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Maja 7d
To be looking for giants
And seeing nothing but dust

Are we going to make our own
And tower over space?

We're too small
I’ve already forgotten our face

I don’t think the weight of our footsteps
Are heavy enough to leave a trace

So we will die
I only hope the ones after
Remember we were here

Welcome to our grave
Hello and Bye
Welcome to our planet earth
This is where our bodies lie
Mark Wanless Apr 2
dead lizard on the
tumultuos road crooked
under the machine
snipes Mar 25
if I don’t dream
I get to live
if I don’t live
I get to dream

I’m in the
I’m in the

feel so nice
when your
dead asleep
Can't get up
Get out
Can't think of words
Can't speak
Or write
Can't walk or move a fork
Can't give a fuvk
Much less talk
Die, dying
Need death
I must
D  I  E

need to
lua Oct 2022
i am a wavebreaker
i am a bloated body drifting in the ocean
i stop boats in their paths
for wealthy tourists to gawk
and ask me
where im from, where im headed, where ive been
but i only reply in silence
and bubbles that escape my lips

i am a wavebreaker
i cut through the waves like a blade to the neck
i rot and i burst
and i spread the remnants of myself across the world
to be remembered
to be known
to let them know of my remains
that i remain

i am a wavebreaker
i break the waves caused
by those wanting to wreck cities
i am what goes against the current
i am what stays when everything rushes past me

i am a wavebreaker.
Michael Matthews Sep 2022
I just want to be dead
To go to sleep
And never leave this bed
The hidden wounds go so deep
How can I let them close
When they are frequently reopened
Everyday something happens to  re-expose
They will never be unopened
I just want to go to sleep
And never leave this bed

Written by
Michael Matthews
You said you saw me dancing in the rain.
You said I looked happy and sane.
If only you were truly true,
You would have noticed my pain.
If only you really knew
And not just claim,
You would have seen that my tears were the rain.

Dear friend,
If only you were truly true,
Maybe I would still be alive today.
Maybe. Just maybe.

—Abdulmalik Jibril
Cold-Bones Jul 2022
You left me and stole my youth.
I’m now fully hollowed and empty like a vessel.
My soul perished.
Lost without you like a skeleton without its bones.
My flesh is a lie just like you.
I’m a walking contraindication that’s living, but dead.
Elena Jul 2022
I breath in and out
That is what makes me alive, huh?
And my flesh
My bones
My blood
My pumping heart makes me human
But what is m soul made of?
It is not colorful like it used to be
It is not bright like others
Indeed it is barely alive with bleeding holes
It has all my pain
All my suffering
And every new knife that stabs my back
Makes a new hole
Teodora Pavel Jun 2022
There is an arrow, locked away
somewhere, silenced
My heart has felt it, its caress
True consolation of one's life
That arrow, buzzing vibrato
after so many windows of my soul,
will break your chest, will
strike you dead with no notice.
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