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I have everything I want. But my mind still visits times we had together. It's melancholy really. A beautiful time shared between us when we  had been so lost ourselves.  But yet we found some type of hope inside our wicked bodies.
The leaves freely
weave into a dragon’s visage
with fiery berries scorching
youthful minds that
fear the conflagration of hatred.

And he saved them all, one by one
from the flames of agony
as the ashes of the too-lates
and not-enoughs burned
below them all.
I’ve been going insane lately. This one’s based on a surrealism dream that I once had.
It's blur and it's dark!
The halo long gone,
All shadows around me.

Smiling now,
Crying like a mad person then.
Next thing I know
I Scratched myself.

All in all
It's me fading away.
The shadows of past,
The crime of actions,
Deafening silence,
Defining my violent acts.

Looking at the world
I could tell,
I want to fly.
Ready to take the leap of faith,
Scared of the end it could give.

Lights blinking afar,
Looking like diamonds and star,
Getting blurred second by second,
The disablement of my vision,
Clouding my mind.
Left that beautiful creation behind,
And Killed my kind.

When women ****, 'tis a blessing,
As they drug an innocent young man,
Shedding his clothes for the reaping,
And then blame him for being a man,

When women beat, 'tis funny,
As they drag the guy crying for help,
His blood dripping as thick as honey,
Women laughing at his painful yelp,

When women lie, 'tis truth when she cries,
You'll be called a sexist if you don't believe, For when women do visciously decieve,
All the knights in the land rally and rise,

And without a careful judgement of the court,
A man was sentenced to the living morgue,
Behind bars of steel inside a stone fort,
Rotting inside like his fellow corpses.
This is not to poke fun at women harrasment. This is to make people aware of the GIANT ELEPHANT in the room which is men being abused. And a brief summary as to why they don't tell. Many abused male victims, including myself have suffered too much because we couldn't tell anyone or else it would be turned on us. I hope we find that we are all equal and no one supercedes the other. There will always be two sides of a coin.
thirteen years old was first
the words hidden in my teeth were seen
on window pane bone shattered
spelled primal utterance
carved in disillusioned groans

foreshadowing of roads
lain ahead on tracks
strewn in leather bootstraps
a brother hears his leg snap
like screeching eagles

the reading is clearer
with age, comprehension
improves parallel to sorrow
the price of silence whispers
woven in slow rips of pyche's shawl

the mind shouts why
don't you pay
but first my molar
splits in two, shrieking
the rot has set in
hands firmly grasps the
bottoms of boots
gravity laughs in
chorus of unpayable premiums
pulling harder tills my foot
In trenches of mud
uncovered in the earth
spells a solemn word
written from fossils of my teeth
Health care is a right
Sometimes I wonder
If those who've never experienced the grueling lows of depression
Truly experience the moment
When the sun catches your soul in just the right way
And you finally feel warmth in your bones.
Outside it rages
blusters and blows
away with the cobwebs
enough of those
the air so fresh
flows down my throat
a cleansing purity
had ever I hoped

hair pulled and clothes tugged
this way and that
A dance with nature
though it feels like combat
unforgiving and powerful
the wind at sea
a wake-up call, a reminder
of how thankful I must be
After some weeks of clouded mentality, here is a poem about how a blustery day can whip me back into shape.
Katie 6d
My mental health is not doing okay.
I’m not doing okay.
But i pretend I’m okay.
I’ll be okay.
I’m fine.
It’s fine.
Everything is fine.
Em 7d
My wife is a unique person
Exhibiting new lovely traits
She goes quiet like a mouse
A new woman of few words

My wife is a strange woman
Getting stranger by the day
She looks warily all around
A careful mare!

My wife is an odd creature
Staying up all night
Whispering and crying
But I know she's alright

My wife is a complex puzzle
But such an endearing thing!
She screams and flails all around
As if she can't help but sing
im back hoes
Words' Worth May 20
I don't believe in love
Because it always
Has two parties
One has a story to tell and the other dies early

I don't believe in sentences
Because lovers can finish them for one another
When they feel like it
Or if they are alive

I don't believe in crime
If it is to be in love
Then I don't believe what I say
God tells me things, he's a little voice that tells me be kind

I don't listen to voices
When they tell me don't believe others
I just choose loneliness
I can spend counting the stars, thinking of her

So, believe in yourself
Love is the answer
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