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Seema 1h
A wrecked knights plea
In the stormy night
For some food and shelter
Till the approach of light

Dripping and drapping
Some dragging and begging
For the light not to come
While, praying and nagging

The spirit of dead surrounds
While rain of fire showers
Upon the half dead knights
Feeding onto their powers

I am lost to continue this journey
The fog fills in the sight
Howling, splashes all I hear
The **** breaks, tonight...

Spilling imagination.
he told me he felt stuck
that his life was out of his control
"do something impulsive"
i only suggested it because i knew he could pull himself
out of the allring trance of letting go
but me? impulsivity tightly grips my neck and never lets go
it's poison flows through my veins
i have launched myself from tall places never knowing where the bottom was
i have ended relationships because a voice in my head says they deserve much better then me but isolation is not safety
it is death
because if no one knows you're alive

you aren't.
He called and asked me not to worry
It didn't strike at first.

Nd by the time it did
He was declared "brought dead"
Kenji 1d
I try to hold these secrets inside me, I try to keep everything locked within me...
Like a misguided key that is lost, and is being searched by others.
They say I am hard to read, but I can see through them like glass, they reflect on me as I reflect on them, a soul of a mirror, I keep my twins within, through the promiscuous looking glass.
With this strange inability to voice out my emotions, I keep everything that suffocates me, to myself.
My minds like a ****** deadly disease with no shame or lies to hide it.
However, this altering personality has as mind of it's own.
Expressing, but spilling too much, I surrender in regret.
I have no shame in hiding this strange disposition of my deceiving facade, I embrace myself in pure madness as my mind twists in insane obligations.
Defeating, but never defeat-less.
Where are you? Are you here? Come to me, dark lonely serpent, don't fear me
Leave, leave me alone.
Soul aches in mindless misery as I sit and talk to myself, and the unknown.
These spirits and forces suggest I'm living a lie and it isn't home.
These lucid dreams I have every night give me messages, and signs.
Some dreams are paranormal and realistic like a spirit is trying to speak through to me to get to the known dimensions to be seen, to be heard.
But some dreams are just vivid escapism methods to wonder other dimensions.
I see everything in my perceptive dreams, even in the conscious, the world we see to think to be real.
I see the child's tears as his mother stabs his dad in vicious anger.
I see the animal's wimper and sorrow as it limps in agony being tortured it's whole life, just searching, and searching for food.
I see the beggars dead eyes as drugs has overtaken their pure mind, the loss of hope, but I still see something pure, screaming to jump out.
I see the maids strength as they battle working days and days, getting underpaid and never seeing their family just to hustle and make money.
I see the lawyers fight for moral justice and integrity as the case has been lost, yet, they keep on fighting, they never give up.
I see the business mans wife drink wine alone all day just waiting for her husband to come home, but he's busy ******* his secretary.
I see the birds squeal in pain as its wing has broke, and no one coming to it's presence to help it.
I see my sick grans soulless eyes as Dementia  has overtaken her and she lives in permanent confusion thinking her brother whom died 20 years ago, is still alive.
I see, I see everything.
With a strong Moon in Pisces energy, this perceptive mind is never at rest. It's still fighting to love so unconditionally and help everyone at my feet.
I bleed, I ache, I scar, I cry, I surrender, and, these are my reasons for needing to hide.
With a mind of such empathy, I battle even helping myself.
But this is my insight, as a spiritual teacher.
I will die helping the unwanted...
I will die spreading love and justice...
I will die in lonely misery...
And I will die knowing my life made sense if those I sacrificed for, was all worth the pain
Moon in Pisces, the person hidden within me, the real me.
Either be like a human
Or choose to act dead

No more
Genre: Micropoetry
Theme: Dead never dream, never hope and never feels emotional.
Let's Live.
Latifah 2d
Take a shovel,
Burry your pain,
So deep,
It can never reach,
The top.

Cut its roots,
And don't dare to water it,
Or it will grow again,
And another garden of pain,
Will take place in your heart.

Forget where you buried it,
And don't ever visit its grave.
so you say that we are from the people
who buried their dead
with flowers.

and you say that when
the world ends, we will simply learn to fall

i wonder,
if there will still be love when we convince
that everything is still alright.

but how can we love the children that
we lie to…
and how can we trust those who
we forsake…

when you look me in the eyes next time,
or when you look at that spot, right beside

i will remember our dead,
and i will remember
how you never truly meant to leave flowers.
stop gun violence. rest in peace.
Someone I know
today he is no more.

Sudden cancer was still
chasing him moments ago.
Can it trace him anymore?
i hear words within my dreams
i hear her voices
feel her embrace

i feel warmth upon nights so cold
i wish another story she could have told
moments of happiness fill my memory
moments of grief fill me with agony

tears of which are of regret and sadness
i will never ever love her less
for she was the one whom showed me my best
oh my love your embrace was the greatest

a kiss so lovely tender indeed
the day you left made my heart bleed
ready to surrender everything i have
just so i can gaze upon the sight of my love

the day of which heaven has cried
was the day of which my love had died
tears flooding and drowning my face
happiness and joy of which has no trace

ever since the day you said goodbye
the very day my heart has died
everyday i tried not to cry
yet still i try and try
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