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Let’s defy these scientific rules for a minute
And immobilize this systematic reality.
Lets make our own personal route
Towards a surreal land, just like fantasy

A place where i could stretch my arm and grab a star
A place where you could sit by my side, holding a jar.

Where we could put them in jar and keep it under the moon.
Then listen to their sweet, soothing and mellow tune.

Where we could make anything from their glowing dust.
Or use them to fullfil our wishes, if we must.

A place where we could be together for *****.
Only if we could defy scientific rules for once.
Egressx 3h
he asks
when will it open
what, i asked
your heart.

he says
i brought hammers but
i fear it might hurt you
i said
soft, love. soft hands.
soft touch is enough

he says
kiss me
you won't have
to open your legs
just your lips, nothing
no, touch me soft

he tears my heart
and licks the inside
i moan
because my tongue is

he touches and touches but
i won't come
i won’t come but i still
moan to keep him

im afraid the wolves
might come
i tell him when it's all over
that night the moon was too loud

so you trust me?
he asks
like howling wolves
we lie, crying
and as the dusk came he
covered me in his arms

in the morning i woke
to see the bed empty
only stains of the last night
in the bedsheets

i was afraid the wolves
might come
I remember the blurred vision,
Nose quivers.

The feeling of sadness free falling from my eyes.

I watched it take shape,
In the crevices of my palms.

Palmar Flexion.

My face was the night sky,
My eyes were the moon.

They controlled the tides,
And crashed the waves.

That night,
Those 2 weeks,

I was stuck in the twilight.
cel 10h
woeful as so, this tale is a purely a fragment of the man on the moon. he’s yet to unveil the ending for it is still too soon. don’t you worry now, the girl does love the boy with every breath her lungs fluctuate. though he is her heart’s loving captor, there is more you should know. exists no man on the moon, but a seventeen year old, who dares not seek her own frail heartbeat. she fears of winter and dreams of summer, but her heart set in autumn. naive as can be, spring in control of her being, she writes to her muse; a boy embodying an emblem of infinite protection. nothing to offer him but brittle bones that hold her up, her pen is her sword he can’t escape. with words that rise even the sun, she lulls him to the moon with her voice’s sweet tune.
Mackenzie 20h
I wanted to be more perfect than the moon-

How they admired her
Underneath her, the things they would do
She died every day to let the sun live and
This I would do for you

In the midst of each night, I would catch your eye
Is that a kaleidoscope
Gaze into me, have you lost sight?
The telescope
Did you see things
You hoped you wouldn't find, the craters and the grey areas
Did you forget I provided you with the light you needed when it was dark
Have you gone blind
I promise I'm not far
Reach for me and
Position your hand just right

Come back to life
You are simply a comet in flight and
When you land everything around you is crushed
Like me at the mercy of your hands
Feedback please
She was forgiven
Yet forsaken by the unknown
She had flaunted
The deepest wounds of her soul
She saw the moon
Whilst passing scintillate memories
She is the lost child
Wandering through the pain
She loved everybody
So as an exception for herself
Anne J 1d
The moon in the green sky is a wicked thing
Who always cackles at the sorrow that my life loves to bring.
It gives a snarl at me if I cast a smile
And it makes sure that I can’t even find light for a mile.
A poem from a few days ago and I finished yesterday and am now uploading. I have a supernatural story I'm making, and this poem is basically based on one of the main characters, who has no idea what happened to her enslaved family.
The night sings in silence of stars and a radiant light awakens to the quiet sea, between the sublime of a mermaid singing.
The Moon is very beautiful is the perfect goddess, her face is painted on the infinite sea.
I looked at the horizon when everyone slept and she came down from the sky wrapped in white clouds
The adorned sea gave him a thousand kisses, she corresponds to her sweet smile.
The Sea and the moon are lovers, they are secret lovers, silent, perfect, they are eternal lovers, their love is sacrosanct and at the same time it is a reflection of a forbidden love, of that love that unites us, of that love hidden and revealed Look.
On the moon nights, the scene is repeated, they are the sea and the moon in peaceful delivery, they are like our souls that furtive mix, with fragrance to spray of a night asleep, with infinite madness of two, crazy in love, of two ***** bodies that feed on kisses, are the sea and the moon consumed in fire.
SS 2d
I don’t want to sleep
When the moon calls at my back
For the lucidity that cloaks me at night
Holds me safer than when the sunshine arises back
The light reveals the truth they say
The moonlight shines obscured truth that does not blind me to see
And soon the moon returns at night
A lunar sea of solace sailing over me.
Cold as moonless sun
Close as stars
Far off as city streets
Swept apart by the combing of the beach

Mere steps away
From the sandy sea
Is the salty churning stairwell down
Into the depths

But there no answers are to be found
Just like here
Only sounds
Are the words to me
Cold Moon Over Atlantic
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