I'm creating a ripple in an endless wave
of surging waters.
A useless pebble thrown in the puddle of rubble
as the sand shivers.
A fading black mark written
in a hidden carve of stone.
Revoking everything I have ever known and belittling
everything I claim to own.
Cat Lynn 16h
Like a fly, I am capture too easily and quickly by the beauty of others...

Their web traps my gullible mind... and cages in my withering body... they couldn't choose another...

My vibrational screams of mine only caused their monster within to awaken....

Their eyes filled with delight in the blood dripping pain they'll cause, their fangs break in....

Finally... their scheme is revealed through their venom, and slowly... life is sucked out of me...

Senses betray me... as I am dropped from the laced-up web kingdom... dry and lifeless...but I can still see

I was caught in your web once...but when I come back... I swear I won't get caught in it again...

Sadly... I must always remind my self that we are fools... And we all can be deceived and be fooled and fall short...

It's so easy to get caught up in people, with their kindness, knowledge... but we must remember they are human...And they will fail you... and they will mess up...

The Fly can represent anyone... Anyone who looks up to someone, someone who is high in the knowledge of Christ, Spirituality off the charts... or anything

The Web represents us easily getting caught up in the glory and positive "they could do no wrong" mind set...

The Spider represents the sinner that they still are... They will make mistakes, however, for those who get too wrapped up in the web, see it as a BIG DISBELIEF. They are shocked and CRUSHED and DESTROYED AND HURT....

So this is why we shouldn't make others seem like they are higher then all of us, we can't lift them up too high... nor think of them as almost perfect... because it will crush us.... it's not bad to look up to someone however... There is a limit, and sometimes it will cause us to look down on our selves...

The falling of the fly represents the the looking down on one's self from looking at someone as more superior, OR it can represent the BROKENNESS  in love and trust....

The blame depends on the situation. Sometimes the spider may be innocent and the fly is guilty for it's thoughts

or the spider can be guilty for and the fly is innocent...

So...who is innocent in your story?
Kenley 1d
Please take a seat
In the back of my head
Stop hijacking my thoughts
And wishing me dead

Hand over the reins
I'll take it from here
You will self destruct
And you're insincere

I look to the future
I welcome the new
You served no purpose
And I am stronger than you
Trixia 1d
i miss our late night conversations
our little world
the promises we
were meant to do
the times we actually
felt emotions
i miss those days
but you killed me
buried me with
our past and forgotten me
and now it’s my time
to arise from the dead
to bloom as
the rose
who revived
from the mourn
of love.
i am back from the dead.
We walk towards a deserted cemetery
Between weather beaten tombs and spectral souls
You wrap your arms around my waist
Rousing a shiver as I lean against your chest
We dance between the depths of the dark
Under the pastel skies above
With Silver moonlight Caressing our skin
Wilted petals beneath our feet
The silence of the solitary night
Splintered by our sonorous heartbeats
When thick fog engulfs us
Your soft lips press against mine
I feel a chill as time stands still
Wishing this moment would never pass by
As the iridescent mist receeds
An icy wind pricks my skin
I ponder and wonder where you are
I see your waning silhouette against the pallid sky
Reality stabs me ruthlessly
I tremble and quiver convulsively
Upon seeing you beside the withered old tree
Resting beneath the earth heedlessly
Turned into Grey ashes
Just a fragment of lasting memory
A company grows
Fabulous and rich
In sixteen years,
Just considering you dead.
Another grows
Fabulous and rich
In sixteen years,
Just considering you living.
You remain still,
The living dead
For sixteen years
At the same account
Is it called "Karma"?
‏2018‎ March 14
Peter Balkus Mar 12
I've chosen to have no name,
for if I had one,
everyone else,
either nameless, or with a different name,
would be my enemy.

I've chosen to have no home,
for if I had one,
those who live in the street would hate me.

I've chosen not to belong to any country,
for if I did,
then those who don't belong to it,
wouldn't let me sleep.

I've chosen to have nothing to say,
for if I did,
people who think something different,
would trouble me.

And even now, living my life,
I can feel an envious howl of those,
who passed away or yet weren't born.

And when my time comes, I'll rest in peace,
but it won't be peace, I'm afraid,
for those who breath will bother my bones,
jealously hating me
for being - dead.
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
We don't accept when people insist
But frankly, they do exist
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
They once stood at your side
Now, They lie and hide
Even though they confide and cried
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
All the thoughts of how'd they betray
All the happiness they took away
All the pain we suffer every day
All the crying they gonna repay
I wonder how we all have Known Strangers
Our pride may want them dead
But then a lot of things will be left unsaid.
III Mar 11
And a shard of me hopes
That all I see
When I'm dead and buried

Are the eyes of
Everyone I've ever loved
Echoing forever against the blackness.
Innominate Mar 10
I'm tired.
It's that feeling that you,
can't really describe.

I'm not angry at the world,
like everybody says.

I don't need to just,
find my meaning,
like everybody says.

I'm just tired.
I know it isn't the same tired,
as wanting to sleep.

But I know that,
it's not the same tired,
as wanting to give up.

Isn't that enough?

Do I really need some excuse,
as to why I don't want to socialize?
Do I really need some excuse,
as to why I don't have anything to say?

Is there really a reason,
to having an excuse for anything?

I'm done living,
for you.

I'm living for me.
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