If you cry I´ll cry with you
because your pain is my ending.
if you scream I´ll scream with you
because your loudness wakes me up.
If you jump I´ll jump with you
because two floors or twenty can´t hold me back.
If you smile I´ll smile with you
because your eyes light up my life.
If you die I´ll die with you
because you life means mine.
If I die will you die with me?
If I cry will you cry with me?
If I jump will you jump with me?
Promise me you will.
Promise me.
You did.
You promised.
Why aren´t you here now?
I´m over the bridge waiting for you.
Where are you?
I called you.
You did´t pick up.
I´m falling now.
I hope you´re happy now.
I missed you during the jump.
I´m on the floor.
It did´t hurt that bad.
What are those voices?
Is that you?
I can´t see you.
Where are you?
You promised.
You did´t jump.
The end.
I´m done.

Clockwork dagger stab and yearn
to collect payment of cherished earn.
Chains burn red of comfort and irony,
slave to love, mindless inside,
stillborn heart and soulless eyes.

Dylan Piper
Ren117 21h

I'll burn you, I will.
We all burn our best.
I'll turn you into
A curse, I confess.

Lay down in the soil,
Surrender your soul.
Wake to eternity
And wilt never more.

alan 21h

Ghost train
in a ghost land
on a wooden frame;
haunted, wooden train tracks.
Ghost ship
in a ghost world
on rusty waters;
human life has abandoned you,
you're just an inky grave.
Ghost train
ghost train
graffiti is on you
but the makers are all dead
swimming in the waters
drowning all the ghosts
on a ghost ship.

i like writing about places/things being abandoned, might take some time for me to become more active with these types of poems etc. though, but this was nice to write, no matter how bad it is.

whatever, hope you're all doing well.
Guden 1d

There is a house,
Inside there is a man,
This man is dead,
He is death.
He awaits for his call
To come out
And visit us all,
Sometimes he does not wait
When we make the tragedy of living short
And we cheat Mr dead
By doing his job for him.
We visit his house,
Tired of love,
Sick of it all.
He doesn't mind,
It's good to receive visitors from time to time

Holed up in a closet with half a pint or so
Too slowly disheartening for the time it takes
And far too enigmatic for the plans I've yet to make
Yet I move with every atom drawn emancipated

Yet the context of neurons
And bitter sweet memory all a fabrication
Another thin layer of nostalgia to force feed the sleeping beast
And even as I disregard, it comes up through the latency so brazen
Another helpless mess of chemicals to feast upon


A damn shame as well
Charismatic yet moments away from being half adjusted
Using every empty vow of justice to reciprocate
He must've mustered every ounce of faith based forgery
And the internal jury applauds

All is for naught, but drowning in waste deep
Self pity is for suckers
I can drown in less than half an inch

Selfishness is only realized once
Pride stops you from making friends
Maybe the fear hits nearer to home
Reopen its wounds like the case that lay dormant but provable
Felonious though it may be once you disregard empathy
You know he did

And yet it bleeds

Still it moves

Cognition taken for granted, but by who?
Sure, the long since departed had so much to lose
But If with every passing breath they would've sucked down oxygen
With the same callousness he possessed
When cutting off their heads

Doesn't the burden fall on you as well...
Sending a man to hell is no easy task

Bask in the grace you made for yourself
Bending the page with ink that you've layerd
With blood and homage to past ruling lieges
That murdered their wives for no god damn reason

Tragedy only strikes in pairs
Taking the same heads off twice
One visible, the other not so much


The smell of death,
Like rotting stinky breathe.
Welcomes ravenous guests,
To take asylum and be pests.
Crunch, munch their way about,
Weaving in and out.
Devising the decease a coat of Black Flies.
Nothing left to memorialise.

I walk down
the hallway
I start to scan the hallway for your face
but i don't seem to see yours
as time
I start to see your face everywhere
but then I snap back to reality.
because it's not possible
because you are

Bloodstains staring back at me,
Illuminating every part warmly.
Blanketing the entire floor,
Ingrained into each pore.
Disinfect to a high degree.

olive 3d

she looked in the mirror and pulled at the fat,
she looked at her tummy and wished it were flat.
she measured her waist and pulled plastic tight,
she starved every day and worked every night.

she went to school with a smile on her face,
every sentence she said became carefully placed.
she looked at the numbers and did all the math,
she swore nothing would stop her in her path.

they told her to stop, said “you need a cure,”
but she did not care, it was numbers to her.
she wanted to be skinny and small and unfed,
and if she could not be skinny she wanted to be dead.

TW: eating disorder
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