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Shofi Ahmed May 23
When God indeed
rubs a forehead with luck
what on earth can hide that?

For how long, how far
eclipsing on the way
can the clouds roam high?

The wind will blow
and will rain them down.
Ah, the pure blue in luck,
in abundance, up in the sky
always shines out!

That's a trait of the eternally blue
The lucky colour sets the better backdrop
for the shimmering sun in the sky.
Luckier is a man with a righteous wife!
Danielle Jun 2018
I’ll fall.
My tarnished ideals,
Heavy on my heart
And filled to the brim
With intoxicating…
It sweeps through my veins.
Leaving me wrecked,
Lost in dreams
The kisses of memory
A hazy shimmering world.
Heart pounding.
I’ll lose myself in the mists.
Emerging, filled with fire.
Simra Sadaf May 2018
sitting on the damp grass
under the shimmering sun,
talking for hours on end,
you whisper in my ear
all your fears,
dreams and feelings,
our hearts beating
to the same rhythm,
i found my euphoria.
Verses crept under my
like incarnatio Tattoos
   billowing surface


To break out like ripeness'
  opens up a delight of a persimmon  

a passion, a mad devotion
     transfering abundance
  satiate flesh flames

a sentient transformation
     from crystal clear
       scream Journey
to ethereal mind-
   waves tumbling unending  
  down on my
    with yours  

         sweet sweat's
   shimmering plankton
      surrounds me as
        your love's energy
   u n en ding  u n d u l a ti on

Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
Would you care to give me a tour into your breath taking and undeniably fascinating galaxy that is visible from the way your eyes glisten and the way your face light up brighter than the sun up above?
All these love poems are inspired by my friends whom have fallen in love, currently in love and has fallen out of love... hahahaha but there are some stuff inspired by only one person... heuheuheu... XD
Kathleen M Aug 2015
My skull echos loudly
Inside are roaring thoughts
Pounding like waves crashing into ships
I need quiet, I need tranquility
Perhaps if I opened the lid of my scalp
I could spill out all the excess noise
As I sew my scalp in place Clarity would whisper in my ear "peace is yours dear"
Clarity sweeping her delacate fingers across my restless bones
The rattling would stop
The roaring would silence
At the touch of Clarity 's shimmering skin
Sally A Bayan Sep 2014

In these early hours of evening
when sun has dipped down, hiding
cold has set in, warmth cooled by wind blowing,
your words haunt me, left me pondering.

For a sunshine poem, you asked,
but how? when it is now dusk,
there is no sun,  only dark to show,
not even a moon aglow.

All i see are fiery dots of light, shimmering
in the garden, i am alone, wondering
I do not see them closely
yet, i feel they could be friendly.

They are luminous lanterns, seemingly beaming,
could these suffice to keep your flame burning?

In the widening dark, they bask
to perform their given task
carrying drops of hope with their sparkles,
scattered ***** of chances, radiated by lighted candles.
They are so tiny, collectively bright,
wandering, even on a moonless summer night...

I have not one sunshine poem for you,
instead, thousands of Fireflies, i offer you
to let their light shine generously on your  face
dry every bit of sadness, leaving not a trace.
to dry tears hidden
ease your shoulders laden.

I wish i could see your smile
hug you, even just for a while
wear your sombrero
'til day after tomorrow.

I pray my words have beamed enough,
to save your day, to see you through...




Copyright 2014
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***This is not much, Pradip,  done in a hurry,
but, I hope you like it...***
RoKu May 2013
Morning voice whispers:
Stillness and silence bring and guide the soul from the darkness into the door of light, bring hopes, bring tears of happiness, and dancing into the new breath of life, rebirth and producing "healthy baby"...  And known that I'm loved I'm being blessed.

Poetry replies:
All welcome... As the dews in the morning shimmering the rays of love to the world... All welcome... As the morning air cleanses the past burdens... Purifies the bloodstream of mind and heart to the point (of no return) where freedom exhilarates life; envisions the paths for greater humanity and God's glory... All welcome...
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Decipher the beautiful
Woven with simplicity
To create the
Most elegant taffeta
Striking hues
And softer feel
Silken moments
Souls glide merrily
Enchanting tales
Laced with yearnings
Shimmering covers
Overzealous hearts
Lustrous symphony
Of rhythmic hearts
Mark Steigerwald Nov 2014
What would I do to be back?
To live my life,
to feel in tact.

To cross the waters
and see your face.
To feel my heart beat
with your hearts beat's pace.

To fall deep into love,
to float adrift in the ocean of peace.
Let the waves crash over my head
salty water stinging my lungs.  

To let the dying sun dip
into a burning fiery ring.
To feel so free
in the shimmering sea.
To dance like the waves
and glisten like the sun.

Oh to be with you.

Oh to be near your marvelous light.
Oh to carry your burdens,
and dismiss your plight.
To calm you as I have been calmed
to hold you as I also have been held.

To walk through the swallow trees
glide my fingers on the lovely things,
where dreams meet me half way,
between parallel worlds.
And where stars dance
and moons leap.

Where life slowly passes by
calmly floats away into the sky.
What would I do to be back.
To feel the warmth one last time,
to see the light from the little blue house
Shining like the sun,
beckoning me home.
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