each others heart
let´s fight together instead of against each other
I see you're with someone else
One of my friends
I don't know how to get over you
I've tried
But I keep coming back
There's a much deeper connection
Than just friends
I feel it
No matter how far I run
Or how far you push me away
I'll always come back
Even though you have abandoned me
I will never abandon you
No matter how many times
You have pushed me aside
And said you don't care
You always say you would care
If I died but now
I'm not so sure
I know your girlfriend would
But I'm just an ex
I want to be in your life
But you always push me out
Plus it hurts to see you and her
Ever since that day
That horrid day
I've been lost
You could even say that I'm
It feels like it
Might as well make it true
You wouldn't care
You could finally be rid of me
So maybe I'll say goodbye
Gino 4d
If i run to the edge of the cliff,
what would i see?
a rainbow as a gift?
or is it death awaiting me?

Colors are gone
figures are black
the world is clasped by hand
call it a doom shot

the crown of hope shatters
the ruin of love castle
throne seated fear
feelings bow to despair

stationary time
empty minds
all wears them down
humans merge with land

i'm eaten from the inside
i'm sweet coated from the outside
i'm dead yet alive
Alfa 4d
I see beautiful black skin
Radiating from you
Bantu knots upons your head
And a familiar accent.
I go up to you and say hey
You look at me weird
I mistook you for my friend
She is dead.
A poem I wrote about my friend who went missing for months and found murdered, I once forgot she was dead and went up to a person who looked like her and said hello, the person looked at me weird and left. I felt hollow after.
Live for today
and forget yesterday
because its dead
but today isn't
its perfect for
killing the game.
I told you I was afraid of him
but you assured me there was nothing
I believe you because I trusted you
and here I am
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