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KKM 1h
i didn't want to paint i just wanted to be great at something so i unghosted my soul, told her to go pick 6 roses out of the garden of my love for the mountains & i pierced my nose w a silver needle that was so sharp i could hear your velvet voice again & it call came back to me in little waves of blue pain and sunflower energy on lined sheets of paper sort of like this one with an orange accent I had to find in Rome behind motorcycles & burnt coffee w out the bitter memory of sugar cookies, only the ones we ate on long weekends by the beach beside the ways in which the sun told us the stories of sunken ships & waves the moon wanted to create at 2:11am on the least windiest days. i didnt bring my brushes w me, but a skateboard and a glass house were enough for a disappearing act & 3 conversations w a wall and spray paint can
Lately I've been running.
Baby I saw this coming.
Please save me from myself

Dont hate me, I need your loving.
I'm breaking, I need your touches
to make me.
Whole again at last.

We gotta go a little faster.
I gotta try a lot harder.
This year has been a disaster
We can make it a whole lot farther.

Praying that you will take me
every place you're moving.
I wanna be by your side.

Grace me, with your eyes.
Baby, this is our life
it's changing.
Will you change with me?
A song i had wrote about a year ago. I love you Madeline.
Marsha 6h
I am the moon
you are the Sun
without you, I am merely darkness
my glow is only an illusion
to the eyes of those
who do not see right through me
the true source of light is you
selfless, you give parts of yourself to me
and never once asked for anything in return
I shine so brightly because of you
you let the world see and admire my beauty
when in reality, you illuminate me
Thank you for giving your all to me ♡
Proud? No. Yes you are.
Think that you are the most beautiful
So you are there as  you are.
None can replace you.
You are the night dream girl
No men are not here
Without appreciate your beauty.
Who are you? Where are you from?
When look at you no other thoughts.
You are the unwritten epic and
Undrawn image giving name and
Fame too many legend poets
You are evergreen love to lovers.
Arise, fair moon waiting to see you
To  praise your beauty.
Also waiting to get thought of you my moon.
                                                         -LEISHGN RAJ
sudden look at the moon and its thought
wren 19h
if i were to die right now
the only one who mourn the real me
would be you
my Moon
well you’d know everything but how i feel about you
wren 20h
i am not yours
you are not mine
we can never be together, enveloped in the soft warmth of each other.
you will never hear the music that sings me to sleep in place of you.
the serene morning lights will never shine on us as we slowly shift awake, still intertwined
for my Moon
You are the girl in the moon
You disappear at noon
And you come back soon
You are so beautiful
Far from the usual
And that's indisputable
My favorite time of the day
Is when you come out to play
At night you never stray
In the morning I wake up to you even though you're kind of faded
And just a tad bit jaded
And some mornings you're kind of degraded
I still think you're beautiful at all times
Even when I can't see you through the blurred lines
And through all of my twisted crimes
You're the girl in the moon
You're so beautiful...
Kieran 1d
Cradled in the moon’s light
My soul dims dry
The mind worn in dread
Impulses betray me
But dusk til dawn
Angels sing your name
My ears cry red
I long to hear God’s voice
To bath in morning’s dew
Sliced with fresh green blades
Meeting the suns embrace
Omar 1d
The moon got drunk

and missed the show

that starless saturday night

while I was freezing

on the park bench

circles of smoke

around my head

heaps of ashes

at my feet

writing a merry christmas

postcard to you
sarah 1d
moonlight on my skin
you let me down again
say you're sorry and make amends
but that's not how it works when you're broken

soon i'll let you back in
because i make the same mistakes time and time again
i swallowed my pride and said it back when
you told me you loved me at 3am

but it was just an eclipse
and i'll forget your lips

god, it takes me so long
but i'll eventually be able to forget
in honor of the super blood wolf moon eclipse a few nights ago, i wrote this song.
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