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Do birds question their existance?
Do bees think they're alive?
Does the walrus fight the resistance?
Do horses just survive?

Does the grass give a rat's ass?
Do the trees even care?
Do the shrubs think the bushes are crass?
Do the flowers curse and swear?

Do the rolling plains feel plain?
Do the mountains feel like a molehill?
Does the ocean just go through the motion?
Do the valleys lay in alleys like road kill?

Does the Earth feel worth?
Does Uranus feel hanus?
Does Jupiter hate its girth?
Saturn can stick it's moons up it's anus!

Our Universe is the worst!
I observed
her closely,
long enough
to see the
and raw
in her eyes,
I was the
one to
hold her
hand when
her heart
fell apart,
as the moon
went into the
bed of the sea,
I held her closer
In my blanket,
as she wept
close to my
chest, I told
her these
“close your
eyes and sleep,
the sun will
rise, and the
world will
for you
as the
to meet
the love
of the sun.
WordsHelp 15h
I can't promise the Moon or Stars,
Because I can't even promise the Earth
To myself,
But I can promise
I will learn your every individual perfection
And let them become the constellations
Of my world
Until I can give you
The Moon, the Stars, and the entire Galaxy
Because you deserve
Not a single star less.
You kissed me
With your dazzling gleam
When I craved affection.

Provided solace
When I felt like the only soul that's walking on earth.

Last night I felt an explosion of tears burst through my face,
As I remembered my friend who passed.

I felt alone
Like the last cloud to escape from the night sky.

Remember I asked you if you ever had that feeling?

You illuminated my soul
And allowed me to sit on the edge of your crescent.

When I expressed my explosion of tears to you,
I was reminded of your craters.
Alexis 1d
She was the child of the moon
A sister for the stars
And for a split second I forgot,
here on earth she was born.
I've tried endlessly to make a shift...
to rotate my breathing...
to let my eyes
and my heart steady: like honey
dripping from a spoon.
How sweet sleep would be...

Though for some reason,
the night must be more taken with me
than morning...
for it keeps me hostage during it's time;
confiding with me, tempting me to never
close my eyes again.
It tickles my bones with nightfall stimulants -
what a sleepless impression these chemicals have on me.
aquis 1d
be your own island
surrounded with salt water
tears of joy
and pain, too

for there’s both
and darkness
in this universe

in the hiding sun
and in the shining night

in the sea of dreams

and in the new moon
of awakenings

to become whole
you need both

and darkness
in this universe

in your island, too
This is one of the first poems I ever wrote - After discovering my passion for poetry during the days spent near the sea, under the sun, wind blowing through my hair - one of the happiest times of my life that I will never forget...

Nature has the power to change everything, to make us realize what we always had inside us , but forgot long ago. And just like nature, we all have light and darkness inside us, and that is what makes us whole...
under the lake we were we
under the lake we sang about
than we then sang we sang we
what were we talking about then
what were we talking about then about
what were we then and when

under the lake shining where all around
flowers alone flowers and roses and moons on meadows
about the circle about where the
lake is where the lake is in the wilderness
about what we sang with you about what we were
about what we sang with you about what we went about

My god, your beauty is bright
I can see the halo radiating
though the clouds at night
my heart hastily pulsating

whenever we're in the same room
my eyes only gravitate towards you
I recognize that lovely ambrosial perfume
when you glance, my cheeks take a different hue

I have immortalize you through my poems
but I rather spend this mortal life
basking in your lissome arms
a drop of you cures all my strife

I want you in the flesh instead of dreams
but any thought of you is okay by me
look how the moon thinly beams
highlighting my idiosyncrasy

You move my pen, dear
and you don't even know it
to you I owe this writing career
and I am scared that I might blow it
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