Seema 1d

Things go wrong
Way too much
Insanity lasts long
In my head as such

I talk to someone
Who is not living
Doesn't harm anyone
But always grieving

The tomb near a park
Where I sit in peace
Sparks light in the dark
When am drugged to ease

It looks like me
But am not dead
It shows me a key
To unlock my head

My body feel the chills
As the injections release poison
In my veins the drug fills
Like sweet tangy raisin

As my brain slowly freezes
The smiles go behind
Someone laughs, someone teases
A play button paused, now on rewind

The voices stop all at once
Haven't woken from this sleep
Been like this for several months
Each day I dig deep...


I hear, I read about various addictions. The most common is injecting. I am not a victim, but when I write, I do feel like one.
Seema 1d

My heart is broken
My soul is torn
My spirit has woken
My body all worn

My bones have shattered
My eyes are closed
The vultures have gathered
The deads aroused

My heart now bleeds
My soul deliberately shivers
My spirit helplessly feeds
On the flowing rivers

I was hated by many
Loved by few
I never owed a penny
But who knew

I was stabbed in the heart
On a cold drizzling night
Awfully broken apart
No, I wasn't in a fight

Left to die with so much pain
My life in complete vain
Dragged in the stormy rain
And shoved in a clogged drain...


Spilling imagination.

"You shine so bright, in darkest night,
When no one else would try.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Where there's no more need to cry.

For beauty can't compare to you,
And neither could the Earth.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
So take off, for what its worth.

You whisper now, a quiet attempt,
To stop the salty tears.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
To getaway from all your fears.

You place your hand upon my cheek,
And gently rub the skin.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Let your afterlife begin.

Teary eyes, and rosey cheeks,
Your smiles could never fail.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
On the tears in which you sail.

I look at you and now I know,
That darling you are home.
'Shouldn't angels be in heaven?'
Cause its hell when I'm alone..."

I am sad Π^Π

I was but a child
A small girl learning about the world
And what it held for me

I wanted you there with me
With me all the way
But you departed so quickly
I hadn't noticed you were gone
Until it was too late to try

I spoke joyfully at your side
But you had not responded
I hadn't noticed you were gone
Until it was too late to cry

I am sad Π^Π

"Some days I wish I were a bird,
To fly through heaven's gate.
To visit you everyday,
Not daring to be late.

But my wings haven't began to grow,
My soul is not yet clear.
I watched you fly, into the sky,
As you watched me shed a tear.

I miss you here on Earth,
Where more people sort to know.
That God is one for picking best,
Why I'M here and YOU had to go.


Just, please say something funny,
Please say something kind.
Cause the sadness is overwhelming,
As its running through my mind.

There's not a day to go by,
Where your arms can hold me dear.
I wished for just a simple hush,
Your voice is all I hear.

You hope for me to be strong,
For all of us feel sorrow.
But hope, my dear, will bear today,
Our strength saved for tomorrow..."

I'm sad Π^Π

Are you weary
Extremely Exhausted from daily troubles.
Are you emotionally burnt out
Physiologically physically run down.
And perhaps
You are spirituality dead
The answer is you have been doing far to much until your bucket has run out.
All work no rest or play
The body begins to shut down.
We are then just existing not living.
Your first bucket to fill
Is the presence of the Lord.
Seek first his bucket
and everything will
Fall nearly into place.
If this bucket is neglected then.
All your other buckets will empty
And you will not function without his
First filling up the most important bucket.
God's bucket .

his eyes held tales i never had known
of worlds and ideas, creatures and such
i hadn’t pondered since i had grown
why did getting older come in that rush?

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

the first time we talked
it felt so perfect, so easy, so simple
the road of friendship we together walked
there was i greeted with his happy dimple

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

with trust and trust we soon grew
his wise young mind greeted mine
he trusted me with what was hard to construe
a world filled with all that would common shine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

fairies, giants, ogres, even glowing bright flowers
all found in his world awaited me
smiles greeted me in droves and showers
their excitement and mine gave the boy great glee

after looking in his storied eye
i'll never regret saying hi

he brought me there whenever i’d wish
and guided me towards his favorite things
during which conversations would to me switch
for he said my voice gave him wings

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

there i was, his only hope
and in a way he was mine
our tie was tough like rope
and our conversations aged like wine

after looking in his storied eye
i’ll never regret saying hi

it was my fault that darkened day
i let myself forget his worrying head
i let him away from me stray
now due to me, a friend is dead

i’m sure after looking in my boring eye
the dead magic man wished i’d never said hi

Seema 5d

I am a fool, who fell for love
A wingless angel, from the heaven above
Waited and waiting for the promise virtues
Sitting with the deads among momentary statues
Alone, thinking of the fortress I left behind
For the sake of love and mankind
But no one notices me and neither my deeds
Everyone is so busy with their wants and needs
I pray to thee, to grant my wings back
So I can fly to my realm and be with my pack
Angels have become a myth over here
People laugh at me, when they often hear
Say, am a fool, a mental retard
So shameful of how we are been regard
Beautiful creation is this earth, Dear Lord
But fading away is your righteous teachings and word
I have seen the demons in disguise
Playing like a hardcore dude, pretending to be wise
The hell gates are lose, leaking out the evilness
The untamed beasts, walk out with their wickedness
I have no place of peace but this burial grounds
Where I seek your help Lord, as the darkness surrounds
I am powerless, as my time on earth is finishing
Seen how innocents survive the wrath through punishing
Tonight, I shall have my wings back to flee
Else I'll be dead before I can make another plea...


Fictional write.
Vyscern 6d

It's all just cause and effect,
Protect and reject
Detect and defect,
Discard and collect

Trust in the trash,
Liars mix and match
Selling you the shady shit
That destroys every pact

Getting luck from a draw
The Irish in me is called
As my number is pulled
Adrenaline is pulled forth

But here is my call,
The Misfortunate fall
Around me stands doors
And all lead to closed corridors....

opportunity hits dead ends sometimes. so does luck, and so too do my relationships
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