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In your eyes darling, I see:
Infinite beauty
Blooming flowers
Dancing butterflies
Singing birds
Moving rivers
Spring air
The Full moon
Twinkling stars

In your eyes darling, I see:
A cozy home
Soft heart
A Rainbow of hope
An Ocean of love
Fountain of determination
A Life boat,
Safe Shores

In your eyes darling,I see:
Sweet dreams
Warm sunshine
A new dawn
Fresh day
Thousands of smiles
Happy songs and
Enchanting nature

Hussein Dekmak
moonlight pours through the window into my open arms.

“i missed you more than usual today,” she says, her body pressed against mine.

she rests a hand on curve of my jaw and leans in, light refracting off all the walls in our room.

when her lips touch mine, i feel the glow even with my eyes closed. she whispers to me and shivers run down my spine.

fate brought us together but it’s not what keeps her coming back.

we are a perfect balance of light and dark; the sun and the moon.
Phia 5d
You became
A distant memory,
Nothing left of you
But a story for the moon
Serena 7d
i miss being wanted. i know i must have felt it before, because how can one long for something they've never known?
i wish i was able to believe in love outside of view.
but it seems like every new moon i forget your touch
and i'm running through the woods just to make you love me again.
i believe you every time you tell me you could never hate me (how couldn't i)
but sometimes your words don't last.
sometimes i lie in bed trying to make myself dream of you so i won't exhaust you with my cries in the night.
sometimes i want to take advantage of your soft hands
feel safe in your mind
and let you take care of me even when i don't need it.
it makes me feel selfish, to want that kind of love.
selfish is something i long to be, once
mel 7d
these days i feel like water. like an ocean cusping on the marked line of a horizon. like a droplet riveting and rolling, making its way down to pool onto a ledge.

the slightest nudge, a gentle push
and i'd spill over.

sitting dangerously on the lip of the cup
teetering in and out of balance-

it is a game of give or take

i bend myself backwards into a crescent
just to make room for their full mooned selves

i wonder how Neil Armstrong felt
when he took his first step onto the dusty crater ridden plain
and found himself


i am


destined to listlessly twirl around my own axis dreamlike
but not like a dream at all
floating miles away from the person i have yet to unearth
but yet not far enough to fly among the stars

i am held by the centre of my own gravity

is that why sometimes i can hear my bones creak under the weight of the person i was supposed to be?
Jme Love Sep 17
We never had it all.
But we had an open sky full of stars.
The edge of the universe didnt seem that far.
Riding saturns rings all the way.
Passing the man in the moon with a smile and a wave.
Felt like cloud 9 only higher.
Astroids setting the night sky on fire.
Escaping reality stuck in a dream.
Lasting forever or so it seemed. Until
Out of nowhere tragedy struck.
An unseen darkness. With such a force of bad luck.
A black hole pulled us in.
A beautiful life never to be seen again.
This is what its like living the dream one day and losing it all overnight. Oh and i had a saturn ion. That car took us to places unseen. We made so many memories. But i lost the car my relationship and everything i owned overnight.
mel Sep 17
once a month
when you see the moon
basking in the glow of her lunar lunacy

her belly filled to the brim with stardust
hauling the drunken songs of sailors
to her like a tide

i hope you think of me.
Nimrod kiptoo Sep 14
I asked what he does for a living.
He said I can show you,
then he moonwalked half a mile.
He could be a great dancer,
but I think he was an astronaut.
I love me a puny poem
We all see the same luminaries
That brighten our world
We all see them different
And that in itself
Enlightens our world
The blood red sunset was amazing
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