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Elena Jul 31
this life
in waves
up and down like up on a rollercoaster
all the time
manic and depressed
round and round and round
stop this
i lost my youth
to hospitals and pills
i don't want to be sick
Elena Jul 30
This hell that consumes me
Gets the best of me
What have I done to put up with this suffering
Months of depression
And then light shines bright
Welcome to the manic world voices said
There is no exit
From this cycle
It is like being buried alive
Crying and screaming
Laughing and running all over the world
As the Everburning rises in to prospective,

I gaze out of my window,

Using that moment to be reflective.

An introspective moment that swarms the temple like flies.

No matter the weather outside,

The rain always makes it inside.
Things have been even more difficult lately for myself. I really don’t know if I want to continue this experience.
Chloe Dec 2021
I don’t want to deal with heartache anymore;
don’t want to feel you in my pores
I want out of here
I know you are the only way
So, can you stay, just for tonight?
Can we pray for some light?
And if we stay here all our lives,
can we pray that it is right?
I just want to feel good
and to make it feel good for you
If you think I should,
I will kneel before you
Oh, my hands are bleeding
You never said! You never bled!
I don’t see why I am being punished anymore
I have praised all my demons with justification
Though, I still need a way to find
instant gratification
So, can you forget just for tonight?
Can we pray since we can’t fight?
And if I say that I will be all right,
can we pray that the end is in sight?
I just want to feel you
and in one touch find the truth
If I pull through
I will kneel before you
Oh, the dirt, it infects my blood
You never rested! I’ve been molested! Oh, my friend!
If you were resurrected
I may slay you again
This ******* holy water tortures me
Hey, I found a bible; it was burning
You left me soulless and yearning to believe
****, at this point, I would believe anything
So, can I pray if just out of fear?
Can anyone say if the end is near?
Can I battle off all my fears?
Will this be my last year?
And will I ever be born again?
Can my body ever be cleansed?
Lead me to a mirror to make amends
SHATTERED GLASS pierces all my friends
I was never told this would be easy
I was never told I had a ******* choice
No one ever told me it was okay to speak
I was never told to have a voice
So, I don’t
Also, *******.
2014 I think
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
Awake at night
Despite the early hours

I watch the sun rise
Before I climb into my tomb

Or is just my room?
Early morning thoughts
A Aug 2021
All I needed was some inspiration
Didn't think that I'd become the villain
Locked up in this mental prison
Really used to have a vision
I was on a fucken mission
Made a couple bad decisions ...
...Didn't think it'd make a difference
Now I'll never be forgiven
Really wish I would've listened
Learned to live with this condition
Guess I'm just another victim
Of the devil and his sickness
It's a cycle and it's vicious
Didn't mean to be the villain...
Lookin back on all my pages
And how I still get the cravings
All the itches and temptations
I'm an addict I'm so manic
Gotta face it it's my fate
It's just my life it's how I made it
Started out with inspiration
Didn't wanna be a hero...
Instead became the villain
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Open mindspace dreamcatcher lounge,
down to the casino,
wonder if we just pretend to gamble,
take a chance,
wanna dance, not a chance in hell,
and now
we know this is not that.
_ snake-eyes, I'll make that point
mark soltero Jun 2021
tonight I am elated
I feel just fine
things can change
people can learn to be kind with time
you can find me at the edge
cause I'm close but never ready to jump
you can trust me to never fall
drive against the coil
so I may not find peace
because tonight I can be anything
to feel good I don't care how
my desires grow I don't care why
close to the edge
tonight I want to feel fine
I don't care anymore please
kayzamo Apr 2021
You're looking for a girl
To give you character development;
Someone who can sweep you off your feet,
And change your life.
I can tell you one thing, bucko -
She's not gonna be me.

You're looking for a girl
Who can make the stars move to the rhythm of her voice.
The type of girl who, with a glint in her eye,
Sets the world on fire with will alone.
You expect me to be that way?
Please, most mornings
I can hardly get out of bed.

I used to feel like it was wrong to be normal.
I used to feel guilty for being average.
It took me a while to realize that
It's okay to be proud of who I am,
Even if I'm as simple and bog-standard as they come.

Do I look like my name is Mary Sue?
Bug off,
I've got better things to do.
I welcome critiques! Thanks
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