Julia W 2d

Flying over head
A mother sees her children on the ground
Their fragile bodies rotting in the unforgiving sun
There are not many feathers on the bones
They have been blown way
The black and blue scattered across the earth
Her flight wavers as she begins to scream
It is a slicing shout  of sorrow
She plunges at the ground
Unable to to live without her children
Unable to live without the only thing
That brings joy in her life
She wants to join her children
She keeps falling
Until She becomes a soft brown blur
on the pavement below
Three dead birds
Three  fallen stars

This poem is part of a book i am writeing

Loving a flower is playing with danger,
and you must know, danger never warns,
so when you pluck me because you love me,
you forget I'm embellished with thorns.

Because you don't pluck the one's you love,
rather, you keep them alive.
So I let my love become your breaths
that filled your lungs, so you'd survive

But even love swoons into revenge,
and your love too was a fatal deed,
so watch my petals as they all wither,
but remember; my leaves helped you to breathe.

And now I'll be the one who'll snatch the breaths.
Nylee 4d

Life will one day
reach to the dead end

odessa 5d

You don't even know the taste of isolation
How can you sing so deeply about death?
You've got a huge heart
How can it be so dark and quiet place?
Darling, there's one more thing I need to say
How can you make your sunshine dead,
With magical words in your head

Life is a prison
The rules are insufferable
All these fools who put forth
wisdom are just dogs
who make useless
mouth noises
Life is a prison
spinning, weaving, turning out
white lies that control
the species and drive
nature into the dark
divine not, listen;
can you hear the dogs of war?
who moderate the channels
keep the forum safe
from unorthodox ideas
chocking up new systems
freedom permanently outlawed
in fear of new world disorder
and marketplace collapse
no gods and no managers
kill them all with good manners
the planet has no memory
of the weak conformists
who take sanctuary
in the forest of lies
archivists overlook
priests and cowards
spaced out between
the tall flowers and barbed wire
Life is a prison
suspicious, pernicious
perennial ideas cast no vision
only lifelessness, lies, and dietary
restrictions, false predilections
spaced out between the emptiness
shadows and Christmas
Inner Revolutions
recycle the bodies
new generations rise
in this insufferable supermax
McDonalds and crack
rule this planet
so sit back relax
and listen to the voices
blackmailed by silence
high times are on their way
the prison guards say
fun is just another way;
the monk, Gurdieff
Jack Kerouac
has no place
at all anymore
Life is a prison
the rules are insufferable
no place for freedom
in fearsome pain
regret, spaced out
between the roses
and slow death

Reagan 6d

Equality, Art, Doom
I feel like nature and humanity are interconnected
Fairness, isolation, and kindness are important to me
Only true love is in your head.
Isolation can be bad, but it's needed sometimes
I'm ready for the end.
Only Damien can heal my pain.
I want to be free

If I could act on my revenge now, would I?
Some kill, some steal, some break your heart
And you thought I would let it go
Let you off
Broken hearts, break bones, and break up fast
And I don't wanna let go
So in my grave, I'll rot
I've dug two graves for us, my dear
Can't pretend I was perfect when you in fear
Oh man, what a world of things I hear
If I could act on my revenge now, would I?
Some kill, some steal, some break your heart
And you thought that I would let go
Let you off
Broken hearts, break bones, and break up fast
And I don't wanna let go
So in my grave, I'll rot

My captain sailed the sea
Of waves and hurricanes
Of lovers of tears

My captain who sailed the sea
He cried upon a shore
Mermaids wailed, fishes gone for help

Where is My Captain who once sailed the sea?
He was no more by the shore
Then the ocean started to mourn

He was found, My Ol' Captain
Laying rotten dead
Beneath the ship, covered red
It was heartache, they said

Jack Jenkins May 19

An arrow points to the
hole in my chest
where my heart
once lived.

Where have I gone?
Cold and darkness
embraces my mind.

The mirror
shows me as
hollow and dead
like I'm a corpse.

I'm totally disconnected
and disjointed in this
reality, this plane
of existence.

Where has the me
that I once was
gone to?
Where am I?

I feel nothing
tasting only the
loneliness and dust
on my lips.

I've become paralyzed
in the waters of despair.

I was a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

You clothed me in scarlet
And my sin was my garment

Because I was once a harlot,
You knew at seducing, I was an artist.

I was a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

Because those ol' friends are so easy to bend
They came and they went, like our odds and ends.

My old friends, did you know she would steal your hearts?
She played the parts so well, she became your all, all on course.

I am a lonely stranger
On the side of the road

My friend was a lonely stranger, he never saw the danger.
On the side of the road, he became one with nature.

Now his container is at my feet, reminding me of my greed.
I was a man on the golden street, 'til I did this evil deed.

From my book, "Aimless Wanderer"
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