One of these nights
If I'd be shy of words,
I swear in earnest,
the moon shalt wax poetic;
nary a night mov'd past
sans a love ballad,
for I sung to her about us
every other night

-Cheruba Christy

Chaetura 11h

Balmy April evening
I lounge on the porch,
listening to spring peepers
trill, and a screech owl
sigh as if it's fed up
with the godforsaken world.

I hum a Father John Misty tune,
swat at hungry mosquitoes
and watch a chalk moon
rise against blackboard night.

and YOU watched

me as i looked

so small



the twinkling night


catching shooting

stars on my



that this



go on


like the endless diamond


that YOU


me under,

the moonlight

casting a faint


on YOUR breathtaking


as YOU


to love me


the same



a trail of



down my


as YOU


that promise,


my heart.


told me


would give me

a star

to wear

on my left


and that

i had a

smile brighter

and more beautiful


saturn's rings,

and now i


YOU walk away,

leaving me



our moon.

YOU told me

i was YOUR


and now

i am


another star


ever expanding


Charlotte 1d

Whistling a gentle tune in the forest
as the wind swoops and bends the trees
chattering with the birds
their flashes of red blue and yellow
swinging throughout the green branches
that hang low over a glistening meadow

Singing the song of the sand
as it swirls and twirls around you
whispering its silent prayer
a lure into the depths
of the hot grains

Humming a lullaby
singing sweetly to the enchanting river
as it carries you along
Its white waters wash
away your sins
as it carries you away
through the heart of the jungle
the middle of the scorching desert
through and through
up and up

Now here I lay
on the face of the moon
a glowing arc in the sky
whispering kind wishes
from our spot in space
I sit here with my mouth closed
for I am silent
and therefore
my songs will not touch the earth
not ever again


We spoke of when there was no moon to weigh us down,
And the sea was calm and the days were short,
And there was strawberry pie eaten with plastic forks.
And a sky of endless birds flew to a warmer oblivion.
I told you I would drive and you said it would be ok,
And the California highway was something I needed before the storm.
The hungry engine ate our words and every mile was a minute,
And you we were there and the planet was spinning away from the west.

Firefly dances liven the night
Painting their artwork with flickering light.
The chatter of crickets beneath the trees
The whistle of leaves that sway in the breeze
The croak of the frog resounds over all
From the damp soil around the grass tall
The songs of the darkness master a tune
And play their instruments by the light of the moon

rose 2d

me and the moon
have a lot in common
we are both alone
yet whole

wrote this under a full moon
allie 3d

eating a frozen dish
with the moonlight hanging over me
crying silently with the howling wolfs
brave silence sings in the clouds
screaming words ever so quietly

I wrote this last night around 12, but was to tired to post it. And here I am, almost falling asleep.

I wonder which one is more than truth
Memory has a touch or
Touch has a memory.....?
Memory is as old as time

It is a summer night
The Moon is rising white and casting a shadow of an old soul
on the grass bed of the reading space of our home
Is it me...who grow older with the Moon,
or it's just the shadow that grows taller with the time?

The shadow sways alone endlessly with the Michael Bublé song
She is lighter on her feet
Memory touches her veins, blood and thoughts
She remembers every bit of small things

She stares at the Moon with deep affection
as if she is her lost best Friends
We say Moon is our Loyal companion
Who knows is she the loneliest.....?
Does she see all of us with her eyes full of surprises?
I keep Talking to the Moon.....

~ :-)

Always, pleasantly, like a spring day, you come to me.
My life unravels like a flower losing its petals; bit by bit I shed my skin
I become a new self and the sun shines down brightly upon the earth
Glimmering rays of light show the way to all life has to offer
And your eyes recite poetry; somehow, your love is grander than the sea
Your skin is paler than snow but you live on the beach, where miracles grow.
The wind gently grazes the grass that prickles my toes and your smile,
It replaces the sun. It makes me feel like I am the moon. Do you shine for me?

you are so much more
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