Sailing across the southern skies
Tonight's crescent moon was so beautiful to see
And gazing upon this sight, I thought to myself
Is there anything more lovely?
I'm very sad
I'm very sad
because everything

because everything
Because it's not clear
what will be ahead

I'm very sad
and the moon in the sky is beautiful
but even its harmony
does not help to soothe everything inside

and even her singing
and even her wonderful game
on the piano of heaven
can not give me rest

can not give me stars
and can not give freedom
such freedom
what was in childhood

her i
forever lost
lost as well as almost all
in this world

Kylie 1d
I can't obtain  with any corner of my mind why I feel cynically ingrained in a black hole, in a blazing bright room full of glee, spirit and bliss, but I see grey.
grey like the shallow pavement,
grey like the sluggish clouds waiting to rain on below,
grey like a sun withered elephant skin,
grey like a fallen moon.
The pencils pointy and fine lead matches my jaded soul, grasping for light under the shadow of the darkened sun, waiting for the lights to turn out.
The moon whispered softly,
"Let me taste the sweet honey of your lips
as my beams follow the curves of your body
like a river running through the mountains.
Your gentle moans,
a chorus of angels singing on high.
O gentle lover,
let my light pour itself upon your skin.
Filling your soul.
Filling your heart.
Over and over
like the roaring waves of the ocean
until you collapse in ecstasy"
Silver lights shimmer
Tranquil peace from the moon
Its touch makes all rest

The moon stares at me
Deep into my very soul,
that's broken and bruised

She sees me naked
My true self that's so afraid
to keep moving on

But she calms me down
She shows me my inner light
The light I must spread
On the window sill currently, emotionally drained but still here none the less.
Today was so emotionally draining...
There's something so comforting about the moonlight, I feel like it seems who I really am inside.
Anyway, thank you everyone for your kind comments and support.
It means the world to me.
Look, from afar the sun at it's dimmest
Listen, to the screaming colors of sunset
In the horizon you'll see black and blue rising
Seeming as if the coming dark will be soothing

Out comes the stars painting the sullen night, oh
Never have the sky shone with such warm light
Withering away every fear and every sorrow
Offering courage and glee for every tomorrow

Never cowering, even behind dark clouds
Devouring everything the dark enshrouds
Emanating a faint yet clear color of white
Revolting against the bleakness of tonight

Letting countless eyes beheld such allure
And filling hearts of such a sight as pure
Now sitting where the sun once had flown
Dawning the heavens, the moon glows alone
moon 3d
Dear moon,
It is daylight from now on,
So I wish to not be you anymore.
, sun.
we are floating on the moon
swim in the sun
every day
and our eyes are burning
and our eyes sparkle
endless words
about beauty

we swim through the woods
we swim around the world
we are floating on the clouds
and our love
and our love is with you
has no borders
and never will

about the new day
about the last day
the future
we will always
together all to meet
we will always be with you
swim together on the moon
swim in the sun

rd 4d
The sun blushes and  turns crimson red
as the queen whom many dread
Tip toes and kisses the majestic king.
Love awakens and takes  wing..

The ferocious brilliance mellows down
Succumbing to the spell,the invincible gives up his  crown
And slowly loses himself in the bosom of the enchantress
As the dark beauty takes him in her arms ,relentless

Ah! The sun lies in her embrace  helpless
But does the temptress even care?
For her heart belongs to someone else
To a prince ,chivalrous and oh so fair!

For her love ,the night makes such a sacrifice
Not just a rendezvous with the moon
Will suffice..
It's more than the eyes can see...
For it gives her joy immeasurable to let the fair prince
Reign the sky and decree

Even if it's for time so brief
It does reprieve her from grief
Though night  chooses to love him in silence ,
The moon unaware  that untold bliss is brought  by his presence

Alas! Happiness comes to a halt.
Charm wears out awakening the czar
Replenished by 'love' the sun exalts
The queen disappears to search her beloved lost in the glory of the mighty star..
Here I have described the phenomena of day turning into night and again the night changing to day ..but as seen through my lens..the protagonist being the night
Watching you sitting opposite of me, I'm mesmerized by your movements.
I'm lost in your voice, I'm listening yet I'm not.
The trance is broken when you look into my eyes.

Instantly I'm taken on a nostalgic journey to that night when our stars entwined to bring us together:

It was a summer,
We sat on the cool sand and basked on the silver light of the moon.
We watched the waves crash on each other as if in a lovers' quarrel.
The smell of the day's hot air filled the air around us.

We listened
And tried to figure out the secrets shared between the twinkling stars.
On an attempt to touch the sand,
Our fingers touched instead
And the life-long connection was created.

The sound of your voice brings me back to reality.
You opposite of me,  it's all clear; this is forever
Inspired by a very close friend of mine; Onalenna "July Stone"
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